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Barbara Windsor

Barbara Ann Deeks, MBE (born 6 August 1937), better known by her stage name Barbara Windsor, is an English actress.

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..I would really liked to have met her - I've imagined she was the Barbara Windsor of the Restoration..
At the fair today in Windsor Locks. Come say hi and get a reading!! . Barbara Stambo Rythms Dance Academy Vendor...
Barbara Windsor's long, varied and extremely successful career
The fact that Barbara Windsor became a dame before june whitfield amazes me. June was in Hancocks blood doner sketch
Didn't Sid James also deny boinking Barbara Windsor too Gyles? (He SO did).
Barbara Windsor on location for Carry On Doctor, Maidenhead Town Hall, in 1967
Here's a picture of Barbara Windsor herding sheep across London Bridge, exercising her right as a freeman of the City of Londo…
Just walked past an office that had a cardboard cut out of Barbara Windsor in the window . Ah, Britain.
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at a really cool nightclub to meet Barbara Windsor
reminds me of a young Barbara Windsor
So pleased that were invited to tonight with guest of honour Dame Barbara Win…
Dame Barbara Windsor opens a toilet. Bless this sit and all that pale on her!; )
Here we are with the legend Barbara Windsor. We spoke about you darling x
With Dame Barbara Windsor at St Paul's Church Covent Garden where she opened the disabled facilities
Meeting a true national treasure, the gorgeous Dame Barbara Windsor - and reminiscing about productions…
Lovely to meet Dame Barbara Windsor as she opened new foyer at St Paul's Covent Garden, the Actors' Church
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I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Bear Grylls island to meet Barbara Windsor
An Evening at El Morocco with the Kray Twins and Barbara Windsor |
Do you know what? Unless it's a false memory, I did. *** Whittington at Croydon with Barbara Windsor.
Read more about Barbara Windsor's role in Carry On Again Doctor here:
Please not Sanchez Phil. I'd rather put Barbara Windsor in the hot seat ffs.
Attending the opening of a toilet by Barbara Windsor today. Whot a rich and varied life I'm leading!; )
Can't say I'm disappointed by that. Carry on Conservative. Wonder if Barbara Windsor's free?
Attending today's service are comedy stars including Patricia Routledge, Barry Cryer, and Barbara Wi…
Charles Hawtrey has already bagged the part. And what about Barbara Windsor? Dare I s…
Carry on legends: Terry Scott, Bernard Bresslaw, Barbara Windsor, Jack Douglas, and Jim Dale. 2 of 2
Didn't think much of this film. No Bernard Bresslaw, no Barbara Windsor, no Jim Dale, nuffink.
- Stars pay tribute to Ronnie Corbett at Westminster Abbey, Barbara Windsor, Gra...
Dame Barbara Windsor proudly salutes our Servicemen and women!. Show your support by sending us your own.
Right I'm bored of this now. Just get someone in. ANYONE! Jane Mcdonald, Barbara Windsor, Jim Bowen, Bobby Gillespie. ANYONE!!!
I never thought would make me so emotional, I think it was actually a lovely tribute,made me see Barbara Windsor in a whole new light.
I just watched Babs on IPlayer. The drama about Barbara Windsor's life. It was really enjoyable.
Louis Wise reviews the Barbara Windsor biopic Babs — on tonight
My review of last week's very good + the dismal Barbara Windsor hagiography,
I thought was lovely. So glad Barbara Windsor was in it herself, especially at the end 😍
I met Barbara Windsor once - on the pier at Blackpool. Lovely lady. Just saying. As you were.
Anyone watch the programme on BBC called 'Babs' about Barbara Windsor? It's set on Cromer Pier!!
We were lucky enough to have her be a castaway twice - the of Barbara Windsor:.
2016 grad and ex- member got her first job in the Barbara Windsor story. iPlayer:…
Barbara Windsor is a national treasure!
BBC's Barbara Windsor biopic celebrates an icon – but viewers thought Babs was more of a mixed bag.
Been reading the reviews for which are remarkably kind. Watch this to see how good Barbara Windsor really was
BBC's Barbara Windsor biopic Babs slammed by viewers
Looking forward to on BBC1 tonight. Emeli Sande is amazing as Barbara Windsor.
