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Baptist Church

Baptists are Christians who comprise a group of denominations and churches that subscribe to a doctrine that baptism should be performed only for professing believers (believer's baptism, as opposed to infant baptism), and that it must be done by immersion (as opposed to affusion or sprinkling).

First Baptist Church St John Westboro Baptist Church Zion Baptist Church Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Saint John Grace Baptist Church Elizabeth Baptist Church St Paul

Fundraiser for Sutherland’s Baptist Church happening now till 7pm at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 3 S. Randolph St.
Its been one day since the mass shooting at a Baptist Church in Texas. Has Pat Robertson blamed the *** yet?
Intentional downplay of shooting at Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs TX. Focus on endless rehash of 2016 victo…
And yesterday Jihhadest went into the second Baptist Church and shot it up
Second time a Baptist Church has been attacked this year. Martyrdom has come to the US.
My number one question is why isn’t there ever a second Baptist Church
We had a wonderful service at Bethel Temple this morning. The massacre at 1st Baptist Church in Texas was a Debbie Downer.
・・・. The nature of a man is to be a producer. @ UNION TEMPLE Baptist Church
Blessed by the preaching of @ Liberty Baptist Church Fircrest Washington on Tuesday evening where Brother Richter is Pastor.
Kabwata Baptist Church and ZAFES (the Zambian chapter of the International Fellowship of Evangelical...
Morning all. Our sessions today are at trinity church 1-3.00 & Lister Hill baptist church 2-4.00 (Wednesday)
Were I the baker, I'd bake the cake and inform smilingly that every dollar of the service will be do…
Wrong tree. The Baptist have been here since Antioch by various names before Baptist, always murdere…
I feel sorry if you like Westboro Baptist Church
Cancer healed in Jesus name! Heavens Best Healing and Deliverance Baptist Church Clinton Maryland!
Staff prayer. Wrestling with out complacency. (@ Westville Baptist Church)
I’m crying in bed thinking about the fried chicken I had in a Mississippi Baptist Church three years ago, I can almost taste it 😞
Great 1st Regional Baptist Leadership Conf. at the Grace Baptist Church in Colorado, Springs, CO. Over 30 pastors a…
One of the most consequential Mayoral elections in Durham. 500+ people meeting w candidates 10/26 Mt Level Missiona…
Come out to the First Baptist Church this coming Sunday! All proceeds go to the Children's Miracle Network.
says 27 people stayed in shelter at First Baptist Church in Spartanburg overnight. About 75 people impacted by st…
Web Design for Emmanuel Fellowship Baptist Church, by Moksha Media of Dallas, Daymond E. Lavine via
Let It Rain by Bishop Paul S. Morton & Full Gospel Baptist Church Choir on the
One of the authors is a manager of a baptist church!
If Westboro Baptist Church parody songs and spread a hateful message, y'all could have at least got people who can sing
Five-star hotel donates piano to Baptist Church -
It’s like them entire local Baptist Church is now in charge.
2015 taught me not to mess with anyone in the AME church. 2017 taught me that the baptist folks worse, especially a preacher 😴🚮
sean hannity came to Dallas' First Baptist to promote his new Kevin Sorbo-based movie and things got real dark
I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here's why I left | Megan Phel... via
don’t mind me i’m just rocking out to parodies on the Westboro Baptist Church’s official website
Great message tonight at Bethel Baptist Church by on a surrendered life, burning the plow and killing the cow. 🙌🏻
Basically how I see life these days... @ First Baptist Church, Warri
Bitcoin showing love hilariously at Westboro Baptist Church counter protest in Florida
The Good News Edition will be singing this coming Sunday, October 29th at Sulphur Spring Baptist Church at 6:30pm...
Spencer rates about 8 notches below the Westboro Baptist Church and Brussels sprouts in terms of thi…
First Baptist Church; West Memphis, AR seeks an Associate Pastor of Music and Media. Connect at: 
First Baptist Church; Helotes, TX seeks an Associate Pastor of Adults, Youth, & Outreach. Connect at: 
Pastor Sen owes First Baptist Church Dallas an apology. Will you apolog…
Fox and Friend: Sean Hannity and Robert Jeffress share the self-love at church (via Texas Observer)
Fayetteville State University Choir in concert at First Baptist Church West Sunday at 9:00 am
kates funeral will be this Saturday at 1 pm at northside baptist church after we will follow to the burial,thank yall…
Fields of Faith tomorrow! Meet at First Baptist Church at 5:45! It's going to be amazing!
Your Health Matters: Cornerstone Baptist Church turns out strong to sup...
