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Baron Davis

Baron Walter Louis Davis (born April 13, 1979) is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Remember when Baron Davis left Golden State and made this short film of him roller skating?
Baron Davis really tryna come back tho??
It's been some time since we've had Baron Davis in our lives, and that is unfortunate because Baron Davis is awesome. Here Davis teams up with Steve Nash in a video detailing his "efforts" to return to the NBA. You will laugh at this.
Thanks for joining us tonight at the event,
that Baron Davis mug face is classic
Baron Davis spoofs Steve Nash's comeback video [Inside the Lakers]
yea I think so. Baron Davis was in it. How bout your boy Kyrie? MVP
Discover your adventurous side with The Cherokee Effect. See the personal adventure of Baron Davis from Esquire Network's How I Rock It as he navigate's the ...
Inside the Lakers: Baron Davis spoofs Steve Nash’s comeback video: . Steve Nash’s stoic demeanor, his relentles...
Steve Nash doing his rehab with Baron Davis? No wonder he stay hurt!
Baron Davis helping Steve Nash get back into the NBA was a cool sight to see. You would never expect that combo...
Cam is coming home the weekend I'm coming back and Mitchell will be coming home from Davis too!
Baron Davis g'd me but it was funny tho lol
Thanks to former Knick Baron Davis for this one. THIS was Dr. J at his best! Still one of my heroes after all these years. Friday nights at the Nassau Coliseum were a real treat!
Just ran in to my *** BAron Davis on Sunset still wana LA's Best!
Baron Davis finding the humor in Steve Nash 's return to the NBA with a video of his own. Fortius Centre getting lots of exposure, and rightly so.
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WOW!! Posting this at 12:10 too... This is unreal.. Cant believe I think I became a Steve Nash fan at the end of his career. Just watched the piece on ESPN/Grantland on him trying to comeback with him and Baron Davis... and I tell u FATHER TYME is no GAME!!! Tyrone Powell truly appreciates what he did as far as his NBA Career... Worst part is how bad his knee and back is.. I think its over for him... he is facing TOUGH PG after TOUGH PG night in and night out... That Piece was powerful too... I salute Steve Nash... I feel bad for hatin (EVEN THOUGH HE NEVER PLAYED DEE!!!) But WOW!!! (Sport City Chefs/SportCity Chefs)
... if Baron Davis can help Steve Nash get healthy and back on the court ...why wont the Lakers sign Baron Davis ?
Baron Davis is tryna come bak to the nba lord Jesus somebody tell him he's done
People forget that Baron Davis beat the very same Mavericks that Lebron lost to. And he did it with a seed. First time a ever beat a seed.
Couple of funny bits here, and nice to see Steve Nash. Of course I saw Baron Davis live at the 2001 Goodwill Games. :)
Seriously the most annoying thing in the world when people tag me in videos of LeBron getting shown up or whatever. Like really, I've seen this already. It's the freaking NBA. Baron Davis could snap Kyrie. Get over it.
This is an official Baron Davis Wizards jersey autographed by Baron Davis. This jersey has stitched on numbers, name and logo, not the cheap iron on ones. This also comes with a game day program signed by Barn Davis and a 8x10 of John Wall, autograhed by Wall. Asking $120 for all 3.
B. Diddy is Hilarious Baron Davis absolutely kills it in this skit with Steve Nash. Jokes, jokes and more jokes. Plus he is wearing an Arsenal jacket. Peace, JW
Good contest... I still would prefer watch V.Carter, T-Mac, Steve Francis, Baron Davis and Jason Richardson go at it tho
Baron Davis: The COMEBACK!! Move over Harden, the real Beard is back!!
If Baron Davis and Steve Nash were a *** couple, they'd be my favorite *** couple in the world. Hands down. EXCELLENT chemistry. Don't you remember that time they rode tandem bikes [...]
IS THAT BARON DAVIS, playing the drum in that car commercial ?
Among last night's strange dreams: I was vacuuming the interior of former NBA star Baron Davis' car (and it wasn't much of a ride, by rich people's standards). My attitude was, "He's got a bajillion dollars, he should have the cleanest car in town." Where in the *** did that come from?
The guys on NBA on TNT have so much fun. It’s hilarious to watch them. Steve Nash and Baron Davis add to the fun with this ‘comeback’ video.   Nash helps Davis face reality in that he’s not ready to join him on the Lakers.  Davis refers to himself as ‘Shaq fat, not Barkley fat’, he later rips on Ken...