Barbara Windsor isn't even the most convincing Barbara Windsor in this.
If you missed starring as the legendary Barbara Windsor then you can watch the one-off drama now o…
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what an amazing woman Barbara Windsor is, thoroughly enjoyed
Not sure about Jaime Winstone as Barbara Windsor. She looks more like the ropey blonde from S Club 7
has laid into BBC Barbara Windsor drama branding it as 'Car Crash Telly'
was pretty good, wish Barbara Windsor was in it more though.😕
Dame Barbara Windsor reveals her reaction to watching her BBC biopic
Cast list, 10 teasers and all you need to know about the BBC drama Babs https:…
Don't forget: Babs, the Dame Barbara Windsor story is on BBC1 tonight at 8pm
Why did Barbara Windsor want to make new BBC biopic The star reveals all https:/…
Barbara Windsor and Joan Sims...those are the two everyone forgets.
Barbara Windsor to leave EastEnders as Peggy Mitchell gets...
Who is Samantha Spiro? Meet the actress who played Barbara Windsor in Babs
Barbara Windsor when she was younger was an absolute doll😍
Incase you missed the drama about the living legend Dame Barbara Windsor 'Babs' it is on here... htt…
Sid James seduced Barbara Windsor with a passion fruit
Could not love Barbara Windsor more than I do right now! If you haven't watched 'Babs' you need to! thank you!!!
What a load of codswallop was real shame as I love Barbara Windsor & think she's got a good story to tell 😔
Barbara Windsor just makes my heart feel warm and puts a smile on my face ☺️
to leave EastEnders as Peggy Mitchell gets...
just gonna stick on Carry On Camping to remind me if Barbara Windsor was in fact a 15 stone kim woodburn lookalik…
I'm sick of seeing Barbara Windsor's buzzing grill all over the place aye! 😡 She's only famous as Sid James was rodding her!
I really enjoyed that Barbara Windsor drama very emotive mind
HATE seeing all these lazy film/tv names which are just someone's name. No one has ever called Obama 'Barry' or Barbara Windsor 'Babs'
Best of was seeing a bit of & Barbara Windsor's relationship. Staunton was ace as Joan.
What a Carry on... Barbara Windsor's incredible life in her own words
Barbara Windsor's incredible life in her own words: Three weddings and a lot of carrying on! - Mirror Online
Babs: A cobbled together life story of Barbara Windsor told in flashback
Hm, I'm not sure Barbara Windsor can still be described as a fox
was a wonderful look at the life of Barbara Windsor. Perfectly acted by all and cleverly shot. Would love to…
How was made? Writer Tony Jordan reveals the story behind the touching Barbara Windsor biopic
Ally Ross on Babs. Spot on, as usual. The nation loves Barbara Windsor for the Carry On Films above all else.
Sid James, Barbara Windsor and Kenneth Williams fighting over roadkill for the right to devour the rotting flesh. Worst Carrion film ever
Sid James playing Willie Mullins and Jim Dale playing Ruby.I think it could work,Barbara Windsor as Katie,P…
Spotting mates on Just seen Ian Lavender in the shower Anita Harris having her shirt ripped off and lovely Barbara Windsor!
...Barbara Windsor, Bobby Charlton, Brian Blessed, Ridley Scott, Shirley Bassey and Willie Rushton were all born in 1937
Having said that 'Not Now Darling' starring Leslie Phillips and Barbara Windsor has just started.
My superficial goal in life is to have the body of Babs circa carry on
All this time and i never realised Barbara Windsor was in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!
Interesting. Barbara Windsor and Wendy Richard were able to "overcome" or perhaps monolopize their star power/popularity.
To all the eastenders who want to see Peggy (Barbara Windsor) and Phil as a baby and Eric.