Join us this Thursday night as we fellowship with Pastor George Burris and the Historic St. James Baptist Church. 7…
Breast Cancer Awareness at Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church. Plz support Breast Cancer and read my new book coming soon.…
Can you help me find a good church Grace Baptist Church banned me Brooklyn tabernacle opened legs to me pa…
Coffee Talk with the Superintendent is tomorrow @ 11:30. We will be in the fellowship hall at 1st Baptist Church an…
The Loving St. James Baptist Church will celebrate its 83rd Anniversary this morning. Congratulations!
North Greenville Univ. LIFE ANSWERS Apologetics Team! Immanuel Baptist Church, Florence SC. I'll be with them at 6:30 PM, Oct. 22!
TOMORROW! Join the Oak Park Peace Walk Friday which will be at New St. Bethel Baptist Church at…
Speaking at Valley view Baptist Church in Flintstone, Georgia (Greater Chattanooga area). . The congregation...
The funeral for Bobby Monger is Saturday, October 7, 2017 at 11am at Greater Mt. Moriah Baptist Church.
I go to an independent Baptist Church. Very old school but it’s nice.
We had an amazing time at the community fair at friendship Baptist Church! It's always good to share more informatio…
Organized by the Mother’s League of Central High School-women from a local Baptist Church w/ties to a segregationist group…
Copies of my are now available from St John the Baptist Church, Fleet Street, Coventry City C…
Pastor Robert Jeffress; First Baptist Church of Dallas hardly shows leadership of church w/a comment like that.
When he stepped into a small Baptist Church, Lucas thought he had finally found peace
With 12th Baptist Church building memorial to Rev. MLK, Jr. Symbolic step in fight to end inequality.
The memorial service for will be this Thursday at Baptist Church. Livestreaming here;
New hope Baptist Church has free water food an ice at 11:30 and 5:30 inside for the next couple of weeks at 431...
Join Voices of West Englewood on 9/22 or 9/23 for My Soul Cries Out Stop at St. Andrews Temple-Baptist Church. Tick…
Thanks St. James Baptist Church for your donations today. To Harvey Victims.
Visiting Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Aston right near me, 2nd time visiting. Enjoying the…
September 15, 1963 — Four Black girls killed in bombing of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham.
"That's a big *** sword on the wall mommy" . And that's why we can't ever go back to First Baptist Church off HWY 61
9/15/63 Four little girls were murdered at the 16th St. Baptist Church in Birmingham for no reason but hate. May th…
Today in 1963, villains bombed the 16th St Baptist Church in Bham. prosecuted 2 of the suspects. https…
54 years ago, on this date: 4 little Black girls were killed when the Ku Klux Klan bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church i…
September 15, 1963 - A bomb blast at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, kills four African-Ameri…
On this date in 1963, four little girls were killed when white supremacists bombed the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in…
On this day in '63, 4 black girls were killed in bombing of Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala. The road to freedom…
That's why my son goes to a southern Baptist Church to be babysat. Not one white person is there. How am I racist again? Lmao
Aug 27th: Join us at New Mt. Zion Baptist Church for College Day!
Our guest Pastor for our Homecoming service today is the Rev. Dr. William Saxe Epps (Second Baptist Church, Los Ang…
Electronic Device Insurance
Services were held today at St. Paul's Baptist Church in Richmond, VA. Rest Easy.
Sunday worship at Friendship West Baptist Church. (at Baptist Church in Dallas, TX)
Looking forward to sharing with Pastor Kirby Gulley and The 8th Ave. Baptist Church in Pine Bluff, Ark today!!
R.I.P To My Exes.The funeral will be held at never again Baptist Church located across from the lies u told cemetery on been…
Lining up for at Town Hall … round the corner and back up to the Baptist Church!
Come out today !. 7pm-10pm. Union missionary Baptist Church . Lithonia, Ga
LIVE UPDATE: Veneration starts in St. John the Baptist Church, Drumcree Portadown this afternoon.
Thank you for your Fantastic Event Grace Fest 2017 held here at the Convention Center St. Paul Baptist Church !
Raiders attended service today @ St. Luke's Baptist Church. Great way to start the school year and season off. Than…
We were happy to work with 1st Baptist Church of Mount Olive, who say solar saved the their church, via
Today's service from Baptist Church - Pompano Beach will be on FB live at 10:45am today. Join us!
So excited to have Brandon Heath in Lodi Again. Featuring Marshal Mchullan (Temple Baptist Church) and Bob Best...
Free Event! Emmanuel Baptist Church today! Our kiddos will be performing at this event too at 5pm! Come check it...
Exhibition of female writers at St John the Baptist Church.
FREE Kids Fair in Fairless Hills. Faith Baptist Church in Fairless Hills hosts its’ 14th annual Kids’ Fair this...
Be an enzymes -a catalyst for change. Meet Min. Henry Amankwah at St. John's Baptist Church, Bremang West on...
