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Bake Off

A cook-off is a cooking competition where the contestants each prepare dishes for judging either by a select group of judges or by the general public.

Great British Bake Off Mary Berry Noel Fielding Prue Leith Nadiya Hussain Sandi Toksvig Paul Hollywood Sue Perkins Candice Brown Strictly Come Dancing Michelle Keegan Zoe Ball Richard Ayoade Great British Baking Show Russell Brand

I just followed Val from Bake Off on Instagram and her response was so cute what a sweetie ❤️
Great British Bake Off: Start date for series revealed as Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, Sandi Toksvig and Noel……
BBC put Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain's hit cooking show in same time slot as Channel 4's new version of Bake Off
This man put goat cheese in his bread. 😭😍 don't mind me as I drool over British Bake Off.
What is the point of shake and bake when the shake falls off the bake.
31. Great British Bake Off i LOVE it. 32. this ones on here twice so. 33. i dont watch many movies anymore but my fav growing up was mulan.
Article makes it sound like it's Channel 4, not BBC, who put Bake Off in same time slot as Hussain, and…
Noel is a hilarious and beautiful guy but who wouldn't wanna see Matt Berry host Bake Off?
Made potato salad earlier. Now eating cherries and watching The Great British Bake Off!
I'm watching the Great British Bake Off but I feel that The Girls would approve. I remember your shirt from the BB days!
Everyone in the Great British Bake Off is in Hufflepuff, and no one can convince me otherwise.
Great British Bake Off should be on. . It's not. Heartbroken. .
Bruhh you watching British bake off omg
That the latest series of Bake Off constantly makes my heart flutter w/o presence of Ruby or Howard is a real accomplishment. Good job, BBC.
I just added Bake Off Brasil to my library!
Just put zucchini breads in to bake. So I have at least hour before I can…
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This does NOT make me want to watch. The Great British Bake Off Is Back With a Creepy Trailer via
We lived in Denmark for 4 months in 1999 and basically that put me off USA store bought cake forever.…
Apparently Pillsbury own the tm to Bake Off in the States, hence you get it under a different name. Pfft.
"C'mon, how bad COULD the trailer for the revamped Great British Bakeoff be?" . EXPRESS TRAIN TO NIGHTMAREVILLE BAD . https…
For lawdies sake BBC don't let Chris Evans near the interview room for Great British Bake Off!!!
A baker dropped something on the Great British Bake Off and gasped like someone slapped me
Me: Can barely get off my *** for legitimate reasons . Also me: Decides to bake a cake on a whim
The new trailer is equal parts cute and creepy
Add this to the menu for the bake off/kitchen showdown
4 of 5 stars to The Great British Bake Off Big Book o... by Linda Collister
Paul sings in the new Great British Bake Off trailer via
probably too late but Great British Bake Off
5 things we learnt from the new Great British Bake Off trailer via
The new Great British Bake Off trailer is a stop-motion horror show via
Is the new 'Great British Bake Off' trailer good or rubbish? A debate
domain names
Crash leaves 24 tonnes of flour on M5 - BBC News ( will bake off now be cancelled)
Started my wake and bake off with an edible, 5hrs later and here I am in sweat pants and nikes jammin Tyler the creator.
I'm not saying I'm a Great Britain Bake Off addict, but I'm a little too excited to get this from the girls for my…
Got a charity bake off to do for the kids school, does anyone have any easy recommendations? I'm doing rice krispy cak…
I've seen every bake off episode on netflix
Some days I wake up wanting to bake everyone a cake then there's days like today where I'll call my pillow an *** for falling off my bed
Is Nadiya gonna lose Bake Off? I have 1.5 episodes left and I'm rioting if she doesn't get to go to the final and win.
Watching the last Great British Bake Off finale with Paul, Mary Berry, Mel and Sue and I am so upset 😭
Hills are alive with the smell of baking for new Great British Bake Off series
Hope your happy with yourselves. You've just killed Bake Off. Absolutely gutted.
Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain to make Mecca pilgrimage documentary
Morning... waiting for a concrete delivery! but can't wait for tonight's Great British Bake Off later :P
Apparently the French sausage won the great sausage bake off. UKIP members of the household not happy
but then the production company asked for £75m and the Beeb passed on it. (thi…
If I wasn't bloody scared enough for the future of Bake off
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ITV plans to scupper Channel 4's launch of Great British Bake Off
are you not aware of the havoc it's returning but no Mary Sue or Mel so I'm struggling to actually call it bake off.
