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Barbara Bain

Barbara Bain (born September 13, 1931) is an American actress film and television actress.

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Could it be a sly reference to Barbara Bain's hoohah from Space: 1999? OH! Or Fonda's from Barbarella?. (omfg I'm old)
And I just realized that another actress on this episode of is 's mom, Barbara Bain.
Trying to rewatch Space: 1999 for old time's sake. Such a snooze. Barbara Bain is so miscast.
53 yrs ago tonight...Yvonne DeCarlo, Martin Landau & Barbara Bain in "The Night the Monkey Died" on 'The Greatest Show on Earth' on ABC.
Mission Impossible, with his wife, Barbara Bain. . Lalo Schifrin opening theme the best on TV. . Movie f…
I remember and i 💖 1999 with Martin Landau and Barbara BAIN
Martin Landau and Barbara Bain were married for 20 years before divorce in 93. They met at a party in 76 and argued…
Barbara Bain was a dime piece when that was real money
people mag. Martin Landau. If one could examine his DNA it would read actor says former wife Barbara Bain his costar on
people mag. Martin Landau. was impossible. His work was his joy & his legacy says his former wife & Mission Impossible costar Barbara Bain.
Memories of Martin Landau first saw the actor in science fiction series w/ Barbara Bain natural acting range
.Do you remember working with Barbara Bain/Martin Landau on Laugh In back in the day with Sonny? Oh, Lady of…
Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Steven Hill on the cover of TV Guide 1967 Visit my Ebay Store
Barbara Sinatra looked a lot like Barbara Bain, Cinnamon on Dieter Bohlen:
Especially the episodes with Martin Landau & Barbara Bain!
Last night I dreamt Netflix made a new series of STILL starring Martin Landau and Barbara Bain and they looked NO DIFFERENT!
domain names
Fun fact: actors Martin Landau and Barbara Bain are Juliet Landau's parents (Drusilla from BtVS).
41 years ago tonight.Peter Cushing and Joanna Durham guest on 'Space: 1999' starring Martin Landau and Barbara Bain.
'Mission: Impossible's' Barbara Bain parts ways with home in Mid-Wilshire
French poster for SKIN HEADS starring Chuck Connors and Barbara Bain. Outrageous 80's film with Donald Trump type…
Barbara Bain was part of Mission Impossible TV show and Martin Landau's wife. Still a beauty and…
Didn't the moon get blown out of orbit by a nuclear explosion in 1999 anyway, taking Martin Landau and Barbara Bain with it?
Myself and (daughter of the legendary Martin Landau and Barbara Bain and Drusilla on Buffy and Angel).
Remember Space 1999? Martin Landau and Barbara Bain where the 70s version of Mulder and Scully
Gerry and Sylvia Anderson in conversation with Martin Landau and Barbara Bain on the set of Space 1999
Wow..Famous actress (Dru in Buffy) is following me! She'is the daughter of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain (Space:1999)
Peggy. yes, not Barbara Bain. Also Linda Thorson on The Avengers, no Rigg but cute.
oh, and how can we leave out Barbara Bain or Peggy Lipton?
Well, quite. No one needs to be seeing Barbara Bain in her undergarments.
COHEN IS THE HERO AND UC SANTA BARBARA IS HEADING TO OMAHA!. The Gauchos to the for the 1st time!!
No, but promising. I would not have had a clue. I suspect only Barbara Bain would eyeball it and say, 'obviously...'
Barbara Bain was the only one reprising…
you can certainly see Juliet Landau is Barbara Bain's daughter.
My waitress today looked JUST like classic Barbara Bain. Acted &sounded like her. Too bad my phone takes blurry pics
Three of the 1960s and 1970s: Martin Landau, Barbara Bain and
Re-creating the wedding reception for Martin Landau & Barbara Bain at Hawaii Kai, NYC., for Television.
Pre-Tiswas I remember Sally interviewing Space 1999's Barbara Bain and Martin Landau with props as prizes!