"Ladies, affirm the King in your man! You get what you speak." . He is your KING!. Craig L Oliver Sr. Elizabeth Baptist Church
"Charisma will get you in the door but Character will keep you in the room!". Craig L Oliver Sr. Elizabeth Baptist Church
"It's in the private place of obscurity when God meets you!" Craig L Oliver Sr. Elizabeth Baptist Church
Pres. Jimmy Carter recently left his long-time Baptist Church, to make a statement in favor of social equality.
Honored to share this morning with the New Mt. Calvary Baptist Church
Ladies, send nudes please. Asking for a pastor . I mean a friend, *** it I snitched on Pastor Williams of 1st Baptist Church of ATL
Join us tonight at 6:00 PM for youth Messy Night 2017. Calvary Baptist Church. 3011 Elrod Rd.…
of Golden Jubilee Celebration (Ikoyi Baptist Church at 50) - Proclamation and Sounding the Jubilee...
On my way to Littlefield missionary Baptist Church in Newton Grove North Carolina to do the…
On my way to work I drive by a Greek Orthodox Church, a Sikh Temple, a Baptist Church, and a Mosque. Proud to be Canad…
The mother at the new shiloh Baptist Church ministry on mother day may god bless us
The first Muslim person I ever met was a physician born and raised near Atlanta. Went to Baptist Church in am, temple afternoon.
West of War Memorial, near NW Baptist Church. Road dead-ends just past it.
It's not about you. But it's about JESUS *1st mount olive sunrise oasis Baptist Church choir harmonies &…
Excited to be with Baptist Church today as they launch LCN-Cherry Hill. Great people serving Jesus!…
Good message today Baptist Church - thank you Jehovah for your grace and mercy and your faithfulness!
Shelter at 1st Baptist Church on S Commercial Rd will be opening at 4pm
Russian cultural center spring bazaar tomorrow April 29 at the First Baptist Church 1200 E. 27th Ave. from 10 to 4
04-23 Statue at Saint John the Baptist Church in
I'm at St. John the Baptist Church of Taytay in Taytay, Rizal
3. Remember to keep God's day holy. 🙏 @ St. John the Baptist Church
04-22 Statue at Saint John the Baptist Church in
can confirm this meat eater destroyed the lamb bhuna @ St John the Baptist Church, Burford
This weekend begins with the wedding of Kirsty & Richard as they get married at the St John's the Baptist Church...
03-28 Statue at Saint John the Baptist Church in Sumperk,...
I'm trying not to use the word "haters" when referring to the westbro Baptist Church in my essay but it's getting increasingly difficult
If you're in the Richmond Virginia Area come join us tomorrow 7pm Baptist Church for a Free Screening of The Turnaround Movie!
The St Johns Baptist Church choir looking radiant with n there new robes, and enjoying the Sunday Easter service
Pastor John Jenkins is PREACHING at their Bible Study! First Baptist Church of Glenarden
Somehow the Baptist Church says you are *** for being in favor of a union.Gee that's not conspicuous
Pastor Ricky Gravley preaching at camp meeting at liberty Baptist Church in Kingston Tennessee last night.
I was once criticized for mentioning a particular Baptist Church online. I won’t make that mistake again. But ...
Took me back to the pews of The Greater Second Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Albany, GA. circa 1963. Can I get an AAA…
We would also like to remind you again of Holy Week 2017 services at St. Paul's Baptist Church. Please see the pic…
Congratulations Rev. Brown on your 40th Anniversary at SF's 3rd Baptist Church!
Join Mt. Hermon Baptist Church of Avondale Praise Delegation Choir in their Fellowship Musical on this Friday March 31st at 7pm.
Please pray for my oldest son DJ, Donald J Miller, as he preaches the Word of God tonight at 1st Baptist Church of New Chicago. Thanks!!!
Met a BJP Supporter who believes CNN IBN is owned by Baptist Church watching some hate Video . Heights this chap is a HR MBA from symbiosis
Resurrection Sunday 2017. Its going down in every Baptist Church cause we know how to tell the story. Between the 6th and 9th Hour
Coordination with the Parish Priest/Religious/Faith Base re reactivation of Project Tokhang reloaded. Saith John the Baptist Church.
. That's like a Catholic going to a Baptist Church expecting them to change to the Catholicism. . It doesn't work that way!
that is one of the differences between the Baptist Church & the Catholic. the Baptists can remove a preacher themselves.we can't
you got that from the calvary Baptist Church sign 😂😂
pretty much, you'll see the difference in a Catholic mass compared to Baptist Church services
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
A huge thanks to New St. Paul Baptist Church! I hope y'all enjoyed.
