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Barnacle Bill

Barnacle Bill (released in the US as All at Sea) is a 1957 Ealing Studios comedy film, starring Alec Guinness.

Raw Bar Ortley Beach Ron Jeremy Betty Boop Blue Peter

Who are you distinguishing yourself from? Barnacle Bill the barista and Barnacle Bill the notary public?
If your name's Barnacle Bill, you probably don't need to specify that you're a sailor.
Can I make a reservation for Bill Barnacle?
Welcome to spring! Time to start thinking about and enjoying time on the water.
in 1942, Rosyth. Sculpture of "Barnacle Bill" and "Popeye" is revealed outside a Royal Nay canteen.
Looks like it. Ringer hosts Lowe on BS and ESPN gets Mays and Barnacle Bill
Busy planning some summer trips. I use Navionics on my smartphone and tablet. The new version will even do dock to dock routing.
. Good- we can stop funding a barnacle of whining 5th columnists with delusions of statehood. Toodlepip
29: Rainy day? Perfect time for arcade fun at Barnacle Bill's in Ortley Beach!!
eating happy hour at Barnacle Bill's Seafood, Inc.
My favourite so far is the one where Portia de Rossi is really excited about working at Barnacle Bill. Bet she thought she buried that.
"Handling of Recovered Wing Would Make Barnacle Bill Hysterical" LMAO! Next from JW? Barnacles were stuck on!
On sale now in comics shops--SpongeBob Comics featuring part 1 of 2 in the epic "Ballad of Barnacle Bill"
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I literally spent ten whole minutes after work sitting in my car trying to decide whether I should get KFC or Barnacle Bill's for dinner.
Port Pirie's Barnacle Bill restaurant runs out of an old Church. I have seen the light 🙌
You guys are also asking for stills of The Barnacle Bill The Sailor Shows!
Let now have a contest. The winner will get a free download of my videos or One of the Barnacle Bill shows! What ever you chose!
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that school bus reminds me of our bus driver Tex who used to lead us in songs 99 Bottles of Beer & Barnacle Bill the Sailor.
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. Well that's the shot that missed the spot. Says Barnacle Bill the Sailor.
- all 105 pages of issue 1 (January) Barnacle Bill Magazine are free to the link!
minella rocco for the 4 miler and Barnacle Bill ran a nice race yesterday
Feeling hungry? Head down to Barnacle’s Stockton or Yarm, and check out our blackboard specials - we have new...
I'm watching Betty Boop in Barnacle Bill...back when she was a dog and not a woman. I like Betty Boop.
It's been an odd night. I'm now (unexpectedly) drunk and at home watching Betty Boop in Barnacle Bill.
Congratulations Barnacle Bill Bedlam on a very successful event at Barnes & Noble!
Gary Lucas' Fleischerei — Beware of Barnacle Bill (A Re-Creation of the Full Cartoon Soundtrack) [feat. Sarah Stiles]: right now on
am quite intrigued by Barnacle Bill however...
Fascinating to see how Barnacle Bill fares on his hurdling debut here. Huge ask, but he's a promising sort on the Flat & bred to stay well.
We think that Barnacle Bill will win the 13:45 @ Fairyhouse Free race analytics @
I may or may not have been spotted at Barnacle Bill's tonight. Great raw oysters
taken a chance on Barnacle Bill at 16 in the Juvenile Grade 3. not sure why they ran him over 9f, but sent off 5/2f & 1/2 to smart stayers
Where's Barnacle Bill? Only the bravest set sail with this scallywag
Harrington concerned by Mullins newcomers: Jessica Harrington admits Barnacle Bill and Newberry New are up against it when they clash...
Sat at the bar one night at Barnacle Bill's unsure of what I wanted. Bartender told me they had great pot roast. Like mom's.
Well, I've been pimping drive-in grub at Hob Nob and pot roast at Barnacle Bill's ...
I added a video to a playlist Barnacle Bill Orla RS600 Peter Hayward
Read issue 3 of Barnacle Bill Magazine, the first 50 pages are free preview! Over 160 pages of sailing & boating
Stop referring to as 'the Clintons' she's not a barnacle on Bill's shell, but her own self!
It’s half term so treat the kids to a visit to Stockton Barnacle’s ice cream factory! Create your own combination...
it was Barnacle Bill the Sailor. But I wish I could hear the boys sing it to C in the truck.
