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Bag Lady

Bag Lady is the first single from singer Erykah Badu's 2000 album Mama's Gun. The song is about a woman trying to begin anew in a relationship, but who has too much emotional baggage and can't get close to people.

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Can someone slap sense Into this lady, like just pack your bag leave his *** alone.
I was waiting behind an old lady at the cash machine this morning, she was taking ages rooting through her bag...
True fact: Happiness is instantly created when a brownie & tea are shared at the Bag Lady with a good friend :)
Testaments of a Bag Lady. by Fullove Senta - Tate Publishing.
Erykah Badu x Bag Lady never gets old
Come and see Mandala Theatre Young Company in 'Alice and the Bag Lady' Sunday 13th September at 3pm, Museum of Oxford, Oxford Open Doors!!
When you put your Pandora on shuffle and the first 4 tracks are Bag Lady - Erykah Badu, A George Gershwin Barbershop Quartet Medley,
3 of 5 stars to A Candle for the Bag Lady by Lawrence Block
lol they be thinking they own the who septa vehicle. One time I got into it w this lady who had her bag in a seat
Yahoo Shannon gets on a bag of lays. Best lady on best chips
Bag lady you gone hurt your back dragging all them bags like that
I'll literally go into cardiac arrest if something goes right for me for once.
erm.Blackberry and Bay. All pretty mind blowing. Such a pretty box and bag.
Lol this lady in front of me has a $2,000 Louie bag. She pulls out 2 food stamp cards😂. I see balling on everyone else's budget.
Dinner at The Bag Lady tonight with my fave book peeps!!
my only bag. The lady at the check in took everyone's bag but said I had to check in mine at the gate bc I was too late...
A drunk lady on the bus asked for my nandos that's in a bag next to me 'I haven't got any food sorry👀'
Lady with 4 cartons of cigs in her bag told her kid not to sit on floor bc it's dirty. I get it. Why sit on it when you could be licking it.
Saw a lady put a plastic grocery bag over her head and face to protect from the rain. I'll let Darwin's theory decide that one.
Lady and the Tramp, or See latest bag collection with
I just watched mug an old lady, and then run off down the street swinging her bag above his head and laughing …
Not made it to bed crawling to sleeping bag island and hopefully reading at least one page of my book. Night again.z
Forgot my umbrella again. Maybe I should put a plastic bag on my head like the lady I just saw!
The nice lady in accessorize told me about a secret sale and put the bag in inlove with in the back for me 🙌🏻
One more time this lady hit me with her bag 😠😤👊
If I was her handler, I would have proposed a crazy bag lady sketch where she rants and raved about stuff.with a tinfoil hat on
The bag lady at the bus stop was into me too. Ion what but she said less.
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The lady in the car next to me just saw me attempting to open a bag of chips and I've never been more embarrassed.
Happy about being a "bag lady". Happier to hand out more Woats in Dallas today! Made you more new
I want to a bag of Tripe Chews from and US ends 05/23/15
My mom be ready to fight the bag lady if they handle her chips roughly 💀
Packing football bag wit the boss lady
I checked my bag at the thrift store to day and the nice old lady asked me if there was any money in it. I said...
look at how you're talking to me you trash bag.. Smh IM A LADY! have a little respect 🆗
Lol I jus left the store without my bag and the lady ran it out to me.. I feel dumb
I want to pull out my glittery MK bag tomorrow 😻
Only way to bag a classy lady like Veronica is to give her 2 tickets to the gun show and see if she likes the goods
Sometimes mistaken for a bag lady, Ann Barr was the greatest magazine editor who never was
Bought lingerie, underthings, and shapewear. The lady at The Bay put it all in a paper shopping bag. It rained. The bag disintegrated.
Sister: Is this horse hair? *looks at a bag of Kanekalon hair*. Me: Yeah. Sister: Well how come it got a picture of a lady on it?... Me: tf...
in Being Mary Jane is giving me all the life! 💯 "Bag Lady" is one of my favorite songs 🙌
Meet Eve, she may epitomise the homeless bag lady but that’s not the whole story. Bag Lady, 23-24 Oct,
Nowhere but LA can u see Tiesha Campbell reenact her scene from School Dze I Don't wanna Be Alone Tonight with Rwanda Braxton n Toni from the show Girlfriends as backup dancers while the 3 little girls from Daddy's Little Girls' one of Mindless Behavior boys n the Soul Glo man from Coming To America sit in the audience n watch.Only in LA can a chick from Houston write n prove a play so awesome that it sold out 11 shows before it even opens.LA baby! Tammi Mac and the Bag Lady weekend! She added more show so get or ticket before they sell out...
Join us this evening for our monthly meeting! At 7pm at the Bag Lady, 1710 Kenilworth We will review our participation at HKonJ, One Billion Rising, Scott Shields Self Defense, Amnesty International Conference. We will view: Roe at Risk: Fighting fir Reproductive Justice.
