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Baroness Warsi

Sayeeda Hussain Warsi, Baroness Warsi PC (born 28 March 1971) is a British solicitor and politician of Pakistani origin who was created a life peer in 2007. From May 2010 to September 2012 she was the Co-Chairman, along with Lord Feldman, of the Conservative Party, and a Minister without Portfolio in David Cameron's Cabinet.

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You said that well...Old enough to know the tide will turn..unfortunately. Baroness Warsi springs to mind.
Baroness Warsi has resigned from Tate & Lyle
I hope so. But is Baroness Warsi one of them?
It may well be, but unelected, cynically-opportunistic, Islamism-apologist Baroness Taqiyya Warsi isn’t one of them
Baroness Warsi isn't an inspirational Moslem woman just a self-serving, publicity seeking egotist with little achievement.
One of the worst political speeches of modern times
" bullying inquiry finds 13 alleged victims of Mark Clarke "Baroness Warsi letter of complaint!
Five years ago, urged on by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, who warned that Islamophobia was becoming socially acceptable,…
If I was asked to name my favourite Tory, it would have to be the Baroness Warsi.
Baroness Warsi has claimed she isn't taking place in the men's cycling race.
.. Baroness Warsi said Muslim/Labour election fraud cost the Conservatives 6 seats in 2010.
Murder :They are not ‘honour killings’ they are 'crimes of control' says Baroness Warsi # via
Baroness Warsi has pulled out of the GB 5 and 10k races. Our best chance is now Mo Farrah.
Baroness Warsi talks to Sky News about her switch to the Remain campaign
Honour will allow change :). Baroness Sayeeda Warsi defects from Leave to Remain
Has Baroness Warsi seen an opportunity to get into Cameron's good books by any chance?No one seems to know or care what she stood/stands for
Is this the same Baroness Warsi who falsely claimed £2000 for bogus accommodation expenses in 2012?
will you miss Baroness Warsi in the Leave campaign?
Baroness Warsi is defecting to Remain because of Leave's "complete lies" and that Farage poster.
Baroness Warsi becomes latest figure to back a Remain vote on Thursday
At least Baroness Warsi was elected ...oh, wait
.highlights that Baroness Warsi and have switched side to support leaving the EU
Baroness Warsi: all you hear from LEAVE: the refugees are coming, the rapists are coming, Turkey is joining the EU.
Baroness Warsi has told The Times she is defecting from Vote Leave to the Remain campaign
Baroness Warsi was never part of the campaign. So why are the media calling this a "defection?"
Top Tory quits Leave campaign with scathing attack on Brexit backers
Breaking news. Baroness Warsi defects from side she was never on shocker!
Cameroon Eurofanatic Baroness Warsi got her peerage from Dave Cameron. Go figure.
I'm quitting Remain and now going to Vote Leave. Well if Baroness Warsi can lie that she has changed sides, why can't I?
Baroness Warsi is making a long term decision on whether or not she likes the short-term approach of the main protagonists?
'Are we prepared to tell lies, to spread hate and xenophobia just to win a campaign?" . Warsi defects to . https:/…
Leading Tory, Baroness Warsi, defects to Remain over campaigns 'hate and xenophobia'
Yet another Leaver defects to Remain - sick of the lies and the racist innuendo.
EU referendum: Baroness Sayeeda Warsi defects from Leave to Remain to follow brain, not heart/UKIP/Boris
NEW Baroness Sayeeda Warsi defects from Leave to Remain: via
Surprised to hear that Baroness Warsi has so called defected to the in campaign; didn't realise she was Never s…
Brexit Campaign rocked. Hmmm. Not sure Brexit Campaign new Baroness Warsi was part of their campaign.
Gove and Farage smell too bad even for Baroness Varsi -
Baroness Warsi looks like a disappointed customer of a Kitchen fitting company who have let her down
BREAKING: Baroness Sayeeda Warsi defects from Leave to Remain for EU Referendum
Except, Baroness Warsi was never part of the campaign...
Vote Leave say they didn't know Baroness Warsi was backing them before hearing she had changed her mind
I'm never voting for Baroness Warsi again ... Oh wait
The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation is leading on unelected, ultra-Cameroon, pro-EU Baroness Warsi's fake claim to ha…
Lies ? - pot kettle black. Do we care what she does ?
dirty tactics with Baroness Warsi?...good timing eh. Also, did someone photoshop the!
Baroness Warsi was never on Vote Leave team, so how could she defect? Poor idea, more lies!
