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A bar association is a professional body of lawyers. Some bar associations are responsible for the regulation of the legal profession in their jurisdiction; Others are professional organizations dedicated to serving their members; in many cases, they are both.

Oberlin College Susan Mayer

Unlike you, I'm not anon. Easy to look up my info fro…
Do your homework & stop believing Faux News! Call the Illinois Bar Assoc and ask dumm…
It was my pleasure today to help the Bell Co. Bar Assoc. hold their Fall golf tourney (although I was stuck in the…
Would be awesome if groups like Amer Bar Assoc could get a nationwide group plan for members that are sole proprietors!
And the SPJ is led by the future director of the Indiana State Bar Assoc!
Good morning! We're at Day 2 of the NE Bar Assoc. Annual Meeting. We're loving how Denovo looks on an iPad…
American Bar Assoc just rated Trump nominee“not qualified” the ABA’s 1st NQ rating in over a decade
Getting my skilled national certificate there was a drama. Still don't have it but brought the issue to the Bar Assoc.
It's just bidness for -h>. Can't let that get mixed up with morality and ethics. She would be laughed ou…
US rents its courts off the London Bar assoc. Frill on the flag denotes British Admiralty. Law of the s…
be 'them' but they're now doing other activities; Donald Jud…
Harold Ray Crews, who alleges he was a victim of Harris, is a member of the NC Bar Assoc. He can be disbarred for…
Had privilege of meeting your father years ago when he gave talk on int'l law to a ba…
Welcome to the French Lawyer delegates, P.H Dutheil and A. Vaucher for the Internatl Bar Assoc Conference
Excited to be elected to Ohio State Bar Assoc. Board of Governors!
World class beer bar would look painfully out of place at the Bar & Nightlife Assoc convention.
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Please read the entire link, including the criticism and the f…
I got blocked by this guy. I called him out for calling women "whor*s". Let him know I reported him…
Does the New York Bar Assoc. care that Cy Vance seems to have been bought off multiple cases??
Need legal assistance in the wake of the storm? See these services being offered by Legal Aid of Collier + Collier…
Strategies for young people on obtaining ID from the American Bar Assoc.
Between the Trumps and Weinstein, it sure seems like Cy Vance deserves an investigation from state AG’s office or S…
This seems an egregious misuse of power that should be reported to the and…
the American Medical Assoc or Bar Assoc, which are also tax exempt even tho lawyers and doctors them…
Congratulations on a great Thanks for all you do to raise the bar on customer experience.
The latest episode delves into the Puerto Rican Bar Assoc. of Florida's efforts to relocate displace…
NC State Bar - agency created by the - NC Bar Assoc. is the voluntary trade association for lawyers
The Constitution of India ws adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26-11-49. 30yrs later,the SC Bar Assoc declared 26 Nov National Law Day.
Excellent recent program on “Branding for Lawyers” hosted by NYS Bar Assoc. here with John Owens and Dav…
Naba reported in an "exclusive" that ISIS assassinated Bilal Anwar Kasi, Balochistan Bar Assoc pres, before suicide bombing
Bombing in Quetta is beyond awful. Head of bar assoc murdered. Many lawyers dead in a place that needs them:
Got no idea why you think article was intended to fuel hate speech. Bujumbura Bar Assoc. is a member of EALS, valid opinion.
Political Correctness vs Religious Liberty at the American Bar Assoc. Read more:
Please don't be bought off by the American Bar Assoc!!! We need help out here!!
attack claimed by both ISIS and Pakistan Taliban. Competing claims are more likely when target is govt symbol (here, Bar Assoc)
The view for reception for American Bar Assoc President-Elect @ GreenbergTraurig
Orchards...Jorge Neves tournament put on by the Holyoke Bar Assoc
Very proud of Linda Klein of Ga. Just watched her take the oath a Pres. of the Amer. Bar Assoc.
attacking a group of senior lawyers at hospital after Pres of Bar Assoc was shot; an attack on institutions
Not only would they be fired but they'd likely face punishment from the bar assoc.
More serious? Says who? A submission from the President of the Jamaican Bar Assoc. is not serious. u say?
MLP, & the Indy Bar Assoc. will host a FREE legal aid clinic:
... the only answer to the Bar’s persistent dysfunction is to de-couple its regulatory and prof assoc. functions,
Mourning loss of Bilal Advocate, President Balochistan Bar Assoc. partner in rule of law
Quetta Blast death toll rises to 40 including Aaj TV cameraman and many lawyers who were there as Bar Assoc leader was shot earlier in day
This mobile cocktail bar is freaking awesome:
Congrats to Attorney Elisa Zawadzkas elected to President of the Barnstable County Bar Assoc
Dennis Marshall, Law Academy Teacher at Jemison HS, rec'd. the "Liberty Bell Award" by the Hsv/Mad. Co. Bar Assoc.
