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Barnaby Joyce

Barnaby Thomas Gerald Joyce (born 17 April 1967), Australian politician, has been a member of the Australian Senate representing the state of Queensland since July 2005. He represented the National Party of Australia until the Queensland divisions of the Liberal and National parties merged into the Liberal National Party of Queensland in 2008, although remains Leader of the National Party in the Senate.

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The real test for clods like Malcolm Roberts Matthew Canavan & Barnaby Joyce should be their mental competence
The two Nationals MP in the lower house before the High Court, Barnaby Joyce & David Gillespie, could end the Turnbull gov…
As a New Zealander in Australia who has broken the law, will Barnaby Joyce get sent to one of those internment camps then d…
As a New Zealander I'd like to welcome Barnaby Joyce, we don't have many terriers to send back, but surely he can stop…
Barnaby Joyce: I may be a citizen of New Zealand &video Barnaby Joyce ➡️ ➡️
The saddest thing is that John Clark didn't live long enough to learn that Barnaby Joyce was actually a New Zealander.
As a New Zealander, Barnaby Joyce has the right to marry who he wants
Australia's deputy PM Barnaby Joyce revealed to be a New Zealander
Pistol and Boo call for 'humane execution' of Barnaby Joyce
Why there is one rule for Nats Minister Matthew Canavan who stood aside & another for Barnaby Joyce who is staying?…
Barnaby Joyce must be horrified to learn that he's a citizen of a country which has already legalised SSM.
I don't understand why Matt Canavan stood down from cabinet but Barnaby Joyce isn't? On face value Joyce's case is the mor…
Barnaby Joyce is the fifth member of parliament to be embroiled in the drama over dual citizenship.
Barnaby Joyce told Sky two weeks ago he would leave it up to others to clarify whether or not he was a New Zealand citiz…
Shout out to Barnaby Joyce for revealing that I may be a New Zealand citizen
Barnaby Joyce refers himself to high court over New Zealand citizenship.
Barnaby Joyce reveals NZ citizenship doubts, Labor urges him to stand aside via
BREAKING: Jubilation as Australians discover they may be able to offload blame for Barnaby Joyce onto New Zealand.
New Zealand Government has confirmed that under NZ law, Barnaby Joyce is a NZ citizen
Australia's Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce says he may be a New Zealand citizen, which would bar him from holding office
Will trade one Barnaby Joyce for one Jacinda Ardern.
Things that are actually Kiwi: Pavlova. Sam Neil. Russell Crowe. Barnaby Joyce. Go figure.
Forget North Korea, if we're sending Barnaby Joyce b…
Oct 2015 Barnaby Joyce 'certain' of water for Nationals portfolio .
Barnaby Joyce yet to sell land in proposed coal seam gas field. Our Minister for Resources is conflicted. https…
Barnaby Joyce is hopelessly conflicted as minister responsible for gas. He bought investment land in proposed SANTOS gas fi…
Barnaby Joyce, Josh Frydenberg - this govt a shambles of fraudsters! Anyone heard from Nick McKim?
New up: Barnaby Joyce billed taxpayers almost $9,000 on “special purpose” flights, on same day he went to the footy https:/…
Barnaby Joyce: "My grandmother is English, I'm working on the presumption that I'm not English, I've never been to England"…
My wrap of last week for - Barnaby Joyce's front teeth, Peter Dutton's failures, and reconciliation.
start by divesting your Gina interests & other lobbiests and see if you can get into cabinet under y…
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How much have they blocked in $ terms compared to the huge debt we have now. Just…
Whether u accept it or not your lot is in govt. now. Get on with governing & stop…
All we can is deal with the facts. ALP no recession, & lower debt. LNP looming re…
Fact. No recession & a debt way lower than 2017. If we were buried what do u call i…
Time will tell. ALP kept us out of recession during the GFC with a debt no where l…
U should come on over to WA to see our LNP recession. LNP Feds r doing the same.
And bringing us in near recession will not bring the budget back in balance.
