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Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus Greek hali = salt, aeetus = eagle, leuco = white, cephalis = head) is a bird of prey found in North America.

American Bald Eagle Donald Trump Uncle Sam Old Abe Canada Goose Ben Franklin George Washington

You know what might not be around without the ESA? Our US National Emblem, the Bald Eagle.
Going to take a stab at this and say they are not friends. Bald Eagle and Crow. Cherry Creek State Park. 2-11-16
Just watched a Bald Eagle fly over our farmhouse and cruise around the ridge line of the What magnificent
Wildlife Officers free Bald Eagle from leg trap via
Huge Network | Wildlife Officers free Bald Eagle from leg trap
Wildlife Officers free Bald Eagle from leg trap
Bald Eagle freed from leg trap in Lebanon County
Walk and we saw a Bald Eagle wading in the DM river looking for dinner.
"Took a of this bald at the exact moment it blinked"
The GOP wants to repeal the Endangered Species Act, which protects AMERICAN animals like the bald eagle!. I've got a b…
Aug 9, 2007 the bald eagle was removed from the endangered species list. There are over 70 in NA
Those who are not afraid of Trump. -Badlands National Park. -Merriam-Webster dictionary. -Bald eagle. -A crying baby. Those who are…
The American Bald Eagle loves Obama and everyone loves Obama but he is the coolest guy and the best president there is
I hate Donald Trump, everyone who does also and even the American Bald Eagle hates him
Romeo Outland out of Bartram HS just became a Bald Eagle!
did you say bald evil or bald Eagle?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
This bald eagle has been seen in flight over the Marina quite a few times over the last week! Watch the video: https…
Family rescues bald eagle trapped in hunter’s snare
Oh yeah! I saw a bald eagle in flight today. Second time I've had that privilege. Very impressive.
Every time trump signs an executive order, a bald eagle dies.
. . Cat:if you are a bald eagle, do you still require a barber?. Eagle:. 🐈:. E: i will ea…
Me: would you ever get a tattoo. Mom: yeah of the bald eagle
true American freedom is eating a bald eagle instead of turkey for thanksgiving wow amazing true patriotism
Man I can't stand when I'm about to use a machine and someone swoops in like a *** bald eagle and takes it
When Carl shot a bald eagle with an Uzi, I knew he was gonna be a legend..
I can't ignore the fact that carl shot a bald eagle with an Uzi
I need to see this! I once saw a bald eagle eating road kill on the way to Pierre. Bald Eagle Days sound better.
Organizers leading chants at A bald eagle soared over then several times, as if approving.
This x-ray is of a bald eagle recently shot in TN--one of two. Agency is seeking info into shootings. See our FB:
Jesus, Trump could eat a bald eagle at the 50 yd line of the SB and you would find a way to excuse
Nope, that Eagle is more honest cause it's bald.
where are the “patriots” with bald eagle avatars and Benghazi twibbons demanding nine congressional investigations?
As the bald eagle soars above, Iowa stands up! 🇺🇸
B.C. photographer captures rescue of bald eagle trapped in snare.
The bald eagle -- our national bird, our national emblem, our national success story. Photo essay:
Pre-register online for a chance to see Buddy the bald eagle live and up-close!
This injured bald eagle in a hunter's trap was discovered by a photographer in British Columbia:…
I'm praying for a bald eagle to attack whatever it is that lives on his head
Canadian photographer captures the incredible moment her family rescues a bald eagle trapped in a hunter’s snare.
Eagle handler explains what happened when his bald eagle attacked Trump (via
The Dodo replaces the Bald Eagle as America's national bird. 'Trump sank to the occasion'.
Land: Hippos. Sea: Orcas and Tuna alliance. Air: Bald Eagle. Thanks for your submissions everybody!
My friend Gary Johnson took this picture of a Bald Eagle that lives at the Sheep Ranch, pretty neat.…
Bald Eagle circling the TRUMP RALLY line in Sanford, Florida!
WATCH: Nation transfixed by two Bald Eagle eggs on live cam
Spotted a Bald Eagle, American Kestrel, Coopers Hawk, and a Red-Shouldered Hawk today. Nature gives the best holiday gifts. 🦅
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
. This is what happens to Bald Eagle Bros who betray their fellow brethren
In some narratives, the *Symbol* 'got what was coming to it' for its audacity
Morning unfortunately the bald eagle has double booked himself for next Friday, getting back to me with other dates he can do..
Trump is the cat that ate the Bald Eagle.