He did!! State would pick up the charges if I bag of weed but I can pull a gun on a pregnant lady???
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Pack light bag lady..with all that baggage
Pree all my luggage please. I'm some any bag lady kmt. Cart keeps tryna roll away 😪
well one this dude think imma bag his chick den a dis lady at my job mad I politely told her off n corrected her
That bag of garbage I carry with me every where? Oh you mean my purse?
The answer is 5 used spoons, 3 used forks, and one very sticky holiday themed ziplock bag. But I was expecting a lot more.
“Bag lady you gone miss your bus .. You can't hurry up, cause you got too much stuff." 🎶
I hate fidgety people on BART while standing! Stay still and stop bumping into me & my bag at each stop!
I just handed this old lady her AXX in a Louis Vuitton speedy 40 bag. And she dealt.
I got new pants today & right now i was getting them out of the bag & guess what the security ink thing is still on! What the *** old lady!
Bag lady...let it go! let it go! Let it go...I betcha Love can make it better! -Badu
At least move the bag of groceries when I walk by lady ***
Hey, if carryout lady can bus it with dinner in a bag, so can you (I do realize I am being an *** right now. I'm not sorry).
Today a lady came in and bought half a garbage bag of popcorn. That's cool. I don't judge.
Aspiring bag lady is kinda cool tho.
Two days left to win a bag and from and
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Remember the time my sister bought a vintage fiesta ware tea set and the thrift store lady insisted on putting it in a hollister bag?
Is this lady wearing a garbage bag with some ugg boots?!? Only in smh
bag' she looks intently at the lady- Keep my secret and I can make it where you're not allergic to me. -hopes she can >
Me: earlier tonight. Side note: pretty neighbor lady was impressed with my bag skills.
Just gunna eat my *** pretzels and watch tv and get fat on this bean bag chair then enjoy my life as a fat lady with cats k .k
A woman do carry an evening bag at dinner time no lady is sure at night!
Just accidentally told some lady at work "Would you like your receipt with the bag or in you?" 😬
Bag lady u gon hurt your back dragin all dem bags like dat...
My roomate is caked up with his lady and I'm here watching Netflix, eating pizza, drinking a 40, with a 8 lbs bag of gummy bears.
Bag lady you gone hurt yo back carrying them bags like that
OH!!! I thought you were calling some lady named McQueen an old bag. JEez I live under a rock
Is that plastic hair?? The bag lady & Eddie Munster ?? Nope it's just hair dye day with Rick & Shawana Woods
I had to break it down to a 23 yr old, what the term "Bag lady"by meant.he asked.
Wow. Sometimes I'm impressed with how big of a *** bag you can be.
Bag lady ; one day all them bags gone get in yo way ... So ! Pack light
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bout to cop her them Chanel boots that she want with the matching bag. If your lady loves surprises, you gotta suprise her azz..
lady at ATX has a Birken bag, carrying her Hermes shopping bag, and wearing sunglasses inside divaalethis isnt L
LOL @ the black guy who just asked this lady if she had chicken in her bag.
A lady insisted on carrying out 3 milks and a heavy bag out today. *shes a brick house by the commodores starts playing*
This lady in front of me has a diaper bag for a purse. 😒
Congrats to my partner in crime Lady has a brand new bag.
There's only one way to bag a classy lady,. give her two tickets to the gun show
That is so awkward! I threw my softball bag in the car and the lady looked up and it wasn't even my mom! 😳😳
If its a ole lady than yea, I'll put ya milk in the bag but not a strong *** *** 😂😂
// 460cc titanium driver with 12° loft for added forgiveness, fitted with steel shaft, complete with headcover.
Amanda G didn't feel like breaking my $20 Bill at target so I just got a free bag of popcorn😂 what a nice lady
Sade is a bag lady , like her great
Erykah Badu said, "Bag lady you gone hurt your back. Dragging ALL those bags like that" The NLT Bible says, "Give ALL your worries and cares to God for he cares about you."
Bag lady.. You gone hurt you back..carrying all them bags like that..
There is a crazy bag lady who is talking and heading sandhill cranes around this field..
The difference between a bag lady and a lady is not how she behaves but how she is treated.
Stream Bag Lady by Erykah Badu on Billboard Top 100 - 2000s for free on Grooveshark.
Stephen McMahon, Alex Mantle do you remember bag lady from me Pockets?! Well I just met her sister on the bus... HA
Today we are continuing our fun Bag Lady Series with an awesome way to transform a boring tote bag! Thumbs up if you love to upcycle old and make it into FABulous and new!
A NEW CLASS OFFERED!!! Cathy, Yakima's Bag Lady, will teach you the Professional Tote Bag, January 21st and 22nd.a 2 day class from 10am until 4:30pm each day for only $120.