Baron Davis thinks he can come back to the NBA, and still be eating pizzas. Steve Nash doesn't think so...
Since the Bobcats going back to Charlotte's original team name "Hornets" does this mean if for example Kemba Walker passes Mugsy Bogues or Baron Davis in points or assist he moves above them all time as a Charlotte Hornet or they just gonna start over? A few of yall know what I mean help me out somebody.
Baron Davis may be coming back to the NBA and this is his HILARIOUS comeback video.
im training to become the next baron davis..i think i can average 20ppg 10apg 7rpg 2spg in the NBA.. A.j. Kamara knows i was droppin triple doubles on the mabelle playgrounds lmfao!
Still not sure if Baron Davis is serious about this comeback or not lol??
If you haven't seen this video chronicling Baron Davis' comeback attempt, check it out...
Both worlds of Baron Davis dressing on and off the court collide in this caricature piece by Muideen Ogunmola.
Baron Davis making a comeback, do you think the Knicks should sign him. -Tape7
Baron Davis about to make a comeback lol
Baron Davis is making a comeback? And which of our guys did he call fat? Watch this clip and tune-in to our pre-game tonight at 7pm ET!
From the two point guard friends that brought us their version of Step Brothers. Arrives "The Comeback" starring Baron Davis and his buddy Steve Nash.
'The Comeback' features Baron Davis embarking on his long journey back to the NBA. Of course, this is not real, but Baron still has some silky smooth moves, as you'll see. Baron trains with Steve Nash, who actually has been trying to get back on the court, and talks about how Nash is getting close t...
Steve Nash's "The Finish Line" episode one came online today, and so did Baron Davis' smarmy spoof, "The comeback." But don't call it an (actual) comeback..
Baron Davis Mocks Comeback Process in Video with Steve Nash: Two-time All-Star point guard Baron Davis is work...
This is hilarious. Baron Davis and Steve Nash skit: "The Comeback" If you'd like to see more Davis and Nash videos.
The good folks over at TNT ran a special on Thursday before their slate of NBA games which featured a certain rotund Baron Davis, and it was hilarious. Davis was featured in the segment in which he was attempting (feigning) a NBA comeback and he ...
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Remember when Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin, and Baron Davis were a team?
ALL - TIME NCAA TOURNAMENT (Swapped 8 seeds) (1) UCLA: G – Baron Davis G – Reggie Miller F – Jamaal Wilkes F – Bill Walton C – Lew Alcindor Coach Dixon (8) Michigan: G – Trey Burke G – Tim Hardaway jr. F – Glenn Robinson III F – Chris Webber F – Juwan Howard Lee Miller UCLA Greatest Strength: Offensive Efficiency, Shooting, Half-Court Offense Michigan Greatest Strength: Rebounding, Intensity Analysis: UCLA, the overall top seed in the tournament asserts its offensive prowess from every position on the floor. UCLA has shooting at every position, as well as a dominating and imposing front line led by Lew Alcindor, arguably the greatest collegiate athlete of all time. UCLA causes matchup problems at every position for Michigan. Burke, while strong and aggressive gives up 4 inches to a much larger Baron Davis and has trouble penetrating UCLA’s defense all night. Thus, the Wolverines are forced to rely on the post-game of its powerful frontcourt led by freshman All-Americans Chris Webbe . ...
227's YouTube Chili' Baron Davis spin drives and assist Chris Kaman behind the back of Dir... Jamaal Al-Din - NBA
who has the best handles: Allen Iverson, Stevie Franchise, Kyrie Irving, Stephon Marbury, Baron Davis or the dude that broke your ankles that one time?
So you had Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers, Steve Nash, Baron Davis and some other NBA players watching the Wildcats game. Talk about a little pressure but they got it done
Baron Davis, Jarrett Jack, Jason Kidd, Sebastian Telfair, Andre Miller, Steve Nash, Tony Parker, the list just goes on.
Stephen Curry notched his 3rd career triple-double. He's the 1st Warrior since Baron Davis in 2007-08 with multiple in a…
After a night of partying in Vegas, Entourage star Emmanuelle Chriqui, visits Baron Davis at practice. She pitches her short film idea as they fly back to Lo...
