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Baltic States

The term Baltic states (also Baltics, Baltic nations or Baltic countries) refers to the Baltic territories which gained independence from the Russian Empire in the wake of World War I: primarily the contiguous trio of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (from north to south); Finland also fell within the scope of the term in the 1920s, after initially gaining independence.

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Russian military exercises: speculative suggestion that 3 invented states are the Baltic nations on Russia's border…
The US Air Force has assumed Control over the Airspace of the Baltic states, fearful of being caught off guard if an incid…
If decides to annex Baltic States during war "games" I predict & US will do nothing. Sanctions maybe.
We in the States mastered reading between the…
Russia launches war games near Poland and the Baltic states involving '12,700 troops' (says 100,000):
The role of Lithuania in the fall of the Soviet Union and why we need to defend the Baltic states:
May be convenient for Brexiteers to ignore Russian army exercises around the Baltic states. EU27 paying more attention
"Collaboration of states arround Baltic sea." by on
Ireland has whisky, Poland has whisky as do some other Baltic states…
kick-off, Russia's large scale exercise. and within the alliance the baltic States are worried about lac…
Enemies targeted in military exercises are fictional. They also look like the Baltic States
Allied Air Command's Key Leadership Engagement team is meeting in the Baltic States and
The enemies targeted in Russia's military exercises are fictional. They also look a lot like the Baltic States.
Good news for the Baltic States and the whole of Europe. Should bring more competitive prices and more energy security…
The bond b/w U.S & Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, & Lithuania is strong, & under our bond will only grow str…
AccuWeather forecasts hot dry weather developing in Poland, Baltic States, Belarus & Ukraine with “severe impacts” on agriculture.
CRIMEA & take over the Baltic states through military intervention
All in preperation of a Russian move on, say, the Baltic states?
sharing How the Baltic States Can Win Trump Over on NATO - World Politics Review
Statements hear from Baltic States that Russia has aggressive intentions against them are absurd & unfounded. Remember…
AccuWeather forecasts hot and dry weather in Poland, the Baltic States, Belarus and Ukraine this summer with “severe impacts” on agriculture
- Military expert claims THIS is where World War 3 will break out ... - Daily Star ht…
Try Russia and the Baltic states. Surely no hurt feelings. Just amazement from people who…
"Exercise" in quotations why? Implying it's actually going to be an invasion of the Baltic states?
Wonder when Putin will move on the Baltic states
Would 1 senior journalist describe END GAME of Putin's Russia. What specifically is US afraid of? Attack on Baltic states joke
Theresa May...our borders are the UK coast, not the Baltic states. Our children are being bombed & our first respon…
Nonsense Germany pay 1.2% and run a massive surplus, Belgium pay less than 1%. Poland and Baltic stat…
The U.S.-Baltic partnership has entered a period of ambivalence.
This weakens the fight against Russia in ke…
This weakens the fight against Russia i…
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U nd to care about Baltic States/other areas where Putin is moving military equipment.Whatevr u owe him, do the right thing
Baltic states and Poland pay 2% Germany paying for 1m migrants their choice. If tanks came rolling from R…
Trump's essentially inviting Putin to make a move for the Baltic states.
I doubt that Trump could even name the Baltic states or find them on a map.
The states had high level meetings with despite stance towards https:/…
The Latvian capital city Riga is the largest city in the Baltic States.
This means Putin has won in his attempt to divIde thanks to an easy mark in The Baltic states are in trouble.
History with which Western policymakers are familiar may be inapt in considering either the states or Russia
Trump declined to back article 5? Is this even real life? This is the only thing standing between Baltic states and…
As Russia looms, the State Department's cyber office works with Baltic states on critical infrastructure protection.
NATO in Baltic States: Spanish tank troops deploy with Cdns near Russia with orders to “avoid provocation”EL PAÍS
What, at the request of Mr Putin? NATO is a non profit unit, does Trump understand. Green light for occupation of Baltic States
Trump understands NATO allright. He's there to do Putin's bidding - undermine NATO, ease Russia's ambitions to swal…
ask crimea and ukraine how they view russias aspirations. Ask the Baltic states how they feel
Tell that to the Polish. Tell that to the Baltic states.
