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Baron Davis

Baron Walter Louis Davis (born April 13, 1979) is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Steve Francis Jason Richardson Steven Jackson Gilbert Arenas Stephen Jackson Monta Ellis Jamal Mashburn Monte Ellis Randy Watson Brandon Jennings Al Harrington Jheri Curl Elton Brand Andre Miller Elgin Baylor Bishop Eddie Long

I don't wanna hear nobody tryna defend the perm cause yall let the wet curl die. G Perico & Baron Davis the only ones sta…
Woke up this morning feeling like the '07 Baron Davis.
Big day n the Town! vs s/o2 & 4 making it happen. Get there EARLY or miss out!
So , thank you for allowing us to stand in your presence cloud tonight
What's up Seattle what's the werd. We here !!
Lol how you gonna shoot 1-12 from downtown when your rated 82 from 3. Missed a wide up trey with 7 seconds left smh
Yeah you blew that one.unless it was an open jumper (money), anything off the dribble
"What's up Seattle what's the werd. We here !!"-- we are too! Let's do this..
Here's Baron Davis mic'd up during a 2007 preseason game in Hawaii - plus dancing to Soulja Boy with Stephen Jackson
I miss watching Tracy McGrady, Gilbert Arenas, and Baron Davis play
Jason Williams pleased the fans and Baron Davis put points on the board
Baron Davis lookin to make a comeback this season . Now I know why Phil wouldn't pay shved 😂😂😂
Baron Davis is attempting a serious NBA comeback and plans to work out for a "few" teams.
How many games do you think Baron Davis Jheri Curl can hold up?
I wanna see Baron Davis make a comeback just to see if his Jheri Curl can make it through an 82 game season
Baron Davis was one of my favorite players to watch in the League. Excited for this comeback
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ok I got a good one for you. Baron Davis or Gary Paton.
we need Marbury, T-Mac, Reggie Miller, Jason Williams, Baron Davis, Steve Francis, Barkley and more old teams switch it up
I pick a healthy Baron Davis in his prime over a healthy Derrick Rose in his prime
this who Derrick Rose play like when Baron Davis was in his prime
You could make an entire page of comparisons between Baron Davis and Derrick Rose. Wouldn't be surprised if rose ends up the same way
Baron Davis, Gilbert Arenas, Michael Redd: 3 All Stars who just straight up vanished.
The Cavs once traded Mo Williams and Jamario Moon to the Clippers for Baron Davis and the 1st-round pick that ended up bein…
I need a crash course on cap holds. Why do the Knicks still have Bibby and Baron Davis there?
I wish I could watch guys like Baron Davis, Steve Francis, T-Mac, Billups, Arenas, and AI hoop again
This is for Nate Thurmond, for Rick Barry, for Baron Davis.
Barber:"How can I help you?". Baron Davis:"I wanna look like Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince". Barber:"Got you fam." http:/…
. Baron Davis. Andres Bedriens (or however u spell it, I dont really care). Steven Jackson. Monta Ellis. Matt Barnes
Baron Davis and Monta. C'mon man give is some hard ones. Where is the Troy Murphy pic? Or the Larry Hughes one?
I like the old warriors better with Baron Davis, Monta Ellis, Jason Richardson, Antwan Jamison
Imma just start @ ing them and ask do they know who Jason Richardson or Baron Davis
Antwan Jamison. Matt Barnes, Baron Davis and of course Stephen Jackson boy.
I wish this was the Warriors team with Baron Davis and Steven Jackson
Baron Davis shud of been on dis Warriors squad b..
Wrong duo . you shoulda put Baron Davis n Steven Jackson lol
It's a joke. And, yes, I've heard of Chris Mullin, and Tim Hardaway, and Baron Davis, and Rick Barry, and Don Nelson.
if u don't know or Daniel Gibson u aren't a cavs fan, if u don't know Steven Jackson or Baron Davis u aren't a warriors fan. Go Thunder(
Lmao half of "warriors fans" don't even know og GS dudes like J Rich, Antwan Jamison, Monta Ellis, and Baron Davis played in Ur lifetime
Only Golden State team i liked was the 8 seed that beat Dallas. Baron Davis dunked all over Jason Terry in game 3.
