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Barbara Walters

Barbara Jill Walters (born September 25, 1929) is an American broadcast journalist, author, and television personality.

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People always blubber at the end of The Taste of Taiwan. And no Barbara Walters around.
Before entering the think of a good ice breaker that will provoke cultural revelations…
Originally said Barbara Walters. Had my newswomen mixed up. I'm also from Louisville so I had an idea.
"You have no idea the adventures in store for you. You have no idea how interesting your life can b…
This is for real, for real, for real. Oprah Winfrey whole segment for real, for real. 20/20 Barbara Walters for...
IF you ever get Barbara Walters for on I WANT TO GO TO IT!
as Barbara Walters once relayed encouraging words she received from John Wayne, "Don't let the *** get you down"
Listen to the interview. This is different than Barbara Walters sitting dow…
If you could do one of Barbara Walters with a bottle of it would really bring back my childhood.
Rachel Dratch as Barbara Walters continues to be one of the funniest recurring jokes on 30 Rock.
OK "partner". Back to comparing a hate filled murderer to Barbara Walters...😉…
.once told Barbara Walters he was uniter. he is, he's united us AGAINST him
So much respect lost over the years. Barbara walters must be ashamed of you now
Isnt that the opening line to Barbara Walters autobiography?.
2008: The youngest person and the only singer named on "Barbara Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People" with Barack Obama, Wil…
Young Barbara Walters has me wondering "who shes taking to Sadie Hawkins?!" 🔥
All purpose parts banner
There’s no + potent symbol of our times than: man w/bad peripheral vision elbowing his Picasso wearing a golf 👕 in front of Barbara Walters.
You brag to Barbara Walters what a great unifier you are, 😂😂😂, more of your con job to the American people.
So suddenly? She's been there 17 year's. And unless you're Barbara Walters they never give the audience advanced notice.
It's like Sagan meets Barbara Walters meets idealism.
I remember mentioning “white culture” to Barbara Walters before backing down & I was appalled. Now, 45 is an apologist of it
Best possible outcome for potus is a weepy prime time interview with Barbara Walters about latent racism he struggles w due to dads KKK past
I bet you you and Barbara Walters our close friends U no she's a Libra and she dressed lik…
Barbara Walters and Anne Frank were born the same year. Frank should be alive today. These lessons…
.quest for older folk out there, could you ever see Walter Cronkite doing this? even Barbara Walters? News is entertainment
I miss the Barbara Walters specials on him and Laura on the ranch. Didn't agree with him, RESPECTED him.
He admitted it in a Barbara Walters interview (I think it was her). The interview is on youtube. Will see if I can dig it up.
Milton Mollen, who led a long & accomplished life that included dating Barbara Walters, died at 97 via
FFS. Who is this Caroline Marcus Bimbo ? Obviously thinks she's a sort of " Barbara Walters" ! Emma Alberici you leave her for dead
But yet he told Barbara Walters that he was the least racist person of anyone she had ever met. Idiocy…
Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters will make it to 2020, but not us.   10% Off
According to Ted Danson in interview w/Barbara Walters - the world would've drowned already.
His sister said this year's ago in a Barbara Walters interview
Watching Barbara Walters corner General Shwarzkoff (sp?) with toxic masculinity claim of "real men don't cry" and remarkable answer
Why do Athletes continue to do interviews for TMZ? Do they think its Barbara Walters or something? TMZ nothing but…
Barbara Walters, Connie Chung, Linda Ellerbee would get nowhere today
Alternatively:. Barbara Walters: "But what would you do if the doctor gave you only six months to live?". Asimov: "Type faster"
Acting director Barbara Walters and Tech Director Chad Roseburg square off in a catapult contest at Manson Communit…
50 years ago today.Burgess Meredith and Joan Baez on 'Today' with Joe Garagiola & Barbara Walters on
20 years!!! I remember when you, Barbara Walters, Star Jones & Debbie Matanopolous started!! It was great!!!
At least its not Cap'n Barbara Walters school marm of the Delta Quadrant
Barbara Walters tells she gets Christmas cards from Fidel Castro
Where is Barbara Walters to tame her shrews? You really come off as bitter human beings. Sad.
Well, as John Wayne once told Barbara Walters when Harry Reasoner was giving her grief, "Don't let the *** get you down."
Throwback Thursday: That time I was invited to Barbara Walters' party -- and she started doing karaoke 🎤.