Oh honey. Goddesses don't speak in whispers. They scream @ Barnacle Bill's
Barnacle Goose around the Bill again this mrng - has landed once amongst the gulls settled below Culverwell
Dinner at Barnacle Bill's.Our host - behind my snow globe - greeting was "you wanna come in for a bite" 😃http…
Barnacle Bill's Grog Shop in Rumson, NJ...on the river, nautical everything, fresh steamers, cold beer, kickass burgers...
Wined and dined by Tony tonight.34 years on the esplanade! What a gentleman! @ Barnacle Bill's…
Gr8 onion rings and fried shrimp. (@ Barnacle Bill's in St Augustine, FL)
Barnacle Bill Shorten better hope Scabbott does something, or Labor Right is done for.
New Boat Magazine!: Dear All, . Posting to make you aware of my new magazine. Barnacle Bill Magazine is ...
Fish & chips and bacon-wrapped scallops with melted butter. @ Barnacle Bill's Seafood
Meet Barnacle Bill and the people trying to save this endangered species
All i can think of Is Barnacle Bill The Sailor by John Valby
And bill currently has sprinklers on come on now barnacle
I can't believe Barnacle Bill chickened out. . Mmmm Barnacle Bill. How I dreamed to go. With a hangover.
The 17th hole at Barnacle Bill's is not exatcly Amen Corner but it is the home of Maisie's 1st Hole in One
Very true!! Curious to see what the set up will be in there ... do we all get pints & sing Barnacle Bill??
Just in time before the boat show. (@ Barnacle Bill's Seafood in Sarasota, FL)
These St. Bonaventure pirates are ready to take on that nasty Barnacle Bill. . [
Woah! Invisible pirates?! No. Wait. They're just camouflaged. Barnacle Bill will never see these guys coming. .
I added a video to a playlist Popeye the Sailor : 019 - Beware Of Barnacle Bill
Also today B-day of jazzman Bix Beiderbecke in 1903! "Barnacle Bill" sailors awfully chummy, no? Don't ask! Cheers!
MISSING DONATION/REWARD for any information leading to the recovery of a large tackle donation I made to Crisis House in April 2013. On April 14th 2013, I made a large tackle donation to Crisis House-the donation was picked up from my place of business by a Crisis House Board Member. Unbeknownst to me, the tackle wasn't taken to Crisis House, it was taken to Barnacle Bill's Bait & Tackle. For the past week I have made repeated requests that have all gone ignored as to what transpired with my tackle donation. More shocking details (that I have in writing) to follow... Any help recovering the tackle donation would be greatly appreciated and a handsome reward will be paid out once we get the donation in the right hands, Crisis House! Thank you!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Please note that the Magic Pudding is a children's fantasy not viable policy - even if it is espoused by Barnacle Bill
they do have a good relative size, according to my research Argentine Blue-Bill duck is only beat out by a barnacle with 40:1.
Oysters kilpatrick at Barnacle Bill's seafood inn to start.
Bill Miller tea not as good from a Barnacle Bills. O wait. Laguna mamas cup.
Said *** with the dance, down with your pants! Said barnacle bill the sailor!!
I spin you yarns & tell lies, I'll drink wine, eat your pies, kiss your cheeks & black your eyes." ~Barnacle Bill
Mother's Day dinner with mom, dad and the god parents. (@ Barnacle Bill's)
I want to be barnacle bill when I'm older
Wonderful birthday with dear friends, including "barnacle bill" who was about the same weight as two Zandrew sisters
Reminder of wedding date. Yes Im getting married. On 04-12-14. start at Patty's Bar noon . ride to swing bridge socastee River city cafe. Then reception at Barnacle Bill's Rum & Raw Bar. with drinks to get started , food, and Martha Bullard karaoke. tell everyone because everyone is welcome.
