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Barack Obama

Barack Hussein Obama II (born August 4, 1961) is the 44th and current President of the United States.

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When you've lost Bret Baier and Fox News: "Today was a big win for Barack Obama"
Barack Obama took off his suit jacket in the Oval Office & called him "un-presidential." Just saying.
Barack Obama is subtly trolling House Republicans the day they vote to replace Obamacare
North Korea complains Donald Trump is 'too much like Barack Obama' ^Independent
North Korea says Donald Trump is too much like Barack Obama
The problem with Donald Trump? He's too much like Barack Obama, says North Korea
"Nearly two-thirds of Americans approved of Barack Obama at a similar stage, and George W. Bush had an approval rating nearing 60% ... "
Only encouraging thought: One day, Barack Obama and George W Bush will attend 's funeral. It will be a solemn affair.
Yes but did Barack Obama himself physically tap any phone wires in Trump Tower? Because if not I'm still going to p…
Barack Obama's Freedom Caucus coverage is probably pretty good, what with all the wiretapps he's got going.
Trump: I don't know Putin, have no dealings with Russia via
"Can we expect the president to, this week, present evidence that he was wiretapped by Barack Obama or will he speak about it…
yeap, in 2009 Barack Obama got that Peace Nobel Prize ... for all those wars which he conducted later on...
Save the indignation, Dems. Goldman Sachs donated:. 600K to DNC in 2016. 300K to Clinton in 2016. 1M to Obama in 2008. https…
If you aren’t following and his unmatched coverage of the Freedom Caucus, Barack Obama will personally wiretap(p) you.
Wait!! What??? I have several comments but will hold off until it's confirmed by a real news gathering organization
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Illinois legislature rejects a bill that would make Obama's birthday a state holiday. Source:
Ffs, get David Attenborough nd Barack Obama on Noah's ark cause this planet needs wiped out
4) he said "if Barack Obama used a foreign intelligence agency to spy on an Ame…
Hope and you get to keep your doctor? Spicer is sounding more like Barack Obama every day.
By both Barack Obama and the Clinton campaign?
Barack Hussein Obama will forever be known as THE terrorist sympathizer & the root of evil & the worst President ever…
Barack Obama is still very popular, but his birthday won't become a holiday in Illinois
With this nominee, we need to afford the same courtesy Mitch McConnell afforded Barack Obama – no courtesy a…
Republicans are saying Trump should apologise to Obama
President Trump is poised to announce his plans to dismantle the centerpiece of Barack Obama’s climate change legacy
When did you ever hear of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton doing any of these things??
Barack Obama isn't going to be happy about this...
Donald Trump owes President Barack Obama a public apology for his false claims on wiretapping.
I'm glad that our former President Barack Obama is doing his thing.
you do know Barack Obama was the President at the time? So, yeah...he would have been briefed. It's called Protocol!
Reporters should now state clearly that the president lied about Barack Obama and our British allies tapping phones at Tru…
Barack Obama gives speech to Rutgers University Class of 2016.
I added a video to a playlist White House photographer shares behind-the-lens moments / Barack Obama
little does she realize that three hours ago the Daily Caller published "Flashback: Barack Obama Allegedly Wiretapped A…
Guess you need a reminder. President Barack Obama saved the Auto Industry. Not you.
Shamefully, EX President Barack Hussein Obama is making more time & effort to Degrade & Destroy President Trump, than he ev…
once again, The President misses the follow up story:
Barack Obama looks 100,000x happier now that he's out of office lol it's amazing
GCHQ call claim they wiretapped Trump 'utterly ridiculous'
CONFIRMED: Barack Obama was FALSELY accused of a major crime by the sitting president. Absolutely outrageous.
EXCL Barack Obama's 'back of the queue' trip to Britain cost police £1.6m
Barack Obama spotted golfing out in Hawaii
Barack Obama visits Hawaii, hits the links and enjoys fine dining
With Merkel throwing shade at Trump, you'd think he ordered the NSA to tap her personal cell phone and spy on her.
Only Barack Obama could cause the greatest refugee crisis since WWII to demonize Americans for not wanting them as neig…
Blast from the past: Barack Obama 'approved tapping Angela Merkel's phone in 2010
How Donald Trump is claiming credit for Barack Obama's successes | Opinion
memories of the CCX (Chicago Climate Exchange), the Joyce Foundation and Barack Obama, former Board member
I never worried about what would happen over night when. Barack Obama was President. Sigh.
