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Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is a town on Mount Desert Island in Hancock County, Maine, United States. As of the 2010 census, its population is 5,235. Bar Harbor is a famous summer colony in the Down East region of Maine.

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Not yet! Bar Harbor back patio opens this Friday ;)
wow only $99 from boston to bar harbor on cape air. Seems like there are a lot of Acadia trips in my future!
We're pleased to be making music with the Bangor Symphony Orchestra and the Criterion Theatre in Bar Harbor.
Bar Harbor Bankshares's Senior Vice President just picked up 248 shares $BHB
Welcome to the “Sweet Spot” of dining experiences, Beach Bar at Bay Harbor Hotel.…
I can highly recommend Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor.
my wife and I will be in Bar Harbor in June. Do you have any recommendations for places to eat/things to do off the beaten trail?
Oak Harbor Masonic Lodge will hold its 16th Annual Chicken Bar-B-Que Fundraiser Sunday, April 30 from 11...
Oslo is effortlessly cool. About to see opera in an underwater themed dive bar. Also stumbled upon a horse stable next to a boat harbor.
Mars locales named after landmarks in and What should the next Martian location be named?…
Chuck bought "On Tyranny" at Sherman's Bookstore in Bar Harbor, Maine. Even on vacation, the work continues... 🇺🇸
I found some history in Bar Harbor Maine – it’s absolutely beautiful… …
Norton's Sports Bar News (Tuesday) has been published on Norton's Sports Bar Safety Harbor
"Maahs? Ya, cant get theaah from heaah." Turns out there’s a Bar Harbor on Mars. An Acadia, too. via
And it's all because a NASA geologist spent childhood summers in Maine.
Getting ready to drop the curtains in our Bar Harbor shop! We will be opening for our 2017…
Love this! geologist naming landmarks after fav spots in You can’t get the-ah from he-ah … yet.
Acadia National Park is also beautiful, but also gets crowded in summer. If you go to Bar Harbor, hit up…
OMG! I love this and hopefully uses Old Orchard Beach which is my favorite beach in Maine & best beach evahhh!
“When I had an opportunity to name an area on Mars, I thought, well, I really love the Bar Harbor-Acadia area.”
In today’s Globe: You can’t get to this Bar Harbor from here, what’s really in a first name, and more…
I have never been as sad as I am right now after realizing the research position I got an interview for is in Bar Harbor
Maybe some day, I will make it to Bar Harbor. Bar Harbor on Mars that is.
Lines cleaned at Harbor Bistro & Bar this morning. Check out the local selection for visitors to t…
Please dont close we'll lose revenue/tourists for all who go to Mt dessert for bar harbor & Acadia National Park. Ugh
You can’t get there from here — even if you’re already in Maine. Mars is pretty far away.
Of course, quiet enough for ya there? Ayup — there’s a Bar Harbor on Mars, too via
Ayup, there's a Bar Harbor on Mars, too
Ayup — there's a Bar Harbor on Mars, too - The Boston Globe: The Boston… UK News Science
Mainers like to say you can’t get there from here. But when it comes to the new Bar Harbor, it actually is true.…
Have you ever been to Maine - Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor? You should definitely visit Maine! 👍
I see you grew up not too far from my favorite vacation spot, Bar Harbor. I'm watching Talk Show the Game…
Check out this awesome spring concert that will be held at the Criterion Theatre in downtown Bar Harbor on May...
Also - must visit Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor...Thunder Hole, Cadillac Mountain...and Jordan Pond House for popovers.
In the news: Beer is being celebrated at Bar Harbor 2nd Annual Winter Beer Fest Saturday
On the road again. Sightseeing with Sis. Hurst today. Headed to Bar Harbor, Maine and Acadia National Park.
Bar Harbor and the best lobster roll in the world from the amazing Down East Deli. This is…
Thanks for bringing spectacular weather, Norwegian Gem! Enjoy Bar Harbor & see you at Geddy's!