Latex Deficiency For Maureen Howard and Nobody Else Fog Girl In For The Night A swig of rum A sniff of snuff A cuddle of your tum 'twas more than enough Mary had a little LAMB Hood lovers keeps woman inspecting into overtime for twenty five quid wraps like Rose's Sweets reddish mirror from L plate seeks problem nervous IQ girl happiness O pie piercing pier clown of some diet from the ground vertigo vigour for the rigormorts Pierrot prior to stealing ballbearing for passing the amunition bearing painful gifts behind your no doubt masque. ... Yo *** my Hearties. O and yea, don't get mixed up! We are still in a Pirate tale of doubloons and three penny worth of snuff and press-ganged three cornered hat times where three guinea had an army charging at the enemy playing him at his own game all cannons ablaze afore afire with you. Why can't you be gone you dragons out of my eyes and ears. Barnacle Bill - get the cat. Look at the state of this hook! Engorged float the women like boats from chains bottom of sea al ...
They say MGM hoped that she would be a good replacement for Marie Dressler, what do you think? Her father was a minister, and when she joined a local stock company as a youngster she changed her name to avoid embarrassing her family. She worked in vaudeville and debuted on Broadway in 1916. Her film debut was in A House Divided (1931). She repeated her stage role in Dead End (1937) as Baby Face Martin (Humphrey Bogart)'s mother, which led to a number of slum mother parts. She played very strong role of Lucy, the dude ranch operator in The Women (1939). She achieved popularity as a comedienne in six 1940s movies made with Wallace Beery e.g., Barnacle Bill (1941). The character which would dominate her remaining career was established when she played Ma Kettle in The Egg and I (1947), for which she received an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actress. She began her co-starring series with Percy Kilbride the following year in Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin' (1948) and continued through seven more ...
The out in the community battling Barnacle Bill!!
Day 20 - I am thankful that I finally got to see some iconic Hawaiian wildlife. Kris and I swam with three honu today, Flip Moe T, Slash, and Barnacle Bill.
Maybe Stockton is in with a shout!! Barnacle Bill's Fish & Chip Shop hosting the Booker Prize. A must do.
Man, I got a busy week! Which I don't really mind, cuz the finale of this week is my final impressions. Got lil Andersons, canine wenches, impressions,MAYBE a visit,and Thanksgiving planning/shopping. Should've done the shopping today,but oh well. Gotta start my Christmas shopping too,(ahem). Wish I could send presents to my man, kinda *** his birthday is on Christmas day. I REALLY want to send him food! Anyway, good night to all of my folks.and good night to you Sleepy Face. Dream about Barnacle Bill the sailor.
Really looking forward to old movie weekend , some real classics , " a matter of life and death" , barnacle Bill, Mrs muir and the ghost, Brigadoon, and Blythe Spirit . That's my Saturday sorted :-)
No Future 7 November, 2008 Janis Freegard Neil was twenty when I met him, twenty-two when he died. Sometimes his hair was blond, sometimes green; often he had no hair at all. He had shaved eyebrows & wore black eye-liner under his eyes. Safety-pins adorned his ears. Whenever I saw him, he was smiling. Neil wore black trousers & torn shirts. He made his own badges: ‘Drug-takers against the bomb’. Only once did I see him wearing shoes. He often talked about killing himself, but the date kept changing so we didn’t take him too seriously. He planned to take something with him when he went, like the Auckland Central Police Station. He was wanted on charges of possession, shoplifting, protesting against the Springbok Tour. He wrote graffiti. For a while, he travelled with others in an old bus. I’d see him sometimes at parties or pubs. I was in Barnacle Bill’s with a couple of friends once, looking for a guy who sold pills. When they asked Neil if he’d seen him, he pulled the guy’s suic ...
Located right next to Barnacle Bill's Beach Cabanas... an opportunity to purchase a really.
grandad walked into our house shouting "it's only me from over the sea Barnacle Bill the sailer" then pretended that he was a plane!
Feel like going for a drive and getting Barnacle Bill for tea a bit later on, does anyone know what fish is better to eat, on the menu it has Butterfish, Whiting,Garfish.
Roger Miller, King of the Road. Your favorite all-time novelty song is _. (Chad, Barnacle Bill is a limerick, not a novelty song.)
From After Sandy, a giant once again stands tall over Barnacle Bill's mini golf course in Ortley Beach
My childhood playground: MT “Ledger video: A giant rises from the rubble,Ortley Beach's Barnacle Bill
Ledger Live video: A giant rises from the rubble at Ortley Beach's Barnacle Bill's mini golf via
I grew up vacationing in Ortley Beach w/family. They still need lots of help there. Give my regards to Barnacle Bill.