Trying to recall that time Baroness Warsi campaigned for
Another late night top Tory defection from Vote Leave to Remain, citing xenophobia & hate http…
Baroness Warsi's scathing about the 'Leave'campaign, as she defects to Remain.
Hands up who gives a toss which side Baroness Warsi represents in the
Baroness Warsi has left because of their hatred, xenophobia and lies about Turkey
In tomorrow writes that former minister Baroness Warsi is defecting to REMAIN over "complete lies…
Baroness Warsi quits Leave saying she wouldn’t get on a night bus with the ‘out’ campaign leaders & doesn’t want them running the country.
Baroness Warsi attacks “xenophobic” campaign and "lies" explaining why she switched from Leave to Remain
As far as I can tell, say Baroness Warsi is mentally ill, a lone wolf & not part of the Leave campaign. Have I got that right?
Baroness Warsi is the latest figure to back a remain vote in the on Thursday: .
Odd that Baroness Warsi wasn't even part of the Vote Leave campaign.Hard to defect from something you never belonged
Tory peer Baroness Warsi switches to Remain after Nigel Farage poster She's switching because of a p…
Baroness Warsi has defected to Remain - citing the xenophobia and hate of Leave
Snr Tory defects LeaveCamp in protest at campaign of 'Hate & Xenophobia'>"I wouldnt geton a nightbus with these ppl" https…
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“How is that poster even defensible? It’s perpetuating a set of lies" Baroness Warsi on this Farage poster
Baroness Warsi "I have decided to quit the Spice Girls.". "huh?" said the Spice Girls, earlier
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi defects from to campaign, citing "hate and xenophobia".
How can it only just have occurred to Baroness Warsi that the leave campaign is racist?
Very surprised to learn that I apparently temporarily agreed with Baroness Warsi on something. Normal service has now r…
Even cannot stomach and his divisive campaign
Even tory peer baroness warsi has had enough and won't
All it needs is Baroness Warsi and it'd be 100% Viv.
This may be the worst political speech of modern times
Desperate and hey super nasty and irresponsible. Congrats Zac Goldsmith for playin dirty & hat off to Baroness Warsi ht…
Baroness Warsi (former Tory chair): “Are we Conservatives fighting to destroy Zac or fighting to win this election?"
No offence Baroness Warsi but I don't think even your reflections takes you seriously. You coming into this issue is 😷!
that's what has caused the trend. So far I count Peter Oborne and Baroness Warsi as speaking out. Lots of silent voices oddly ;)
Baroness Warsi Now there's a Woman of Opportunity But no virtue She has her Weekly Wedge NOW
Does really think citing Baroness Warsi is going help Labour’s current predicament?
and baroness Warsi said that had a big problem,no news coverage
makes significant intervention over article Not news,
Baroness Warsi criticises Zac Goldsmith over terrorist smears on Sadiq Khan
Baroness Warsi: Muslims have moved faster than Tories on *** rights
I'm with Baroness Warsi on this one! Hate to agree with a Tory but on this I do!.
Outrageous.Tory scaremongering like this should face serious repurcussions.Persuaded me to vote Khan, though
Surely you're not serious, Even Baroness Warsi and several other Cons have condemned his campaign, and you're cheerleading?
Zac Goldsmith criticised by former Tory minister Baroness Warsi over Sad.. Related Articles:
Baroness Warsi has criticised her party's campaign for the London Assembly/Mayoral Election
'criticised by former Tory minister
Baroness Warsi: "Muslim attitudes towards LGBT people moving faster than the Tories' did"
If Labour's Sadiq Khan wants to associate with muslim extremists he has to expect being linked to terrorism
Right that is calling out & Party for horrid campaign. More Tory figures should do same
does it again. Baroness Warsi makes significant intervention over Zac Goldsmith article
Dear Baroness Warsi calls for an inquiry in to Islamophobia in the Tory Party. Why is this not a headline?
Former co-chairman: Feldman says he knew nothing of a letter from Baroness Warsi complaining about Clarke's ...
'Baroness Warsi gave official roles to people with links to extremist groups' - The Express Tribune
Baroness Warsi, the first Muslim woman to sit in United Kingdom’s Cabinet, handed official posts to people linked...
The enemy within, this is why muslims should play no part in running this country. Disgusting.
Did Baroness Warsi just say she was 'close enough to smell the incest' at Pope Francis' installation - or did I imagine it?!
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi speaking in Bradford.Excellent speech on lectern backing Yvette Cooper for Labour Leader.