I will never forget Barbara Walters asking Elizabeth Edwards if she feared de…
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There were still play it was Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Meredith Vieira, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Star Jones, and Talented.
Apple is formed by Steve and Steve. Barbara Walters first female nightly news anchor. Silly love songs? What’s wrong with that?
Ted Koppel, Tom Brokaw, Sam Donaldson, Peter Jennings(RIP), Barbara Walters, etc probably why you aspired to become Journalist
Robert Iger will remain Disney CEO into 2019 Iger was supposed to retire on the heels of Barbara Walters.
Matt Lauer and others at Today hate her for barging in, and her attempt at being the new Barbara Walters tanked. New Oprah? LOL
Michael Jackson - Interview with Barbara Walters in 1997: via
Walter Cronkite. Ted Koppel. Barbara Walters. Anderson Cooper. All journalists. . But only has the banana.
It was Barbara Walters interviewing her, so - !
Joy Behar is such a fool in my opinion, and "The View" is such a waste. What a cesspool since Barbara Walters left!
If Martin Luther King, Jr. had survived, he'd be the same age as Barbara Walters and Ed Asner. The Civil Rights Era isn't bygone history.
Would you buy a cookbook written by Barbara Walters?
Me gustó un video de Seth MacFarlane on Barbara Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012
I can't imagine a more hate filled bitter show than who watches this crap. Poor Barbara Walters.
Barbara Walters to Meredith Viera are still culpable for all crimes listed. It's mostly Vassar community in our locale.
Barbara Walters talks to Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and his wife Melania, at…
(Fun Fact) Anne Frank, Martin Luther King Jr., and Barbara Walters were born in the same year, 1929.
He was born the same year as Barbara Walters, Ed Asner, and Anne Frank.
Another Barbara Walters sighting?. Take a look at the highlights from 3rd 20/20 game of the season last ni…
MLK, Jr., Anne Frank, and Barbara Walters were all born on this same day in the same year.
Bob Newhart. Barbara Walters. Anne Frank. Martin Luther King Jr. Each were born in 1929. . It's a shame the 2 of their lives we cut so short.
"Even Barbara Walters struggles with my name at ABC" - John Quiñones
Too many of us will pronounce "2020" like Barbara Walters, and the kids just won't get it...
founder getting her Barbara Walters on with ht…
Barbara Walters and Dolly are Spitfire Girls. They are such babies here
As Barbara Walters retires, my last memory of her will always be that her farewell retrospective made me fall asleep for…
Barbara Walters presents: The Man in the Mirror. 'How would you describe
Motherhood is tough. If you just want a wonderful little creatur...
I don't get how Mr Barbara Walters was still conscious after this foolery. He needed a good BOX!
you see Whitlock dab in that Fox Sports commercial? Barbara Walters 100x better than him
alright Barbara Walters don't make me have to keep gettin you
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I seem to recall a Barbara Walters interview with President Saddam Hussein. He seemed to think attacking critics was normal.
Classic Post: Sean Connery with Barbara Walters on slapping women
Just like the "View" w/Barbara Walters, used to be decent.
I'm curious about your position back when Gaga insisted she was Bi but told Barbara Walters "I'll definitely marry a man".
- Remember when thought was the messiah.
look it up, Barbara Walters was still on, and Whoopi and Joy got up & walked off because it was ridiculous. Like I said,
Barbara Walters looks permanently scared... I'm scared too.
Barbara Walters won't even touch you now. She knows a sinking ship when she sees one.
💟. Show me someone who never gossips. And I’ll show you someone who isn’t interested in people. 📝 Barbara Walters http…
Even his diehard followers can see this.. Everybody can. Barbara Walters interview was interesting.
Barbara Walters | libra . television journalist, the first female co-anchor of a network evening news program. Septembe…
This retard is trying to be the Barbara Walters replacement like Ryan Seacrest *** Clark transformation
Great win fellas shoutout Barbara Walters 💯 that will go over a lot of people head.
ABC anchor David Muir is firmly in the Peter Jennings-Barbara Walters tradition of Comandante-coddling.
Barbara Walters statement on the death of Fidel Castro:
WATCH: Fidel Castro - A Conversation With Barbara Walters: Walters reflected on some of the most……
Barbara Walters talks about her meetings with Fidel Castro over the years:
Jimmy Carter, Jesse Jackson, and I barely looked. Also, CBC, Barbara Walters, & countless others have in th…
Barbara Walters on Fidel Castro: "I told him that what we most profoundly disagreed on was the meaning of freedom"
Barbara Walters Statement on the Death of Fidel Castro - ABC News - via
A young Barbara Walters interviews Fidel Castro about diplomatic advisers he sent to Ethiopia.
