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Bailee Madison

Bailee Madison (born October 15, 1999) is an American child actress. She is most famous for her role in Bridge to Terabithia in which she plays May Belle Aarons, the younger sister of Jesse Aarons.

Maia Mitchell Alex Lange Catherine Bell Madison Beer Adam Sandler Joey King

You cant tell me Bailee Madison and Erin Joines arent twins that were just separated at birth. I’ll never believe otherwise. 😂
Bailee Madison "Is More Than A Word" Bailee is a awesome role model this is a great vid…
Bailee Madison changing clothes love this scene Bailee does such a great job posing in…
Bailee Madison Cute Smile in Bridge to Terabithia 2007 , Bailee is so cute in this video c…
Was Bailee Madison in the fosters that played as Callie’s sister??? Plzz answer
At the platform waiting for my train chick In red lipstick looks just like bailee Madison doppelganger
sorta wanna make her bailee madison but she's so Smol
So many to choose from to only pick one, so Alexandra Daddario, Bailee Madison, Joey King, Chloe Mo…
Why did I think this was Bailee Madison
Just met bailee madison after 5 months
Can’t wait to see HOLIDAY JOY with Bailee Madison!
I Love the movie " Holiday Joy". With Bailee Madison in it! Bailee does a awesome job in this movie. I absolutely…
Score update: Lady Knights JV girls lose 3-6 to Oxford. Goals by Bailee Fairley (2) & . Assists: Madis…
The girl that I was curious about last week Bailee Madison Brrr Too many Christmas Tree s 👍👍
Logan Charles Logie Bear can we do lunch when you are free that is give my best to Bailee Madison as…
i’m truly a sucker for any movie that has and horses. which is a lot of them. also. Bailee Madison P…
Bailee and Lana you are my favourite actresses for all the time ❤. Mirror mirror on the wall Lana Parrilla and Bail…
On the train from London to Paris. Travel essentials Madison
I thought Bailee Madison was still 8 but she’s 18 lmao
I feel like very show i watch nowdays has bailee madison in it not that im complaining
📷 bairose: Bailee Madison as Grace Russell in Good Witch 1x09
Bailee Madison is literally so pretty , I’m so jealous of her
Anastasia in the coffin...have we seen her in a previous season? I mean, it would be so cool if it…
Bailee Madison is as much as a Swiftie as we are. She is an amazing actress as well.
yo it's Dusty, Bailee Mann's dad. My boy Ben Johnson from Pick North is coming to Madison today on a recr…
Yes we did because of bryson and his sand cutting videos 😂💀
Excuse us, but we're dying from cuteness overload, & .
Ehhh. In the clown house its like a maze but the clowns help you find the way out and don’t run away from the chainsaws
And not everything in life works out so you just have to roll with it
Make it work out. Believe in yourself
Nope wrong. Trying means you care and you better try your hardest in everything no matter what happens
Hello i am actress bailee madison 99L. Mind to verify me?. Ps; sorry, there's no pict except this :(
Ok I will come with you. You need parental supervision
You’re not but we hanging out before I go to the corn maze
I love your cover of the song Location with Bailee Madison
Was it because I sent great pics of you
You’re doing great as Valentin. Your hallmark movie, Taste is Romance with Teri Polo & Baile…
With me sending you the best selfies ever?
Is it really October 1st without me and singing Christmas music?😂💓
If you want to be apart of bailee Madison’s birthday project please dm me or and we’ll hook u up
Just dmd a bunch of people with info about Bailee Madison’s b-day project. If you’re interested and didn’t get a dm from me, let me know.
His father's name is Marc and he has a younger sister as well. In 2016, he started dating actress Bailee Madison.
