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Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Hussein Obama II (born August 4, 1961) is the 44th and current President of the United States.

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Will Susan Rice and Barack Hussein Obama, get away again, without any consequences?
I ❤️ how some1 tries to use this clip to undermine the brilliance of Barack Hussein Obama. It shows how captive of…
America dialed 911, and Donald Trump answered! Trump will fix all that is broken by terrorist Barack Hussein Obama! US…
Great meme. Every day is a Holiday now that Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro Indonesian Muslim Communist STREET ACTIVI…
If Barack Hussein Obama had never been elected, we would not have the refugee, migrant, ISIS, and illegal immigration…
TIL Barack Hussein Obama was the mother of Saddam Hussein
Yes and very fitting indeed for Barack HUSSEIN Obama ...terrorist sympathizer too
This just in Hillary Clinton also lost election stop bringing her or Barack Hussein Obama up. All on trump now
Justin Trudeau, the 2nd biggest Con to be pulled over on Western Civilization, just behind Barack Hussein Obama.
barack Hussein obama got $400,000 to speak to wall street...crooked typical politician...he is vile. Narcissistic and weak man
barack Hussein obama travelled 2 HOLLYWOOD constantly 2 party with moron actors and to Hawaii oft…
Barack Hussein Obama is attacking capitalism from within... . Redistribution on the backs of Middle Class America
barack Hussein obama had more trips and vacations than any watch your fake news
Indoctrinated by CNN aka COMMUNIST NAZI NETWORK and barack Hussein obama...look for truth...don't follow haters
He's not campaigning...that was barack Hussein obama who did that for 8 years remember???
Apparently we are not supposed to mention that Barack Hussein Obama illegally wiretapped 2016 Presidential Candidate Donald J…
Overrated. Strung out hillbillies taking from gov't but blaming the bla…
"TRUTH ARROWS 🎯🎯🎯 You owe Benedict an apology comparing him to Barack Hussein…
Would you have let one of your employees talk about former President Barack Hussein Obama that way? You wouldn't!
It is a great day in world history. It reminds us of President Barack Hussein Obama. It is one of his greatest achievements.
"Come w/ me while I fundamentally change the face of into the largest Muslim State in the world." –Barack Hussein…
When I awake every morning I say what the *** happened to my Country? Then I answere myself. Barack Hussein Obama👴🏿
A like that leveled at one 'Barack Hussein would have caused a Firestorm like no other!!!…
Do u mean Barack HUSSEIN Obama. When u leave out the Muslim in the name its not apparent
I blame Barack Hussein Obama.race relations went down the toilet when he became PRESIDENT
Many of us felt the same for eight years with Barack Hussein Obama in the WH!
I mean it's funny I guess, but should we do this? It's not much better than them saying "Barack H…
If nothing was amiss about Barack Hussein Obama's citizen status wh…
No offense but that's just the same leftist card being played. And its Barack HU…
Barack Hussein Obama. He doubled our national debt from $9 to $20 trillion, more than all 43 prior presi…
Wait. Elizabeth Warren, white girl who spent decades at Harvard and is a multi millionaire, have op…
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According to these people, HRC was the 1st candidate to face unfair hurdles. Barack Hussein Obama fi…
Barack Hussein Obama Used the FBI, CIA & NSA to Spy on Donald Trump
Could you name one? Show me where these groups R rioting & burn…
If Jimmy Fallon would have said about Barack Hussein Obama, what Stephen Colbert said about President Trump, he'd been fired! Colbert ***
Bottom line: Barack Hussein Obama is a private citizen. His paycheck is no longer your business.
Barack Hussein Obama is the "father" of Iran's Nuclear Weapons just as William Jefferson Clinton is the "father" of North Ko…
Susan Rice has been the designated liar for Barack Hussein Obama for over 8 years now! America has her number! Liar & deceiver!…
/ Maher you say Trump a con man? No bigger liar and con man than Barack Hussein Obama. YOU & libs taken in TWICE!
Richard Milhouse Nixon was an amateur. Barack Hussein Obama is a pro.
Barack Hussein Obama will forever be known as THE terrorist sympathizer & the root of evil & the worst President ever…
Or workplace violence, as Barack Hussein Obama so inaccurately put it.