Trump is being Putin's useful *** and this is the ploy to undermine a top go…
Putin wants to invade Baltic states. Trump will help him.
The Baltic states "Ah Mr Putin, we've been expecting you"
Do I recall that CANDIDATE DONALD TRUMP cutingt the US contribution to NATO? What will POTUS TRUMP…
The same goes for Poland, Baltic states and so on.
The Baltic states are in Nato. Ukraine is an example of russian hostility in the r…
any chance of improving the translator for the Baltic States? thanks.
Stuart, Ukraine is not in NATO. Baltic States are. Of course NATO will defend Baltics. But Russia w…
I love Macron already! I wonder if any were thinking what I was thinking? Why isn't he commenting on the Baltic Sta…
Yes, the Baltic states are already soiling their britches... And are already attacked by Russian propaganda.
The Baltic States, Poland are in a position where they need NATO services more because their size & of t…
He is telling Putin we won't interfere with his moves against the Balkan and Baltic states What do our IC and m…
the largest tech and innovations festival in the Baltic States - best bits
By "damning with faint praise" is Trump sending a signal to Putin that it's OK to push on the Ukraine, Georgia, or…
Whats not true? That the citizens of the Baltic states or Georgia or Ukraine feel more safe or less?
It's an invitation for Putin to move aggressively against Baltic states and continue to attack free elections w no consequence.
I visited the Baltic states in 2009. There was no hard feelings about the R…
Putin has his eyes on the strategic Baltic states and Belarus/Ukraine. Putin's proxy to under…
Assault death rate highest in the Baltic States, lowest in the United Kingdom …
“Baltic states have very little time and a lot to do”
"Hybrid war" in states? The biggest problem is ambitions, says Amb for Hybr…
"Hybrid threat" is an artificial term and nothing new. Occupation of the Baltic States in 1940 was a "hybrid operation", says
‘Honey traps’ at bars & other Russian threats to Baltic states (according to them)
What should we do now? Kick the Baltic states and Poland out of NATO? NATO never stopped Erd…
Swedes learned from states what does it mean to not to have freedom
Today the relations with states has a special place in foreignpolicy, we have the same values
Missed Jo's World on Catch it again here: This week exploring Baltic states with
A bit harsh on all of the Eastern Europe, not all are like the "cry babies, cry wolf "Baltic States!!
or that the global south is black and brown and y'all ain't exactly busting into the Baltic states for resources
They also do it completely for free. People in the Baltic States feel Russia could invade at any time.
How true indeed but I don't like the idea of having those NATO forces on border in Balti…
Sir Michael Fallon supporting part of contingent in the Baltic States
There used to see the Baltic states as traitors of the ussr, now she says she finally understands; interesting
✨Remember!✨. Walpurgisnacht 🌃(Walpurgis Night) begins in April 30th throughout Europe from Germany to some Nordic a…
Not as bad as Justin Trudeau who said there were no such things as the Baltic States... But progressives thin…
There's a lot to appreciate in this piece, but I have a special fondness for the fact tha…
So does REGIME CHANGE. It causes mass migration, Brexit, Trump. Cameron to wimp out and May th…
Has the Baltic states recovered enough to send Melaina back along with refuges from those areas?
The Baltic States are NATO/OTAN members and are covered under the mutual defense obligation of that organization.
What about syria, south china sea, Baltic states/ russia and ukraine. And j…
Rail Baltica: a new corridor for the Baltic states
SOLAVI now is official HEDDIER distributors in Baltic states...
MEDIA: F-16s and Eurofighter Typhoons in formation over the Baltic States. (Credit: AirBoyd)
Since opening, the has become the most advanced science/tech centre of its kind in the Baltic States:…
An active low pressure are caused locally snowfall in the Baltic States last night. Here is one photo of snow in...
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Calling the Baltic nations "former Soviet" countries belies the fact that they were brutally occupied by the USSR. https:/…
How Russian-language media in Poland and the Baltic States portray NATO’s reinforcements / credits
it doesn’t matter if POTUS borrows money from Russia? And when he pays it back with Ukraine or some Baltic states.