Deaths that will have me mourning for the rest of my days; The Queen, Barbara Windsor, June Brown
Looking forward to tonight 💃 Just hope I don't have another Barbara Windsor moment 😅😰
On in 5 minutes it's CARRY ON SPYING 1964 Bernard Cribbins Barbara Windsor and the gang
Barbara Windsor should be the next Doctor Who.
what was Barbara Windsor called in that programme
that was very funny Sir Alan. Barbara Windsor did say once when she looked at you she saw Sid James looking back 😂😂😂
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The only two people I remember wearing Joy perfume were Dorothy Squires and Barbara Windsor
. Q3 Don't know that one. Guess at Barbara Windsor!
I dreamt the other night that I was kidnapped by Barbara Windsor. Not the 1960s young, bouncy, giggly, booby...
Barbara Windsor Celebrates..., Bob Monkhouse 9 days left to catch this fab doc
...ended up having dinner next to the actual real-life Barbara Windsor and chatting to David Walliams' lovely mum.
Today sees the launch of with radio spots starring Barbara Windsor &
Dame Barbara Windsor switched on the lights last year. Who do you think will do it this year
When the line to get your copy of First Come Love signed by Edie Windsor and B. Proud is THIS LONG !!
Barbara Windsor I believe in that classic comedy Carry on Corbyn
Trixie doing the Barbara Windsor a Carry on...workout dvd
is watching Carry On Spying and he is snorting out loud. Mostly at Barbara Windsor. Hmmm
Best Things about London in order: 1. The Enterprise 2. People falling asleep on other people on the tube 3. Barbara Windsor
Music hall legend Marie Lloyd born this day 1870 - a 1970 tribute to her from Barbara Windsor, Maurice Gibb & Denis…
Same time as Barbara Windsor when stockings were obligatory regulation uniform?
Barbara Windsor eat your heart out... 😁
Used to watch it faithfully as a kid with my grandad. Tonight's had Barbara Windsor in it. A lovely very early B&W episode
A man can dream, can he not?. *visualises Wullie Rennie being chased by frisky Barbara Windsor lookalike*. 😯
Winding down so I just watched a cameo from Barbara Windsor, belly laughs generated.Should be on school curriculum.
Even in Dads Army Barbara Windsor showed how talentless she was / is!
No idea that Barbara Windsor had been in
I don't remember seeing this episode of Dads army before. Barbara Windsor and associated double entendre and bawdiness.
I'm sure I've seen this one Barbara Windsor again!
Spike in patient numbers has Ontario hospitals bursting at seams
she's ok👅I think she got the personality to b the nex barbara Windsor... short..blonde..bubbly..bright
Barbara Marred but Bored in Canada is looking to start an affair.
And we have Jimmy Perry and Barbara Windsor I'm this one - can't wait!!! Parade in the Church Hall at 2030
Barbara Windsor playing a 13 year old girl sitting on the lap of Sid James
I've also met Barbara Windsor and pat st clement (pat butcher) as she opened my mum and dads pub
"If they carry on like this". Judging by Lillian's expert Barbara Windsor squawk, there's plenty more "Carry On" to come.
Always loved the Carry On films. Met Barbara Windsor once too . Very nice :)
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It's joke when Barbara Windsor get Dame for exposing boobs It's a right Carry On
"I feel so good - and everyone says I look good too. Some of my friends thought I'd had a
Danny Dyer as the Doctor and Barbara Windsor as the new companion?
Arguably the low point of the 'Carry On' franchise in which Sid James offered to show Barbara Windsor his big amend…
12 noon: political chitchat (will set me straight) then on to celebrate Dame Barbara Windsor - my kind of day.
'Carry on Regardless'. Government announce title of the first film to be made in brexit Britain starting Barbara Wi…
Happy 88th birthday to actor Here with Ronald Fraser & Barbara Windsor in Crooks in Cloisters made
For once we're hoping doesn't come too close to the kiosk! 💨🌊🌪. Barbara Windsor ✅. Barbara Knox ✅. Barbara C…
Did you see? Barbara Windsor slams EastEnders for killing off Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell  
Here's your first look at Jaime Winstone as Barbara Windsor, as Nick Moran and Zoë Wanamaker join biopic Babs
I don't feel bullied personally but from last year:
Congratulations to Barbara Windsor on winning Best Exit for Peggy Mitchell at Inside Soap Awards.