Talking cabinet, leadership and ways to make Australia great again with
Yes. Concerned at a massive unprecedented rise in electricity prices; for obvious re…
Oh right,so nowhere on this Planet has there been an increase in devastat…
ACT Water Awards close today! Winners will be announced at ACT Water Leaders Dinner (Barnaby Joyce to be attending!) h…
Barnaby Joyce says he is "so over talking about Tony" I AM WITH BARNABY THERE. NOT ONLY OVER TALKING BUT OVER ABBOTT
Joyce ordered explosive email to be trashed
We need protection for our rabbits, barnaby joyce is ignoring our ples for help
The guy is a pig! He is only going to be around for another year or 2 & than gone
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
How come we have to deflate Scabby and they don't have to deflate Barnaby Joyce?
Not Joyce Barnaby then her out of midsomers
This graph should be viewed by all conservative pollies It shows the way forward
Farmers need to take back control of their cooperative dairy corporations and wheat boards.
Please don't ask how I know this, but Barnaby Joyce tastes like beer.
forever the disingenuous,. Your comments that trust income is eventually taxed is disgracefully decepetive for an accountant
YOU EXTREME, OVER SPENDING, PIG! you've forgotten where you came from, may as well be a…
If that's just meals & CLEARLY drinks,on public $$,YOU PIG!. Ppl like me,DSP,can't AFFORD food, 2 da…
. Get the Chinese to build fast rail here. Do something all you do i…
Barnaby spends $32K eating & drinking at taxpayers expense & I doubt much of it was spent on th…
I wouldn't trust in a fit now..He's not a He's a fraud like His leader . And neither anybody d…
So why not be the model litigant then? Politics is strange ! Say one one thing do another !
So good to see. These habitat destroyers must be stopped. Barnaby Joyce might blow a blood vessel but so be it.
Barnaby spent 150% of what a pensioner gets per year just on eating out.
Julie Bishop defends Barnaby Joyce over China sanctions on North Korea comments
Just had a horrible thought. . If Tony Abbott, Kevin Andrews, George Brandis and Barnaby Joyce are all able to become MPs, how…
Coal to stay in Australian energy mix for foreseeable future, says deputy prime minister  Barnaby Joyce.
Will the English language test apply to Barnaby Joyce & Bob Katter?
Barnaby Joyce has apparently had just about enough of Tony Abbott's interventions
Barnaby Joyce is senator for New England and not Queensland. I weep for journalism.
Thanks to Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce for joining us as this months Rural Press Club guest speaker for a sold out lunch…
My favourite bit was the contrast of Eric Abetz calling everything fake news while Barnaby Joyce delayed his f…
Q&A: Armando Iannucci and Barnaby Joyce debate how satirists tackle Trump
Tim Flannery may not be an atmospheric scientist, but supposedly Barnaby Joyce is.
I call for the sacking of Barnaby Joyce, Peter Dutton and George Christensen.
Barnaby Joyce and Fiona Nash accepted in 2005 copper ‘redundant’ for internet
Barnaby Joyce breaks with cabinet solidarity to blast Liberal Party over fringe 'extremities' via
I remember Tony Windsor saying in 2010 that Barnaby Joyce was a fool & my god he was right.A fool & also a tool by…
Proud of Barnaby Joyce, Graham Quirk & Peter Dutton they put aussies first not celebs.
Barnaby Joyce won't repay more than $5,000 billed to taxpayers for attending State of Origin, NRL finals
Barnaby Joyce stepped into bat for himself just now. Now it's Fiona Nash telling us the Nationals have hijacked the Government. Blah blah
“Barnaby Joyce well and truly understands that Pauline Hanson can almost single-handedly destroy his party.”
What a joke of a speaker Tony Smith allowing Barnaby Joyce to carry on like that
Barnaby Joyce was supposed to help the Bradshaws in Charters Towers but Failed to help them !
Also, D/PM Barnaby Joyce is on the nose with farmers at Marlborough & Charters Towers
Burp Happy Australia Day everyone from Barnaby Joyce ... Now move out to Dalby and get a job cleaning dishes...