After her breakup with Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian was spotted shopping with Baron Davis in New York. Brett Poirier
The Entertainers Basketball Classic (EBC) was founded in 1982, playing our first years at Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem. EBC moved to the famed Rucker Park in 1985. Unique in its delivery of sports and entertainment, EBC established a roster of legendary street legends and notable players that include players such as Walter Berry, Dwayne "Pearl" Washington, Master Rob Hockett, Malloy "Future" Nesmith, Rafer "Skip to My Lou" Alston, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Ron Artest, Vince Carter, Jamaal Tinsley, Stephon Marbury, Baron Davis, Brandon Roy, Nate Robinson and Gilbert Arenas have played and fueled the legacy of Rucker Park for the last 25 years. Many extremely talented players will grace these courts years and years after them. It should be especially noted that EBC established its tournament to become a major entertainment venue and tourist attraction that attracted the likes of: former President Bill Clinton, NBA Commissioner David Stern, Actor Denzell Washington, Recording and ...
Just played ball and it's official... I got them Baron Davis knees
If you're in Hawaii right now, turn on Chelsea Lately. E! Online channel is repeating Chelsea Handler's funny interview with Baron Davis.
Baron Davis courtside at the Clippers game. Thankfully he's not sitting next to Donald Sterling.
Fact: a team of Baron Davis, Alonzo Gee, Ryan Hollins, Daniel Gibson, Samardo Samuels, have Cavs only win vs LeBron/Heat
Can't get over how many pro athletes has gotten on her show. CJ Wilson & Shawne Merriman tonight, Baron Davis & co. in past.
Not even a debate *** "Who was better:. Chauncey Billups or Baron Davis?"
al Jefferson did, Baron Davis did in college, and David west all came back and instantly made major impact. I can go on
Derrick Rose best case scenario comes back and is a Baron Davis type pg, worst case scenario he's Ron Harper and robbed of all explosiveness
Who is he supposed to pass the ball to? Landry Fields, Mike Bibby & Baron Davis?
Baron Davis has torn both ACLs. He definitely wasn't the same
Baron Davis «Derrick Rose will never be the same he the nxt Brandon Roy smh»
Praying for that boy D. Rose...I don't want him to end up like Baron Davis or Penny Hardaway
Derrick Rose is gonna be another washed up PG, he's gonna be a Baron Davis lol
Told y'all d rose would be another baron Davis
word to dwade and Russy and baron davis
Quickly on Rose, power combo guards get hurt all the time. Marbury, Baron Davis, Steve Francis come to mind. Can Rose learn…
D.Rose another Baron Davis...Beast but always injured!!
What NBA players have experienced torn ACLs in both knees? Info not readily available. Baron Davis? Have any returned to court?
It's all in the details. tracks down his favorite street styles:
And here comes the "Derrick Rose is soft because he's injured again" comments. Look people, an ACL injury is no freaking joke to deal with. Superstars like Penny Hardaway, and Baron Davis dealt with injuries like that, and it ended their careers. So, instead of you "fans" sitting on your couches and calling people *** because of a very serious injury... A SPORTS injury, and half of you lazy *** couldn't even run 10+ feet! So, before you people judge about an injury that you've NEVER received before (I have), experience that injury!
Imma start spelling my name with an 'i". Class.
Baron Davis, I think. But they happened about 14 years apart and he never came back after the 2nd one.
Oh my god, I am crying because I can't stop laughing as I watch on Crowd Goes Wild
foam burgandy see Baron Davis who tore both
the year that D-Rose tore his acl, 3 other Adidas athletes tore their acl or Achilles. Rose, billups, shumpert, and baron Davis!
Time for to make a return and help out the Bulls backcourt!
hey look at al Jefferson, baron Davis, Jamal Crawford, Kyle Lowry, etc. all of em came back better than ever.
Aye he cold,but this only his 2nd year bro.Monta been with tha warriors since they had BARON DAVIS
brings to mind Baron Davis tore both of them never the same. Time to suck for Jabari Parker
apparently baron Davis dunked tore acl in college an ran minutes later
Hoping that's a "good" sign, but Baron Davis tore his ACL at UCLA while dunking and played for a few minutes afterwards
Baron Davis is waiting my his phone
Rose will have to adjust his game. Said that from jump. Baron Davis 2.0. *** be back. *** tho
baron davis suffered a similar fate. Had to adjust his game
And I was at that game with the Baron Davis knee implosion
exactly. Did you go early? Cuz I did and I got to see Blake Griffin and baron Davis warm up, and baron was talking to us.
I said in 2011 with all the nagging injuries that Rose was heading down the Baron Davis path. I hope I was wrong, but fear not.
