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Bait Car

A bait car, also called a decoy car, is a vehicle used by law enforcement agencies to capture car thieves.

In the waiting room @ the car dealership and the news is playing on the only TV. During the politics segment, a lad…
Typical bait and switch. . Call it the free car bill, and then raise taxes so everyone p…
.deserves this kind of car wreck exchange for interviewing in the first place. Lets sto…
TV Idea: " Bait Car" but in the financial sector and instead of a car it's whatever people in the financial sector…
Yeye will have a look, no bait what I might do with them white ones is wear a baggy over it, till I get i…
Scared of his subreddit ✅ Hates his fans ✅ Scripted car jacking with the Alien ✅ Drug Addict ✅Date…
Totally fake news & just more bait to keep ponzi afloat.
Escalon has one funeral chapel, 4 pizza places, a bait shop, a boat shop, 6 car places, like 17 churches and still no Jam…
It’s this kind of bait and switch that makes liberals who have peace signs on their car uphold the constant imperia…
NEVER USE Bait and switch, stole money from me and my family. Rented a car in Anaheim to drop off in Portland…
I try to bait him hard today but just like his destroyed car, my taunt doesn't work anymore :>
Actually that would have been fun to watch... Maybe he could scream about how the Chinese are racis…
Took The Bait by Single Car Garage from the album Single Car Garage
Jason Camaro u were sitting in ur car earlier 4 hours 200 ft from my bait house ... You also followed me to Costco and back earlier today
My only concern is if my car match her clutch
Guard vs Mechanicus vs Orks vs Tau vs Chaos, in the end Chaos won but this was fun, also a awesome modified car for orks h…
All purpose parts banner
Niko could have stepped in the fire by car to bait xizt into peeking in the 19th round
Ik I’m not the only one who thinks when someone parks their car with windows down they trynna bait car me
Plus armed bank robbery, Christmas TV schedule, product recalls and more news nearby Irvington and...
Can ya do a law enforcement bait car 2 :)
Polecat remember the bait car can you do another one please?
Especially kuwait mafeha good public transport system! They r just assuming elkil have an extra car bel bait
OK. So I guess congress needs to re-work the bill then. Or the public needs to stop mildlessly suppor…
Guys, Gruden is not and was never interested in the job at UT. We float his name ou…
Looking at click bait headlines, why does someone have to "Win" with the best EV? No one won with petrol, wouldn't…
I am blissfully happy to thank for making my dream come true and also the special thanks to ASMA SAID B…
I have no sympathy for bait car criminals. You went for the low hanging fruit and paid the price.
I saw a girl with a click bait hoodie on Friday and I freaked out in the car lol
In between our small talk, a group of Pinoys approached her for photos. One by one pa!…
It's not entrapment. It's a would-be criminal's choice to steal the bait car. No one made them steal the car.
Say it aint so jack will not go. start the car i will drive him there myse…
domain names
Bait car was taken. Shooting started at Ramada Inn. Chase led to 3 Cops shot.
Sure...another car for that show 'bait car'...
i'm bucked up Bait Car about to come on. i used to stay watching that son 😂
Keep drinking the koolaid ... And you will probably, maybe land on your feet. ;…
Seriously Why tout the style of your new car, along with small print that says "pre production model"…
How not to dispose of your waste bait.
| •. - bait on talk 'sensible on four wheels.' "Still a petrol drinking car. A Honda Civic...or a Vol…
I refuse to go on that papers website as it's full of click bait. I don't wanna do…
Granted I didn't have like 2k to get out there, or a car, or anything that'd help me. But, it was like this little bait, yelling at me.
I'm watching bait car it's quite stunning the ethnic stats , what does Diane Abbott have to say or David wind bag lammy
I just had the worst car buying experience at your dealership. You tried to pull a bait and switch on me despite having
Someone should make a bait car for antifa painted 🇺🇸 all over and decked out in bulle…
If you're in the mood to watch Comedy on the Boob Tube early this morning, go ahead and check out Bait Car on the Justice Channel,34.4!😂
Shenanigans St. Michael "Mickee" McGee Rescued. was Dog Bait 1997 to 2016 RIP Kept me alert til he…
Give out free hugs or go full click bait and offer a free car to every new person the send them all toy cars xD
Bait Car is something I miss so much. I remember how addicted I was & I would tell people about it & they ended up binging. GOSH that was 👌🏽
Lol they probably thought it was a bait car 😂😂
you are the guest star on Bait Car.
