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Ban Ki-moon (Hanja: ; born 13 June 1944) is the eighth and current Secretary-General of the United Nations, after succeeding Kofi Annan in 2007. Before going on to be Secretary-General, Ban was a career diplomat in South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the United Nations.

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It's just a matter of time when China will ban Islam in CPEC belt. Puncture ki dukaan bhi nahi chalegi.
Former U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has been named the keynote speaker for the 25th TAFISA World Congress
Cong had taken all steps to ensure ban on lifted but now same party creating hur…
Ban Ki-moon is perfectly placed to help create a better future for us all:
Introducing the newest member of Ban Ki-moon:
Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General of the announced as a new member of Read more:
We are delighted to announce that Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General, has joined Read:
Thrilled that another former Secretary-General has joined
Five things to do, June 26-July 9 -- Ban Ki-moon at the JFK Library, a pizza party at City Hall Plaza, and more. https…
Bill Clinton's psychotic wife Hillary Clinton was unfair to Ban Ki Moon. She secretly recorded him to extort him so he couldn't be neutral.
Ban Ki Moon has a lot to learn about the world. I like his congenial professionalism. However, South Korea and North Korea must reconcile.
Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has been proposed as new chair of IOC's Ethics Commission. Read ➡️
Media: attack was done by Muslim. People: BAN all muslims. Media: muslims helped. People: don't bring religion into this…
So I'm literally 8 months late but I just found out that Ban Ki Moon isn't the UN Secretary General anymore?? . I AM SO EMOTIONAL
Former sec-gen Ki-moon looks to be moving to in September
- Queen Letizia of Spain welcomes Ban Ki Moon to Madrid, Queen Letizia of Spain ...
Shame on you! You betrayed Yemeni children because of
News in "AP Interview: Ex-UN Chief Says Trump Must Rethink on Climate" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT…
Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon had some words for President Donald Trump
Appears not much has changed since last year.
[inside the games]The 73-year-old South Korean also spoke at the 2014 IOC Session in Sochi…
SPAIN Ban Ki Moon - Ban Ki Moon urges Donald Trump to stand 'in the right side of history' on Climate Change. Story number 4101610.
Trump on 'wrong side of history' over climate – ex-UN chief
Carry bag me directly ban lagane se medium and small busines…
wants high-profile diplomat Ki-moon to chair its Ethics Commission
Still must do better at least to Kofi Annan standard of speaking out. Ban Ki Moon w…
Ban Ki-moon proposed to replace Ndiaye as IOC Ethics Commission chair
Ban Ki-moon: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon: Stop the torture and murder of millions of dogs and cats in South...
Former United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has been proposed as the new Chair of the International...
Ban Ki-moon set to become chair of IOC Ethics Commission
The next UN Secretary General: the 12 vying to replace Ban Ki-moon
Ban Ki-moon, former Ireland president Mary Robinson and Wired UK editor-at-large David Rowan will speak at WE…
"are a group as diverse as the people they serve"- Ban Ki-moon explains: htt…
Ban Ki-moon shared lessons on public service, more in
Kennedy School fellow Ban Ki-moon reflects on issues of global concern via
Ban Ki-moon, now a fellow, answered questions on Syria, Climate Change, and more
VoicesHSPH: Did you miss UN SG Ban Ki-moon's inspirational talk? No problem! The on-demand video is now up at
If we're really doing the math, Geun-hye is the Mad King, Moon Jae-in is Robert Baratheon and Ban Ki-moon is Dany
at Harvard Kennedy School with Ban Ki-moon, Jamil Mahuad (51st President of Ecuador) and portrait of Ellen J. Sirle…
Yes, Kofi Annan, Ban Ki-moon, Antonio Guterres, history will judge you harshly.
Waiting for Mr. Wonderful: Ban Ki Moon sizing up the field
Ban ki-moon secretary-general of the United Nations: Call for prosecution of perpetrators of the 1...
