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Barney Fife

Bernard Barney Fife is a fictional character in the American television program The Andy Griffith Show, portrayed by comic actor Don Knotts.

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Great, our next president's national security advisor is going to be a racist Barney Fife.
couldn't Eugene make two bullets, now Rosita is the Barney Fife of the Apocalypse.
No one should be surprised by M Ryan's same old looking like a rookie *** He is the Barney Fife of football.
and you make Barney Fife look like competent law enforcement
Rosita is running around like Barney Fife with her bullet in her pocket.
Rosita reminds me of Barney Fife. Only one bullet!!
Poor Rosita is like Barney Fife with her one bullet.
is it just me or is Rosita going all Barney Fife with this "officer only needs one bullet" business?
This is my fight song. Take back my life song. My Barney Fife song. Hey, where's my wife song. Dude's got a knife song. Zoo wildlife song
Sure, he may have been a complete loser before, but let's hear what Sad Sack Barney Fife has to say THIS time
That's their M.O. Falcons are the Barney Fife of the NFL they stay shooting themselves in the Foot!
Holding on Chiefs. As explained by Barney Fife the official.
Agreed. Weirdest, most unprofessional press conf. ever. Looks like Barney Fife is in charge of this fishy investigation.
Jeff Fisher continues to slowly turn into the Barney Fife of NFL coaches.
We can only hope Trump is like Barney Fife and only allowed one bullett.
Love it he's as Barney Fife says he's a nut!
Not exactly Nietzsche, Goethe or Emerson. More along the lines of a Barney Fife.
Check out this vintage Dodge ad with good ole Barney Fife!
"She claims I never take her anyplace, but I take her to church every Sunday!" - Barney Fife
I always walk with two women and a Barney Fife three paces behind me.
If the new sheriff was Barney Fife...
Barney Fife a Rusty Knife and a dirty gun
Isn't Morton County ND where Barney Fife got his start?
Trump and is like Barney Fife organizing strike (Navy Seals) on Bin Laden--Unqualified and UN-DANG-FIT--
I agree. When in doubt look to the philosophers. Like the great Barney Fife said, "Nip it!"
Basketball referees are a lot like Barney Fife. Funny little guys who try to assert their "authority" by doing asinine things.
you should apologize for insulting Don Notts aka Barney Fife. Even Fife occasionally got it right.
Barney Fife is on Ronald Reagan today, down on his quotas. Watch out.
My earliest *** " memory is the first time I heard Barney Fife call Andy Griffith "Ange."
When you are elected president you are free to hire Gomer, Goober & Barney Fife for your cabinet.
He can't focus on trivial quote Barney Fife.
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Sad Barney Fife is running the McKnight invesitation, pray for justice --> Man released in fatal shooting
By the Sheriff, you must mean Barney Fife...
worse, they got Barney Fife trying to make jokes. Poke fun at LSU. Ole Miss got that *** whooped though!
Trump isn't the sheriff, he's Barney Fife.
It was fun to hear you and The Great American talk here in Cincinnati
Rudy Giuliani Secretary of State would be a perfect fit with general Mattis as secretary of defense. Romney is Barney Fife!
At least with the Barney Fife reactions it got me to check the show out
FYI. I'd MUCH rather be Barney Fife than Barney Frank. B.Frank doesn't have 2ask Andy for a "bullet" if u know what I mean.
Barney Fife knows more about controlling glucose than most endocrinologists and dietitians managing diabetes!...
Obama is the *** menace Marxist street agitator global ambassador of Islam Barney Fife of US presidents who should be…
well when you got Barney Fife doing a press conference talking to folks like it is 1950. He does not sound credible
Now we have freaking anxiety birds to make criminals feel better about Court? This Sheriff makes Barney Fife look like…
Barney Fife, Maberry Deputy back on the investigation! Puts some bullets in your…
Nowadays, I look less like Barney Fife than I do Karl Malden.
May need to treat police like Barney Fife, issue one bullet in pocket.
.Trump sometime reminds me of Barney Fife.
the other famous guy that used to sniff a lot was.Barney Fife!! LOL
*** broke the polling down he just Barney Fife it so is using online polling.
looked a lot like Barney Fife and Mr. Furley every time got under his skin.
You did NOT win that debate. You spent most of the night contorting your mouth like Don Knotts' Barney Fife and Mr. Furley!
So effectively fired Andy Taylor and put Barney Fife in charge.