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He's always over weight looking. On that Baron Davis diet
They're always gonna be the Baron Davis "We believe in that one time we got to the second round" Warriors.
Why can't Vince Carter as Baron Davis be young again 😩
Ok I can't be your buddy tonight... Warriors play my Lakers lol
B-Diddy ever think about coming back & playing for the bro ?
Igoudala playing point guard tonight. Baron Davis didn't die on the cross for this
I live in Florida what Chanel does your show come on Comcast is our provider
that soccer report was btw, I see you had a great hair day 👌
No don't leave. Please. We don't want T-Pryce back.
Thank you SO much for being an awesome sport & cohost these last two days. Come back and see us soon!
Keep adding to your instagram pics and your look could get picked by me for
Just watched "How I Rock It" on .. Good show..Suits for tall dudes segment was right on..
How do you rock it? Tag your Instagram photo with and host may choose you to be featured on our account.
always been a fan of yours really loved the way you played D and your vison was amazing.. Nba misses you man
what do you think the Knicks are lacking? Keep in mind they were losing with Tyson healthy.
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Half these Warriors fans don't even know who Jason Richardson or Baron Davis is . 💁💯
Always been a Warriors fan back with Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, and Jason Richardson. But there are some bwagon fans now bro
Active players including Carmelo Anthony and Baron Davis of the New York Knicks, Grant Hill of the LA Clippers, and Vince Carter of the Dallas Mavericks have combined for $84,100 in donations to Barack Obama and the DNC this election cycle. Hill and Carter each contributed the max $35,800. Added to the money given to Obama and related Democratic committees by NBA owners, the total comes to $299,300. And since WNYC couldn’t identify a single active baller who’s donated to Romney and the Republicans this year, that’s a $20,000 advantage for the President among NBA owners and players. That’s not even counting the contributions from some coaches, former players, and the league commissioner himself. Carmelo Anthony - New York Knicks - $5,000 to Barack Obama Vince Carter - Dallas Mavericks - $35,800 - Barack Obama/DNC Baron Davis - New York Knicks - $7,500 - Barack Obama/DNC Larry Drew - Atlanta Hawks Asst. Coach - $500 - Barack Obama Mike Dunlap - Charlotte Bobcats/Asst. Coach - $500 - Barack Obama Pat ...
Remember when Elton Brand tricked Baron Davis to sign with the Clippers? 😂😂😂
San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon told the Chronicle he worries that technology is exacerbating the problem. “These weren’t concealed movements,” he said. “The gun is very clear. These people are in very close proximity with him, and nobody sees this. They’re just so engrossed, texting and reading and whatnot.” Authorities have been warning for years that people’s texting, browsing, and gaming habits make them more vulnerable to phone-snatchings, not to mention being beaned with a basketball by Baron Davis. But Gascon is among the first to suggest that smartphone users are putting their neighbors at risk as well when they block out the world and lose themselves in Candy Crush.
Baron Davis, Steve Francis, Ivo, Stephon Marbury, Jason Williams put on for handles in the early 2000s
Everybody anatomy is different. There's only one Adrian Peterson. Look at Kenyon Martin, Gilbert Arenas, Baron Davis, etc
Thanks for spreading the word Darren! We're thrilled to have and his firm behind us at
Off the market: Baron Davis engaged to former CAA agent Isabella Brewster:
South Central Love is on point. One of the best PG's with the cameo too
Hey Baron, if you're ever interested in some custom art just hit me up!
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Wilson chandler n JR smith the realest *** in the nba after baron davis stopped playing
Big thanks to and for their help today! Can't wait to share my talk with BDiddy with the world!
Who would you choose:. Gary Payton or Baron Davis???. And why??
That *** baron davis was in south central love video
Just left a meeting with LAUNFD.. you ma *** cuh! Homer Simpson lookin *** ***
Such a pleasure meeting you! Can't wait to start building a home for a family in need.
What was your favorite book when you were 13? My seventh graders are curious! Thanks!
Baron Davis Mixtape In his prime and healthy Baron was top 5 pg in the league!!
NBA player BARON DAVIS is engaged to RUSSELL BRAND'S ex-girlfriend Isabella Brewster.
actually baron Davis was the best prime player cp3 played w/ during his tenure in NO
About to get my K.Irving and Baron Davis on!
Last month we hosted a dinner with some of our friends. Dubbed the "Gentlemen's Dinner" Baron Davis, Mark...