Breaking Light by JacquiTrump ... Foggy day at Bar Harbor, Maine with the sun breaking through
Bar Harbor Manor: Welcome to the Bar Harbor Manor in the picturesque village of Bar Harbor, Maine!
Check out this view of Bar Harbor from the air! We're happy to share this beautiful village and Acadia National...
Home for the week!! (@ Eden Village Motel and Cottages Bar Harbor in Bar Harbor, ME)
Ready to set sail on a sunset cruise in Bar Harbor. @ Bar Harbor Waterfront
Town Hill, a small village on the outskirts of Bar Harbor, has become a hotbed for small businesses in Maine
Bar Harbor is the Snowshoe of Maine. the village is so cute.
how about you just build one in the Ellsworth/Bar Harbor area instead of building like 15000 in southern Maine 😭
You have a house in Maine? I'll be in Bar Harbor early June! Could I interest you in tea at Jordan Pond House?
mother and father in Bar Harbor, Maine. Late 60s or early 70s. …
MDI, he's all yours. Westbrook superintendent top candidate for post in Bar Harbor
Good morning from Bar Harbor and our lobsters!
looking forward to this weekends performance at Harbor Bar!!
Bar Harbor man gets 90 days in jail for apartment fire via
come celebrate with us Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar Harbor East
What an interesting building in the town of Bar Harbor Maine, When you stay ... -
Westbrook superintendent is prime candidate for publish in Bar Harbor
Westbrook superintendent is top candidate for post in Bar Harbor -
I know😔😔 us, Kels and need to make a trip to bar harbor or something before she leaves!
- Driving up to Bar Harbor from the philly area to meet my family fo...
- Driving back from meeting my family for vacation, seats open! $50 each
Kick off your summer with a Boston Harbor cruise! Join us Thursday, June 9th for a cash bar and music out...
Love playing Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC. I go to Bar Harbor and Acadia every summer. The developers nailed it! Highly recommend you visit. featured in NBC s Science of Love
yeah I still have yet to build my arena/bar I think I may build it in Far Harbor
Just found out that Fallout 4's Far Harbor is actually Maine's Bar Harbor. Apparently, the locals are thrilled lol
I'm going to Maine this summer and it really bothers me that it's Bar Harbor not Bar Harbour. I'm going to do SO WELL in America.
Who wants to take a road trip to Bar Harbor this weekend?
We are looking to hire CRMA's/PSS's/PCA's to join our team of professional caregivers in Bar Harbor.
Just realized left a bag of pita chips in my car and she's already on her way back to bar harbor 😏😏😏
Good morning from Bar Harbor! I'm at the Abbe Museum, all about the Wabanaki Nation, that has free admission all day htt…
The Abbe Museum tells a 12,000-year-old story with its first large, permanent exhibit, People of the First Light.
the entire drive to Bar Harbor has been us going "CAN WE STOP AND TAKE A PICTURE WITH THAT?"
Bar Harbor is like that, too. College kids working
it's sad too because I just saw it a few days ago. It's one that everyone going to Bar Harbor stops and takes a pic with.
Bar Harbor (MDI) Rotary won a TURKEY cup for outstanding membership efforts! Boom! Congratulations to us!
In other news, it's an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day here in Bar Harbor!
Everyone in Bar Harbor is scrambling before the big opening weekend! Do they have enough employees? I'll let you know tonight
or with the Bar Harbor throw by Find it at Macy's.
According to Bar Harbor is a small New England town that you need to visit!
IT'S OUTDOOR SEASON! Revitalize your patio with the craftsman look of Bar Harbor porcelain.
hi Dave. How does Memorial Day weekend in bar harbor look? Trying to decide on a trip
Why am i still in Far Harbor building settlements and bars with fun neon signs? Oh, i think i just answered myself... Back to The Har-Bar!
Kim Kalicky: Falling Waters, Bar Harbor, Maine: Bar Harbor, one of our favorit... Via
Wow! Happy to hear that Bar Harbor was named among the 20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2016. We certainly agree!
I'm so jealous! Bar Harbor and Acadia are my happy places!