I entered a giveaway for a chance to win "Iteasier Car Storage Organizer, Backseat Headre..." by Iteasier.
It's a sign up saying it's a bait car in the area 😂😂😂 I fasho stay in the hood
My car got totalled part 2? I'm just joking congrats man but it would be sick *** click bait
The Wire. Martin. In the heat of the night. To catch a predator. Bait Car.
Bait car experiment. What this army veteran does is heart breaking via
This should be a set up. . Just like Bait Car
Bait Car 😂😂😂 I shouldn't be laughing but the reactions when they get caught are funny af
Bait Car . Why do they always fall for these traps ?. 😂😂😂
And you don't click bait? Remember I am not the one who complained in dms saying "I am having trouble paying for my car"
*** yeah~ I forgot to take out the fish bait in my car~ haiyaa~ gr~
No different than "dealer fees" at a car dealership, just a scam to bait and hook with lower prices, a…
Police ask for help finding man who attempted to steal bait car
Would you ever consider employing a bait car in this situation?
Great video. I used to love the Bait Car show.
I hate when a needy *** person try to bait me in to offering them something. Them: My car broke down, I gotta get…
It's interesting to see censor titles with "death", yet "OMG MY MOM GOT HIT BY A CAR" click bait BS slips by unnoticed.
The drive home from the chinese is pua *** when ya have bait in the car like
WATCH: - Offender tries to steal a bait car. Do you know who he is? Help get him behind bars. Call: (505) 242-COPS
Reminds me to get the Car Washed...
"Bait Boy" run on the 500th has nearly caused one trip, one fall, and one car crash due to laughter.
Belters of chop in a police car is bait
U definitely are! Forever seeing your whip flying about the blocks! Ur car plate is bait my *** 😭
Haven't you ever seen the show Bait Car??
.thank you courtTV for bringing back from the brink of death. please bring back bait car now
I liked a video Bait Car In the Hood
Even the bait ones like 'Is this your car?' and 'Are you a named driver?' got thrown in so casj as if we were talking about the weather.
I liked a video Majira and Nos yet again are trapped in my car live stream (not click bait)
Abilene man indicted for stealing $20,000 of copper busted after stealing from ‘bait' car -->
How can we get some bait cars in Brookswood? Car theft/breakins like crazy last 6 months. We need to stem this.
The bait & switch President. Would u buy a used car from this man?.
I'm so smart Why did David dobrik cross the road . I don't know why . To get hit by a car for click bait
He blocked me for saying click bait, nothing else. There was no hate, just being rea…
I liked a video from RAT TRAP BAIT CAR PRANK!!
Wasn't there a tv show "Bait Car"? Now we have Bait Pokémon. Let's apply this to something else to get "bad guys".
If y'all never watched Bait Car, do it now 🌝
I liked a video from LCPDFR SP Part 1 - Bait Car
She left her windows down and everything. Insurance fraud scheme? Bait car? We're analyzing all scenarios lol
If you're going to be a thief, watch tv. Bait Car has to be the oldest trick in the book.
Y'all got some nice parents bc that's the "do you want me to beat tf outta you in this car" reach.
Free Car wash brought to you by the aka the
He just laughs at me how he tries his hardest to not make it bait but I ended up just kissing him and then jumping out the car😂
*takes bait car*. *Picks up police officer posing as a hooker*. * gets double busted*
I liked a video from ELECTRIC BAIT CAR PRANK!!
Ever actually watch programs covering crime and violence on tv? Cops, bait car, locked-up? Is it bias? Or factual?
RIP my ParkerBoo. 2/25/97-3/19/14. Bait dog, struck by lightning, poisoned, hit by car, most of ALL, BELOVED
T.V. "breaking news/stand by for news" is just click bait in the grand scheme of things. Oh magawd, there's a car on the shoulder!