Barbara Walters reflects on her multiple interviews with Fidel Castro (Video)
Barbara Walters on the death of Fidel Castro: "He made clear to me that he was an absolute…
"Were we that close to nuclear war?" speaks to Fidel Castro in 2002 about the Cuban Missile Crisis https:…
Barbara Walters releases statement on the death of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, whom she interviewed twice:
You won't see me on Barbara Walters; Oprah, that's not who I am.
Original co-hosts reunited for the 20th anniversary -- but where was Barbara Walters?…
For decades, Barbara Walters has been described as a broadcast pione...
Past moderators of have included: Bernard Shaw, Bill Moyers, Jim Lehrer, and Barbara Walters.
Celebrities know I'm not looking for a 'gotcha' moment. I don't want to be Barbara Walters w
Update your maps at Navteq
Happy 87th birthday to TV legend Barbara Walters
Sitting on the bus thinking about Rachel Dratch as Barbara Walters talking about the Rural Juror and laughing out loud. 😂😂😂
Barbara Walters honored w/ the Jessica Savitch Award and the Ithaca College aspiring journalists.
is no Ted Koppel, or Barbara Walters even.
kevin just made fun of Barbara Walters so I'm single now
wait, is this from today? And the front page is Della Reese, Barbara Walters, and Princess Di?
Roger Moore in the streets. Sean Connery in a Barbara Walters interview.
I thought I just saw Yoda on t.v. but I was fooled. It was Barbara Walters promoting her show Scandals.
"I don't have a girlfriend, but I've written several love letters to Barbara Walters"
He was on Oprah & Barbara Walters after the debacle along w GMA last year!
barbara walters: you all want to get married and have kids?. larry: absolutely 100% I've always wanted children. me:
I think she is gunning for some big network job! Perhaps on another network. I think she wants to be another Barbara Walters. lol
It's not me! I'm a Barbara Walters kind of guy.
I do think many figures in the media (Charlie Rose; Barbara Walters; etc.) deserve to be called out for ridiculous sexism directed @ HRC.
That's almost as bad as when Barbara Walters asked somebody if they were a tree, what kind of tree would they be?
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Well, she wants to be the next Barbara Walters, right. 😉
I love listening to you guys say Russell Westbrook. Y'all sound like Barbara Walters. Wussell westbrook
OMG Dorinda is so messy. She was just interviewing Ramona like Barbara Walters and goes upstairs and says Ramona is talking about Tom.
Sometimes it feels like my tontine with Barbara Walters is never going to end.
To feel valued, to know, even if only once in a while, that you can do a job well is an abs
Rachel, you're not starting to use a soft focus lens ala Barbara Walters, are you? Studio shots look distinctly blurry tonight.
I can't wait till Barbara Walters dies
Barbara Walters asking FLOTUS Hillary "Do you think the American people are ready to have a First Lady with strong opinions?"= bad flashback
Bridges of Madison County and interview with Barbara Walters are 2x Eastwood sex appeal leapt off screen.
😂 "not Walters" / Another witty ring in our collection by Barbara Walter →
is a must listen in your a hip hop fan! Absolutely hilarious and real. is like the hood Barbara Wa…
Barbara Walters went to bat for me, said "She is the future, I am the past, hire her"
My latest article about famed journalist via
April 28, 1983: Barbara Walters interviews the parents of John Hinckley, Jr. for ABC's "20/20."
When Barbara Walters asks you questions you know you've made it. Go to to…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Here's a little bit different of a its Dolly on the Barbara Walters Special back in 1977!
ha! I would love a Barbara Walters special but the FEC complaint probably makes it impossible now
it's just the Barbara Walters SNL filters...
Wait for those unguarded moments. Relax the mood and, like the child dropping off to sleep,
Barbara Walters in Conversation with Frank Rich at the 92nd...
Poor Barbara Walters! I wonder what she's thinking ! (She always loved Clint, her most favorite 'interview' of all.)
Gotta give Simmons some credit...he's handling this interview far better than Barbara Walters did.
We know you think you will be the next Barbara Walters or Oprah. But they have class though...
Miss last night’s Check out our recap to see what Barbara said about the Menendez Brothers!