- red/white/blue. - based on bald eagle. - Native American head dress. Game Freak based this one on America lol
Another profile shot. Bald eagle in repose.
We once had a nation bird, the Bald Eagle. Trump is going to change our national heritage into the "nation of oil…
These gloves are made from the finest bald eagle foreskins money can buy.
The bald eagle found in North America
Bald eagle with breakfast by Robert Goff
when you magic happens! Saw this Bald Eagle on our hike near Benham Falls on the Deschutes River.
Took my family into the woods today & chopped down a Christmas tree. Also shot a bald eagle & poured oil in a stream. I LO…
For every communist that dies, a bald eagle get it's wings.
for Bald eagles rescued from Central Florida storm drain!.
That's a Brown Eagle. We restrict their voting rights and treat them as second-class citizens to the Bald(white fea…
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Bald eagle vs. Canada Goose in the battle: via
Thanks, but this injured American Bald Eagle isn't going to pray for itself.
This bald eagle lost one of his wings — but a man found the most amazing way to let him fly again.
The bald eagle stuck in a storm drain that gained social media attention during election week has died:
Thinking about get a bald eagle tattooed on my chest .. Thoughts?
Did you know that Ben Franklin thought that the turkey was a better symbol than the bald eagle? https:/…
Based on the last year, somebody needs to pardon a bald eagle.
Guessing Trump's first state dinner will be Panda, Polar Bear, and Bald Eagle served Brazilian steakhouse style.
I did it from Brothers Pl, Assumption, Highland, Friendship, Bald Eagle, St. Thomas Moore, Cheriy's, to OPC.I am raised!
Check out the nice Bald Eagle spotted at Monroe County Public Lake by Corey McDonald. Thanks for sharing!
Surprised to see this Bald Eagle on the ice at Oxbow Bend. Bird Photography
Bald Eagle pair rescued from Florida storm drain
Townland of Origin post: Irish counties of birth in the U.S. Fed Census in Bald Eagle, Pennsylvania
Thanks to Rodney Senat for this pic. Bald Eagle on Military Road across the street from the voting booths at Cypres…
was a legit pregame. Bald Eagle landing on the field while a decorated soldier sings the Anthem & A-10 Warthogs flyover.
I stand with the mighty Bald Eagle: symbol of America's might, independence, and integrity. And obvious intelligenc…
So, a Bald Eagle just flew over our car near Old Hickory Lake. Helps on a day you were reminiscing about MN.
I just had to share this photo from Peter Pereira who took this pic of a Bald Eagle at Bear Creek Lake Park on...
[LACoBirds] Bald Eagle Continues at Bonelli Park: Today 10/13 from 8:30 am to 9 am an adult Bald Eagle was in a tree at the east end ...
Just now watching a Bald Eagle feeding about 100 yds offshore here from Lookout Point. So cool!
More American than Uncle Sam riding a Bald Eagle drinking a Bud Light hitting a communist in the face with a baseball bat
TOTD: Grace (Bald Eagle) is 7 km S off the coast of United States and 112 km from Roanoke Rapids
Quick internet! Where's that video of the Canada Goose tackling the Bald Eagle into a lake?
Saw my first ever Bald Eagle in Allen County today, right down the middle of the creek
Bald Eagle snatches a fish from the James River near Richmond, VA.
A Bald Eagle flying with his fresh fish.
It was a little spooky sitting 8 feet away from a Bald Eagle yesterday in Sitka, Alaska at the Raptor Center!
Saw a bald eagle while kayaking today! 🇺🇸
Washington's soaring bald eagle population enough to get them off state's endangered list: Since 1983, bald e...
Every time non-American cheese is put on a burger a bald eagle loses its ***
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Bald Eagle stops by with dinner. living.Go 2 4 your Dream Home
What bird is this ? Is it a bald eagle someone said it was
If your avi is an egg, bald eagle, American flag, or dog, your opinions in my mentions are invalid. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
From earlier: Mr. Lincoln (the bald eagle) poses for the camera. I was told he's considered a normal-sized eagle
"'MERICA!" is the necessary caption after every photo of a bald eagle.
Held the door open for a Bald Eagle and its handler and saw him fly across the field to "God Bless the USA". I've never felt more American🇺🇸
Kayaked 10.8 miles today and saw a bald eagle...I know you can't see it in the tree but I…
befitting a bonkers political cycle, she should pick that bald eagle that lunged at Trump.
Clearly should be painted up like a bald eagle ;D
Letcher man convicted of illegally killing bald eagle by poisoning cow carcass
Released results today of work done with to determine the sex of Old Abe, a civil-war era bald eagle.