Who's "they"? Your numb nut kids? Or your numb nut version of Barney Fife, Rudy G?
my husband reminded me of another famous person that sniffed a lot. Barney Fife! LOL!!!
Someone give him a sheriff's badge and smokey the bear hat. He could dress like Barney Fife w bullet in pocket
Didn't Barney Fife used to do that sniff?
Barney Fife called, wants his bravado back.
Mics must have been bad at all his rallies and previous debates. He sniffles/snorts all the time (like Barney Fife…
Me in 3 fictional characters. Barney Fife, Kronk, and White-Boi Jesus.
Trump reminded me of Barney Fife, who sniffled when he was trying to act like a big shot
Getting Donald to "rant and sniff" -just like Barney Fife - was truly masterful! . You have the found the key to Donald!
pretty sure even Barney Fife would have solved this mystery.
I turn myself into an obstacle. Suddenly I'm no longer Barney Fife the man, I'm Barney Fife the bulkhead.
The sniffing only came along when he was about to be an arrogant, egocentric *** Reminds me of Barney Fife...
Debated like string of TV characters : Barney Fife, Sgt. Schultz, Fred Mertz, Gilligan, Floyd the Barber. Not president
A cardboard cutout of Barney Fife would have won the debate with Clinton.
Barney Fife called, wants his signature sniffing move back.
Trump may not have won the debate tonight, but he did win the Barney Fife Sniff Award.
hey Jerry! What's the deal with Trump POTUS debate & the Barney Fife "sniff"?
Barney Fife used to do that when he thought he was 'on' Let's
The man who is hollering and sputtering has a better temperament than Clinton? *Barney Fife voice* He's a NUT!
Trump's giving Barney Fife a run for his sniffy
Hillary Clinton talking about cyber security is kind of like Barney Fife talking about firearm tactics
it's a form of fake Barney Fife
When is proud of something he says he does the Barney Fife sniffle
Trumps's sniffing when he brags reminds me of Barney Fife.
I'm going to call The sniff the Barney Fife maneuver
Andy Griffith and Barney Fife never used they gun and held a city down
Where's Barney Fife when you need him?
He will hire a plane load of Barney Fife's
He may be right on everything but he sounds like Andy Griffith and Barney Fife rolled into one.
I'm 55 years young , and I have never witnessed a more absolutely satisfying , morsal of TV , since Barney Fife shot himself , tv nirvana
Trump has a strong sniffing thing going like George Costanza or Barney Fife.
Trump keeps sniffing. Barney Fife on cocaine.
Watch Barney Fife and the Preamble to the Constitution. Kills me every time!
I added you because of your photo. I loved Don Knotts & Barney Fife. Trump could have played the old department store owner Ben.
.I thought Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau was leading the investigation, aided by Deputy Barney Fife
-Don Knotts. -(O.O). -nip it in the bud. -Barney Fife, not Barney the dinosaur
New polling by the NYT suggests up to half of goofy Gary Johnson's support due to "reminding folks how much they loved Barney Fife".
My prof just referenced Barney Fife and my life is now complete
I'd like to see them try and take my guns! As long as they don't use helicopters or robots and send Barney Fife to collect.
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I'll be watching METV ( Andy Griffith with Barney Fife, Happy Days, Gilligan's Island, Hogan Heroes and Carol Burnett. Keep sane
just a bunch of ya-hood pining for the Wild West. I don't want to be in your Barney Fife crossfire
I know who I trust to respond quickly and accurately, and it ain't Barney Fife. I live in Mayberry.
.not even a Barney Fife shot in the foot?
My latest story for This was a fun one: The Mayberry Guru Brings Barney Fife To Life
She really sounds like Barney Fife as he instructs Gomer on being a deputy! Her inflection is so fake and annoying!
Barney Fife was the man! Just so naturally funny..and Fred Sanford is my the old shows
Kid Dynomite! is not on my Mount Rushmore: 1. Barney Fife. Fred Sanford. Hawkeye Pierce and Gilligan!
Hi Sandy. I think at the moment Barney Fife would offer better leadership. Have a great day!
If gets president we are gonna be like Barney Fife only get to carry one bullet 😂😂
Regardless win or lose, please get rid of Reince! The guy is stuck on stupid all the time.The Barney Fife of the RNC has no clue. SWAN SONG!
Watching Mr. Trump trying to discuss Ukraine was like Barney Fife explaining Emancipation Proclamation to Opie
a little Barney Fife in that pose don't ya think?
