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Banderas Bay

Bahía de Banderas (Bay of Flags) is both a bay and a municipality in the Mexican state of Nayarit.

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Just a humble appetizer at Dreams Resort on Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta. and…
Casa Buddha in Porta Fortuna offers bright, tropically-inspired spaces, sweeping views of the Bay of Banderas, a p……
So hard to leave my beloved Puerto Vallarta and the gorgeous Bay of Banderas...
we got to enjoy an amazing sunset on Banderas Bay
Did you know that Banderas Bay is a natural barrier to hurricanes and storms? 💨.
With the best view of Banderas Bay, our luxury properties offer you the relaxation and lifestyle you´re looking for. htt…
Kim Schmitt also got to tour the Dreams Villamagna Nueva Vallarta. "Located on the beautiful Banderas Bay with...
you can book a Presidential Suite at overlooking the Banderas Bay?
There are so many beautiful destinations in Banderas Bay for a private tour on the
memories of a stunning sunset on Banderas Bay as we sail away from PVR 💙🚢🌅
20 min North of is nestled towards the North shore of Banderas Bay.
Sunrise on the East, Moonset on the West of Banderas Bay
I am a Green Bay and Julie Banderas fan too! You are one of my favorites at FNC and go Pack!
My favourite place in the world ... on the bow of a boat on The Bay of Banderas. 12 whales, dolphins and a turtle d…
the usual: lobster, shrimp and red snapper fresh from Banderas Bay! It's always delicious.
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Watching whales breach in Banderas Bay from balcony while listening to Jets.
One of the deepest bays in Mexico with up to...
comes with a spectacular sunset on the Banderas Bay!
Venus, Mercury and Saturn ganging up on me behind the Moon on Banderas bay, Puerto Vallarta. Steak & wine & yada-yada...
A day in Puerto Vallarta ending with cruising on a yacht on Banderas Bay with local chefs featuring their ceviche...
A fantastic cruise on Banderas Bay! Five local chefs featuring their ceviche specialties from the recent local...
in the south zone of the Banderas Bay - have you been there? Any tips?.
Bay of Banderas back to my favorite place..
The Garden of Angels Suite features views of Hacienda’s gardens, town’s broad vistas, and the Banderas Bay.
is a wonderful location for your Wedding in :)
Hola! Dia Dos! A fantastic itinerary of culinary enjoyment for day two here in the charming city on Banderas Bay...
Keep calm and fall in love with the Banderas Bay in
The Banderas Bay gives us an amazing view! That's why it's one of The Most Beautiful Bays in The World!
Spanning 14 acres of prime beachfront on Mexico’s Banderas Bay, the CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa
No cenotes in but they have rivers and lots of activities on the Banderas Bay!
The Virginia Suite has stunning views of Banderas Bay, the Sierra Madre Mountians, and the red-tiled rooftops of PV.
Like If you also love sea turtles. 😍. by via
Enjoy an 180-degree view of the town, Banderas Bay, and Puerto Vallarta at Hacienda's elegant roof top restaurant.
Set on the hillside overlooking expansive Banderas Bay
Tammileetips: Rent a yacht for the day and sail around the Bay of Banderas in PuertoVallarta
A9 Checking out all the cool beaches like Banderas Bay!
If you prefer, take a sailing tour & explore the natural wonders of Banderas Bay, U may even see dolphins!
A3: Enjoy a sunny day out in Banderas Bay! Took this last time:
Framed by the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains, is located at the mouth Banderas Bay.
Room service with a view of the azure Banderas Bay. by barrygrouppr
Riviera Nayarit Hot Air Balloon Festival postponed due to the weather conditions in Banderas Bay.
Breakfast over looking the azure Banderas Bay.
Continental Breakfast is served complete with a view spanning from Banderas Bay to Sierra Madre Mountains. .
More details to come, but I'm happy to announce that I won the the last race of the International Banderas Bay...
The view of the banderas bay from the "malecón
"FMV Cup 2016 - Banderas Bay Regatta" - DAY 1. A "fun race" for cruising boats that are capable of crossing...
Ampi recognition of banderas bay area agents and agencies
Super intense sailing today in the International Banderas Bay Regatta between Cat2Fold and a well sailed Lagoon...
This grand aerial spectacle arrives in the Bay of Banderas for the very first time; Nuevo Vallarta will host the...
by Cat Morgan Hey everybody! It certainly was another week of fun on the north side of the Banderas Bay! Normally...
Here is a list of great activities around the for April
Happening around the Bay of Banderas in April
Day one of the International Banderas Bay Regatta, and Cat2Fold took line honors in the cruising catamaran class!...
Happening around the Bay of Banderas in April -
XXIV International 50 boats, 280 participants, 800 attendees and more .
Daiquiri by Banderas Bay from an unmarked beach hut. Basically paradise in a cup - if you're ever wanderin…
A lavish retreat of beauty and luxury located in picturesque Banderas Bay in Nuevo Vallarta
Welcome for your vacation Oceanfront rentals Banderas Bay Puerto Vallarta premium rentals
Overflowed Ameca. By Carlos Hernandez. Patricia forgave Banderas Bay for all day Friday, October 23 there was...
A view of Banderas Bay from just south of the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in t...   10% Off
Hurricane Patricia on track to ravage one of Mexico's top tourism destinations A view of Banderas Bay from just…
Hurricane Patrica left Puerto Vallarta and the entire Banderas Bay alone last night and we are of course...
We are happy to communicate that entire Banderas Bay is safe and no damages have been reported
was once told in PVR no hurricane has ever made direct hit due to its location deep in Banderas Bay. Is this true?
