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Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah are Jewish coming of age rituals.

Bar Mitzvah Boy Mazal Tov James Franco Seth Rogen Werewolf Bar Mitzvah Barclays Center

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah has been played 251,147 times on Spotify and I am probably responsible for half of those plays
Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy makes me want to shoot myself in the head
"I was in catholic school when I had my bar mitzvah" -chris
if I turn off Falsettos before the bar mitzvah, Whizzer lives right?
Want to give a them a special gift, but not sure what? Here's a few ideas.
We host special such as Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, Retirement Parties, and much more! If you’re celebrating somethi…
I liked a video Weekend Update: Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy on Passover 3 - SNL
The Wedding invite's got the addresses and times on. . And Uncle Joe left the invite at home. . No problem.
Please tell me there's video of this. It's like a bar mitzvah toast gone wrong.
Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy (stopped by Update last night to talk Passover. . Full clip: h…
It was me. I had some leftover bar mitzvah money and was like 🤷‍♂️
Play 21 Savage for free at your Bar Mitzvah and spend the million on candy bars. Might as well.
$1M for 21 Savage to play your kids' Bar Mitzvah? That's extreme, even for the filthy rich.
21 Savage earned a whooping total of $1 million for performing at a Bar Mitzvah this weekend
.will show up for the money. Get the deets:
Invite Kona Ice to supply the dessert and fun at your next Private Party, Employee Rewards, Gala, Bar Mitzvah,...
Later tomorrow Blake, Kevin W and Joe will be at for Nathan's Bar Mitzvah alongside We cannot wait!
in the union & a boy comes up and asks me how to get to the union, tells me about his Bar Mitzvah, then informs me that hes hitting on me /:
Known as Bat Mitzvah(for Girl) or Bar Mitzvah(for Boy).Hebrew custom of Bantus,initiating little girl to womanhood and to manhood
Bar Mitzvah- soccer inspired at Temple Beth el in Hollywood. Thank you Chez Gourmet Catering, HipPOPs Handcrafted...
at a snowy Bar Mitzvah in Westchester NY - Matt, Elliot and new Camper, Lucy!
merry bar mitzvah for you too! Well dang... There's a prequel but its not as cute, just funny. Dont think its ur cup of tea
for me it's Marvin's lines in Days Like This, and all of Jason's Bar Mitzvah & Unlikely Lovers, and most of Charlotte's lines
"Three men with gifts? Wouldn't they have been better off at Jesus's Bar Mitzvah?"
If that's the case I want my bar mitzvah
funny chopped liver story: abba da caterer made a bust of bar mitzvah from CL dat so realistic no one would eat from da face, ha!
And a happy Bar Mitzvah to you all.
Athiests celebrating Christmas is like a Muslim having a Bar Mitzvah...
I'm Jewish and I can confirm there were definitely no fireworks at my bar mitzvah
When I celebrated my bar mitzvah, there was no cake. Today, there...
I can't speak for Trump but bribing kids got them at my Bar Mitzvah Party!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
A Texas teen used his bar mitzvah money to buy 400 pairs of Nikes for local elementary schoolers:
You didn't even know what a bar mitzvah was you'd make a terrible Jew
Last night was fun, I'm a sucker for any show that has an entire plot line that centers around a bar mitzvah,
yea, I had that early. Had to shave it for my bar mitzvah
can I order a white male for my nephews bar mitzvah
in 7th grade I went to my friends bar mitzvah and ate too many mini kosher corndogs and threw up in the corner during the cha…
Im sure the bartender from my cousins Bar Mitzvah just texted me Merry Christmas, like bro how did i even get his n…
Bar Mitzvah gift: receives Torah scroll from Connecticut
Happy Bar-mitzvah to the realest Jew to ever roam the land😎
I can't remember exactly where I read this from but this has been stuck in my head just like tracy morgan's "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah"
Shout out to for making the new bar mitzvah anthem top of my feed on x-mas eve 🔥
and my BIL is like "why were there black dudes at a bar mitzvah?" and she tsks "Sammy Davis Jr." at him
omg my BIL's grandma tonight was talking about grinding with "two nice black fellas" @ a recent bar mitzvah
The Thing getting his Bar Mitzvah is one of my favorite Marvel scenes:
Got a music gig tonight for the Bar Mitzvah of Moshe Juni! — playing music at Congregation Sons of Israel
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
We got the country themed bar mitzvah band. Shalom on the Range
I don't think I've gone to a synagogue since my Bar Mitzvah either lol
Bout to start making business cards. Book me for your next event. I do bar mitzvah too. 😂
I had chinese food today and I'm going to the movies. Im finna have my bar mitzvah soon tbh.