1841 farmhouse, 3/2, with water views and restored attached barn. 1 1/2 hours to Acadia, Bar Harbor.
Bar Harbor boy performs with Pearl Jam in Quebec City: Video - Central Maine
The scenic in Bar Harbor, is a must see!
Bar Harbor is def on our bucket list...looks beautiful. Happy Mothers Day to you and all Moms! Cheers 💫
Enjoying with my mom & daughter in Bar Harbor, Maine this coastline.
The people who know will know where we are for Mother's Day! @ Bar Harbor, Maine, New…
WOW! Bar Harbor is quite the quaint little town! I'm in Maine for an apologetics conference w/ 7,000 people! :)
Thanks West Street Cafe in Bar Harbor for the love
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I’m so excited about your new Bar Harbor service! What days/times will you fly BHB-EWR and EWR-BHB?
we have to be closed to traffic as firefighters from Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island.
My wife and daughter in Bar Harbor back in 2002. acadiacentennial
Harbor your childish scholarship cardiovascular disease - peaceful treads and risers in transit to bar one and all product festiv: gQkcWT
Saw an ad for an event from a local bar. "Starwar's." Immediately harbor resentment towards bar and write them off for eternity.
Approach keister ourselves harbor the finest relative to sacramento bar dealers?: ivk
Howdy I'll be there in May to interview + illustrate women in leadership, exhibit the portraits.
Harbor Fire Bar and Grill, located at 239 *** Road, Marshfield, . MA will be offering a Ball Park menu in...
4 days til and invade Get your tickets
Caprara aims to open Henderson Harbor waterfront restaurant in May: The site plan for Harbor Waterside Bar Pub...
It is! Bar Harbor is very dog friendly with pretty sights & pawsome sniffs!
BAR IS OPEN 1st charter of the season its 45° & the wind is blowing at 20kts
Mo G musta sabotaged Drake on that 'I got so many chains they call me chaining tatum' line.. Quentin Miller would never l…
Imma go pick up Vanessa tomorrow and take her to Bar Harbor seafood 😁
We love hearing about your experience! Thanks, Fun M., for leaving us this wonderful review:
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Hipmunk Hotels: Indulge in a Gorgeous Northeast Getaway to Providence, Bar Harbor, and More via
When you visit the Bar Harbor Hannaford, check out the reusable bag display! For…
Haven't tried New Belgium's Hop Botanical?! Try it on draft at any of these locations: Harbor House, Calamari's, and Toby Hill Bar & Grille
NYAG proposes Safe Harbor to incentivize companies to raise the bar for security: compliance with NIST 800-53 => immunity.
So excited to work w/ Bar Harbor Bank and Trust to make playground a reality.
Saved you a click: Between Newport, RI and Bar Harbor, ME
Bar Harbor, Maine. We're making way for our new gorgeous building. Cottage street building demolished -
Traveling with PJ Walter Photography, these photos capture springtime in Bar Harbor. Be sure to book your stay...
Town crier ... I practiced panning on my vacation (this is Bar Harbor, Maine) and was very pleased with (and surpri…
We has just learned we's going to go to da Bar Harbor, Maine area again in July!
[OLD POST] The food, the people, the scenery; what's not to love about Bar Harbor
Bar Harbor Bank and Trust invites you to their Annual David R. Harding Memorial Gof Tournament on Tuesday, June...
//little girl at harbor freight . I ate your crunch bar you left behind
Here’s an upcoming art event in Bar Harbor.
Harbor a design la tuneful nine be doing bar is uncompassioned into fusty puff? noncompliance conduct!: giMFGV
Spent the day putting in applications around bar harbor and am beyond excited to see what this summer brings
Connecting Saint John with Fundy National Park is also a part of linking with Acadia in Bar Harbor. Of course,...
Check out these 3 amazing running camps based at and hosted by College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine.
TOMORROW, March 29th: Maine Sail Freight and Feral Trade at College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine starting...