Please Patricia, don't destroy the property in Banderas Bay... But if not possible, just help, the most needed...
Beautiful memory of a Banderas Bay sunset...hoping this is what you see tomorrow when has passed.
made landfall further south of initial expected position, decreasing effects on Banderas Bay
About 400K affected by power shutdown in Mexico, Bay of Banderas, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo
Looking south in Banderas Bay from La Cruz towards Puerto Vallarta downtown.
This is the push of mud into Banderas Bay that I was talking about.
Our thoughts go out to all our friends (and stray animals...Jess is thinking of you!) in Banderas Bay, some who...
Hoping all in the Banderas Bay (Puerto Vallarta) area stay safe today/tonight. Category 5 Hurricane Patricia --...
can we predict storm surge? I have 2 sailboats docked in marina La Cruz on the north shore of Banderas Bay.
awe inspiring and dreadful. My dad lives in Sayulita on the north point above Banderas Bay. Thankfully out of direct hit Zone
Killer whale and whale in Banderas Bay, Mx. .
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Sunny, hot and humid in Banderas Bay. Waiting to see how hard hits.
Banderas Bay Punch, one of our exclusive cocktails at the best address | The St.Regis *** Mita Resort
Holy start line, Batman! There's a lot of sailing going on in Banderas Bay!
Sail along the turquoise waters to the secluded natural beaches of Banderas Bay
Center your body and soul with the healing powers of at our luxurious resort on Banderas Bay in Mexico.
On the right is a map of Banderas Bay where Puerto Vallarta is located! On the left is the small bay of Yelapa! Yel…
Good morning Nuevo Vallarta. View of Banderas Bay from the Grand Luxxe Hotel
Take a look at our Bay. Streaming live!!.
Having a Rawsome time in my Home Town banderas bay.
Private panga boat charters for snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, whale watching. 's Banderas Bay
Enjoy featuring the best restaurants in the Banderas Bay. May 15-31
Escape: this beautiful # sunset over Banderas Bay is breathtaking!
Enjoy the ride in Banderas Bay to a icon , the , !
At -- This was taken from somewhere in Banderas Bay and was just to beau…
Amazing cruise at Banderas Bay for opening dinner & show to Las Caletas!
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Thanks, Mike's Fishing, for the Banderas Bay cruise & most especially the dip in the salty Pacific!. NATJAPV15
Small plane crashes into Banderas Bay near Flamingos Beach. Rescue Teams in Puerto Vallarta search for 2 missing...
Camila and Michael are on their way to their rehearsal dinner cruise around the beautiful Bay of Banderas and...
For the Best Day on the ever this is the definitive tour to take. -
Amazing cruise across Banderas Bay for opening night dinner and show to Las Caletas!
On the edge of Banderas Bay there is a magical place called Conchas Chinas
A nice narrative by Daniel Stewart of S/V Coyote on his passage to the South Pacific from Banderas Bay
Want to see ALL the ocean view condos in Banderas Bay for sale? Its just a click away.
Nestled between the Sierra Madre Mountains and Banderas Bay, the CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta
Right now thousands of humpback whales are making their annual journey through Banderas Bay, in Puerto Vallarta,...
All Inclusive Mortal for Destinations. By Carlos Hernandez. Not only in Puerto Vallarta on Banderas Bay also, the...
At the airport leaving the beautiful sunshine of Bucerias Nayarit Mexico for PVille and our old life. Loved this 14 days of bliss and relaxation. I zip lined 9 times, rappelled down a mountain waterfall, went horseback riding from the ocean to the mountains, did the same with a mule train, drop lined into a mountain fed water hole, went on the biggest waterslide I've ever been on, snorkeled with manta rays and pupper fish, played beach volleyball, boogie boarded, road bicycles into Bucerias, 4X4'd on a Unimog into a tiny Mexican Village, took a 400 HP speedboat across Banderas Bay, drank Tequila with my under aged children (just a little), swam on the most picturesque beaches, hunted for baby sea turtles, went whale watching, saw 2 Octupus do an "ink" show for us, surfed with some real life surf bums, went on a Booze Cruise, walked the Malacon and went to YoYo Mo's. The only reason I'm coming home is to rest up. Loved every bit of Mexico, the people, the Royal Decameron and it's awesome staff, my new frie ...
Who doesn’t love a cowboy? The 3rd Annual Charro Tournament comes back to in January.
Great show last night around Banderas Bay
Best New Years ever! Wonderful dinner on the beach, back up the hill to Avalon to watch fireworks in 8 different locations around Banderas Bay while drinking champagne in our hot tub on the terrace.Craig and I
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Fireworks blasted and blessed our Pacific Banderas Bay jungle perch with illumination and joyful ooh's and ahhh's from the appreciative folks in our building. It was a nostalgic time we all feel like kids again. Miles and miles of fun despite the drizzle of rain. Very rare for here. It's 68F now, and there are two beautiful cruise ships coming into the port. Their many glistening lights are like positive reminiscing reminders of last night's jocularity. A sweet to the eyes treat. Happy New Year, dear friends. Look for the good in 2014. You will find it!
Wow!!! All along about 10 miles or more of coastline, around Banderas Bay (as far as we could see) FIREWORKS and MORE FIREWORKS for about 40 minutes non-stop. Spectacular to see, the sheer quantity of fireworks was mind boggling. Well done Puerto Vallarta and surrounding communities.
Got to watch some awesome NYE fireworks around Banderas Bay, & some close by thanks to the super-rich guy who lives next to our condo.