Delighted that Baroness Sayeeda Warsi is on judging panel
I know. Tho at least he actually has been elected: unlike Tory Life Peer Baroness Warsi...
Homeopaths at Science & Health. Safe at the Ministry of Silly Beliefs, "Baroness" Warsi, the unelected 3-way token http…
Labour was taken over by immigrants and Islam.. Same now with the Tories.. With "Baroness" Warsi..
Andrew Gilligan type of Journalist who would find an Islamist plot in a Pub and link it to Cage, Baroness Warsi and your neighbour Abdul.
This way unelected *** in the Lords like Baroness Warsi might be held accountable, & then we can stop the spread of Islam
Government quietly scraps role of Faith Minister: Responsibilities of the position, held by Baroness Warsi and...
Warsi and Baroness Uddin are two examples of fat Asian aunties. Last time they had sex, Jimmy Saville had a good rep.
Former British Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi says the UK must recognize Palestine now
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When the British Conservative peer Baroness Warsi said in 2011 that prejudice against Muslims had "passed the...
Packed theatre, brilliant talk this evening with Baroness Warsi. Many thanks to all those who turned up/volunteered.
hosting "an evening with baroness warsi" . Her first event after resigning from government.
'Muslims should have a renewed effort to get involved in politics' Baroness Warsi
'9/11 changed my life in my ways' Baroness Warsi
please let Baroness Warsi speak. Stop interrupting her!!
At "an evening with Baroness Warsi" held by City Circle group Warsi is speaking frankly and says she got politicised because of racism.
'Packi-bashing was a part of our upbringing' - Baroness Warsi
Baroness Warsi says that she grew up in an all-girls household and told "you have to be better than everyone else's boys"
please let baroness Warsi speak. Stop interrupting her.
Baroness Warsi interview: why I quit over Gaza: via
Breaking: read my exclusive first interview with Baroness Warsi on why she resigned over Gaza & what she wants now:
now Karen Brady Very pretty , who do you suggest baroness warsi ? She's not from the Sarf !
Baroness Warsi was welcomed to Bradford to visit the iGene’s Bradford Digital Autopsy facility via
No coverage of Mike Freer after so much of Baroness Warsi. Why, exactly??
Justice Hamas Gaza style! Is this what Hamas apologist's Baroness Warsi and Lab MP Shabana Mahmood want for Britain?
Palestine vote 'ignored' by government, Baroness Warsi says
Baroness Warsi pressures ministers to respond to Palestine vote
Palestine vote ‘ignored’ by government, Baroness Warsi says
Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi quits in protest at morally indefensible ... - Daily Mail
PA: Former Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi has called for the Government to set out its criteria for recognising …
sunni and shia factual basis The vicious schism between Sunni and Shia has been poisoning Islam for 1,400 years - and it's getting worse The conflict actually began in the year 632 with the death of the Prophet Mohamed. The same is true of the violence, tension or oppression currently gripping the Muslim world from Iraq and Iran, though Egypt, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan. A single problem lies behind all that friction and hostility. On Tuesday, Britain's leading Muslim politician, the Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi, obliquely addressed it in a speech she made in Oman, the Arab state at the south-east corner of the Arabian Peninsula strategically positioned at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. The religious tolerance of the Sultanate, she suggested, offered a model for the whole of the Islamic world. It certainly needs such an exemplar of openness and acceptance. What most of the crucibles of conflict in the Middle East have in common is that Sunni Muslims are on one si ...
they, like Baroness Warsi and Jew hating Lib Dem David Ward, are too busy supporting Hamas!
Foreign Office minister Mark Simmonds resigns - 6 days after Baroness Warsi quit over the Government stance on Gaza:
Baroness Warsi reveals what Philip Hammond said that finally convinced her to quit over Gaza
Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi resigns from the government cause its policy on Gaza is "morally indefensible" http:…
Here's everything David Cameron said about Gaza before Baroness Warsi resigned
Big news: Baroness Warsi, Foreign Office minister, resigns from UK government over Gaza conflict. First Western minister t…
Baroness Warsi has quit as Foreign Office Minister over the ...
Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi saying Governments policy on the crisis in Gaza is "morally indefensible"
at its best! Baroness Warsi quits in protest at government policy on via
Baroness Warsi quits as UK Foreign Office minister over Gaza:
Excerpt: 'Baroness Warsi, the senior Foreign Office minister, and Britain's first female Muslim member of the...
On 5th August, Baroness Warsi, the senior Foreign Office minister, resigned from the government, saying its ‘approa.