Every individual from you can play a crucial role to Please sign and share. via…
Sab samajh aagaya muje, they FORCED Ankit to come so that night out ki jagah date segment na ban jaye 😂😂😂
Saudi Arabia's row with Ban Ki-moon over Yemen marks new low in UN relationship
Martin McGuinness nominated 4 peace prize many like Gordon Wilson got-he probably sanctioned killing his daughter?
John Sterman Addresses Ban Ki-Moon on the Need for Deeper Emissions Cuts via
If you care for the as I do, please click here and sign the petition
And as a hypocrite nation that we are we said no, man. He is a fixer. Humaray mulk ki izzat ka kya hoga. Ban him for life.
5 year ban is no joke and all the embarrassment. Baat sari greed ki hai.
your case is BANDAR KO MIL GAYI HALDI KI GAANTH TO PANSARI BAN BAITHA.. out of 70 years first time that too on basi…
What the *** happening in PSL ? Islamabad ki puri team hii ban Kar do
former UNSG Ban Ki Moon: 'there can be no plan B because there is no planet B' happy that my country is on board
Sethis Qureshis have opinion on Ban Ki Moon , Michel Friedman , T2, NATO. Who can help?
Mr Ban Ki Moon is also targeted by an ex OMG officer who claims to have Japanese decent . It's the Sethis.
I am proud, that you are a Jat first, then a Hindu and then an Indian. Well done ! India ki tho…
Citing "slander" and "fake news". Ban Ki-moon Won't Run for South Korean President After All.
Changing of the Guard - Watch live - Tributes to Ban Ki-moon & Antonio Guterres taking Oath of Office:
"A travel ban will provoke our enemies." -Liberals. Yesterday: the travel ban gets overturned. Today: "Death to America."…
The same folks that claimed Trump would "uphold the constitution" in regards to the 2nd amendment are backing his unconstitutional ban
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Even Ban Ki Moon acknowledged the Anti Israel bias emanating from the very organisation he headed.
Hey friends we kicked Ban Ki Moon of former UNSG out of Korea. He is no longer a presidential candidate. The power…
"Violence against women persists as one of the most heinous, systematic & prevalent human rights abuses in the world." -Ban Ki Moon
Google, Amazon, and Microsoft donated to Donald Trump’s inauguration
With Ban Ki-moon out of the presidential race, N.Korea is all but guaranteed a pro-NK engagement president next
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon acknowledged at least about three months later that his diplomat on Friday took a statement.
Ban Ki-moon's decision not to take part in elections in South Korea -
6/ Chief Ban Ki-moon called on to refrain from ballistic missile launches in a July '16 report on
Former UN chief Ban Ki-moon rules out running for South Korea president via he was wise.
Any presidential hopes are over as retires.
In a little while, Trump is about to Ban Ki Moon...
Ban Ki-moon decided not to run for presidency. His brother indicted for bribery. .
Ban Ki-moon drops out of South Korea presidential race - -
Ex-UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says will not run for South Korean presidency
so today wid some sorry as to HNBLE Ban Ki Moon SIR.i would not like to wish in sequence as was doing ON JANRY26TH TOO(DURING LAST TIME
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Ban Ki-moon says he won't be South Korean president because of 'fake news'
Blaming ‘fake news,’ Ban Ki-moon drops presidential bid in South Korea
Former chief Ban Ki-moon says he will not run for presidency.
Cold reality for a former world top diplomat: Ban Ki-Moon, .a month out of the UN Secy Gen. chair. drops out of S Korea…
Ex-U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon rules out presidential run in South Korea complaining of "fake news": https:…
Even S. Korean Ban Ki-moon abandons after facing realities distant from what he used to see from .
Ban Ki-Moon rules out run for South Korea presidency
Former United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon announces he will not run for president of South Korea
Ban Ki-moon, the great hope of S. Korea's conservatives, pulls the plug on presidential ambitions back home.