Slightly ironic watching Great British Bake Off at the gym 🍰
I miss bake off and knowing it won't be returning makes me very sad
Umm...go look on their page at their listing for Culzean Big Bake Off.…
By some cruel irony, I think you will discover that the term 'Bake Off' has been trademarked by Love Productions.
let's be real though, everyone's favourite person on Bake Off altogether is Mary Berry.
Mary Berry is back on the BBC with new 'Bake Off' rival
Move over Bake Off! Mary Berry is going to judge a new BBC cooking show
Bit weird Mary Berry's new show is accused as a Bake Off rip-off when we don't know practically anything about the show yet ¯…
Nadiya Hussain: Everyone’s favourite Bake Off contestant on British food, family and just being herself
So excited to meet Mary Berry this afternoon and proud to be a runner up in the bake off! Thanks to all our amazing
I'm going to miss Bake Off now they've mutilated it for Channel 4. Sadly it was the highlight of my summer 😳
Today I've learned that the Great British Bake Off is called the Great British Baking Show in the USA.
What is Richard Ayoade doing that's better than co-hosting Great British Bake Off with Noel Fielding
Thank you we had an amazing 'Bake Off' day 😍
Tonight's self care consists of drinking wine while watching the Great British Bake Off
Every action movie, but recut with the time is running out music from Great British Bake Off
I've been using a 450° oven for the last week in the bake lab with no injuries, but shutting off a lamp leaves me with a burn
Why can I not just live in an episode of Great British Bake Off?
The bakers in the bake off are doing trifles and I may need to watch the one where Rachel makes a trifle
I've know I've been watching WAY too much Great British Bake Off but can someone buy me a boat so I can name it "Soggy Bottom"?
If you made a bake sale good, please drop it off at Noels tomorrow at 9:55 am! Also, if you can stay and help, it'd be appreciated 💙💛
My life is henceforth divided by before watching the Great British Bake Off and after.
"Saturday nights are my favorite" I say as I throw back 30ml of Nyquil and hop into bed so I can finish season 3 of british bake off
I’m watching the Great British Bake Off and I thought of your stupid face.
Need a bake off but I know an norn irish fry will win..hands down no contest.
Peaky Blinders, last kingdom and the Great British Bake Off
5 times JK Rowling expelled ill-tempered Great British Bake Off hosts on piracy by livestreaming Kreature facts.
omg the contestant who was eliminated on Great British Bake Off made me cry. oh my god.
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— bake. Sticking his head in whatever this fridge thing was, Aosora collected his thoughts, and ironic…
the Great British Bake Off is putting me through a lot of emotional turmoil. so much INJUSTICE
Without fail, watch one night of The Great British Bake Off with Khaleesi and a cake appears the next day. This is…
Report Says Things Are Off to a Rocky Start at the New Great British Bake Off |
We Need to Talk About the color scheme on this series of Great British Bake Off.
The Bake Off by Susan E Willis. Cakes, bakes and romance. PlsRT
Favorite TV show?. A man vs. wild. B sherlock. C the Great British Bake Off. D the apprentice
Introduced a friend to the Hannibal TV show, now I feel all weird about watching The Great British Bake Off
vs bake off: I'd just imagined a young Steve and Adam in the Just like Mom cook off.
Some of us are trying to relax to the soothing whirring of Great British Bake Off
I guess oh maybe it was called Great British Bake Off and I'm just a nob
Sue Perkins: 'I knew Mel would quit Bake Off with me'
BSU gotta just have a Dessert Bake Off Fundraiser. $10 entry fee for bakers, $5 to judge/taste. Banana Pudding Vs. Whatever Else.
Sue Perkins: I considered leaving Bake Off after someone cried over candied chest...
Hi Laura! The first Bake Off was held in 2011 🥧🎂
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From Media Guardian: Channel 4's Bake Off set 'will be product-placement-free'
I'm not entirely sure I know who Katy Perry is... Was she on Bake Off?
Why not come along to my CUP CAKE CLASS - Great pressie for a friend or treat for yourself Sat 28 Oct
Just had an overwhelming wave of sadness because I remembered there'll never be another episode of Bake Off
Featuring my shortlisted 'vegan bake off' recipe. Thanks PETA!