If a bag lady tells you that your outfit is "awesome ", is that still technically a compliment?. lol
Pause the Bag Lady Series, because I have a quick and super exciting announcement to make. We have a brand new addition to our blog starting today...YouTube Thursdays where each Thursday, you will be introduced to an awesome and fresh off the press video! These videos will inspire you to create terrific and beautiful things! Come see our newest video.
The tea n bag lady beside me on the train beside me again today... I asked if she would like to switch seats so I didn't disturb her gettinoff atlisburn... lol she said yes that's great thanks.. then advised me that in her bags today she has soil and apples... and that its very heavy n hard to carry up the hill? Lol god help er
Are you gonna be like a shopping bag lady? You know that like sits in alley ways and talk to buildings?
Well, I might look like a bag every sweater on and a jacket over my legs...but I am finally warm in my office!!! How long ago it seems to have been fat and begging for cooler weather.
I feel a bit like a bag lady today! Backpack, gym bag, lunch bag. Soo many bags for such a LONG day!!
Bag lady you're going to hurt your back, carrying all those bags like that so pack light
?MTM? Bag Lady was just iced by Cry Baby Killer !!!, who has whacked a total of 1,017,703 rivals.
lol, I look like a bag lady most of the time now.
Bag lady. You gone hurt yo back. Carrying all those bags like that.
"BAG LADY" sale today. Hours are 10 am to 3 pm. This also means if you purchase a Christmas panel at 50% off today, you'll receive an additional 20%.Which means you'll be able to get a panel at 70% off.hurry in while supplies last!!
Complements of the new year. This year Bag Lady will bring you nothing but top Notch bags
My cuzzie Rachel Perez the bag lady lol what a mess she made
Gonna look like a bag lady now , the dryers broke so of to joes , get him to dry it : )
Gonna look like a bag lady going into work today - two big bags of Avon goodies, and still yet to pop to Tesco and get something for lunch LOL.
I feel like an old bag lady lol hmmm
Brand new cross body bag lady million want £7 please
Bag Lady by the Manic Street Preachers from the album "Journal For Plague Lovers" Here Are The Lyrics: I am not dead I demand I know my rights I know my ...
Bag lady, you gone miss your bus.Let it go!
Bag Lady, you gon' miss your bus. Drop the issues.. Pls
Have just been a complete bag lady leaving my mums. 3 outfits and pairs of shoes, overnight bag, camera bag, handbag! Whilst I have 3 minutes to myself I'd just like to wish all my friends a very happy 2014 and hope you enjoy your evening whatever you have planned. To all my hospitality friends. I hope you all have a wonderful night at your restaurants, bars hotels and clubs x 󾦂󾔖󾌬
I look like a CRAZY bag lady; wearing knee high socks, jeans, UGG boots, layers upon layers and a winter jacket that goes to my shins in 75 degree weather! *** you freezing Minneapolis and trying to pack 10 days worrth of winter clothes in a carry on. I wish people would stop staring at me.
The vagabond bag lady is finally back in her own home. A week without power was wearing pretty thin. Thank you Kris and Kevin and Pat and Paul for taking me in on such short notice. Happy New Year to all.
I look like the bag lady with the amount of stuff I have with me today! Last night shift before I go to Manchester tomorrow.. counting down the hours 󾍔
We are going to have a bag lady Tupperware party. Be sure to bring items in your purse or bag that a bag lady might carry. It's going to be FUN!
My daughter is a bag lady . She loves to play that gift bags are purses.
Bag Lady u gon hurt your back draggin all em bags like that...
As always the bag lady came to visit us just as she did ALL those years ago.
Im like a bag lady gone wrong! Now off to m and s loaded down to get the mother houmous! I mean really?!!! Lol
Listenin to bag lady feelin like one im home by myself went to get paper
My version of Eryka Badu's Bag Lady..gotta love this beat...hope you like it..
Found the lost bag lady!! Called het banks fraud line and they called her with my number, she called me back. Apparently she was about to load the cab with her bags and he drove off. Happy ending though.
The Shopping Bag Lady by Bert Salzman - Award Winning Video; Set In Manhattan's Central Park, this film is the poignant story of a teenage girl's encounter w...
Bag lady, you gon hurt yo back. ...ha Lashonda McLaurin
Definitely rocking the bag lady look. People are staring and everything.
Bag Lady, you gone miss yo bus. You cant hurry up, you got to much stuff!!!
I've heard of the bag lady before but a bag cheetah? Addison, December 20, 2013
That's me looking like a bag lady on the train
My little bag lady and all the stuff she needs to chill with daddy lol And she's out lol
Don't miss us on Jamie's show Home for Dinner this morning! I can't wait to show y'all all of our delicious tips and tricks for our original Bag Lady recipes. