Barney Stinson & Ted Mosby

Barnabus Barney Stinson is a fictional character created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for the CBS television series How I Met Your Mother, portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris. Theodore Evelyn Ted Mosby is a fictional character and the protagonist in the U.S. television sitcom How I Met Your Mother, a hopeless romantic portrayed by Josh Radnor. 5.0/5

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Im a Ted Mosby and you are a Barney Stinson 😎
Barney Stinson on the outside but Ted Mosby on the inside.
I feel like everyone is either Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen, or Barney Stinson.
"You're my Robin Scherbatsky, I'm your Ted Mosby." Anda bukan Ted, anda Barney Stinson...
Can't tell if I'm more of a Barney Stinson or Ted Mosby... or a combination of both
And now I'm just turning from a Ted Mosby to a Barney Stinson, wow.
Did anyone ever realize that Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby's names might be inspired by Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone..?
A boyfriend like Ted Mosby,a wingman like Barney Stinson and a husband like Marshall Erickson.
I feel like my life has shifted from pseudo - Barney Stinson to comedy of errors Ted Mosby. FML *** this show
Marshall Erickson is amazing. Barney Stinson is God. I haven't met Ted Mosby ye-- oh, there he is. Lily is a nice girl, Robin is annoying :P
Every guy wants to portray a Barney Stinson but deep down they're just Ted Mosby.
Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen, and Barney Stinson are my idols. But mostly Marshall and Ted.
I went from being Ted Mosby to being Barney Stinson in like 8 months. Still just want to be Marshall Eriksen though...
I need a gentleman like Marshall Eriksen, awesome and legend.. wait for it.. dary like Barney Stinson, and a teddy bear like Ted Mosby. plss
Ross Gellar was leaps & bouns better than Ted Mosby. But, Joey Tribbiani had nothing on Barney Stinson.
If Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani, Ross Geller, Marshall Eriksen, Ted Mosby, and Barney Stinson were all one person... It would be me.
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Part of me wants to be like Barney Stinson but I'm actually just a Ted Mosby
But Friends doesn't have Ted Mosby, Lily Aldrin, Marshall Ericksen, Robin Scherbatsky, or Barney Stinson, do they?
Maybe I'm just another Barney Stinson, and he's your Ted Mosby.
I went from being Barney Stinson to Ted Mosby.
I'm somewhere in between a Barney Stinson and a Ted Mosby.
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive w... — Ted Mosby, Barney Stinson, Robin Scherbatsky, Marshal...
My life is like a Ted Mosby with a mixture of Barney Stinson for hiding the pain.
Have a friendship like : Ted Mosby, Barney Stinson, Robin Sherbatsky, Marshall Erickson and Lily
"Barney Stinson: 'Oh, Captain, my captain!' Ted Mosby: How good was Dead Poet's Society? Barney Stinson: I know, right? The end? Tears."
Ya know, the REAL epitome of is Barney Stinson, Marshall Ericson, & Ted Mosby!
Puzzles !!! . Aren't you going to ask us why it's called puzzles ? That's the puzzle !! 💖😘✨ ~Barney Stinson & Ted mosby
Weekend is all set: phone interview at 5:30pm, billiards session later tonight and Spiderman Saturday night with Damen Muller and Kostis Galanakis. Yeah, we have a three way bro-mance just like Ted Mosby, Marshall Erickson, and Barney Stinson from HIMYM. Myself = Ted, Damen = Barney, and Kostis = Marshall (except shorter and Greek).
I can't decide who I like more as a role model Ted Mosby or Barney Stinson
Just concluded How I Met Your Mother with the Mega Final Episode, and just like that, the 9 year journey is over. I laughed, cried, had a heartbreak, got left at the alter, found Love in friendship and lost the same love to Friendship, found Love magically again only to lose it forever and set out on a new quest to find Old Love with Ted Mosby. Made and Broke Records and learnt how to make my life Legen-wait for it-Dary with Barney Stinson. Lily and Marshall are and will always be the Best Couple ever. Robin, I must say that she did make me fall in love with her over and over again and I can totally feel how Ted must've felt around her. Deep thanks to the cast and creators at HIMYM for this experience of a lifetime. Vishal OUT!!
So How I Met Your Mother ends. The series has been an important part of my life. Lived with the characters.1 Barney Stinson, the guy's legendary. No matter how difficult the times are, this guy's an inspiration to live life like its the last day. 2. Marshall. he's the dude. The ideal friend everybody wants, someone who will stand up to you and back you up in every moment of joy and despair. 3. Lily. She will be your go to guy for every trouble, the Mom in disguise. 4 Robin. The girl everybody loves. Someone worth stealing a bluehorn worth, someone worth jumping in the pond worth, someone worth 'doing every possible thing to pataofy ', she's THE ONE. 5. And the stupid Ted Mosby. He is the inspiration to never stop believing. never stop doing things what you believe. Confessing your love with every girl you believe ypu are in love with at the earliest possible moment, may be someone will turn out to be the one. This guy is the living example of 'do what you love, love what you do'. The coolest group of frie ...
How I Met Your Mother is the best TV sitcom for me.PERIOD! :D Awesome cast & their respective job: - Ted Mosby (Architect) - Marshall Eriksen (Lawyer) - Lily Aldrin (Kindergarten Teacher) - Robin Scherbatsky (News Anchor/Reporter) - Barney Stinson (a holder of an unknown position at GNB)
I hope someday they will return together to make us laugh as they have done for so many years, every story has an end, but I'll never forget these 5 people together. Ted Mosby, Robin Scherbatsky, Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin and Barney Stinson. Josh, Cobie, Jason, Alyson, Neil. thanks for making us laugh for these 9 awesome years. Can't believe the last episode aired today. I wish it's an April fool joke.
The Grand Finale... Back to back final episodes 23 and 24 of the last season (9)... A life without Barney Stinson, Ted Mosby, Marshal Eriksen, Lily Aldrin, and Robin Scherbatsky is going to be humour-less :'(
Thank you for everything Ted Mosby, Lily Aldrin, Marshall Eriksen, Robin Scherbatsky and Barney Stinson. (2005 - 2014)
Every Time I suit-up, I'll think of Barney Stinson. Every time I see a beautiful journalist, I'll think of Robin Scherbatsky. Every time I'll see an old madly in love married couple, I'll think of Lily and Marshall. Everytime a friend of mine becomes a serious lover boy, I'll think of Ted Mosby. :')
All good things must come to an end. For Ted Mosby, you rooted for him from the beginning. Despite how rough things got, you always knew it would work out for him in the end. Ted Mosby architect, Marshall and Lilly , Robin Scherbotsky and Barney Stinson, thanks for the laughs. It was legen... wait for it...
why i love '' How I Met Your Mother '' because i had a difficult childhood like Robin Scherbatsky i'm emotional like Lily Aldrin i miss my father like Marshall Eriksen awesome and legendary like Barney Stinson and i fall in love quickly like Ted Mosby.
IT WAS LEGEN - we don't need to wait anymore -DARY! . . . Thank you for 9 years, 9 seasons, 208 episodes and 22 minutes of friends, family, laughs, slaps and legendary moments every week. Thank you Ted Mosby, thank you Marshall Eriksen, thank you Lily Aldrin, thank you Robin Sherbatsky and most of all, thank you Barney Stinson.
The sad moment when you are downloading The Final Episode of How I Met Your Mother. No more legendary Barney Stinson, no more Ted Mosby and no more Robin Scherbatsky... Will miss
And D AwEsOmE season is over, Miss u guyss. The era of aWesomeness is over.miss u Barney Stinson, Ted Mosby , Marshall , Lilly , Robin Scherbatsky , The Mother .
End of a Legend... wait for it... ary show How I Met Your Mother End of such a long journey together for 9 years... Gonna miss u all Ted Mosby, Barney Stinson, Robin Scherbatsky, Marshall Erikson and Lilly Aldrin...
I will miss . . . . Lily Aldrin, Marshall Eriksen, Robin Scherbatsky, Ted Mosby and most of all Barney Stinson.
How I Met Your Mother has ended... what a great show! Though some may complain that it went past its prime and others confused by the uniqueness of the final episode's story, I will remain silent. For what can I say to a show that has brought me much joy and laughter these past nine years. Watching the antics of lovable bachelor always one step short of true love Ted Mosby, power couple Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin, a player up for any challenge Barney Stinson, and an independent woman who used to always put her career before her love life Robin Scherbatsky. A new episode appearing on Mondays at eight/seven central on CBS 208 times. Each episode I sit on the couch wondering what "the universe" will throw at Ted and his gang. And though at times I would wonder if the girl in the glass was to be member number six of the gang, I can't help but put that thought in the back of my mind as the trials of the five captivate my eyes. Four who can say that the struggles and pains of Ted, Marshall, Lily, Barney a ...
Ahoy! So, that just happened. Tears have been shed, sadness has been had, the yellow umbrella finally found its true owner, the loss of many 'friends' have mourned--heck, they still continue to be mourned and *** it, it's all your fault Patrice! You too Sandy Rivers! Goodbye to the apartment, goodbye to McLaren's, goodbye Ted Mosby, goodbye Marshall Eriksen, goodbye Robin Scherbatsky, goodbye Barney Stinson, goodbye Lily Aldrin, farewell Tracy 'The Mother' McConnell, so long Ranjit (Whose real-life name is actually Marshall), it's been a good long almost-decade with you all. I will miss you forever How I Met Your Mother. It was a great ride while it lasted. It was the most depressing series finale ever, yet it was the best finale ever, it was a (wait for it--that's right, legendary) series finale! Congratulations to the entire staff, crew, writers, network executives, and of course the cast on an amazing job well done. This was only the third series finale to affect me in the way it has. I know that a ...
Lily Aldrin... I will miss your "Son of a beach" Ted Mosby... I will miss your "the one" skan*s' stories Marshall Eriksen... I will miss your "Lawyered" Robin Scherbatsky... I will miss your violence and that high pitched truth voice And LEGENDARY Barney Stinson... Thanks for making that show incred. I hope you you're hungry for the last episode bcz the second half of that word is... Edible.. ☹   10% Off
Every great story has an ending, and that's when you have to move on. Guess I've to, now P.S. We'll miss you Ted Mosby, Robin Scherbatsky, Lily Aldrin, Marshall Eriksen and Barney Stinson
I'm a nice mix of Kanye, Barney Stinson, Ted Mosby, and Marshall Erickson
Why doesnt Office have Barney Stinson or Marshall Erickson, or Ted Mosby, or Lilly Aldrin, or Robin Scherbatsky
I know too many Barney Stinson's claiming to be Ted Mosby
I feel like the lovechild between Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby
Kelly Cannon is the Barney Stinson to my Ted Mosby.
I've heard several comparisons to Barney Stinson over the past couple years. Come on...I'm far more similar to Ted Mosby. And I'm not so sure either is much of a compliment.
While Sarah and I were eating our dinner, we decided to make a list of the Top 10 Television Bromances. These are who we came up with. Feel free to share your thoughts! Here we go! 10. Batman and Robin (Batman/Adam West) 9. Tim Taylor and Al Borland (Home Improvement) 8. Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey (Full House) 7. Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother) 6. Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble (The Flintstones) 5. Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter (Boy Meets World) 4. Benjamin Franklin (Hawkeye) Pierce and BJ Hunnicut (M*A*S*H*) 3. Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani (Friends) 2. Norm Peterson and Cliff Clavin (Cheers) 1. Burt and Ernie (Sesame Street) Honorable Mention: Andy Griffith and Barney Fife
I am Frank's Barney Stinson as he is my Ted Mosby.
OK, i can accept that people change when they are in a relationship, but seeing Barney Stinson fuss about Ted Mosby holding Robin Scherbatsky's hand is impossible for me to digest. Have the script writers lost all the character sketches? ...and what happened to the story lines that we couldn't come up with even in our craziest dreams? I mean an episode about Lily trying to find a friend for Robin, another about Loretta and Robin having saas-bahu conflicts, but the worst yet Barney trying to get his "Mom and Dad" together again. Not sure if watching How I Met Your Mother or an Ekta Kapoor soap :/ Just a painful reminder that all good things come to an end. Or maybe the hidden message here is that marriage is the most overrated and over hyped concept ever, that can convert even the most legendary (don't "wait for it" anymore) into the most ordinary.
Barney Stinson: "You create something out of nothing. You're like God. There's nobody hotter than God." Ted Mosby: "I love it when you quote scripture."
2207 My Bro, you are the one who got me into anime and I am Forever grateful, no matter where we are or what we do we will always be bros, we are like Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson, we have each other's back, I trust your judgement, although you can be stubborn at times it's never a dull moment when I'm with you, your always the kind of guy who sees the glass as half empty but in the end your glass is always full, My BRO! lets raid your house again sometime so I can ask Anime and play some pc games!
Loved your secret rehearsal dinner Barney Stinson. You're a great husband. Sorry Ted Mosby, but he really is...
Barney Stinson: [Coaching Ted on how to get Punchy to leave his apartment] You are the weakest link, Goodbye. Punchy, the tribe has spoken. Please pack up your knives and go. Your work of art didn't work for us. Your time's up! I have to ask you to leave the mansion. You must leave the château. Your tour ends here. You've been chopped. Ted Mosby: Okay, yeah I know... Barney Stinson: You've been evicted from the Big Brother house. Your dessert just didn't measure up. Sashay away. Give me your jacket and leave *** s Kitchen. I'm sorry, you did not get a rose. You have been eliminated from the race. You are no longer in the running to be America's Next Top Model. You're fired. Auf Wiedersehen.
Wanted to be Barney Stinson. ending up being Ted Mosby,
I just realized that I'm a Ted Mosby. And no matter how badly I wanna be...I just can't be a Barney Stinson!
For the past year I wanted to be like Barney Stinson. In reality I was just like Ted Mosby, but now life is good and I feel like Marshall Eriksen.
You know you're getting old when you start thinking about ted mosby's role instead of Barney Stinson xD
Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen, and Barney Stinson are all perfect. I can't choose which one I like better
I've figured it out guys, is Barney Stinson, is Marshall Eriksen and I'm Ted Mosby. Smart and ironically sexy.
It's actually pretty pathetic but I'd rather be Ted Mosby than Barney Stinson
Ted mosby, Barney Stinson and Marshall Ericsson are my favourite bros
if don't know who Barney Stinson, Ted Mosby, Robin Scherbatsky, Lily Aldrin, and Marshall Ericson is... well, Shame on you
Ted Mosby, Barney Stinson, Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin and Robin Scherbatsky: you guys rock!
Test your knowledge about Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson
ATTENTION!!! Me, (Barney Stinson) and Lane (Ted Mosby) are now holding try outs for our Marshall Erikson part of our group.. message us if interested. ! TRYOUTS BEGIN NOW..! and remember, be prepared to Suit up!
is in a relationship with Finn, the human and it's really complicated since Princess Bubblegum is always there to steal his attention . now i wonder if i can get Barney Stinson's help in getting Princess Bubblegum away from Finn... but will Robin Scherbatsky get jealous ? tsk oh well.. i hope she's as awesome as Jessica Day ...or Ted Mosby will have to come to her rescue... *what am i babbling about ?*
Got my own Ted Mosby, Barney Stinson and Marshall Ericksen! :>
No matter what. It is Barney Stinson's epicness that will be remembered and not Ted Mosby's wife!
Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby's acapella version of The Longest Time is so cool.
Of course! We'll be a twisted version of Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby. So my only work is to say 'Have you met Shaarmen?' LOL
I wish I'm Robin Scherbatsky, I wish I have a great friend like Ted Mosby and awesome lover like Barney Stinson.
si no sabes quienes son Barney Stinson, Ted Mosby & Robin Scherbatsky.. no as visto buenas series! ;)
Barney Stinson is a *** Ted mosby is the guy. When he's not being a pretentious ***
At first of this i was Ted Mosby now i am Barney Stinson
I will invite Robin Scherbatsky to my !! Barney Stinson & Ted Mosby would automatically Follow :D
dear Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen, Barney Stinson, Robin Scherbatsky, and Lily Aldrin. you guys really completed my life.
In my dream I strarted a business with Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson, it was brilliant.
Thank you, kiks. :-) See you very soon. Barney Stinson and ted Mosby are waiting for you. ;-)
I really wish I have a best friend like Ted Mosby, a boyfriend like Barney Stinson, and my future husband like Marshall Eriksen.
There are two types of guys in the world: the Ted Mosby's, and the Barney Stinson's
Video: zoeyh2000: Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby and their future selves singing “For the Longest Time”
I've always wanted to find Marshall Eriksen, even Ted Mosby will do, but I guess I'm in love with Barney Stinson.
Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin, Robin Scherbatsky & Barney Stinson. If you know these names, you are officially awesome!!
Ted Mosby really has a tendency of being the next Barney Stinson.
The Miami Heat's 27 game winning streak has ended. Now they go from being Barney Stinson to Ted Mosby.
I like to think I'm Barney Stinson, but if I'm honest with myself I am definitely a Ted Mosby character
Barney Stinson, Ted Mosby, Lilly, Robin and anoher guy that I forgot
I like to think of myself as equal parts Barney Stinson and Marshall Erickson, with a touch of Ted Mosby.
I think I want to be Barney Stinson in life. Ted Mosby may be a bit on the boring side...
Who needs Barney Stinson when you get Ted Mosby :)
I though more of Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby :P you need to learn the bro code.
If you are Ted Mosby, who will be Barney Stinson?
Ted Mosby, Marshall Erikson, Lily Aldrin, Robin Scherbatsky, Barney Stinson and that would be LEGEND wait for it.DARY!
Spoiler: Robin Sherbatsky totally crashes the Safe Haven party. I totally expected Ted Mosby or Barney Stinson to show up in the movie too.
Searched all of New York and I cannot find Ted Mosby, Barney Stinson, Marshall Erickson, Lilly Aldrin, or Robin Scherbatsky anywhere!!!
"Only time makes you get over things"- Ted Mosby
A guy, no, a man as funny as Barney Stinson, as romantic as Ted Mosby and as loyal as Marshall Eriksen. Bro, do you even exist? XD
Barney Stinson: Question one: Ted, do you want to move in with Robin? Ted Mosby: Yes. Barney Stinson: Wrong! The answer is: No, I secretly want to stay single and spend time with my awesome friend Barney.
So today I met a Chinese girl who doesn't eat a lot of spicy food. I just might pull a Ted Mosby. :P
Everyone surely has their very own Robin Scherbatsky, had ever been a Ted Mosby, and at least once acting out like Barney Stinson. :))
I think I'm more of a Ted Mosby then a Barney Stinson
I want to be Barney Stinson but sometimes I feel like Ted Mosby...