Bar Assoc. Considers Striking ‘Honeys’ From Courtroom I'd prefer the satisfaction of calling out a sexist remark.
Been stood at assoc bar at least half an hour
German Bar Assoc actively works to assist with refugees in Greece - Wolfgang Ewer, Immediate Past President, German Bar Assoc.
faculty summer PD: Dr. Tanya Roth at the American Bar Assoc. Summer Institute for Teachers in Wash., DC.
Lawyer Yassin Senghore resigned as Secr to General Legal Council, not Secr to Bar Assoc
Mitchell: Smith to be reported to Bar Assoc. Attorney Fred Smith may have to answer questions concerning how two...
Roy Moore attacked the Bar Assoc's proposed ban on LGBT discrim. Bc there's nothing like a chief justice wanting to deny people's rights
Bar Assoc. Has New President: There's a new president of the bar association. She is Priscilla Banner, and she...
In Nov, The Nat'l Bar Assoc called for resignation of Anita Alvarez
In November The Nat'l Bar Assoc called for the resignation of Anita Alvarez
Honored to have been elected to 2015-2016 Bourne Bar Assoc. exec. board as president-elect!
Congrats to Sharon DeBerry who was elected to 2015-2016 J. Franklyn Bourne Bar Assoc. executive board as treasurer!
Tribute today to our legal colleague of the AG of Ont. and past president. of the Ontario Bar Assoc.
How to handle police encounters? Washington Bar Assoc. & high profile lawyers give tips for minorities. Coming up on
Great Day with the Cleve Bar Assoc and Industry leader Beazley Insurance Co discussing Industry approach to coverage…
50% of people don't have a will. Are you one of them? Here are some tips to help you get started.
"Protect our communities and children from being contaminated." Prez national bar assoc
10th Anniversary Installation Dinner for the Korean American Bar Assoc! Thank you board members for your hard work!
Tech survey - an idea for or 2015 American Bar Assoc. Tech Survey.
Cdn Bar Assoc Has a Lot to Answer for after Attempting to Support Chevron against Indigenous Victims in Ecuador:
The PA Bar Assoc. is far more worried about emails than the fact that violent criminals could go free.
Spoke to Arlington Bar Assoc about today. Great questions. Great crowd.
Great night last night with the Norman Songwriters Assoc. Looking forward to playing the Red Brick Bar tomorrow night! Be there!
I have been elected to the Board of Directors for the Lee County Bar Assoc. For this coming year. Thanks for all...
Diyarbakır Bar Assoc Pres snipers used special bullets to murder mother-of-5
I MUST return back to the Corporate side of the house. It's been a
On the BB & CFR Order of Merit.Superiors over Magistracy like attorneys.
And *very* weird feeling coming from an HBCU walking into all-white courtroom or bar assoc event
We've started looking at firm plans via bar assoc a few weeks ago. Still cringe-inducing but not as bad
His Dad, a prominent St. Cloud attorney and chair of the Seventh District Bar Assoc ethic's Committee, must be so darn proud.
Doubt you're missing anything. Sounds like a Regis Bar Assoc. recruitment event. Still, shame on Goodell.
Japan Federation Bar Assoc guidance on due diligence for business lawyers @
Join UConn Law & the CT Bar Assoc this Fri 11/20 to discuss disparity in CT death penalty
At this point we must contact the Nigerian bar assoc to reevaluate their pali wen dem give u. Lmfao
AS: Bar Assoc have a role to play getting other actors involved to collaborate in training, education and raising awareness
Almost every member of the Bar Assoc & the Law Soc have connections to the other dogs, Mr PAB.
why does CA Bar Assoc Protect unlicensed Attorneys? Doing NOTHING to help consumers who've been defrauded by suspended lawyers!
The HMIS Color Bar is similar to the fire diamond, created by the National Fire Protection Assoc…
Each person at bar assoc event gets face time w/three judges in speed-dating-style Q&A. H/T
conversation on need for increased legal literacy veering toward Uber for lawyers disrupting Bar Assoc...
November is month. have partnered with to spread the word. Pls RT!
Angela Edwards, president of Louisville Bar Assoc, thanked AOC for being partner with LBA to make it easier to practice law thru eFiling.