Barbara Windsor: Anyone who doesn't wear a poppy can 'sod off' - ITV News. I agree!.
same reaction when he said Barbara Windsor had two large parts in carry on films
"Carry On Death Note" with Jim Dale as Light Yagami and Sid James as Ryuk. Featuring Barbara Windsor as Misa Amane.
Just a reminder to you all as she screams "GET YOUR 'ANDS ON OUR BIG BLUE BALLS" that Barbara Windsor was recently made a Dame
Barbara Windsor is as miffed as you are about Ronnie and Roxy leaving
Barbara Windsor reveals she wants Elton John at her 80th birthday and almost SNUBBED Carry On…
Barbara Windsor reveals how she almost snubbed one of her most famous roles -
Barbara Windsor reveals she wants Elton at her 80th and almost snubbed Carry On
How rich is Barbara Windsor?: The post How rich is Barbara Windsor? appeared first on Richest Celebrities & C...
. Poppy shaming still goes on . This article is from last year .
EASTENDERS' Samantha Womack has revealed how grateful she is to Dame Barbara Windsor for speaking out about their ex
The beautiful thing is that ageism just doesn't exist on 'EastEnders...
Agree. A total pinhead move. Stop killing all the legacy characters off on these shows!
Our star-studded line up for our on 14 December inlcudes Barbara Windsor, Charles Dance and Anne Reid…
I hear that Baroness Wheatcroft has been earmarked 2 take over at 'The Queen Vic' as Barbara Windsor put in House of Lords
Find out what this star had to say about her exit!
I once nearly barged straight through Barbara Windsor on Oxford Street as she is 3 feet tall and I did not see her in front of me
Barbara Windsor says axing Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell is a mistake
Jessie Wallace was the first time I erupted. She was late, she was y...
Dame Barbara Windsor said I reminded her of Joan Littlewood. Not my creativity. outspokenness & the fact she can never tell if I am joking!
Soap legend Barbara Windsor is not happy about Ronnie & Roxie getting killed off She's not the only one https:…
Celebrating with Barbara Windsor as *** Whittington in 1978, along with Tommy the Cat! By…
Can anyone stop Barbara Windsor shouting 'bowls' from my TV please?. I think it must be 'bowls'.
Barbara Windsor is NOT happy that Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell have been axed from
Furious Barbara Windsor slams new EastEnders boss for axing Ronnie and Roxie Mitchell Who cares what she thinks?!?!?
Today's exciting announcement - the incredible Dame Barbara Windsor will be reading at our carol service…
Could I come & recce the Victorian Staircase in Peckham Rye Station today for the BBC biopic of Barbara Windsor 'Babs'?
We have 2 pairs of tickets for this week's big game against at Windsor Park, courtesy of Follow a…
Barbara Windsor slams EastEnders for killing Ronnie and Roxy
"That is a mistake. When I heard I was shocked”: Barbara Windsor slams the soap over axing 'blunder'…
I've been incredibly lucky. I've worked in two iconic shows, 'Carry ...
I am not like my image; I take my work so seriously. Everyone thinks...
New post: ". Carry on Baking! Other contestants call me the Barbara Windsor of the Bake Off tent, admits Candice -…
: Bake Off’s finalist Candice Brown is called Barbara Windsor in the tent
."They called me Barbara Windsor in the tent. It's hard not to be naughty if you have plums."
what about Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Barbara Windsor and Jim Dale, are U getting those tomorrow? 😂😂
Barbara Windsor wanted Sheridan Smith to play the part. Sheridan would've been great but Sheridan played Cilla so it won't happen.
iPhone switches don't seem to work as is like leaving Pamela Anderson for Barbara Windsor
they kidded him though, they sent Barbara Windsor and Roy Castle, what a carry on!
Hackney North and Stoke Newington birthplace of Barbara Windsor casts 700 votes for Jeremy Corbyn!
Barbara Windsor dame for getting her wabs out. Bobby Moore? 😳😳
London Fields 11 of Peggy Mitchell’s best bits as barbara windsor bows out of eastenders - ... -
*AUCTION* Signed by judges Dame Barbara Windsor, DM your bid (£20 start)
I Barbara Windsor at Euston Station, let alone be kissed on the lips by her.
It isn't everyday that you go to the theatre and expect to end up sitting next to Barbara Windsor. Yesterday was that day.
I've just been looking through all my signed cast cards I've got lots of great ones such as Barbara Windsor, Steve Mcfadden, David Essex,
Huge thanks to Dame Barbara Windsor for coming along to see yesterday!
Just a few minutes to bag our signed poster! Signed by & Dame Barbara Windsor
Privilege to have Barbara Windsor in today
Is it bad that I miss Paul more than Peggy? Don't get me wrong, love both Paul ( ) and Peggy (Barbara Windsor) ❤️❤️
- 'Get outta my pub!' BBC pay a touching tribute to Barbara Windsor with a compi...
Sydney James/ Barbara Windsor . what a carry on ! .
Barbara Windsor was a few rows in front of me at the play that goes wrong 😭😭
Rear of the Year will be announced this week - the first ever winner was Dame Barbara Windsor back in 1976.
*AUCTION* Signed by our wonderful judges Dame Barbara Windsor, & bids start at £20
How much did Barbara Windsor, Joan Sims and Hattie Jaques get paid?
With Dame Barbara Windsor and Neil Tennant for the triumphant show
A huge thank you to Dame Barbara Windsor and all for supporting x
Lovely to see my old pal, the legendary Barbara Windsor supporting today…
'Babs', a biopic about Barbara Windsor, is finally in the UK in Autumn. Go to for more info.
Joined by two very special guests at Dame Barbara Windsor and
With Dame Barbara Windsor for stunning new live show
David Walliams and pal Barbara Windsor enjoy night out at Pet Shop Boys gig.
I love Bernard Cribbins and Barbara Windsor together in Carry On Spying
Cameron,hodgson,Beckham, Barbara Windsor...your boys took ,one *** of a beatinggo tonight!
oh my god Gyles Brandreth on Have I Got News For You just said "Barbara Windsor has already committed suicide on EastEnders" before Brexit.
I wonder if Barbara Windsor would be up for Carry On Battlebus now Peggy Mitchell has rolled a seven? Money in the bank Babs.
Barbara Windsor gets her own biopic from Tony Jordan
BBC to make new biopic on Barbara Windsor, plus two new series of Peaky Blinders
definitely thought you meant tuberculosis when you said TB which is on my mind cause there's a case at Windsor, lol
Glad has learnt from its mistake in not recommissioning Peaky Blinders to return for series 4&5
Friends with the Krays, Lord Boothby, Ronnie Knight. Barbara Windsor story set for BBC drama
Barbara Windsor has just made her first appearance, but don't worry, it doesn't spoil the rest of the film
BBC's Peaky Blinders to return for two more seasons
Dame Barbara Windsor drama to air on BBC One
Set in the 1990s and written by Tony Jordan, Babs will tell the story of Barbara Windsor, the Cockney kid who...
Barbara Windsor's life to become BBC movie, EastEnders...
Barbara Windsor's star will Carry On after EastEnders with a BBC film about her li...
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Get ahhht of my pub - and into a biopic. BBC1 to make Barbara Windsor biopic Babs
Enjoyed doing tonight's news review as ever - everything from the campaign to Barbara Windsor ...
Buzzing that there is going to be 2 more series of Peaky Blinders! Tonight's episode was just too good!!
Barbara Windsor story set for BBC drama. Dame Barbara Windsor has said she is "honoure...
Here we go! More coming your way with a series 4 & 5.
Daniella,I spoke to you in the bill nic last year about my mum Patricia Trangmar who lived opposite Barbara Windsor.
EastEnders' Barbara Windsor recreates Mitchell family portrait with Phil and Grant: Dame Barbara Windsor was ... https:/…
That one is a favourite of many! Barbara Windsor unveiled it back in 2014
Hi Stella. Have you seen this one-women play about Joan Littlewood, Barbara Windsor & Shelagh Delaney?
Barbara Windsor on exit: 'I was so choked up I couldn't speak' US TOO BABS 😭
Barbara Windsor unveils portrait showing her solemn side. via
Barbara Windsor & Jim Dale in Again Doctor 1969 and reconstructed over 45 years later, in 2015.