Analysis of Barnaby Joyce's support of the Rio-Yancoal deal in defiance of Ray Hadley and One Nation
Linda Burney fires back at Barnaby Joyce over 'miserable' Australia Day comments |
A huge section of Australian society has been kicked in the guts by Barnaby Joyce. Where is Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten?
Housing affordability: Barnaby Joyce comments show Government is out of touch, Bill Shorten says
*sees Barnaby Joyce trending* *eats lunch* *pays water bill* *takes nephew to cricket training* "another day in the pressure cooker huh"
Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce goes "bonkers". Shows no understanding of renewables
Updated: Agriculture industry stands to lose up to $193mln a year if moved to Barnaby Joyce's electorate
Barnaby Joyce wants to move a pesticides agency to Armidale meanwhile the net is so bad broadcast of presser is frozen h…
Politics podcast: Barnaby Joyce on the state of the National Party via
Three generations of Nats: Former Nat senator Ron Boswell, up and comer Matt Canavan and leader Barnaby Joyce at t…
Barnaby Joyce pretty much just confirmed Joe Hockey didn't even need legislation for backpacker tax first proposed in 2014 budget lol
Barnaby some guts..kill BS huge expense to continue worshipping fraud AGW..wake up to fraud renewables.decisions!
This is pertinent for this week's Off Track everyone: Barnaby Joyce 'ditching' plan to return water to Murray river
You may remember Australia's deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, as the guy who enthusiastically berated Amber Heard and Johnny Dep...
Barnaby Joyce proved again today he is the Donald Trump of Australian politics *** . Calls for unity, relies on d…
Not just questions over George Brandis and the public service. Check out this Barnaby Joyce development.
Barnaby Joyce refuses to release the cost benefit analysis for moving Pesticides & Vet Medicines Authority to his elector…
Barnaby Joyce is Acting Prime Minister. Good work New England you passed over Tony Windsor for this. How drunk is he today???…
Hasn't anybody noticed that Barnaby Joyce is now Acting Prime Minister of Australia
it's ok farmers, Barnaby Joyce knows what's wrong. Govt forgot to do anything. So relax! Bank will take care of it
nah. I'm Aussie. We have our own *** bags. Barnaby Joyce for example. Oh, and Ken Hamm. Sorry about ken. 😷
Why continue with Joel Fitzgibbon as Agriculture Minister?! He'll just agree with Barnaby Joyce on everything, including Live Export!
Matthew Canavan on 'rock star' Barnaby Joyce, plans to boost coal mining and dangers of GetUp
Barnaby Joyce and Boris Johnson walk into a bar.
does anyone else think Barnaby Joyce looks like the principal from ferris buellers day off
Apologies to Barnaby Joyce. He said no such thing about his co-president of the Gina Rinehart fanclub, Andrew Bolt
Barnaby Joyce had Gina Rinehart's staff working for him!
Yep - Gina Rinehart is paying people to fly in to New England to help get Barnaby Joyce elected. Thats the...
Good luck tomorrow I hope you take down Barnaby Joyce for the good of the whole country.
pic just in of Gina landing in Armidale to support Barnaby Joyce
The tears of a non human... turns his back on the pain of
Barnaby Joyce sitting uncomfortably on renewable energy boom via
We’re voting 4 stronger policies to prevent more severe & frequent bushfires http…
What jobs? There are no jobs anywhere thanks to your government.
BREAKING: & Vic Govt to provide admin cost of concessional loans, ready to hit the ground.
This is not a Force majeure, there are people responsible for the atrocity. htt…
I have written to Minister Barnaby Joyce proposing a suspension of the live cattle trade to Vietnam.
"Why did you buy that mongrel country out there, is there going to be a coal mine?"
Barnaby Joyce is not fit for parliament Vote Tony Windsor http…
Hamilton Collection
Petition update - Amen excerpt from the Animals Justice Parties website. Is Barnaby Joyce an *** via
I hear what you say but waiting for the CFMEU to tell me it's ok to agree!