Bailee Madison looked beautiful as ever. Every time she came around all I did was stare at her with heart eyes cause she’s so beautiful
Actually I knew who Bailee Madison was so I just Googled " Bailee Madison horror doll" 😂😂😂
Justin was such a good brother to Bailee and Madison, such a good son to their parents, and such a good friend to everyone. Fly High ❤️
The world does not deserve Alex Lange and Bailee Madison, they are legit the most kind hearted and genuine people on youtube right now
I saw Alex Lange and Bailee Madison today at Disney, I'm so stupid for not asking them for a picture or saying hi 😭😂
Snapchatting madi is my fav part of the day💖
I'm going to try Bailee Madison Whatcha think ?
Glad I have during all the hard times😭😭
all i want is an adorable relationship like Bailee Madison and Alex Lange... is that so much to ask?
Your name should be Madison Bailee bc it actually makes sense
are you dating Bailee Madison if so how long
Does he like Bailee Madison or team 10 more btw ily guys 💗
When someone doesn't tell you your extension is showing
Yep. Just finished shooting & coming soon. This will be out to coincide with it.
Happy Birthday Bailee, thanks for the endless amount of memories and laughs💙
Levi and Drew with Bailee Madison and Alex Lange yesterday.
Bailee Madison wearing our Kids Crocs, You too can share your fun moments with us!.
I remember I met Bailee Madison like four years ago at Disneyland and it was for my birthday party and i went on a ride with her and she -
Bailee Madison is so underrated my Bby is so cute and so talented and she's literally in every movie lmao
Bailee Madison and Alex Lange are two of the sweetest, purest people in the world omg
I'm gonna take a shot every time someone tells me I look like Bailee Madison
Honestly Bailee Madison is such an angel & her and Alex Large are the cutest. don't fight me on this
listen I am doing it for Bailee Madison
Bailee Madison and Alex Lange are so cute together like my heart
Anyone else think bailee madison has a bit of a crush on Lana? I mean girls got good taste and eyes apparently
omggg you know Alex Lange and bailee madison!! NSJDN THEYRE SO CUTE RIGHT?? i stumbled across their…
anyways idk how Bailee Madison is doing but I just died on her behalf
.and coupled up for the cutest version of Carpool Karaoke yet!
My mom told me she wishes she could still shop for me here. No thank you Heidi😂
Happy birthday to my puurfect best friend 🙈😍 You are one in a million, I mean who else would put a cat in a ones…
Bailee Madison looking cute in all white. -
Can I also have Bailee Madison follow? 😂 you're literally goals btw
Yesss okay so Madison by Bailee is an idea title for hop…
'Madison' by Bailee. A group company run by & and me! 👗 👠 💄 let's get started!
omg I love it, madison by Bailee is so cute
Madison by Bailee: in stores near you! Yup I love it. We…
YES I can picture myself slaying the streets with my madison by Bailee clothing
Call it official 'Madison' by Bailee to be released soon. Move over Ivanka Trump make room for a real fashionista
Yo this Bailee madison girl have a lot of pictures that resembles selena's pictures, am I the only one who noticed that ??!!
It looks like is excited to get the ball rolling on her next film!
Shout-out to and for my amazing garage makeover! I’m obsessed!
We saw Parental Guidance, it is really the favorite flick. Featuring Bailee Madison
Happy Memorial Day everyone! Sorry for the delay, but here is my interview with the wonderful Bailee Madison!...
I love good witch. Catherine Bell and Bailee Madison just hold my heart in this show. I am always surprised.
Not only am I watching but I'm releasing a new Bailee Madison interview…
I am obsessed with Bailee Madison. End of story.
You can only have one FC. It's gotta be Bailee Madison or Madison Beer. You can't have two.
Bailee Madison proves she is just like everyone else. Don't we all sit in the rockers at…
I would love to see Bailee Madison speak more about jmo only cuz it is never mentioned that she worked with her on house
Mad Men's Christina Hendricks, Bailee Madison and Lewis Pullman will star in THE STRANGERS 2
Bailee Madison and Peyton List are so cute together 😍
I like Abigail Breslin but not the best choice as Baby some ideas Bailee Madison, Maia Mitchell, Haley Lu Richardson, Hailee Steinfeld
|| Tyler with a girlfriend. 😍😍 This is why I need a Bailee Madison FC to ship with.
|| Bring me a Bailee Madison FC to ship with, thanks.