Most of y'all "warrior" fans don't even know who Rick Barry or Baron Davis is
i know 2 Baron Davis and Monte Ellis
huh I used to have the EBC tapes with Kobe, Baron Davis and Gilbert Arenas remember that joint??? 🔥🔥🔥
Brandon Jennings profile pic is Baron Davis with the S curl 😂😂😂😭
Brandon Jennings fried for havin That picture of Baron Davis as his avi lol
Why is Brandon Jennings avi of Baron Davis's jeri curl 💀
Baron Davis vs Gilbert Arenas who u taking?
Brandon Jennings made Baron Davis with the Jheri Curl his avi 😹
The Warriors need Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, Al Harrington, and Monte Ellis to win this Series
Baron Davis out there lookin like Mr Randy Watson...
The Warriors need to win it for Andris Biedrins, Baron Davis, Monte Ellis, J Rich, Steven Jackson and Al Harrington!
Don't remember Russell Westbrook and Baron Davis on this ep of Martin. (
yes sir, was a warriors fan since Monte Ellis and when Baron Davis played ***
Man I remember when the Warriors was Baron Davis, Monte Ellis, Corey Magette, Steven Jackson *** These bandwagon fans don't even know
Baron Davis look like the Chairman of the Deacon Board at St. Ebenezer Baptist Church of God in Christ Tabernacle.
Baron Davis' Jheri Curl is the icing on the cake to make him a hall of famer
Baron Davis out here looking like Mr. Randy Watson from Coming to America 😂😂
Yo, we can't let Baron Davis get away with that hair ya'll, he must have been channeling his inner Randy Watson.
Lmao what Baron Davis on with this Randy Watson/Little Richard hair???
Baron Davis really gon rock with the Jheri Curl huh
Baron Davis is not on First Take with a hair piece from the Bishop Eddie Long collection...
Baron Davis got that Bishop Eddie Long lace front starter kit!! 😂😂😂
Baron Davis out here lookin like Bishop Eddie Long
I give Baron Davis until September before he starts looking like Steve Francis.
Baron Davis or Randy Watson from coming to america?
I don't care what yall say, but Baron Davis was the original beard... Not James Harden
LM-beautifulblack-AO! Baron Davis reminds me of Jheri Curl in "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka". SEARCH YOUTUBE for "Gimme my Activator Man!!" 😂
Baron Davis looks like he asked his barber for the Little Richard but could only pay for half of it
Baron Davis has a FREAKIN Jheri you'll never be in the hall of fame. 😂😂😂😂
Baron Davis trying to look like Charlie Murphy in the Rick James skit.
We can all agree atleast Baron Davis didn't turn out like Steve Francis
People forget that Baron Davis was the real "Beard" before James Harden
I got just one question for Baron Davis...WhyTheFukk? !!!
Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose not the first Pg that could dunk on u.Baron Davis n Steve Francis was
Coming to America II starring Baron Davis instead of Arsenio Hall
out in front of the marriott courtyard across from city hall. on the northeast side of city hall. tell him you know Baron Davis
Baron Davis is now black history. Applaud the legend.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Baron Davis said he's the 2015 version of Washington Heights Own_Randy Watson!
Who gonna check Baron Davis, Dave Chapelle, and Clifton Powell in
Barber: What do you want?. Baron Davis: Remember the time Dave Chappelle dressed up like Prince?. Barber: Say no more http:/…
Stephen A. Smith had a hard time looking at Baron Davis. The dude in the yellow didn't, though...