As Congress looks into his claims against predecessor Barack Obama, President Trump is trying to alter the meaning…
The "midnight" instructions from Barack Obama were called a "direct attack" on education. But there's a new...
Trump supporter Ted Nugent threatened Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama with machine guns, but Trump only condemns violence…
Barack Obama is not the president. Just checking how that sounds.
Nobody in their right mind will miss this man Barack Obama the biggest *** in politics ever say nothing nothing p…
"ECommon hasn't even been updated since 2007. That's before Barack Obama was president!"
All that time Donald Trump spent on the campaign trail and even when he was president-elect, Barack Obama was... https:/…
Barack Obama was spotted getting in a few rounds of golf in Oahu
Barack Obama hits the links in Hawaii as the former president and first lady enjoy a surprise vacation in the aloha…
alternative question: "President Trump, any reaction to the news that you pay more taxes than Barack Obama or Bernie Sa…
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On page 53 of 442 of Dreams from My Father, by Barack Obama
Barack Obama has a plan for the Trump era
and Barack Obama wrote Dreams From My Father he was talking about who? Morgan Freeman.
Barack Obama admits he spied on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Do you think he spied on Donald Trump?
One time a young boy met Barack Obama and told him he wanted to be president. Obama laughed in his face. That boy w…
Donald Trump is mad ignorant and has no respect for Barack Obama. And this is what the masses voted for.
Look at President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama looking like the cover of Vogue. Go head with yer bad selves.…
The best thing I ever photoshopped was Barack Obama as a hologram, holding a lightsaber in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.
Eradicating radical Islamic terrorism? Draining the swamp? Not so much:
If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress. -Barack Oba…
What for barack obama? i can't dm you because I'm on limit
Dana Boente is the key to Trump-Russia, and Barack Obama and Donald Trump both know it via
Barack Obama and Michelle Obama out in NYC giving LOOKS!
How the racist backlash to Barack Obama gave us Donald Trump via
Mosul gift wrapped to terrorists by barack hussein obama & Hillary Clinton. Sad.
Trump has asked Congress to investigate.
Newsflash, Pres Trump deserves to appoint US Attys just as Barack Obama did. . And thanks to Harry Reid, you ca…
Republicans brace for downbeat CBO analysis of health bill. .
Barack Obama should be in prison for the *** he's unleashed on the world. 🇺🇸
Deficit decreased by two thirds under Obama.
What's Barack Obama going to do that he couldn't do for his family?
presents . Barack Obama publicly admits that he's a sociopathic liar fraud:. ⚡
Bono and the Obamas Brunch in the Big Apple — and Get a Standing Ovation via
Lying Media: Cooking up stories, talking to nobody
President Trump has gone to a golf course for the 9th time in 7 weeks
House intelligence committee demands Donald Trump hand over proof that Barack Obama ordered his wiretapping…
McCain demands Trump prove that Barack Obama ordered his wiretapping.
Nystalus obamai is a western striolated puffbird.
One of Donald Trump's top advisers repeats Obama claims on Russian TV
Obama's half brother publishes his Kenyan birth certificate!
Dismissed by former US President Barack Obama as a place explorers had already seen, the Moon has once again...
Donald Trump approves selling weapons to Saudi Arabia blocked by Obama
There was nothing extraordinary asking to resign... he served BARACK OBAMA... not
Just proves thet debate is a waste. No amount of facts will persuade the ignorant.
Melania went on TV to push the same racist conspiracy theories about Barack Obama that her husband did
VIDEO: The Ghost of Columbia University, Barack Hussein. Small class, yet no one ever met him, had a class with...
If anyone wins at power couple dressing, it's the Obamas.
Barack Obama was the inspiration for Frank Underwood, huh?
What are Barack Obama and Bono talking about?
John McCain tells Donald Trump to prove Obama wiretap claim or else retract it
Illinois st. sen. Barack Obama poses with some of the organizers... look, I'm on Getty.
John McCain (R) says trump should provide evidence for his false claim that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower or retract the accusation.