Happy New Year from Mexico! Watching 6 amazing firework displays over the Bay of Banderas with 23 of…
FELIZ ANO! Happy New Year!! Yes this has been the most unusual rain precipitation EVER... (well in our personal experience = full time the last 13 years) : 5.5" since 21 December! This is comparable to the summer rainfall. DREADFUL for everyone in the tourist business and for those tourists who saved up all their money for a week in our tropical paradise at the most expensive time of the year. So sorry for you all. Forecast is it will stay DRY tonight for the incredible midnight fireworks display around the Bay - fingers crossed. A salutary lesson for those of us who take all this great weather for granted. And we will all appreciate Banderas Bay's beauty even more after this clean up! Here's to a fabulous 2014!
Puerto Vallarta news and Mexico headline news, plus information about Puerto Vallarta restaurants and tours, real estate and vacation rentals, photos, videos, an event calendar, and things to do around Banderas Bay.
Pics to share.mañana. It is getting pretty busy around here as locals and touristas head to grab their part of the beach. Tonight there will be fabulous fireworks all over the Banderas Bay to bring in the New Year. A BBQ with my folks, then cocktails out, viewing the fireworks from the 7th floor of a beach condo ("The Kite" for those who know the area). So this is the time to wish ALL OF YOU who have touched my life, been part of my life, made me smile.whether close or distant...FELIZ ANO NUEVO!!! Have a happy and healthy 2014!
I took an early morning paddle on the Banderas Bay this morning and saw whales splashing and playing. It was a great way to start the last day of 2013.
. Bingo this Thursday at Nacho Daddys. Cards go on sale at 6, games begin at 6:30. 8 games, seven 2nd chance games for just 100 pesos! Find out how to get FREE cards in this weeks P.v. Mirror! Each prize bag is getting close to 1500 pesos in gift certificates! Last week the black out game was worth 2500 pesos! We raffled away a night at Casa Isabel, 500 pesos to Casandra Shaw, free haircut & eyebrow threading at Alexander A Salon, a snorkeling tour for two (value $200 US!), show tickets at the Palm & for the Banderas Bay Jazz All Stars! In all, we gave away over 20,000 pesos in prizes! Come win your share this Thursday AND feel good about helping out these two very worthy causes. This Thursday we will be raffling off free drinks for a year at Sea Monkey!! Start your year off right!
Puerto Vallarta, MX! Fireworks all around Banderas Bay and lots of ringing bells! Loved it last year!
Surfing and Yoga next to Banderas Bay! Whale watching is another fave pastime! Sign UP Today
The weather for our crossing was perfect...Quartering tailwind (ATC-Pilot Lingo) allowing us to sail almost the entire distance on a reach. I have to say that I was pleased with My Catalina. Had to reef her down a bit to avoid leaving the longer Bene (Murar's Dream) behind. It was our first sailing passage since we purchased the boat 5 years earlier. 2 Days of water beneath our Bow and the Wind at our backs. I was surreal!! Entering Banderas Bay was spectacular! Several Whales spouting all around us and a pod of Dolphins on the Bow. Sun was out and our timing was perfect! We entered the bay mid morning and pulled into La Cruz Marina early in the afternoon of Dec 24th 2012. Got all settled into our slip and set out on foot to check things out. The next day was Christmas and we wanted to find a nice restaurant to have Christmas Dinner. More Crossing Shots and Jordan's Gopro underwater Dolphin video tomorrow.
'Patinolandia' Ice Rink Opens in Puerto Vallarta go to original The 'Patinolandia' ice rink is open and free to the public until January 18th. It is located at the Unidad Deportiva Municipal in the San José del Valle colonia of Bahia de Banderas, just North of Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Last Sunday, the Mayor of Bahia de Banderas, Rafael Cervantes Padilla, accompanied by the local chairperson of the System for Integral Family Development (DIF,) Maria del Refugio Gomez de Cervantes, held inauguration ceremonies for the official opening of the "Patinolandia" ice rink. In an atmosphere filled with lights and traditional winter images, the Mayor brought to mind area residents' dream of ice skating during the Christmas holidays as is enjoyed by people in other parts of the country. This is the second time that the ice rink has come to our region for the holidays, and the Mayor expressed his appreciation for everyone involved in making the "Christmas miracle" happen for all of ...
International Banderas Bay Regatta (BBR) is scheduled! Banderas Bay Regatta for 2014 will be March 11-15. Join us here in beautiful Banderas Bay for a great party, a great race, and then stay around for the next two weeks of Copa Mexico, including the J/24 North American Championships, the finish of SDYC's San Diego-Vallarta Race, the MEXORC big boat series, sailboard and kiteboard racing, and finally, WesMex International Dinghy Regatta, including Optimists, Lasers, 420s and new this year, J/70s! If you love sailing, you will love March 2014! You'll enjoy the view from your private beachfront deck or from the infinity edge pool at Villa Amor del Mar.
YEAH Seahawks!!! OMG, what dedicated fans there are here! In a fantastic rain storm (over 2" just today!), Katie, Mike & I trudged up muddy streets in rivers of water running down them ankle deep in most places to find Charlie's Place. It's a great little place that makes amazing pizza and really cold beer and 3 flat screen tv's that play any and all sports games. We met up with Flying Carpet's Rich & Donna and a few other PNW folks to watch the game. The owners of the place are from Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, so it was a loud and awesome night to watch the Hawks beat the Rams. And oh my goodness, what a game it was :) On another screen was the Cardinals game. That was pretty dang good too, and too bad they lost to the 49er's. Drats! So, after the game, we bundled back up in our soaked rain jackets and toddled back to the marina. Of course, being soaked to the bone, we played splash in every puddle and place we could. Laughing like *** we managed to get back to Destiny completely drenched ...