In Ban Ki-moon's hometown, motel rooms for newlyweds who want babies "conceived with the blessing…of the mountains.".
After a 10-year run as the U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon returned to South Korea to weigh a presidential bid.…
NEW: As Set to Deport Luak to ICP Sent to UNIC, Not Ban Ki-moon's Son in Law
Former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reflects on his legacy and impact in the Rotarian Magazine. ht…
A world free of nuclear weapons will be safer and more prosperous.
Al Jazeera now on Park's “cultural blacklist”- no more on Ban Ki-moon's corruption, not covered by AJE at…
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Ban Ki-moon "apologized in the name of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on co...
Ugh. *Carter Craft* is the leader name of United Nations, not Ban Ki-moon. I cannot *believe* the NY Times got this wrong.
Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations): Tell Yemen Government to Let go Starving Zoo A... via
That's why you saw Lee Jae-myung, a left candidate, oppose THAAD and Ban Ki-moon, a right candidate, support THAAD deployment
2 of former U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon's relatives arrested on charges of corruption
On Ban Ki-moon's list of things to do after returning home:. —Visit parents. —Deny bribery allegations.
Former UN chief Ban Ki-Moon expected to run for Presidency
BBC: Former SG Ban Ki-moon's brother and nephew charged in US with... by via
Ban Ki-moon's reticence may or may not have to do with his brother and nephew being charged for bribery. https:/…
Ban Ki-Moon's relatives charged in bribery case
1-staritng Ban Ki-moon's S-Kr Politics. ​ Not interfere . ​The Kr people- Supporters. Must to know about Ban Ki-Moon…
We have nothing to say about this sad puppet except GOOD RIDDANCE!
Ban Ki-moon's relatives charged with bribery
About Ban Ki Moon . 1-with ban Nor did the inside United Nations any effort to improperly restructure and improve…
Thank you, Ban Ki-moon, for championing women and girls around the world as Secretary-General. Our tribute to your
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Ban Ki-moon's brother and nephew were charged by after they were allegedly scammed while trying to sell Vietnam's ta…
Hanoi skyscraper sees downfall of Ban Ki-moon's brother at
Ban Ki Moon must refrain from running 4 office 4 the shake of UN mandate. Somebody stop him. He took bribe. . He has…
Former chief brother and nephew charged in the in bribery case
Brother and nephew of former UN head Ban Ki-Moon’s charged by US prosecutors in bribery scheme via
Ban Ki-moon’s path to the South Korean presidency just got a lot more difficult.
Ban Ki-Moon family corruption indictments dash his hopes for S Korea presidency. You'd think totally ineffectual job at UN…
US charges Ban Ki-moon's relatives in bribery case - A US bribery case against two relatives has cast a pall ov...
Ban Ki-moon: Decades of bias in the resaulted in a disproportionate number of resolutions against 🔗
.Poor choice to have Ban Ki-moon on during New Years celebration. Especially after the recent Security Council vote.
Tomorrow I'll be in Times Square for the ball drop. Millions of ppl will watch me lose my job. -Ban Ki-moon, whose last…
Beyond Ban Ki-moon giving his own son in law top UN job in Kenya, Bro in Burma, now S Korea media say Ban took bribes a…
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called Adam Barrow, the President-elect of Gambia, to congratulate him on his...
Available now! Time of Test, Era of Opportunity: Selected Speeches of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (2007-2016) htt…
Why did they declare in first innings? Atleast 32 runs to ban hi jatay jin ki trail rehti hai.
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"When tolerance is threatened, we must speak out." - Chief Ban Ki-moon ht…
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is pushing the 2017 countdown button on New Year's Eve
Ban Ki-moon, the UN's 'invisible man', bids farewell
Ban Ki-moon appears in Korean cult affiliate's PR video
As Ban Ki-moon wraps up his ten-year leadership let's look back at his tenure in office. Full tribute →
Ban Ki-moon's made a huge impact in his 10 yrs leading from to Take a look back! http…
GAMBIA: Jammeh unreachable by phone, says Ban Ki-Moon
By Sacha Payne . Is Ban Ki-moon going to be the next South Korean president? | SBS News
Can Ban Ki-moon's apology for without admitting fault save his legacy?.