MT coup saved seats like Canning last Sept...oh hang on
Barnaby you're a brainless cruel moron. Hope u don't have pets.
I have written to about the treatment of Dr Lynn Simpson & industry capture of his Dept. http…
ABC TV proves again that monsters control live animal export trade. Barnaby Joyce an A-grade sadist. AW
Oh dear what does the agriculture minister have to say about animal cruelty and the sacked whistle blow…
Arrogance & disregard is going to be your downfall
What claimed in expenses for 6 months would have gone a long way to clearing surgery waiting list in Tasman…
too gutless to run your own campaign gotta bring paid thugs from Ginas Harlem of bouncers . F…
Young boy filmed reacting with shock at meeting Deputy Prime Minister
"They closed down the live cattle trade, we expanded it" today at the Liberal launch...Bravado in spite…
But You dope that's just what we DON"T want 2 happen https…
"Barnaby bank...short on detail, long on broad and airy ideas" Top yarn on Nats' ag policy.
Roll out the pork barrel & when that fails call Mumma Gina htt…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Gina Rinehart flies in to assist Barnaby Joyce's campaign. Doesn't this send a strong message to the farming community about…
nothing personal mate but the LNP are a disgrace with the rubbish that flows out of you and big Mal
Dept PM Barnaby Joyce in Shepparton tonight meeting with fruit growers.
using the ol' war rhetoric, eh, just like your buddy Mal
Barnaby Joyce may be a party heavyweight but he's still light on policy
Only the demented could think having the despicable Gina in your corner is a plus htt…
In the year between investigations, allowed HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of cattle 2B sent to Vietnam.
Spot the irony in . Malcolm Turnbull has spent the afternoon with Barnaby Joyce visiting a nut farm
In a soap about Australian politics, who would you cast as Barnaby Joyce? My suggestion is...Mickey Rourke
Fiona Nash might be a worse deputy PM than Barnaby Joyce, writes Peter Wicks.
Q&A: Barnaby Joyce and Tony Windsor trade blows on mining and national broadband network
"It's a state issue." *shrugs* . Barnaby Joyce seems to have forgotten his Australian Constitution and Franklin River precedent. .
Barnaby Joyce = a 'grub' - interfered with Hansard & had Abbott sack Agric Secretary Paul Grimes to hide own misdeed
Today's campaign: Indonesia hits back at Barnaby Joyce's live export comments
Barnaby Joyce an absolute *** Marles - The deputy prime minister is an absolute *** a senior Labor MP say...
Barnaby Joyce equated with Donald Trump by Sydney Morning Herald. Next, Darren Chester as Silvio Berlusconi.
😆 Morrison and Bowen 'Barnaby Joyce is loose and dangerous,' says Shorten &as it ... 😀😆
Good morning - this morning's news headlines across the region include:. * Malcolm Turnbull leaves Barnaby Joyce...
Every time Barnaby Joyce opens his mouth... (via
APOLOGY: In an article yesterday we said Barnaby Joyce was ‘mad as a cut snake’ We apologise unreservedly to the cut snake c…
Correlation isn't causation, says Director of ANU's School of Asia Pacific Affairs in response to Barnaby Joyce
yes, exactly. Things are pretty dire when you make Barnaby Joyce look good I must say.
Johnny Depp thinks Barnaby Joyce was inbred with a tomato . We did find a baby photo, though. Still don't see it
Barnaby Joyce links live export halt with rise in asylum seeker boats
The one time I get quoted by a major international news source and it's in defence of Barnaby Joyce?.
Stop, Johnny Depp. You're making Barnaby Joyce look good. I mean seriously, we have quarantine laws for a reason you pompous ***
DISGUSTING image of Barnaby Joyce's stool sample (NSFW):
GREAT pic of Barnaby Joyce campaigning in his electorate
Did Johnny Depp just say Barnaby Joyce is inbred tomato that he thought was going to explode? I need to with current affairs
Where is Barnaby Joyce in the Murray Goulburn fiasco
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Barnaby Joyce and Murray Goulburn investors all at sea in milk lake
Barnaby Joyce: dairy farmers like my family are being destroyed - please step in urgently - Sign t...