The internet is going in on Baron Davis' hair:
Baron Davis , Gilbert Arenas & Chauncey Billups use to be my favorite point guards, them *** was tuff
Baron Davis dressed as if he wants to do stunts for Little Richard in *** movies
My man Baron Davis was on there looking like Little Richard, WOH! (SHUT UP!)
When you been a Golden State fan since 05 when Monte Ellis & Baron Davis played for them. 🙊
Baron Davis, Wilt Chamberlin, Jeremy Lin. What do they all have in common?
Baron Davis gets a louder ovation than Dave Chapelle???
Dave Chappelle and Baron Davis among celebs coming for Game 2: Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsome, Barbara Lee, and Mike…
yep, and their bandwagon is filling up, it's funny, back when Jason Richard or Baron Davis was there idr this many GSW fans
Whatever. I'll ride & die w this team like I did thru 25 straight losses, Baron Davis, & Samardo Samuels.
Next "Warrior's fan" I hear from that doesn't even know who Baron Davis is will get necked
I still remember Baron Davis dunking on Andre Kirikenko!! top 10 dunk if all time
Do yall remember when Baron Davis dunked on Andre Kirilenko ?? That was crucial !
Warriors fans should know thats Baron Davis
Ryan and i with: Brian Scalabrine, Baron Davis, Marcellus Wiley, and Jordan Clarkson
Awhh mane. He was nice for a while on Jerry Sloan offense but all I really remember is Baron Davis dunking on him.
Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, and Baron Davis are still probably my favorite NBA players of all time
Man shout out to the been rocking with them ever since Steven Jackson, Corey Magette, and Baron Davis played for them
If you don't remember what Baron Davis did to AK47 then you not a Golden State fan
I remember when we had Jason Richardson, Steven Jackson, and Baron Davis and won like 20 games a year
Bro I miss when the Warriors so called thugs lol..Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, Monta Ellis, and Al Harrington. They were nasty
Baron Davis and Steve Nash were the most entertaining basketball players when they played each other.
bro it's b/c the warriors were the suns contenders. Baron Davis vs Steve Nash
Baron Davis and Gilbert Arenas are one of my favorite players of all time
I still remember the first Warriors game I went to: it was my 12th birthday and I drew a Baron Davis jersey on the back of my white t-shirt.
This *** Baron Davis be at the drew killing
Baron Davis still a beast. Tearin up the Drew League
Baron Davis is hoopin at king drew today :(
Who remember when the clippers had Baron Davis, Corey Maggette, Elton Brand, Darius Miles and Andre Miller 👀👀
players just get fat when they come to the Knicks. Eddy Curry. Melo. Baron Davis. Mike Bibby. Zach Randolph
Steve Francis, Jason Williams, T-Mac, AI, Baron Davis, no. 8 Kobe, and rookie Bron.. Looked up to them growin up. I miss those days...
Monte Ellis was my favorite warrior” *Baron Davis
If you were able to mesh Kyle Lowry, Baron Davis, and Kyrie Irving together then you would have Isaiah Briscoe.
This team is just as dope as the 06-07 one. Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, Jason Richardson, Monta Ellis, Matt Barnes, Al Harrington etc.
Baron Davis was my favorite player when he was T'd on the warriors
Also, happy birfday to Thomas Jefferson & Baron Davis.
the Baron Davis days? The Monte Ellis and Nate Robinson days?
Back when we had my boys Ike Diogu, Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy, Mickael Pietrus, Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, and of course...
Baron Davis thinks he was abducted by aliens.
Mike Finley as a Spur? I get the legends, but Baron Davis?
dear doug.. One day u will have to forgive ucla for preferring Baron Davis over you.. I mean that was an easy choice
Baron Davis with some very interesting comments on playing against John Stockton. Makes me miss watching him play.
That one time Baron Davis and Kevin Dillon asked to take pictures with me and
I think Doug Gotlieb is just still bitter about UCLA picking Baron Davis over him.
Baron Davis, Brandon Roy, Allen Iverson, , and are my favorite if you ask me my 5. squad full of buckets.