BREAKING: Here's Barack Hussein Obama's birth certificate from Coast Province General Hospital in Kenya provided by his b…
This is the face of a small part of the corruption on the Barack Hussein Obama (AKA Barry Soetoro feign born studen…
Tip of the Iceberg - Here Are 11 of Barack Hussein Obama, "AKA Barry Soetoro foreign born student" Scandals!.
I detest Barack Hussein Obama. He thinks he'll oust Trump. Not a Trump supporter but America needs to rally around him to stop Obama.
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Barack Hussein Obama needs to mind his business. He lost and trump won.
Barack Hussein Obama was a spy, not a real US President
Barack Hussein Obama looks like a Australian ape
President Donald Trump: Investigate Barack Hussein Obama, his Administration, and Congress for Treaso... via
Barack Hussein Obama dumped his failed 8 year legacy on America, "it's Obama's fault"!
Trust Dr. A on this one subject:. Barack Hussein Obama is by far the WORST PRESIDENT in the history of America.
This means that Flynn's political assassination can be traced directly to Barack Hussein Obama.
"Come with me while I change the face of America. I will stand with the Muslims!"__Imam Barack Hussein Obama!
I got Barack Hussein Obama at 44th, Clinton gets 45th only bc he was IMPEACHED!!!
Of course no other president had the press actually run stories by him 4 approval like your boss Barack Hussein Obama
Barack Hussein Obama is a traitor. He ran guns to isis through benghazi, got Americans killed. Traitor
Barack Hussein Obama is working harder NOW than he ever did as POTUS. Setting up a SHADOW GOVERNMENT to BLOCK Mr. T…
Barack Hussein Obama is up there on that list also
. Your beloved President Barack Hussein Obama- as the New York Times reported earlier this week, in its final days, of his adm
This country is in one *** of a mess thanks to the divisiveness of Barack Hussein Obama
Most African leaders like to install their successors to protect themselves. What was Barack Hussein Obama trying to hide?
The second greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people to vote for Barack Hussein Obama.
Did General Flynn give over a billion dollars to the sponsor of terror, Iran?. NO. . Barack Hussein Obama did !
"The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer...". ~Barack Hussein Obama.
says story is biggest political scandal in our history- Where was Bill when Barack Hussein Obama pulled off greatest heist
The majority white US voted Barack Hussein Obama by an enormous margin.
Barack Hussein Obama ain't got time for Romantic Dramas
"Come with me while I make America the LARGEST MUSLIM NATION."_iMAM Barack Hussein Obama!
.Where was Barack Hussein Obama when the terrorist attacked Benghazi? No one has said. We Need an investigation. Bias media
Taking Oath of Office: "I,Barack Hussein Obama,do solemnly swear to faithfully execute my evil plan to destroy America so help…
Comment: Barack Hussein Obama is not half black. He is the first. Arab-American President, not the first black President
God bless President Donald Trump, a man of God and a true patriot. To *** with our *** Muslim-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, NOT a patriot
At least Barack Hussein Obama read the teleprompter we'll enough to convince the world he was their saviour.
I think you want to defend your tribe & Barry Sotero or by his muslim name Barack Hussein Obama- I will not defend epic failure
No more anti-Christian bigotry from our President. Good riddance, Barack Hussein Obama!
I woke up this morning and... Barack Hussein Obama is still President of the United States!
In fewer than 24 hours America will have a new President, Vice-President, and Cabinet. Barack Hussein Obama and...
Here's Mahmoud Abbas giving Barack Hussein Obama advice on how to extend his 8 year term indefinitely, "Palestinian St…
When I see folks type out Barack Hussein Obama with the middle name in all caps it's like the alien from Venture Bros. shouting "IGNORE ME!"
- PAT CONDELL on the Arab Spring and Barack Hussein Obama via
AXIS OF CHUMPS: Samantha Power, John Kerry & Barack Hussein Obama cover themselves & the USA with shame at UN on day o…
Julian Assange offered to turn himself in but he wanted Bradley Manning pardoned by Barack Hussein Obama. The...
Barack Hussein Obama our first Muslim president? -
Barack Hussein Obama is the worst, most corrupt, most inept and most anti-American president in the history of the USA!!