The Barney Fife character was something to behold.
I remember him asking me who the *** the tall goofy kid that lectured him about cart traffic was.I said Barney Fife
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I want Steve Buscemi to play Barney Fife in an Andy Griffith Show movie. Idk who should be Andy or Opie but Kathy Bates should be Aunt Bea.
It's awful that cops in Diversitopia aren't Barney Fife. But let's not reflect on this too much, lest we come to naughty con…
I'm an 80s kid and I say Barney Fife over Mr. Furley. Threes Company sucked!
Are you more of an Andy or a Barney? I am Barney
I truly believe Barney Fife would be better than her. But you push me to the edge of what is acceptable behavior..
that's why Andy didn't give Barney Fife bullets for his gun
NEWSFLASH: Police officers going off on Obama about the gun situations are what I call morons. Talk to your governor and mayor, Barney Fife!
The FBI and Barney Fife couldn't get . your confession!. They even offered you ice cream... But you just wouldn't CRAVE...
This is NOT what I'm talkin' about: Barney Fife, but no Andy, Hutch.
‘Now, Andy!’: Alabama man brings Barney Fife to life
I voted today. Only 6 people to vote for. I voted for Barney Fife & Andy Griffith for Sheriff
they entrap them, then re-arrest cause they 'might' commit a crime. They think they are minority report but I'd say Barney Fife!
Story about former/retired FC Elementary Teacher Ken Anderson and his "Love" for the Andy Griffith Show.
'Now, Andy!': Fort Payne man brings Barney Fife to life in Alabama. Read Blog: $ALP-N
I feel bad for in same way I feel bad for the bumbling, inept, oafishness of Barney Fife on Andy Griffith Show.
Id vote for Hillary just to see Barney Fife go 0-3.
MeTV guesses that I'm like Andy Taylor. Good! At least they didn't guess that I was like Barney!
Do you ever feel like is Barney Fife's long lost twin brother who got all the good luck?
Stop mentioning the shows you watch on tv as campaign slogans. You know law and order as much as Barney Fife.
"Barney Fife" shoots the wrong other unarmed man. LE continue to spin lack of adequate training for SWAT member.
Not sure how I missed my friend Barney Fife (Ken Anderson) on WPT earlier this week! Ken is a great guy and a...
There's this creepy *** Barney Fife picture in the bathroom in my doctor's office. He's looking at me all judgmental
*** and using Commodore 64 computers with Barney Fife as security?
don't u think he reminds u of Barney Fife running all over stage acting goofy couid never imagine him in whouse
How bad did Mayberry suck for Andy Taylor after Barney Fife left? I mean *** his best friends became Goober & Howard Sprague.ugh
When a cop's role model is Barney Fife, this happens...
Don't speed in Cumberland. Barney Fife is waiting for you.
VP looks like barney Fife running all over stage gooty
this lax or stupid. Barney Fife would have been all over this guy. You goyim are judged by your jew masters to be too stupid to question.
Reince reminds me of Barney Fife. Doesn't know how to street fight.They have to roll up their sleeves.
was I supposed to read this in Don Knotts' Barney Fife voice
These people threatening to "arrest" Hillary watched too much Barney Fife. Not sure that's really a thing. 😂😂
I cannot tell you how much I want a GIF of Barney Fife from Andy Griffith shouting, "Citizen's arrest!!" right now.
Sheriff Valdez gets 30 pieces of silver from evil Hillary. Barney Fife has more dignity.
Trying to get excited about Hillary being President is like trying to get excited about Barney Fife being Sheriff.
How did Barney Fife ever get the Sheriffin' job. Aunt Bea musta given out lotta her famous pickles
Wow, Darrell Scott is a good speaker. Glad doesn't have more like him. Now up: a cross between Strom Thurmond and Barney Fife.
Is anyone surprised by this? I was expecting to see a pix of Barney Fife or even Aunt Bee.
It has been a long week. The country should watch two episodes of the Andy Griffith Show and laugh with Barney Fife!
Yes Barney Fife should not be in same sentence as. Him.
Are you surprised? Maybe he pronounced the deputy of Mayberry as Barney Fife (feefe).
Check the educational credentials of your average Deputy Sheriff. Barney Fife don't deserve my rate of pay, FOH.
Look for Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife to make an appearance at annual meeting on June 9:
- "He"s a Nut" Barney Fife said it best. Ryan, don't be a nut, too.