David Cameron is facing calls to recall parliament from its summer recess to address the crisis in Gaza, as Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi quit the government over the prime minister's position on the conflict. Labour's Yasmin Qureshi said...
BBC News - Baroness Warsi quits as Foreign Office minister over Gaza
Please take a look at my piece on Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Baroness Warsi, stabbing and jellyfish
Don't see how Baroness Warsi could NOT have resigned on Govt. policy in - other Tory politicians dissenting
Baroness Warsi has become the first minister to quit the government over its policy on Gaza. The Faith and Communities Minister, who also had a role as a Foreign Office minister, resigned on Tuesday morning. She said: “With deep regret I have this
¦ 537 ¦ Baroness Warsi resigns over Gaza conflict saying she can no longer support ... ¦ A Downing Street spokespers…
Baroness Warsi takes aim at George Osborne over Gaza stance: 'He is a good friend of the Israeli Government'
Baroness Warsi: we should not have dragged our heels on Gaza Baroness Sayeeda Warsi tells Cathy Newman that the government should not have “dragged its heels” over the situation in Gaza, as the death toll rises past 1,800.
Everyone knows I'm a miserable *** I'm okay with it, but even I think it's wonderful seeing so many people throwing all sorts of passion at either side of the debate. Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland & Alister Darling big TV debate tonight at 8pm on ITV 3. Also inspiring to see Baroness Warsi resign over the governments stance to Gaza, it doesn't happen often in modern politics but she has an excellent job.
George Osborne: Baroness Warsi resignation over Gaza 'disappointing and unnecessary'
Well done Baroness Warsi. When US is calling Israeli actions as unacceptable, Cameron still refuses to criticise the
At last, someone with balls Exclusive: 'Why I quit over - Baroness Warsi - video:
David Cameron defends government policy on Gaza after minister Baroness Warsi quits, calling it "morally indefensible".
Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi has dramatically quit the government, citing the UK's "morally indefensible" position on the conflict in Gaza. In her resignation letter to the prime minister, David Cameron, Warsi wrote that Brita...
My view on Tory Foreign Office Minister Baroness Warsi's resignation today
Baroness Warsi on young jihadists: "how UK conducts itself internationally has blow-backs domestically"
Britain's Baroness Saeeda Warsi resigns from government over Gaza
Lady Warsi's resignation letter in full -
Tories find time to attack Baroness for criticising the murder of Gazan kids but can't find time to launch a Ch…
Warsi: Resignation 'point of principle' - BBC News
'I can no longer support Govt policy' Baroness Warsi quits over UK ...
Baroness Warsi's resignation has more to do with the reshuffle than it does with Gaza via
Baroness Warsi has resigned from UK cabinet protesting quiet diplomacy towards Israel. If she were in SA we'd be auditing her CV now.
Unelected "Baroness" Warsi resigned. Oh dear, we'll have to soldier on without a Minister for "Faith & Communities" htt…
Interesting Baroness letter lamented the loss of Dominic Grieve & Ken Clarke, both champions of the rule of law, n…
Baroness Warsi speaking out about Gaza and resigning is the greatest thing a Tory has done since Thatcher died
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"I repeatedly asked Warsi to condemn killing of British troops in Iraq. She repeatedly refused.." by
After resigning, Baroness Warsi tells Britain is 'not an honest broker' in the Middle East
Baroness Warsi tells BBC News why she had to resign as a Foreign Office minister. On now
Baroness Warsi, enjoying the publicity? Such a brave stance now lol.
“It is odd for a Govt to sell weapons to Israel for use in Gaza then send taxpayers money there to 'patchup' the injured” ~Baroness Warsi
not an easy decision to make Baroness Warsi but I applaud you and wish you well.
'Baroness' leaves Cameron cabinet over PM's policy. Her loyalties r with Islamism, not Britain.
Baroness Warsi quit bc UK govt is pressuring Palestinian leadership not to turn to ICC to seek justice for war crimes
I see Baroness has resigned - at least she'll get her first name back now I suppose.
"George is a very good friend of the Israeli government," Baroness Warsi says of Osborne.