Barack Hussein Obama: the 44th and last president of the United States
Every American whether liberal or conservative was sad after Ft Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando etc...except one, Barack Hussein Obama
Barack Hussein Obama inspired, enables, emboldens and funds ISIS.
Notice that the two worst Presidents in US history, . Jimmy Carter and . Barack Hussein Obama . are both Anti Israel!
for Barack Hussein Obama. Raul Castro will take your resume now Mr. President. You'll fit in nicely…
LIKE if you can't wait for Barack Hussein Obama to LEAVE THE WHITE HOUSE!
You have exactly nothing to do with it. What you should've said is "thanks Mr. President" as in Barack Hussein Obama. Clown
We actually know relatively little about Barack Hussein Obama. His life has been scrubbed f/ the MSM. 23 days & GOO…
Once again Barack Hussein Obama is an embarrassment to America.
. Get over IT! Trump has accomplished more before he is president than Barack Hussein Obama has in 8 years. Counting failures
The Charade is over. Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro is an anti-Semetic Muslim. Shame on those who were fooled.
Love waking up in the morning and Barack Hussein Obama is still My President. ...
Before he rides off into the dustbin of history, Barack Hussein Obama, o Netanyahu since 2009
Our vengeful, narcissistic, worst President ever. Shame on you Barack Hussein Obama.
Israel-hater Jeremiah Wright is no doubt very proud of his friend and student Barack Hussein Obama, who has not... https…
Barack Hussein Obama was at the forefront of this degenerate, destructive agenda. No wonder black America ignored his call…
BREAKING: Barack Hussein Obama has stabbed the people of Israel in the back and permitted a very anti-Israel resolution to pass in the UN.
The information operation that meddled in the US election was not Russia, it was Barack Hussein Obama, and he continues to do so.
That man saved Europe and America from the Nazis during WWII. POS barack hussein obama removed his bust from the…
And. Republicans still allow barack HUSSEIN obama to bring them in by tens of thousands. Prepare to die Americans!!!
Muslim Barack Hussein Obama tried 2 convince Christian Americans to betray our heritage+force islam on USA.h…
10 Ways to identify that Barack Hussein Obama is a Sociopath. ht…
WOW! Barack Hussein Obama needs to get his priorities straight! *Banging my head against wall*
America was lost in last 8 years under Barack Hussein Obama
Benyamin Smith seems to hold a different view of Islam, than Barack Hussein Obama and far too many Muslims; his...
Barack Hussein Obama You spent $65,000 of taxpayer $ on a "pizza" party. WE KNOW. Karma has a way of balancing the scales.
At least Barack Hussein Obama will Act as if he loves his country. Our Disgraceful First lady, she's no Actress.
That would be a lie. Truth is, it's President Barack Hussein Obama. How about you repeat that?
When someone shows you who they are, believe them. MT .
Where's Barack Hussein Obama today after multiple radical islamic terrorist attacks around the world killed dozens & targeted Christianity!?
FACT. Barack Hussein Haddad Osma Obama is first MOOSLEM US president. TRUMP is a committed CHRISTIAN who wont aid ISIS…
Barack Hussein OBAMA acts like a criminal. Always putting cops down and siding with thugs! Unpreside…
The True Doctrine of Barack Hussein Obama, the DEMS knew all the time, but Obama's Doctrine is DEMS Doctrine.
It sure as *** wasn't barack hussein obama bin laden that helped him.It was God
soulja boy's real name is Barack Hussein Obama and he got his account locked lmao
GEORGE SOROS' puppet, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, is a GLOBALIST FIRST and AMERICAN***? (Frankly, we just can't tell.)
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How many times have US government agencies lied to the American people under Barack Hussein Obama?
Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim at heart if not in fact
"If any hacking is being done it is the responsibility of the current POTUS Barack Hussein Obama"
Hillary Rodham Clinton & Barack Hussein Obama are permanently stained with Benghazi's blood. We'll never forget.
was not only a repudiation of Barack Hussein Obama, but also of *** like these two. They just haven't fi…
Trump won. Get over it, libtard!-- person who spent last 8 years calling Obama "Barack HUSSEIN Obummer
is with America the reign of terror perpetuated by Barack Hussein Obama our current worst president in America…
That's okay. Our 45 President is getting ready to INSULT the memory of Barack Hussein Obama. Bye bye to Obama's legacy.