Wedding bells! NBA star Baron Davis is engaged to Isabella Brewster
Sorry ladies, Baron Davis is off the market. We want to see the ring! via
congrats on your engagement, Baron! You're going to have one beautiful bride!
Exclusive: and Isabella Brewster are engaged! (via
NBA Star Baron Davis is Engaged to Isabella Brewster: . It looks like Baron Davis has finally found ...
Do you believe T-Mac underachieved *more* than Kwame Brown, Lamar Odom, Baron Davis, Andrea Bargnani & Michael Olowokandi?
Westbrook isn't better than Steve Francis or Stephon Marbury, nor Baron Davis in their primes.
Baron Davis ..Lamar Odom ..Jamal Mashburn...n Rasheed Wallace got to be n there
I'd wanna hang out with Baron Davis, Anthony Goldwire, Master P, Josh McRoberts and Gerald Wallace
ANd I still can't believe people forgot how cold Baron Davis and Steve Francis used to be smh mustve forgot how they did everybody's players
I recall Baron Davis bringing a squad to the Polo Grounds with and and getting a W.
Baron Davis how are you? Im fan you. Remenber you player warriors,visist Napa Valley Ca. Car Mercedes Benz. Thanks jerseys.
Baron Davis im fan you thanks very much for jerseys in Napa Valley California. Im live now in Bakersfield,Ca.
Kevin Durrant misses a game winning three that cost Baron Davis a $50k bet, so what does Baron do the day after? He posts about
Man, what a show. Ran into Baron Davis & Marcellus Wiley. Expected more MCHG, but def a 10/10.
Watched Kevin Durant,Metta World Peace,The Game,Demar Derozan,Baron Davis and other stars at the drew league today
Kevin Durant, Stephen Jackson, Metta World Peace, Shannon Brown, DeMar DeRozan, Baron Davis... all on the court right n…
Some notable free agents for that are still out there - Mickaël Piétrus, Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, Greg Oden, Gilbert Arenas.
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The fact Baron Davis just admit that the alien abduction story was a joke was kind of disappointing.
I can't believe how many people took Baron Davis seriously about his alien abduction lol
After i heard of the Baron Davis alien abduction i feel as if chris bosh and sam cassell are hiding something.
Not sure why Baron Davis' alien abduction story is big news. The same thing happened to Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley &…
Gangster David Stern, Baron Davis' alien abduction & Dubs running Vegas? is on hit today!
Did I just read Baron Davis say he was abducted by aliens. LMAO GTFOH
Tried to get a pic with .epic fail lol
got abuducted by aliens, he crossed them up and shot the J so they had NO CHOICE but to let him go
I totally believe Baron Davis was abducted by aliens. The same exact thing happened to me except it ended at Five Guys and not In And Out
Haven't said this in my life but what a great podcast lol look it up Baron Davis abducted by aliens podcast and just enjoy it lol
Baron Davis got abducted by aliens.. Sorry what?
who does he think he is, Baron Davis? Seriously though, I don't like that. He knew he'd be playing soon, should be conditioned.
So made the NY Daily News for alien story...they must not have been around for the Blake Griffin pods...
Who needs to land the Baron Davis interview? I think this could be right up Musket's alley.
Foul mouth Baron Davis says he was abducted by aliens. Pfft.
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Lol Baron Davis says he was abducted by aliens
I missed this update. Watch for this guy Bama fans. Baron Davis-esque: GT, Bama lead for '14 4-star G Tadric Jackson htt…
Baron Davis says aliens abducted him… and they were ugly
Has he been talking to Rodman? Baron Davis: I was 'abducted by aliens'
Loved the alien joke. Shoot even Mike played ball with aliens in Space Jam. Brother saved the universe.
Baron Davis exaggerates. Just because he was hanging out with Sam Cassell doesn't mean he was "abducted by aliens".
True story. Baron Davis: I was 'abducted by aliens'
In other news, Baron Davis said he was abducted by aliens.
Baron Davis: I was 'abducted by aliens'
Baron Davis abducted by aliens. Bet there was an anal prob...because there always seems to be w/nutcases.
Had my Baron Davis game going good aliens abducted me for test
When I first saw you play basketball so much better than the other 7th graders, I wondered if YOU were an alien. :)
Baron Davis: I was 'abducted by aliens' - New York Daily News
Baron Davis was abducted by aliens. Space Jam is real.