Loved the Barney Fife reference on today. 😂.
The Andy Griffith Show will never get old and Barney Fife will always be one of the funniest characters
Leave to FOX to waste time with Barney Fife
yes. They did not enforce the rules throughout the school year so I can't be behind them going Barney Fife on grad night.
Barney Fife found a new hiding spot. I like it.
it's more like handing Barney Fife a loaded gun, lol.
WoD: 2x Dev team, 1/2 the content & more self-induced blunders than a Barney Fife outtake reel.
who would have ever thought Barney Fife would become president?
They learned everything they know from Barney Fife.
We need less people like Kanye and more people like Barney Fife.
"There are only two types of cops in this world, the fast and the dead!" Barney Fife
☆☆Simple facts about Hillary Clinton's crimes that EVEN Barney Fife could figure out!. COME ON FBI!.
Nothing accidental about a Barney Fife deputy who wants you to believe there was no need to test blood on the wall.
☆☆If the FBI would hire Barney Fife to investigate the Clinton Cartel, he would nail this down on day one!.
"This is my deputy Barney Fife." Look if you're not even gonna try we're out!
Katie "the Porker" Packer's sidekick, sniveling Tim Miller with the Barney Fife voice, spewing more hate on Fox. Both Dem secret agents
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Mother: Son was 'brutally' beaten by Barney Fife before the deputy shot him dead.
Same here & I've never even heard of this paper much less seen this. Odd that they used Barney Fife & not the dinosaur or Rubble
Was his name Barney Fife? But seriously, if you're going to handle a gun, you HAVE to be more careful than that.
Meet Betty Lynn Today! Betty is the 89-year-old actress who played Barney Fife's girlfriend, Thelma Lou, on the...
Don't be a deputy of the outrage police. At least w/Barney Fife, a calm voice of reason could shut down his crazy before someone got hurt.
The Barney Fife Peter Pieper Nose Pinching Test-. Don't ask me why/this gave me the giggles..
(in a Barney Fife voice) Ol' Goober is at it again. Flippin' and Floppin' everywhere Andy.
Cld it B that Bernie, I mean Barney Fife, is lookin just a little silly abt now. Rabble-rouser Bernie & his sad 3 issue campaign
agree, Sanders just wasting peoples time and money; not as embarrassing as Barney Fife Kasich, though.
looked like Barney Fife when speaking at the NYC gala. No substance. Just gibberish. definitely brainwashed
has one bullet(night) to attack her. Must be a dud, or he's a wimp!
If you don't know the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION ask BARNEY FIFE to explain it to you !
You the Feds?. Top cop. Boss hog. Starsky and Hutch. Barney Fife. CHiPS
The Cruz Deputy Delegate mailer was hilarious. Now I just keep seeing this image of Barney Fife...Deputy Delegate.
.ake Barney Fife poster boy why not to go past one ballot weasel lawyer no leadership skills & cartoon voice
Somehow this story fails to include a Barney Fife reference.
Cruz attacking looks like Barney Fife with a briefcase claiming he has 50 cases of malfeasance against Sheriff Taylor.
That's a huge insult to Barney Fife.
Reince Prebius looks like Don Knotts aka Barney Fife without the Sheriff cap
hmmm...Barney Fife on Andy Griffith comes to mind
Barney Fife...only one bullet or vote or something that can't hurt them
No she didn't just call the sheriff Barney Fife!!! 😂😂😂😂
Do you even have a real job, Sheriff Barney Fife Clarke? You're online more than a 14-year-old girl.
She was hanging out with Barney Fife...Deputy Delegate!
can you get one of those sustaining contribution plans like PBS for a Barney Fife badge?
Why does this Deputy Delegate thing remind me of Don Knotts playing Barney Fife?
I think Reince got the Barney Fife "deputy delegate" badge from Rafael
you can be the Barney Fife of the NWO
Do these Barney Fife's get one bullet for their gun too?
"A fool and his money are soon parted." C'mon, be a Barney Fife for
You, too, can be a "Barney Fife" of the GOP convention. And you've got $35 less and a plastic card worth nothing.
Doesn't everyone want to be a Barney Fife of the GOP convention?
$35 bucks and you can be Barney Fife: Cruz email asks for $35 to be ‘top deputy delegate’ via
Would this be like Barney Fife for a day?
Meanwhile, the Rockingham County Sheriff is quoting Barney Fife in support of Pat and Phil.