Or, Richard Spencer's bar mitzvah. (Yes, I know he isn't Jewish.)
i was gonna wear this cute dress to my friends bar mitzvah BUT IM BROKE
Oh my god! . A bar-mitzvah theme episode,this is going to be really funny!!
This remix about to be dropped at every Bar/Bat Mitzvah till the end of time
Temple of Doom would have been a great Bar-Mitzvah theme.
the only time I swung dance outside it was at your bar mitzvah lmao
Going to a Bar Mitzvah for Christmas Eve. Sorta. 😊🕎 @ Falsettos on Broadway
It's about to go down!!! bar/bat mitzvah horas are gonna be off the chain!!!
I can't remember who on Ajax said it looked like a Jenna Malone bookend to Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.
When I was 10 I wanted to convert to Judaism bc I wanted a bar mitzvah but then I learned they had temple on Saturdays so I gave up.
Anonymous said: Date a Jew who never had their bar mitzvah, and also might never have one or ever go to...
Let's all go the lobby, let's all go to the hospital and not have to go to dorko's Bar Mitzvah.
Bar-Mitzvah on steroids as 400+ people slam the hottest club in Boston! Tix: . Doors open at 9am.
Tonight: beautiful Bar Mitzvah in Williamsburg with the great Yesuscher Guttman
Everyone even brought their Kippah's from my Bar Mitzvah, love em to death
Event of the day: brunch Bar Mitzvah using unusual items to create a cafe style visual: the food by Aaron's Cater…
Congrats to Morgan and Alex on their wedding day and also to Aiden, the guy's Bar Mitzvah we crashed.🎉🎉
Sure I had a Bar Mitzvah but I still Google the first day of Hanukkah every year.
This is just like when I stopped going to synagogue the day after my Bar Mitzvah (btw - thanks for all the gifts gu…
I'll never forget what my dad told me the day of my Bar Mitzvah:. "Today, you are a man. And if Hillary had only campaigned in Wisc
sounds like my cousin's Bar Mitzvah, TBH... THAT was a dark day.
I wonder what band they’re going to get for the Bar Mitzvah. I mean, that’s a lot of pressure.
truth be told I loved Wham. The first time I slow danced was to "careless whisper" at a Bar Mitzvah 💕
Rick Garcia just said Darby sounded like Adam Sandler in the Bar Mitzvah scene in The Wedding Singer. I am
I thought that's the service for High Holidays when they have the Bar Mitzvah kid read the passages...
As a Jew I have a suggestion. I know arena's really like "Hava Nagila", but if you want the real Bar Mitzvah crowd pleaser go w/ "Mashiach!"
Ian Harding, Sasha Pieterse and Andrea Parker looking gorgeous at Emerson's Bar Mitzvah last night.
Our new custom printed sugar cookies for Bar Mitzvah, birthday, anniversary or any other celebration!
My favorite was when William Floyd was called Bar None, and he called Barton, Bar Mitzvah because he was Jewish! That was awesome!
Tonight, on a Bar Mitzvah weekend, I will reveal my 2 dirty, little secrets. Hear them tonight at 6:30, 3085 W. 116 St., in C…
tell me why Tiffany Trump uses the same voice infliction as Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy on SNL
"They looked as out of place in the (Yankees) pinstripes as a pork chop at a Bar Mitzvah." -- Mets announcer Howie Rose o…
"They looked as out of place as a park chop at a Bar Mitzvah"-Howie Rose
Obama speaking at the Air Force Academy makes as much sense as Iran's Ali Khamenei hosting Jonah Hill's Bar Mitzvah. h…
Loved these logos and colors we used on last weeks Bar Mitzvah...Mazel Tov Jonathan!