To neutralize Russia’s designs against the Baltic states, NATO needs to establish firmer control over the CEE region.https…
Start-up communities in Turku, Aarhus, Gothenburg planning co-operation. Baltic States also included.
David Davis in Baltic States, says carry on migrating to Lincolnshire, which has upset Aaron Banks.
.Hitler wanted to turn the Baltic States and much of the USSR as German farmland to extract its ressources for 1,000yr Reich.
Estonia and the other Baltic States better hope NATO has the will of Churchill to resist aggression. Trump will do NOTHING to stop Pootie.
Others are complaining, but it's the Baltic and Central European states that have lost due to Russia sanctions.
You have Nazis in Europe, sitting in Ukraine,in NATO, in Baltic States But you are silent?!!!. Not to be…
President Trump, Putin has launched an attack to take back the Baltic States!. Not my problem, Rosie O'Donnell has been very unfair to me
The way ahead for Estonia and the other Baltic States is now somewhat clouded
"With the advent of Trump, the greatest danger of inadvertent war is in Europe, probably in the Baltic States.".
The Baltic states have the highest minimum wage (before taxes) when compared to other post-Soviet countries.
He asked if people belived that usa should go to war with russia for protection of baltic states who not even payes…
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TRUMP wants a pact w/PUTIN to carve up the BALTIC STATES, like HITLER & STALIN did w/POLAND! TRUMP is a dangerous FASCIST P…
go90 is only in u.s. I'M FROM EOUROPE IN BALTIC STATES, *** IT!!!
And not to mention the Baltic states that border Russia that will be under threat of invasion by Russia.
In today's asks: What countries are in the Baltic States?
Are the Baltic States safe under your watch ?
Next question: 'What difference would a Russian invasion of the Baltic states make to the US?' > an end to NATO as we kno…
Where are the baltic states ya dum dum
Baltic states are not in Soviet Union if you know, so come here please
I love you but that doesn't mean you can not to come to Baltic states.
why you aren't coming to Baltic states? We are enjoying wild world here too
Do Russian speakers in the Baltic states want their country to join Russia? by Talis Pähn
~☆ Tallin Estonia ☆~ . Baltic states where the Danish flag fell from heaven in 1219 and became the oldest flag 🎶💦💥. 💖…
Six business thinkers from Baltic States entered the TOP-20 in Northern Europe BALTIC COURSE
British troops to lead new Nato defence of Baltic States from Russian ‘aggression’ via Is England
Watching documentary about Operation Barbarossa - summer 1941 German invasion of the Soviet Union and Baltic States (then annexed to USSR).
Well, if Russia… eh, some little green men do the Crimea stunt w. Baltic States, then that’s it for Estonia, or Latvia.
2016.04.15 :: Lithuania and the Baltic States are defensible, Minister of National Defence Juozas Olekas says
Not myhtical at all: Russia builds up 1st Tank & 20th Combined Arms Armies in Western MD to threaten Baltic States
Is there a posibility of baltic states to come to ets2 someday?
The rise of the Baltic States: read our brief on governance, economy and business opportunities in the region
I've said it before and I'll say it again - the Baltic states are great craic.
Watching on Netflix. Could be model for Russia attack on Baltic states. Read review by .
Putin will invade Ukraine and Baltic states when trump becomes pres they have military ready right now to do this
NordBalt cable helped reduce electricity prices in Baltic States on the first day
In the context of the Holocaust, the Baltic States have a dark history and they show no remorse for it. However, they w…
so far I mostly read & saw such modifications on Stugs in the far east e.g. Baltic states. Of course this is pure speculation here
📝 The solution to the UK’s deal has to be acceptable for all EU Member States: On Wednesday, 17 February,…
Putin: "Give me Syria and we won't attack the Baltic States, honest".
November 14th GOP Debate, has called for Baltic states to join NATO, even his advisers have said he struggles and many quit
. Do you have any info if the baltic states will send troops to help their Nato partner Turkey to fight. Terrorism?