Guest suggestions for future UK events... Lynda Carter, Martin Landau and Barbara Bain
You've enjoyed some easy listening with the unique delivery style of Barbara Bain on Caithness FM
Congatulations for you all and specially Barbara Bain
Barbara Bain is not in this episode of Is it even worth watching?
Sat on a train with trying to see who can do the best Barbara Bain/Space 1999 impression
All about Barbara Bain ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
Barbara Bain is such a classy lady in the show. Ugh.
Barbara Bain of to get star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
I added a video to a playlist The Kissing Hand read by Barbara Bain
If Barbara Bain isn't going to be in this episode of Mission Impossible, Lee Grant is a fine substitute
The Barbara Boxer campaign's ads on Fiorina look identical to the Priorities Bain ones two years later
Yeah but it wasn't the same after Marin Landau & Barbara Bain left the show.
,Barbara Bain is a great photographer !
Anyone remember Space 1999? The moon leaves orbit with humans on board after a big accidental explosion. Barbara Bain & Martin Landeau.
Of course, there was only ever REALLY one woman in the team. And she was Barbara Bain.
4/11 LA Indie Film Fest awarded Ed Asner & Barbara Bain best actor and Maggie Grant best director for "Pacific Edge" I …
I had no idea Juliet Landau was the daughter of Barbara Bain and Martin Landau. I feel like I ought to have known that, but I didn't.
date decided to dress like Barbara Bain from Space 1999
A flashback narrated by Barbara Bain with Adagio in G Minor as the soundtrack - this is ace stuff!
This next is a bit chopsy. Barbara Bain and Martin Landau having a right old ding dong!
Joan Collins and Barry Morse are doing paperwork. Martin Landau has just pulled a shooter out and told Joan to get Barbara Bain
Barbara Bain is in her smalls getting manhandled. Prentice Hancock is shooting men in ill fitting suits. Barry Morse is whistling
The Will of Landau? Does Barbara Bain get custody of Willy?
Very good! We agree. Barbara Bain, also in Mission: Impossible. Married to Martin Landau.
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Photo: Martin Landau as Rollin Hand, Barbara Bain as Cinnamon Carter and Steven Hill as Daniel Briggs in...
Can they pick up Martin Landau and Barbara Bain on the way?
Please help me finish my film starring Ed Asner & Barbara Bain thank you! ANY AMOUNT is appreciated and will HELP!
Pacific Edge is in post production right now. Starring Ed Asner, Barbara Bain, and Erin Cottrell.
I still watch seasons 1-3 when I get the chance I dont watch other seasons as barbara bain and martin
Barbara Bain won 3 For her role as Cinnamon in Mission Impossible 1967 1968 1969
Yeah, yeah, the obvious punch-line for the peanut gallery, Space 1999 starring Martin Landau, Barbara Bain and Barry Morris
Is Juliet 'Romana' Landau the daughter of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain?
I also recently acquired " Space 1999" Martin Landau" and . Barbara Bain who both stared in another series
David Janssen (March 27, 1931 – February 13, 1980) was an American film and television actor who is best known for his starring role as Dr. Richard Kimble in the television series The Fugitive (1963–1967). Janssen also had the title roles in three other series, Richard Diamond, Private Detective, Harry O and O'Hara, U.S. Treasury. In 1996 TV Guide ranked him number 36 on its 50 Greatest TV Stars of All Time list. Janssen was born as David Harold Meyer in Naponee, a village in Franklin County in southern Nebraska, to Harold Edward Meyer, a banker (May 12, 1906 – November 4, 1990) and Berniece Graf (May 11, 1910 – November 26, 1995). Janssen was of Irish and Jewish descent.[2] Following his parents' divorce in 1935, his mother moved with five-year-old David to Los Angeles, California, and later married Eugene Janssen (February 18, 1918 – March 30, 1996) in 1940 in Los Angeles. Young David used his stepfather's name after he entered show business as a child. He attended Fairfax High School in Los A ...
Ok time to start one - the other night the girls and I were watching SPACE 1999 and I thought Barbara Bain looked just like you
if u look closely you can see Barbara Bain in the background - top right
Did they have Botox in the 70's? Barbara Bain's acting is so wooden it's as though she was dropped in a vat of the stuff
Just heard the old jazzy version of the Mission Impossible theme and thought of Barbara Bain.