Check out this super cool "SC" Game Day themed Bar Mitzvah our EC Real Events Page! Mazel Tov Seth!...
It's the 18th Anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah. The social event of 1998 for 7th graders at Monroe-Woodbury Middle School.
$2 million dollar Bar Mitzvah at the Pierre Hotel for twins.
great Bar Mitzvah party past weekend, Coral Springs Florida - very good food and service..
Do most religs have a ceremony where it is chosen, as by an adult: confirmation, bar mitzvah, etc?
Mc ride can you please play at my son's bar mitzvah
Coffee cake anyone? A magnificent Bar Mitzvah birthday cake by at the…
Go to ya lil cousin Bar mitzvah and leave out as ya new uncle 😂
14. Blair and Chuck crashing a bar mitzvah. They looked so happy in this episode :(
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Israel: No Golden Boy (which was still the best bar mitzvah I ever attended) but I like this song a lot.
One of the best parts of the Gatlinburg trip was when called the Starbucks barista a 'Bar mitzvah'
coin gift ideas Star of David Bar Mitzvah gift by NoaTam
Just got done yoga, Bar mitzvah's about to be lit
Mazal Tov to Camp HASC camper Elie Lisker on a very meaningful Bar Mitzvah
'All the Days': Unsavory family feeding frenzy at a bar mitzvah
thanks for having us. So great to meet so many young people interested in our Bar/Bat Mitzvah programme.
In AP Lit today we watched Dr. Wiener's bar mitzvah video and I don't think anything will top that for the rest of the year
CI on WEHD: 'Crazy' - The detectives investigate the murder of a prominent doctor at his son's bar mitzvah.
Last weekend was my friends bar mitzvah. Congrats, m9!
So proud my story got to be the inspiration for some pretty great bar mitzvah riffs on
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It was no coincidence that this football's fan Bar Mitzvah fell on Super Bowl Sunday this year!
I started listening to bar-mitzvah music on accident and didn't notice until like three songs passed.
A mother's speech on Mother's Day to her son on his Bar Mitzvah by
I don't think the DJ last night has modified his bar mitzvah playlist since 2010.
my daily bar mitzvah with Greenberg
"Bar Mitzvah money like my last name Mordecai" - Jew(s)From the 6
Even at my own Bar Mitzvah, I wouldn't throw spitballs at a gray table. I mean I would never throw things, honest to God!
NAHUM GILBOA signed and numbered serigraph BAR MITZVAH AT THE WALL * free ship
Philip Green gives £4 million party for his son's bar mitzvah Telegraph
I still have the beach towel you gave out at your Bar Mitzvah.
Check out my Blog for the divar Torah (speech) I gave over at the Bar Mitzvah Party. Or you can click the link on...
coin gift ideas Star of David Bar ...
When you at your buddy's bar mitzvah and you sneak at least 3 little shot glasses of Manischewitz at the Oneg.
Happy birthday can I come to your bar mitzvah?
"All the Days": Unsavory family feeding frenzy at a bar mitzvah
I wonder how Pit Bull and Flo Rida feel knowing that every song they will ever release will become a bar mitzvah/s…
By the time of his Bar Mitzvah he had come to loathe the Chabad way of life.
met a man tonight. whose Bar Mitzvah DJ stood him up.
"Do you know what his bar mitzvah theme was?!?!" I ask my mom regarding in total sincerity.
Kenny the Jet got that Bar Mitzvah mustache.
Also!! I was at my cousin's bar mitzvah today and they were handing out superhero socks so I got iron man socks
I played laser tag with my friend and her two parents during her brother's bar mitzvah and it was the funniest thing I've ever done tbh
When you don't get the invite to Saif Sabris Bar mitzvah ://
The last time I was invited to a bar mitzvah, I was asked to give a toss " I started with: As Hitler said"...Now I'm banned…
why did I wish my friend that was invited to my bar mitzvah happy birthday?