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Wow ,,wonder if shes a liberal.Her and Trudeau could learn all about the Baltic States together.
a couple of maps shown towards the end. The goal is to create a corridor of failed states from the Baltic to the
Also, Jonathan Meades so good on the moral equivalency between Nazi Germany's and Soviet Russia's occupation of the Baltic States.
Russia is breaching Britain's airspace now after the Baltic States and Turkey.
Def Min: "hybrid wars...the most dangerous challenge facing states.”. Learn more about these threats here:
Giant explosion that sparked fears of a ‘tactical nuke’ in Ukraine
Dalai Lama in Riga 2016. Teachings for the Baltic States and Russia. Buddhist spiritual path
There are some pretty good snowskaters in the Baltic states too! If you live there make sure you like Sled Dogs...
Russian Bombers: No mention of RAF jets based in Baltic States close to Russia's border I note
If I'm in the Baltic States or Poland, I'm trying to figure out how to bog down a Guards Army on my own.
Trump ?: You are President, Putin threatens Baltic States, What's next? How do you neutralize Kaliningrad forces? Your Advisors by name?
Baltic States– an overview on infrastructure projects and road conditions?
Today's What do Turkey and the Baltic states have in common?
World ranking on children’s access to justice. All Baltic states in top 30
AND!!! We have troops in the Baltic states, who is the aggressor, U.K. Is as much to blame as Russia.
Lithuanian officer: Russia would not have been able to quickly grab the Baltic States
The United States refused to ever recognize the illegal annexation of the Baltic States. In 1940. Good times.
says snipers from states + mercenaries are on the frontlines in Eastern
A leading analyst on called for the alliance to place a permanent military presence in member states
hi!did this baltic states ask their citicens in referendum wether they want 2join UE/Nato or not?I'll check but thanks in advance
South-North divide? Nordic states' priorities are more abt the Baltic states than Libya: EU powerlessness
please people help to reach the goal to remove IP ban from baltic states. Sign the Petition! via
Baltic countries in is pointless “RAND Corp” report states that NATO not capable to protect the Baltics
didn't think Sweden that small and couldn't think of baltic states - Latvia
As diplomatic tension escalates in the baltic states, all eyes turn to Washington, Detective Comics.
In our new book there's a chapter by on Baltic States’ security. Presentation of the book-on Feb25.
How about Japan, South Korea, Baltic States.those aircraft carriers are off which coast again?
A historic step for energy independence of Lithuania and the Baltic States. We are now connected with EU networks!.
Military infrastructure in the states. Read overview here:
Baltic states will focus on developing military capabilities related to the defence of country’s territory
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Baltic growth: Baltic states saw an average construction growth rate of 10.8% between 2011 and 2014, according...
"Between continuation and adaptation: The states’ security policy and armed forces" - OSW Commentary:
We Need to Know More in Order to Do a Good Job: via
2/3 the Rom, Bul, Hun Gp which secured Eur-Atl future quickly, the Baltic Gp of former USSR states but fast to reform, incl now memb..
In the United States. What kind of remembrance day is observed annually on the 7th of December?. A. Baltic Freedom...
Impressive & pro-active engagement from Baltic states, scene of many aggressive wars.
This week in The Pain&Passion of a Small Publisher: What Peirene & I did before we flew off to the Baltic states
'Obama made clear that the NATO alliance aims to expand its membership to include all three Baltic states...'
Ukraine '3%' away from EU visa-free green light: Energy ministers from seven EU states - the Baltic countries,...
Since you're from lithuania. yeah you can be mad... It's only the biggest island in the baltic states
Maybe it was a matter of historical perspective since Baltic states were referenced as Slavic populations.
The changes in armed forces of the Baltic states will be persistent even if Russian-Ukrainian conflict deescalates
Spot of Tallinn: Skatepark in the Building: Blading in the Baltic states is soon to be graced with the opening...
Delighted to be travelling the Baltic states on a publishers visit thanks to
In certain Baltic states one may qualify for a full driving licence by completing 'Chase HQ' in front of their instructor
Great piece from on security policy past and present in the
There is rising public interest in state security issues in Baltic states. Read more:
A quick comparison: military infrastructure in the Baltic States vs. the Kaliningrad Oblast.