Barbara Bain is also still alive. Alas, Peter Graves and Greg Morris have died.
Barbara Bain, the first actress to win 3 consecutive Emmy Awards for Mission Impossible, does not have a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame! Help us change that!
Martin Landau & Barbara Bain were in that too. And Scatman Crothers.
I don't want to alarm you, but look: Mama Cass, Buddy Hackett, Martin Landau & Barbara Bain sing a song from Cabaret:
Watching, Murder She Wrote, guest stars: Denver Pyle, Hoyt Axton, Barbara Bain, Chuck Conners, and the guy that was the investigator for Perry Mason in the later years, not William Katt.
For those lucky enough to get Me-TV~ here's an exciting programming note: Airing this Sunday, 12/15 (check your local listings), is "The Fenton Canaby Story" episode of WAGON TRAIN. Rarely seen, this season of the long-running Western, was filmed in color & episodes ran 90 minutes, thus mostly excluded from US syndication markets. Barbara Bain's performance is restrained & exceptional. Not to be missed.
Barbara Bain guest stars in the 1963 episode of Wagon Train entitled The Fenton Canaby Story.
For the last few nights I have enjoyed old episodes of "Mission Impossible" on NetFlix as I ate my dinner. I remembered most of the earlier cast of MI. Of course Peter Graves, Martin Landau, and Barbara Bain. But I had forgotten that in the later years the cast included Sam Elliott, Lesley Ann Warren, and of course "THE GREAT PARIS" Leonard Nimoy. Here are a couple of observations: 1 - The acting was really crappy. 2 - The terrain in most of the unknown third world countries where conflict occurs through out this world looks an awful lot like the hills of Northern California. 3 - Leonard Nimoy has spent a great deal of his acting career referring to a superior officer as "Jim". 4 - Lesley Ann Warren has always been a hottie!!! 5 - Technology has really changed a lot in my lifetime. 6 - All sirens in foreign countries go: Bee Bah Bee Bah Bee Bah!!! 7 - Don't fall in love with an IMF agent. You will most likely die in the next 30 to 40 minutes! 8 - If you get shot it will always be in an extremity where ...
Yes! She is actors Martin Landau and Barbara Bain's daughter. ;-)
Barbara Bain, the sultry Cinnamon Carter on Mission: Impossible in the 1960s, is 82 years old today. Bain was born Millicent Fogel in Chicago, the daughter of Russian-Jewish immigrants. She graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor's degree in sociology. Developing an interest in dance, she moved to New York City, where she studied alongside Martha Graham. Dissatisfied with her career as a dancer, she went into modeling; jobs with Vogue, Harper's and other publications followed. Still uninspired, however, Bain entered the Theater Studio to study acting; first under Curt Conway, then Lonny Chapman. Progressing to the Actors Studio, she was instructed by Lee Strasberg. Bain's first acting role was in Paddy Chayevsky's play Middle of the Night, which embarked on a national tour in October 1957. Accompanying Bain was fellow actor and newly-acquired husband Martin Landau; the final leg of the tour brought the couple to Los Angeles, where they settled permanently. After relocating, Bain establis ...
Thank you Judy Pansullo for your generosity & support.THANK YOU!
starring and only 3 days left I really need your help to make this film.
4 days left for indiegogo campaign. Please RT:Every penny counts and every penny helps. Thanks for your support.
For nerds: Thee are complete episodes of "Space Above and Beyond" (for the mid-90s) on YouTube. I watched two episodes- not yet hooked. Also, "Space:1999" is also on YouTube. The SFX are good, given that the show is from the mid-1970s. It stars Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. I liked both on TV's "Mission: Impossible" but her acting here is so wooden that I almost think she was stoned. The costumes are made of this clingy material that demonstrates that most of the actors shouldn't wear clingy material.
Barbara Bain and Marin Landau in Mission: Impossible: cantaraville posted a photo:.