Getting ready for another Bar Mitzvah in the Mazal Tov!
Mazal Tov to Moshe Inger on beginning to put on tefillin today! We can't wait to celebrate with you on your upcoming Bar Mitzvah!
"... this was more of a quickie Bar Mitzvah" for Florida U,S, Senate contender Carlos Lopez-Cantera via
Nothing clears up the ambiguity of Florida Lt. Gov. Carlos religion like having a Bar Mitzvah.
Doing an all-ages show in Portland for the first time since my Bar Mitzvah. Come see me at August 12th.
All purpose parts banner
Bar Mitzvah at Reid Street with father Irving Moldaver, Aaron Black and Rabbi Babb. Ontario Jewish Archives,...
I gotta get some more ketchup for my exhaust pipe, cause my Bar Mitzvah not until this pass week
The One The Only available for your Bar Mitzvah call today !
Custom 3D animated hologram for your bar or bat mitzvah
If you really know me you would know I watch bat/bar mitzvah montages in my free time and have a killer routine to Crazy in Love
If I seem a bit insane this week it's bc I'm simultaneously doing final edits on new book and hosting my son's bar mitzvah.
“I didn’t get to have a Bar Mitzvah when I turned 13, because the war broke out that same year.
What's it like for the rabbi when his own child is the Bar Mitzvah Boy?
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Catch me at my bar mitzvah in Washington Heights
Born Jewish, got the whole We Are Chosen training, then mom stole the Bar-Mitzvah money. Spent it on Gigolo Joe.
Harav Chaim Cheskel Fisch ben c"k M'hadas Shlita invites you all to the bar mitzvah of his son at Royal Manor. Simchas vnachas.
HAVING A BALL. Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey were all represented at Jackie's Bar Mitzvah at...
the grapes r a nice touch. hopefully fed to u by Bacchants. also i think the rabbi who bar mitzvah'd me may have been a Hammer.
I look forward to your Bar Mitzvah update on Saturday!
I would've loved to have grown up Jewish just so I could've played En Barranquilla Me Quedo at my bar mitzvah
OMG max that bar mitzvah was LIT! I'm actually in the purple dress in the corner! thank u love u!! 💖💕
For this Bar Mitzvah, sleek modern floral displays enhanced the nightclub setting.
Bar Mitzvah Boys are still babies!! Their voices are just starting to change when they do their reciting. It's very awkward age time!!
Well u know a Jewish boy becomes a man at 13 when he gets his bar mitzvah. Same for girls, they become women at 13 & get bat mitzvahs.
My last name says I'm artistic, political, and hate Jews. Funny since I was born Jewish but the Bar Mitzvah? Ripoff.
Best ever when Chuck and Blair crash the bar mitzvah ❤️❤️
bar mitzvah 😂😂 ok, will be good to have a few beers. I'm gettin on now tho, won't be able to keep up with you young'uns 🍻🍻
Diz said "you know what rhymes with bar mitzvah? Swastika"
Bar Mitzvah Training with David Pfluke. From beginning to end, and everything in between, Scott Faver, The Game...
I know the correct answer was Say Goodbye to Yesterday, but I just had to say Bar Mitzvah
"I hate throwing things. Even at my bar mitzvah I didn't want to throw bullet paper" - Simon
Ethan Lebowitz and his generous bar mitzvah gift to
Gorgeous Bar Mitzvah at the Hotel last night!
Planning a bar or bat mitzvah in Call us.
A dad with his son at his son's bar mitzvah
I heard a rumor that Luke thought a bar mitzvah is your first drink when you turn 21
Finally we can peel foreskins HAPPY BAR MITZVAH
It’s a very big deal and a huge event in their lives and b/c I have twins instead of a Bat or Bar Mitzvah it’s a
Barney's voice breaking or Barry's Bar Mitzvah...whatever your reason to party, we've got the venue!
Imma come to your Bar Mitzvah and leng it down
We offer bar mitzvah photography and videography! Call today
yes but in all fairness call me Dave is now less popular than Dr Mengele at a Bar Mitzvah
😂😂 piers you nailed it. He looks like the kid who hasn't had a bar mitzvah yet. Love you piers.