Ted Mosby is SO WHINY I CAN'T HANDLE IT and I wish Barney Stinson was a real person...that is all.
Me and you are Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson
I wish I had a friend like Barney Stinson lol
Used to be proud having Barney Stinson in me, but at these ages, being Ted Mosby is much wiser at some cases
Best gang in the world: Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin, Ted Mosby, Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky :)
I've come to the conclusion that I'm a mixture of Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby
Ted Mosby,Lily Aldrin,Marshall Ericksen,Robin Schrebatsky and the legend...dary Barney Stinson!
Seek love like Ted Mosby, be confident as Barney Stinson, and be a romantic for your girl like Marshall Eriksen
There comes a time in a mans life where he has to choose between being a Ted Mosby or a Barney Stinson.
Ted Mosby: Barney the three days rule is insane, I mean...Who even came up with that? Barney Stinson :Jesus Marshall Eriksen : Barney, don't do this, not with Jesus. Barney Stinson : Seriously, Jesus started the whole "wait three days thing." He waited three days to come back to life. It was perfect. If he had only waited one day, a lot of people wouldn't have even heard he died. They'd be all, "Hey Jesus, what up?" and Jesus would probably be like, "What up? I died yesterday!" And then they'd be all, "Ahh...You look pretty alive to me, dude." And then Jesus would have to explain how he was resurrected and how it was a miracle and then the dude would be like, "Ah, okay whatever you say bro." Robin Scherbatsky : Wow, Ancient dialogue sounds so stilted now. Barney Stinson : And he's not going to come back on a Saturday, everybody's busy! Doing chores, working the loom, trimming their beards. No, he waits the exact, right number of days...three. Ted Mosby : Okay, I promise I'll wait three days just please .. ...
Ted Mosby found the mother thanks to , Barney Stinson found a lot of other
Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen, Robin Scherbatsky, Lily Aldrin, Barney Stinson.. i you dont know them, then you are not awesome enough.
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The very fact that women are contradictory to their own thoughts is validated when they love Barney Stinson and not Ted Mosby
I want a combination of Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson in my life *.*
That awkward moment when you are acting like Ted Mosby instead of Barney Stinson... Time to change back to being awesome.
Even though I think I'm Ted Mosby, sometimes you just gotta thrown in some Barney Stinson.
Happy thanks giving, Barney Stinson, Robin Scbarthcy, Ted Mosby, Marshal Erikson and Lily Adrin.. Love you all..
2 people playing team fortress 2 with the names Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby :3
Feeling a lot like Ted Mosby at the moment.. And it's making it hard to keep the Barney Stinson in me from coming out...
I may suit up like Barney Stinson, but I'm just a sad Ted Mosby
Maybe I should stop being a Ted Mosby and start being a Barney Stinson.
Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby, please give me a signed photograph of the whole cast of HIMYM for a friend... Rafa Sunduan THANK YOU! . . . . . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. :P
Barney Stinson trying to convince Ted Mosby to lick the Liberty Bell - "Sometimes you have to grab life by the crack and lick the crap out of it!!" Oh yeah, I laughed out loud on that one!
Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby should act in the version of Desi Boyz
It really *** when you want to be like Marshall Eriksen, while all your friends want you to be like Barney Stinson. Such a tragedy that I'm nothing but a Ted Mosby :/ you know you're in deep when you start comparing "How I Met You're Mother" to your life.
People must be like Ted Mosby in theory, Barney Stinson in practice ... *** totally forgot I was asexual .
I think I'm going to be a combination of Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson when I get older..
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"Has anyone ever told you that you look like Barney Stinson?" "Yes, they have. But really, I'm more of a Ted Mosby."
those of you who truly know me.. who am i mostly like from how i Met Your Mother? A. Ted Mosby B. Marshall Eriksen or C. Barney Stinson
How I Met Your Mother character i am MOST like: Ted Mosby. (definitely not Barney Stinson lol)
Kids, when it comes down to it, there is only one question, are you a Barney Stinson or a Ted Mosby?
is it sad that whenever i see Barney and Friends, i think Barney Stinson, Robin Scherbatsky, Ted Mosby, Marshal Eriksen and Lily Aldrin?
I'm like Ted Mosby, always searching for the one. Maybe I'm just too excited to have a love like Lily & Marshall's. But more often times, I'm Barney Stinson. Seeking for everybody's attention. May not have that touchy feeling when it comes to relationships, but still is ready to settle with someone special. But entirely, I am Scherbatsky. Looks independent outside, but is one cry-baby inside. Good morning ♥
scherbatsky “Ted Mosby, Marshall Erickson, Lily, Barney Stinson and Robin Shytalksafa. So, hard to type your name Robin”
"We all claim to wanna be Barney Stinson, and deep down we all Ted mosby" -
You used to be friggin' Barney Stinson. Now, you're Ted Mosby. Like wth's wrong? You cryin' over love?