Every year during the winter months the Humpback whales arrive in Banderas Bay!
Residences by Pinnacle has two 3 bedroom units available on the 5th floor and the Penthouse level. Each will have stunning views of Banderas Bay, the city, and the mountains.
Happy Holidays to you from the Banderas Bay area in Mexico.
The only Flotarium in the Bay of Banderas! TRY IT!. Ki Spa at Hilton Hotel – $599 pesos instead of $2,400 for 1 Radiant Spa Package of 90...
Glad to be in Puerto Vallarta, Bay of Banderas
A great opportunity to get a foothold in the Banderas Bay for only $20,000 USD! . . Located in growing San Vicente...
Last night at The Palm Bar and Cabaret $8,400 pesos were raised for the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter. Thank you so much to our host Diane Walsh who organized this fun event of listening to the great sounds of Bohemiaviva, We also wish to thank Fusion Restaurant for their support in providing the delicious complimentary appetizers.
Humpback whales saying good morning in Banderas Bay.
Feliz Navidad from La Cruz, Banderas Bay. We finally made it to Banderas Bay, just in time to spend Christmas with our friends in La Cruz. We motored from Chacala to La Cruz with our friends on S/V Winterhawk. We crossed 8 fishing lines during the trip. We actually caught one of them with our rudder, but we were able to get free from it. S/V Winterhawk caught three lines. Fortunately the lines did not get to the propellers, this was a very slow, nerve wrecking sail to La Cruz. A few of the cruisers had a potluck at the marina, we decided to have Christmas on our boat with our friends. S/V Loukia made a wonderful pork loin and a cucumber salad. Paul made his wonderful homemade bread, and S/V Venture brought a mexican dish. After dinner we decided to come in to the marina for drinks with the other cruisers. La Cruz is a really cool place. There are several restaurants with live music every night. There is a fish market at the marina and several little mercados that sell fresh veggies and fruits. We have mor ...
Hi Vallarta Peeps. It's the wizard of VP again with a few comments. I'm delighted to see we now have 149 VP'ers. That's good because we are more effective as we help with blood donations, missing people and animals, important info and items of interest to all. It is by, for, to and from folks in Banderas Bay. I'm also really glad to see that we have been respecting the mission of this site. It is still an open site, so anyone who wants to sign up can. No one needs to ask your friendly W of VP to do it. Hopefully we will continue to support each other in this way in 2014. Happy New Year to all!
Are you on your way to living the dream in Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco yet?...
Located in the mouth of Banderas Bay are the beautiful Las Marietas Islands, about 22 nautical...
I got called The Grinch today after broadcasting to the Banderas bay fleet that playing Christmas music on hailing and distress channels was inappropriate. When one station emitted saying "Joyeux Noël, Grinch", I knew I had been identified!
Just received a note from Chas Eller who told me due to a change in schedule at Paradise Community Center, Banderas Bay Jazz Allstars will be playing there this Friday, Dec. 27th and then again on Jan. 10th, but NOT on the Jan. 3rd as announced. After the 10th, they will begin their weekly appearances every Friday night there. Mark your calendars and buy early as their shows sell out often as their popularity grows. MERRY CHRISTMAS! 。* 。 ° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_*。*˚ ˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */_/~\。˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門| •
FLEE MEXICO ON YOUR BOAT? In response to our report that 338 foreign yachts worth tens of million of dollars have been impounded in Mexico, and their owners will have to wait anywhere from 45 to 120 days to learn if they will be fined or if their boats will be "liberated" or confiscated, we've been getting asked a lot of questions. Mainly, how to keep one's boat from getting on the list. First, we want to clarify what we mean by "impounded". The 338 boats we've been told are being held are in what's called "precautionary embargo", which so far hasn't meant any boats chained to the dock. But it does mean that boats can't legally leave the marina, and if they do, the harbormaster must report them to AGACE, the Mexican agency causing all the problem. That would mean big trouble. In addition, the port captains have the list, and if your boat's name is on that list, you can't clear out. So how do you stay off the list? 1) Don't have your boat in Mexico. We're not joking, because having all your paperwork in or ...
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Made it to Banderas Bay yesterday morning. Will be in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle thru Christmas. Feliz Navidad everyone!
Bill Gates Invests in Riviera Nayarit The intense promotion that the Governor of the People, Roberto Sandoval, has made of the Riviera Nayarit has placed this destination as the favorite of national tourists, foreigners and investors alike, which is proven now that Bill Gates has purchased the prestigious hotel “Four Seasons Resort *** Mita 1”. Cascade Investment, the private investment arm of the multi billionaire Bill Gates, bought this hotel complex, situated in the municipality of Banderas Bay, for an amount of 200 million. According to documents presented before the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States, the transaction included the purchase of “La Solana”, an adjacent plot of 19.5 hectares of terrain in development. “We are an important investment firm in Mexico and we keep a positive vision on a long-term basis in the country and its economy”, noted in a communiqué the president of investments of the cited company, Michael Larson. According to sources near the t . ...