Pretty legit story if you ask me - New York Knicks star Baron Davis 'abducted by aliens' |   10% Off
long distance cousin lol.. do you believe you can rejuvenate and play like u did at the Warriors
So Baron Davis was abducted by aliens...
All this talk of Knicks offseason , I wonder IF or WHEN coming back.
NBA's Baron Davis: I was 'abducted by aliens' in desert two weeks ago via
Baron Davis claims he was abducted by aliens. 😂
You should come back to Golden State. I still have your jersey.
Baron Davis said the Alien story was a joke Lmao *** it
ICYMI: Ex- all-star said he was abducted by aliens in the desert.
From Baron Davis to John Lennon to Fran Drescher: 10 stars who have seen aliens |
Just read that Baron Davis story thinking they were talking about Byron Scott
New blog post from NBAer Baron Davis was apparently tied up by aliens. Yep, ALIENS.
Baron Davis wants to come back. Which team should go after him? - Hoops Talk
Kicking myself... Was at Santa Monica pier w/family. Lost a water-gun race against no other than one of my favorite ex-Warrior, Baron Davis. He was gracious enough to give the winning stuff doll to my daughter. No photo op... I was too star-struck.
It's that time again! Showdown in Chinatown with Steve Nash, Baron Davis, Joakim Noah, Tina Cervasio, and bunch of soccer stars leggo!!!
Growing up as Miami Heat fan in the early-to-mid 90's, I would've never thought what it would feel like winning a championship. Watching the Miami Heat in the old Miami Arena, down the street from the AAA, struggle to win and never be relevant was tough but always enjoyable. Seeing players like Rony Seikley, Glenn Rice, Steve Smith, Bimbo Coles, Sasha Danilovic, Chris Gatling, Rod Strickland, Isaac Austin, Steve Smith and many more that were drafted here. Then things started to look up when we drafted Harold Minor who won the dunk contest in the late 1990's. Then Tim Hardaway, Alonzo Mourning, Voshon Lenard and Dan Majerle came to the Miami Heat and we became relevant. Winning playoff games and series but still not being able to get over the hump. We even saw Alonzo Mourning and Anthony Mason go to the All-Star game together. Then 2003 came and my favorite player of All-Time, Mr. Dwyane Wade was drafted to the Miami Heat. Soon after we all knew D-Wade was something special, the floater over Baron Davis in ...
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If dominance for a few years made players HOF worthy, Steve Francis, T-Mac, Vince Carter, Baron Davis would all get in.
* Another Graduation Update* In the past 4 years NYC has been the best city to me. Let me recap my college experience. Kissed by a sports illustrated swimsuit model, Plenty of VIP fashion parties, rooftop dinners & hangouts, vogue photo shoots, working the Big Easter Tournament, working for the New York Knicks, Traveling the world and living multiple cities around the world, Baron Davis buying me lunch, Dinner with Bernie Williams, Ben stiller and Patrick Ewing, Conversing with Jon McEnroe and finally telling Vanessa Hudgens her boyfriend needs to stop txting during the knicks game. Overall im pretty satisfied with my college experience. I cannot wait to see what the rest of life holds!
Why did the strength of such small jump like Spudd Webb, Nate Robinson, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Baron Davis, Kevin Johnson, Marcus Camby , Rusell Westbrook, Reggie Jackson, Deron Williams and more.
Hold up.Watched with Baron Davis. Problem:Winer,Mahorn& Mitchell are sat with suits buttoned; makes them look ill-fitting
Baron Davis, Rex Ryan, Dan Patrick, and Erin Andrews in that's my boy
on with Sam Mitchell, Baron Davis and Matt Winer previewing tonight's Bulls-Heat game and Warriors-Spurs
Klay Thompson is too inconsistent id rather take a former GState duo in Baron Davis and Jason Richardson
Conley's Game 2 showcase also put him alongside LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Baron Davis as the only four players in the last 25 years
Mike Conley is only the 4th different player in last 25 seasons w/ 26 Pts, 10 Reb & 9 Ast in road playoff win, joining LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Baron Davis...
Conley joins Michael Jordan, Lebron James and Baron Davis as players in last 25 years with 25 pts, 10 boards, 9 assists in road playoff win!
“Baron Davis would have never allowed this tomfoolery that the Warriors are on right now.” Stephen Jackson as well.
Smitty, Wade, Nate & Baron Davis always inspired me 2 bang on *** They was so little but do relentless
The Warriors were only good when they had Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, Monta Ellis, Matt Barnes, Al Harrington, and Jason Richardson.