I'm just trying to be that Barney Stinson to your Ted Mosby
Bro Day.that kinda reminds me of Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby but Cory and Blake are the cutest.
Going to a Halloween party as Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) and my friend is going as Barney Stinson (
Hey is this Ted Mosby? We have you listed as the emergency contact for Barney Stinson
So everyone is talking about the debate. I didn't watch it. Why you may ask? I'm watching How I Met Your Mother. I've been laughing. Lets see Obama or Romney make me laugh. Oh wait both of their political views do make me laugh. Barney Stinson/Ted Mosby in 2016!
"No matter what happens I want Marvin to stay in the family." => Ted Mosby + Robin Scherbatsky + Barney Stinson
My personality was accurately described as two parts Ted Mosby, one part Barney Stinson last night.
check their ID, if one says Barney Stinson and the other Ted Mosby then you might have a problem :P
Every one wish to become like Barney Stinson but end's up becoming Ted Mosby becoz its too difficult to become one like Marshal Erikson. - Ajitesh Mridul & Ambuj Singh Sukhdeep Singh
so tonight was pretty awesome, introduced Ezachi Makoro to How I Met Your Mother, we decided that Barney Stinson was ezachi i was Ted Mosby, Alyssa Noël was Lily Aldrin and Joseph Polander was Marshall Eriksen XD
I like I've a little bit of Ted Mosby,Marshall Eriksen,and Barney Stinson inside me
Eventhough Ted Mosby is the hero, but I love Barney Stinson more :p
You're the Barney Stinson, to my Ted Mosby . Miss you beautiful
Got called a combination of Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson... Huh...
Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby trying to reunite Genesis, I wish that had happened in this episode instead of Barney just trying to convince Ted to join him.
Welcome back Ted Mosby, Barney Stinson and the rest of the gang!!!
Before I'm gone, I want to know who is Ted Mosby's wife??? And what's Barney Stinson's Job??
Cleaning, laundry and just livin' only til 8 though, got a hot date with Barney Stinson and Ted mosby ;)
Ted Mosby: How do you know she's from a different area code? Barney Stinson: She's 5-1-6! She might dress like she's 7-1-8, act like she's 2-1-2, but trust me... she's 5-1-6! Oh and her husband letting her out alone on St. Pattie's Day, if that dude's not 9-7-3. I'm 3-0-7!.Wyoming... Lol
"We had to do this strengthsquest thing so we could find out what our top 5 strenghts were, like-" Meanwhile Roxy Talebzadeh, counting her fingers, "Awesome, awesome, awesome, um awesome and really awesome" We are Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson
This new found ability to not care about certain actions has come to work to my advantage... I believe Ted Mosby has turned into Barney Stinson.
So I decided to try the Best Friend Telepathy off how I Met Your Mother today. This was the result What I said: "Dude that girl we said that was hot that walked in wearing black? She has a tongue ring!" What Eric got: "Okay I'll get out of the store." Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby give false hope.
Super excited to be reunited with my good friends Barney Stinson, Ted Mosby, and Marshall Eriksen tonight!
so i got to hang with Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby yesterday. Look for me in the background of episode 6 😎
Deep down inside, every man wishes he could be Barney Stinson, but ends up being Ted Mosby.
The More I try to be like the spectacular Barney Stinson, the more I end up being like the "SIMPLE" Ted Mosby! *TRUE STORY*
Spending the night with my two best friends, Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson.
I wish i was a little more like Barney Stinson and less Ted Mosby cuz that would be legend wait for it dary!
In my deep dark fantasies I wanna be one of Barney Stinson... And I always wonder one of Marshall Eriksen in me... But now I ended up being one of Ted Mosby...
"Mothers, hide your daughters. Daughters, hide your MILSWANCAs." "MILSWANCAs?" "Oh, I got this. 'Mothers I'd like to sleep with and never call again." "Correct, circle gets the square." - Barney Stinson, Marshal Eriksen, and Ted Mosby
Even though I'm more of a Barney Stinson, we all have a little Ted Mosby in us.
A better comparison is you're like the Ted Mosby and is the Barney Stinson.
Can't decide if I am Ted Mosby or Barney Stinson. Ted or Barney? Hmmm, I guess I'll be both. T E R N E Y !
Why must I act like Barney Stinson, but feel like Ted Mosby?
I was just told I'm a mix between Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson
I act like Barney Stinson but at the end of the night I'm just another Ted Mosby
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Barney Stinson: "I only smoke on certain occasions: post-coital, when I'm with Germans - sometimes the two overlap - coital, that time of year the Mets are mathematically eliminated, pre-coital, and - wait for it, 'cause I sure have - pregnancy scares." Ted Mosby: "Why are you smoking now?" Barney Stinson: "I'm always pre-coital, Ted."