Happy Holidays and Good Monday Morning, You still have time to book your tour of on the way to the fabulous on the amazing during the Holiday weeks. We are filling up fast and space is limited so book today! The Chica Locca offers the largest Trimaran on the bay with plenty of shade, fluffy cushions, 2 full size bathrooms, 1800 SF of deck space,dance flloor, 2 giant nets to relax on, Hammocks, 2 water slides, Kayaks, Paddle boards, Water tubes, Snorkeling, Upscale drinks, Gourmet food and a day of FUN! Fun! FUN! Enjoy your holidays with an all inclusive day on the Banderas Bay with the Chica Locca Family! Office: 329.291.2065 Cel: 322.101 9708 / 322.180.0597 USA: 323.952.3271 Email: chicaloccatours
Six Reasons Why Making a Home in Puerto Vallarta is Great Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - Thinking of moving or retiring to somewhere warm? Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is an exceptional place to live. Those who regret the move are few and far between – the rest of us are loving life! Here are just a few reasons why: 1. The Climate This is a no brainer. With an average temperature of 79° F /26° C and 300 sunny days a year, we have it made. Of course, June through October is just a smidge humid, giving everyone something to talk about, otherwise what excuse would we have to be loitering in the produce refrigerator at Costco? 2. The Views Beaches, mountains, jungle, charming red tile-roofed homes meandering up the hillsides from the sea, from Mismaloya to *** de Mita, there is a feast for the eyes waiting around every turn. Take in the sunset from a hillside restaurant or stay on the beach all day until the sky is aflame with color. A grand spectacle of nature is on display every evening, and it doesn . ...
Happy Winter Solstice everyone! Feeling great after spending a week soaking in the warm waters of Banderas Bay and sipping coffee con pan dulce in the mornings watching the city below and the bay and of course spending time with family and my comadres vendedoras at Los Muertos Beach, Bucerias and La Boca de Tomatlan! Pura Vida!
Plaza Dorada is Located in Olas Altas Street beach front unit, Beautiful corner wrap around. Gorgeous panoramic views of all the Banderas Bay from Los Arcos to *** Mita. Impeccable and spacious nice open living area to entertain your guests. Enjoy its fully remodeled kitchen with granite counter top, back splash and entertaining island while cooking your favorite meals and savoring refreshing drinks. Enjoy glorious sunsets every day and when the sun sets; comfortably walk a few steps on flat ground to the new Malecon, your favorite restaurants, galleries, and the best entertainment in the heart of the acclaimed and vibrant Romantic Zone. This remarkable property also offers additional pampering for you and your guests- heated pool with food and drink service, private beach umbrellas and maid service twice a week, all handicapped accessible, elevator and close to Blue Chairs. Available Now Chrismas and new years available 320 usd night 2 bedroom beach front, view.
Hi Folks - The Banderas Bay Jazz Allstars, have already begun an exciting new season! We will be performing at the Paradise Stage, in Old Puerto Vallarta, next Friday, December 27th, Come out and help us celebrate the holiday season. We will be back at the Paradise Stage on January 10th, and the good news is, we'll be appearing there every Friday in January and February! Please come help us make this a successful season! As you may know, all profits from our concerts at the Paradise Community Center go towards their many socially responsible programs. We look forward to seeing you there, and at some of the other exciting gigs that we will be performing at this season!
Time to depart Los Cabos. Plan is to be in Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta for Christmas.
Well we weren't sure where we would be spending Christmas but fate has brought us to La Cruz, in Banderas Bay (the big bay where Puerto Vallarta is) and being one of our favorite spots we are glad to be here on the hook. Already invited to a Christmas turkey dinner with old friends and we have sailed into the warm weather so all is well. Merry Christmas to all of you and all the best in 2014 to each and every one of you.
The Huichol and Cora Indians founded Nayar, which is known today as Nayarit. The state is located along the Pacific coast in Mexico’s western region. Many traditions of the pre-Hispanic people persist, as you’ll see in the colorful crafts. Begin your tour by walking along the streets of cosmopolitan Tepic, the state capital, where museums, historic buildings and beautiful parks await you. This state has various lagoons and beach areas. About 62 km (38 mi) northwest of the capital lies the port of San Blas, an awe-inspiring destination, and 59 km (37 mi) away is Mexcaltitan Island, a magical place with abundant nature. As for the coastal destinations, there’s Vallarta-Nayarit, on the Banderas Bay, a 1,440-km2 extension of fine-sand beaches and calm waters. This is an ideal spot to enjoy water sports and it’s only 10 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. If you head southwest from the capital, you’ll hit the coast of *** Mita and ecological reserve Marietas Islands, which i . ...
The City Tour to Puerto Vallarta included shopping, view to Banderas Bay, Men Carousel, Street Vendors, and to Our Lady of Guadeloupe Church. Sold from Carni...
Since we are going to be in Banderas Bay, i have been nominated?, appointed? To manage the Vallarta Cup Races, 4 Saturdays in January. I have no idea what I am doing. Last weekend was the first time we have ever raced. Should be a lot of fun though. Great people.
We offers vacationers the best quality Banderas Bay tours, excursions, activities and fun things to do in Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, and the surrounding area.
The Banderas Bay Women’s Shelter received some much needed support his weekend at a successful fundraiser held in Puerto Vallarta.
What can I say other than I fianlly was able to go ashore in Isabela Island and the Fridgetrs and Iguanas are amazing you can go right up to them while they are nesting. The male has the red on it's neck and makes a drumming sound. The eggs are the size of a chicken egg. I found one on the ground and wanted to take it for breakfast but Lynda said no way. I liked the pic of the old male bird he was still trying to beat is drum solo. We are now in Bahia De Jaltemba and will be in *** Mita this afternoon unless the fish keep me too busy. The whales have been very active today and heard that Banderas Bay is filled with them so get ready Cameran and Joanna. CHEERS
View the gallery / 14 pictures. . . . . Peter Facinelli always looks proud to be seen with his beautiful girlfriend actress of Thor: The Dark World. The 40 year old and Jaimie Alexander escaped to the exclusive Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit when most Americans like to indulge in a traditional Thanksgiving Day. And the beautiful brunette looked her stunning best in a blue bikini as the couple enjoyed an sun soaked break in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico on Monday, November 25, 2013. Discovering their romance moment to made the most of the trip, the duo lived it up to their day by taking a dip in the pool, strolling on the beach and gave the most tenderly hugging to celebrating one year anniversary plus Peter’s 40th birthday on Nov 26. Really, It's a very amazing delicious love life. Especially, according to a source report from, Facinelli and Alexander got a couple's massage at the resort's Tatewari Spa and jet-skied around Banderas Bay. After candlelight dinner on the midnight, Twilight star re ...
We finished 3rd in our class for the Banderas Bay Blast! We had Ron Brown as crew, we sailed well against worthy competition, enjoyed the whale shows on the water, & finished 3rd in our class of 11 boats for the 3 days! Very happy!
We made it back to Banderas Bay!! Our circumnavigation is complete… 2 years 8 months and 28,000 nautical miles later. What a journey it has been, crossing 3 oceans and visiting 28 countries and 65 islands. Now only 2,300 miles left to go back to Seattle.
Just enjoyed greatly The Banderas Bay Jazz Allstars at PCC for their return from various locales during the summer. It was like the four of them had been performing weekly, they were so together and tight. Look for them every Friday starting on the 27th. Now we are quite excited with the return of A Time To Play this weekend, "Always in Season". If in town, drop by, laugh a lot and observe the collective talent this group possesses. Bring on the Holiday Spirit. Attend the concert under an open-air huge palapa, additionally cooled by overhead fans.
TOP 50 MOST ROMANTIC VACATION SPOTS 1. Paris, Ile-de-France, France From its picturesque bridges to its outdoor cafes, no other city says romance like Paris. Stroll along the river Seine, picnic amid the flowers of the 61-acre Luxembourg Garden or toast the sunset from atop Montmartre as the City of Light sparkles below. Paris - c'est magnifique! Also recommended for: Family Fun History & Culture Shopping 2. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Puerto Vallarta has the ideal setting for a luscious romantic escape. Banderas Bay, the site of Elizabeth Taylor's and Richard Burton's big romance, offers fabulous beaches, some of the country's best restaurants, proximity to Old Mexico and boat rides to the charming fishing village of Boca de Tomatlan. Also recommended for: Shopping Beaches & Sun Family Fun 3. Venice, Veneto, Italy With its stunning architecture and mysterious passageways, Venice is the perfect hideaway for lovers. Glide down one of its many canals in a gondola, dine by candlelight on northern Italian dishes, ...
Promotional Campaign Moves Forward New branding will stay for 4 years
One of the best things about Puerto Vallarta in the summer.
A bit of backgroundabout the new destination comprised by &
Keep up with all of the latest Mexico headlines and Banderas Bay area news and events on Puerto Vallarta's...
This place is perfect for snorkeling and is at the south of Banderas Bay ->
Great day on the Banderas Bay on the southwestern shore of the Pacific! We are loving it here. 83-84 degrees, sunny, breezy, and 'pooly' around here!
The Puerto Vallarta Chamber Orchestra has just announced dates for three spring performances to take place throughout Banderas Bay during the month of March, providing visitors and locals with three different opportunities to enjoy the same program.
Winglet Wednesday, downtown and Banderas Bay leaving Puerto Vallarta, MX in February
Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit is a luxurious all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, featuring an award-winning spa, incredible dining and entertainment, playful activities, kids club, stylish event space, and a breathtaking landscape on the emerald waters of Banderas Bay.
So, it rained new years eve..starting about 230am...all through new years day...and last night the sunset was amazing...and today.absolutely beautiful! I am so lucky to have this incredible view.especially since I work so much on the computer now! The Banderas Bay is truly amazing indeed!
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I hope everyone had a good new year. Debbie and I went to Puerto Vallarta the day after Christmas. It was pretty nice. We walked ourselves into exhaustion touristing around. Soaked up some solar radiation on the beach and chowed our way through a few cuisines. Sadly, my formerly favorite taqueria there *** now. (moment of silence) but I found plenty to eat elsewhere. NYE, we were on the seafront rubbing shoulders with a few hundred thousand Mexicans to view an amazing 30 minute fireworks display. Actually, several fireworks displays. The one the city produces of course, but you can see all up and down the curve of Banderas Bay many of the resorts hosted their own, giving the spectacle a depth I've never seen elsewhere. 30 miles of continuous incendiary celebration. It started lightly raining about 11:45 but the rockets went off below the cloud cover so there was no visual impairment and we barely got wet. It rained all day New Years Day. we hiked around and got soaked then took refuge in our room. I'd s . ...
Luxury vacation rental villas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We offer more than 200 private homes ranging in size from 2 to 15 bedrooms, each with...
is extremely excited to have tickets to the Cleopatra exhibit tomorrow!
A Great 2012 For PVR Came To A Spectacular End huge party at the for
Bay of Banderas before the rain started today. @ La Cima III
Enjoyed the night sailing the Banderas Bay, with a Perfect view of the ONE HOUR LONG Fireworks display. Guys, these Mexicans spent a lot of Money doing this Show. Did'nt realize I was sniffing But seriously had a great night on the Bay. Today, it's raining and i'm sitting on the Terrace waiting on Breakfast! BBTY! OUT^
The New Year started with dear friends watching fireworks over Banderas Bay and giving J.D. Angle a smooch at...
Off to dinner and music by Jorge Acosta and Trio tonight at Chez Elena, followed by fireworks over Banderas Bay at midnight. This captivating, small inn and restaurant was a meeting place for some of Hollywood's greats. Peter O'Toole, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Anthony Quinn and Robert Shaw all frequented Chez Elena. I've asked them to create some magic for us tonight. Should be interesting.