(2/2) According to the London Convention (1933) the Baltic states had never been part of the USSR:
Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia at present have the political will to systematically develop their military potentials
The dynamics of change within the Baltic states’ armed forces will largely depend on economic and demographic trends
Military infrastructures in the Baltic states.
OSW_eng: Military infrastructures in the Baltic states. Read more:
Military infrastructures in the Baltic states. Read more:
Between continuation and adaptation: The Baltic states’ security policy and armed forces
Good info about Russian language TV channels in the Baltic States
Homophobia in the Baltic States: The Eurobarometer - Human Rights First (blog) |
German Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon✈ started patrolling airspace of the 3 Baltic States with full ammunition loads~.
RIP Endel Lippmaa, Estonian physicist who nailed case against USSR for illegally annexing Baltic states - htt…
Dr.Carson 'We need to convince them (Baltic States) to get involved in NATO and strengthen NATO,” Aren't the BS in NATO?What do you think?
I may be going on a cruise ship to St. Petersburg via the baltic states. It's buy one get one free. Hmm, who to take with?
First it was Crimea then Ukraine, the Baltic states are definitely on the radar and now it is the turn of the Arctic.
This will definitely sweeten Putin's disposition. Up the Ukraine ante, and sabre rattle Baltic States.
not just Ukraine, the Baltic States are now revealing their part in the killing of Jews
. I struggled with 'CIDER' in the Baltic states & ended up knowing to ask for a Kiss
Fact is USSR invaded Poland, Finland, Baltic States, was major supplier to Nazis until Hitler invaded USSR. Not smart.
Despite NATO propaganda, Russia not planning to invade Baltic States
Welkom business mission to Baltic States, including its final leg to Klaipeda&Vilnius!
NATO fighters scrambled twice last week in Baltic states
Exclusive airplay of The Baltic States new track "The Storm" on Best of British - Unsigned Music. Been named...
We are glad to inform we have just opened our first Zara Home store in the Baltic States: Vilnius, Lithuania.
Join Colin Hobday as he talks to us about a visit to the Baltic States, 24 Sept Littleover
Poland, Baltics seek more cash for swine fever battle: The Baltic States and Poland are seeking more cash from...
I thought the pogroms and horrors in the Ukraine in WW2 were known, same as the Baltic states then too?
.EU's in need of new Baltic Ways. What states(wo)men often don't get's tht they unite ppl against State impositions
Don't miss the largest in the Baltic States - DSS ITSEC 2015 -
Until the end of August, the visitors of Kumu can take the largest lift in the Baltic States to go to the fifth...
Muslim colonisers of the Baltic states? Surely you mean Balkans. Other than that, spot on.
I remember Muse played in one small country Latvia, one of Baltic states. I nearly won chance to meet you backstage.
We acquired equity stake in to help environment & economy of States.
wait, according to "no state existed" logic it was Ok for Germany to move into Baltic states, right? Nonsense.
Today in 1989, ~2M people joined hands in a 600 km chain across 3 States to protest the occupation
Why am I suddenly obsessed with the baltic states
Nestor met with Nordic and Baltic parliament speakers in Stockholm: … Baltic States' parliaments in Stockholm...
Win in States with + our based manager Audris Grybauskas
Most interesting about Lithuania. I understand that on some parts of front in Baltic States Russians .
Nazi-Soviet pact was the death knell for the Baltic states. 40 years later, Baltic dissidents demanded its annulment
2m people from the 3 Baltic states formed a 600 km long chain demonstrating against Soviet rule on 23 August 1989
the Baltic States, I do have the plane tickets, and the trip planned, but I need to rent a car and book the hostels.
Travel from moscow to baltic states pol in -
A similar policy was practiced in the Baltic states.
Baltic states, yesterday the victims of criminal policies, came out stronger in
Interesting read about the , when 2 mil people formed a human chain in Baltic states on Aug 23rd 1989:.