Jail bait car washes are the worst.
Bait Car is on. My level of excitement is borderline unexceptable
"Yo Nick look over me I'm gonna bait the car. Hold up I'm lagging."
IraqiSecurity: 25 civilians killed + dozens hurt after a car bomb blast at a market in Rashidiya… https:…
So they thought A' wasn't going to take the car as bait. How naive. 🙄
there was no one inside of the car. It could possibly be a bait car, who knows
I heard the assailant wouldn't take the BAIT of police, her getaway car is speeding down the turnPIKE toward BASS Pro Shops.
. Just watch Bait Car or Alaska State Troopers to see the stupidity cops have to deal with.
Car loaded bait sorted alarm set already for another cracking day at.the stunning let's hope them fish are hungry
Bait car taught me that cops spend all day setting *** up instead of finding real ppl that break the law
Is Trump running a "bait and switch" campaign or is he a used car salesman ? Either way, he should not be taken at his word.
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.Watch "Bait Car" to see entrapment of low income people!
🍦⚡ I really do love bait car tho loll ⚡🍦
Toyota prius is the most bait uber driver car
I miss the bait car show they need to set up some bait cars and park them on the north side of Milwaukee lmao
60 bucks with the smog certificate to get my car smog easy no bait and switch :) (@ Speedy Smog) on
Mufuka tried to kill me. I tossed my burger at it as bait & left the car, Kids still in it. Every man for themselves
How is my uber driver farting, there's only 2 of us in the car ffs not bait at all🙃🤔
I liked a video Leaving Car OPEN Prank (MCLAREN EDITION) - Bait Car Prank in the Hood 2016
Attack on Farhan Ali Waris's car? He's safe but basically anyone who loves Hazrat Muhammad (saww) & Ahle Bait (as) will be assassinated?
Just saw a short bus all tie die painted getting strip searched. That's profiling at its finest! Little do they know that's the bait car lol
Americans aren't stupid, under Republicans they could get homes, car loans were cheaper as w/college. Dems lie too bait & switch.
good thing I rejected infinity brand I bought your bait car! BMW at 78229, no recall on Beemer
In the future, self-driving cars use routes influenced by the purchasing analytics of the car's occupants.
Watching The Bait! Love hearing the stories. Thanks 4 wearing a sprint car shirt. Come to CA or AZ & you can drive one!!
This CLEARLY looks like I'm setting up my car as a "bait car"... But it was just ME dropping my key before running:(
Left my cuttin board and knifes from fishin in my car all day.. I get in after work and it smells like a bait shop. 😷
Sign up now for my Summer Camp. Activities include games such as Dodge Car, Shark Bait, plus a week long course on How…
Update: my car still smells like the bait.😭
try having it spotted in your front yard 🙂 I feel like bait just going to my car
reserved a mid size car for $125.40/wk when I got there they tried to give me a compact for $137/wk...bait & switch. Not happy!
Can't decide to lease or buy a car. Or what car. I'm fresh bait for salespeople
I don't know what your thoughts are but I don't agree with the method they use to lure people into commiting crime on Bait car
Sitting here watching "bait car" on the justice network, because we have like 10 channels lmao
. I wish the aliens would run a bait car operation with one of their craft. I might fall for that.
White truck in front of my house windows downs keys in the ignition sounds like a bait car!
Early message was he couldn't be bought b/c he was paying himself. Now he wants backers to chip in. Classic b…
I bought Dylan bait last night and left it in my car all day in the sun & it no longer smells like a new car 😐
They didn't show my episode on Bait car because I got head in the whip and I got away from the 🐷🐷 but I did da same thing on Cops
Bear breaks into and destroys West Van car.. Should there be a revised bait car program?
I have catfish bait in the back of my car and I think it has leaked 😷😷😷
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
- Man and woman arrested in bait car .
I'm literally cop bait but whatever I love my car. and I love driving standard
Car broke down in a bait and tackle parking lot.