Ethan has become Oprah, Barbara Walters, and Larry King mixed into one person. 🎙👍🏻😎
Barbara Walters taking heat for Woody Allen defense; Stephen King also fumbles with comment
It goes to some cutaway where Barbara Walters explains that Diana's oldest daughter is Barry Gordy's
Oh my, four more grad stars for CVC-TV. This will be better than the pre-Oscars by Barbara Walters.
David Koch tells Barbara Walters that he is a Social Liberal. This is a guy who knowingly released tons of benzine into the…
Katie who? We ain't exactly talking about Barbara Walters or Maria Bartiromo people!
did this for ratings. She wants a Barbara Walters style talk show. He did her a favor!
Don't put Meg in the Broadcast Hall Of Fame just yet. She isn't exactly Barbara Walters ,Oprah or Diane Sawyer
If that was attempt to be the next Barbara Walters, it was perhaps the worst reboot since New Coke.
She can't be Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters it takes class.
Barbara Walters think about this "Lloyd Benson oncesaid I knew John Kennedy and your no John Kennedy
Celebrities that love to flick the bean: Barbara Walters, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jenny McCarthy & Aubrey O'Day
My mother had a radio show - a Barbara Walters type of gal and was very suc...
Rumor is that Megan Kelly seeks a high-profile guest for a Barbara Walters-style prime time special on Fox. Hmm...DONALD TRUMP?
Jim Nance going Barbara Walters on Smylie Kaufman asking what kind of car he drives lol
It'll be like receiving emails from the thought child of Barbara Walters and Tony Robins.
Imagine Walter Cronkite and Barbara Walters discussing the cackle of a candidate. Where has gone?
Trump stands by his people especially if they did nothing wrong Michele Fields is an attention *** not Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters !
Seriously, do you really think YOU could EVER replace Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer? You don't have the class or intelligence!
Can you imagine Barbara Walters, Katie Couric or Diane Sawyer claiming 'battery' for this? Just ridiculous. .
Google Goggles will finally give me the 20/20 vision I've always wanted. Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs streaming 24/7.
Explain how the women on The View, which is a total disaster since the great Barbara Walters left, ever got their jobs…
Great photo hosts Hugh Downs, Barbara Walters and Joe Garagiola, in living color: Garagiola was 90.
grew up watching him on Today show with Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters. Made an impression on me in 60s.
you did great! Jane Pauley and Barbara Walters better watch out, 'cause here you come. 😋
Remember when Bernadette Peters was on The View & Barbara Walters & like "In Buddy's Eyes is beautiful" & BP was like "it's really...not"
omg lol i bet that's funny! my sister sounds just like Barbara Walters when she's sick
is the worst news anchor . not professional no wonder Trump talked about her. She's no Barbara Walters
Just watched a utube video of Barbara Walters interview with Shapiro after the trial. Travolta has nailed it!!
I dreamed that Barbara Walters told me "When someone gives you rotten eggs eat them". WTH dreamBarbara Walters
Oprah only does those Barbara Walters specials on her network ch.
Mayor Barbara Kogerman of Laguna Hills, Congresswoman Mimi Walters represented by Donovan and Strength in Support...
She the black Barbara Walters. Just won't sign off.
Barbara Walters admitted she was afraid to come back to TV because of her looks. "I looked old, tired, was honestly embarrased..."
The interview that included the phrase "crack is whack" was with Diane Sawyer on Primetime, not Barbara Walters. Please correct.
When I see interviewers like Barbara Walters or Katie Couric, I see them really creating the respect/trust we talk about...
Barbara Walters' BAD ATTITUDE Toward DONALD TRUMP, 1990 (425). CheckThisOut. No wonder he dislikes the media so much!!
I was there with Barbara Walters during her special.
shot out of a cannon: Oprah, Barbara Walters, your wife: go!
Donald Drumpf's hair somehow has the benefit of the same camera filter that Barbara Walters uses.
Great interview with on PS I Love You. Not even Barbara Walters can be as smooth in dropping that PSVR question
Nah. I just figured I'd get the Barbara Walters gossip out of the way, so I can let KP focus on the film :)
Watching the 1st season of and I feel like Barbara Walters wants her filter back.
I'm honestly surprised how many people didn't know she's GOP. It was the buzziest thing from the Barbara Walters interview.