"Ashley Madison is planning to launch in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic states later this Spring."
On this date, the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact was signed in 1939. The Baltic states and Russia are coming to...
Now hearing from Prof Lauriston about grassroots human chain for democracy in states in 89
from Poland and Baltic States etc .U had a coup d'etat that set up the perfect conditions to stage a civil war and crush
and don't forget how Russia and Germany carved up Poland and the annexation of the Baltic States
Today in 1989: Two million people create a human chain between the capitals of the Baltic states.
NATO needs feet on the ground to curb Russian ambitions in the Baltic States
The Baltic Way 23/Aug/1989 1000,000+ people joined hands to create a 600 km long human chain linking three states in their drive for freedom
Timeline of the occupation of the Baltic states.
Soviet Russia sought to reassert by military force the Russian Empire's century-long hegemony over the Baltic states
Is this what Russia wants with Baltic States? Czech citizens in sit in at Wenceslas Square Prague - August 1968
Tell it, that a Russian invasion are in east Ukraine! And that they occupied Crimea! And that Russia wants the Baltic states!
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countries. it's not states like in the US, unless you're referring to a region then it's possible to say 'Baltic states'
The Baltic Way, a peaceful political demonstration on August 23,1989, across the three Baltic states.
France, England, Germany, & all the proto-fascist "Baltic" states too. Have to hand it to the EU. They always dance to US tune.
Russian Prosecutor General's Office to examine legitimacy of Baltic States; Lithuania responds angrily.
Russian prosecutor general receives MP request to review recognition of Baltic States
Norway's F-16s fly over the Baltic States with Italian Eurofighter Typhoons.
I'm watching TV program about Baltic States !!. The independence movement...called Human chain
Transitional and Retrospective Justice in the Baltic States | Human rights | Cambridge University Press via
I would call upon the peoples of the Baltic States to see if they can't find it in their hearts to rejoin the Warsaw Pact
Col. Lysenko: 3 airplanes with humanitarian aid from the Baltic States, Finland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic arrived to
We pay the most attention to, and make the biggest investments in, this region. The Baltic States are the ones producing for the Nordic markets.Christer Aberg,Executive Director and Vice-President of Orkla Confectionary & Snacks Investors from the Nordic countries have been sharing their plans for t…
LOL got to love Russia's consistency. There are no Russian troops in Ukraine. There are positively no Russian troops in Ukraine. What troops? I see no troops? Oh, you mean those troops? They are 'volunteers' ;) Putin obviously thinks the rest of the world is stupid, let's face it, he's not exactly subtle in his arrogance and nationalistic zeal. Mmmm seems he wants to create a Holy Russian Empire with his ultra-nationalist, fascist war machine. Be afraid Poland, be afraid Baltic States and be afraid Finland the Holy Russian Empire is coming to visit if you aren't vigilant. Putin has finally lost the plot
Its really strange the pentagon is keen on encirceling russia: georgia, the baltic states. all nato?
"Where Russian soldiers are, there's democracy and freedom of speech" Sergei Markov, United Russia
Russia's extremist ideologue Dugin is "a staunch advocate of Russian expansionism & the fight against Western values'
Update your maps at Navteq
New music from the Baltic states: the Estonian indie-folk four-piece Ewert and The Two Dragons have shared...
Putin 'privately threatened to invade Poland, Romania and the Baltic states' - Telegraph West should…
yeah, like Whitlam who couldn't wait to acknowledge Soviet sovereignty over Baltic states...
Russian political scientist and Putin's ally says Baltic states should fear for their existence
I am blocking you because you are biased as *** so Balts in Russia deserve citizenship,Russians in Baltic States don't O.o
The Baltic States are preparing to disconnect the mains supply from Russia
Dr. Jurkynas on Russian propaganda in the Baltic states - DELFI Video
There was a regional military alliance signed a month or two ago, between PL UA and 1 or 2 Baltic States. No further news.
political scientist says states should fear for their existence - EN.DELFI
aggression. Next step dismembering Moldova and Baltic States destroying Atlantic alliance and grabbing territory in Arctic
The same they do with Baltic states. All the time since late 90's, but more and more intense.