Mike Baird will back away from the amalgamation of several country seats, despite the opposition of Barnaby Joyce https…
I give a Gonski, Barnaby Joyce cuts $214,000,000 from schools funding in the New England
We're inching closer to the day when Acting PM Barnaby Joyce calls President Trump to discuss how to sensitively handle late…
"If this was a celeb pooch or a media opportunity Barnaby Joyce would be all over this" - Simon Smith, NT Farmers Association
What do James Ashby and Barnaby Joyce have in common? Herpes
Australia still open for business: Joyce: Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce defended the decision in response to...
special office provided to Barnaby Joyce to explain government policy to him because, geez guys, so hard -
Rumour has it visionary writer/producer/director Barnaby Joyce is to receive an honorary Oscar at next year's Academy Awards.
Johnny Depp's dogs: Barnaby Joyce gets his man
There should be more Politicians like Barnaby Joyce to liven OZ up a bit. Exciting read
Barnaby Joyce launches what could be Australia's first medicinal cannabis farm in NSW. Acting Prime Minister...
"'I'm Barnaby Joyce,' he said. 'And what do you do?' the woman asked the acting PM."
This Guy have more Prime Minster in him than Bill Shorten and Malcom, Turnbull put together. . Barnaby Joyce, acting
Tony Windsor seeks apology from Barnaby Joyce over coal mine comments | DailyTelegraph
Barnaby Joyce is running the country! What a time to be alive! via
has Tony Burke done backflips yet over Barnaby Joyce's use of a helicopter yet?
In fact, Australian politics has NEVER been more poorly represented other than Barnaby Joyce, at least he's believable and fair dinkum
Barnaby Joyce draws distinctions between his helicopter ride to Drake and Bronwyn Bishop's
I wonder if Barnaby Joyce will hit the campaign trail in Murray
Today's the day for New Englanders to call Barnaby Joyce's office and insist the full be included in May Budget: 02 6761 3080
Bill Shorten's take on the looming battle between Tony Windsor & Barnaby Joyce. More tonight on
Treasurer Scott Morrison says he's confident Barnaby Joyce will retain his seat. But 'not taking anything for granted'
Bill Shorten the man cautioned by Royal Commissioner for evasive waffle now critiques Barnaby Joyce's competence. Can't imagine as PM-
zinger !!. Bill Shorten in just 15seconds, smacks down Barnaby Joyce. Tony Windsor is a shoo-in to win !! 😁. htt…
Breaking: Tony Windsor has announced he will return to politics to run against deputy PM Barnaby Joyce
"We're going to come up with a policy" - Barnaby Joyce on tax today. Good to know.
David Murray, Barnaby Joyce see merit in letting the most poorly paid opt out of compulsory superannuation:
Barnaby Jones our new Deputy PM.oh my bad, Barnaby Joyce
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If you think guys like Bob Carr and Alan Jones are out of touch checkout Barnaby Joyce
Barnaby Joyce: "You must admit that John Howard did grab a lot of Pauline Hanson's policies and ran off to the election with them.."
Barnaby Joyce on resignation of Stuart Robert: "Malcolm's dealt with this. Once details became apparent - Goodnight Irene".
Barnaby Joyce is brought to you by Gina Reinhardt
New Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce to back CSIRO CEO Larry Marshall prioritise fossil fuels not
"Barnaby Joyce to be Deputy PM and Leader of the National Party - all we need now is @ Tony Abbott to be PM - Perfect
Is the world ready for Donald Trump and Barnaby Joyce to be leaders?
If not Barnaby Joyce, then who? These ministers have thrown their hat in the ring for ...
Did I hear that Barnaby Joyce will be the leader of the Nats? He's like a more bogan version of Tony Abbott.
Hard pressed by Greg Hunt or George Brandis or Scott Morrison or Barnaby Joyce or ...
If you think it's bizarre for Greggie Hunt to be voted World's Best Minister...wait till we get Barnaby Joyce as Deputy …
Please remember that a vote for Malcolm Turnbull will be a vote for Barnaby Joyce to become deputy prime minister.