The world won't realize 100% of its potential if 50% of people are held back. Thx Ban Ki Moon
Do you feel patriotic when the national anthem plays in cinema halls?Have You Been a Good Indian This Year?Find out:.
Ban Ki-moon has used the UN taxfree for a decade & *still* won't move out on time. Dec 31, midnight: immunity ends.
Now Ban Ki-moon's spox has issued a legal threat about reporting on Ban & corruption
As his time as Secretary-General winds down, Ban Ki-moon reflects on the importance of global unity, solidarity & compassion. https…
Day by day, brick by brick, the UN builds stronger foundations for peace & progress. . Look back at Ban Ki-moon's 10 years of servi…
With an eye on South Korea’s presidency, Ban Ki-moon seeks to burnish his U.N. legacy. Profile by FP's http…
What was the ONE outstanding thing that Ban Ki Moon achieved as UN Secy Gen?
A leader should put public common good before personal interest. Ban Ki-moon's departing message to world leaders:
Ban Ki-moon stopped by the UN Visitors Centre in NYC today to sign books & meet with tourists.
Full remarks from Ban Ki-moon at Security Council meeting on the Middle East - Israel and Palestine
Ban Ki-moon's full remarks at final press conference https:…
Ban Ki-moon on human trafficking: "Conflict gives oxygen to it, human rights and stability suffocate it."
Ban Ki-moon warns of imminent genocide in South Sudan
Ban Ki-moon warns of genocide in southern Sudan -
Ban Ki-moon issues plea to Security Council to impose arms embargo on African country, amid fears of escalating ...
Israelis and Palestinians must rebuild trust in each other - Ban Ki-moon tells Security Council in final briefing
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attaches great value to China and US joining the
The gets a new piece of and Unveiling the official of Mr. Ban Ki-moon today.
approved resolution to praise Ban Ki-moon tenure We want to express our gratitude for the many achievements, too…
Nuclear tests poison the environment - and they also poison the poli...
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Years you know what. Give it to the Hopi's or one of the boys. like Ban Ki Moon. Crediting a very white european f…
Ban Ki-moon took the subway to yesterday to meet with Bill de Blasio. .
- Well at least extremely misleading headlines. Even Ban Ki Moon has said that the reports are...
Internet, can play big role in achieving said Ban Ki-moon in statement to Day 1 recap: htt…
.members pay tribute to outgoing Ban Ki-moon. True advocate for climate, women & poor. Look forward to working…
In the media - "Russia blocks statement thanking Ban Ki-moon for LGBT advocacy".
To prevent a recurrence of this error, Ban Ki-Moon has offered to weigh the next one's brea…
Shout out to the legendary Mr. Kofi Annan. . That man did a lot for the world as compared to Mr Invincible Ban Ki Moon.
Russia Nixes U.N. Bid To Thank Ban Ki-Moon For *** Rights Work- no surprise there as Russia is awful on LGBT rights
But seriously what is Ban Ki Moon's legacy ? He will go down as one of the WEAKEST UN Sec-Gens. From to
Ban Ki-moon condemns the takeover of Electoral Commission premises by the military; asks for timely & orderly transfe…
"While many people are helping, politicians are fighting." Ban Ki-moon calls for respect, safety & dignity for all.