"I'm a black guy and my name is Barack Hussein Obama and I'm the president of the United States. I feel lucky everyday."
For confused Barack Hussein Obama is still President, and if the works Trump never will be
a black man named Barack Hussein Obama being president was totally predictable over 200 years ago..
Love waking up and Barack Hussein Obama is still My President. ...
Not ashamed to say Barack Hussein Obama at all. A president I am so proud of. No vulgarity. No demeaning of women. No mocking the disabled!
The title "President of the Divided States of America" will always belong to Barack Hussein Obama. He worked hard f…
President of "Divided" States courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama! So glad the future is brighter!
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Barack Hussein Obama was a FAILED President. He Claims GOP Governors' Job Creation as his own. GOOD RIDDANCE! BYE! .
Barack Hussein Obama is president of the United States. Stay in school, chap.
Barack Hussein Obama loves to refer to himself as "president". He is so in love with himself, sorry but we are not.
Barack Hussein Obama is the only President in United States history to never post more than 3% economic growth in any year of his term.
Congratulations to Jimmy Carter on your big move to 2nd worst President of the United States! The NEW worst? Barack Hussein Obama!
Muslim sympathizer and President Barack Hussein Obama divided this country like never before! Obama is an AGITATOR!
As in MF Barack Hussein Obama, the first and last Muslim President?
Demoncrats should be proud; Barack Hussein Obama created more "poverty jobs" than any other president!
Barack Hussein Obama believes in total hysterical squander of public resources. President Trump needs to get on board with that.
And the winner is... Barack Hussein Obama!. Congratulations to you, Barack, you're the worst president ever!
Barack Hussein Obama cried about the kids shot at Sandy Hook, but not so much about the 200 he drone executed in ***
Barack Hussein Obama really needs to hand back that.Nobel Peace Prize for failure to deliver.
Barack Hussein Obama forgot about the working man that put him in office for 8 yrs and agreed w/ HRC that we r Deplorables He…
Barry Soetoro from Hawaii came to Occidental College in California. Alias: Barack Hussein Obama
And nuance is one of the strongest suits of one Barack Hussein Obama
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The departure of Barack Hussein Obama and the arrival of President Donald J. Trump...PRICELESS. .
Barack Hussein Obama is still president of the United States
as Barack Hussein Obama said people have spoken Donald Trump will be the next president everybody should support h…
Ok. But for 8 years I listened to Republican friends say he wasn’t their president and who called him Barack Hussein Obama
A Thanksgiving wish from the President of the United States - Barack Hussein Obama - So proud of him as my presiden…
Grateful for our current president, Barack Hussein Obama. ✨
Barack Hussein Obama is not Rolling Stone's President? Lay the pipe, already!
POTUS is a securely used trade name belonging to Barack Hussein Obama! The 44th President of the United States! It is him
Hillary was so qualified to be president but she lost to a guy named Barack Hussein Obama and Donald Trump. Lmao
because Barack Hussein Obama is President and has been for almost 8 years.
Im afraid that Barack Hussein Obama legacy shall go down n history as the near collapse & bankruptcy of the USA mor…
Michelle my bell was very masculine and Barack Hussein Obama, well he was like having a female president in the WH for 8 years…
Trump to bring back the Winston Churchill statue SHAMEFULLY removed from Oval Office by Barack Hussein Obama
Every enemy of starting from David Cameron, Barack Hussein Obama, John Kerry & Crooked Killary Clinton re always failures.
Barack Hussein Obama would never be President of the United States.
Way to go Berry Soretoro or is it Frank Marshall Davis Jr or Berry Soebarkah or Barack Hussein Obama, confusing is…
Barack Hussein Obama will be remembered as the worst president in history. Two terms of epic failures on a global scale.
Tell dictator Khamanie and other traitors despite support of Barack Hussein Obama, one day we'll bring an END to Islamic…
The last thing America needs is another Lying Democrat, FRAUD for POTUS after 8 LONG years of Barack Hussein Obama'…
Barack Hussein Obama is going to be sorely missed. A better president than the country sometimes deserved.