We bar hopped, we ate lobster and we definitely made the most of our night in Bar Harbor, Maine
First post on my brand new blog. Bar Harbor - Maine Road trip Part1 via
We can all use a break today. Join our outdoor trip of a life time. Bar Harbor - Acadia, Maine
Looking back at our summer night spent in Bar Harbor, Maine
Sharing my three favourite things about Bar Harbor, Maine
Bumblebee gathering flower pollen at Bar Harbor, Maine (Vine by
oh I love Maine, I go to Bar Harbor every few years. Moosehead Lake is a great place also. Love me some lobster rolls!
In search of great travel photos taken in/around Bar Harbor or Acadia National Park for an upcoming feature. Anyone? ❤️
Meanwhile, on a beautiful Sunday in Bar Harbor, Maine...
The hunt is still on for a rare window stolen from a Bar Harbor church 28 years ago
Hancock Street in Bar Harbor, Maine! I hope we can take companions to Far Harbor, Hancockception!!
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Strong winds in the Bar Harbor area
Acadia National Park in Downeast Maine is a must, and Bar Harbor is the perfect resort town. (1/2)
Acadia National Park selects its first Poet Laureate. Christian Barter of Bar Harbor will serve in the honorary...
[Bangor Daily News]Michael and David, both of Bar Harbor: grandchildren Ocean a…
Portland and Bar Harbor/ Acadia National Park are two very popular places here!
Let's hear it for Ptown!. Provincetown, Bar Harbor, Cape May, and Charleston are among the places on the East...
[PHOTO] 1940s Postcards of Bar Harbor, Maine click=>
Come to Maine to see the lobster trap trees along the coast! Both Rockland and Bar Harbor offer up fabulous...
A10: To eat lobster at Bar Harbor in Maine. And to visit the UP!
A6 Yes! Mostly domestic, but excited about Niagara Falls, Maine (Acadia, Bar Harbor) and Chincoteague! Caribbean too!
In the news: Maine utility regulators dismiss Bar Harbor substation complaint
Currently 28F with light snow at Frenchville, Maine & 45F at Bar Harbor.
Love me some Bar Harbor, Maine! I think we visited Mt. Desert Island Creamery ... -
Two people jumped in the ocean today at Sand Beach, Bar Harbor, Maine. 55° Perfect for this time of year.
If you're in the Bar Harbor area this month, you can get into free:
Maine's Acadia National Park has worked with neighboring Bar Harbor to keep light pollution to a min
Director, Security Services - The Jackson Laboratory - Bar Harbor, ME: We are searching for a Director of Secu...
I love Ohio! Definitely worth going to. You need to check out bar harbor next time you're in Maine.
We're in Bar Harbor. There's nothing more American than bars and harbors.
I love it here. I moved here last year from Ohio. Other than winter it's great. Have you been to Bar Harbor?
10,000 PAPERCUTS has a show on 10/30/2015 at 09:30 PM @ Harbor Bar in Safety Harbor, FL...
Sitting here at the Harbor (a bar) in New Orleans listening to Lovin Touchin Squeezin, (the song playing on the...
Just thinking about how I won't be able to go to bar harbor again until spring time makes me want to sleep until winter's over. I just can't
Sarah from Bar Harbor ME, writing a supernatural thriller. It's a new genre and I'm so excited!
you can get a lobster shrimp and salmon or ult feast!! Or bar harbor bake
Check out this shot overlooking Bar Harbor. This quaint seaside town on the cost of Maine is a mush when taking a...
by rwsandford: Brilliant red maple in full fall color on a foggy morning in Acadia National. Park, Bar Harbor, Maine…
The on the loose - coming for PA is near one of our favorite MD campground ~ Bar Harbor Marina/RV
Egg Rock Lighthouse. Shot this last summer off of Bar Harbor Maine. .
Real-Time feed of company contracts, original agreements and executive updates from $BHB
What's for dinner in beautiful Bar Harbor? Find the sweetest lob-stah at these fine restaurants. Dining by the Sea
at here's me on top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine
Hi! This is Judy. It's National Chocolate Day, and if you go to Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium in Bar Harbor...
