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Bandar Utama

Bandar Utama is a township located within the Damansara subdivision of the Petaling district in the state of Selangor, Malaysia.

Kelana Jaya Petaling Jaya Kuala Lumpur Penang Bridge Mutiara Damansara Kota Damansara Mont Kiara Sri Hartamas Drive Social East West Link Central Park

1128 LDP; accident at km 9 from SS2 - Taman Bahagia on the Left Lane, slow from SPRINT and from Bandar Utama
LDP : Accident near SS2 heading to Kelana Jaya is causing a 20 minute jam in both directions from Bandar Utama and Jalan Majlis
Hi right now bus at Terminal Bandar Utama heading to your place.
Great cadence workout today at Bandar Utama pre dawn. Let's target for a 100% attendance, commitment and effort...
So I walked up to the counter, heavily panting, and said "Bandar Utama please.." to the guy at the other side of the glass shield.
will it change if i were to take the train route to sungai buloh & take the MRT there to bandar utama? OR still not possible?
We have P&B stores in Kuala Lumpur and Bandar Utama. Please, follow us to stay tuned about Thanks!
is there any other train route that can connect straight to the MRT to bandar utama? Like i stated earlier, without riding a bus
you can take MRT bus T819 (In front of Hilton Hotel) to Pusat Bandar Damansara, then ride MRT to Bandar Utama
how do i get from KL Sentral to Bandar Utama? If i were to use the Train instead of bus.
If you're going to pass by Bandar Utama 11 via Tropicana, take a 180 because a big tree is blocking the road causing a massive jam.
Fallen trees in Tropicana - Bandar Utama. Road is blocked and cars on the other side are u-turning. GG
LDP : Slow from Puchong Utama - Pusat Bandar Puchong due to rainy weather
Hi RapidKL, is there still the U43 bus that goes to Bandar Utama from IOI Mall, Puchong? Can't find it on the website. Thank you.
Congratulations to our 13yo Adzim Rais Azizan from Bandar Utama in winning gifts courtesy of MSI! Have fun at our b…
Bali's fast sketch of me while waiting for food. @ Bandar Utama
Little Giant Ladders
Gone many places, bandar utama, pj, where else to lepak? Tired die me.
Dinner over at TGI Fridays on a Saturday. @ T.G.I. FRIDAYS 1 utama, Bandar Utama
"Sometimes its amazing how much pain a smile can hide" 🌸 @ Taman Desaru Utama , Bandar Penawar…
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a stand still traffic jam on Exit to E11 LDP / Puchong / Bandar Utama, Kuala Lumpur on - Drive S...
Congratulations Aous from Bandar Utama in winning a gift courtesy of eCurve!
Bandar Utama bus hub is located in Rocky Mount, Virginia.
0909 E11, LDP; busy from Penchala till Bandar Utama and from the Cable Bridge until SS2
Flood alert: Fast-rising water in parts of TTDI (in front of MRT station) and Bandar Utama. Best not to park at Dataran or basement.
"in love with the scene, she so in love with being seen" -g @ SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3)
How are you bro? Are you still finding to an intern? Is it in Bandar Utama? We have a guy for you
sorry 1 bus already at Bandar Utama.
I think I miss 506 bus, from Putrajaya to Bandar Utama. Usually It'll arrive 7.50 at Tesco Bandar Puchong. Can you check?
LDP: Waze shows a 30 minute delay from Bandar Utama and the Sunway Toll towards Paradigm Mall
1636:E11,LDP:stalled lorry at KM12.6,Kelana Jaya–Jln Majlis,left lane is being obstructed and traffic is backed up from Bandar Utama
Baan Kun Ya means “Grandma’s House” in Thai and it was this desire to preserve age-old recipes of traditional...
got it. Thanks! But Can I ask for the nearest bus? Waiting at kl sentral to bandar utama? Tqvm.
Hi can I just ask where is the 800 bus waiting at KL Sentral? If heading to bandar utama? Tq.
Our stock information is only indicative due to rapid stock turnover. However, we have confirmed we have some in Bandar Utama.
We play at Jalan BU 4/1 Bandar Utama, 430pm on Sundays and the Subang team plays at USJ 11/4 on Saturdays, 9am ☺
LEBUH BANDAR UTAMA: Waze is also showing a 20 minute jam from Persiaran Tropicana heading towards the Sprint Highway
Gais my mum is funny gais 🌸 @ One Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama
youngest sister buying school shoes from clarks *** (@ Clarks in Bandar Utama, Selangor)
people, pls go to Bandar Utama to watch It's the best! worthyour money, please go!
Check out our FB or join us this evening at Jalan BU 4/, Bandar Utama at 430pm ☺
Thomas and friends is now in 1utama @ One Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama
i think i need another round of this today. @ One Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama
yo people im back! (after two months plus hihi) @ One Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama
Morning Are you referring to 506, Putrajaya-Bandar Utama buses?
The new ON Gold Standard BCAA is introduced at the GNC Carnival Sale at One Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama...
Morning You can take 802 from LRT Kelana Jaya or 800 from KL Sentral to go to Bandar Utama.
do u know any bas that i can take from any train to Centrepoint bandar utama?
I am Captain America. Would you be mine? @ One Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama
You stay quiet while there's a war within you . @ Taman Desaru Utama , Bandar…
No, got into the bus already. What happened with bus 801 from Bandar Utama so it was late?
- Bandar Utama Petaling Jaya. We have a parttime opening for a Telemarketer You will be ...
hey digi,would you know why there is 0 signal at all in my house?? area Bandar Utama (Bu10) like literally no signal at all
Hi any nearby 506 bus at tesco puchong heading to bandar utama?
amazing players, amazing people, amazing team ❤️ @ The New Camp, Bandar Utama
Why is Gerakan making noise on penang land when it took state land in BU8 bandar utama?
at Bandar utama. They had a special nutella event
Look who decided to pay me a visit ? @ Bandar Uda Utama, Johor Bharu
already arrived at Sri Damansara 30 minutes ago. And now, where's 801 from Metroprima? I'm thinking of going to Bandar Utama.
smoking in bus WVF 1376...drivers tag number is 10001761 (bandar utama to metro prima kepong).
Posing with the cute models of Thomas @ One Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama
PERSIARAN SURIAN: Traffic is heavy from the Bandar Utama Golf Course heading towards Segi University, exp 15 min delay.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
LDP: A stalled car on the left lane at KM2.5 is causing a jam from Bandar Utama heading towards Penchala
keep your head up .. keep your heart strong 🌹💃🏻 @ One Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama
Hey, everyone, just a note saying that from 8th March 2016, our Subang Regional Support Centre will be relocating...
W4087R located at Bandar Utama Bus Hub heading towards you.
You are beautiful inside out 🌹 @ One Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama
Me and my boy. Don't grow up so fast please! 😅 @ The New Camp, Bandar Utama
This guy insists on having a selfie with me @ One Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama
hi, what's the location for 801 bus heading to Bandar utama? I'm currently at kepong sentral and been waiting for 45 mins
Hi , bus 801 is plying at Bandar Utama and Metro Prima Kepong . Thank you
The wind blew open the balcony door at office. Was pretty worried about the Bandar Utama MRT station, who knows, things flying.
If only there's warung here at the bus hub of Bandar Utama. . 😀😀😀😀.
Five more hours of sleep (@ Bandar Utama 12 in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)
1719 E11, LDP : a stalled car at KM 6.8, after Bandar Utama – Taman Tun , the right lane is being obstructed and do expect delays
Thai restaurant @ Bandar Utama. Looking forward to dine here again.
0947 E11, the LDP : traffic is slow from the Sunway toll – the Cable Bridge , Jln Majlis – Taman Megah & Bandar Utama – Taman Tun
yes. Bus 801 from mk land to bandar utama still charges Rm1.50 every time. But what to do?