Please sign Baron Davis or Jordan Farmar as the backup point guard that the so desperately need.
I'll take Baron Davis over any PG in free agency except maybe Jordan Farmar...possibly Gibson
From Baron Davis dunking on the Mavs to the best backcourt to the best D in the league by
I think a Baron Davis or Steve Francis would be cool.
Can anyone send me the link to when dwade snatched baron Davis
Baron_Davis chopped it up about TheDrewDoc, hoops & listen here>>>
Baron_Davis Stopped by ESPNLosAngeles yesterday 2 hang w/ my guys MaxKellerman & MarcellusWiley
Would love to get in touch with you regarding - give me a follow so I can DM you please?!
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The most impressive part of that Lillard dunk on Rudy is that he didn't even do the wipe away move (like Baron Davis did to AK47.)
by the time responsibility is being thought about. Destination have arrived and different plans going on
ICYMI: Choppin it up with about pick n roll vs triangle offense and more on
I have 2 mint condition pieces on former L.A. Lakers we can start with those 2
These images can be created of Drew alumni and auctioned to help
Happy to help dude. You're a legend.
S/o to for contributing to this and helping shine light on
welcome to the Bruin Family neffew... Hey BLUE and GOLD NOW. is taking over!!! GO BRUINs!!
I miss Baron Davis. He provided the NBA with some of the most exciting plays in basketball. That dunk on Kirilenko still haunts my dreams.
found u under baron davis' followers, liked the bio so I gave u a follow
Baron Davis, at the peak of his career, was so fun to watch.
sign up for the rest of the season. No risk/high reward investment, if he has some run left...lookout.
What is Baron Davis doing these days?
This guy watching the Baron Davis replay at Oracle.
You must return to the NBA , and show who is really cool Point Guard!!!
.and his awesome sweatshirt joins Countdown tonight at 9 pm PT on
I just can't believe THE Baron Davis follows me
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Baron Davis with Scal on the Knicks and a possible comeback.
yessir with Baron Davis, Monta, and J-Rich rotating in the backcourt
oh man you got a lot but there's so many more baron Davis, penny, Steve Francis, that European white guy, mcdysis, curry!!
VIDEO: 3 Questions with Baron Davis. Baron Davis on his Warriors, Michael Jordan and . [grabpress_video...
Kobe Bryant is 4 assists away from passing Baron Davis for 30th in all-time career assists.
Hey Baron can Threepoint Threat get a spot in your documentary? Check us out
Hey Baron Threepoint Threat Hoop Gear is here Will you be an endorser of our apparel?
I liked a video 3 Questions with Baron Davis
Just saw a old *** pic of Baron Davis popping his knee cap out on the knicks ... Made my legs tingle
Baron Davis on Phil Jackson, the Triangle and a New York Comeback
Pistons need a PG. Any interest or contact with them? Love to see you playing at the palace.
Is preparing for a possible comeback? Ask his new agent .
Will admit, I'm still bitter about Derek Fisher being flown in during the we believe playoff year and locking Baron Davis up.
Baron Davis just walked in. He's on the court. David Beckham also in attendance.
Baron Davis dunkin on kirleinko is prolly one of the best playoff highlights
remember when BD dunked on AK good times good times
Baron_Davis “Robertle21: Baron_Davis KlayThompson when you coming back for a game BD?!” Soon!!! Gotta check out "DA DUBS"
wish you were still with Knicks Baron!! We could use you.. Lol
best dunk by a warrior in my life time. BD YOU ATE THE THE TRUTH. That dunk was crazy
Peace, BD are you still in the music game. Want come out west an record
man he was hotter fish grease on the 4th of July lol
the evolution of Klay Thompson is looking up with Tracy McGrady evolution and the style of play
U too!!! *** I need to see be hotter than Isaiah Thomas vs the Lakes in the finals that year.