Most of a 1990 Juke Box Jury, Jools inviting Barbara Windsor, Tony Wilson and Shaun Ryder into his parlour. .
Barbara Windsor aka Eastenders Peggy Mitchell once had a one-night stand with Reggie Kray. Windsor had a taste for a bad boy!
Watch the EastEnders cast and crew surprise Barbara Windsor after she's made a Dame:...
Of course the original British female Ghostbusters was better. Ghostbusty (1985), Linda Lusardi, Barbara Windsor, Julie Goodyear, Rustie Lee
If they had to cast a Carry On actress to lead the Tribe of the Free why not Barbara Windsor? Or June Whitfield?
BBC News - Ross Kemp returning to EastEnders for Barbara Windsor's exit
BIG news! Barbara Windsor to leave the soap for good as Peggy Mitchell will die: h…
that has been in Carry On mode all day. I'm Sid James to her Barbara Windsor {cue dirty laugh}
When I were a lad ageing Shakespearian actresses were made Dames & Barbara Windsor stuck her boobs out at Kenneth Williams. Modern times!
Barbara Windsor a dame, who next for an honour Joey Essex? Jedward? Rolf Harris?
Can't stand Barbara Windsor. It'll be Dale Winton and Bigging getting knighted next. That's how relevant the Queen's honours are. Shambles.
Biased about Barbara Windsor - my mum was at school with her. (Our Lady's Covent School, Stamford Hill).
The moment I knew Barbara Windsor would be made a dame was when she jiggled her baps at Kenneth Williams and he said "…
Carry on Camping on ITV3. They used a fishing rod for the scene where Barbara Windsor's Bra flew into Kenneth Williams face,
A 'pneumatic' Barbara Windsor poses inside Elstree Studios - read more of her life
Why is Barbara Windsor on my radio flogging tomato soup?
"Those who don't wear a poppy can sod off!". Ah, gotta love Barbara Windsor.
Barbara Windsor: 'Peggy should reunite with her boys' via
EastEnders star Barbara Windsor would return with Ross Kemp: 'Peggy should reunite with her boys'
it was never like this when Hattie Jacques's was matron and Barbara Windsor was a nurse. Emergency Ward Ten strictly UK only too
Barbara Windsor and Charles Hawtrey between takes during Camping
Barbara Windsor and Ronnie Knight sit with Reggie Kray and his wife Frances at El Morocco in Gerrard St, April 1965.
Bruce Forsyth cosies up to his minidress-clad wife AND Barbara Windsor at book launch
Greg(g) wallis was on the tv box, turned over Barbara Windsor! Off to kill again
remember when Fred called me Tracy Barlow 😭 he goes into joes work & calls him Barbara Windsor
as Barbara Windsor once said. What a lovely pair
Good news on the M1 roadworks. They now start/stop at Daventry. As Barbara Windsor would say ' Every Little 'elps'.
I think Barbara Windsor's got something to do with it
how come you know so much about there legacy? Quick search on Wikipedia or is barbara windsor your granny?
had a dream last night i saw Barbara Windsor kill two dogs, figured it's an appropriate moment to dig out cLOUDDEAD https:…
Barbara Windsor will be the next 1 to me x
Friday night at El Morocco in soho with my fellow shoreditch girl Barbara Windsor, Ronnie Knight, Reggie and myself
This is on a door at the end of my road. Personally, I like my male with some junk. *Barbara Windsor voice*
star Barbara Windsor, but which film what this? "Keep Calm & Carry On" comedy eve on 18th Sept!
Barbara Windsor Really you're on the sofa from now on Reg 😭7 Amazing facts about the Kray Twins
Vintage fact: in the 60s Barbara Windsor had a one-night-stand with Reggie Kray.
A bit more like Barbara Windsor, actually.
Learned something new today; Barbara Windsor was a really good friend of the Kray Twins.
celebrity status, being seen with Barbara Windsor and that lot. Richardsons were far more brutal
I've just made the same noise Sid James makes when he sees Barbara Windsor for the first time in a Carry On film...