McDonald's Bandar Utama accepts debit/credit card. Tried it at its drive thru. Was super fast!
Aerial view of the construction of the Bandar Utama Station .
LDP: Waze shows delays from the Sunway toll plaza towards Bandar Utama
1907 E11, the LDP : traffic is backed up from Damansara Perdana – the Penchala toll , Bandar Utama – SS2,...
Partly Furnished 2-Storey Terrace House For Rent in Taman Damai Utama, Bandar Kinrara! Click for more info.
Looking for a short term part time opportunity?. Key in data at RM8/hour in a cool office located in Bandar Utama...
I will be mayor forever (@ LaunchPad 2 in Bandar Utama, Selangor)
SPRINT: Wazers report of a stalled vehicle after the Damansara toll heading towards Bandar Utama, adding on...
This little guy in love with the camera... @ Central Park, Bandar Utama
yesterday hi-tea with you @ One Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama
Giant bandar uda utama, besar gak hummm. Now time to find the 'thing' I'm looking for..
W4860W located at Puchong Intan heading towards Bandar Utama.
no no no no I remember quite clearly it's at bandar Utama ^_^
I need house address, Bandar Utama right? But now raining I cannot drive sorry
I'm at Play Club at the Roof in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya
Freehold 2-Storey Terrace House For Sale in BU4, Bandar Utama! Click for more info.
So there's a housing area in Bandar Utama called The Effingham. If they were in a calmer state of mind it would have just been The Ham.
indeed... With that kind of donation money they could buy heavily discounted land in Bandar Utama for their HQ.
1706 E11 LDP : traffic is slow from Bandar Utama – Taman Megah & the Cable Bridge – the Sunway toll
8am but due to haze look likes night @ Centrepoint, Bandar Utama
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a visible police trap on Jalan Tanjung Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya on - Drive Social.
My words of appreciation to Rotary Clubs of Bukit Bintang & Bandar Utama
Group photo siked. Good time and good game gaiash. @ The New Camp, Bandar Utama
Looks like there's ice on the road outside Centrepoint Bandar Utama
Floral Wreath Buttercream Cake Deco Class at Bandar Utama, today with students from...
for the HORIEN Eye Secret launchinggg! (@ The Oval Concourse in Bandar Utama, Selangor)
Chill under the pretty blue skies on the almost 30th floor of Bandar Utama's First Avenue and be a…
New proposed LRT Shah Alam @ LRT3 from Bandar Utama to Johan Setia and pass through UiTM station. htt…
Zumba® Fitness at 7:30pm tonight. See you at e-Ztudio, Bandar Utama (Behind One Utama Hotel). Vamos!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"Hows the weather in TTDI /Bandar Utama? Thanks is advance". Only RM can get d 'weather convrsation' goin
Woah when did bandar utama get so lonely
my sisters in Bandar Utama team ! i know i could be a lion sometimes , but trust me - its for the…
MRT construction on track at 60%.Thumbs up to team of the Bandar Utama Stn in progress.
Construction of the Bandar Utama Station in progress.
1003 E11, the LDP: expect delays from the Sunway toll – the Cable Bridge & from Taman Tun – Bandar Utama
1640 LDP: traffic is slow from Bandar Utama & Kelana Jaya – SS2 , also from the Sunway toll – Pusat Bandar Puchong
1040 slow on the E11, the LDP; from IOI MALL – the Sunway Toll Plaza and also from Bandar Utama – Taman Tun
You'll never know who you'll meet at a random coffee shop ☕️ @ Centrepoint, Bandar Utama
Please be careful of this couple. Be warned they can react violently. To residents of all communities in Selangor and to the Community Policing team in Ara Damansara, please take note of this incident. Be careful of your approach. This person may be dangerous. This couple has been seen around Palm Spring area, Bandar Utama, Mutiara Damansara, Ara Damansara nearby Citta Mall, Sunway Damansara near the school area, Damansara Jaya school area and etc. Please do NOT stop as there has been reported cases of this man in the picture reacted violently when he was being questioned back. Bottom line is, he just wants your pity and money. Please report this to the authorities if you see this couple on sidewalk or beside the Highway trying to stop a car. The person who took this picture from his car caught the attention of the man in the picture, he chase the car driver with his motor and hit the window of the car. Mr. A called me to help to post this picture. Please share this information to your neighbours and to y ...