Being called racist by Goldberg is like being called violent by Al Capone or fat by Michael Moore or unpatriotic by Barack Obama
According to mainstream CIA media. Barack Obama is Black Jesus and Hillary Clinton is Carol Brady. 😈
President Trump: Juan Manuel Santos, is Partner and Pal, of Barack Obama, Raul Castro, and Rafael Correa!. RAT!
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Barack Obama is returning to politics, according to close friend and colleague
Barack Obama 'rolled his eyes' at President Donald Trump's allegation th...
Former fake President Barack Obama stole $3 billion dollars from the tax payers to secretly fund extreme le…
"President Trump accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the campaign over the...
Obama;'s Half-Brother Releases KENYA BIRTH CERTIFICATE for Barack Obama - He was never Constitutionally President! http…
Imagine if Barack Obama owned a golf club, spent every weekend there, doubled the admission fee as President. LOL. https:…
'This means President Trump has killed a foreign combatant that was released under the authority of Barack Obama'
It's like Republicans decided to design a law to make the ACA look amazing. .
Former President Obama was irked and exasperated in response to President Trump's wiretapping claims, sources say
Trying to replace with is just as insane as trying to replace Barack Obama with Donald Trump.
Can you guys believe Ben Carson said that thing that Barack Obama also said?
Congress must demand answers on Trump's charge that Barack Obama tapped his phones. Those delusional claims weaken us at h…
Make trump go first! Make him present evidence for his accusations against Barack Obama! He's fishing. He's pathological liar
Barack Obama may end up making Nixon look like a choirboy...
Donald Trump thinks he was pretty clever shifting the Russia focus to Barack Obama. He wasn't
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i cannot believe that I have personally embraced someone who has seen Barack Obama directly with her own two eyes
SCREW HIM!! Barack Obama Will be going to Jail After all
How insensitive of you. And Rep. Chaffets. And Barack Obama for that matter. He said the same thing about healthcare.
. Barack Obama's community organization. Whatever it's called this week.
Donald Trump is “haunted” by the ghost of Barack Obama’s first term: Trump's inauguration …
Barack Obama has reportedly Deployed a Team . to “keep tabs” on the Trump Administration.
FBI Raid on Barack Obama's DC Mansion and wiretaps - YouTube
Barack Obama got a leather jacket because he is a fashion dad now
Obama's plan to steal the Presidency. May God protect the republic, Pres Trump, bless & watch over us. . https:/…
BOMBSHELL – Barack Obama Linked to Assassination of Journalist. It’s Wor... via
Donald Trump says he has “tremendous respect for women”. Here’s how his comments on women compare to Barack Obama
The best photos of Barack Obama since he left the White House
Is Trump Trying To Erase Obama’s Legacy? - Former President Barack Obama is mad – and for good reason. Accordin...
Sean Spicer wrongly claimed that a Fox News reporter had his phones tapped while Barack Obama was president
Carson and Barack Obama both referred to slaves as immigrants via
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Once again, President Barack Obama wins the day. . (h/t
Barack Obama gave us 8 years of "dad jeans" knowing all the while that this was possible. How dare you sir!
Barack Obama is Abaddon/Apollyon of the fifth trumpet, which was the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
OPINION: The biggest winner in Washington this week? Barack Obama
TRUMP: "Barack Obama trained a wolf to hide in the White House. No one can see it but me.". JASON CHAFFETZ: "Invisible wo…
Ralph Nader asks if Barack Obama will be an Uncle Tom via Uncle Sam or Uncle Tom, Progressives will love it
BREAKING: looks like the only TAPPing Barack Obama is doing is on his personal credit card account.
FBI chief James Comey has rejected President Trump's claim that Barack Obama tapped his phone, US media report.
Barack Obama swaps his suit for a leather jacket (and looks better than he ever has)
If you think Barack Obama would have been the same person without Michelle you dont know how life works...
Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have never looked better 😍🔥😍🔥.
Imagine, if you will, Barack Obama owned a nightclub in Chicago, while POTUS. And Loretta Lynch was the doorwoman. That's…
Donald Trump claims Barack Obama tapped his phones. How would that have been possible?.
Barack Obama's post-Presidential life is a world away from his eight years in The White House
Is the First U.S. President Ever to Try to Topple His Successor? . "Barack Obama is...