Someone convince me to not host "the great Brighton baked off" where we all make edibles and marathon the Great British Bake Off
Ok going to bake in this 90+ weather for about before take off for next leg of trip.
We hope your day is starting off up in smokes ! . come on in today to get your day started with us and have a Wake n…
Diner type of morning off the wake & bake
Lets have a Great British Bake Off where we dont have a time limit we just bake yummy things
Just spent the last two solid hours doing food prep for the week, forgot I have tomorrow off. Curry chicken-cauliflower-egg bake IYWW
Enjoying the We hope so! Take a load off and grab a ready-to-bake or some healthy salads... or both!
You know it's an American Timmys because it says "Cafe & Bake Shop." In Canada the sign…
Forget bake off I think this should be our next history challenge!
The finalist of the bake off at Tonbridge Food and Drink Festival woth their amazing cakes! Well done!
Addiscombe Road Caterpillars having fun and learning to share during their own bake off
This woman on bake off was just like "I'm giving the doughnuts piercing blue eyes" they're Mr Price black googly eyes like
Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith calls for healthier recipes. Read more:
Bake off at cooked by 9 year old Zoe 👍🎂🍰
when you move and cut the cable bill, you find PBS has a wonderful show called The Great British Bake Off!
Let's hope someone shows up with cakes to be judged in the bake off soon...or I'll be disappointed I didn't enter 😂…
We tend to treat academic theory. As though we were icing a cake. A sprinkle of Bourdieu, a Butler shaped heart,.
Bake Off judge calls for 'healthy' cakes and slams Tory plan to scrap free school dinners. reports. https:/…
Seems the culprit was "Bake Animation" on export, turning it off let's me use a generic rig and everything works for the…
Get involved in the Bake Off and you could be the proud winner of the coveted golden spoon
Nadiya from Bake Off is going to Mecca with an all-Muslim TV crew to make a documentary Bake Off champion Candice Brown reveals what she really thinks of the new judges and Channel 4 m...
Bake Off winner Candice Brown appears worse for wear during fun night out at Soho House
Here is just a quick recap from last weeks Bake Off at The Room Works Between Exeter Chiefs and Exeter City...
Spoke to the very funny and engaging Julian Barratt about Mindhorn, Noel Fielding doing Bake Off and Nathan Barley:
I came second in the staff Bake Off to celebrate the museum's centenary year!👨‍🍳 Trafalgar Square fountain m…
Russell Brand vows to become 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge after Noel Fielding named as new 'Bake Off' host
The BBC need a replacement for Bake Off. Why not a show based on spicy Caribbean cuisine? They could call it the Great British ***
They're having a laugh, aren't they? Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding new hosts on Bake Off:
Yeah Kris Marshall for next good choice. Best person left standing after Sandi Toksvig had got the Bake Off gig 😉
Yeah, drop excellent chef Tom Kerridge from Bake Off: CdlC and replace him with 'I don't know what sponge is' Angus Deyton. That'll work. :\
Really fancying Andrew from the Bake Off with his new beard. Why do beards have such magical properties? I LOVE THEM.
He was on Bake Off last year! Was it an oldie request on Simon Mayo?
decided to watch the Great British Bake Off from season 1 & this guy showed up in the 1st episode...I love this show
Escape to the Country is filling the void I have from finishing all of the Great British Bake Off on Netflix
Just clocked out of work. Get home, bake some pizza, squeeze some Fallout 4 in, and sleep. Mr. Schadenfreude, signing off.
why is the British bake off the best thing ever my little sister has me hooked on it now
Everyone who's talking about British Bake're right
We're obsessed with the Great British Bake Off. It's so perfect!
Cruising and pop on the Great British Bake Off...err Show for the first time. Da fuqqq, why'd they change…
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Shoutout to the team of illustrators who draw what everyone is baking on The Great British Bake Off.
also they literally DONT WIN ANYTHING. like american baking shows they win like a restaurant and $100,000 but great…
We're watching an old Great British Bake Off and I've decided if I'm ever on this show my showstopper will be a Cool S Cake.
Probably late to the game here but my heart is absolutely broken for Ian on Great British Bake Off.
Spending my Saturday night watching the Great British Bake Off is one of the best decisions I've made
Me: I'm going to find something profound and insightful to watch on Netflix. Also me: oooh, Great British Bake Off
Girls and Ladies from Gillingham held a Bake Off event with lots of creative cakes.