.is always spreading positivity! . Here's 10 times she reminded us to love ourselves and each other:…
Sometimes even our own pets just don't want to visit us here at the clinic. This is Bailee's cat, Finn, letting us…
Tune In Alert S3 premieres tonight on Enter the
Okay Goodies, tonight's the night for the premiere of season 3 of "Good Witch" starring Catherine Bell, Bailee...
Tune In Alert for Season 3 of “The Good Witch” with Catherine Bell, James Denton and Bailee…
What will be your signature power color this summer? Quiz it!
hold up Lori Loughlin and Bailee Madison are on the same show I need to see this
Are you ready for tonight's premiere of Star is spilling season 3 secrets right here:…
While filming Just Go With It, Griffin Gluck and Bailee Madison instituted a "curse bucket" to stop the cast and crew swearing too much.
Blue Spoon Owner infront of entire restaurant: Madison, have fun at prom tonight and remember , NO MEANS NO!
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So apparently I'm the only person in the world who didn't know who Bailee Madison was lol
has been around the family now for 4 years and still can't tell the difference between me and Bailee...😳🙄
The made a post about and check it: -
Bailee Madison on the Set of a Photoshoot in Fort Lauderdale
Bailee specifically chose people she admired in the business.…
Happy birthday you hawt lil nug! 😍I have no idea how we managed to actually make the front of this pic but we did 😂…
Bailee Madison at Video Segment Shoot at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood
Bailee Madison lands a recurring role on season 2 of the hit ABC Family drama, 'The Fosters':…
You either sing Picture by Kid Rock like you're performing at Madison Square Garden in front of millions or you don't s…
Here's the DVD Artwork for the movie produced & starred in called Pre-order it here…
Nice, now you can post Kiernan Shipka, Joey King, Mackenzie Foy, Bailee Madison...
See go from adorable girl to fierce fashion queen!.
Bailee Madison is so pretty... I do not understand how a person can be that pretty...
Bailee Madison and Alex Lange are too cute
I would honestly get so scared talking to celebs gosh I was stuttering so much while meeting Bailee Madison but she was so nice
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Bailee Madison attends the 25th Annual Movieguide Awards Gala at Universal Hilton Hotel on February 10, 2017 in...
A favorite of mine, A Taste of Romance starring Teri Polo, James Patrick Stuart, and Bailee Madison.😃
I use to think Bailee Madison and Dillion Harper were the same person and that's NOT okay
Watch play and dish on 5 of her past looks! 😂👗(CC: &
Ok it amazes me how Maia Mitchell and Bailee Madison could be sisters in real life, they look so alike!
Bailee Madison is under 18 John. Why do you have her picture?
The one difference between Dove Cameron & Thomas Doherty that you never noticed before >>
fans:check out this exclusive interview w/of cool BTS on
Ever wonder what a day on set is like? took & I along for some magical Good Witch fun!…
meeting the lovely bailee madison on March 19th ♡♡♡
It's & we're celebrating with pint-sized pics of your fave celebs and their tall BFFs >>
My mom got me into some commercials, and I basically, I guess, ju...
Bailee Madison appears in so many TV shows 🙂
Does anyone else realize that Bailee Madison and Katie Holmes are actually identical?
amen to that ,may GOD BLESS YOUR LIFE for ever bailee Madison , amen
can I be the Bailee Madison I your Maia Mitchell??
The chick on jeopardy from yesterday looks like Bailee Madison
Whats going on with Bailee Madison's face? her smile is upside down
Actress Ginifer Goodwin and Actress Bailee Madison look exactly alike. I think we might have found Ginifer Goidwin'…
Bailee Madison? What a punchable child. I'm going to ***
This offers advice for battling social media pressure and insecurity. 💗🤗. WATCH:
Maia Mitchell, Jenna Coleman and Bailee Madison should all be in a show together, and be related.