Sat by the river today cogitating, healing, pondering and what should I see but a bald eagle. It dove into the...
Our artists did an awesome job drawing a bald eagle today! Can you spot the original?
If you vote Abraham Lincoln will ride in on a bald eagle and smack you in the face with the Constitution
A Bald Eagle, drunk on bourbon, is probably the most American thing ever.
Turns out Old Abe, the WI Capitol's bald eagle, was, indeed, a male bald eagle. via
Fascinating facts about More tonight on or anytime online.
This is a sad story. I hope they get their jobs back just trying to do the right thing.
I hate cls bald eagle looking *** so much she can kill herself tonight along with all her stans in so triggered rn
& can tell the difference between a Bald Eagle and a Bald Ego.
you two know you are national treasures, right? Grand Canyon, Bald Eagle, Bruce Springsteen, Norm & Lon
☜[ReadMore] 40 Years from the Brink of Extinction: America’s Bald Eagle: John D. Chaney: 9…
can someone bring a Monster Truck, a chocolate fountain, or a Bald Eagle to my 4th of July Party next Sunday (on the 3rd of…
Personal Opinion: poising Canada Goose / Bald Eagle fight as Canada vs US battle is idiotic.Bald eagles are North American bird not US bird.
Here's Ryan at the Akron Zoo sitting with a Bald Eagle. This is an amazingly large bird!
Congrats to Bellefonte Lady Raiders. District Champs! Way to go ladies. Your turn Bald Eagle.
Love the Bald Eagle exhibit at Potter Park Zoo in Lansing.
Toronto Zoo also takes in rescues, they took in a pet Bald Eagle that was malnourished, didn't learn how to fly or how to hunt & helped it.
Saw a Bald Eagle flying over a creek near the road I was driving on. I nearly drove of the *** mountain I was so mesmerized😮
Wild adolescent female Bald Eagle on Catalina Island. She's tagged for research, beautiful right?
Breast Cancer Awareness
16 by 24 print of the Bald Eagle by the Kenai River in Alaska
Bald Eagle start to the day. Just down the street from our house. Think it's gonna be a good…
I'm overnighting a live Bald Eagle & an American flag That will bring you back to the land of the free and the home of the brave
[MASSBIRD] Newton Marathon Bald Eagle>While watching the marathon at corner of Walnut and Comm Ave in Newton . an adult Bald Eagle flew abov…
That moment when you say American Eagle instead of Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle catches salmon. See how an American Bald Eagle catches a salmon out ...
Bald Eagle over the Potomac River viewed from Riverbend Park in Great Falls.
Saw my first Bald Eagle in the wild in like 20 years tonight - only 8 miles from my house 😁
Sun baked by the Sandy River reservoir. I caught no bass - Brother Mark busted a bass. Saw a Bald Eagle and an...
A digital art image electrified Bald Eagle. The effects highlight some of key. .
Pretty sure we just saw a Bald Eagle in our Vestavia Hills, AL neighborhood. Any local bird-of-prey experts know if they are around here?
I liked a video Jack Hanna Brings a Bald Eagle to
Bald Eagle on the hunt for lunch. Amazing wildlife spotting today with Captain Josh on privat…
Definitely the closest I've ever been to a Bald Eagle. @ South Carolina Aquarium
Watch LIVE Bald Eagle cam as egg might hatch today.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
2013 Bald Eagle coin (1/25 ounce gold) - Another 1/25 ounce gold coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. This one is...
Bald Eagle pair today, beside the Connecticut River –
Saw a beautiful Bald Eagle this morning over the Coosa River near Childersburg Alabama!
no luck on whoopers but Bald Eagle, cmn mergs, grebe, lots of ducks. 25 total species from truck. Cane Ridge F&W area.
Not a very clear pic but so nice to see the Bald Eagle.
American Bald Eagle sitting on the nest @ Verde Canyon Railroad
*After a day of shopping*. Me: Thanks for everything babe. Glen: Dont thank me. Thank your local recruiter. *bald eagle noises*
I saw a bald eagle today. It was a good day.
Once you shut the off. It's silent enough out here in the dessert to hear a Bald Eagle fart. 😎
My kid says "who is this bald eagle with hair guy?!" It was Alice Cooper.
If he got a fish in his avi, a dog, a bald eagle, the American or confederate flag, then you know he most likely racist.
Bald eagle and American flag as well
If you like Gold Ferrari's and Bald Eagle Slippers you should check this out.