Barbara Bain and Martin Landau in Space: 1999: cantaraville posted a photo:.
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I have just learned that Juliet Landau (Buffy's Drusilla) is the daughter of Martin Landau & Barbara Bain of SPACE: 1999.
please help only 5 DAYS remain. We need your help together we can do this!
Who is missing? Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. Any others?
When I was 9, I would spin in a chair and pretend to be Barbara Bain in the opening credits.
love the look today. Like Barbara Bain in Space 1999 :-)
starring Thank you Robert E. Wood for your generosity and support!
Barbara Bain and Martin Landau married (briefly) and had a daughter.. who played Drusilla in Buffy XD the rubbish i know XD
thank you Rebecca E for your generosity & support. Greatly appreciated.
I still need your support to complete this amazing film.
I meant it. You and were great interviewing Barbara Bain.
hollywood squares clips 3 from 1968 with Barbara Bain
50 of the Greatest Sci-Fi TV Shows : Space 1999 Moonbase Alpha come back! Now we know what will happen if we put all of our nuclear waste on the far side of the moon. It will ignite somehow (through a higher power?) and catapult the moon on a tour through space. From the British producers of Thunderbirds, Space: 1999 starred Martin Landau and Barbara Bain leading a group of eggheads trying to figure out how to get home. From the Eagle shuttles to the Moon City uniforms, Space: 1999 perpetuated the notion that the future would look white, smooth, and clean. There's no doubt Steve Jobs was inspired just a tad by this aesthetic. Like all great sci-fi shows it had casting changes and a premature cancellation. Rumors of a movie version or a reboot continue long after the year 1999 has passed. Reference : Popular Mechanics Images : Google Images
Hey since you've already had Martin Landau on The Talk when will Barbara Bain be on?
watching the sixth season of "Mission Impossible" it really was a remarkable show, and holds up very well! confession, i never watched after Barbara Bain and Martin Landau left, not only have i not seen these, they are quite good shows!
Awww, "Martin Landau and Barbara Bain" were not that bad. I love science fiction, even the old 70s BBC ones.
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Sadly, though, there's no Barbara Bain or Martin Landau this time.
Have offers out to Cheryl Ladd, Julie Benz, and Barbara Bain for roles in my upcoming film 'Daddy's Little Girl'. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Ever have Martin Landau and/or Barbara Bain on your show? Bet they'd be interesting guests. Same for Barbara Eden.
What do Michele Lee, Marlo Thomas, Sally Kellerman, Ellen Burstyn, Barbara Bain, and Tuesday Weld all have in common?
1999 followers! Thanks! Reminds me of the old TV show Space 1999 with Martin Landau and Barbara Bain? Who will be follower 2K?
Hey, does anyone remember that episode of SPACE: 1999 in which the plot was convoluted and silly, evil aliens destroyed an Eagle or two while trying to commandeer Moonbase Alpha, Martin Landau spoke angrily and Barbara Bain overacted?
Well. I have not thought of Martin Landou Carlissian and the capital Barbara Bain since Mission Impossible r
Respect to Barbara Bain in the SPACE: 1999 episode The Full Circle. She really lets loose in her performance in that one. Scary, startling!
Probably not Martin Landau's or Barbara Bain's finest moment.
the green dragon. Banned it. sardines. One man hunt. Diddy kong racing. Barbara Bain the board game
Enjoy watching the original "Mission Impossible" TV series with Barbara Bain, Martin Landau, Steven Hill, Greg Morris, and Peter Lupus.
'I can't keep track of the quarrels Martin and I have had' confessed the lovely Barbara Bain. 'Often I have a good scream and thrown a thing or two. So has Martin. But since we're worthy adversaries, no one ever wins. We are very equal, which explains why we are so attracted to each other in the fir...
Photo: Leonard Nimoy, Barbara Bain and Martin Landau (left to right)
Photoset: classicatheart: Eric Braeden and Barbara Bain in Mission: Impossible (I promised to upload these...