"It takes an entire team to make a show a show or a movie a movie," says on being a producer. WATCH…
will forever love you Bailee Madison! Keep making people's day happy! :)
OMG my heart... is impossible Bailee Madison ... OMG... i I really admire much you... i love so much, you is beautiful!
so right there's this actress named Bailey (Bailee?) Madison
Something my mom and I have always said to each other is: 'We're no...
Bailee Madison, Peyton List and Aidan Alexander leaving the show last night!
normally ACTORS work on movies and tv shows all the time like Bailee Madison is always working Chloe hasn't been attending
How is Bailee Madison in literally everything I watch?!?!
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I did 'Bridge to Terabithia' when I was around 6 years old, but for...
Constantly asking if she is okay my momma senses have kicked in already
cool. I still wish Bailee Madison would have been Hazel Nelson
Discover what taught me about this generation
Whenever I think of Bailee Madison I think of that annoying girl she played in that film with Adam Sandler 🙄🙄
What do you think about Bailee Madison
Bailee Madison seems like a wannabe Madison Beer 🤔
My mom really inspired me. She has always taught me it's not about...
VIDEO: Madison Bailee, Chloe Lukasiak and Aidan Alexander on their way to
God has just given me such an amazing journey and able to play; it's b...
When you have a movie, you know who they start out as and where they ...
I've been asking my best friend Bailee Madison how it is. Since she's been in so many TV shows. It seems amazing.
Madison is prepping/acting in a horror more mentally challenging than other genres?
Make it a Three-Peat. Madison Central Marching Band, Class 5A State Champions again. Way to go Indians!
I'm originally from Fort Lauderdale: that's my home town in Florida. ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Our BFF is sharing BTS tidbits from her horror film, Get them here: https…
I'm sure Ricky wouldn't be "hanging out" w/ Bailee Madison. There's just lines I don't cross. U guys r friends
What do I love about acting? I love traveling, meeting new people, ex...
Here is Top Five BTS moments from filming https…
Sitting in my sister room watching cowgirl & angle that has bailee Madison
When I was 5 my cousin told me I was gonna play maybell in bridge to terabithia and Bailee Madison played her inste…
Alex Lange and Bailee Madison are dating? Whoop whoop new OTP!!!
Why does Bailee Madison always post a pic on ig and then delete it right after
We are so grateful for 😘. Here are 10 times she reminded us to spread love.
Hayley kiyoko , Bailee Madison, or Joey King omg pls thank you for the opportunity tho
Work is so much fun that it doesn't really seem like downtime when I'm not. But cooking,
Bailee Madison is really one of the sweetest. people. ever.
Can iI just say that Bailee Madison is my new queen
This one girl in my musical theatre class looks like bailee madison lol
This is one of my favorite worship songs. THIS is the kind of stuff we should be sharing online. May God Bless everyone…
I might work at the mall seasonally if u wanna join 😂
I'd like to follow in the footsteps along like Jodie Foster and Natalie Portman, who got the
Happy 16th birthday to one of my favs, can't wait to see you on the road with Cheryl 😂💖
Bailee Madison is the worst child actor besides Chloe Mozzarella facts only
Can we talk about how hot is in her new photo shoot?!
Join me at fairs to find out about studying abroad!
The whole clown thing wasn't even getting to me until Madison (Caleb's little sister) talked about it all day today. 😅😭
Are you going to the Alex's Lemonade event in LA this weekend? will be there! https…
We've got your FIRST LOOK at this amazing photo shoot with
We blinked & 'Bridge To Terabithia' star grew up! See her edgy photo shoot!