Nick Clegg: Suspend arms licences to Israel after country "overstepped the mark"
On the Warsi resignation, see the excellent commentary by via
Credit to Baroness Warsi. The with his mate are trying to play the tough guy with while
Baroness Warsi quits the British government over Gaza. Like her or not, she speaks for many http:/…
And now the Tory press are on the attack towards Baroness Warsi.. this is one example
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Baroness Warsi tells a minister has talked to her about resignation over govt policy on & senior Tor…
Baroness Warsi is a product of her own failed analysis via
Usually I have no time for Tories but have some respect for Baroness did a good job & principled enough to resign ove…
BREAKING NEWS: David Cameron letter is response to baroness Warsi resignation over
Baroness Warsi: Wrong to sell arms to war zone then spend taxpayer's money on patching up the injured. Exclusive intervi…
Jihad Before Country: Baroness Warsi resigns from Government in Support of Hamas Terror via Pamela ...
Baroness Warsi on tells "There is concern at ministerial level." Says she has heard a Minister threaten resi…
Muslim first. Allegiance first to Islamic jihad and sharia. Westernized Muslims from the U.S. Canada, Europe flocking to wage jihad in Syria and Iraq. Warsi has long supported jihad terror. She has done the Brits an enormous favor. “Baroness Warsi resigns from Government over Gaza,” Telegraph Baron…
Well done Baroness Warsi. You did the right thing. The death of innocent children is indefensible.
Foreign Office Minister Warsi Resigns Over Gaza UK Foreign Office Minister Baroness Warsi has resigned saying she was not sure she could live with herself if she did not make a stand over Gaza. Lady Warsi said in her resignation letter that the Government's "approach and language" during the month-long conflict in Gaza has been "morally indefensible". And she added: "I always said long after life in politics I must be able to stand by the decisions I took or the decisions I supported. By staying in Government at this time I do not feel I can be sure of that." In a caustic appraisal of Mr Cameron's policy on the Middle East Peace Process she says it has caused significant damage to Britain's international standing. Her resignation is a serious blow to the Conservatives and will intensify pressure on David Cameron, who is out of the country on holiday, to be firmer in his condemnation of Israel. In his response, the Prime Minister said he regretted her decision, but understood her "strength of feeling on th ...
The senior Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi has resigned over David Cameron's stance on the Gaza conflict.
Stunning interview from Baroness Warsi. 1) senior Conservative in tears about internally distributed information regarding Gaza 2) high level Minister thinking of resignation. 3) internal documents suggest that current Israeli actions will force long term and irrecoverable damage to Uk 4) current Chancellor George Osbourne is firmly on the side of Israel; in the pay of Israel.
Baroness Warsi and Cathy newman. An interview worth watching if you've missed it. Channel 4 news.
Baroness warsi very impressive on C4 news. Damning of Cameron and dismissing of Osborne.
Big respect to Baroness Warsi for resigning from Cabinet over the governments inaction over Gaza and support of Israel :)
Thank God Baroness Warsi is no longer in government. Anyone who thinks that there government's policy in Israel will radicalise Muslims in the UK takes no responsibility for her culture that so readily lends itself to radicalisation.
Baroness Warsi has resigned from the Government today in a challenge to David Cameron over Britain's "morally indefensible" approach to the conflict in Gaza.
Baroness Warsi, Britain's minister of state in the Foreign Office, on August 5 resigned in protest against the government's policy on Gaza, media reported.
Baroness Warsi interview on Channel 4 news- articulate, spot on. I used to shout at the tele when she was on Question time ... not any more she's a bold and fantastic woman
So Baroness warsi has resigned on a point of principle that's got to be a first for a Tory
Never thought I'd ever have any respect for that Baroness Warsi woman... I stand corrected. Fairplay to her.
as much as i dislike the tories i have to give Baroness Warsi a much deserved show of respect for standing up for what is right and standing up against israel and the tory government's policy to sell them weapons
The full texts of Baroness Warsi's resignation letter to David Cameron and his response.
Baroness Warsi, the first Muslim to serve in the British cabinet, says she can no longer support UK government's policy.
Well done baroness Warsi. Let's hope our government wakes up now.
Excellent Israel has kicked out unelected Muslim Baroness Warsi from British Cabinet . joy
A Downing Street statement following Baroness Warsi's decision to stand down. A Downing Street spokesperson said: The Prime Minister regrets that Baroness Warsi has decided to stand down and is grateful for the excellent work that she has done both as a Minister and in Opposition. Our policy has always been consistently clear - the situation in Gaza is intolerable and we’ve urged both sides to agree to an immediate and unconditional ceasefire.