My New Year's Resolutions: Eat more chocolate. Take more siestas. Roll my eyeballs less at people's comments. Buy more shoes with heels. Clean out my closets once a month so I can buy more stuff to put in them. Try harder to go to Fireworks to paint once every couple of weeks. Visit more places in the northern Banderas Bay. Have Nina Goodhope help me find a wine that I like. Realize and accept I can't please 100% of the people 100% of the time. Read more National Enquirer's. I think these are all pretty do-able and realistic. Happy New Year to one and all!
Best wishes to all near and far to send off 2012 and ring in 2013. Spending my ring in on the ocean and checkin out the fireworks in Banderas Bay! God Bless, yall!! (My gringonese is getting better, nice with the "yall", eh!)
Mexico largest natural bay, check it out sometime (@ Bahia de Banderas)
Banderas Bay, Nayarit, Mexico located in the four seasons hotel room 94,
Anchor up at sunrise. Departing Chacala, heading for *** de Mita & Banderas Bay.
Getting excellent night shots here but that well lit moving large sailing vessel 1/3 mile out in Banderas Bay exceeds current abilities
is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico,The Banderas Bay is a refuge yo a large variety of sea..
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Stay in the most complete in Banderas Bay. Dock your boat this New Year Eve & celebrate this special night with us
Learn more about why Luxury Beach is your best option for in Banderas Bay.
Sitting poolside overlooking Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta watching the whales. Beautiful. And Impact starts in 2 hrs. Perfect day!
TROPICASA'S TOP 10 TO DO NEXT WEEK: Top 10 for December 29 – January 5 Saturday, December 29 – Tropicasa’s Parade of Homes. Preview available homes on and set your own personal open house itinerary of homes open today. Saturday, December 29 – EMI Music recording-artist Kassiano will headline the 'Caribbean Fiesta Grande' at Paradise Community Center. Social hours at 6:30 with the concert at 8:00pm. Monday, December 31 – There is no better place to experience New Year’s Eve than in Banderas Bay! Enjoy the many great restaurants, clubs and fireworks’ displays around the Bay. Wednesday, January 2 – The Vallarta Centro Historico Art Walk continues. The Art Walk was started 15 years ago and has become a favorite activity for locals and visitors alike. The 13 participating galleries provide complimentary beverages and usually featured artists are present. The tour is self guided and it can begin or end at any point, and brochures with maps showing the included locations ...
Do not miss the Botanical Gardens when visiting Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay … …
Located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, where Jalisco and Nayarit meet, Puerto Vallarta lays in the heart of Banderas Bay and offers the best of two worlds: tradition and vanguard, making Vallarta a window to the world. Puerto Vallarta has received many global accolades that are a testament to the
Mexico is full of stunning vacation destinations and Puerto Vallarta is one of the best. The city is located on the Pacific coast of the country and known for its friendly atmosphere. The city’s main hub is the Bahía de Banderas, or Banderas Bay. The beauty of the bay is pristine and will most likel...
Riviera Nayarit - Mexico's Pacific paradise - includes the resorts of Nuevo Vallarta, spectacular Banderas Bay and pristine Pacific coast with glorious beaches.
Humpbacks star in whale-watching cruises this December on Banderas Bay, MX Our fave family hotels:
One Free Cocktail, Canapes, notebook & pen at Hotel Casa Magna presented by Intecam for Engish speaking people interested in learning ab
This Banderas Bay I live in Mexico is soo full of beautiful wildlife! After a storm ,on Oct 15th approximately 300 Olive Ridley turtles came on shore and laid their eggs. That means on or about Dec 15th these nests will all be hatching. Each nest is good for 60 to 120 eggs. I will be on the beach with my camera! Also, "our whales" are late arriving this year. Apparently the water in the Bay is too warm, so they are out in the Pacific waiting for it to cool down. Then they will be. Back in the Bay courting and having their babies.. Our God is an amazing God! I am so humbled to be able to witness this!
Compassion for the Family, Inc. together with Liverpool and Diamonds International invite everyone to attend 'Fusion, Fashion and Music,' a fund raising event for the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter at the Centro Cultural Rio Cuale on December 8th at 7 pm.
Just passing the end of the Baja Peninsula and on into Banderas Bay. 85 and sunny but very humid. Vallarta tomorrow A. M.
The 7th annual 'Hook the Cure' event was held in Vallarta November 8th - 11th and was highlighted by festivities, celebrity appearances, auctions and an awards gala. Participants enjoyed Banderas Bay's fabulous amenities while raising $400,000 for cystic fibrosis research.
It's whale-watching season again. Learn more about humpback whales in Banderas Bay.
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Why Seniors Buy Mexican Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta and the Bay of Banderas In Spite of Issues
Full Moon setting over Banderas Bay 6:45 am, never seen anything like it!
Nuevo Vallarta - We have 2 rooms to rent and 1 suite complete with a Jacuzzi and private balcony. -
Your consulate is an important resource while you’re visiting
This property is located near the Decameron Resort in Bucerias just one block to the beautiful beaches of Banderas Bay. Casa Lupita has al
In early 1800, what we know as was a beautiful but desolate area between the Sierra Madre and Banderas Bay
Enjoy views of Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre Mountains from our terraces.
Puerto Vallarta offers some of the best sportsfishing in Mexico, and our fishing report features the latest news on saltwater fishing in Banderas Bay.
\n\tClose to Puerto Vallarta in the center point of the Banderas Bay ( Bay of Flags ) at the Pacific Ocean, Nuevo Vallarta Mexico, a luxury and spacious hotel zone, had been build up during the last 15 years. Nuevo Vallarta, sometimes also called Nuevovallarta, with its long sandy and shelf water be...