.rocked the coolest bold purple lip shade! See more >>
Stop Maia and Bailee Madison look so much alike I can't believe
Bailee Madison, she was in WOWP, she played female Max
i still can't believe bailee madison and Maia Mitchell aren't sisters in real life they look SO alike
I did NOT recognize Bailee Madison right away on the Fosters she went from little sister to straight up twin 😭
Honestly Bailee Madison would've been the perfect child Callie for any possible flashbacks. But she also works in this way
Bailee Madison's in this episode what's going to happen 😶
"Life is too short to waste your breath on continuing negativity"
I remember when bailee madison stanned over naya when she got to meet her now she's stanning over gina rodriguez, why is this girl me
day was so inspirational that I will call it Bailee Madison. 😍
Bailee Madison is the queen of being relatable
fav from Bailee Madison. She wrote about breaking free from the haters and it touched me a lot.
Oh my gosh, Bailee Madison is such a grown up little woman now!! And Snow' first kiss was with Hercules. Very awesome! ♡
Just Go With It. -my two faves. -Bailee Madison is adorable in this. -i love Nick Swardson sm
Bailee Madison, Shenae Grimes-Beech, and Andrew Walker Star in the latest Hallmark Movie Premiere with this W...
Bailee Madison has bravely opened up about her breakup with Emery Kelly
Bailee Madison left a comment on Hailee's photo on IG.
; Catherine Bell an Bailee Madison ...r so great 😋😘😏#
talking what's next, my deepest darkest secret, my Prince Charming & more 💋 https…
There are way too many reasons why is our perfect this week! --->
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Zendaya with Bailee Madison & Sabrina Carpenter at Marie Claire's Fresh Faces Party in LA 4/11/16
Laura with Katherine McNamara, Bailee Madison and Arden Cho at the Sherri Hill fashion show! (4)
OMG... SHE looks so much like Bailee Madison, in this picture.
Maia Mitchell and Bailee Madison deadass look like the same person
I'm always told I look just like Maia Mitchell and Bailee Madison but I don't see it that much
sometimes you remind me of Bailee Madison!
Tiny Bailee Madison is also reminding me how much I miss Trophy Wife
Am I the only one that didn't know Bailee Madison is 16 😳
If storybrooke con will get Bailee Madison I sure won't know what to do with my life
Searching for my Sister Lucy. More about their Sistership can be found in my bio. FC should be Bailee Madison. RT?☺
apparently I look like a mix of Miranda cosgrove & bailee Madison 🤔
Dad: I'm taking you someplace special in the city that geared towards you. Me: is it Bailee Madison?. Dad: no it begins with citi
Bailee Madison out and about with friends!
dude I got Bailee Madison like 5 times 😂
oh my gosh, what?. When did Bailee Madison get so big?!?! She was a cute little 12 year old last time I checked!
I'm gonna miss school for it this year I was so mad when I didn't go last year I wanted to meet Bailee Madison so bad
One of the coolest things I've been able to do. Thank you ❤️ htt…
can't forgot about arden cho, Bailee Madison, Charlie carver
I had to cut Bailee out from under you 😂😂😂😂
Another OMG! Hearing that Bailee Madison will be back on is really... OMG! Excited for this!!
I love South Florida; this is where I am from, so I don't think there is an...
Bailee Madison - at her Sweet 16 Birthday Party at Knotts Scary Farm in Los Angeles
what are your thoughts on Bailee Madison? :) Ilysm!
Such a positive, important message. Love you & everything you stand for 💜 💜
I dont get how bailee madison has never been on ellen
Diane Kruger does bare legs at Jason Wu (It's below freezing in N.Y.):
Debby Ryan & Bailee Madison Hit Tadashi Shoji Show with Katherine McNamara at NYFW: Debby Ryan steps out for t...
.and looked so stylish at More pics:
.being a true street style star at More pics:
Bailee Madison and Madison Pettis are like my Disney babies and they're both so grown up now like
Bailee Madison com as garotas do Fifth Harmony no Red Carpet do 'American Music Awards'.