.on right now making the case against Barack Obama and his wiretapping and "silent coup" against…
More evidence mounts to back up President Trump’s claim that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower htt…
With the last vestiges of the worst president in history, Barack Obama, is laid waste. . Here's to j…
Barack Obama conspiracy theories, brought to you by Google Home.
Barack Obama is still my president. Trump is
The right will never forgive Barack Obama for the sin of being a black President. They'll invent ways to vilify him until the sun burns out.
while colloquially, Barack Obama will be called "President Obama" for the rest of his life, he is, in fact, a private citizen now.
It has been 27 years since the first black man, an older student by the name of Barack Obama, was elected...
I can't wait till Donald Trump shows up tomorrow on Meet the Press to show us the evidence that Barack Obama wire tapped Trump Tower!
RIGHT NOW I'm in too much danger BECAUSE of Barack Obama, David Boies/Mary McInnis Boies, TELEVISION, Gov. Brown and the POLICE!
Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, David Boies and Brian Williams/MSNBC...Broadcasting all over me..HIGH TREASON!
In case you missed it... You must listen to this clip. Barack Obama must be seriously investigated!. Source:
Trump claims Obama ordered wire tap on Trump Tower before election victory via
Barack Obama had Trump Tower I guarantee this scandal goes far beyond that. Investigate. Prosecute. Impri…
Should a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate Barack Obama for tapping Donald Trump & Trump Tower?. (V…
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BREAKING: Donald Trump, the sitting President of the United States, has just accused the former POTUS, Barack Obama, of spyi…
Hey both Michelle and Barack Obama are lawyers and you're in luck! I think they're free!
Using Govt to attack Pol opponents someone needs to go to jail
It must drive crazy that Barack Obama is deeply loved, and respected as a great POTUS of the people.
The Mother of All Scandals! Barack Obama’s Abuse of Power and the 2016 Election
Donald Trump thinks Barack Obama, the same man who is on a different beach every week, gives af about him or his campaign
Donald Trump accuses 'bad (or sick)' Barack Obama of phone tapping him
1. THREAD on What we've learned from Trump's explosive and unprecedented wiretapping accusation against Barack…
Donald Trump claims 'sick' Barack Obama had phones tapped in Trump Tower before US election Win!
BUT! According to Obama, Putin is so much who killed Seth Rich here Barack?? DO TELL!!
President Trump accuses Barack Obama of tapping phones at Trump Tower during election, says it's another...
'Revenge of the losers': Krauthammer says left behind intel 'land mines'
. Exactly HOW LOW did Obama go? Bad Barack deployed wiretaps on Trump Admininistation!. The Cyrus Report . Go to: ht…
100% NO DOUBT : Donald Trump claims Barack Obama 'had his wires tapped in Trump Tower'.
if you like yellow press, here's what POTUS is blustering about.
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This is Ian Bassin former attorney for the satanic sabateur Barack Obama. Now on the payroll of George soros to destabilize…
Barack Obama spokesman says President Trump's claims of wire tapping are 'simply false'
Paul Ryan knew that Barack Obama was tapping the phones at Trump Tower Bret Baier had him cornered last night and he dodge…
Impanel a federal grand jury and haul Barack Obama and everyone involved in to testify. Do it now.
Can you fathom the reaction if President George W. Bush had even thought about snooping on Barack Obama during his elec…
That is dishonest blackmail network of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton & George Bush. Those three are the favorites of the yiddish Feminists.
So Valarie Jarrett moved in with Barack Obama. Of course the news is about Russia and
Hate the idea that My President, Barack Obama, is sitting somewhere shaking his head saying "I tried to tell you guys.". So sad 😞
But, but Rahm Emanuel was former Chief of Staff of our Savior, Barack Obama!
Michelle and Barack Obama to TELL ALL after landing lucrative book deals: The former US President and First L...
Thousands of French people want Barack Obama to be their next president
Barack Obama might have been a two-term president in America but there are people who still want him for the top...
Thanks for specifying that it it is the former president rather than the other Barack Obama.
"Donald Trump is not going to be President" - Barack Obama 😂 Whoops! Look who's giving the Presidential Address!
Barack Obama: 40,000 people sign petition for politician to be next French President
Barack Obama and Malia had an awesome night out in NYC and looked awesome doing it
Barack Obama & Malia Obama out & about in NYC. The father-daughter dinner date is really cute.