The most exclusive resort on Banderas Bay, the Grand Bliss has the best cuisine in a wonderful restaurant overlooking the ocean, or enjoy your meal at the Green Break with a view of the 9 hole, par-36 gof course designed by Jim Lipe. .
Yesterday was Karen's and my 5 year anniversary. We honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta and the resort we stayed at was off Banderas Bay - a very rocky piece of water. We decided not to do gifts this year since we're building a house. She gave me a stone from the bay that apparently she's had for 5 years. I thought that was pretty cool.
Vallarta Escapes assist people around the Banderas Bay to sell their homes, rent out homes to vacationers, set up fun things through our concierge and sponsor local events.
Las Palmas Real Estate specializes in the Banderas Bay, we offers a unique selection of vacation rental properties for all budgets.
Villa La Estancia, Nuevo Vallarta is an ocean front resort that overlooks beautiful Banderas Bay and is located...
Located on the spectacular setting of Banderas Bay, Dreams Villamagna Nuevo Vallarta is a Pacific oceanfront hideaway with spectacular views of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Two all-suite luxury towers for couples and couples with children embrace guests with “Unlimited-Luxury,” including a gorgeous b...
A new five star residential community, Alamar is recognized as one of the finest vacation developments in the Banderas Bay. Here you will
This is video of a lightning storm over Banderas Bay by Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This video has not been sped up or edited in any way. This is actually how t...
We are at Marina Riviera Nayarit at La Cruz de Huanacaxrle on Banderas Bay. We might spend the whole hurricane season right here. It has taken several visits to Puerto Vallarta for us to get to like it. It is a large busy city but with lots of convenineces. La Cruz and Bucerias and out to Pta Mita used to be small dustyvillages with nothing in between. Now, the roads are widened, paved and planted with palm tree merdians; the dusty village streets are paved and there is a very pleasant blend of cultures. The villages have maintained their character, they're just not dusty.
Vallarta Adventures, sharing the culture, wildlife, biodiversity, and natural beauty of Banderas Bay
Just 15 minutes from Puerto Vallarta International Airport, Now Amber Puerto Vallarta, an all-new haven in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, welcomes couples, singles and families. Perfectly situated on a golden sand beach showcasing infinite views of the sapphire waters of the Banderas Bay, guests are ...
Have a great day with a boat tour around Banderas Bay in
Located just 15 minutes from Puerto Vallarta International Airport and by the golden beaches of the Banderas Bay. This all-suite, all ocean view resort provides guests with a wealth of amenities, gourmet dining without reservations and daily activities. Ideally situated just minutes from vibrant dow...
New Rental Listing... Great Downtntown Classic Villa with views from everywhere of the Banderas Bay! Be among the first to enjoy this Villa and make your reservation now.
From May 15-31, dining out in Puerto Vallarta is not only more fun, but also more affordable! For the eighth year in a row, Vallarta Restaurant Week offers you the chance to dine at some of the Banderas Bay region's most recognized restaurants at savings of up to 50%!
Avalon 905, Located in the hills of Amapas, this beautiful condo has a large terrace with an infinity dipping pool and spectacular panoramic views of Banderas Bay, Los Arcos, the town and jungle! This is a corner unit with 277 m2 / 2,981 sf of open single-level living, upgraded large marble floors...
Puerto Vallarta and Mexico news, plus a PV wedding planner, restaurant and tour guide, real estate and vacation rental information, photos and videos, event calendar and classified ads from around Banderas Bay.
New Condominium for $20,000 USD This is no joke! This is a semi done shell just waitign for you! Take a look!
Watching the sun set completely into Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta, April 2012
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Yoga Retreats Resort designed for the practice of yoga and other physical and spiritual disciplines immersed in a natural environment in the Banderas Bay. The ideal yoga retreat in Mexico.
Puerto Vallarta Icons – Islas Marietas (Marietas Islands) Posted on April 25, 2012 by Palmera Vacations Surely a natural icon of Banderas Bay, the Marietas Islands are one of the most important nesting sites of seabirds in Mexico and eastern tropical Pacific, also housing many ot...
I just ousted Debbi E. as the mayor of Banderas Bay on
Great explanation of the Banderas Bay's history on the blog today:
After his participation in a “historic” Summitt of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, the Mexican President Felipe Calderon will be today at the Banderas Bay region to inaugurate the World Economic Forum on Latin America 2012: Regional Transformation in a New Global Context.
Condo Alamar, a new five star residential community -- Luxurious, Brand New and ready for you! Great rates too!
The most complete pocket guides to walk and discover the best of Banderas Bay. You can´t miss it and the most...
Yeah this is the boat to be on right now in 's Banderas Bay
January is a good season for fishing, take a look at the types of fish available to catch
is located on the Beautiful Banderas Bay, one of the largest and deepest in the world
? Invest in Puerto Vallarta, where your $ goes further --
We have several trip options for you -->
The sailing competition of the Pan American Games begins tomorrow on the Banderas Bay
Amazing in Features 3bed.3bath.Modern Style Pool and Parking available.Jacuzzi.Built-in Kitchen:
No Way Jose! proudly supports this first-ever cookbook of recipes compiled from Vallarta restaurants, which is...
World Economic Forum 2012 to be held in Puerto Well done PV!
With a sweeping view of Banderas Bay. Villa Solana in is an excellent choice for Mexican
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Fun, excitement and adventure its all you can get when you ride our 13 zip lines at Canopy La Vista
Entertainment around Banderas Bay and beyond, -
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Ten day cultural festival in Puerto Vallarta, starting on May 18.
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