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Bait Car

A bait car, also called a decoy car, is a vehicle used by law enforcement agencies to capture car thieves.

Judge Judy

I'm watching a show about grand theft auto and I'm 100% certain I've closed the door of a bait car.
Lol this guy on 'Bait Car' sounds like a less angry DMX. **I'm ready to go to jail, lets go** yah neh.
Bait car is another institution to oppress black and brown people
So my brother found a box with 1/2 a donut left in a parking lot & decided to leave it in my car as bait. I ALMOST ATE A PARKING LOT DONUT.
Bait people enuff rope to hang themselves with, & a cable television station broadcast it on...
So I think there's a bait car in our movie theater parking lot lol
Appreciated lecture that bait & switch is only when car vs. price changes. Classy. :(
"And every whip in the garage laced!. Keep that thing in the guitar case!. Bait the cops into a car chase!"
I just got out of work and I lock the door and look at the parking lot and I see ppl straight making out😳 most awk thing I saw all day
When you see your friend in the car in front of you
Roberto Navarro about to be sentenced for Cherry Auction car sale bait murder. He was NOT the shooter, but will serve 25 years as accomplice
I'm having some major issues with getting my car fixed correctly
BAIT CAR on CBS Reality makes it hard for guys to steal cars..this is some BS
Me & Jade slept in my car last night because we broke down outside a bait store in Garrison.
Bait Car is entrapment like a motherfvcker.
Selling my GT only a couple months after buying it seeing as it's the most bait car I've ever had the privilege of driving πŸ˜ πŸ˜”
Japanese Parking company just pulled the bait and switch on me. Don't tell you about the holiday surcharge until you drop your car off.
Oh yeah asking your mom for Febreze right before you go pick up your grandparents in your car isn't bait at all...
ever watched the bait car reality programme. I am doing an article on minorities in the media. I thank this programme.
They got this bait car sitting in the middle of the parking lot with keys in it waiting to be stole and I seen this car here 4days ago
Cops use bait cars to catch car thieves. Any chance we can use a bait theater for these bizarre movie terrorists?
I had a really bad experience at a car dealership yesterday. They actually tried to play the bait and switch...
That's soo bait mom takes the car n i have to go to my ortho in st-leo...
The dudes who get busted on this show Bait car , have the dumbest excuses in the world.
. if there is so much crime out there . Why do cop create crime. (Bait car, entrapment ect.
The FACT is that cops WANT to arrest people. It should be the other way around. Watch the show bait car sometime. When
Definition of click bait MT WATCH: Authorities clean up scene after 2 middle schoolers were hit by car on walk to school (link)
The definition of having a car in highschool is leaving early to poop in your own bathroom
The real issue is how to get another job, ship off to Alaska, purchase a motor bike for 3 months and then buy a cool car
Watching Bait car and thinking america has got some brazen criminals
Entrprs took my resvr this morning & cancld it 4 hrs later. Finds me car at anthr store - but costs $10 more.
Update your maps at Navteq
Ch. 13 Reports Pct 5 undercover deputy in bait car lets suspects walk away after attempting to brea…
Dollar Rent a Car is awful to deal with. They bait and switch on the insurances and put them even if you don't want it! Terrible!
I don't get the concept behind bait car.. Like why though?!
Cowboy steals "bait car" in Albuquerque. Doesn't make it to the promised land.
Jamies washing my car this weekend lol
Oh great forgot my charger in my car smh right now
So mad my mom wont let me steal her car to stalk DECA and summerset tomorrow
I'm a muhfugga race car homie you is a muhfugga bait car don't even be on chill chicks radar
Bait car activation leads to arrest of North Okanagan man: A 31-year-old North Okanagan man is facing ...
North Okanagan man busted in 'bait car'
Bait sled program pays off: You've probably heard of a bait car, but have you heard of a bait sled? There's a good…
me to but the second I pull up next to another car I shut up real quick lmaoo
I can't watch bait car again sef.i'm paranoid.