Congratulations to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for his new portrait in the Secretariat lobby. Ban's last day as SG…
blocks Security Council bid to specifically thank outgoing Ban Ki-moon for his rights work htt…
"In closing, I wish the new Secretary-General, & all of our Member States, peace, prosperity and every success"- Ban Ki-moon to
Today we perform a concert at to bid farewell to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon & welcome Secretary-General-Designate Antóni…
Ban Ki-moon on Aleppo: "Immediate task is to do all we can to stop carnage [...] Laws of war & universal human rights must be respe…
supreme court ji ban alcohol every where in D country like black money is banned by Shri ji Bharat mata ki jai
Security Council pays tribute to outgoing SG Ban Ki-moon: "good deeds never lack reward".
Russia blocks United Nations tribute to Ban Ki-moon for promoting LGBT rights
Aleppo: Ban Ki-moon says Security Council has not exercised its preeminent responsibility w/ regard to maintenance of intl peace &…
Security Council 'strongest when united,' says Ban Ki-moon as he bids farewell
Ban Ki-moon: I do not accept Syria and Russia's statements on Aleppo vía
“My deepest regret on leaving office is the continuing nightmare in Syria” – Ban Ki-moon
: Russia blocks UN council bid to thank Ban Ki-moon for *** rights work Russia prevented the United Nati…
"I have seen the power of international cooperation in taking on our most pressing challenges." Ban Ki-moon to
“If Park does survive until the next election, the UN general secretary, Ban Ki-moon, is among those being tipped …”
U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon 'alarmed' over reports of atrocities in Aleppo
Ban Ki-moon addressed the for the last time as 8th UN Secretary-General on Monday. Here is what he said -->
Grand masters and wizards in our last days General Assembly: 60th plenary meeting - Tribute to H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon
pay tribute to Ban Ki-moon & Jan Eliasson before swearing in Antonio as Secretary-General:…
Ban Ki-moon concerned by increasing polarization in the
UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has called Gaza to be a 'humanitarian emergency'. Full story;
Ban Ki-moon congratulates for 'peaceful and orderly' presidential election
Violence against women and girls continues unabated in every continent, country and culture.– Ban Ki-moon…
Ban Ki-moon: "The Council has taken longer than ever before…in responding to a nuclear test by the DPRK.".
Ban Ki-moon welcomes the signing of the new peace agreement between the Government of and the FARC-EP https:…
Ban Ki-moon's remarks at joint press conference with Jean-Marc Ayrault of [French version only]
Young people can be our greatest peacebuilders, bridge-builders and agents of mutual understanding - UN SG Ban Ki-moon to
"Young people can be our greatest bridge-builders, change-makers" - message from Ban Ki-moon
Ban Ki-moon regrets that Security Council has failed to uphold peace and security for https:/…
Ban Ki-moon condemns terrorist attack in Quetta, extends heartfelt condolences to families and Government h…
Ban Ki-moon urges SA to reconsider ICC withdrawal: The Secretary-General regrets the decision of the South Af...
Ban Ki-moon regrets that Security Council failed to discharge its responsibilities to uphold peace for Syria.
Very befitting for Ban Ki-moon swears in Natalia Kanem as Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Exe…
“We need to find a new, sustainable path to the future we want. We need a clean industrial revolution.” Ban Ki-moon
The Security Council formally approved the Portuguese politician’s nomination to succeed Ban Ki-moon as leader of the United Nations.
Engaging discussion on the future of with Ban Ki-moon and Dr. Judith Rodin.
Ban Ki-moon warmly congratulates Antonio Guterres on his election as the 9th Secretary-General of the United Nations.…
UN's Ban Ki-moon says a "massive response" is needed to help Haiti recover from Hurricane Matthew. The storm left a trail of d…
There must be accountability for the appalling conduct of this entire war -- Ban Ki-moon on Yemen
He's a superb choice, says Ban Ki-moon as he calls Antonio Guterres & congratulates him on being nominated as next UN secreta…
On 31 December 2016, Ban Ki-moon will hand over the position of Secretary-General to his successor Antonio Guterres.
One person, Former Portuguese PM Antonio Guterres all set to replace Ban Ki-moon and lead 7billion people through .