Baroness Warsi, Britain's first female Muslim Cabinet minister, resigns from the Government over Britain's policy on Gaza
Habib Rehman writes:This morning I read Brian enos letter on the net and also saw baroness warsi stand up against our leaders inability to condem the killing of children by Israel. As a father I cannot understand how anybody cannot speak out about the barbaric killings of children. The father mentioned in enos letter was carrying the remains of his 4 year old son in a carrier bag . I am shocked that David Cameron refuses to condem the killings. On Saturday London will host the biggest march ever held to protest against Israels barbaric actions. Please join the march even if you have never marched before in ur life.
"The first minister in this government to resign on principal." Says it all. And the unelected Baroness Warsi is said to have been loathed by her colleagues, and on her way out, anyway.
So, Baroness Warsi has jumped ship because she didn't find things going her way any more. Blamed the bloke who got her there. Typical woman.
Former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Paddy Ashdown has written a letter to Baroness Warsi, following her resignation from the Foreign Office.
Since everybody and their dog has dedicated a status to Baroness Warsi today, I might as well too. :p I'm neutral on her decision to leave. She was an ineffectual in government as she will be in her resignation. Till today, I haven't heard a peep from her about the Gaza situation. So I think she could have made more noise before she left government. Once again, we're always misfiring politically. But anyhoo. I hope some good comes out of it. And she hasn't ruined her career for nought.
Well done Baroness Warsi on your resignation from government because of our indefensible stance on Gaza. All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to sit back and do nothing. Praying for the children of Gaza. The rest of the world should be ashamed of themselves.
Exclusive on more independent Channel4 News, than on BBC Exclusive: 'Why I quit over Gaza' - Baroness Warsi -
LESSON FOR ARAB WORLD. LADY SAYYEDAH BARONESS WARSI , PC minister of Faith and Communities, Senior Minister for Foreign Affairs, an Important member of Prime Minister David Cameron send resignation today to British Prime Minister as protest against Genocide in GAZA.
Baroness Warsi tells there's concern at "ministerial level" over - why she quit VIDEO
Interesting! Baroness Warsi resigns over our governments stance on Gaza ! Shame the labour government ministers ( apart from Robin Cook ) didn't do the same when the liar Tony Blair took our country to war based on lies !! The British government has a policy on Gaza she didn't like ( reasonable ) but we are not attacking Gaza , killing children !! Israel is doing that ! We attacked and killed thousands of innocent children in Iraq and the lying labour government stood there and smiled !!! Good on you Warsi ! Shame on you Tony Blairs cabinet ! I haven't forgotten so I remind others to remember as well !
Baroness Warsi tells UK's position on "morally indefensible" - video:
Good riddance to baroness Warsi if she's too ignorant to see both sides of the conflict then the British parliament is better off without her. Props to David Cameron for sticking to his views
Well done Baroness Warsi (Defence Minister) on her resignation from Government. As she says the Governments lack of significant action against Israel is totally indefensible.
Baroness Warsi the only politician in parliment with any "balls"
I hadn't realised Baroness Warsi was still in the cabinet until she resigned from the cabinet.
How refreshing to see a UK minister resign over principles and morals rather than due to allegations of sleaze and sex abuse! Baroness Warsi you are a tall sunflower indeed. Congratulations on doing the right thing.
well done to Sayeeda Warsi, Baroness Warsi for resigning and standing by your beliefs over gaza. It is atrocious what the world is allowing to happen but the israelis will not stop and the american government and ours will do nothing.why its simple the jewish hold us to ransom because they have so much money in big business in both countries. The americans are even supplying the shells that are killing all the innocent people.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Statement by the Embassy of Israel regarding Baroness Warsi's resignation: Israel regrets the resignation of Baroness Warsi from a UK government that understands the challenges of a changing Middle East. The current conflict has highlighted the fact, recognized by the majority of the Arab world and the international community at large, that Hamas today is the key obstacle to a positive future for Gaza. Only by defeating the terror perpetrated by such radical groups, be it in Gaza, Syria or Iraq , can there be a real chance for peace, security and progress.
My opinion: Read that Baroness Warsi has given her resignation due to Britan not doing enough to stop Israel. My problem with this is why she did not give her resignation for the World to help stop the hundreds of women and children killed every day in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Libya, and Nigeria by terrorist and the Taliban, maybe because if she did those terrorist would do her in. How strange the scales of justice swings with those who look at the World with blinders and ear plugs.
respect to Baroness Warsi word of caution though, DON'T go hiking in the highlands
Baroness Warsi has resigned, finding the government's Gaza policy indefensible. A Tory minister with principles. Did I just see a squadron of pigs heading over Fazakerley?
The Conservative MP Michael Fabricant has been criticised after appearing to suggest that Baroness Warsi’s resignation over the conflict in Gaza was a “Muslim issue”.