Lmfao I swear I could sing when I'm driving in the car bumpin hits
FBI up tryna buy challengers bait car for sting operations😳
am sticking a tracker on yer car. Just like bait car engine will cut oot if ye go near Asda
Bruh if my dude even attempted to drive off in my car, I'm instantly calling Hyundai & asking them to turn the car off. Like a mf'n bait car
The show Bait Car is a bit racist always Black people robbing the cars ?
My old roommates 92 accord got stolen for the 3rd time this week. Think the Honolulu PD will buy it to use as a bait car?
These *** set you up like bait car if i was you i won't chase em
I think we need to put more bait packs in the car. Maybe 2 in the boot. These bait should work. Worked on the Kangoo. :/
When mum asks what's the smell in the car is; bait.
Bait car.clever way to catch car jackers!!
Just saw a sign from police that said a bait car might be in the area lol
"Gotta be a bait car lol ya trunk open B lol
. Bait & Switch when will they learn to R-E-A-D before agreeing? Car salesmen must love these people!
i find your bait car reality series racist.The bait car is always placed in areas populated by poor minorities.
if you are trapped by Bait Car's transparently fresh snare, hand me your black man 's card! The *** community frowns upon your shenanigans
More controversial criminal catching at 11am and 4pm as the Bait Car hits the streets of the USA. Do you think this would work in the UK?
"I put some bait out and then I hit it with my car"
Ever hear of the β€œbait and switch?” Before signing on the dotted line for your next car, get familiar with some...
I don't feel good about the car; I think it's exploitative click bait. But the stretcher is repulsive.
Police to deploy Bait Car in order to keep fat *** useless dumb officers busy away from donut shops
Jus watching bait car ...this is entrapment...
I'm watching cops on the spike tv channel and this 14 year boy a stole a bait car and he tried to sallow his weed also had a screwdriver SMH right now! 14 and he knows all this stuff I worry about our youth very much all I have to say love your kids to the fullest!!!
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ their expressions on cam when the car dies tho 😩 β€œBait car is funny.”
Remember the geeza in a smart car with the bait prostitute "des *** ain't loyal" πŸ˜‚
Got back from run to this. thought he'd make it look like a bait car to deter theft.
good grief. I was hoping that was a link bait headline, but no it was accurate. What a car crash
except it's also about women being physically assaulted, not just free speech. We aren't a bait car for this idea of justice.
I lowkey think this car that popped up in my neighborhood a few days ago. Is one of those bait cars
Chapman Ford did the price bait to me. I walked out and bought exact same car at Bell Ford instead. Much better experience.
Im a taxi driver tonightπŸ˜‚ anyone want a ride in a rental car not in my name?(;
Before you steal that car, is looking to expand program |
Happy to announce I have never been on an episode of COPS,or Bait Car, or that 1 that pretends they are juveniles or any such.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
A TV show that I really like is Bait Car, especially when they have the Chicago episodes
Man I HATE the show bait car cuz all you see is black folks cuz that ALL the show is designed to catch. Easy way to get us off the street‼️
Apparently, a car is stolen in Britain ever 6 minutes. It must be one of those 'bait cars' in a really bad area...
It warms my heart to see the people that take the car on Bait Car are just driving it to the police station so no one steals it!
Capitalizing off targeted folks and setting them up for failure.dumb concepts β€” watching Bait Car
Ok the show Bait Car is a joke! Y'all *** wasting my tax money setting up traps.
Bait car is the funniest show ever ... These *** πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Bait car is the funniest show on television.
Watching bait car and realizing how stupid those people are for falling for it. ...ya *** Lol
Bait car remains one of the most messed up shows on TV
Watching bait car is like *** how dumb can you be. Keys left in the car in the middle of the city with the windows down. Smh
You put a bait car in a black community, to get BLACK MEN to steal it but yet you make no effort to bring education into the community!!!
Bait car got me dying over here lol
Lmao watching bait car. This lil boy said "oh my god! On my mama we got a whip. I got a car!"
People on the show BAIT CAR are dumb AF to randomly steal a carπŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Me and Ma watching bait car πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she talking about some "run boy, climb out the window" like nooo Ma they deserve to go to jail πŸ˜‚πŸ’€
They left him hangin on bait car lmao
Watching Bait Car, dumbest ppl on here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Watching bait car this ish is hilarious
Watching bait car and this knee ughh
These fools on bait car are straight clowns!