I feel fantastic... jokes I feel like Ted Mosby... Hopefully I get upgraded to Barney Stinson and feel Ausome
you are like Shawn Spencer, Ferris Bueller, Barney Stinson, Ted Mosby, and Marshall Eriksen
I miss Ted Mosby, Barney Stinson, Marshall, Lily, and Robin so much
I play like I'm Barney Stinson, but I'm really Ted Mosby
Question: How to make sure your date doesn't become your girlfriend? The rules for dating are the same as the rules for Gremlins. Ted Mosby: Gremlins? Barney Stinson: Rule 1: Never get them wet; in other words, don't let her shower at your place. Rule 2: Keep them away from sunlight; i.e., never see then during the day. Rule 3: Never feed them after midnight; meaning she doesn't sleep over and you don't have breakfast with her, ever!
"well kids,it all started like this..." and Ted Mosby tells the story on how he met Barney Stinson for 8 seasons.
Barney Stinson or Ted Mosby?? — Barney all the way, he's brilliant
no we, ted mosby no puede ser doggie houser, porque doggie es Barney Stinson.
There is nothing like The Simpsons. The last night episode was so funny that I was rolling on floor laughing. No serial can keep up the way they started till season four. But simpsons still rocks. To me if there is a 2nd one then I like to say The Big Bang Theory. though I can sense it will not be entertaining any more after season seven. I have serious objection abut How I Met Your Mother. What the kidz gonna learn from a father like Ted Mosby knowing his father scored at least half century before their real mom. though Barney Stinson is the reason I will be watching, I wish if I had a wing man like him. the Mike and Molly. lol. they r just fat thats it. I see no other reason to laugh again. In epic serials like Spartacus Game of Thrones I seldom got the story coz I had the 18+ version u know. In case of horror like those Two Brothers of Super Natural there is always some one who is incredibly brave and I wonder how come!! there r ghosts out there seems like they dont dare to die. I have serious allergy ...
Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson are perhaps two of the greatest characters ever created
I always wanted to be a Barney Stinson, but end up being Ted Mosby.. Is it coz my lyf is dull or am i finding awesomeness in this?!?!?
Everyone thinks I'm a Barney Stinson but the truth is I'm more like a Ted Mosby...but still Awesome!
That awkward moment when your ex is like Barney Stinson and then he pretends to be Ted Mosby. It doesnt work?
No. Robin Scherbatsky belongs to Barney Stinson "Eergh Ted Mosby you should be with Robin!!"
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If Alex Goetz is Barney Stinson, Chad Rasmussen is Marshall Eriksen, Samm Styx is Lily Aldrin, and I am Ted Mosby - we need a Robin Scherbatsky. Now holding auditions, bonus points if you are actually Canadian, but then minus points because you are Canadian.
"Ted Evelyn Mosby.. Do you hereby swear by this bro oath, or rather, 'broath'." - Barney Stinson.
Sometimes I tend to become a bit like Ted Mosby and that's when it all crumbles, not that entirely being like Barney Stinson helps.. But, it's so important to strike that balance and maybe be a bit of Ted Stinson or Barney Mosby.. Oh God !! When will I ever learn my lesson.. :|
Seriously, go read It aims for Barney Stinson but ends up Ted Mosby.
Watching a season marathon of How I Met Your Mother. I just want to cheer for Ted Mosby, and yes, I know he wins in the end, but the in-between has been nail biters for me. And yes, I cheer for Barney Stinson too. He looks like my friend Glen Nakamura, aka Doogie Howser.
The more I watch "How I Met Your Mother", the more I realize how much of a pathetic loser/person Ted Mosby is, and how much I was like him. There is no such thing as "The One". UGH!!! From now on, I'm gonna Barney Stinson it up! Or more appropriately, SUIT UP!
That is true, but Ted Mosby sounds better as a name, Barney Stinson is a weird name! I should be Robin Sparkles
I like Barney Stinson more "mendadak ngefans sama pemeran Ted Mosby."
The fact that mostly girls love Barney Stinson more than Ted Mosby reflect that mostly girls are always attracted to ***
No "How I Met Your Mother" today. Due to lion city cup. I need my weekly dose of Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby ! Arghhh :(
Now we just need to suit up and hit the town. That makes me the Barney Stinson to your Ted Mosby. .Sorry.
Im a perfect Ted Mosby but with a Barney Stinson attitude! Suit up, it's Friday!
Seriously in my head they're like Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson.
Why everybody love Barney Stinson ? Why nobody love Ted Mosby? I love Ted. He have FRIENDS! He really faithful in love. He's an architect!