Baroness Warsi resigns from Government over Gaza: Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said the news was "very ...
Baroness Warsi's resignation is representative of a broad swathe of British public opinion outraged over
I think the most surprising thing about Baroness Warsi's resignation is the fact she found William Hague inspirational.
Funny if true Baroness Warsi wanted to replace William Hague. I bet David Cameron had a good laugh at that behind her back.
I personally like the way Baroness Warsi, in her letter, tries to put herself in the same company as William Hague and Eric Pickles.
A H of Lords Discussion Earlier in July on Faith Group Relationships in the UK Baroness Warsi+frmer Oxford Bp Harries
is the dinner party Islamophobe Baroness Warsi's talking about. Tory or lefty, we can agree dinner party liberals are the worst.
Unsurprised news was kept back that the PM persuaded Baroness Warsi to stay in the cabinet. If known, would have been panned.
Baroness Warsi: Allowing people to wear what they want was the very basis of a free society.
pure evil. they are in UK gov :baroness Warsi etc
Priti Patel the New Baroness Warsi? Her foot in mouth tendacies will trip her up but joins the group of I can shout over you women.
Oh dear, Richard Dawkins is referring to Baroness Warsi as the "unelected 3-way token" again.
Assume Baroness Warsi won’t be axed but will instead be given another invented job like Cabinet Supremo for Counting the Moo…
Nothing bizarre. Remnants of English will become "of the Islamic faith" Regardless who clambers in 2015. Baroness Warsi
With thanks to Stella Creasy MP for pursuing this with the Foreign Office, and eliciting this very positive response from Baroness Warsi.
Good comments from Baroness Warsi on the positive role played by Christian immigrants to life of the church in UK too
I had the pleasure of meeting Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, the UK Senior Minister of State in the Foreign Office and Minister of State for Faith and Communities this afternoon. Baroness Warsi is the next most senior FCO Minister after Foreign Secretary William Hague. As Minister for Faith and Communities, she works with religious and community leaders to promote faith, religious tolerance and stronger communities within the UK. A trained solicitor, Baroness Warsi is a member of the Cabinet and is currently the most senior Muslim female in politics and one of the few female Ministers in the UK. We had a very interesting chat and exchanged ideas about a wide range of topic, including developing a resilient, inclusive and progressive Muslim community while living in a multi-religious and secular society. I hope Baroness Warsi had a good stay in Singapore and I look forward to working together with her in the future.
Baroness Warsi visiting Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque in Bandar Seri Begawan earlier today.
He doesn't sadly. I'm exasperated by Baroness Warsi, say, but jesus:
Not sure what disturbs me more about this article: Baroness Warsi's views on human rights or the racist comments BTL
Baroness Warsi visiting Malcom Lockyer Youth Centre on the Lyndhurst, saved by Labour Councillors from closure by Tory cuts
Baroness Warsi and her Eton message | Victoria Coren Mitchell via
In the House of Lords y'day, Gov't minister Baroness Warsi claimed "reform process" is "ground-breaking"
Baroness Warsi is the UK's Minister of Faith and Communities.
Wednesday 12th February In Brief Home secretary Theresa May is expected to make an oral statement on the Hillsborough disaster (12.30) Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander (13.30) and Jon Cruddas MP (10.10) speak at the New Local Government Network annual conference in London Economic Secretary to the Treasury Nicky Morgan and shadow chancellor Ed Balls speak at an ICAEW event in London launching a new ten year economic forecast (19.00) Care minister Norman Lamb attends the launch of the carers week quest campaign Faith minister Baroness Warsi attends an Oxford Union event on Islamic finance Food and farming minister George Eustice speaks at the AHDB Outlook conference in London Home Office minister Norman Baker visits a drug treatment centre in Earls Court, London (9.00) Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt is expected to deliver a speech on improving concentration in school lessons Shadow housing minister Emma Reynolds speaks at the Crisis conference in London on private rented housing Sh ...
Baroness Warsi's open letter to Pakistan In an open letter to Pakistan Foreign Office Minister Baroness Warsi reflects on the past year and looks to the challenges ahead. Published 30 December 2013 clip_image004 AP Baroness Warsi Dear Pakistan, It's the time of year for celebrations around the world, as many in the UK and Pakistan celebrate Christmas and Pakistanis worldwide honour Quaid-i-Azam's birth. These holidays signal the end of the year, providing an opportunity to reflect on the past and contemplate the challenges ahead. This has been a hugely significant year in your history. As both the Minister responsible for our relationship with Pakistan, and as a proud British citizen of Pakistani heritage, I was delighted this year to celebrate the first democratic transition of power in Pakistan's history, when I visited with Prime Minister David Cameron. He was the first head of government to visit after that historic election, and we were struck by the optimism and the expectation of those that we met. ...