An interesting fact is that Mission Impossible regulars Martin Landau&Barbara Bain are the real life parents of (:   10% Off
Roy Scheider guesting on MI tonight. Barbara Bain is kind of good lookin' in this episode. She's no Julie Newmar, but who is?
Original Mission Impossible (before Peter Graves)! Michael Landau, & Barbara Bain were married in real life.
September 13th: Happy birthday to my niece Olivia Blasi. I have a HS football game tonight in Floyd Bennett Field Brooklyn. The British defeated the French in 1759 on the Plains of Abraham. Elections and NYC as capital was declared in 1788. Margaret Chase Smith became the first woman to serve in both Houses in 1948. Elvis first met Priscilla (14) in 1959. The Mississippi Governor to admit James Meredith to the U of M in 1962. The first NYC Marathon was held in 1970. The Attica riot ended in 1971 with 43 dead. Rabin and Arafat shook hands in 1993. Tupac shakur (25) died in 1996. Mother Theresa's funeral was held in 1997. Barbara Bain (81), Eileen Fulton (79), Fred Silverman (75), Larry Speakes (73), Richard Kiel (73), David Clayton-Thomas (71)Jacqueline Bisset (68), Peter Cetera (68), Christine Estabrook (61), Jean Smart (61), Ben Savage (32).
Today in History -- Thursday, Sept. 13 (Barbara Bain, Richard Kiel, David Clayton-Thomas, Zac Starkey) The Associated Press and Wikipedia Today is Thursday, Sept. 13, the 257th day of 2012. There are 109 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On Sept. 13, 1997, funeral services were held in Calcutta, India, for Nobel peace laureate Mother Teresa. On this date: In 585 BC, Lucius Tarquinius Priscus, king of Rome, celebrates a triumph for his victories over the Sabines, and the surrender of Collatia. In 509 BC, The Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus on Rome's Capitoline Hill is dedicated on the ides of September. In 335, Emperor Constantine the Great consecrated the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. In 533, Belisarius of the Byzantine Empire defeats Gelimer and the Vandals at the Battle of Ad Decimum, near Carthage, North Africa. In 1213, End of Battle of Muret, during the Albigensian Crusade to destroy the Cathar heresy. In 1229, Ögedei Khan is proclaimed Khagan of the Mongol Empire i ...
I'm starting to pack for my trip to Burbank, CA, for the Space: 1999 Convention: ... looking forward to see old friends and colleagues such as Tim Mallet from Kindred Spirits Productions, Nick Tate, Barbara Bain, Martin Landau, Prentis Hancock, Judy Geeson, Anton Phillips, and Christopher Penfold... and so many more! :-)
Here are some clips of Barbara Bain's film debut in the 1989 release "Trust Me". Notice the microphone dipping into the frame in the middle? Guess this wasn'...
This video is a trip through life and work of Barbara Bain and Martin Landau join to Space 1999, hwith the U2 cover song "In the name of love".
Martin Landau and Barbara Bain (at the time married, and fresh from co-starring on "Space:1999" appear in consecutive "The Word from Unity" public service an...
I just saw Martin Landau peeling off a latex face mask while Barbara Bain distracted a crew member and hid some equipment in the captain's cabin. Peter Graves is driving an ambulance to meet us at the docking bay.
Space 1999, Set 4: Academy Award winner Martin Landau and Emmy winner Barbara Bain star in one of science fictio...
To baby boomers, Barbara Bain is best known for the two TV series she did with her ex-husband, Martin Landau : "Mission: Impossible," for which she won three consecutive Emmys (1967-69) as the coolly efficient agent Cinnamon Carter, and the 1975-77 British sci-fi action-adventure, "Space: 1999," ...
Billionaires Life... Barbara Bain remains 'Love Struck' when it comes to theater: ... Bain ...
I'll be there! Ed Asner, Barbara Bain, Jennifer Garner, Rex Smith set for benefit
There is an episode of Murder, She Wrote with Megan Mullally, Barbara Bain and Cliff deYoung! Cult OVERLOAD.
"Barbara Landau" - really? As in Barbara Bain married to Martin Landau, mother of Juliet Landau?
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