Yes, that's right! We're soon publishing the post-presidential memoirs of Michelle and Barack Obama!
In the grand tradition of black liberals like Maxine Watters, Elijah Cummings, Charlie Rangel and Barack Obama all liars
I am so embarrassed that our POTUS is a big baby! Trump accuses Obama of plotting protests and leaks against him
Today's crap sandwich will air tmw AM on Fox. The Tbag broke the needle on the Nixon paranoia scale.
Trump is a fool . . Trump says Obama behind leaks
What is the source for these claims? Was it an unnamed but 'extremely credible' one?
I don't know him properly. But then I can say the same about almost all American politicians including Barack Obam…
Barack Obama has read every Harry Potter book to his daughters.
IMPEACH tRUMP NOW. And get rid of his cronies before we're plunged into a global disaster.
More "Alt-Facts" from & Cheeto Head You just can't make up stuff like this. .
Trump says Obama behind leaks . I think he is behind it. I also think it is politics, that's the way it is," Trump .
Michelle Obama's momma made Barack keep the plastic on the White House couch because of people like Kelly Anne Conway.…
Trump says Obama behind leaks. Soon he is going to blame this leaks on Elvis P. After that he will claim Warren B🤡
Trump: "Obama possibly behind leaks and protesters". Wow. This is pathetic. 25th time yet?.
President Trump says he believes former President Obama is behind the leaks within his administration htt…
.explains how Donald Trump's presidency will only enhance Barack Obama's legacy. . ►Full Episode:
'Oui on peut': 40,000 sign petition for Barack Obama as next French president
Why did Democrats lose a third term? | Opinion
President Donald Trump has accused former President Barack Obama of being “behind” the protests that Republican...
Donald Trump accuses Obama of orchestrating protests and leaks against him
The worst Presidents in Modern History:. 🚫George W Bush. 🚫Barack Obama. 🚫Bill Clinton. Oh yeah, but we should totally ta…
Barack Obama becomes the 44th president and first African American president in 2008.
The perfect trifecta for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Alec Baldwin AS Trump. Stream it on tv. Trump may have an a…
Barack Obama and Malia Obama see Arthur Miller's 'The Price' on Broadway - via HIGH BROW BRO
Barack Obama just arrived in row just behind me for Broadway show. Performance is revival of Arthur Miller's "The Price."
The unAmerican process has been coming, just a guess, since Senator John Kerry tapped Barack Obama to deliver the K…
Muhammad Ali Jr. -but "this is not a Make no mistake, these people would even detain Barack Obama at the Airpo…
Barack Obama should present best picture at the oscars.
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Group Urges Obama to Run for President - of France - Former President Barack Obama cannot run again for preside...
Those peaceful Obama supporters. . Remember... . "When the winds of war shift, I will support the Muslims". Barack Obama
George Bush held his tongue for 8 years. Narcissistic egomaniac Barack Obama held his for 8 days. What a POS!
1992: Barack and Michelle Obama before they were married
trying to Close Gitmo so he can release more
Who is more like Benedict Arnold: Barack Obama or Donald Trump? .
We finally know what Hillary Clinton knew all along. – Saudi Arabia is funding ISIS. 14/10/16 Patrick Cockburn | Inde.
Barack Hussein Obama needs to mind his business. He lost and trump won.
"Hillary rigged the primary" is the new "Barack Obama isn't an American." It's using sexism to delegitimize a win instea…
It was Barack Obama that instigated this culture war. It is absurd to think there will be no blowback.
Seriously?! 😡 10 mil for 3 trips to his Mar-A-Lago club... $88,320 for his son to promote his dad's condo tower!
Here's What Barack Obama Has Been Up to Since He Walked Out of the White House — and Our L…
Barack Obama's Presidential Announcement I am been nostalgic but we had nothing like this during 2016
Barack Obama found shooting up school prank gone wrong (Pranks gone Sexual 2015)
Dear Sir, I think french people love you and want you : This news talk about an online petition for you
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Could you imagine the outrage from the left if something this vice was said about Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? https…
West on the Obama legacy. well worth the read!
Barack Obama’s final fareware to the White House.
.on POTUS performance: “So far I'd give him an A+. He got an A just for replacing Barack Obama." .