Bait car never fails to make me laugh
Bait car on CBS, this show actually setting up black males to intentionally steal marked police vehicles.
I just don't understand bait car I mean are those people criminals?naaah car
Theres been 10 dollars sittin in this drawers in an envelope at my job. I think they tryna bait car my *** homie
I liked a video Bait Car - Woman Takes the Bait and Gets Propositioned by Men
good choice on wades car. Kyles car is too nice to have down here and your rims are basically black man bait
Like dude I told you I would buy a new car if you worked it out for me and no one took the bait. He did πŸ’
Bait and Switch has car customers seeing red - Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5
it's actually called 'Bait Car' which is worse. They stage people running off for emergencies and leaving their car door unlocked.
it's called Car Bait and they're putting massive expensive cars in some of the poorest areas of America and entrapment people
Bait Car is jokes, only in America they purposely allow people to steal cars then catch them. Send them to Judge Judy.
Watching bait car while this perm sit
*** PERP OF THE WEEK:. BAIT CAR:. Cops surround bait car. Perp exits bait car, hands on head. Perp claims he was never in the bait car.
Controversial criminal capturing @ 11am + 4pm as the Bait Car Police officers take to the streets of USA with their specially built vehicle
I already think that ALL "reality" shows are scripted. Except Bait Car! That's the only realistic one to me
Using a faster car for bait is fun police pull them over while we just follow
Car smells so bad due to 2 things, need to clear out all then empty Stella cans as that's just bait and 2 just drove home with handbrake on
Bait Car is fast becoming my favourite tv programme
They caught a guy with a hooker in the bait car and then let her go because she entered the car with intentions of prostitution not theft.
I feel like I'm on bait car. This man just hopped out his Benz in this parking lot left the door wide open and walked away 😳
out of her car. License: 91TRAI. I stopped. "Is that you?" Her head took about a second to swivel. Walking back, I checked the bait plate
The law so petty man little did I know there's a bait car behind Sam's dairy smh
lets hire fake drunk girls as decoys and bust these guys like in Bait CarπŸ˜ƒ
Had to drop over 600 so far this month 😡 on my car and tags
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Watching bait car now on CBS reality πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
I added a video to a playlist BAIT CAR TEAM (And Terrorist Attack)
People still steal cars??? I thought bait car killed that vibe
I'd happily be live bait in the event of an apocalypse if I could drive around In a car playing professional griefers at full volume
Ima just lay here and watch bait car
How I would be If I was on the TV show "Bait Car"
Bait Car, the controversial series that goes inside stolen cars as the theft is taking place with hidden cameras continues at 4pm.
β€œSuper sketchy...there's a parked car with the door wide open like no one around at all...”--bait car
Police using 'bait' to stop car thieves, break-ins
The people on Bait Car are so stupid. Like do you think a person would just leave keys in the lock like that?
yeah, those tax reductions are crumbs. He's throwing crumbs. $100 car tax savings? Many are smart not to take the bait.
Chick alone at a bar... That's like bait car
I remember spitting game at Jennifer when I was like 7 lol. She fell asleep on my shoulder on a long car ride to NM. I got the bait son. 😏
My dad spilled idk how many day old bait water in his car 😷😷😷
Nothing like a bait and switch when you're looking for a car. This broad made me walk over a mile!
I like watching 'Bait Car' but I don't really like the plan on entrapment they put into action.
Bait Car is the greatest tv show ever made
Bait Car is as sly as it gets like.
The same car pulls up outside my house and then bare people get in and out. Bait drug deal
Been watching bait car for 3 hours, coooll
At mills race laying in the sun listening to a band and watching a thunderbird car parade with a dip in. Best afternoon ever
I liked a video Bait Car - Man Cops Suspect Is Just Trying to Help
How Tesla and new car technologies could make auto dealer's "bait" obsolete
Jerry springer,Trisha,bait car,repo operation,lizard lick tower,pawn star and steve harvey.those are the kind of shows i fux with
Bait walk to the car in boot cut trackies lol
if told me to get in the car, they wouldn't need anything as bait just them! Not even candy!