It's a mark of us Fifes. Everything we eat goes to muscle. .Bernard "Barney" P. Milton Oliver Fife
Me too! He sure did surprise her. Don't underestimate Barney Fife.
Wow, Wade arrests Haylie. Little advice Haylie, cops don't like to be called Barney Fife.
"Gomer get down there with them spiders!" - Barney Fife. "We defy the Mafia!!!" - Barney Fife
After 3 episodes of The Andy Griffith Show , I can't stop whistling and I'm in love with Barney Fife
True. But I would be like Barney Fife -- except no bullet in my pocket. Just a protest visual prop. Not a loaded gun.
Is it the Barney Fife forced femme episode?
3) Barney Fife. the funniest side kick ever I will fight anyone. he's so sweet & just wanted to be a good deputy
Barney Fife is the first common core teacher..i love it.. Go Barney!
Barney Fife sniffing and belt pulling. "Yep, yep, yep ... We totally cracked that phone. Opened it right up."
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
every time I see him I think he belongs in Mayberry ... He speaks like Barney Fife
Kasich: " .and I pledge to provide resources to protect students from hate speech.". Prez Barney Fife has big plans.
actually DID put hearts and souls into that sofa! you trickster you!(Read aloud in Barney Fife voice)(drown …
Go away barney fife, just go away, don't want to see your stupid mouth girations anymore
So we can blame Barney Fife for math
Barney Fife - the originator of Common Core Math-- a good chuckle!...
Barney Fife (this is why he now keeps his bullet in his pocket!)
This isn't Mayberry ! Catch up Kasich or Barney Fife will put you in a jail cell with Floyd
..pretty much comes down to laughable stance of NCAA as some sort of heavy handed sheriff, when in reality - transparent Barney Fife at best
Watch out Sherrif Joe I heard Cruz is getting Barney Fife to combat your support of Trump
Deputy Barney Fife Explains Common Core Mathematics. And that's why Rome is burning!
Great day at The Fife Masters. and two great guys. Michael beating Barney in final was great to see.
Cruz is thinking more Gomer Pile and Barney Fife
Ever wonder who this 008 character is who takes over for Bond when he crosses the line and doesn't play by the book? Fife. Barney Fife.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
hanging with Barney Fife Waiting for We've got a hat here for ya Jay!
Kasich is just another Dem he is disgustingly weak, go away barney fife
"If you want to do things the easy way, you're never going to learn anything." - Barney Fife M.D. (Mayberry Deputy)
These cops must be related to Barney Fife
exactly if he wants his fed ruined by Barney Fife and some others the screw them.
Even Barney Fife is jumping on the Trump Train. It is a movement.
How does this Barney Fife crew get a tournament game?
to be honest I might have been a bigger fan of Mr ferley than Barney fife. It would be close though.
Sheriff Joe in Az. Sounds like Barney Fife on drugs. My town, my rules. . Him & trump will do well together.
Sheriff Joe is basically a racist Barney Fife.
"Nip it in the Bud" - Barney Fife, The Andy Griffith Show
I may be influenced by the rousing speech Barney Fife is giving, but now's the time for all good Republicans to stop him or bust.
Barney Fife trying to make a play. lol
a LOT of SCARED WHITE MEN with guns and badges. More Barney Fife than Gary Cooper.
country keeps lowering standards for certain jobs requiring certain skills if she can do it great Barney Fife next general
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fab performance ... Can't wait to see you play on Sunday at Fife Masters with Barney & Michael
but they didn't at least shoot him once. Maybe it was the Belgium Barney Fife Brigade
Not if he has a brain in his head! hasn't gotten anything right in years! He's the Barney Fife of pundits!
It's staggering how often I quote Barney Fife on the daily.
I second that! Also his singing reminds me of Barney Fife's "Juanita" - who votes against that? :)
And now, please join me in welcoming Barney Fife to the stage.
I just realized he looks like Barney Fife!
Yeah three times a lethal dose of heroin in his system when he died. Even Barney Fife could see that clue.
I became intrested in Real Estate after talking to many agents around town. I was also influenced by...
I don't care if Trump or Barney Fife gets in the President's office next; it won't stop my flow! GOD IS MY...
Andy Taylor and Barney Fife keeping the world (or maybe just Mayberry) safe for democracy).
Let me guess. He is trying to be Barney Fife to Mayberry' s sheriff? Why is a picture of Andy G next to him?