From George Washington to Barack Obama, tracing the evolution of presidential secrecy:
Surely there are more important things to be done. Trade deals that stimulate the economy and create jobs maybe?
."Within one month of his 2009 inauguration, Barack Obama had moved an $800 billion stimulus package through…
South Carolina man faces federal charges after threatening to kill Donald Trump and Barack Obama.
A Barack Obama for France? Expats in London hopeful that center-left Macron can beat the far-right.
Historians rank Barack Obama 12th best President: survey
Barack Obama ranks 12th best president in a new C-SPAN poll:
Everyone, close your eyes for 1 minute & remember what it was like when Barack Obama was our President.That's what Peace felt like.
France wants Barack Obama as president -
Demi Lovato has twice met and performed for former President Barack Obama at the White House. Selena has yet to even meet…
.& getting a closer look at the engraving of former President Barack Obama https…
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Rush Limbaugh says Barack Obama "got everything he wanted" his first year as president because he's Black...
Day 19: We would like to honor Barack Obama for becoming the 1st African American president and his contribution to Ameri…
The U.S District Attorney has announced that he will be pursuing charges of TREASON against the former President Barack Obama -
Thank you Barack Obama for being a great role model as President and the coolest. Thank you! 👏
Apparently there's a petition going around Paris to make Barack Obama their next President https:/…
Mon dieu! There's a grassroots movement to get Barack Obama to run for President...of France! h…
X= √Barack Obama if you eat a bag of peanuts . X= Simon Cowell. Show all work for full credit
Lawrence Weiner, Barack Obama, and Andre 3000 are a few names that caught our attention today.…
"How did United states go from Barack Obama, a great liberal who spoke of hope, to a racist, bigoted, vulgar xenophobe…
Jordan Peele's Barack Obama impression is now drunk and angry at Trump
"This generation coming up (...) I've seen you in every corner of the country.". - Barack Obama.
Jordan Peele breaks out a drunk, disappointed Barack Obama impression for
*puts perfume on before bed so I can smell good for the men in my dreams like Ryan Reynolds and Barack Obama*
From Chester A. Arthur to Barack Obama, here's a look at U.S. presidents who have visited Montana
Did you know? Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Barack Obama were all home brewers.
Just as Ronald Reagan saved America after Jimmy Carter, Donald Trump will save America after Barack Obama. God is in con…
Chris Wallace to Reince Priebus: "Barack Obama whined about Fox News... but I gotta say, he never said we were an enemy…
"Barack Obama never called Fox an Enemy of the People" - Chris Wallace takes over his knee on Ser…
Put Donald Trump in any hood and he wont make it back home. Barack Obama wouldn't have that problem.
Leftists get so upset when we applaud and celebrate President Trump. But it's exactly what they did with Barack Obama.
The Trumps are spending way more tax dollars on themselves than the Obamas did.
Yuck!! Trump family trips cost taxpayers $11.3m in one month – almost as much as Obama’s cost in a year
Bolton: Russia sanctions insufficient; U.S. must ‘make the Russians feel pain’
His family’s trips have cost taxpayers nearly as much in a month as cost in an entire year. . http…
don't forget Obama care and how far left Barack Obama led this nation that is the true disaster !!
I am the 12th greatest president of all time. - Barack Obama
Barack Obama says that Islam is the religion of peace. But Islam means literally as SUBMISSION [to GOD via a prophet which may b…
Barack Obama having fun with his mother Ann Dunham (1968)
It's a good thing he saved some scratch on that plane, because...
Skip the insults simply because you don't like the facts.…
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President Obama will always be my president
Your attack on rural Republicans doesn't change fact Obama inherited mess from Bush.
Mike Pence: "I think it's inarguable that Vladimir Putin has been a stronger leader in his country than Barack Obama has been…
I miss the days when Barack Obama ran the government for the benefit of the ruling capitalist class.
Looks like I don't agree with a chance and a donation! My brother Barack Obama makes farewell speech without a Thot Patrol
Chelsea Manning did the right thing. Finally, Barack Obama has too | Trevor Timm
Barack Obama during a speech in the University of Columbia in 1981 during his major in political sciences
Barack Obama ranked 12th best U.S. president ever in major survey of historians by
McCain suggested the Western world is uniquely imperiled this year — even more so than when Barack Obama was president while In Germany.
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