Baron Davis on LeBron James: "I think that LeBron is going to be the greatest. He's definitely going to surpass Michael Jordan, in my eyes."
Stephen Curry: 1st Warriors player with 30 points in a playoff game since Baron Davis in 2007
Holy Mother of God. Baron Davis talking about Kyrie leaving, Dennis Scott talking about LeBron returning. take control there!
Gary Payton, Isaiah Thomas, Reggie Miller, Nick Van Exel, Baron Davis, Earl Monroe... Growing up wanted to be like all of them
Half a minute of listening to Baron Davis talk about the DEN/GSW series and he already sounds a million times smarter than Kenny and Chuck.
I just knowticed Baron Davis wasn't playing in NBA anymore
I was a Baron Davis and Steve Nash fan back than
We'd probably see Baron Davis in the game before Derrick Rose.
I also compared Baron Davis to Don Draper, going downstairs to sleep with his neighbor.
Baron Davis and chris webber man.Also Penny hardaway...those 3 coulda been beyond great
CT Fletcher look like Joe budden, Kenyon Martin, and Baron Davis combined...
Heard + are running a new party called JET in the Meatpacking. Michael Jordan, Drake, Baron Davis were all there tonight.
Maybe the front office will allow Kurt Thomas to stick around and be a cheerleader with Baron Davis... #
Yep Rondo too, Greg Oden, Baron Davis, dont know how Kobe survived so long..
Baron Davis & Mike Bibby won't be running the point in the East Finals don't u worry
Baron Davis use to be real for the Charlotte Hornets
Lord have mercy addias are cursed Rg3 , Derrick Rose, Baron Davis, and now Kevin Ware
All purpose parts banner
Kevin Ware vs. Marcus Lattimore and Baron Davis vs. Adrian Peterson.. That's the real Final Four. But really all of that's scary
What do Kevin Ware, Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert, Chancy Billups, and Baron Davis all have in common? Adidas shoes.
"Derrick Rose, RG3, Iman Shumpert, Baron Davis, now this kid from Louisville. Adidas slogan "ruining careers daily""
But in all honesty, that was worse than Marcus Lattimore, Shaun Livingston, and Baron Davis' injuries combined
yeah dude having the best time.. We have met Mike Tyson, Baron Davis, William Shatner, Joel madden and James Franco!
So far in this American trip kels and I have met! Mike Tyson, James Franco, Joel Madden and Baron Davis! WHAT A TRIP SO FAR
There will never be point guards as real as Baron Davis and Steve Francis were in the prime of their careers Franchise and B.Diddy
227's YouTube Chili' Baron Davis on the Warriors: Baron Davis on the Warriors Former Wa... Jamaal Al-Din - NBA
vs Iman Shumpert followed by vs Baron Davis coming to ppv hosted by
My favorite is the scoring-jumbo athlete point guard strand: Kevin Johnson to Baron Davis, Steve Francis to Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook
Erin Andrews, Vanilla Ice, Baron Davis, and Rex Ryan all in "That's My Boy" with Adam Sandler
Another long day in LA but was definately worth it. A lifetime worth of memories at the Laker game. Im blessed to have shared it with my wife and 2 oldest. We got to see Andy Garcia, Heidi Fleis, Spike Lee, Joey Madden, Stuart Scott, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, singer from LMFAO, Baron Davis and Diane Canyon. Plus all the players. Very thankful for the opportunity to go. Shout out to my wife for the christmas present. How will she top it next Pictures coming soon.
Baron Davis is still my favorite basketball player then Chris Paul then Deron Williams!!
The Mavs considers signing Mike Bibby, Earl Boykins, Michael Redd or Baron Davis. lol those are stars not so long ago.
Al Harrington, Rubio, Baron Davis, *** remember David West in utah? Now look at him!!
Eric Gordon, Baron Davis, Chris Kaman, Rasual Butler, Craig Smith- all guys who are no longer there & before CP3
.What do you think of Baron Davis as style maven for EsquireTV?
Watches Raptors - Bucks. Immediately starts writing thank you letter to Chris Grant, Donald Sterling, and Baron Davis.
Watching the UCLA vs. Arizona Shabazz Blake Griffin DeAndre Jordan and Baron Davis at the game
Sitting right behind Blake Griffin, Deandre Jordan, Matt Barnes, Eric Bledsoe, and Baron Davis at this UCLA game right now!!😃
For my Hoopers and basketball heads who yall think was better in their primes Steve Francis, Stephon Marbury, or Baron Davis??