I swear they have bait car at Stonewood Lol or else I'm trippingg
That car was so bait lol but it was so retro
Chuck and Sam were fishing for catfish that bait is stinky!! Now in the car he's telling everybody to smell his...
I have a car an apartment and all u can smoke buffet at my house... Y don't I have any bait😩
Don't go to for a new car. Bait/Switch and don't honor ads. was amazing even to a non-buyer.
I didn't get the car. Ill b damned if I walk these long *** blocks I feel like bait to hese crips πŸ˜„
…up the baddies car. Just calmly walk away and don't rise to any bait. They may wish to renegotiate on your terms, and still…
Think the pigs just tried to hit me with the bait car.sorry *** no self locking door videos for me
Its really a bait car over here on the west
I used to watch bait car all night and fart and laugh
I liked a video from LCPDFR MP Season 2 Ep. 22 : Bait Car Operation with Buggs
It's like Bait Car except misogynist pop-culture consumers are shown how much of their world is made by women.
I added a video to a playlist LCPDFR SP - Bait Car!
YOURE *** RIGHT !. !. !. !. !. Without them- the producers of Cops, Bait Car, and First 48 would have nobody to film.
I'm in a muthafuccin race car you in the muthafuccin bait car -
That or the cops are nearby waiting for you to hop in the bait car and drive off. :-P
Photo: Bait Car - I saw many of these posters pasted up in garage entrances all around Yaletown.
recently someone in Potrero Hill was threatening to set up a bait car and make a citizen's arrest. Seemed like a solid plan.
you need to get that bait car stuff installed, I bet she'd call when you cut it off and lock the doors lol
I swear I just seen a bait car at the mall.lmao
I liked a video from Webisode Bait Car and Dead Body
πŸ˜‚β€œI hear bait car is coming to Detroit.”
"THEY NEED TO PUT BAIT CAR ON NETFLIX" lmao people use to say the craziest things when the cops pulled uo on em
They had a bait car in Chicago. *** drove the whole time with the door cracked. Cops were pressed lmao.
I love kissing my woman between her shoulder blades while we watch bait car videos until our doctor calls us in from the waiting room.
I don't even need car air fresheners, I got bear bait and blue berry spray :)
Bait car here at the Trumbull mall lmao
Then he pulled up to car tryna get my number ...I'm jail bait sir.
Not very smart to leave your car running with the door wide open while parked on the sidewalk. Maybe it's a bait car πŸš™
Sitting in traffic and I notice my hood smoking f*** I'm now on the side of the road once again how do you know if your car blew up or not
if you need a good laugh after work, you can rely on Bait Car.
I can youtube Bait Car clips for hours on end .. What a genius idea for a show.
Anyone have car insurance that goes up slightly every 6 months? Feel like we got a bait-n-switch sit on hand. No tickets, accidents, claims.
just watched BAIT CAR again and its disgusting, why not drop $10,000 cash in Malibu or Hollywood and see how many criminals there are
lmao yes ! Omg sis you remember we used to watch Bait Car in Rankin ? "Wassup lil biddy" πŸ˜©πŸ˜­πŸ’€
I wonder if it'll be a bait and switch because remember how someone else was in a car wreck? Not that that's better. :(
It's crazy to think I'm going to have to teach how to tie a shoe, how to bait a hook, how to drive a car... Like woah
I just saw a brand new car on the side of the road abandoned. Gotta be a bait car.
Just realized I left catfish bait in my car's trunk since Saturday...
'Bait car' is hilarious to watch. They just park it in front of a group of black people and one of them will always steal it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kicking it at Starbucks // waiting for my car to get fixed. x
This black dude on Bait Car, stole the car knowing it was a Bait Car so he could tell the cameras about his mixtape dropping in a weekπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My sister is so strict about her car. No food allowed.No trash must be clean.Bait mb syarh. 😊
How often do you think they call someone who genuinely has had a minor car accident who might take the bait?
Di Maria arrive at Carrington training ground ahead of his move to MUFC. > Ferrari car freshner in a Chev
Torrian is a philosopher. Y'all in the car? Cuz that's where the talk goes on for bout 4 hours
β€œI Think I Was On Bait Car LastNight” Didnt know they still made that show ?,
I've been bait and switched 4 times from 4 consecutive dealerships. I love car buying.