A bald eagle live cam in Washington DC? This is as America as it gets.
I can only hope that some day I'll know a "matching patriotic bald eagle t-shirt" kinda love.
A bald eagle viciously attacked Donald Trump whenever he tried to speak? This seems like a metaphor of some kind.
When the American Bald Eagle is photographed from the side -
*sees bald eagle in wild on President's Day*. Danny: I feel blessed by the spirit of George Washington...
Dog, American Bald Eagle, Chevy Truck, and Egg Avi going off on
I saw a bald eagle today! i'm gonna take that as a sign of luck
"I look like a rat potato bald eagle who hit 45 blunts & is pregnant" -
I saw a bald eagle fly by my window today. Just thought i'de enlighten my followers on that. 🐤🇺🇸
I feel I should donate at least a tenner for the artful placement of that bald eagle!
Dear people trying to resell their Hamilton tickets for over $1k: you are unpatriotic a-holes, and may a majestic bald eag…
Nothin more Merica than George Washington riding a Bald eagle aiming a RPG.
Mike Bourdon sends this picture of a bald eagle from Downtown South Bend along the Saint Joseph River.
I saw Bernie Leadon, the bald Eagle on the far left, at the Bamboo Room in Lake Worth years ago. Shook his hand.
Ah. let us behold the majesty of the Bald eagle. And let us acknowledge the social awkwardness of the Combover eagle.
Driving down a dirt road blaring George Jones and a Bald Eagle stares at me from the top of a cypress tree. Gonna be a god day.
A Bald Eagle was spotted along W. Monroe St. by the river this afternoon (flying above the center branches.) The... featured in NBC s Science of Love
plz keep til 4th of July so you can have a 'Merica Tree with a Bald Eagle as the angel on top.
Check out this photo by Jerry Liguori of a Bald Eagle guarding its fish at Farmington Bay, Utah...the bird was...
A Bald eagle just flew over Tim and I. How much good luck is that worth?
but I've been to Villa and Man City.I'm entitled to whinge
When a bald eagle loses a feather, it will automatically shed the same feather on it's other side to maintain balance.
Just had a bald eagle fly over my head, now I really feel like an American.
No. Confidence is falling esp in defending. Momentum matters and its downward. Not inevitable but not impossible.
Just saw a bald eagle by the prison in Freeland!
there are 7.22 billion people on Earth and the those people almost caused the Bald Eagle to go extinct.
Seeing a Bald Eagle out in the wild is honestly soothing. Reminds me of my great country 🇺🇸
Am I the only one who thinks we could end up in relegation scrap?
First bald eagle of the season is here. It's too far out in the field to get a photo.
and yet Cabaye seems to avoid criticism when I think he's been average
Greetings Ward 8,. Please note that the warming site for Ward 8 is Bald Eagle Rec Center located at 100 Joliet...
*** .we should have signed Charlie Austin..end off
Two bald eagle sightings today, gonna be a super stellar night 🤘
Today's lesson: if you point a gun (real or fake) at a police officer, he will shoot you. It's not bald eagle brain scienc…
The simple fact is if Charlie Austin plays up for us today we win the game
There's a bald eagle at the park here. He's slumming it.
Mind boggling stat of the day: a striker hasn't scored from open play in the league since 24 May 2015, 35 ***
A Bald Eagle Mother can have a choice to let her chick be born, just like a human mother can choose for her baby to be born
I witnessed a bald eagle *** an otter out of the bay this morning. Hbu?
Just saw the most beautiful bald eagle on the way to work 😍😍😍
Help the U.S. Forest Service determine how many bald eagles are in particular areas
A bald eagle just flew right over my car just now. It's going to be an American day.
'The boys are back in town' the Eagles claim a comfortable 3-0 win. "We showed great heart and character" said manager Bald eagle
like jesus christ the only way this could scream "AMERICA" any harder is if a bald eagle provided covering fire with popcorn
You like this coat?.white panda. Hulk Hogan choked one out for me in China for my birthday. It's reversible. This side is bald eagle
Have you ever seen a bald eagle in the wild? Check out all of our birding tours here!
'You handsome bird, you.', a bald eagle looking at its own reflection on the ice!
The bald eagle keeps the second grader student engaged as it used for behavior and motivation in the classroom.
Blessed to call myself a Bald Eagle! I will be continuing my 📚 & 🏈 career at Lock Haven University 🙏🏾
Very excited to see a Bald Eagle in my front yard! 🇺🇸
Pretty cool to see a bald eagle roosting in a tree all majestic looking!