I watch The Great British Bake Off religiously because I love it. But I binge watch The Great…
Starting season 1 episode 1 of the Great British Bake Off.
The Great British Bake Off is the cutest got-dang show ever made and if you disagree, fight me.
We have sheet masks and Great British Bake Off and there is kpop playing in the other room ❤
Favorite thing about watching Great British Bake Off is repeating their British pronunciations back to the tv
This has ruined my Saturday night. And it was off to a wonderful go with the Great British Bake Off. Thanks, Netflix. :(
Michelle Keegan admits she would love to take part in the Great British Bake Off on…
If anyone is wondering how I did with my Twin Peaks mission, I made it 2 episodes before switch to Great British Bake Off.
Did you forget to wipe off your bake 😳
How have I not seen this: Great British Bake Off - SNL
Still this passionate about bake off
Michelle Keegan: Actress desperate to appear on Great British Bake Off
The Great British Bake Off is so pure I'm obsessed
New Bake Off co-stars Paul Hollywood and Noel Fielding on boys' night out
Being sick for the 1,000th time in a row and watching the Great British Bake Off AND missing Birthday bash is not how I
come watch Great British Bake Off with me.
Cut back on unhealthy fat! Instead of frying meat, bake, grill, or broil it. Take the skin off of meat. Take it easy on…
and I'm the bridge. welcome to the Great British Bake Off
this is what happens when you marathon The Great British Bake Off. You get cocky and make your own pastry
Bake & Shake Busty Emma is having a bake sale and that gives her a chance to show off
Question for Tamal from Great British Bake Off: Single??? Looking for a nice gal? Just wondering.
TODLR is asleep. I'm going to drink rosé and watch British Bake Off.
I watched the Great British Bake Off (along with a gazillion other things) as wrote my dissertation.
If only life was as dramatic as that episode of Bake Off where Deborah took Howard's custard by mistake.
About to taste test this this massive table of brownies in the Waterloo School 'Big Brownie Bake Off'.…
Michelle Keegan: I would love to show off my baps on Great British Bake Off
I really hope the rights to The Great British Bake Off revert back to Marvel :/
Scouring every issue ever of the NC Historical Review while half watching the Great British Bake Off kind of Saturd…
The Great British Bake Off is my absolute favourite show of the now and I don't know what I'll do once I'm out of seasons to watch.
Trying my hand at puff pastry. This is what The Great British Bake Off has done to me.
Calling ALL . Our Bake Off Val missed seeing him last night, let's fix that!! h…
Don't choke on yr wee ties reading this bake off: it's a hoot.
A new season of The Great British Bake Off is on Netflix!! Yaaay
Dear Netflix gods, please put the other seasons of The Great British Bake Off up. Thanks, Emily ❤️
The Great British Bake Off. we have it on netflix!
I think the reason I love Great British Bake Off so much is because the theme song sounds like a sims loading screen
Mr make this dream happen for Bake Off Val!!
Watching Eye in The Sky - only Bake Off has a chance of making the sale of bread half as compelling... featured in NBC s Science of Love
I am offended when people call Bake Off the Great British Baking Show bc they like give themselves away as knowing only the American title
I used to really like Sandi Toksvig - and then she goes and joins fake Bake Off! Very sad news and one more reason not to watch.
I am now aware that Noel Fielding is going to be one of the hosts of Bake Off and I’m going to have to move to the UK
Noel Fielding presenting Bake Off might even be better than Richard Ayoade presenting Bake Off. Wish they were doing it together. My men.
Noel Fielding hosting Bake Off is the most Channel 4 thing ever.
Noel Fielding hosting Bake Off - how good is British TV! Imagine the baffled Australian viewers if Sam Simmons hosted My…
Noel Fielding is a Clear and Present Danger to Bake Off
Fans fury as wacky Noel Fielding joins new Channel 4 Bake Off team -
Toksvig and Fielding to present Bake Off - The two presenters - Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding
We've gone through the whole programme without discussing the ramifications of pairing Noel Fielding with Sandi Toksvig on Bake Off!
Bake Off fans are as bad as the Top Gear lot. I hope Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig make doughnuts at the Cenotaph.
Hear "Prue Leith" - great, thought I'd give it a try. Then two more names mentioned - no more Bake Off for me
Have a great day Amy enjoy your works Bake Off day. Just have a little bit of cake at a time
Weekend Bake Off!. Challenge your friends to a bake off this weekend, check out my budget baking section for...