I knocked them out at a friends Bar Mitzvah on a Mechanical Bull. That's what happens when your idols are the *** cast at 13-years-old.
I do christenings and bar mitzvah's
Jonathan and his NY friends celebrated his 13th birthday with a pre-Bar Mitzvah dinner bash.
Would a Jewish transwoman who got a bar mitzvah as a kid have to get a bat mitzvah after transitioning?
"I went to a bar mitzvah once, that doesn't make me Jewish." ~ Lisa Kudrow in "The Opposite of Sex"
The real Bar Mitzvah was much crazier than the episode. Can't wait to see the Dicemans new show…
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Space Wars Bar Mitzvah invitation set. Great for a space movie themed Bar Mitzvah or a space…
Sean Kingston is a bar mitzvah legend.
Planning your wedding, a bar/bat mitzvah, special occasion, corporate picnic or meeting? Join us this Sunday at...
Had a great time at a Bat Mitzvah in Totowa now heading to Rockleigh, NJ to surprise a huge fan at his Bar Mitzvah!
Boy who recently had Bar Mitzvah donates 150 gifts to Pediatric Burn Unit at Mercy Hospiital. KDKA-TV News at 5:55 PM
Having a good time in Tel Aviv on Purim, just before our boy Jake T's Bar Mitzvah, at The…
When the most popular boy asks you to ditch school with him you do it. You want to be invited to his Bar Mitzvah don't you?
Three years ago, my boy celebrated his Bar Mitzvah.
From Bmore Dilla to Empty Bowls...I Host it all!! Even your Bar Mitzvah!!!
I was Bar Mitzvah at the Temple Beth El that replaced this one. (I read Lech Lecha.)
This party made me so happy!! So glad I was able to be there for Josh's Bar Mitzvah!!! Congratulations Jennifer...
Walked to Bar Mitzvah in Old City, beautiful day with sounds of children playing in courtyards off Jerusalem, Israel streets. Shavuah tov.
Going to a Bar Mitzvah this morning. Checking on my phone during service probably not kosher, but I'll atone for it at Yom Kippur.
I liked a video Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall in Israel
Phoebe: I'm really busy that day. I already have a unicorn baptism and a leprechaun Bar Mitzvah.
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In this week's episode of TOYS, Cobra Commander is unhappy with his Bar Mitzvah gift.
Mazal Tov to Felice and Mark Whittum on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Ari!
📽 Pitbull performs at a Bar Mitzvah at the Barclays Center in NYC last night
|| performing at a Bar Mitzvah last night at the Barclays Center in NY!
13 years of Ernie Grunfeld as GM. Let's have a mediocrity-themed Bar Mitzvah.
"If a *** Muslim walked into your cake shop and asked for a cake for their son's bar mitzvah."
I didn't march with Dr King, but Jesus spoke at my Bar Mitzvah.
I am sure this will help his image, like this boy getting a $12 Million Bar Mitzvah. Rich people too much $
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I think you should celebrate with Zach at the bar mitzvah!! We miss you! xxx
I wonder if anyone's had a furry bar mitzvah. I would bribe a kid to say "Today, I am a huskytaur."
When you keep all the crap you get at Bar Mitzvah's
Fran, isn't it time to replace your avatar with something more current than your Bar Mitzvah picture?
Well yeah, that's cause when I had my Bar Mitzvah the dybbuk of an old Jewish grandpa took over my body.
Haley watching . "my cousin had his bar mitzvah there, it said MSG:Mazel Tov Noah"
Thank you, Natalie! And happy bar mitzvah to your son (and you--Mama deserves a congrats too!).
At my bar mitzvah I was thanking Kanye West in Hebrew.