This Sunday on the CBS Sunday Morning News there will be a segment on design with host Bill Geist interviewing Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc.'s Chief Operations Officer, Glenn Lynn.the link will be posted here. The piece will touch on one of the courses being rebuilt after Hurrican Sandy called Barnacle Bill's in Ortley Beach, NJ.
Barnacle Bill with a new friend earlier tonight @ Ortley Beach
Hi Ladies! Remember I am having a Premier Jewlery Party at Barnacle Bill's Rum & Raw Bar ( 405 8th Ave N. Myrtle Beach) this Sunday March 3rd from 3-4:30. Hope to see you there!!!
had fun at Barnacle Bill's Rum & Raw Bar for ladies night. had a very busy day and a little relaxation was perfect. home to bed and feet ready for tomorrow. costumes and bridal stuff everywhere..
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Tonight @ Barnacle Bill's Rum & Raw Bar Eric Richardson and Brandon Banks start the hottest ladies night on the beach! They'll be buying all ladies drinks from 10-12, all ladies receive .35 wings and 20% off their food. Dj DZ will be rocking the party all night and we'll be spinning the Wheel Of Booty as always. No cover ever at Barnacle Bill's and it's your chance to pick some of the last Super Bowl Party tickets we have left (We'll be giving away 2 tickets tonight). 405 8th ave north next to the zip lines downtown MB
Betty Boop sings Barnacle Bill from her movie Barnacle Bill the Sailor. Singing by Margie Hines. Lyrics- Who's that knocking at my door? Who's that knocking ... many wonderful people have already sent me Happy B'day wishes and I thank each and every one of you personally. It touches my heart to see how many people truly care about me. Jim Brown is making this b'day a tremendous one.already got a really sweet card, going to see Jackyl 2nite & going to Barnacle Bill's in St. Augustine tomorrow for their tremendous fried shrimp. It's only 10:22am...and my day is already FILLED with JOY!
Bill's Rum & Raw Bar. This Sunday November 25th kicks it off with the official soft opening weekend of Barnacle Bill's.
This is Barnacle Bill, which was used as the original Blue Peter theme tune from 1958 well into the 60s, the show still uses the same tune as its theme, but several different versions have been used since this one.
Episode of the "On the Lam" podcast (a special DOUBLE episode) -- The bonfire is crackling. Looking at constellations. An ember on Daver's foot. Bill's legs are hot. "We're not seated on the burning logs." Lest you think this is some ki nd of joke. "Sparkie the Fire." Mosquito Wine. Bob Hope has passed away. Spooky old radio shows. "Helen Holden, Government Girl." One sip left. Doc Savage revealed. "Chuck 'em all in!" "Hot embers up my crotch." Boo on CD-R format. Bill deserts the podcast for awhile. Breakfast potatoes -- a cooking show. Marge has plantain disappointment. Bill sings sea explorer songs. "Well, they weren't the best parents." Barnacle Bill the Sailor shows up. David Letterman's record collection. All kinds of habitable planets. Lots of Springfields. "Sorry, Tunisia." Lyin' Jimmy. Arc to Arcturus. Wendy teaches how to make s'mores.
still recovering from a wild night out. Mike Langan from Swinging Harpoon Band invited me to jam with Cheap and Easy and him on the outside deck at Barnacle Bill's. Then Della and i went to Ringos and ran into old buddy Erin (used to work at Panera Bread) and her boyfriend. ended up being a wild and wooley night. i always end up in the soup...i once got kicked out of a coffee shop for being too bizarre. .in RR Square! of course i'm not like that anymore
Last summer weekend at Barnacle Bill's East Tawas, I plan on eating me a breakfast pizza, singing a bunch of songs and maybe I'll have a drink or two. Saturday and Sunday, 3-7.
Found a black lady bug then Cody dropped it on the ground @ Barnacle Bill's Golf
The sign at Barnacle Bill's shelter at the ARK (Animal Rehabilitation Keep) at UT's Marine Science Institute...
This is a (rather censored) version of Barnacle Bill the Sailor, recorded in 1930. I believe this was the first version ever recorded.
Was Ealing 'all at sea' with its final Alec Guinness comedy? Find out in Barnacle Bill (1957)...
Had another great evening with great friends Jimmy Butler , Roberta and Hubby @ Barnacle Bill's Restaurant
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