If Bailee Madison called would make toady the best day ever! 😍💜
Get the Fruk out here thats the lil girl from Terabithia? Bailee Madison? why she so corny?
Hey Bailee Madison I would like to invite you to the football game this Friday night at San Marino7pm
Bailee Madison was just singing Love Yourself on her snapchat story
north pole 2 or something like that with Lori loughlin and bailee Madison
Bailee Madison and Hailee Steinfield, what an annoying combination
Should I make a Bailee Madison fan site Tumblr?
Bailee Madison no set de OUAT ontem. 😍
This young movie star is helping put an end to bullying.
How were you able to get followed by Bailee Madison?
ive just started to watch A bridge to terabithia i didnt know Bailee madison or Zoe deschanel were there whut
Aw!! visited a Children's Hospital this week and the pictures are adorable. .
.just wants you to Give... Watch the PSA:
He broke her heart, and now he misses her?!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
A very excited about Gosh's 2nd baby! (more here:
We feel like we need to have a Christmas movie marathon with
Hi so excited for yr new movie 😍 . Here's a fb page page dedicated to u! Italy loves you SO MUCH 💘 .
📷 aliceoncer: Cutie Bailee Madison is back on Once Upon a Time.So excited.
fans, is in final round of HC2015 Tourney. Want this actress to be queen? Vote: https…
We think it was SO GREAT that went to go visit Mattel Children's Hospital! h…
📷 goshdarncute: In which Bailee Madison gets a new job as Josh and Ginny’s babysitter.
Two great girls up against each other. Both are very deserving. Best of luck to all.
I liked a video Bailee Madison and Emery kelly❤️
Bailee Madison is definitely one of the cutest teen girl actors I have ever seen.
I liked a video BAILEE MADISON Dishes About Working with SELENA GOMEZ and Meeting TAYLOR SWIFT!
I added a video to a playlist Maia Mitchell Gushes Over Bailee Madison on THE FOSTERS
wish I had the life of bailee madison
I love that when Chloe got on stage and went "hi" she sounded EXACTLY like Bailee Madison
When Bailee Madison is younger than you but hotter than you'll ever be nice nice
have you seen Maia and bailee Madison together?
I don't think people were staring bc u were crying, I think it was bc they were on a plane w/the beautiful Bailee Madison!
I brotp bailee madison and peyton list so much
I liked a video from Best Friend Tag w/ Bailee Madison | Emery T. Kelly
tbh I really hate Bailee Madison's acting
Wizards of Waverly Place's Bailee Madison is all grown up and gorgeous:
for a solo dm with Bailee Madison. im suprising a few people!
Bailee Madison looked beautiful on the red carpet at The 5th Annual Streamy Awards Nomination Celebration and she probably tu…
Yup. Reminded Marcia *** Harden is tomorrow, Natalie Morales last week and Bailee Madison was at the Hallmark party. So much “Trophy Wife."
madison as soon as you get it you need to send me a picture... YOU'RE GONNA LOOK SO GOOD
is at knotts and so is Bailee Madison man I wish I was there right now
when ru & Bailee Madison going 2 do a video together?I'd 💜2c one!
Bailee Madison is such an amazing actress!😍
Maia Mitchell and Bailee Madison looks scarily alike 😳
Diaporama : Bailee Madison at the Popsugar and D&G Summer Soiree on July 18th 2015  | (x)
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Bailee Madison was taking DAYS to ride Xcelerator she rode it like 3 times
Ashley Madison: Bailee Madison 63 Success Facts - Everything you need to know about Bailee Madison: Probably The Best
I wish you an incredible day, and i hope you spend it surrounded by who u love💓. Love u ❤️. HappyB-day 🎉
celebrity bailee Madison, from Adam Sandler "just go with it"
When you see Bailee Madison on Xcelerator at Knotts
Bailee Madison is like 3 feet away drone me
My hatred for Bailee Madison had simmered for a long time, but Anna is rekindling it
im a huge bailee Madison she is the best most cutest actress ever
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