Is the only person I know of in games who can name Baltic states however it's always to say "eat it Latvia" b/c jerk publishers
Baltic states have old russian tanks too. It means...OMG.! Russia has already invaded them?!!!
See also: Ukraine, Georgia, the Baltic states, Finland, the Stans, etc, etc, etc.
"Latvia is considered the most socially conservative of the three Baltic states" Really? Compared to
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Wow. Has she been back? Hearing today about how Baltic states using IT to transform economies // bet S Korea & Estonia
Nordic investors are tapping into the Baltic potential. Check out their experiences!
"You in Sweden should not worry, but Latvia and Estonia do have basis for concern. In case of a serious war,... http:/…
will send four MIG-29 fighters to monitor the airspace over the Baltic states next year -
1/9/14 - US Demonizes Russia to Assert Hegemony in Face of "Credible Threat." Geographically of course the front line has been moved greatly since the fall of the Berlin Wall back in 1989 when NATO finished at West Germany. And when the reunification happened, NATO promised and the US promised to Gorbachev that it would not move one inch further East, after the reunification of Germany. That would be it. And yet of course since then we have seen 12 other countries join NATO. So the front line is now including the Baltic States and Poland, and there is even talks of trying to even include Ukraine and Georgia within NATO. So the front is now hedging into Russia at the moment.
History lesson for the day: Empire: Roman Empire Map Roman Provinces Timeline Enemy Leaders Roman History Population Sarmatia The territory of Sarmatia was an expansive stretch of land reaching from the Caspian Sea in the East to the Vistula River in the West, and as far south as the Danube. Essentially, Sarmatia was a collection of independent tribes, much like ancient Germania, that encompassed parts of modern Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Central Asian nations and into central European countries such as Romania and Poland. The Sarmatian people were a blend of Iranian nomadic horse tribes that were likely related to the Scythians. Herodotus suggested in the 5th century BC that the Sauromatae, perhaps the original Sarmatians, were descended from the Scythians and the Amazons. The Amazon legend was widely accepted among Greeks and later Romans, thanks to Sarmatian women having a much higher social standing than their Mediterranean counterparts. Regardless, Sarmatians moved west from the Central Asia ...
Just got back from Toronto, Canada. I was there in august, speaking at the Forest University (Toronto Uni's about the 70 year's exile, experienced by three generations of Baltic peoples after the Soviets occupied their countries, from 1944 until 1991 - and now it's 2014! Estonia is free again. I returned to Toronto in September to TU's, Tartu College, to further commemorate and re-trace our journey through WWII, in memories. We left no memorials. Our memories are our memorials for the next generation to pass on, also to the English-speaking world that knows almost nothing about the Baltic States. In Toronto I visited the Estonian school and a Retirement Home. It was incredible to be back among my own again. I grew up in the exile community in England until I married an American and came here. How to sum it up what I could call the highlight of that visit? I guess it has to be the authentic Estonian sauna experience,(alas no birch branches but the stage and steam were hot, hot! We then did the dip ...
Ukraine Officials Avoid Creating Powerful Anti-Corruption Bureau The post-Maidan authorities, now six months into power, are facing a bumpy ride in their attempts to reform the country. The pressure comes on two fronts: from the public to fulfill the main demands of the Maidan Revolution, and also to satisfy international finance organizations so as to ensure the delivery of much-needed loans. Creating an independent corruption-fighting agency with broad powers to probe graft among senior civil servants and public officials could fulfill both of these demands. Some countries have such an agency for fighting corruption enshrined either in their constitution or by statute. South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore are just a few examples. Closer to home, Romania and Poland have such a body, as do the Baltic States of Lithuania and Latvia. Georgia’s recent experience in tackling corruption is particularly note-worthy. According to the country’s Justice Ministry, under reforms brought in by ex-President Mikha ...