I mean really, there must of been a moment in time when Barry Soetoro became Barack Hussein Obama and from Indonesian to…
Also, his given name is Barry Soetoro and Barack Hussein Obama is his MUSLIM name!
Barack Hussein Obama has done everything possible to undermine American Laws, Boarders and Values. He is not f…
Barack Hussein Obama, and anyone who supports him, is an unamerican POS
Feeling safer America? I wonder if this is even a concern for Barack HUSSEIN Obama; im betting not so much...
See Lord Jesus Christ gave me a dream of Barack Hussein Obama today,I was riding him and sucking his neck mom say wake up..
Coming to America courtesy of Hillary Clinton and the Racist MOSLUM Barack HUSSEIN Obama!
Travis and David cuddled ISIS headquarters then kidnapped Barack Hussein Obama because to get to the other side.
Brad has more grace in his leg than Barack Hussein Obama had in his whole body.
Since the number of a man 666 Barack Hussein Obama, didn't Hillary didn't, Behold the Red Horseman
Iain Martin is trying to distract attention from the true culprit in all of this, Barack Hussein Obama and his soci…
I Can't wait for Barack Hussein Obama 2 deal with this moment!This will happen!
Is this what you want? and stop this. "Supreme Court Justice Barack Hussein Obama"
particularly enjoyed the “lion of Islam, Barack Hussein Obama” line. Like, he cackled for 5 minutes straight on that one. (2/?)
"Writing on the Wall": Americans got EMOTIONALLY SUCKED INTO CIA Ruse: Racial Traps, diverting from the Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama!
Emails released will unequivocally show that Hillary Clinton is the Founder of ISIS, and Barack Hussein Obama helped her.
Wow had to be a liberal to have such low standards and even a lower self esteem to miss Barack Hussein Obama!Well,…
How would Barack Hussein Obama alter the constitution? Unilaterally by executive order? Act of congress? These idea…
Is anyone surprised that race relations in the USA are worse now than 15 years ago? The legacy of Barack Hussein Obama. https…
Hey. They aren't moving in next to Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, or Paul Ryan. So what's the big deal?
Muslims banned forever in AMERICA! TRAITORS do not want you to know! BARACK Hussein Obama SOERBARKA INDONESIAN CULT in…
Barack Hussein Obama is going down because he's not a real American President
What can you say? WORST PRESIDENT ever---Barack Hussein Obama. Worse than just worse, the man is an unre…
Barack Hussein Obama "THE GREAT" (deceiver) will be remembered as The Weakest & Worst President in American History! > RT
Barack Hussein Obama: 'Hillary Clinton Isn't Qualified to Be President. She will say anything and do nothing.'
Our fearless leader Barack Hussein Obama is going to spend two days out of every week supporting . What a…
Barack Hussein Obama is doing everything he can to burn this country down before he is evicted from the public housing project on Penn Ave.
Barack Hussein Obama the last black Muslim president of America, never again! Sept 2016
OOPS Michelle Obama spread the rumors by saying Barack Hussein Obama's home country is Kenya. htt…
The 2 reasons terrorism has become the world's greatest threat:. 1 Barack Hussein Obama. 2 Hillary Rodham Clinton
How do we really know that Barack Hussein Obama isn't the actual leader of Isis bombing at will his enemies in the middle east
How Could Stanley Ann Dunham have delivered Barack Hussein Obama in August 1961 in Honolulu when Records show...
Barack Hussein Obama and his endless golf vacation while America is flooded and burned out! Rump-swab extraordinaire, Imam-in-Chief, Sad Day
To honor the woman, Stanley Ann Dunham, who gave birth to Barack Hussein Obama in 1961. …
Barack Hussein Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like an expert hostage negotiator.
"If if if if if if if if if if we fall for a bunch of okie doke" - Barack Hussein Obama - 2016. Probably his best words spoken as President.
Was Hillary Clinton promised President 2016 after Barack Hussein Obama takes it 2012?
She will say anything and change nothing, Hillary can't be trusted and isn't qualified to be President. -Barack Hussein Obama.