Bernie is our best employee. he's got magic hands. just ask Barbara Streisand and Barbara Walters
Came across this - Brilliant, absurd in-person knockoff of Barbara Walters >.
is giving a Barbara Walters interview. Thousands of words, no substance.
Cc is back and taking over ! Find out what this little Barbara Walters in the…
Why does Paula defend republicans & not democrats? As a journalist, she should be like Miss Barbara Walters.
these women don't represent the facts.. This show is not a Barbara Walters winner anymore.
I added a video to a playlist Barbara Walters Special: Arnold Schwarzenegger [1990]
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One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time. ~Barbara Walters
Romney wrong about phrase "the Donald." Never derogatory; term of endearment used by Ivana Trump to Barbara Walters yrs ago.
I added a video to a playlist Miley Cyrus on Life After Liam Hemsworth | Barbara Walters Most
I added a video to a playlist O.J. Verdict - Robert Kardashian talks to Barbara Walters
I practice crying to Barbara Walters over you every night in the mirror
"If it's a woman, it's 'caustic.' If it's a man, it's 'authoritative.'" ~ Barbara Walters via
Even ABC channels Barbara Walters did a show on Catholic Church's paedophilia problem. Nobody cursed her!
Megyn, Megyn take some lessons from Barbara Walters on how to be gracious in interviews!
age is misusing a line that Barbara Walters used in her report on ronda !
With a TV star and a woman as front runners in the major parties, GOP is really just setting things up for Barbara Walters 2020.
Today's show was disgusting, & far below your standard of giving a voice to both sides of the debate. Where is Barbara Walters?
Veiw has went down in ratings so bad. Miss Barbara Walters and regular cast, at least they were fair. This panel ***
Again today on The View ~ Total Trump bashing ~ I miss the class Barbara Walters once brought to her show!
we are all the same people Barbara Walters Libra sunny Hostin Libra classy women that have a million questions
Ringo Starr and Barbara Walters spotted at Paul McCartneys wedding
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
John Edwards/Barbara Walters interview. Notice that two of the answers are the same bit of tape, spliced in to…
Barbara Walters is like that child molestor that becomes confused about its gender identity. She'll ask taylor swift about boys and perfume
firing from is exactly the same as when Barbara Walters got rid of Star Jones on The View in July 2006. PR mess!
Tracy Morgan opens up about car crash to Barbara Walters
his name is (was?) Fred Davis, covered Watts riots and helped produce some Barbara Walters specials. Was an adjunct at Nebraska
watching that Barbara Walters special with Mary Kay Letourneau
Forgot that Barbara Walters revisited the Mary Kay Letourneau story. She looks like Bonnie from now lol
Had a dude over and made him watch the new Barbara Walters / Mary Kay Letourneau special. Date me if you love murder before make outs.
I just wasted an hour of my life on Barbara Walters, Mary Kay Letourneau, and Vili Fualaau... in 2015.
Barbara Walters rehashing & interviewing Mary Kay Letourneau is disgusting. She is a pedophile. Can you imagine the rxn if she was male?
Barbara Walters interviewing Mary Kay Letourneau is more interesting than the
Barbara Walters is presenting the Mary Kay Letourneau case as a "forbidden love story". That's what we're calling rape now.
"One day he kissed you on the lips..." Barbara Walters is enabling this predator. Mary Kay is playing victim.
👀 omg Barbara Walters revisiting the Mary Kay Letourneau story on right now!
Who's watching this Barbara Walters special on about Mary Kay and Villy (sp)? Been waiting for this train wreck all day.
Barbara Walters is interviewing Mary Kay latourneau and Vily fulau and maybe this is a really romantic story and not gross? nah still gross
Mary Kay Latoutneau (sp) is going to be talking to Barbara Walters tonight with her child husband.
(Barbara Walters picks Caitlyn Jenner as 'Most Fascinating Person of 2015' (
Just watched part of Barbara Walters' interview with Jim Bakker...God bless Jessica Hahn.
As Castro would say to Barbara Walters who seemed to always have a little crush on him: defend the capitalism of mexico, defend the etc etc
Oprah. I will be on network TV in 2016. I will be the next Oprah, Barbara Walters, Wendy Williams, and Steve Harvey! I will own my (2/3)
"Barbara Walters is a joke. Just an old *** who admitted using casting couch to get jobs
Trump to Barbara Walters: "I'm the worst thing that ever happened to ISIS. The people in my party fully understand that"
Barbara Walters 10 Most Fascinating People special airs on December 17th but some names have already been released:
tune into Andy Cohen expecting to see a Barbara Walters caliber interview- or turn in at all really. Andy Cohen is a *** He's a shock
Frank Rich interviewed by Barbara Walters at the 92nd Street Y -...