Went to Bandar Utama today n they r playing the Roly Poly song just now did I dance there? .__.
Golf Haven is an Indoor Golf Academy and Lounge located in The Club @ Bukit Utama, Bandar Utama, PJ - Malaysia
The queue at McD TTDI and Bandar Utama is insane I tell you. Line up until outside just for benda kuning mata satu.
Project Admin Bandar Utama , Interested Please pm me, 1 years of working experience or Fresh Grad
come to Bandar Utama for more shopping
Only now we would be heading to bandar utama.
1844 LDP: stalled car at KM7.8 on the left lane of the Damansara underpass. Expect delays from Kelana Jaya – Bandar Utama
my fon coverage shows H+ in shah alam and bandar utama which are LTE areas.
45- whaddup boi. Still remember those times when we were at the park at bandar utama.
I think...Malaysia's weather is better than Thailand. @ Bandar…
Another day of shopping-g (@ One Utama Shopping Centre,Bandar Utama w/ 3 others)
Does anyone know place in Bandar Utama area which I can rent for only a month?
Im gonna work there in Bandar Utama area.
Safely arrived and heading to Bandar Utama :-)
Chip & Dale are both parked right in front of KBU BANDAR UTAMA, they r filled with goodies!
my BIS on Maxis EDGE/3G ok, Celcom BIS OK, 2 device on DiGi Data Plan on H+, Tune talk data Plan on HTC on EDGE. Bandar Utama loc
any room to rent around Bandar Utama / Damansara area? not too expensive please. anyone? pm if theres any. will reach back ASAP. thanks :)
Whoa. We just felt a few strong tremors at our office at Bandar Utama.
Here's a traffic update on a Thursday by TRAXXfm! - In the KL city center, traffic is at a crawl from Jalan Sultan Ismail to Jalan P.Ramlee & from Jalan Raja Chulan towards Jalan Imbi. - Traffic on the LDP is busy from Bandar Utama – Taman Tun, & from Taman Megah to Kelana Jaya & SS2. - On the Federal Highway, traffic is slow from the East West Link towards Federal Highway & from PJ Hilton to LDP. - Traffic on the MRR1 is also slow from the Mahameru Hway, towards Jalan Ipoh. - Traffic on MRR2 is congested from Pandan Indah to the Jalan Kuari flyover. - On the NKVE, traffic is busy from Damansara – Subang. - Traffic on the Penang Bridge is clear in both directions between the island and the mainland. - Finally, traffic on the causeway is busy on all lanes – S’pore.
I have an extra one box of 16-piece pavlova cups on Friday. Anybody would like to buy them? First come first serve. Anyone from Kota Damansara, Bandar Utama,Damansara Utama or Damansara Jaya, Putra Heights, Subang Jaya or Shah Alam, I am willing to send the pavlova cups on Friday 14 June (before noon) as I am heading to Putra Heights on that day, late morning. Please msg if interested.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
RAWR!!! The Gig: The Awesome Party @ Paradox Art Café, The Oasis, Bandar Utama, from 2pm until late today (18/5/13) featuring 21 acts. Its going to be a long day today for us here in Rentak Sejuta but the first gig we will be heading for today is Darren Teh's brilliant Rawrr!!! We love to discover new music and Rawrr!!! is one of the best platforms to find it. Some of Malaysia's best undiscovered or upcoming acts play here, and if you want to be one of the first to discover them before they become superfly, you better head on there yourself. And at RM20 (with a drink) it will be one of the best Saturdays you ever spent. And what's on the menu is real good too at Paradox, should you get hungry. Find these rising stars before they become superstars. Something to boast about to your friends in year's to come - you were right there when they first started. How cool is that?