Another group supporting us is the National Eagle Center, who also focus their efforts on supporting the preservation of the Bald Eagle
American, or Bald Eagle - original 1927 print and magazine article
Just watched an Osprey attack a Bald Eagle mid-flight. Most un-American thing that I've seen in a while smh
the Bald Eagle because Alabama is a true American team.
|| Harry's going on the campaign trail with Ben Carson to show off his Holy Bible and Bald Eagle tattoos! 🇺🇸
Saw my first wild Bald Eagle heading to Nashville this morning
Bald Eagle heard about all the wild animals slaughtered.
Here is Donald Trump being attacked by a Bald Eagle
I saw a Bald Eagle flying for about 5 miles today as we can home. It was following the Little Nemaha River, one large bird👼🐬
Batticaloa: No, not a Great Bald Eagle - just me planting a mango tree at Kalutavalai compost facility by UNOPS.
Heroic brothers free a bald eagle from a trap and take the best selfie of all time.
Trapped bald eagle: Penalties exist in Ontario, but it rarely comes to that
1: I am not depressed. 2: I'll give you that one. 3: Steve, needs to pull the Bald Eagle out of his ***
Bald eagle nest cam readied for year-two launch by end of 2015
They didn’t expect this to go viral so quickly...:
The next thing I know, Jesus has appeared in my tractor. "Alicia?". "Yes, Lord?". "Are you willing to protect the last Bald Eagle?"
Brothers rescue bald eagle, win the Internet {cnn}
Huge Network | Brothers rescue bald eagle, win the Internet
Brothers rescue bald eagle, win the Internet
Two brothers saved a trapped bald eagle, and at the same time, took a memorable selfie.
An L a day invites depression like a bald eagle to a fresh corpse
But first, let me take a selfie: Canadian brothers rescue bald eagle, win the Internet
Not breaking news now, but an amazing Brothers rescue bald eagle, take incredible selfie | Fox News |
"It's music illegal, flier than a bald headed eagle, plus, I'm doing this for my people."
Two brothers have saved a trapped bald eagle & captured the moment via selfie.
VIDEO: Bald eagle rescue captured on camera Turkey WWIII
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Canadian brothers rescue bald eagle, win the Internet
Q: What would you like to be if you were an animal and why? . A:"As an animal, I would like to be a bald eagle.
Every few months I see 's bald eagle post resurface and it brings back memories of Tumblrstake.
Two Canadian Brothers rescued a wild bald eagle from a trap and took an epic selfie before…
I want 6 wolves and a bald eagle to scout for me and I should be set for anything 👽
Bald eagle caught in hunting trap freed by brothers - heartwarming video
2 Canadians free bald eagle from trap, take selfie with it
They saved an eagle, then they took a great selfie:
Bald Eagle selfie is a late candidate for best selfie of 2015:
Canadian brothers free trapped bald eagle, take selfie with it
Spotted a bald eagle on one of the lightning towers at pad 41.
Brothers rescue bald eagle, then snap selfie with it | Related Articles:
Why does Judson not have a Bald Eagle habitat on campus? Could live in
"I want to sit on the top of the Statue of Liberty with a gun in my hand and have a bald eagle screech behind me" - Meagan
VIDEO: Bald eagle rescue captured on camera Romo
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Oh ya, on Sunday I saw a Bald Eagle on frozen Lake Newell, it even did a flyby for me, never seen one ever this far east:-)
Watching Tonight With David Muir: Watch Two Brothers Rescue a Bald Eagle and Take an Amazing Selfie on HEROES!
Well that tops it off, Bald Eagle fishing over Lake Holiday, never seen one in the wild. Indiana sure is American as all ***
Nice im Jealous. Did you dress up as Uncle Sam or maybe a Bald Eagle?
I just heard a bald eagle chirp out in the trees. I can't see one but he's out there somewhere claiming his turf
"Days that are the good flesh continuing": I saw orcas yesterday and a bald eagle today, and I have the best work. Yes to all of it.
This Bald Eagle looked better I n flight, needs some grooming.Cruise Ships go this way to Alaska. B.C. Can
That time again for the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival
A Bald Eagle was sunning at Third Creek in Sodus Bay on Tuesday afternoon.
Watching osprey and bald eagle compete successfully for trout in the lake. Sign of the times. Vive la Canada!
Couple thousand dollar fine if you kill a bald eagle, a couple dollars to get abortion pills, no fine for killing a fetus...