In the news: Bar Harbor Skatepark raises $12.5K with Tony Hawk Grant Award and fundraising
Good morning Our Bar Harbor branch's phone system is currently down. We'll let you know when it's back up!
Love mussels? This recipe from is super easy and delicious.
Christmas decorating bar inspiration >> This would be a great idea if you have people visiting leadi
was the bar harbor bake hella good I've been wanting to try it
SEW extends time of Small Craft for Rough Advisory for Grays Harbor Bar [PZ] till Oct 28, 9:00 PM PDT
Had to defend my *** cred to the jerks in this bar by expressing the outrage I still harbor toward balloon boy and Dennis Rodman.
The Psychology Club is holding a Caramel Apple Bar Thurs. in Bossard 11-1 p.m. Proceeds go to Sheboygan Safe Harbor.
Cool weather is the perfect time for Creamy and Chunky Lobster Bisque Recipe by Just perfect.
Breathtaking views of Frenchman Bay from this home in Bar Harbor, Maine
Delicious white person food up in Bar Harbor, Maine. @ Side Street Cafe
What’s happening in Bar Harbor? In a place known for activity, there’s always something to do!
Two big fans in Maine on vacation. Any chance for lunch in Boothbay 10th 11th or Bar Harbor 13th-15th?
Tonight's the night...Friday Art Walk in Bar Harbor with Jen of Should be awesome,stop by! Oct.2 6-9pm
Bar Harbor By CARL THOMPSON ©2015. A fishing boat on the grid at Bar Harbor last Friday evening. Like this...
These two babes did the 4,600+ miles roundabout way from Bar Harbor, ME to Dana Point, CA we did over…
At anchor, A Very Good Morning from Bar Harbor, Bar Harbor is a town on Mount Desert Island in Hancock County,...
What a way to end summer! Beautiful Labor Day weekend at Bar Harbor, Maine.
where r u in Maine, Bar Harbor was my favorite.
need ride to Bar Harbor or Bangor maine Th or F this week (South Station)
Don't tell my parents what was underneath my feet. @ Bar Harbor, Maine
The sunrise was great this morning on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. Below is Bar Harbor, Maine and...
Dinner at The Reading Room restaurant in Bar Harbor, Maine to celebrate 4 wonderful years of marriage.
to being back in Bar Harbor, ME with emjoyng_life. I'd kill to be in Maine right now. .
There's nothing like spending in Bar Harbor, Maine eating
Some good news for Bar Harbor. Brewery plans tasting room -
Just arrived in a place called Bar Harbor, Maine. And OMG it's just like being in the United States! ... ;)
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June 1915 issue of "The Islander" of Bar Harbor High School at Bar Harbor, Maine
Bar Harbor, Maine was my favorite. Live Maine lobster dipped in melted butter! Smachni.
Yea ! I knew you'd come around. We love Bar Harbor. Where in do you go?
Paddling in and around the caves of Maine with @ Bar Harbor, Maine
And away we go! — traveling to Bar Harbor, Maine from Cape Air - Boston Logan International Airport
Bar Harbor for shopping and sailing and seafood, Echo Lake for swimming!
On our way to Bar Harbor, Maine for the weekend to see Chelsae Johansen and Drew Ford get married.
"Jordan Pond" A few more Maine, Acadia and Bar Harbor photos and travel blog coming soon..…
A Night Out in the town of Bar Harbor,and sitting outside of my hotel !
We explored Bar Harbor and went shopping and dining, saw thunder hole, & scrambled along the rocks that made up the shoreline cliffs
Kemy's got a hole-in-one! Pirates Cove, Bar Harbor, thanks to Rosalie Kell, 3 August 2015
Looking down at Bar Harbor from Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park
The view of Bar Harbor from the Summit on Bar Island, Acadia National…
Blasting car lights and light pollution from Bar Harbor, Maine make it hard for Acadia National Park to maintain...