Apparently my mum's watching a programme about the Queen...I didn't realise Barbara Windsor was still on TV besides the Bingo ads.
19 years to the day that I joined the army. Bought an 85 year old Chelsea pensioner a pint to celebrate. He's shagged Barbara Windsor.
Maybe Balls On Babs works better, although it might make people think it's Barbara Windsor instead.
Dear You've had your moneys worth out of Barbara Windsor. Please get rid of her and with luck she'll retire. Not in 70's anymore
Back in 2001 Her Majesty The Queen visited the set of with Barbara Windsor and Wendy Richards.
For a while when I was younger I thought Barbara Windsor and the Queen were the same person
Had a dream someone I used to work with tried to blow up the shop, then Barbara Windsor was trying to kill me and I saved a baby.
I've been told I have a Barbara Windsor laugh. It was possible they meant it as an insult, but I'm taking it as a win.
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I wonder if the Krays would be ‘Legend’ if they were black and didn’t hang around with Barbara Windsor.
Barbara Windsor - an East Ender with a tumultuous past - read of her life here
It's the point where you laugh like Barbara Windsor
'She was a drug-taking wild-child who outshone Barbara Windsor - not a timid Kray victim'.
47 years old, mother of 3. Famously played by Barbara Windsor
Can't believe its been 5 years since Peggy left ant The Queen Vic Fire. Barbara Windsor has been back for one offs though
No lie, I dreamt up that last joke. I told it to Barbara Windsor and she drove away doing 'Allo 'Allo impressions.
Barbara Windsor can keep her hands off my blue balls.
Still reeling at Barbara Windsor as 13 yr-old in scanty school uniform, trying to seduce Sid James. 3rd voice, of Law, portrayed as a prude.
Love that i met Barbara Windsor yesterday and spoke to her like i'd not seen her for years - "How are ya?" (she was lovely)
What was Barbara Windsor thinking? Don't tell me things were different then. A lie. Massive protests outside BBC, when PIE was on Newsnight.
'It was Alright in the 1970s'. Ch4. Wasn't. I was there. Some of us fought PIE. Barbara Windsor's 13YR-OLD schoolgirl tried to bare breasts!
I'll put u out ya misery my sweet it was the Genesis mile end we went cos Barbara Windsor was with our China Ronnie Knight
I wonder how Spandeu Ballet feel about their song being used for a Bingo advert featuring Barbara Windsor.
Jonathan Ross! I love my fella with Keith Lemon hair like Barbara Windsor's pubic hair THANK YOU! As long as he aint K.L. x
barbara windsor carry on camping famous exercise by DREAMTEAMART via
The Barbara Windsor bit I'll give you. She was pretending to be 13 and that was very uncomfortable viewing.
East Ender Lionel Bart wrote the theme tune to 'Sparrows Can't Sing' performed in the film by Barbara Windsor...
Barbara Windsor appeared in Joan Littlewood's 'Sparrows Can't Sing' - read more of her life
Georgina Hale & I had a good time tonight at SPARROWS CAN'T SING Barbara Windsor! Murray Melvin! James Booth!
Can we have a "supermarket selfie" from your end just to prove you're the real Dale Winton? With Barbara Windsor, perhaps?
Thanks for sharing your memories of with us - stay tuned as we chat to Barbara Windsor and Gloria Hunniford...
Lilly Savage - Barbara Windsor - Cilla Black - GYPSY - loved this when they first did this!! Funny!!
Lilly Savage - Barbara Windsor - Cilla Black - GYPSY - Remember this from The Royal Variety Show.
Lilly Savage - Barbara Windsor - Cilla Black - GYPSY . I know this is naughty but I loved Cilla in this 😌❤️
Barbara Windsor on the wall outside Elstree Studios - read more of her tempestuous life
So at Gypsy I was sat next to Barbara Windsor and Christopher Biggins, and then I noticed I was sat behind Cameron Mackintosh!
Barbara Windsor and Jim Dale recreating one of British cinema's key scenes!
Good to see Barbara Windsor on an old Dad's Army and Jimmy Perry appearing as a Music Hall Comedian!
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