A New Voice for a Complicated World: António Guterres of Portugal is an excellent choice replace Ban Ki-moon
António Guterres looks set to be Ban Ki-moon’s replacement as the head of the United Nations http…
Big news for the . Ban Ki-moon thanks India for joining the on Climate Change.
Ban Ki-moon troubled by the level of violations in
Ban Ki-moon thanks India and Barack Obama thanks PM Modi for joining the on Climate Change. . Accepted :)
Register for "The Legacy of Ban Ki-moon and the Challenges Facing the Next Sec-Gen" on 10/18 here:…
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To the sound of 's Ode To Joy & Ban Ki-moon greet an ecstatic crowd in mythica…
A leaked report from the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon details a series of events that suggests South Sudanese...
UN Charter gives Secretary General power to warn Security Council of crises but Ban Ki-moon is afraid to use it.
Women Cross DMZ urge Ban Ki-moon to end Korean War before his term ends: Women Cross DMZ, an alliance of fema...
SG Ban Ki-moon calling on the international community to help keep the Organization’s Peacebuilding . //22.09.16,
I'm moderating today's - Ban Ki-moon just walked in with Margaret Chan
"The United Nations works for all people, everywhere.". Ban Ki-moon explains how to follow along this week:
We have a shared obligation to raise our voices for peace regardless of the odds against us. -UN Sec. Gen, Ban Ki Moon
Rotten from the top down. ban ki-moon doesn't think excluding people is racism.
Today our petition goes to chief Ban Ki-moon + with 1.3m signatures!
.Can I count on you to help us promote this? It is so important.
Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon says it's time for a woman to lead the United Nations via
Ban Ki-moon rang the Peace Bell to celebrate watch more → https:/…
Ban Ki-moon just rang the at NYC observance of
Forest Whitaker and Andrea Bocelli join Ban Ki-moon at the UN to shine a spotlight on progress of the global goals,…
Peace is not an accident. Peace is not a gift. It is something we must work for. - Ban Ki-moon
Within the U.N. itself, I have appointed a record number of women to high-level positions. I did
Appoint a Journalists Protector to stop from being killed for what they report:
Not a bad line-up for start of day two of the conference including Bono, Ban Ki Moon, Bill Gates and Min Bibeau!…
Did Lagard, Ban Ki-Moon, World Bank fellow mention this? Making billions off CO2 trades in 23 mins?
Ahead of Ban Ki-moon’s special climate event, groups applaud his leadership on the
PM Trudeau met with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon & thanked him for his tireless service to the
Yes. As he petitions to replace Ban Ki Moon when Moon leaves the UN in Dec. LARGE DANGER IN THE NEAR FUTURE.
"We have to eliminate all nuclear weapons"say now UNSG Ban Ki-moon and mention Messengers of Peace Michael Doug…
#UnitedNations #国連 "Let us draw on our common humanity to build a better world for all." Ban Ki-moon msg for
"We cannot let innocent people be buried by indignity. We reject xenophobic language." SG Ban Ki-moon
Please Ban Ki-moon to conduct a thorough investigation the Malala Yousafzai to defrau
"expresses regret over strike on army post, says Ban ki Mun sleeping. He wakes only against small nations.
After Bono met with Ban Ki-moon and Bill Gates, if you type in you will get a new album of downloaded by default.
Ki-moon2Ethiopia Amharas are clubbed daily by Agazi soldiers since the Prime Minister declared war on them. Round 2 genocide is on.
Freedom is a timeless value. The United Nations Charter calls for encouraging respect for fundam
Ban Ki-moon’s son-in-law, Siddharth Chatterjee served as a major in the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) while…
"Peace is something we must all work for, every day." - Ban Ki-moon at event in New York
.Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is a tireless advocate for the Thanks for your support today.
What's happening this week at the Ban Ki-moon gives a preview here:
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon awards top UN job to his son. Echoes of Kofi Annan.