Bait Car could be the funniest show I have ever seen
I liked a video from Bait McLaren Prank - Electric Bait Car
I'm *** near starting to think there's a bait car by the tilt it's no way every time I walk past this car the windows down with the keys in
Dear children, this is what you call a "bait car".
I love the bait and switch game that car dealerships play. It's a ton of fun!
Sylvan Lake Mounties are looking for a car thief after their bait car was ... stolen.
Internet car Dealer Sales often are Bait N Switch. Ask then to give you out the door price as advertised or report dealership to BBB.
IamAkademiks: This sound like every episode of Bait Car
Some day I'm going to remember to keep a bait bucket in my car.
Poop. The car I was ready to buy was sent to auction yesterday (unless that's a line salespeople use to bait and...
This sound like every episode of Bait Car
I liked a video from GTA 5 LSPDFR SP - (Bait Car) Ghost Man on 13
Breast Cancer Awareness
Got ammy in the car like I can't get flash I bait I know I pick up my keys and do roads £💸💷
Ka Firrs in South Africa are so lucky not to have "bait cars" as there won't be enough jail space for all car takers. They take everything.
80 Catfish fishing is all about catching catfish. Nothi
This bait car program needs to come here in SA😂😂
Im watching bait cars and 9 out of 10 of the car thieves are black.
The ambulance are just looking at him like. Bait bait bait. So he hears the fed car approaching. When I say this guy stopped fitting
*** be like if I go to jail then I'll have clout.. lemme go jump ina bait car
Why do they only target black neighbourhoods on Bait Car?
Lmfaoo I had never heard of Bait Car so I youtubed it and this excuse was hilarious
Why you gonna bait yourself up and put a picture of a car u robbed on Instagram
My dad kicked me out of the car... :-\
The show Bait Car is entrapment!! & racist!! What a waste of time & money. Shouldn't police fight crime, not cause it?
she was a bait dog and used for breeding. Once she was "used up" they supposedly kicked her out of a car into the street
How you thought I made the call when both of us in the car and u doe hear me go on the phone... how? Doe use me as bait pls
Explain a "bait and switch" to them. It's a used car salesmen tactic.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
They got a bait car out here at Walmart not finna get me tho 🙅🏽🚨🚔
if ur car use Mobil One oil u have to pay...bait and meineke,free oil change is just for basic service..
Men, Poritsky said, you’re going to bait it with Devil’s-food cake. One of the major theories to come out of the car, one of the enemy.
Well someone better tell she left her sweatshirts and cd's in car.
The General Lee jumped its very first jump on this day back in 1978.
Watching bait car thinking ain't this the same country that says the justice system as well as the prisons are overcrowded?
Bait car In Richmond lol...looking obvious as ever
Flipping through channels and Bait Car is on!
Either I just saw a bait car, or someone was tweaking. They had the interior lights on, with the doors unlocked.
There isn't one car I like that isn't a car that black boys my age range drive. 1 series, Astra, A3 & A Class. All bait young black men cars
LOL this *** on bait car. 5 cops run up to him hollering "put your hands up" and he lights up a ciggie. dass.
Bait Car. The look on those suspect's faces when the car is killed. Priceless.
CBS reality, Bait Car is that lawful?? Ayy man.
Bait la familiar with motorized vehicle else railway car loans if it assimilate acception history: LPukBj
Sammi looks at me earlier and says "oh that's yours. it came out of your car" it was catfish bait.? 😂😂😂
Order Miche Bag Online!
How was the show bait car even legal
My brother drove my car and left chicken liver bait in the back seat while its 100° degrees outside 😂
Bait an misspent universal differently passenger car loans if my humble self con net history: ktqRap
How is my car so bait and I've only had it 5 months
Tell me there's anything more bait than my dad picking me up in his cop car rn
So the show Bait Car is really just showing how the justice system is flawed
My criminal justice professor told my class it's alright to steal a running car because they don't do bait cars here😂😂
Payless car rental company is absolutely the worst!!. Bait and switch, hidden charges and terrible customer service .
Spoon says was "motionless in his car. It was a slow rolling chase. Made me think he was trying to bait me in to hurt me."