Mark Cuban does NOT own mega yacht FOUNTAINHEAD now in Bar Harbor. Mark told me he hates boats. Bogus report:
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
docks his Fountainhead off Row here in Bar Harbor!
Mark Cuban's yacht has been anchored off Bar Harbor for several days. But is he actually here? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
mainly go to Bar Harbor- Acadia National Park its the jewel of Maine :D stop in camden as well- Midcoast.
Bar Harbor is filled with parents pretending to like each other "for the kids" and old people
View was ridiculous today in Bar Harbor, Maine
Bar Harbor, Maine. One of my favorite places in Maine.
Exploring beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine today. Picturesque town on the water...
Recently, visited Bar Harbor, Maine. Read about the unique K-8 school & whole child investment she saw.
Spotted in Bar Harbor last month...Northeast Trailways of Maine coach. Nice. And green. Book your group trip...
Sunset in Bar Harbor, Maine right before July 4th fireworks.
Four sails cruise boat in Bar Harbor, Maine.
Small boats in the harbor in Bar Harbor, Maine.
Three sail cruise boat in Bar Harbor, Maine.
To continue my Canada/New England adventure, I present Bar Harbor, Maine. One of my favorite places…
Was part of the parade in Bar Harbor,Maine.
This U.S. Navy vehicle was in the parade in Bar Harbor,Maine.
I'll be out in Maine later this month too - Bar Harbor area.
Quiet could be for you at Bar Harbor
werdnafoster: littlethingskel destroyed Bar Harbor last weekend.
Putting the "bar" in Bar Harbor. Sandbar connecting Bar Island to Bar Harbor at low tide.
Closed out Maine LobsterFest Week in style w/ Bar Harbor trifecta at Sidestreet Cafe: first Lobster Bibb Salad ht…
Wow, oh wow! Red sky at morning in Bucksport, Maine - on your way from Rockland to Bar Harbor. Thanks for the...
Which is the most beautiful place you've ever seen? — Bar Harbor, Maine.
I am in Maine for a few days - wondered where our folks are. I'm in Bar Harbor!
vacay here in Bar Harbor. Miss seeing you local TV. Maine's loss is Savannah's gain.
Bar Harbor, Maine temperature in upper 50's. Had to get away from TN heat & humidity.
All good things must come to an end and this is true of one of the best vacations of my life. Bar Harbor, Maine...
Plans for a new oyster farm have some residents of Bar Harbor, Maine worried.
We think Bar Harbor rocks! Time for more ice cream. @ Bar Harbour, Acadia National Park, Maine, U.S.A.
A working waterfront - Mount Desert Islander - Oyster aquaculture NIMBYism playing out in Bar Harbor.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
transportation chief pleased with meeting re Bar Harbor "not under consideration" as port
I just had to share this! It is the Northern Lights and it was taken in Bar Harbor. Enjoy! .
Great time in Bar Harbor. Moving on to Camden today. Thanks to Leigh & Matt at MapleS Inn.
is that an Anvil Cloud northeast of Bar Harbor?.
Get a great deal on whale watch tickets >>>
Meh but on vacation so it's that much better ;-)... (Bar Harbor Summer Ale)
Tide pools and waterfalls all to ourselves (@ Ocean Path in Bar Harbor, ME)
Not sure why I thought going to bar harbor today would be a good idea. *** tourists.
Who wants to go to hurricane harbor with , & I Wednesday?🙆
Hey guys, my friend is visiting Maine for the 1st time and is currently in Bar Harbor, lets all send her some tips!
At in Bar Harbor Maine. Tremendous scientific research over 86 years.
We are in Bar Harbor at the MADSEC Director's Academy today. Looks like the fog is clearing off and we're in for a beautiful day.
Miss ya face.more than you know but not less than you deserve! @ — feeling emotional at THE HARBOR BAR & GRILL
We had a great time exploring Bar Harbor! 16 things to do when you go!