Those who bait cars should do so when there team will be playing either Silver or Wanderers or moyale.In so doing we will no that their real men,failure of which they will be deemed cowards.
Breast Cancer Awareness
How the frick did my tranny blow up if no one drove my car while I was gone?!
Put your money where your mouth is. Back quality news sources with your hard earned and refuse the click bait of stupid. …
You're more likely to be in a car accident then bit by a shark. Been involved in 5 accidents & still have all my limbs. Don't be shark bait!
See We're all respect in their eyes Bait Car - Cops Get Busted:
ee I do that awal ma 6la3 mn el bait I stay in the car with no AC to defrost xp LOL
The show Bait Car would be funnier if the thief got tazed when he cranked the car up. Change show name to Trap Car.
Bait la wasted generator and smoking car loans if she tie recognition retailing: WDqCusVA
Shoutout to for leaving me in the car as bait for murders, robbers, rapists, gangbangers, psychos &stray veracious dogs!!πŸ˜’
it's almost like bait tossed for us. But Robin is so funny, so genuine! . Family guy . & Paul walker car crash . & boston bombing
Aw bait car don't come on no more ah I miss watching that
I added a video to a playlist Bait Car- Dc Young Fly
Caught On Camera: Worst song to get busted stealing a car. - he did not have the Best Day of His Life ht…
BUSTED! Don't try this at home kids. Caption this!.
Apparently it's a bait car in this area according to this flashing sign..
I helped fund the Detroit Bait Car and you should too! Check it out.
Watching Bait Car and lol crazy TV head
Caught on camera: Thief caught in 'bait car' -
I've never had a type but if you can't fix a car, bait a hook or treat your mama right then it won't work with us.
Car running. Windows down. Never thought I'd see that. Can you say Bait Car lmao
Sorry about that - we had a bit of a problem with Bait Car yesterday, but we're fixing it :)
Can a bait car really stop car thieves?
Man rocks out in cop bait car from Bobby Caples
Man rocks out in cop bait car via cnnbrk CNN
Man rocks out in cop bait car Check it out here
Breaking news: Man rocks out in cop bait car
Man rocks out in cop bait car: A man blared "Best Day of My Life" as he attempted to drive away in a police ba...
News: Man rocks out in cop bait car
Man rocks out while driving cop bait car
I'm in the market for a new car but I won't be shopping after their recent bait-and-switchiness. Give the guy his car.
maybe in a race but not in looks and wait till I fix up my car
I bait the Cops into a car chase, keep that thing in the guitar case
Just biked into a parked car and smashed the tail light
Great meeting with Mark Wolper (Roots, Bait Car, Bates Motel) for a Mini Series with Wolper Org WBTV Behind the smile Fauna Hodel Story !
Ran to my car to sacrifice my mom as bait when I saw two dogs running towards us today.
We are going to buy a car and put a tennis ball gun on it
Bait one port tints conjunction pullman car graphics: DjGyCtb
Idk how ima going to go to school, play water polo then go to work so I can pay for my car
Why is it most trappers have astra's these days πŸ˜‚ it's such a bait car now. I use to love them cars
Why waste tax money on a bait car πŸ˜‚ hope the UK don't waste money in this crap
Smart people understand tru car is a bait and switch. Removes your power as a buyer. Read your disclaimers bish
Oh man, that fakeout when you think Rick's leaving Shane to be zombie bait in the bus but comes back in a car for him.
Besides the fact that my car died and I lost Colten's favorite bait πŸ˜‚
it felt like bait and switch. had free trial with new car, u sent us re-up info. We sent in our $ thinking we kept it, only part
Hope everyone is having funvand being safe..wish my boys were here I need a workin on it havin fun...
Accidentally left my bait in my carπŸ˜–
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
You should make a whole series based on when exploiters are caught. Like one of those Bait Car shows!