Barack Hussein Obama is pres.The next president is a woman.The next WH chief of staff is a woman named Huma Abedin.Suck it
I'm going to commission an artist to paint a mural of Frank L. Rizzo beating down Barack Hussein Obama with his nightstick.
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World justice court. No more option. Barack Hussein Obama president of USA Forever. Forever. Forever. No more option. Direct TV. New York
What better way to cap off *** week than with the anointed one himself, ‘president’ Barack Hussein Obama?
Americans must know that Barack Hussein Obama's regime ready to fix presidential elections results, to appoint Clinton as president.
President Muhammadu Buhari supported by Barack Hussein Obama is a proven co-founder of Boko Haram.
and I sincerely hope President Clinton's first nomination will be Barack Hussein Obama.
Barack Hussein Obama hates America and her institutions.The worse, most destructive president in history.
Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary & Dems & Rinos like Paul Ryan want more Muslim refugees imported into the United States
If you casually refer to Barack as Barack Hussein Obama, then you gotta refer to Melania as Trump's 3rd Wife. Them the r…
The rumor that Barack Hussein Obama might be a secret Muslim!
Barack Hussein Obama has turned this country in reverse. We have taken MANY steps back as a nation under his Presidency. En…
By executive order, Barack Hussein Obama has made it possible for Muslims to become U.S. citizens… via
if Hillary wins, pray the USA will ever be the same. Four more years of Barack Hussein Obama on steroids.
Common sense.showed a Birth cert.with Barack Hussein Obama.his birth name was Barry Sotoro.Record in Hawaii Forgn student
easy his father was Barack Hussein Obama and was adopted at 5 became Barry Seotoro
Don't know anything about Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama. Anything & Everything is conveniently SEALED
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"Muslims built very fabric of our nation!". Barack Hussein Obama . Can't wait to get REAL American President! Trump!.
and it has been in the process since Barack Hussein Obama got into office aka Barry Soetoro
Barry Hussein Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama should UNSEAL & RELEASE HIS RECORDS to the American public.
when he changed his name from BUTT PIRATE Barry Soetero to Barack Hussein Obama
Barack Hussein Obama goes on rant about Donald Trump's populism Bathhouse Barry stinks of fear.
"Muslims built the very fabric of our nation". Barack Hussein Obama . We need a REAL American for President! Trump! .
person started the war on cops - Barry Soweto aka Barack Hussein Obama
I would rather be dead than be in the shoes of King Salman Al Saud or Barack Hussein Obama.
Further evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is the weakest President in American far.
Herein lies our problem. tying the hands of law enforcement agencies... handed down from Barack Hussein Obama.
Barack Hussein Obama is worse than worthless. He is a traitor and should be deposed, lawfully convicted for...
Which one Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama or President Okie doke. All are Un-presidential & Anti-American
Barack Hussein Obama - May peace be upon Him - is fulfilling his promise to fundamentally change America
we all know President Barack Hussein Obama is the anti-christ
Can't win with a fascism racism president like Barack Hussein Obama who only helps out bankers and terrorists with the Procter & Gallagher
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*** most Conservative don't believe the Barack Hussein Obama who is president has the authority to govern the USA..
The greatest con man to ever ran for president, after Barack Hussein Obama
If there is any question where Barack Hussein Obama's allegiance lies, this should clear it up.
Barack Hussein Obama - the worst president in American history.
Now a guy raised in Indonesia named Barack Hussein Obama can get elected president 6 years after 9/11. Weird.
Why are people so shocked? They elected a president called Barack Hussein Obama. He doesn't have 1 western name.
If you worry about your family and your future thank Barack Hussein Obama. The most divisive, unAmerican president in history. Bar none.
I wanna be a Todd Starnes ghostwriter: "Barack Hussein Obama is *still* not my president. Sorry PC Police"
Well considering Barack Hussein Obama is the president, hasn't it already?
Barack Hussein Obama has the honor of being the 4th WORST Economy President in US history~do we need to continue his legacy?
I want a third term for Barack Hussein Obama
A black guy named Barack Hussein Obama is president and Donald Trump is likely to succeed him. Welcome back to consciousness!
"few good games of PGA Golf Fore some well deserved R & R," "Your Incumbent Democratic President, "Barack Hussein Obama"
.Barack Hussein Obama lived with a terrorist but a career business man is not fit to be president?