BBC under fire after radical cleric says PM and UK 'foreign policy' is responsible for Lee Rigby murder LAST UPDATED AT 09:39 ON Fri 20 Dec 2013 THE BBC is under fire again for giving air time to the radical cleric Anjem Choudary after two self-styled jihadists were convicted of the murder of fusilier Lee Rigby. When Choudary was invited to appear on the BBC's Newsnight programme in May, he refused to condemn Rigby's murder despite repeated requests by presenter Kirsty Wark, The Guardian reported. His appearance was condemned by several politicians including the faith and communities minister, Baroness Warsi, who said she was "angry" that the BBC had given a forum to "one appalling man who represents nobody". Choudary was interviewed again on the BBC's Today programme this morning in the wake of the convictions handed down to the soldier's killers Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adebowale, 22, yesterday afternoon. Once again, he repeatedly refused to condemn the brutal killing of the 25-year-old. New S ...
Baroness Warsi, a British Muslim MP, tells leaders in Pakistan to not ignore persecution of Christians:
There are other brighter world than Fox News. Salud! Baroness Warsi Slams 'Ignorant' Fox News -
Thank you, Baroness You continue the under-reported Muslim tradition of advocating for Christians!
British Muslim cabinet minister Baroness pleads for protection of persecuted ... Christians!
Baroness Warsi makes silly, gratuitous attack on Fox News: "Warsi: Britons more worldly than Americans"
Baroness Warsi eid in adha message to ummah channel viewers.
Secular doesn't mean excluding religion. Faith is back at the heart of government, says
Persecution threatens 'extinction' of Christianity in ancient homelands, warns Baroness Warsi
Baroness Warsi: Christians 'face extinction' in their ancient homelands because of a rising tide of sectarian attacks ht…
This is regarding your interview with Baroness Warsi: 4/4
Minister Baroness Warsi warns persecution threatens the Christian ...
Baroness Warsi embarrasses herself and UK with dumb America speech - The Commentator: via
Baroness Warsi : Christian minorities 'endangered' in Middle East. Interesting comment from a Muslima!.
Religious persecution mean Christianity is in danger of extinction, says Barones Warsi | World | News | Daily Express
shaking it up stateside! Baroness Warsi Slams Fox News reporting
UK Minister Baroness Sayeeda Warsi keeps the At home and abroad
Is going to sack Baroness Warsi after her ignorant and bigoted attack on America? If not why not?
Minister Baroness Warsi warns persecution threatens the Christian way of life -
.on form at CFR, defending Christians and slamming Fox News as 'ignorant':
Charity backs Baroness Warsi's warning of Christian exodus
Baroness Warsi, UK Minister for Faith, calls for global response to violence against Christians
Religious persecution means Christianity is in danger of extinction, says Baroness Warsi | Daily Express
Baroness Warsi: Extremists are driving Christians out of their homelands. We must act. via
“A mass exodus is taking place, on a biblical scale”: Baroness wants West to protect at risk Christians
Gotta hand it to her; she speaks the truth re Fox News, "nuance" & US.
Frankly I agree with Baroness Warsi on this one: does have a more nuanced approach on foreign affairs than
Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Thursday lauded the role played by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, British Senior Minister of State at Foreign and Commonwealth Office for her efforts in strengthening the bond of Pakistani diaspora in the United Kingdom with their homeland. Talking to Baroness Warsi, who called on him here he said Pakistan considered United Kingdom a close friend and a genuine development partner. Highlighting the importance of Pak-UK relations, Nawaz Sharif said the visit to Islamabad by British Prime Minister David Cameron as the first head of government after the general elections, was a testimony to the special relationship.
Nadine Dorries, Michael Gove, Louise Mensch, David Cameron, Baroness Warsi & Kieth Vaz all get double tapped in my hypothetical
Cabinet re-shuffle begins! Lets hope Grayling and his plans go
1st casualty of Cabinet reshuffle: Baroness Warsi loses job
Sending my best wishes to everyone this Ramadan Kareem
Baroness Warsi arriving at No10 this morning looking Jolly nice
Labour MP calling for police probe into Baroness Warsi via
Brotherhood rejects poll decree as they now realise like Baroness - they are
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