He reminds me of Barney Fife. "Gee, Ange, I'm just trying to uphold the law. What's Aunt Bee making for dinner?"
the lessn Andy learns frm opie sums up wrong is wrong The Andy Griffith Show S05E16 Barney Fife, Realtor
Looks like deputy Barney Fife rooster is in the apartment at the barn checking out the…
You ought to do a Adobe of Matt Jones as Andy Taylor & Ryan Lemond as Barney Fife.
No but there are 3 Jim Bob's, 2 Barney Fife's and a Uncle Fester in a pear tree!
When someone scores, doesn't the Canucks play by play man's voice sound just like Barney Fife, deputy sheriff on Mayberry RFD?
Sheriff is more like deputy Barney Fife.
A friend "In other spoiler news, it was revealed today that Otis the Drunk is not the love child of Aunt Bea and Barney Fife."
No Deputy Dog, Barney Fife type is going 2 tell me who 2 love & who 2 hate. That's ludicrous. I take ppl @ face value till proved wrong.
Put a deputy uniform on JEB and he's Barney Fife.
Oh, great. Now Lou has *** Barney Fife to deal with. He'll be a real big help.
What does Andy Griffith, Barney Fife, and the Apostle Paul have in common?
Someone has to say it the has made our look like Barney Fife and Inspector Jacques Clouseau combined.
you're kidding right? Well, he was not so much like Barney Fife this time more like Gomer Pyle. REALLY!
Two of the best Andy Griffith Show episodes. Barney Fife is the best character.
Looks like it came from Mayberry. Any sign of Sheriff Andy or Barney J. Fife?
Obama wants the "Barney Fife" military where each troop has 1 bullet he keeps in his pocket until there is a clear&present danger
Bristol Palin taking on Richard Dawkins is the intellectual equivalent of Barney Fife going after Matt Dillon.
The second paragraph from the bottom is horrifying. Barney Fife lives and breathes.
I could run a country with way better impressions. I got Christopher Walken and Barney Fife.
When Barney Fife, Roscoe P. Coltrain, Gomer Pyle & Aunt Bee get elected to Congress you get the
Another bang up job of free publicity on faulty information by our Barney Fife AG
Tired of those cops! If you scared or have a nervous condition.resign!!
Barney Fife to replace for the remainder of his term in Congress. 89% of voters agree Fife has gravitas. Trey? Didn't watch?
Ewww! Did ANYONE see that liquid layer of oily facial grease on that Barney Fife walking corpse from Mayberry RFD, ?
. . . A day after Rolex robbery, mall is empty but Barney Fife is standing guard.
Which one of us is Opie and which is Barney Fife?
Paul Blart/ Zimmerman security guard with his hand on his holster like Barney Fife following me around the liquor store. O Florida calm down
Placing Trey Gowdy in charge of the Benghazi hearings is akin to having Barney Fife hunt for El Chapo
True; because W kept reading "My Pet Goat," M Moore ridiculed him--like he should've run around waving his arms like Barney Fife
Westmoreland trying to be Perry Nason, but he's more like Barney Fife.
When I see "Welcome to the Rock" I think of Barney Fife & his two rules at the rock. Rule one? Obey all rules. . Two? Do not write on walls
Ambassador Stevens would have had more success requesting security from Barney Fife
half look like could star in a demented horror slasher movie. then you got good old barney fife and the nasty Harpo Marx female
no fan either but you prosecute with a Justice Jackson type not Angry Barney Fife.
Are the Keystone Cops and Barney Fife done questioning yet? Or is there more Benghazi farce still to go?
Trey Gowdy shut the f up. U r a rabid Barney fife who must have been bullied as a child. Stop the republican witch hunt.
I had to sit thru the whole hearing B4 Trey Gowdy went all Barney Fife yelling at Andy. But I was not disappointed!
Trey Gowdy has all of the gravitas of Barney Fife
OMG 2nd thought, I don't think I can listen to this. is like watching Barney Fife explain a traffic stop to Gomer Pyle.
Time to start disarming the police. They cannot be trusted with guns. Or, like Barney Fife, take away their bullets.
that's one of the most infuriating things I've seen. BTW, Barney Fife: .
Fred Sanford: "Elizabeth, I'm coming to join you honey."... Barney Fife: "Nip it in the bud!!!"
Gilligan and Barney Fife get in a scrape. Who wins and why?
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