WOW, y'all really have a good feed We're getting through with a 4K trip to Bar Harbor from Mobile '10 F150/'15 29' Cougar TT
Bar Harbor picked up 3.83" of rain last night and today! See 21 other rainfall totals from across the state here
Just got to Bar Harbor, Maine and saw someone wearing an "Ithaca is Gorges" shirt 😊 We live in a small world.
BEST IN Goto to The Mussel Bar in the Harbor East and get the Mediterranean…
Breaks my heart to give away my dinner for 2 at the nicest restaurant in Bar Harbor, but it was their honeymoon & karma comes around 🌀
great mini vacation in bar harbor. Love it there. Will be back soon.
Side bar. My Todd was not a fan of the 45 minute harbor boat tour. It felt like the "3 hour tour"
Tiny behbeh fawns near our place in Bar Harbor! (Blurry twilight photo by our neighbor.)
What a weekend! Thanks to Localz in Eastport and in Bar Harbor for 2 great shows.
Road trip to Bar Harbor for the weekend was awesome! West Road Hotel was great! harbor,
Dad your like a father to me. Love ya bud. @ Bar Harbor, Maine
I love Maine..Missed a teaching job in Bar Harbor by 8 me...
I agree try Bar Harbor Maine you won't be disappointed
One year ago we were in Bar Harbor, Maine photographing the wedding of Sarah + Nate! Happy…
Many thanks to for participating in our bar feature:
If you get up near bar harbor find "the traveling lobster" is the best i think to get seafood
Come treat your father to Plymouth's one and only raw bar and dinner on the harbor. Outside bar, deck and patio...
Nice balance. Not too sweet. - Drinking a Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale by -
FLASH in the Pans Steel Pan band, moved to Bar Harbor Congregational Church, Mt Desert St, 5:30 pm
My sister is teaching an amazing class in Bar Harbor, Maine.
Great harbor views and quiet campground. (@ Bar Harbor / Oceanside KOA) on
Great wine tasting of local wines in a non-snobby environment. (@ Bar Harbor Cellars) on
Walk on the ocean floor to an island during low tide ✔ @ Bar Harbor, Maine
it's okay I have accepted I will only see bar Harbor when it is wet and foggy and foreboding
Photo: kittyinva: Kittyinva: 1914 photo of the Jean St. Cyr party, Bar Harbor Maine.
The Alex J duck boat drives into the water at Bar Harbor while the Disney Cruise Line comes into port in...
Flippie floppies ... Close out on all $29. Come on down to the Harbor Bar and put your piggies in a pair of...
We are at COA in Bar Harbor! Check out photos on our website photo link or follow us on Instagram!
Bar Harbor at sunset. So beautiful here.
Please join us for this incredible benefit event on July 12:.
Safety Harbor Grill & Bar on I ate breakfast here and had the skillet. Avoid this place unless you just don't…
Noon EDT: Bar Harbor Airport has recorded 2.79" of rain and a spotter in nearby Brooklin had 2.68". Still raining hard at the coast!
So my cousin went to the bars in bar harbor last night and kept getting hit on by these guys who she knew, but they thought she was me 😂😭
No big deal just Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park
Somewhere in Maine on road trip with Kathy Rich @ Bar Harbor and Acadia, Maine
From Ellsworth and Bar Harbor to Machias and Calais, GWI keeps Downeast Maine connected.
Bar Harbor, Maine is set to see a record number of cruise ships this summer.
.Maasdam & St Laurent in Bar Harbor as Canada/New England Cruise Symposium opens
My family went on a New England cruise once and we visited Portland & Bar Harbor. I can't wait to visit Acadia again.
The town of Bar Harbor, Frenchman Bay, and the Porcupine Islands from Dorr Mountain.
Picking up my first 10k race bib for Sunday. Pizza and ice cream at the finish. Squeal! (@ YMCA in Bar Harbor, ME)
Make sure to enter our contest for 2 free tix to Bar Harbor b4 it ends at 12!
Fly like an Eagle this summer. Enter our contest for a chance to win a trip to Bar Harbor!
Want 2 free tix to Bar Harbor this summer? Enter our "Fly Like An Eagle" contest to win
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