I'm suing the Bar Assoc for discrimination. They blocked me from practicing law simply cuz I don't have a law degree
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I am an attorney doing a panel on graffiti law for the New York Bar Assoc. next week. Can we use pic of 1 of your pieces?
LHC Bar Assoc. graciously invited our Partner to speak on Comp. Court Rules. Watch that & others here:
Deep concern over the arrest and continued detention of Mr Buzurgmehr Yorov, Chairman of the Bar Assoc of Dushanbe:
Mahalo to the Hi State Bar Assoc for selecting 's non-profit as one of the 2014 grant recipients!
oh dear another lie told by a A lawyer at that. Does this fall under your local bar assoc rules?
u need to see clerk 2 file a case the District Judge rules. Bar Assoc. in NY don't regulate attorneys AD NYS Sup Ct does! Nolo
The MS Bar Assoc.'s website lists only one Matthew Wilson (Lindsey Miller's lawyer) in the state. His office is in Starkvill…
Our current Gov. General, David Johnston is, ironically, an ex-lawyer. Maybe he should listen to opinion of Can. Bar Assoc. on C-51.
Thank u Michigan Chronicle and Wolverine Bar Assoc for a Grand time
Vic Toews is subject to disbarment according to the Canadian Bar Assoc. Rules Chapter 1,Sub 5 a,b,c,d
Thank you Sussex County Bar Assoc. For your endorsement for secretary!
Standing on principle the VA Bar Assoc cancels trip because some lawyers potentially barred from entering.
$74K for Bar Assoc. of Baltimore to provide free legal assistance for people 60+ with general civil matters
El Paso Cty Bar Assoc is hiring a new ED.
Virginia's Bar Assoc: “We are not a political group. We are making no political stand whatsoever...about Israel...” |
Rube,he also lied about SC Bar Assoc. Disciplinary Comm. Investigation. Care to comment?
Great event hosted by SBA and the Federal Bar Assoc. tomorrow at Noon in Wade Auditorium.
- 274/400 signatures of American Bar Assoc Conference London July 1924 for
Great stuff from my Federal Bar Assoc friends in El Paso: FBA announces three scholarhips via
Hmmm, Virginia Bar Assoc has cancelled Israel trip due to discriminatory border practices...good move
Come listen to Susan Mayer present "Hold It Right There!" at the NW MT Bar Assoc on Monday 3/2. Noon at the Kalispell Red Lion.
Susan Mayer presenting at the NW MT Bar Assoc at noon on 3/2 @ Red Lion in Kalispell - Managing Electronically Stored Information
GREAT presentation on ethics to the Howard County Women's Bar Assoc.
Federal district court, Fed. Bar Assoc., Trinity Rep., Brown launch one-of-a-kind "Litigation Academy."
I am at the Bexar County Women's Bar Assoc fundraiser and there is NO line for the bathroom
Interesting seminar from Neb Innocence Project at Bar Assoc meeting. Eyewitness id remains a very unreliable type of evidence.
Domestic violence rates of NFL players is LOWER than national average. What's the average of the CA Bar Assoc? Nat Lawyers Guild?
Ongoing relationship between , Timor Leste Bar Asdoc & NT Bar Assoc will be discussed after lunch
Here's a 1st: TN Bar Assoc. to conduct straw poll amid contested retention elections for state supreme court.
Media Alert: NY Bar Assoc to offer professional development workshop to artists and non-profit arts organizations-
domain names
Vesting of police powers in the armed forces: BMICH cancels Bar Assoc. of Sri Lanka’s booking for a forum.
Ready to hear Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito speak at a Forum Club and PBC Bar Assoc joint function
Sabryna Fulton and family attorney Benjamin Crump at Bar Assoc. On Miami Beach.
Our condolences to the family of Charles Cannon Sr. who passed away... A co-founder of the Lake County Blue Coats and LakeCounty Bar Assoc
John Mercer Langston's home is a landmark in Oberlin, Ohio. He went to Oberlin College. He was black and study theology. JML Bar Assoc.(Oh)
What does a Harvard Lawyer have to do in order to cause the Bar Assoc. to take his Law License away from him ?
Yea, that's a good idea since they have to be a member of the CA Bar Assoc. to become a superior court judge
For what it’s worth, I’ve had the privilege of working w/ Justice Paul Newby on projects for Bar Assoc. Good man & very good judge.
Angela Kelly from the Center for American Progress & Jose Magana, Director of DREAM Bar Assoc., discuss deportation reprieve & the Dream Act
Bar Assoc. at cross keys tonight ... anybody wanna go?
Law School in Dartmouth recommended for provisional Bar Assoc. accreditation.
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