Haven't seen the crowd that rockin since this BD guy dunked on this fool years back
I fell asleep on my bro going for what?! . *** !! I need to see a rewind
Wish Baron Davis was still with the Warriors. They're scary good and my man deserves a ring. Always been a low-key favorite of mine.
You such a bandwagon. You never liked the Clips when they had Baron Davis and where trash but now they get CP3 and you a fan?
Warriors are my squad forever from baron Davis to Corey magette to Curry
Golden State went through Baron Davis, Monta Ellis and now they got Steph Curry.
Alotta warriors bandwagons out here. FOH! Where were you when Baron Davis was still there with AK47? I bet you don't even know who AK47 is.
Showing your tummy like Baron Davis is the best basketball celebration
I still have hella Jason Richardson and baron Davis posters in my room at home.. I was diehard my whole life!! 🌉
Andre Miller, Baron Davis, Shawn Marion, Elton Brand, Rip Hamilton, Ron Artest, and Manu Ginobili CAN be Hall of Famers "Frank White" and "Walker Hurt" *** ?? Do you guys agree with this foolishness??
Baron Davis, Steve Francis and Jason Kidd go down as my childhood favorite point guards.
Dwight Howard's starts his lift by bench pressing 300 Pounds. He knocked out Baron Davis out on accident
Klay Thompson is the first Warriors guard to earn Player of the Week honors twice in the same season since Baron Davis in 200…
On everything I love my game went from young Steve Francis to Baron Davis... Then... Andre Miller. It's sad
Jrich, Matt Barnes, Al Harrington, Monta Ellis, Stephen Jackson, Andris Biedrins, Baron Davis back in the day
man.. Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson & Harrington cooking Avery Johnson lol
If I could get a poster of any NBA poster dunk it would have to be a Baron Davis one!
bring Baron Davis and Anthony Parker back too lmao 😂😂😂.
Stephen Curry is the first Warrior to tally at least 20 points/5 rebounds/5 assists in four straight games since Baron Davis …
On Set photo of Baron Davis as Saul Williams in a Spike Lee Joint.
dream 5 would be, Zo, LJ, Baron Davis, Mashburn, Bobby Phills. Obvious different era
Lakers' Jeremy Lin to start in opener against his former team - Baron Davis shot around in street clothes after...
Just saw Ron Howard, Baron Davis, Khloe Kardashian, and Brett Ratner. Ugh I love this place
I liked a video Baron Davis slams over Andrei Kirilenko!
Andrei Kirilenko 164...all I know you from was that Baron Davis posterized you.
Baron Davis, Trevor Ariza, Jrue Holiday, Russell Westbrook, and Kevin Love. Pretty good company right there. Up to Kobe Paras now.
Photo by Baron Davis. Paul George back in the gym getting work in! Already?! Damnnn
Vintage Horry, Vince, T-Mac, Mutombo, Baron Davis, and Sebastian Telfair cards highlight the stack, with many more greats in there.
I would expect nothing less on the court from a guy named foul trouble, and yet.
My favorite professional team is the 07 warriors
Only reason I wear flight 1s is because Penny Hardaway is my fav PG behind Baron Davis
😭😭😭 “Baron Davis pregame in the locker room
is that the one with him and Paul pierce on the poster
Baron Davis pregame in the locker room
When Baron Davis played for the hornets>>>
Ghosts of NCAA Dunk Past: Baron Davis for UCLA (w/ video) via
Baron Davis and wife Isabella welcome baby boy Kingman
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Elton Brand ruined Baron Davis' career, he told Baron to come to the Clippers then decides go to the 76ers leaving Baron with a poo team
Baron Davis was our point guard at one point.come on, Landry fields?? OOok
Report: Baron Davis interesting in coming back to the NBA and joining the Cavs” if so that's Jarrett Jack replaced !
Baron Davis wants to return to the NBA, hoping to sign with a team this fall, he told
Gilbert paid Baron Davis' $28 mil salary for the right to clippers 2011 unprotected draft pick, which turned into Kyrie.