I'm including a CD with all these 'Bait' orders, so anyone who wants it in their new car stereo can play it :-)
My homies brother was on bait car I'm weak 😂😂😂😂
You guys asked for bait car, so I did it.
I've always wondered. Is that the same car as the bait car in the episode with Lori. Do you know the one I mean?
Shame on you for your click bait headline: Baby dies after being left in hot car: hear the Oklahoma mother’s frantic 911 call
Just throwing bait to the wolves...DMs looking like a Saturday morning car auction...all kinds of bids in
I saw on there's a change bandit? Bait car with 5 rolls of quarters in veiw will do it!
I'm trying to bait him up so nicely bc I want a new car
They gave me a price quote on a car. Out the door price, however after a 3hr drive, and over an hour in their office they pull a bait and
I was watching BAIT CAR and these two guys 20ish get in the car and the passenger says to to the driver, "Just...
Didnt even talk about the baby other than it was in a car seat... Click bait much?
I liked a video from LSPDFR SP E34 - More Bait Car!
I liked a video from GTA V: LSPDFR Bait Car - Undercover Landstalker!
on the realo man! Lol the car ahead of me took the bait. I wuz lik 👀👀 bruh n almost missed my exit lol
Bait Car Woman Takes the Bait and Gets Propositioned by Men via
Watching bait car. Wondering why no one ever wears seatbelts not even the cops
Bait Car is so stupid lol they literally create problems for no reason
Awww I couldn't my bait was in the car he would've been jealous😩😂
Just heard a girl scream twice with then a car speeding and screeching off...reading was less bait than this!
Someone put bait car in the outlet mall parking lot 😂
We have bait car, why can't we have bait cop
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I'm sick guys. Otherwise there would be more bait car today. :(
Help us Heal Sweet Paws, used as Bait dog Dragged by Car
Had to pack up cuz out of bait plus we're off out to dinner at 8pm. Waiting a few minutes for Carrie to pick me up in the car
You've seen the ads. Find out if $19 car insurance is for real or just click bait.
I love watching dumb people on bait car, it's like, you know that car is not yours, so what are you really thinking about!
I added a video to a playlist Lcpdfr Ep 1 Bait Car
Busted, worn-out rental car. Lies. Fake "upgrades". pulled some infamous bait & switch on me today. BBB complaint headed your way.
NEW No money down! $47/mo! SOUND THE ALARM BELLS... A more than 600 fell for
A1: Bait & switch: dealer advertises a car with a great price, but it’s gone when you get there
Hey I just followed you on periscope..Maybe the car was bait for thieves. There was a show like that on TRUtv.
Car insurance is the bane of my life atm they're all bait
Petition | Bait dog used for fights, tossed out of moving car when no longer needed! Sign for Magdalen!
When the Maserati is parked at the car wash and the kasi community assign you as the 'Tender Bait'
Check out what I found. CARP Fish Fishing Decal / Vinyl Sticker for Window / Boat / Car / Bait Bucket via
Toumaki: "And like a car crash you change my scene. You bumped into me and now my light is always green"
Took my car on the beach for the first time too 😁 didn't get stuck 😈
Lowkey found a bait car in front of Yogurtland I think😑
New post added at. Cheapest Car Insurance - Why Auto Dealers Get Away With Bait and Switch so Often
Nah we were afraid it was a bait poster like that show bait car where they put a running car in the ghetto and arrest people
Bait being in the car when it nearly flips😅
This is exactly what this criminal justice system want, that was probably a bait car but look how they put it out
I truly believe this is a bait car sittting outside my house.
How to stop stupid people from voting? Easy. Use a Bait Car.
The new chief is being set up by allowing these portable toilets. An attractive nuances. Bait. Remember the bait car
Used to love that show Bait Car. The excuses these mopes would come with were epic For some reason they were always Latino or black
This guy is a genius with close relation to the bait bike thieves.
Scumbags tossed Magdalen out of a moving car onto a busy highway. She was a bait dog in a fighting ring
A guy pulled over in his car and asked if I had seen his puppy. Is it narcissistic to wonder if he was trying to bait and abduct me???