I can't C how a Male can prevail as without it being seen as a repudiation of ban-ki-
Heeding a threat of withdrawal by Donald Trump, Ban Ki-moon wants 55 countries to commit to U.N. climate pact asap:
With U.S. election in sight, Ban Ki-moon seeks quick action on climate accord by
Ban Ki Moon says Security Council has met 8 times on DPRK issue n its continues to test nuclear.Why so many meetings n not military actions?
UNSG Ban Ki-moon calls on UN member states to fully abide by Security Council resolutions on -
"Young people also played a critical role in designing the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda." Ban Ki-moon
Ban Ki-moon congratulates on ratifying Paris Agreement on
Ban Ki-moon is saddened by the Uzbekistan dictator's death - maybe he forgot about Andijan?
Ban Ki-moon takes note of the decision by the Brazilian Senate to impeach President Dilma Rousseff
UN chief Ban Ki-moon calls for 'strengthened' peace process: “This is no... HumanRigh
Ban Ki-moon applauds for "patience & determination" but says peace process needs to be strengthened
Ban Ki-moon: 'High time' the UN had a female leader. The outgoing secretary-general of the United Nations says he would personally like a
Ban Ki-moon 'disappointed' at failure of Sudan ceasefire talks | Radio Tamazuj via
Ban Ki-moon has announced appointment of Natalia Kanem of as Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive…
54 yrs ago, a teenage Ban Ki-moon came 2 the US on program. Today he visited his American family in Novato h…
Ban Ki-moon announces new initiatives to enhance UN's work with world's youth
Ban Ki-moon that they are involved in crimes Saudi aggression. They are killing children in schools ?.
UN chief Ban Ki-moon has an “American mom” in California—and still visits her every chance he gets
Ban Ki-moon praises 'generous' Canada for helping Syrian refugees with its 'caring, warm hands' ...
After 3 years,the Secretary-General of UN Ban Ki-moon emphasizes the need for investigation in the massacre of RABAA in Egypt!.
The World's top diplomat and Ban Ki-moon, making the world a better place one bobbie at a time.
“Education is not something that you simply acquire but something you use to give back to the world “ Ban Ki-moon
Ban Ki-moon urges world's largest emitters to ratify
Arriving in Canada was like receiving the warmest hug from your mother, Syrian refugees in Calgary tell Ban Ki-moon ht…
heartening - Ban Ki-moon praises Canada for helping Syrian refugees with its ‘caring, warm hands’
Was the implicit impunity given to Saudi by capitulating to their threats worth it, Mr. Ban Ki-moon?.
Ban Ki-moon discusses Argentina and the world at today: today in Buenos Aires. ht…
Ban Ki-moon calls for the Observance of the Olympic Truce for the 2016 Olympic & Paralympic Games i…
Journey doesn't end in Abu Dhabi, says pilot to Ban Ki-moon. Just the beginning for clean energy htt…
.we urge Ban Ki-moon to protest China's detention of activist Alex Chow
Ban Ki-moon meets Messenger of Peace at in South Africa today
New secretary-general to replace Ban Ki-moon in 2017 - a top job with many challenges ahead
UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon advises restraint to India in J&K. No advice to on restraint over
Ban Ki-moon urges China to "create space" for civil society in Beijing this wk - .
Ban Ki-moon deeply alarmed by fighting in Juba, urges President Kiir & VP Machar to put end to fighting h…
Ban Ki-moon is alarmed by the ongoing fighting in Read full statement: https…
"Plant the seeds today for a better world tomorrow". Ban Ki-moon event in Paris. https:…
Free and independent media key to development, says UN SG Ban Ki-moon
Courageous parting words from Ban Ki-moon to create space needed for civil society. .
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Ban Ki-moon mourns the loss of Abdul Sattar Edhi, an "epic humanitarian."
rejects ‘biased' report on its missile tests &urge Ban Ki-moon to give fair report http…
What happened at the UN this wk: video updates from Ban Ki-moon in China, updates + more via
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