The Drew League games were sick. Got to see Stanley Johnson, Baron Davis, Andre Miller, Derrick Williams, and Brandon Jennings.
yeah lol Baron Davis already played but Bj, Austin day, Derrick Williams, Stanley Johnson, Katin Reinhardt all playing rn
Every part of me wants Lebron to leave so I can laugh. Wade and Bosh would feel like Baron Davis when Elton Brand signed with Philly
An army of Pelicans appears bearing the standard of the Dreaded Baron Davis.
ya followers still don't realize ain't Ice T or Baron Davis bro? 😭😭😭
This feels like the Warriors playoff upset against the Mavs in '07, and we're all just waiting for that Baron Davis dunk
letting baron davis go after we believe year because of money and then signing maggette to the same contract BD wanted...smh
wonderful story Marcus looking forward to the story behind the story.
Guess who watched "When the Game Stands Tall" at home of with Jerry West and Vin Scully?
What an amazing weekend I had going to the meeting the Gonzalez twins, Baron Davis,…
ahem.FAT Baron Davis. The originator of the fat man neck beard.
Bulls had a Top 10 All Time Defender still. Cavs had Baron Davis.
i'm starting in the Art Game, tell me what you think,and how many pices to you want.
one of the best point guards to ever do it!! Baron Davis
Baron Davis for his career averaged 16 points and 7 assists. Pretty good numbers
My favorite Free Agency Eve remains 2008. Baron Davis opted out of an $18M deal at like 9:45 p.m. ET and destroyed everything.
“quote this with a song that reminds u of me and ill listen 2 it” Trigga Witta Heart/Baron Davis - Vince Staples
Looking at Baron Davis highlight he was stupid nice on the warriors lol
While "we" are dishing out names. Baron Davis, uhm... come me... do I have to look down my list to add them on... oh I'll do it someday. One list.
One thing people forget to mention when talking about all of Cavs picks is that one (Kyrie) came from LAC's pick in Baron Davis deal
Marqise Lee part of TheWood Legacy & more
Calling on the Bat Phone doesn't work for the Cheaters as they fall to the Jaguars 70-67.
Lots of trash talking going on between the Cheaters and Jaguars. arrived and the intensity level went up a few notches.
Better late than never. just arrived late in the 3rd to help Cheaters overcome their deficit. They're down 3 to the Jaguars.
I got to get this Baron Davis throwback. For real!
I just got in from morning worship!!! Glad to see a celebrity who still praises him!! C.O.C AD33
*** be like I look better than baron Davis
Please help with so our veterans get better care! We lose 22 veterans each day.
For real, and those '07 Warriors beating seed Dallas got me hooked on the NBA for good
Baron Davis gotta chill"But."I'll be damned if a man put his arm around me like I'm ***
OMG did you know your picture is number 3 on here?! Omg you were so cute!! 😍💕
So awesome hanging out with Snoop dog, Baron Davis, LaCrea and LeSean Jackson at BET experience!!…
It seems like every transaction we make, is a bad one. Anthony Bennett, Mike Brown, Baron Davis, J.J. Hickson, Danny Green..,
We can slow down on this best draft ever. It could be, but we have drafted Mourning, Larry Johnson, Baron Davis. We have had GOOD drafts.
if you can remember a time in the NBA when Baron Davis, Stephon Marbury and Steve Francis were great PG's then lets talk NBA
Still up. On YouTube. watching Steve Francis and Baron Davis.. Wat y'all know about that??
Goodrich, Baron Davis or Reggie, KLove, Bill Walton, Alcindor... Kevin Love's all time UCLA starting five.
All-time UCLA starters: Kareem, Bill Walton, Westbrook, Baron Davis, Reggie Miller, just a lot of all time greats
I've had dudes see me in a Baron Davis jersey and say it was Anthony Davis' so most guys can't tell me they know more about sports than me.