ABC Barbara Walters on JFK Jr. Happy Birthday John Jr. The moon is still (almost) full this Thanksgiving Eve
If that nice man, Harry Reasoner, couldn't stand Barbara Walters, that says a lot.
Now that was an interesting episode, Barbara Walters. What an interesting case study Jean Harris was.
Tonight, Barbara Walters will interview Jean Harris' son. I remember that case.
Do yourself a favour: DO NOT watch julie andrew's interview with barbara walters and then watch the clip of her singing edelweiss last year
Anne Frank, Marting Luther King., and Barbara Walters were all born in 1929.
What to Watch Monday. A Thanksgiving movie with Steve Martin and John Candy, the canceled “Cristela” hits Netflix, and Barbara Walters revis…
Wouldn't it be ironic if Barbara Walters died in 2020?
Barbara Walters is addicting to interviewing people. Like I don't think she live her life if she's not all WHAT WAS SHE LIKE and all 👀
is the Barbara Walters of the bar business. Making people cry. Love it.
is actually the next Barbara Walters. Everyone should watch her interview with
watching Barbara Walters talk about OJ Simpson on ID channel,riveting!
Hilary Clinton & Barbara Walters have the same teeth. Maybe they share the same uppers. Hilary is one handsome dude.
All I want is for Barbara Walters to find me fascinating.
when Beyoncé and Barbara Walters are your friends and are tuning in, it's massive. She had so many firsts.
LMAO Trina and 1D? That's like DMX and Barbara Walters on a collabo. She did good tho!
Barbara Walters for her new Investigation Discovery series, "Barbara Walters Presents American Scandals."
If you squint during certain episodes of Golden Girls, Rue McClanahan looks a bit like Barbara Walters. . it's a hobby
thanks Barbara Walters. I think kal's nickname might be suitable for this pic😟
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take it easy, Barbara Walters, just my opinion.
If you were social media which social media would you be? . -Barbara Walters probably
.To remove Let's get this done people 13,000!
.Don't think we forgot about the Lover! We need more Signatures people. .
Deep breaths are very helpful at shallow parties. - Barbara Walters
Barbara Walters: Petition to remove Raven Symone from The View via
The episode I'm watching is Barbara Walters interviewing wives of politicians that were publicly humiliated by cheating husbands
[in Barbara Walters voice]. If you were a *tree, what kind of tree would you be?. *emoji
Moderators and O'Malley appear to have a Barbara Walters-esque soft camera lens thing going. Am I the only one who sees it?
Who loaned the CBS debate host the cheese cloth filter Barbara Walters used in the 80's?
Barbara Walters & John Ramsey—DNA on JonBenet Ramsey is from SERIAL-KILLER Robert Adolph Enyart FBI# 678532LA7
Jesse and jordan just named my new virtual child Barbara Walters.
The last time Halle Berry talked about David Justice was in that Barbara Walters interview. That had to be TEN YEARS AGO.
Thanks to Mike Collins for this gem:. Barbara Walters, of 20/20, once did a story in Kabul, Afghanistan, several...
the view w Barbara Walters and Star Jones
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Here's video of Barbara Walters and others wishing Producer Rachel a Happy Birthday:
Fun birthday lunch today with Barbara Walters at Michael's
horrible.. they have no clue she could be the next Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters
Brandi Glanville Unfiltered. She's the Barbara Walters of our time.
The Clintons have been lying since the interviews with Barbara Walters back in 1992 regarding Jennifer Flowers. That's the problem
ABC-TV newswoman Barbara Walters is 86. Victoria-born singer Ian Tyson of Ian and Sylvia is 82.
Same bday as Will Smith, Barbara Walters, and Faux? Popular bday girl! 🎂Happy Bday!🎂 Can't wait 2 see you @ DOD!
Barbara Walters, who is 86 today, on the art of conversation
Happy 86th birthday to Barbara Walters, whose remarkable career outlasted her foes (Harry Reasoner) and her parodists (Gilda Radner).
SN:When we were kids, my grandma called my brother Howard Cosell and I was Barbara Walters. We were talkers...
Julie Chen thinks Barbara Walters would ruin her TV ...
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