Note to self...never leave bait in a car...
RESCUED! . A two-and-a-half-year-old pit bull was pushed out of a car on Tuesday morning into oncoming traffic in...
they are lying to me by showing me abundant car availability, I find it hard that this isn't called "bait & switch"
Girlfriend steals a bait car for his boyfriend! Nice relationship!.
I'm pretty sure we parked next to a bait car in Hemet
Bait car arrest: Stopping career criminals . Arrested over 50 times!.
Watching bait car.this guy got caught of course officer asked him was he a mechanic and he said. No im Mexican lok
On the Chicago episode of Bait Car, TruTv replace "On BD" with "Old Biddy"🌚
they baited for lions outside the park. Cecil followed them because he smelled the bait in the car.
Bait car. Can't believe people fall for that nonsense
Car was stolen last week. Bike stolen last night. Thinking of leaving running shoes out as bait.
if you've never watched the show Bait Car, do yourself a favor and watch it!
Taking the car fishing .. doesn't mean use the car as your bait ...
I hope the people driving around IC stealing dogs for bait dogs come to my street so I can personally run them over with my car, repeatedly
I left a container of catfish stink bait in my car over the weekend while I was out of town and now it smells like a rotting...
you just love to bait my life out 😅😂😭 done it yesterday in the car now this!! Stop exposing pls
I'm sure if Westland could get away with bait and switching the car you pick with a dinner table they would, too.
Bait car at the at the Texaco in Diamond Hill by Food City don't fall for it
Just found out Julie let's Millie pee in her bait box if she is caught short in the car.
A car is only credit bait! Spot on from EUReferendum blog explaining how UK car jobs are at risk with UK IN the EU
Swear there's a Bait Car on Washington too! Charger was just ironically Chillin there, running, with nobody in sight.
This man rescued this pitbull from being a bait dog and this is them being reunited. (For anyone having a bad day)
Working on a new reality show that has a martial arts expert trapping auto thieves. It's called "Master Bait Car."
Trap house... Is this just like bait car? 👮🏽
I have ants in my car! Put bait traps under the seats, so hopefully that'll take care of it 🚗🐜🐜🐜
Here is what I will be watching on Tonight Part 2, Sportscenter in HD TMZ Hollywood Sports in HD at 1:00AM, Bait Car 1:30
The monster has taken the bait though, and my emotions are mostly manageable. Although common sense says driving a car is a no-no still.
The way was shouting abuse at strangers in town😳 like my car isn't bait or anything... Apologies to anyone who got abused☺️
poemzilla: Reality is a bait car > The is your transport to infinite destinations.. MarkOrdesky
Live bait is great except when the box opens and spills in your car
Bait Car has to be the most evil thing ever. . 😢
How can a car full of people bait my singing on their snapchats let me get discovered properly first fgs
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
It's a bait car on 8 mile lights on n everything 😭
Ppl aren't smart. I'm watching a show called bait car All in L.A. Most of them knew it was a bait car and still stole it 😩😂
I wish Bait Car or Parking Wars was on
when is showing bait car I'll sneak over to ;-)
body of evidence a double header. followed by the investigators! Only show I hate is bait car
Next whip you're gonna see on bait car
Bait car is so irritating like its really not fair lol it's a set up but these ppl so dumb to fall for it
We just passed the best business ever. Symphony of Suds Car Wash-And Live Bait
When the floatie doesn't fit in the car... Buy bungee cords from the bait shop.
I swear I just walked by a bait car 😂 keys in the ignition, door slightly open, and the car was running.
Crafting a complaint email to Hertz for giving me a bait & switch once more on my vacation car rental. Won't be using the…
i really HATE the Show Cops and Bait Car
CBSreality gotta stop these repeats of bait car. I've seen all these episodes
spend $10 mill on video n social media why I should by a car from u rather than contest bait
Brung on I was running and you hit me with your car. You used me as bait to draw Scott in. Or tried.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Posted a new song: "2tyght-Bait Car (For promotional use only: not for sale)"
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