What would your favorite teams all time lineup be? My team is the Charlotte Hornet's. My starting 5 would be . C. Alonzo Morning PF. Larry Johnson SF. Jamal Mashburn SG. Glen Rice PG. Baron Davis ♤TarHeel-23♤
Lot of basketballs autographed by NBA players. My husband has sold most of his sports memorabilia collection and has these left. They are deflated since they are pretty old, some don't have the cardboard package but all come with Cert. Of Authenticity from All Access Sports. $100 for all, n/s home, cross posted. Autographs are by: Dale Davis, Tim Thomas, Drew Gooden, Quintin Richardson, Darius Miles, Tyson Chandler, Richard Hamilton, Jermaine O'Neal, Baron Davis, Dennis Johnson & Elden Campbell. Pick up in Lake Stevens
I used to love the Charlotte Hornets 👏 Jamal Mashburn, Baron Davis, PJ Brown 🙌 I'm hype they're back
Now we just need to sign Baron Davis to a 10 day contract
Like the move of the Bobcats switching name back to the Hornets. Now if only they can bring back Baron Davis and Jamal Mashburn.
I know y'all remember when they had Baron Davis, Jamaal Magloire, & Jamal Mashburn. Them boys was nasty
It more so only gets confusing when you have those early 2000's Hornets with Jamal Mashburn, David Wesley and Baron Davis.
Charlotte was boomin on the Hornets first stint there David Wesley, Dell Curry, Jamal Mashburn, Eddie Jones, Baron Davis, Alonzo.
Even had the chance to meet my 2 favorite players when I was a kid, Jamal Mashburn and Baron Davis. Today is SUCH a great day
yup you're in the same boat as I and nearly everyone else that follows cali
stories are out there but now video..HLs from 10th grade vs. Katella HS!
House not far, told her she a star, Baron Davis when I'm done man I toss her out the car.
Dirk when the Mavs lost to Baron Davis and the Warriors in the first round
I'm sayin. Them *** was trash for like 6 yrs. since tht Baron Davis dunk on AK47
he still had baron Davis giving him lobs
Baron Davis on the warriors was sex
Baron Davis has a better chance of going first than Bortles lol I never bought into that
Random: Were all the Heat fans Heat fans when they were an expansion team? Do the names Ronnie Seikely, Kevin Edwards & Sherman Douglas ring a bell? Now...if you live in Miami, of course I understand your fandom. I lived in Memphis when they had Penny Hardaway. Lived in Sacramento when they had C Webb & the Yay when they had Baron Davis. But if you don't... Like suddenly we had a lot of Patriot fans when they were winning...
bring back Nelly, trade for Monta and Stephen Jackson. Coach Baron Davis.
First off y'all ain't even been in the playoffs since 07 during the Baron Davis yrs smfh guess y'all like losing then lol
I got old clips bit I'm Baron Davis!
Lmfaooo she must have given him this after baron davis dunked on him.
Every time I see Andre Kirilenko all I can think of is Baron Davis straight posterizing his ***
Andrea Kirilenko ain been a factor since Baron Davis dunked on em in Golden State
If you watch Baron Davis highlights it's crazy how great he was and how underrated he was
Mark Jackson fired? This is why I refused to call my self a warriors fan regardless of spending my childhood in the bay. As long ax I've been alive, the warriors have always found a way shoot themselves in the foot. In 93 you trade Penny for Webber which looked like a good move until you traded him away the following season. Then you trade away Tim Hardaway in return for garbage players. And we still can't figure out why on draft day '98 you trade Vine Carter for Antoine Jamisson. It doesn't stop there..remember Gilbert Arenas? The warriors landed him in the second round of the draft and after he balled out his first few seasons, the warriors didn't want to pay him and he became Agent 0 in DC and was on his way to a hall of fame career before injuries. Remember that 2007 run? Well that's exactly where it started and stopped. They didn't want to pay Baron Davis and subsequently the team was broken up the next season. Now this with Mark Jackson? After he has brought your franchise back from the dead and he' ...