LOL,yes, Germans and Britains are dreaming about dying for Poland and Baltic States :))
US PROPAGANDA OR MISTAKE YOU DECIDE! Did He Mean Alaska?’ Obama Wrongly Blames Russia For ‘Trying To Return lands lost in 19th Century’ Conflict, Crimea, History, NATO, Obama, Politics, Russia, Scandal, Thrills&Spills Barack Obama has opened himself to widespread ridicule in Russia after making a history gaffe in a keynote speech in Estonia. Accusing Moscow of imperial ambitions, the US President suggested Russia is trying to return some lands it “lost” 200 years ago. “Reaching back to the days of the czars, trying to reclaim lands lost in the 19th century is surely not the way to secure Russia’s greatness in the 21st century,” Obama said to the rapturous applause of his Estonian audience in Tallinn hall, where he was promising to defend the Baltic States from the Kremlin. It was a neat and dramatic soundbite – contrasting the ages of monocles and crowns with that of drones and iPhones – and a callback to US Secretary of State John Kerry, who accused Russia of acting in a “19th centu ...
Dep. Speaker of Russian Duma Zhirinovsky on TV: Baltic States and Poland will be wiped out Poles take it seriously
Double Standards . Francis Sealey writes:- The moralising and blustering approach of David Cameron over Russia and how we should reassess our relations with that country, and now consider it an adversary, is dangerous folly. Many on the social networks refer to this type of priggish morality of politicians as peacock behaviour. And it is not a party issue as Tony Blair behaved in a similar way as he declared the invasion of Iraq a moral crusade! It is quite clear that the West has been encouraging Ukraine to link up with the European Union and to also possibly consider joining NATO. It is hardly surprising that Russia is concerned with this as the Ukraine is right on its doorstep. It's desire for a neutral Ukraine hardly warrants us treating it as a country that wants to take over the Baltic States, Finland and goodness knows what else. Of course David Cameron and his supporters will argue that the Russians have been supporting the rebels in East Ukraine and that may be true. But it is clearly doing what ...
Russian Foreign Ministry: Ukraine using mercenaries from the Baltic States, Sweden, Finland and France. Russia upset!.
THE WHITE HOUSE For Immediate Release July 18, 2014 STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENT ON UKRAINE 11:52 A.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT: Good morning, everybody. Yesterday, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 took off from Amsterdam and was shot down over Ukraine near the Russian border. Nearly 300 innocent lives were taken -- men, women, children, infants -- who had nothing to do with the crisis in Ukraine. Their deaths are an outrage of unspeakable proportions. We know at least one American citizen, Quinn Lucas Schansman, was killed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family for this terrible loss. Yesterday, I spoke with the leaders of Ukraine, Malaysia, and the Netherlands. I told them that our thoughts and prayers are with all the families and that the American people stand with them during this difficult time. Later today, I’ll be speaking to Prime Minister Abbott of Australia, which also suffered a terrible loss. By far, the country that lost the most people on board the plane was the Netherlands. From the d ...
We, Baltic states were telling West about Russian aggression for years. Now everybody realises it. Hoped we were wrong, though.
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Hi Kid Karate, the latest record states the bag was boarded on a flight today. Air Baltic will contact you soon!
.I do. is replay of Georgia. The Baltic States &Poland are VERY worried.
either that or Holland is about to discover what it's like to be Poland & the Baltic States
GREAT NEWS for Europeanization of Russian minority in the Baltic States (not only) if could prove it correct!?
Tunisia/The Baltic states govs have the credibility that US & Russian govs lack.
The Baltic States are experiencing the horror of the European Union , why should we got there I don't know !
Why? Wd b better if Baltic states too the lead on Ukraine & Tunisia took the lead in the Middle East/North Africa.
True, after Ukraine, he will stir up probs in Moldava then Baltic states etc. all have large Russian minorities
the whole of Scandinavia seems to work well as well as Baltic states.
I had planned to do my thesis on part of the CE-10 (Baltic states) and Moldova …
October, 2014: 2 aircraft carrier are sent to the Mediterranean sea. 30 M1A1 Abrams are sent to the Baltic states.
Obama is not being a complete *** He has the Baltic states all armed up and training on the Russian border.
Obama forgetting that the Baltic states are in NATO. "With our NATO partners AND some of the Baltic states". .
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