Barnaby Joyce & Attorney General George Brandis two of the worse (apparently).
Barnaby Joyce has declared he's ready to lead when Warren Truss stands aside.
I think Barnaby Joyce would make a good leader and Turnbull may start wishing he had not coveted Tony Abbott’s job.
Barnaby Joyce may be Acting PM if Warren Truss retires - think about it - Turnbull overseas - Barnaby in charge of nation
Is Nats leader Warren Truss on his way out? That puts Barnaby Joyce in as Nats leader & Deputy PM. Interesting times upcoming. 1/
How the Queensland cattle industry won't let Warren Truss resign until "anyone but Barnaby Joyce" can replace him.
Barnaby Joyce: Please urge South Korea to ban the dog and cat torture and consumption! - ¡Firma la... vía
Barnaby Joyce doing his best Sam Dastyari impression...
Joel Fitzgibbon harks back to carbon tax debate asking Barnaby Joyce how much a lamb roast will cost under a higher GST.
Barnaby Joyce has defended a decision not to visit the central and north west as part of a tour of the Murray-Darling Basin this week.
Barnaby Joyce looks to revive health audit of Murray-Darling Basin
Alan Jones hates Barnaby Joyce and Warren Truce .I'm not sure about him at all.Ray Hadley has always Ben Liberal
she will back flip. Just like Thd Liberals will tell her too.
I've had it there seems to be no escape from these inner city fools. I want to b left ALONE
electorate is unfortunately represented by two National Party climate sceptics. . . Shame on you both.
What? Write something don't watch Person salaried by me at abclandline - wake up!
Agriculture should be bipartisan with long term goals
The idea of Barnaby Joyce heading anything vaguely authoritative or credible is somewhat hilarious
How would we know? wasn’t allowed to come on to talk about the white paper.
gets an easy goal with the Coalition's rubbish climate policy. Calls out the useless Barnaby Joyce as well
Barnaby Joyce was named to herd sheep on horseback.
As long as Nationals have leaders like Barnaby Joyce there isn't much hope.
Regional Australia needs credible representatives. is a joke.
Barnaby Joyce odds on the next PM from the bush
Animals love, cry, laugh, their hearts rise in anticipation & fall in despair...they feel!
Turnbull cabinet rankings: rises ahead of Morrison. Under Abbott, treasurer was ahead of nats deputy.
Give farmers the right to refuse to allow mining on their properties.
Funny. It looks like a couple of politicians following the Flock. Doing what they do best.
“I look positively well next to Barnaby,” says Dad, on his photo with the perpetually red-faced Joyce
& future of Oz consumers What's 1kg of prime rump worth when compete with 1 billion Chinese?
Barnaby Joyce the winner as Turnbull reorders cabinet seniority.
Heard on - will he mustn't have same nightmares as I re oversubs…
So much for journalism in OZ. These pr's are copied &pasted toRural Press.I've sent some red hot
So nothing about the halal scam being forced on Aussies, shame on you
"The role of the deputy is to protect the leader," says Barnaby Joyce.
"Warren will be leader for as long as Warren wants to be leader." Barnaby Joyce on Nationals leadership situation.
pls advise yr opinion on signing Paris treaty & giving away $B how can it be good for us, rely on yr advice
my dad met Barnaby Joyce today but our family pet is safe
Hes as weak as *** amp;never even read my PPP plan. Surrounded by a mob of brown noses(am i blocked
Biosecurity is critical and our advantage for agricultural expansion - opening new Post Entry Quarantine facility.
Thanks 4 story, can u let know when he pops in2 Emerald on Friday please?
Good old Barney won't answer, he just blocks Oz citizens
Doesn't know who the local Mayor is/what state seat he's in @ this event. And all I can think about is Pistol & Boo.