Texas Rabbi Reaches into the Soul of a Jewish Death-Row Inmate to Give Him a Bar-Mitzvah -
This part of the show is like Kanye’s birthday, bar mitzvah, and graduation party all together. A live mic & a captive audience
Something fun, “a record people could play at, say, a barbecue, or a bar mitzvah”
Zoolander and the new Kanye album are out today: most important day since my bar mitzvah
A bar mitzvah class where at the end you have your very own bar mitzvah.
makes Ann Frank jokes at a Bar Mitzvah.
Blair and Chuck at that random Bar Mitzvah was the happiness scene of Gossip Girl ever
you're new to me but I heard the magic words "bar mitzvah" so I had to say hello
You need drinks for your event, house party, babyshower, Bar Mitzvah, anything.. Hit up proud sponsor of
It feels like just yesterday that I was celebrating my Ted Nugent themed Bar Mitzvah. Sad!
Wow $7,500 crazy! I was invited to a Bar Mitzvah. What a slander.
new episode of features your Bar Mitzvah story. Where are Marnie and Jewie Jewman today?
I was there for your 1st steps & 1st word now its your bar mitzvah and I couldn't be more proud of you grandma. Happy birthday!
Planning Bar and Let create your candlelighting ceremony. ORDER today.
Caddyshack themed bar mitzvah this weekend should be interesting
has been a Bar Mitzvah for many decades. Other well-knowns include ✡Esther Rantzen, Joe Godwin, Jana Bennett✡
Wish I could have worn this at my bar mitzvah!
Have your child's bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah at the Nature Museum!
If Karen doesn't sing a song from Fiddler at this bar mitzvah I'm going to be disappointed
This Yemen war was meant to be Saudi Arabia's bar mitzvah, Riyadh's entry into a regional powerhouse role. Now obvious they ain't 13 yet.
Cool Ideas for a Ski or Snowboard Theme Bar & Bat Mitzvah Party -
I'll bet he would have been about as popular as a ham sandwich at a Bar Mitzvah among all those bigots and racists!
Holocaust survivors putting tefillin. For 1 of them it's the second time;first was his Bar Mitzvah,1945. Via https…
Happy birthday hope you have a great Bar mitzvah 👌🏿
Available today for Birthdays and Bar mitzvah's - will work on the sabbath
5th of 20 square table toppers for a February 27th bar mitzvah with a Nintendo game theme. After the
"What time? Cause I have to go to my nephews Bar Mitzvah."
Are you really black if you've never run from the police? . Mexicans have Quincenera . Jews have Bar Mitzvah. We got running from the police
I'm going to my cousins Bar Mitzvah in April. I can't wait to hear the Black Eyed Peas for 7 hours straight.
Ben's rockin' Bar Mitzvah party, from the Marina City Club, by Sean Fujiwara for Graham & Graham Photography.
Impressed with selection of Bat and Bar Mitzvah card! Great job because you usually can't…
Kids who came to my Bar Mitzvah in June 1991 got this Astros photo of Jeff Bagwell signed
"book them for your birthday party bar mitzvah or wake "😂😂 I really don't know .
LMFAO it was actually our bar mitzvah last night
Hire my band, The Shoutles, for your next party, wedding or bar mitzvah! We shout the lyrics of The Beatles , mostly in unison.
*lady at a Bar Mitzvah walks by my family*. Her: ur baby is so cute, I could eat her up. Can I hold her?. My 3-year-old: No. u eat babies.
Katies mom: what's going on up here. Katie: it's my bar mitzvah. Katies mom: I didn't realize you were a 13 year old Jewish boy
but did the kids ever make it to the worlds greatest bar mitzvah. I need to know joe!!
Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony in Sydney for ppl who missed theirs because of the war; one B'nai Mitzvah was 99 https:/…
We really crashed a bar mitzvah in red bank last night 😂😂😂 open bar aye free drinks 😈
Hi Michael. Had my Bar Mitzvah with your brother David and found audiotape of entire service. Happy to provide if you like!