1000 Beatz in one night that's how we're rolling tonite at Long Bar, one world hotel - bandar Utama. Anchored by the world famous Dj Flava
Golf on a rainy afternoon to relax my mind (@ Bandar Utama Golf Driving Range)
"Develop a secret and a surprise for later separation Utama Bandar Lampung"
Repost from tone_dongwei my hometown is awesome✌and I thought bandar utama is bad enough. @ kota bharu
So now its time for some coffee session at banana leaf bandar utama w
Just reached bandar Utama after 2 hours in a jam from Tun Razak. 😭😭
1919 LDP: traffic is backed up in both directions between the Sunway toll & Bandar Utama
S O L D ! ! ! Thanks to the buyer from Bandar Utama, LLL appreciates your kind support very very much! :)
unifi internet access in Bandar Utama went down affecting our audio feed. The feed is now up though. apologies.
our audio feed is back online at Unifi problems at Bandar Utama. We're now using YES
you're so prettyyy! Thankyou for coming to our school smk Bandar utama :D
You have a SUPERHERO in you. unleash it. bring your sidekicks, bestbuddies, and be a SUPERHERO this SATURDAY (4th May 2013 - 5pm to 7pm at your hometowns mos...
Hate jams -_- 20mins already still in bandar utama ***
My dear fellow malaysians, i just want to say that UMNO/BN and Perkasa etc are not racists nor facists - definitely not to the indian minority in Malaysia and let me explain why i say thus; You see, there is evidence that show that they are helping to bolster and solidify the indians in malaysia. there is a masterplan that has been in motion for decades and its begining to bear results so please be patience and show support; - dont be angry with Umno for giving out I.Cs/citizenships to bangla labourers.. infact they should give out more and extend it to the pakistanis, nepalese, indians from india and sri lankans.. this will work to the strength of the existing indians in Malaysia. we just need to change MIC to MSAC (Malaysian South Asian Congress) and voila we go frm being 7% of the population to perhaps 20-25% almost overnight and much higher in a couple of generations (we indians shag like rabbits afer all and have strong genes, just look at all the mamaks in malaysia). - i am please to report that thi ...
Bandar Utama looks a bit empty. I'm guessing the people went back to their hometown for poll already.
The pothole at Lebuh Bandar Utama near BU 11 is getting bigger & deeper.
Post-Natal care services (confinement care) and professional spa & salon services at the comfort of your own home. Khidmat rawatan selepas bersalin secara tradisional Melayu serta perkhidmatan Spa & Salon terus di rumah anda.
I might be living at bandar utama when college starts
Looking for good Malay food, check out Idaman at Bandar Utama.
Had a lil morning exercise today. Niw gotta hit the shower and off to bandar utama for some "holiday training" lols. Have a great day ahead
not airport lah danil, just take Aeroline bus from Bandar Utama to Singapore.
Took 45 minutes to arrived at Section 14 PJ from Bandar Utama. Traffic jamm was horrific
another day of super heavy rain in Bandar Utama..
MBPJ is taking out those "flowers" flags the residents of bandar Utama planted last Sunday., Infront of Zam Zam cafe
I always swim at The Club, bandar Utama. Come join me. swim mana tuan
TTDI, its right beside Bandar Utama and OU and Curve and stuff :)
at Bandar Utama. Splashes of colours, real pretty! Tq & residents!
Happening now! Malaysian Spring replanting of flowers over at Bandar Utama, near Zam Zam Satay:
Lunch with izzy at kitchen creatures, center point bandar utama.
Went for ceramah at brickfields and bandar utama. Good job
A good talk by Dato in Bandar Utama earlier today. Let's vote for a change !
You got the loudest cheer here in Bandar Utama! Crowd in rain looking forward to your arrival.
can't see pic properly. Best ask where is PKR ceramah 2 nite in Bandar Utama?
Actually got to meet some pretty awesome baristas here :) Subang Parade, The Curve, Amcorp Mall, Bandar Utama :)
Mum & dad brought Yaya & friends to Bandar Utama ada game competition (maybe) & just freaking left me at home.