Going from a Catholic Church to a Baptist Church. i'm still learning😩
By 1914, the town had become Cali's first African American school district with a Baptist Church, hotel, judicial district, a…
Mo. Alliance for Historic Preservation announced Aug. that the Baptist Church made its 2016 "Places in Peril" list.
Baptist Church will withhold $$$ from Southern Bapist Convention until . 'direction' is clear.
The Bible says that through the laying on of hands of the ministry the priesthood is given. Baptist Church & others have no laying on hands.
Nevada Cty fairgrounds at capacity for Oroville Dam evacuees. Seek shelter at 1st Baptist Church on Ridge Road across from Nevada Union.
TRAVEL: Accident in Titchfield Common, Hunts Pond Road reported as blocked at Abshot Rd (by Baptist Church).
Great leadership from Dr. Simmons Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Helping to rebuild the community in need.
Photo from Ermine Voices singing 'Al-Shlosha' at the Holocaust memorial service at St John the Baptist Church on 29…
POPE FRANCIS I'm listening to a sermon at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Kalamazoo Mi like A PAC MAN.. -James of VATICAN Rome.
Black History Month: Ebenezer Baptist Church. Rev Shannon Jones. . "My grandfather was beaten and attacked for fighti…
According to Westboro Baptist Church has more rights than & allow & to have
Great day at LIghthouse Baptist Church today. Bible preached, God honored in song, hearts helped, lives changed, 4 baptized tonight.
ok. I think someone is hosting something at St Paul's Baptist Church.
thank you for blessing St Paul's Baptist Church with your gifts of song and laughter. You and Patrick Lundy were amazing.
2017 Holocaust Memorial at St John the Baptist Church this Thurs 26 Jan 12pm has the theme 'How can life go on?'
Vandals left Greater St. Paul Baptist Church in with $200,000 in damages last July, yesterday services returne…
Thank you Pastor Quincy Randall & The New Mt. Zion Baptist Church for allowing me the opportunity to worship and preach today!
UNITED STATES: Martin Luther King Jr's daughter, speaking at a Baptist Church gathering in Atlanta, says 'God can triumph over Trump'
at Baptist Church for 2017 commemoration of Dr. King. Honored to be speaking after
Sewell celebrates the $500,000 grant awarded to the 16th St. Baptist Church by the National Park Service, offering time!!!
What a great way to start the morning! At St. Mark Baptist Church for launch of Bright Futures Little Rock 1/2
My 1st gig is January 29th at liberty Baptist Church in Dutch mills
1-8-17 - Prayer and the Presence of Jesus. Pastor Mark Ashley. Northfield Baptist Church
Rev. Jesse Jackson is not present at the 16th street Baptist Church- he is stuck in Chicago due to weather. His sermon will not take place
A|M Nation at Alden Bday Mass earlier in St. John the Baptist Church .
Never been late to church Happy new year second new hope missionry Baptist Church
Philly: a supermarket turned into a Baptist Church, across the street from an adult video store.
Did y'all know Addie Mae Collins', one of the girls killed in the 16th street Baptist Church bombing, body is missing fro…
Happy 175th birthday ! Your mother, Baptist Church, is proud of what you have become.
It was nice meeting you at Greater St. Stephen's Baptist Church in New Orleans.
The New Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Shelbyville will have morning worship only at 11:30 am today. Our 8 am worship...
Here is a "HOT" topic who started the First Baptist Church in America? Roger Williams or John Clark- I say Clark -
Today in 2013, Bethel MIssionary Baptist Church reopens as a city park.
Join us intercessory prayer for the New Mt. Zion Baptist Church family in the heavenly transition of their pastor . Dr. Leon Bell.
Thank you to New Zion # 1 Baptist Church in Tyler for the variety of items to bless our guest!
Well over 100 in attendance this past Thursday, December 8 at Harlem's Historic Mt. Olivet Baptist Church for a...
Trinity Lutheran Church in Weatherford, TX and Beech St. First Baptist Church in Texarkana, AR are joining the Embr…
same. Like my Uncle's Church in Midland,TX. They were a plant of the Baptist Church in another town but they're not Baptist
He claims 2 b a Sunday School teacher n the local Baptist Church. He'd better Read his Bible.
I liked a video Pastor Donald Parson Closing at New Mt. Sinai Baptist Church on the Second Night of
I did I get 2 this quartet event at Greater Mt. Rose Baptist Church. Here r the Zion Harmonizers
Bridgnorth Choral Society - Christmas Music 7:00pm on Sunday 4th December at the Baptist Church
Killed it with the piano and southern Baptist Church redition!!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Aretha and this Baptist Church rendition for the Star-Spangled banner.
Thank you for what you do for the Lord and for those children. Heather Adams Powell. Grace Baptist Church of...
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