You're about to find yourself begging Barack Hussein Obama for a peremptory Plenary Pardon. Kisses.
Hamilton Collection
. If the press covered Barack Hussein Obama like they have Trump, Obama never would've been elected!
Barack Hussein Obama, hmm hmm hmm: Nova won 'maybe the best title game of all time' via ESPN
Barack Hussein Obama has ignited this racial division; I wish ppl were more intune with history, Democrats pro slave
The All White Muslim version of Barack Hussein Obama! Canada will soon be UK, Germany, Sweden
I present to you to you Barack Hussein Obama and William Jefferson Clinton in complete disagreement
Whenever you go to the Google News they list Hillary as "Hillary Rodham Clinton" but there's no "Donald J Trump" or "Barack Hussein Obama"
Sunset for and Barack Hussein Obama, coming soon. and keep our shores safe. Key West Cliff. htt…
Hi Her Majesty ROYAL Barack Hussein Obama. Before leaving the house, you have to burn me colonial CFA currency
Wow, now if only they'd do the same to Hillary Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama. No chance of course. Sucky sucky.
his children?" "Your Incumbent and Former Presidents, Barack Hussein Obama, William Jefferson, and Hillary Rodham Clinton."
Who died and made Barack Hussein Obama, "king" of anything? Don't blame me. I didn't vote for the foreign *** either time.
Iranian born senior advisor to Barack Hussein Obama"sweetest sound I know is Muslim call to prayer" https:/…
The swagger of US Presidents has peaked at Barack Hussein Obama.
This came as a decree from his Royal Highness, Barack Hussein Obama, King of America.
There are NO pictures of Barack Hussein Obama like this one...NONE. .
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Also tell them we have a black president named Barack Hussein Obama and that we never got around to inventing the hover car
Q: What type Christian changes his name from Barry to Barack Hussein Obama? A: None.
May Barry Sotero, aka Barack Hussein Obama, be forevermore known as
The President’s name – Barack Hussein Obama – persuades him to be far friendlier to Islam than if he was Barry Harry O’Neil?
"I spent my college years in a drug induced haze." Barack Hussein Obama
Barack Hussein Obama is an anti Christ and if he is not, needs to stop taking executive action in selfishness, harm of Christians, and
Barack Hussein Obama is chief Muslim in charge! use 2B named BARRY!
The cherry on top would be the ALIAS: U.S.A. vs. Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama.
When the gates to Guantanamo Bay are closed the last terrorist to enter, and never leave, should be Barack Hussein Obama.
I have never seen another human as full of anger, envy and hatred as Barack Hussein Obama...uh.Barry Soetero.
If you called Obama "Barry Soetoro" or "Barack Hussein Obama" during the last 8 years you have to call Trump "John Miller" or "John Barron."
Barack Hussein Obama praises Islam and says the US is the biggest Muslims population.
Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama is listed on multiple documents as a Muslim, Indonesian Citizen born in Kenya
“I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”The *** known as Barry Soetoro & Barack Hussein Obama noted Christian.
Barack Hussein Obama ‘Sieg Heils’ Chancellor Angela Merkel for her policies of welcoming in more … via
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Surprised they didn't put Barack Hussein Obama on $20 bill
Barack Hussein Obama in the Whitehouse and Harriet Tubman on US currency. Things I would not have thought I would see in my lifetime.
Rafael Eduardo Cruz is a hideous name for a US president. Right up there with Barack Hussein Obama. .
Really did not know that it was rare for Ryan to have his head up Barry aka Barack Hussein Obama our prisendent ***
Barry aka Barack Hussein Obama has been for Muslim take over now Rafael aka Ted Cruz works w/communist on take over
Folks, Another of Barack Hussein Obama's best friends! The author of course forgot to add the "Hussein" part, so...
Calling Trump a Racist is like calling Barack Hussein Obama a loyal, patriotic AMERICAN. Its INSANE "boys & girls."
Let us all agree for a moment! and see how far we have come! Electing first female president...Barack Hussein Obama
Barack Hussein Obama is - shamefully after 9-11 - the first Muslim president. He has implemented invasion of USA.
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