Moishe & Sara Leah Guttman invite you to a Kiddush in Honor of Lipa's Bar Mitzvah this Shabbos at Kahal Yereim 3868 Poplar Ave Shachris at 9
can't wait to meet you. Btw, I'm in town for a quick bar mitzvah at beginning of Feb. let's meet for a quick hug
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Banging night at Brian's Bar Mitzvah last night 😎🤔
Fancy a guest spot with The Ryan Hargreaves Experience. Playing Bar Mitzvah. pick you up in clio
There were 25 y/o girls at the bar ln dressed like they going to a bar mitzvah circa 2007
DappsDaily is back, by the Genius Bar Mitzvah
Dj Khaleds dj set list is like something you'd hear at a bar mitzvah
Winner of 'Best Small Mexican Bar Mitzvah' category by -
I still have checks from my bar mitzvah I need to cash
Maybe someone should instigate an equine 'Bar Mitzvah' 2 mark the occasion of move from 'colt' to 'horse/stallion'?
Come see me become a man!! Roll up to my Bar Mitzvah with my homie Seth Rogen! ENTER:
'This kid better stop snap chatting me at his sisters bar mitzvah' -Julia
Starting off 2016 with a Simcha. Bar mitzvah, here we come.
Jessie J dressed like one of my aunts at a Bar Mitzvah.
Calling it now folks 2016 is the year 90's bar mitzvah techno makes a comeback
In case any of you were wondering, yes, Disney World's NYE playlist is exactly the same as a Bar Mitzvah playlist
Sponsoring a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration for children whose families are victims of terror.. h…
domain names
Earth Wind & Fire?!?! My Bar Mitzvah was in 2002 not 2016
There is historically some confusion on this point. Many historians believe January 1 was actually Jesus' bar mitzvah.
Mase is playing a Bar Mitzvah in 1997. Oh, wait, that is a New Year's Eve party.
With London being just a hair sloppier than your bar mitzvah.
always seems like the annoying kid you have to listen to because it's his bar mitzvah. Chill it down bro.
Jake Kaplan's 1st semester at told via his Bar Mitzvah pics
I never knew who Dolph Schayes was until l got about 8 Jewish Sports Hall of Fame books for my Bar Mitzvah. Rest in peace.
Jake Rees-Mogg in South Shields is how I imagine HP Lovecraft would have been at a Bar Mitzvah.
This Black Friday, how about gifts for centaurs? Or discounted tickets to Kyle's Bar Mitzvah!.
Mazal Tov to Alisa and Laurence Kotler-Berkowitz on the . Bar Mitzvah of their son, Matan!
Mazel Tov Joshua on his Bar Mitzvah! Love the green and gold combination!
My brother needs to know my wife's Hebrew name for his son's Bar Mitzvah. She's insisting on being called Sarah Silverman.
Miley Cyrus brought out a huge Star of David to celebrate James Franco's Bar Mitzvah in Hollywood
Untagged pics of Zac’s skit from James Franco’s Bar Mitzvah for Hilarity for Charity (
Miley backstage at James Franco's Bar Mitzvah last night 💖✨
Miley and Seth Rogen at the backstage of "Hilarity For Charity" James Franco's Bar Mitzvah
People are actually asking me for relationship advice, they might get further asking anjem choudary how to organise a Bar Mitzvah.
Don't forget about James Franco's Bar Mitzvah happening on October 17th:
Just performed at a Bar Mitzvah over in the States Used half of the money to beat my brother's case Red wine over Fed time
Celebrate the High Holy Days by getting high w/ me at Bar Mitzvah. ENTER:
i did, he played at my Bar Mitzvah and he had a message from Billy Joe Armstrong himself
Takeaway Arab Peace Initiative is old enough to have a Bar Mitzvah, but US & KSA are still name-checking it for lack of a real agenda.
I need an owners manual for your next Bar Mitzvah
You're invited to Seth Rogen's bar mitzvah for James Franco. .
Whenever I tell a guy who asks about me that I'm Jewish he always says smthn like I just got back from a bar mitzvah like 3 years ago
Son wins court battle against mom for $5K bar mitzvah gift
I just bought a signed Joe Panik '14 WS ball for my friend's kid's bar mitzvah. I think that will be a good omen for our 2B. Please.
After my Bar Mitzvah I told my parents that I didn't need to practice Judaism anymore because I was already good at it…
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