"Patriot" means guy who loves America not angry guy with bald eagle fetish who hates other Americans. https:/…
lmfao I can only imagine. I had to fight the white boys in elementary for calling me "bald eagle" over a fade. I'm sorry man :/
Something totally amazing about seeing a bald eagle in the wild. Amazing that I didn't wreck my car while trying to see it.
It's been a long time since I saw a bald eagle in but my eagle eyes spotted one above the river valley east of downtown. Magnificent!
Today's Dodge Cow was brought to you by the letters F, O, G, And Y. Difficulty +8. Also saw the first Bald Eagle of the year. So Majestic.
Just saw a bald eagle from the newsroom window. He was flying circles over the river valley. Never seen one in the city!
"I'm a bald eagle, but I talk like a cat"
Who am I, Jack? Why a tie? Why not a horse, or a beetle, or a bald eagle? .
Is that a bald eagle peen ejaculating red, white, and blue sparkles? Literal America *** It's beautiful.
GIRL: Dad, I want you to meet my boyfriend. DAD: Your bf is a bald eagle?. BALD EAGLE: *adjusting toupee* I'm just a regu…
A bald eagle swooped & caught something right in front of me on my drive this morning and I screamed "AMERICA!" because what else do you do?
I head malk called u a bald eagle in front of the whole school
"I would eat a traitorous bald eagle."
Bombcast:. : Would you eat a bald eagle?. : No! Well, unless it was a traitorous bald eagle.
Every eagle is a bald eagle if you have quick hands and confidence
hiker who disabled Traps that killed Eagle & put lives in Danger: gets convicted?! Outrageous!
AW *** YEAH. jumps on a bull and swings a lasso with my bald eagle pet
Today I saw . a bald eagle . but it was a crow . flying low . with a cheeto
I saw a bald eagle on the drive into work today by Laddie Lake in Blaine. that's always a good sign
Wildlife Center Releasing Eagle Found in Landfill: A young bald eagle found at the King George County landfill is…
when u had ur beard OBVS bald eagle these days
Bald eagle hunting in our back yard this afternoon. Holy smokes, what a bird!
SS: This is actually a pellet from the Nations iconic Bald Eagle. Served only to patriotic students (1776/10) 🇺🇸
training grenades and a sweet bald eagle plate. freedom and a half right there. note too the old JD tins
Standing on a bridge over Penn's Creek in Bald Eagle State Forest, Pennsylvania. You can't beat the foliage in the…
Are you free this weekend?. *gazes into distance. *sheds single tear. *bald eagle screeches. I'm always free
Bill Streeter, of the Delaware Valley Raptor Center releasing this now healthy Bald Eagle back to the wild.
just saw a majestic Bald Eagle fly around me on the East side of Houston...Tranquility Base, the Eagle has landed.
Bald Eagle rescued and released into Smith Mountain Lake State Park
Bald Eagle carries video camera to capture panoramic shots of London's skyline ...
Bald Eagle just flew by my window that overlooks the Schuylkill River in Royersford PA. Good job to all who helped bring them back.
Bald Eagle perched in the beach dunes in the Pacific Northwest  US - by Sharon Landis
.workers rescue Bald Eagle near Darien. It's now in the care of DuPage Co. animal experts.
Bald Eagle. Ellsworth Kelly, France. Color instant printed in black
our family fishing Lake Erie, Bald Eagle state Park, Black Moshannon State Park and July 4 at Lake Raystown!
Trivia Thursday Answer! . Our mystery bird yesterday was a juvenile Bald Eagle! Bald Eagles do not receive their...
Bald Eagle was successfully released today at York River State Park!
We just admitted a young Bald Eagle from Wood County. This youngster is having seizures of unknown cause at this...
Return of the Bald Eagle to Rockland County, Ray Wright photo exhibit, 9/1-10/1
Focussed Eye - Classic landing pose of a Bald Eagle on the beach of Kachemak Bay near Homer in Alaska. ©Harry Eggen…
Are you free this weekend?. *gazes into distance*. *bald eagle screeches*. This is America. I'm always free. Merica. http…
Hey I lost my keys on my walk to class or in the lsb. They're a honda key with a bald eagle key, a green keys, and a green key.
the Bald Eagle one was way better. 😉
Happy 4th of July! Ben Franklin initially wanted the wild turkey as the American symbol because the bald eagle had a "bad moral character."
Here at Tyler this morning we had sightings of a Bald Eagle and a Hummingbird.
I added a video to a playlist Bald Eagle Release
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