HOW I Met Your Mother! It is prudent for all between the age of 20 and 33 to watch it twice in a year this very best and favourite series of singles,not so singles married and not very married comic: and in that case, I am asking you guys a question: Who are you in your scene? 1.Ted Mosby 2.Marshall Eriksen 3.Barney Stinson 4.Robin Scherbatsky 5.Lily_Aldrin I know u must fall 9in one of the five's life scene.
Jerry Whitaker: So, Saturday night? Time to cut loose, right? Who wants to split a beer? Barney Stinson: Oh, we're not drinking here. Tonight, we're going big. Let's see, what club should we hit first? There's club Was, there's Wrong... Marshall Eriksen: Um, those places shut down a long time ago. Barney Stinson: Oh no... Marshall Eriksen: Oh No shut down too. Ted Mosby: There's Where. Jerry Whitaker: Where's Where? Lily Aldrin: Where's where Was was, isn't it? Barney Stinson: No, Was wasn't where Where was, Was was where Wrong was, right? Jerry Whitaker: Ok... Ted Mosby: Not OK, that place is lame. Robin Scherbatsky: OK is Lame? I thought Lame was a *** bar... or is that wrong? Marshall Eriksen: That's Wrong. That's not wrong. Barney Stinson: Guys, focus. Robin Scherbatsky: Oh, I like Focus! Let's go there. Ted Mosby: Where? Robin Scherbatsky: Not Where. Focus! Lily Aldrin: I thought Focus was closed. Barney Stinson: No, Was was Closed. Once Was shut down, it re-opened as Closed. Marshall Eriksen: So Clo ...
Dear How I Met Your Mother writers, Barney Stinson is Legen-(wait for it)-dary but Ted Mosby is a horses (wait for it) ***
I've always said I'm a Barney Stinson, but the more I go on the more I come to realize I have and always will be a Ted Mosby
Ted Mosby is soo cute. Not to mention Barney Stinson is a hottie. Only in lol
I pretend to be a Barney Stinson.. But I'm really just a Ted Mosby
Marshall Eriksen: You're telling me that when you watch "The Karate Kid", you don't root for Daniel-san? Ted Mosby: Who do you root for in "Die Hard"? Barney Stinson: Hans Gruber. Charming international bandit. In the end, he dies hard. He's the title character. Lily Aldrin: What about "The Breakfast Club"? Barney Stinson: The teacher running detention. He's the only guy in the whole movie wearing a suit. Robin Scherbatsky: I've got one. "The Terminator". Barney Stinson: What's the name of the movie, Robin? Who among us did not shed a tear when his little red eye went out in the end, and he didn't get to kill all those people? [Breaks down] Barney Stinson: I'm sorry. I just get so emotional. Ted Mosby: I am never watching a movie with you again. Barney Stinson: They didn't even try to help him!
To some of you who don't know the pleasure of being single, look Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson. Then you'll know. :)
I want my future husband to be loyal, caring and kind like Ted Mosby but funny like Barney Stinson. Not a casanova like Barney.
As much as I want to be Barney Stinson I always end up being Ted Mosby
And so then Tony says to me "you realize you're Ted Mosby and I'm Barney Stinson, right?" Yes... Yes I'm painfully aware.
I think I'm more of a Ted mosby than a Barney Stinson. Oh the cruel prank the gods play on me.
Barney Stinson: Watch your step when you get up kids, 'cause I'm about to drop some knowledge. Relationships are like a freeway. Marshall Eriksen: Wait a minute. A month ago you told me relationships were like a traveling circus. Barney Stinson: No, this is new, this trumps that. Freeways have exits, so do relationships. The first exit, my personal favorite, is six hours in. You meet, you talk, you have sex, you exit when she's in the shower. Robin Scherbatsky: So, every girl you have sex with feels the immediate need to shower? Actually yeah, I get that. Barney Stinson: [ignoring what Robin just said] The next exits are four days, three weeks, seven months - That's when you guys [pointing at Ted and Robin] Barney Stinson: are gonna break up, mark your calendars. Ted Mosby: Hey! Robin Scherbatsky: What? Barney Stinson: Then a year and a half, eighteen years, and the last exit: death, which, if you've been with the same woman for your entire life, it's like "Are we there yet?"
I wish I were like Barney Stinson but sadly I'm more Ted Mosby.
My kind of future husband should be a combination of Ted Mosby, Barney Stinson n Marshall Ericson.. :)
"Okay Barney, what will it cost me 2 buy your dibs?" -Ted Mosby after forgetting 2 call dibs on girl sitting at bar b4 Barney Stinson
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Everyone thinks they're Barney Stinson, but they're really Ted Mosby.
I miss you Ted Mosby. And you Barney Stinson. And you Marshall Eriksen.
I need to be the Barney Stinson to someones Ted Mosby
I'm done being Ted Mosby. It's time I become Barney Stinson.
Cim told, pisang is like Ted Mosby and me is like Barney Stinson V^oo^V
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