Last day of working at Aeon Bandar Utama :(
My planing today, wanna go to Puchong and Bandar Utama (OneUtama) :D
For those who will be running tomorrow morning for Run For Sight- Blindfold Run at Central Park, Bandar is your route! See you at 6am tomorrow as we support this admirable cause!
PENANG ♠ Traffic on the Penang Bridge : has eased and is now reported to clear between the mainland and the Island. JOHOR ♠ However, the Causeway: continues to be at a crawl on the heavy vehicles towards Spore. HIGHWAYS ♠ In the Klang Valley : ♠ The LDP: remains slow from Puchong Perdana till Puchong Intan, Puchong jaya till the Federal Hway, SS2 till the Dsara toll and from Bandar Utama till Tmn Tun ♠ The SPRINT : too remains backedup at the Dsara Toll till Sect 17, aso inboth directons between Sri Hartamas and Mont Kiara and also from Kiara till Maarof ♠ Expect delays on the East West Link: from Desa Waterpark till the Fedreal Hway ♠ And the KL SBan too: continues to be congested from Desa Petaling till TUDM ♠ MRR2: is also slow form Pandan Indah till the Kuarai flyover and also from Tmn Midah – Bandar tun Razak Kuala Lumpur In central KL, most main roads are now congested heading in towards the city.
my band To Kill A Mockingbird will be playing at Paradox Art Cafe in Bandar Utama this Friday night for ROARcoustica Vol. 6! do come by and check us out :)
The Bujang Valley or Lembah Bujang is a sprawling historical complex and has an area of approximately 224 square km. Situated near Merbok, Kedah, between Gunung Jerai in the north and Muda River in the south, it is the richest archaeological area in Malaysia. These archaeological remains indicate that there may have been a Hindu-Buddhist polity here. The name itself is roughly translated into “Dragon Valley”. The area consists of ruins that may date more than 1,900 years old. More than fifty ancient tomb temples, called candi (pronounce “chandi”), have also been unearthed. The most impressive and well-preserved of these is located in Pengkalan Bujang, Merbok. The Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum is also located here.
Im sharing out my friend status. Please be aware and alert the police if you see a black BMW with the license plate WXA3335 roaming near your residents. Four Chinese men in the car are burglars who attempted burglarising us (at Bandar Utama) and most likely stolen 2 cars nearby last night!
[ S U P E R M A R K E T ] Dear Valued AEON Customers, Shop smart and enjoy a healthier lifestyle today. AEON Supermarkets offer organic vegetables and dry food perfect for soups, stir-fry and can also be eaten as salads.
Dear FAIZAL RIZA B MOHD RAF, You've seen the finalists for the Maybank Photography Awards, now it's time to find out who will take home top prize. Come on by the award presentation on 24 November 2012 at 1Utama Shopping Mall, Bandar Utama. It will be located at Highstreet on Ground Floor starting 1pm, so make sure you're there to witness the crowning of Maybank's Photographer of the Year and more. Looking forward to seeing you there!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
We are highly experienced in dealing with both newborn and very young subjects, you can count on us to capture the ‘perfect’ picture. It's never too late to call us for an appointment before realizing that your baby has grown up. Our magical work captures the pure essence of childhood whimsy. Our ba...
CLARKS Warehouse Sale - Bandar Utama! - get the great discounts and offers for the services/products of Fashion & Clothing at All States of Malaysia.
Clarks Warehouse Sale is back now. Products that offered are ladies shoes , kids shoes , casual footwear , dress shoes , men shoes , bags and many more.
RM100 Tickets for YOYO Honey Singh Concert selling really fast! Those grabbing the tickets tomorrow night at Hurrr - Long Bar - One World Hotel Bandar Utama please be early as the ticket are available to those who grab it first!