They got a bait car in the hood like we all ain't see the show we know how it go lol
You gotta be a dumb muthafucca to steal a bait car when it's signs posted about bait cars in the parking lot smh
I think solution to car theft is a bait car placed at the sport where the car theft is high
I b feeling like bait when I get out the car
Like bait car , we should have a bait iphone at woodland to see how these nigggas be jugging πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€
Was wondering why my car smelled so bad then found chicken liver (i use it for fishing bait) spilled all in the trunk :(
Roseville golfer teed off over hole-in-one prize; claims car dealer pulled a bait-and-switch via
Throw him in a Bait Car in the heat with unbreakable windows
This time next year I'm gonna be driving my own car and I'm gonna go on trips with and blast 5sos to get bait girl to look
When the criminal swears someone gave them a car when it's a bait car πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
*** bait carπŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ what's there excuse ?? "OH, no officer.. I was just moving it to the other side of the road" GTFOH
Now. Should I lease or buy? . Car hunting is a pain in the pooper. Sick of the lame bait and switch tactics.
Bait working girl railway car providence so that untrodden drivers: cHDI
This guy on Bait Car is so happy bc he finally has a car but he won't be happy when the cops shut the car down πŸ˜‚
12 got so bored they made a tv show "Bait Car"
I swear they park the bait car in the most ghetto hoods w/the doors open keys in the car like of course someone gon take that MF. πŸ˜‚
these people who be getting caught on Bait Car trip me outπŸ’€ they be lying like a mf trying not to go to jail.
I need a Bait Car marathon in my life
I guess the logic is that a bait car can catch one car thief, but a sign may put them all off.
Bait car as in set out as bait for car thieves? Why would they advertise that fact?
Weird. I just passed one of those electric road signs that said "BAIT CAR IN AREA." What could that mean?
Watching Dr.Phil, Judge Judy, Cops, and Bait Car with my grandma.. Is it weird I'm enjoying these? Lol
Stream our current podcast -- Refusing to Take the Bait -- to your smartphone, tablet, car dash or computer with...
Dude left, went in the store and just left his door open, Had to be Bait Car
Pretty sure I just walked past a bait car.
Bait car in Adams plaza. Trying to catch those little Woodmont crackheads slipping
.ah...there's the rub. It's a limited service that is like a 'bait and switch" tactic that car dealerships use.
need a couple paintball guns. Set up a bait car on the street & wait for that mf to get out of his car to write a ticket, then u no
"$29 Low Total Price" is MrQuickPick's Attempt to Clean Up the "Bait and Switch" Image of the Car Unlocking Business
β€œI know u done seen bait car...” Lmao, that's someone in need of help tho.
Men are hunters, and their car is the bait
Business Insider to do a slide show of every car recalled by GM.AOL bids $200 Mil for click-bait, ankle deep insight...I see the future
My dad says I'm going to jail and do heroin because I have an airsoft gun in the car
β€œElectric car running costs 'rising' link bait from the bbc. fairly poor reporting from them cc
Good workout now getting a massage from babe 😎 and watching bait car
I can't stop watching bait car. What's wrong with me
β€œI gotta be up lowkey early and can't sleep πŸ˜©β€ brrruuuh bait car got me dialed in😫😫😫
This show bait car is pretty hilarious!
Dear City of Citrus Heights: if you're going to place a "Bait Car" in the area you might not want to announce it on a huge blinking sign.
And literally every classic car and street bike in existance
You have to be an elite level dummy to get fooled by a bait car
It's as annoying as that bait car show. They place a brand new car with keys in it in a low income,usually black, neighborhood and wait.
Am I the only one who thinks Bait Car should be illegal?
To a dealer once told me they keep them there for the bait & switch. "Car you want is expensive, but this lease is cheap."
i get people tking pics of my car just coz of my plate.. Bait aint the word
I miss sitting at Reagan's house watching bait car with her da an brothers eating pistachios
I think you left some of your dignity in georgias car :/
makes the car bait that's only issue but for that much defo worth getting (investmentπŸ‘Œ) ... Looks bossy on special occasions
I got tricked by an unattended bait cop car. I was wondering why I didn't get chased.
We arrive at our destination and unload the car and a board the boat that we will be in for the next 24 or so hours. U got the bait I ask u?
My dad hitches the boat to the car, gets bait, puts the rods in and then decides not to go. Hes a bum man
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