Barnaby Joyce opening the new post entry quarantine facility at Mickleham
Coming up on from Camden Park near Longreach, will talk to about the drought
Does have a responsibility to fight the mine if it's no longer in his patch? He says he will
Scott Morrison asked about being ranked lower on cabinet seniority than Barnaby Joyce: "We're all just happy to be workin…
Rumours of a leadership transition in The Nationals continue, but Joyce reaffirmed his support for Truss - https…
Geez!..that Barnaby..he's on top of all things agri'..pity about his vocabulary!
“It doesn't rain cars and it doesn't rain bails of wool”: on Listen: htt…
“If it doesn't rain, well yes, you're forced into a different business plan”:
I was going to comment but frankly you are not worthy of my time.
Ag Minister confident on - it will rain, and if it doesn't, then it will...
Does this look like we are improving animal welfare in live export? htt…
needs 2 speak to & maybe I could send him Mum doing school in car…
Check out some of our speakers for the NASAA Organic Industry Seminar in Canberra next month...
Barnaby Joyce Minister for Water states the Longreach drought will be broken by rain & the help of god-Abetz would be …
Barnaby Joyce goes ahead of Scott Morrison in cabinet ranks, says leaked copy:
Barnaby Joyce speaks with a farmer in need on 3AW Mornings
"I'm hoping every other farmer in Victoria was listening.". Colin has his "eyes opened" by Barnaby Joyce
Unbelievable that arguing to suspend the Murray Darling Plan and give water policy to Barnaby Joyce. Sta…
Barnaby Joyce: " Because I believe the Governor-General is a man of his word" A long history of G-Gs pretending to swear Ministers in
Barnaby Joyce heckles OL Bill Shorten - how's your netball team?. Don't forget Tony Abbott is a self confessed "netball dad".
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
we need David Marr every week please... Barnaby Joyce has lost any credibility he had left with me tonight. Lear…
Remember when Barnaby Joyce's put his $700,000 house on Tony Abbott being Prime Minister at the next election?
Barnaby Joyce says business case for big new coalmines 'no longer stacks up' - that's a start!
The loss of BAE flight training to Tamworth is a disaster. So much for Barnaby Joyce and Kevin Anderson being "at the table".
Barnaby Joyce & Abbott ran the most disgusting racist campaign about Chinese investing in Australian agriculture & now…
Media watchdog clears Kyle Sandilands over Barnaby Joyce 'stream of invective': Australian Communications and ...
This Clarke and Dawe could be a transcript from a real interview.
The Nats are vastly over represented in HoR - 15 MPs for 732k votes nationally. Greens - 1 MP for 898k votes. >
Pretty sure my mum dressed up as Barnaby Joyce with Pistol and Boo for her friends 50th birthday is easily the highlight of my week.
Suprised you didn't try and have it put down..
And threatened to euthanise his dogs...
Hopper going to wish us 🐭s luck for Monday, since you're all for farmers on
Maybe our new Immigration Minister after the Operation Fortitude debacle? :-D
Big solid wallaby in hills between Woolbrook and Tamworth. Macropodus Hooper ?
Can any National Party voters in New England tell us what great things Barnaby Joyce has done for you that Tony Windsor ne…
enjoy the show while you can. ABC RN are an ongoing casualty of ABC funding cuts.
Driving from Guyra listening to the truth about Penguin Books on ABC RN. Allan Lane is an interesting character.
Also Barnaby Joyce is Silas the Albino who wears a cilice under his suit.
Shenhua mine bosses caught up in Chinese corruption probes via Black day for Barnaby Joyce…
Time is ticking Please don't let these sheep suffer on your watch. You have 28 days:
500 exported sheep are suffering in Kuwait - Get them out
Will Barnaby Joyce be a one term wonder? Tony Windsor looking more like a winner every week.
Hope you are right. We need someone with common sense there.
BREAKING: Bureau of Meteorology confirms another 6 weeks of winter after Barnaby Joyce sees his own shadow.
CONFIRMED: Farmer organisations appeal rights also crushed by Another Barnaby Joyce betrayal on . h…
Your name on a shed? I guess it IS one step up from yr name on a dunny
I'm calling for to stand as Independent against for New England whatever our po…
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