Thank YOU LORD,im very much,my mam & sir together with the 2kids always bring me if went out for dinner...this evening we went out for dinner at Bandar Utama Damansara in OLD MALAYSIA RESTO & eat desert in meet fresh... What a very nice dinner w/ my employer.nothing to say. Thank YOU LORD...
Anyone near Bandar Utama?? Wanna hear our songs in a different genre?? Pls come and join us TONIGHT at Paradox Cafe,Bandar Utama. 8pm, Free Entrance. Come! Come! Come!
We dedicate ourselves to ensure our planet is protected while we also develop natural, healthy and organic products that are safe for everyone.
Come on people. few more days left to do your part for society! :)
Papa was a huge supporter of proudly made by Johorean
9.30pm show for Thupakki vit my mum Saraniya Krishnamurty and Kavitharan Joseph at Gsc One Utama, Bandar Utama
Damansara Perdana set to become 'premier centre' Oct 15, 2012 Petaling Jaya: The Damansara Perdana development project by Saujana Triangle Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of MK Land Holdings Bhd, is set to be completed in 10 years. The mixed property development will span 303ha in an established township that includes neighbouring Bandar Utama, Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Mutiara Damansara. The development, which is a flagship project of MK Land, will comprise condominiums, high-end apartments, diversified commercial buildings and semi-detached bungalows. On Friday, the company held a ceremony to hand over keys to five owners of its exclusive product, Rafflesia @ Park (Phase 4) semi-detached houses. The company will next launch Rafflesia @ Hills and The Rafflesia @ Peak in the same area. Present was MK Land group chief executive officer Lau Shu Chuan. He said the development was one of the biggest in Petaling Jaya so far and had reached sales of RM2.82 billion. "Damansara Perdana is destined to be a premier centre in t ...
Dear Students & Friends, 50 position of Customer Service for Call Center in Bandar Utama.. Basic Salary from 2K-2.5K, permanent job..Minimum requirement SPM holders & its a good start for school leavers. Kindly call Mr.Sathia 019-3671051 or forward yr resume/cv to sathia
[] Leo Club of Metro Methodist College Kuala Lumpur, jointly organized our Joint Installation with the Leo Clubs of Damansara Metro (O), Sunway Metro (O) and SMK Bandar Utama 3 on the 21st of July 2012!
I am a Real Estate Negotiator, providing the best services in Sales and Rent of Residential and Commercial Properties at Kota Damansara, Damansara Perdana, Mutiara Damansara, Mont Kiara, TTDI, Bandar Utama & PJ Area. My one-stop services will definitely make you feel comfortable & satisfied. Owners ...
Today decided to go up north-west of KL city, to a place called Sungai Buluh where most of the landscaping nurseries are located in Kuala Lumpur. From KL city center, it's just about 30 minutes drive to Sungai Buluh. After visiting the nurseries, drove south- west to Bandar Utama. At Bandar Utama which is a thriving satellite town some 20 minutes drive from KL, is the "One Utama" ..a prime shopping destination and very mixed urban development. The private TV3 headquarters is just next to One Utama. At One Utama tried my favourite Penang flavours...check them out in the album...
Seven Malaysians associated with the Effingham Tamil School in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya have commenced a drastic hunger strike in front of the water fountain in Little India, Brickfields. The Return Effingham Land Action Team (REFLAX) have been holding candle light vigils every Saturday night fo...
Troopers waiting for you around the Bandar Utama 8 area with tickets to We The Kings. - -
Shopping Mall in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya (PJ). Giant Mall Shopping with an old and a new wing about 20km south-west of downtown KL.
MIC to build students hostel in Bandar Utama -
Until 1991, the area of Bandar Utama consisted of nothing more than palm oil estates with fewer than 100 people. Today:
Send ur car to Shell Bandar Utama at 11am-12pm cos Nadia & Hafiz gonna wash ur car for FREE! We gonna update ya'll live from there! See ya!
Frens having dinner before movie... (@ Subway)
I just became the mayor of Forever 21 on
I just became the mayor of HSBC Amanah on
brunch. Good customer service, good food here. (@ Italiannies)
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