Stephen Curry brought back some great memories of Baron Davis!! But the Knick win is even better
Baron Davis, Steve Francis. . Those guys had the same appeal
By request of Michael Wilson here is my list for the top Pac 10 players for the last 25 years...Pg. Jason Kidd..SG. Baron Davis...C Kevin Love...PF Ed O Bannon...SF Sean Elliott. 2nd Team Pg Gary Peyton...SG Damon Stoudamire .C Brook Lopez...PF Shariff Abdur Rhahim.SF Richard Jefferson... I know some greats like Reggie Miller, Nate Robinson, OJ Mayo, and Harold Miner..etc got left off, but hey it's my list!!! That is why it is a debate! Lol
I still remember that Golden State vs Mavs first round series in 07.. Stephen Jackson and Baron Davis had the warriors Rockin..
last time he was actually good was when the warriors went to the playoffs with Baron Davis and Captain Jack.
BASKETBALL NERDS. Rank these trades or come up with a worst trade. Only 2 days to the deadline. -hc1 A) 2011 – Oklahoma City Thunder trade Jeff Green, Nenad Krstic and a future first-round pick to the Boston Celtics for Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson B) 2011 – L.A. Clippers trade Baron Davis and a first-round pick that becomes Kyrie Irving to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Jamario Moon and Mo Williams C) 2003 – Milwaukee Bucks trade Ray Allen, Kevin Ollie, Flip Murray and a first-round draft pick to the Seattle SuperSonics for Gary Payton and Desmond Mason
"put that on your flat top!!!" -Kevin Harlan on Baron Davis' posterization of AK47
If you had a choice between signing Allen Iverson, Baron Davis, Gilbert Arenas, Delonte West, or Keyon Dooling, who would you sign (assume that all would take the veteran minimum)? -Bass30
What's goin on with all of "us" super star athletes tearing ACL's. Derrick Rose, Me, Baron Davis, Iman Shumpert, Ricky Rubio and now Rajon Rondo! Well two athletes r actually better after surgery and recovery Adriane Peterson & my boy Brandon Triche.. We got some inspiration fellas!!! Wish everyone a healthy recovery!!
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Point Guards are like Running Backs nowaday, last year Baron Davis, Derrick Rose, and Iman Shumpert.and now Rajon Rondo has torn his ACL and is out for the rest of the season
my boi Baron Davis was leadin da squad, and Al Harrington and Montae Ellis! dey had a squad
You could even lower that bar to 5+ assists, still holds. Ray Allen, Tim Hardaway, Mookie Blaylock and Baron Davis all've come up short.
How about me pulling the Baron Davis on Coach Jammer today...his ankles were shattered 
On this the last (unofficial) day of the Hornets its only fitting to name the best starting 5 and 6th man... PG-CP3, SG-Dell Curry, SF-Glen Rice, PF-Larry Johnson, C-Alonzo Mourning, 6th Man- Baron Davis
Tyrone Nash and Baron Davis. Baron can bring a plus one.
Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, JR Smith and James Harden be reppin' damus on the court too tho
Baron Davis should still be playing specially if guys like Jerry Stackhouse and Grant Hill still playing
Baron Davis has been giving advice and mentoring Derrick Rose through his rehab process.
RG3 knee meet Baron Davis' and Marcus Lattimore knee.
Baron Davis, Steve Novak, Marcus Camby, Eric Gordon, deandre Jordan Chris Kamen and that's all I remember:o
Relax and unwind with these smooth soul and R&B songs, hand-selected by music aficionado, and NBA star, Baron Davis.
Danny, here is the BIGGEST TRUTH...going back to Starbury, Zeek, D'Antoni, Larry Brown , Baron Davis, J.R. Smith, Melo, Stoudemire, Ray Felton, T-Mac, Landry, Tyson Chandler, Jason Kidd, Mike Bibby, AND COUNTLESS OTHER attempts to PURCHASE A RING with absolutely no success, it cost your squad LITERALLY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to NOT WIN a playoff series in 13 YEARS!!! So go ahead homie, they doin well and you've got A LOT OF BUILT UP...well, let's just call it "pressure" you need to release for ya KNICKERBOCKERS lol
Baron Davis , Jason Richardson , Monte Ellis and Stephen Jackson ?! GS was the team.
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