Everytime I see ak47 I think of the Baron Davis dunk lol, that will never leave him
and the triple double you had against Sacramento right before you got traded was the best bball performance I've ever seen.
Found this in my memorabilia part of closet today. It was an honor to watch you play in the Big Easy.
Doc Rivers pumped his fists in the air. The Clippers were on the brink of eliminating the Golden State Warriors in a hard-fought Game 7, and he wanted to share a moment with the crowd. You’ll have to excuse the long-time Clippers fans who experienced a moment of hesitation instead. There was still time on the clock, after all, and if any team could allow an unprecedented five-point play at the buzzer, well, you know how the old saying goes: It’s the Clippers. Please understand that's a conditioned response more than anything else. Seasoned fans of the team tend to spend an inordinate amount of time waiting for the other shoe to drop, having already been robbed of the innocence necessary for unbridled optimism. Just in the past decade: Raja Bell’s corner 3 over Daniel Ewing, Shaun Livingston’s knee exploding in a million pieces, Elton Brand’s departure, Baron Davis’ failure to arrive, Neil Olshey leaving and Vinny Del *** staying. How many times can you get your heart broken before you start .. ...
Anyone who is a fan of podcasts check out Grantland Pop Culture Brian Koppleman interview with Baron Davis. Great convo with a fascinating dude, it will inspire you, make you think & laugh.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
During this regular season game in 2002 Vince Carter and Baron Davis went at each other with dunk after dunk!
My mama says I look like Santa, my pastor said Rick Ross, my brother said Freeway, my neighbor said James Harden, my sister-in-law said Bluto from Popeye, my coworker said an Islamic extremist, some random guy at the hotel said Baron Davis, my homeboy said Suge Knight. I think my coworkers was my favorite. Everybody has some bearded character they say I look like now.
All signed cards with a Baron Davis authentic game used jersey card with 3 different teams he played for only 20 were ever made! Make me offers.
I liked the warriors back when they had Jason Richardson and Baron Davis! So good to see them coming along!
I'll never forget that incredible run by Stephen Jackson, Baron Davis, Monta Ellis, Al Harrington, and Jason Richardson in 2007
tell MT that Byron Scott has issues with getting along w/ players. e.g. Baron Davis, Jason Kidd
Baron Davis was talking to Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan in the Clippers locker room.
Elgin Baylor brought up complaints about color discrimination when he worked there, Baron Davis was berated on court by him
Yes.. It is great to see the what everyone expected to see today about Donald Sterling. However, after further research, I'm truly appalled at the NAACP for giving this man, Donald Sterling, known racist, a lifetime achievement award just because he give free tickets to kids to go to his game. NAACP knew he was a racist. They knew about allegations between him and Elgin Baylor and Baron Davis. Anyway, this fool was about to get another lifetime achievement award prior to the tape being revealed from the NAACP. What the NAACP has done to support Donald Sterling is absolutely reprehensible. He's giving you free tickets to make you think you have arrived while still calling you a house ngr. What are free tickets to this man when your behind is sitting in section Z1, row 310, seat 1000. You are so far away that you have to watch the game with a telescope. Absurd! Principles don't matter when it comes to dead presidents on fiat money. The truth always comes out.
Devil’s advocate – I think it was the right descion if looking at the collection of things from his past like - Elgin Baylor, Baron Davis and the other law suits from discrimination etc. Everything combined it doesn’t look good on his behalf and he should be removed as owner a team with multiple races involved as his employees. BUT IF IT WAS JUST “THIS” PARTICULAIR INSTANCE. I wouldn’t have been so *** him if it was just this. I mean how racist can he be if the Girlfriend is 1/2 blk..and he did say, sleep with them, do your business etc. but “Don’t bring them to my game”. What man wants his side chick that he spending money on (apparently 1.5 million or so) to bring another man to his place of business? LOL Heck, when I was younger and single I wish one of my chicks would bring another man in my place of employment LOLOLOL IJS
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