My work place is having a Bake Off day today. Going to be so much cake I feel sick already
Great British Bake Off champ Nadiya Hussain is back with a new show - here is the lowdown on the star cook
Thank you for recommending the Great British Bake Off, it's the only thing I've been watching for the past 2 weeks.
I feel really awful about myself and I'd like to drop off the face of the earth. I wanna bake cupcakes
Hit the nail on the head, also very relevent to a work in progress: via
do you have a banging brownie recipe I could share to help promote the Waterloo School Big Brownie Bake…
Should I watch the Great British Bake Off?
SAB is do a Bake off/silent auction on Wednesday, March 15 in Java Jays @ 8pm! If you didn't get…
Watching the pie episode of THE Great British Bake Off. On pi day. Fitting.
Enjoy Baking? The Fairtrade Bake Off is just for you!.
I deplore the public competition model ... a multi-millionaire author is brazenly asking us to work for free.
I am still struggling coming to terms with the fact we will never see Mel & Sue again on Bake Off.
If you don't watch what are you actually doing with your life???
Oo Netflix has a new season of The Great British Bake Off. Just in time for sick binge watching.
Have a poster-judging gig coming up. Watching Great British Bake Off for training
Design Competition as Bake-Off - like, "I'm rich, but want design advice for free"
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was watching the Great British Bake Off and they made a carrot cake- now I'm craving it even more.😭
No seriously, why is The Great British Bake Off called "Baking Show" on Netflix? Copyright? Drug reference? Insolence?
How do you apply to be on The Great British Bake Off? not as a contestant though, just one of the background goats.
Im super soft right now cause i just watched The Great British Bake Off and that show just relaxes me so much 😭😭
Apparently I appeared tall on bake off, in real life I'm small and elf like. Here's me with the giant http:…
Great British Bake Off: The tiramisu really has to be soaked. Me: I've never related to a dessert more.
staff member Angela Harris wins the bake off judged by renal patients - Well done! https…
I finished season one of The Great British Bake Off today and I'm so obsessed. BRB, ending this night with a stack…
I'm finally watching the Great British Bake Off and I get it. This is the best show. All the shows should be more like this show.
Baby & I been watching the Great British Bake Off and I'm pretty upset we finished all the seasons.
for fun I do embroidery and watch either The Great British Bake Off or Law & Order I am the most boring 😬
Note: tasty, but would lose Great British Bake Off in like the first ep
Great British Bake Off is the perfect balance of making me hungry & making me so anxious I'm exercising while I watch.
free time over spring break has been me watching the Great British Bake Off and napping aka living the DREAM.
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I wanna be friends with Ruby from Great British Bake Off tbh. She's great, and she's a crazy cat lady like me
Great British Bake Off Drinking Game: Drink every time: 1) a rose or lavender flavor is too strong
I don't even know. He was just trying to watch Great British Bake Off long distance w/his girlfriend. hahhaa
Someone on the Great Brit Bake Off exclaimed about her breadsticks, "oh look at them in there! They look so sweet!" and my heart is BURSTING
I started watching The Great British Bake Off. . Lord. Y'all were right. I'm addicted.
So my only question is, how are you gonna put the clay back on after you take it off? Can you just bake it on instead? 🤔
lmfao still tipsy still having a good *** time. I'm watching the Great British Bake Off it's amazing
The Great British Bake Off is like cake for your soul.
On a Bake Off Tom rabbit hole here... The man is a feminist. I'm going to add Prime Minister JT on my ongoing list of his look-a-likes.
Sue Perkins from Great British Bake Off is a lot like Rachel Maddox except she doesn't manipulate me for the sake o…
Why yes I have been watching a lot of Great British Bake Off why do you ask
Happy Pi Day! Show off how many digits of Pi you memorize. Alternatively, bake some pie and eat it, too.
The Great British Bake Off is so delicious I just want to drink a tub of sugar
Luc has set off the smoke detector 4 times already trying to bake 2 potatoes.
my new lifestyle consists of going to bed at 10 and binge watching The Great British Bake Off and NO OTHER THINGS.
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The technical challenge on this episode of Great British Bake Off looked so sweet it literally made my stomach turn.
I have 80 grand riding on this episode of Great British Bake Off. You guys may not hear from me for a while.
I am immensely unhappy with my life rn... so I'm gonna watch bake off
Bake off! CSOD Flour Power Baking teams and some fierce competition.
Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith 'behaves like a teenager' with her 'toyboy' husband
SAP at the BI Bake-Off: Uncovering Insights on the Leading Cause of Traffic Fatalities
Lmao I'm off manana too. Wake n Bake sis.
How would Mary Berry feel about me eating poptarts while I watch Bake Off?
Who spotted us on Mary Berry Every Day just now? Forget 'Bake Off', it's all about the 'Beer Off'!
Prue Leith expected to earn 'THREE TIMES more than Mary Berry' in Bake Off contract.
Drizzle and Mary Berry's gin face: what a double whammy from the first episode of Bake Off
ZB = one huge reason not to watch for me >> Nadiya Hussain and Zoë Ball to co-host BBC's answer to Bake Off
Nadiya Hussain and Zoe Ball to host rival BBC show when Bake Off moves to Channel 4 this year
Is this the new Bake Off? Nadiya Hussain and Zoe Ball team for BBC cookery competition
Mary Berry REFUSED to meet Channel 4 about Bake Off but still 'STANDS BY' Paul Hollywood
Mary Berry 'never tempted' to follow Bake Off to Channel 4 ^ITV
Mary Berry says she was 'never asked' to go with Bake Off to C4
Mary Berry admits she had "differences" with Paul Hollywood over Bake Off's Channel 4 move
Mary Berry 'stands by' Paul Hollywood after Bake Off move
...& it's so good to know 19 y/o *** women don't have that any more - Sue Perkins is presenting the Bake Off! Saudi Toksvig on QI!...
Swapping soggy bottoms for sonic screwdrivers? Neil Gaiman: 'Bake Off's Sue Perkins should be the next
Can't wait to spoil myself this Valentine's day and watch my favourite Tuesday show , Great British Bake Off
The Great British Everything: what comes after the Bake Off, Sewing Bee, Pottery Throw Down and Skinny Dip?…
||I was dropping off baked good for our sorority bake sale this morning and got a ticket :/
No. But I yearned for adverts to break up the BBC's Bake Off.
Prue Leith 'to take over from Mary Berry' on Great British Bake Off  -
Satisfaction as Rolling Clone judges bake off
Judging Great British Bake Off would be my dream, says Prue Leith
. Why is this News. Bake Off is just Drivel
TV cook Prue Leith has confirmed she's been in talks to take over from Mary Berry on The Great British Bake Off.
UK News - Prue Leith hopeful after Bake Off audition
me winning Valentine's charity bake off at work lots of hard work takeaway now needed
Treat the one you love this and get practising for the Cake-Off! Details: https:/…
OMG, ha. I couldn't open my oven after babyproofing, oldest tore it right off at 2yrs old. She REALLY wanted to bake cookies.
Thanks, also made some cupcakes! Interesting Bake Off news - look forward to seeing what C4 do with the show. :-)
Astronaut, take off. John Travolta, face off. In the kitchen, have a bake off. She gon' snort her whole *** face off
Prue Leith says it would be a "dream" to work on the revamped Great British Bake Off
Prue Leith hopeful after Bake Off audition FFS Is UK gone mad? headlines about this crap when world order flops
Prue Leith to be new Bake Off judge; easily my favourite Proclaimers song
Prue Leith tipped to replace Mary Berry as Bake Off judge
ITV decided not to make Bake Off bid because stars weren't signed up
Mary Berry has controversially named her favourite Bake Off contestant
Bake Off's Mel turned down Strictly Come Dancing: "If I did it, I'd want to be Ann Widdecombe"
Two birthday celebrations & a Bake Off in one night! Celebrate with Joe Gunn & Billy tomorrow at Sancho's. There wi…
Bake Off star Candice Brown rises to the occasion at school café opening
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
I had him and Katherine Ryan down for Bake Off
11 of the best Christmas Day TV shows including Frozen, Bake Off and Mrs Brown's Boys
The latest Bake Off rumour is, what I call, random
Bake Off star to give out free Christmas Pyes at UK's quietest station
Bake Off star to give out free mince pies at UK's quietest station
Could Miranda Hart be the next Bake Off presenter?
Bake Off's Nadiya Hussain reveals she was racially abused on a train
Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain says passenger REFUSED to sit next to her on the train…
Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain opens up about racist incident on the train .
The Normans' House Bake Off winner was Henry Bell. Graham Lawrence of The Maypole awarded the prize to him as winne…
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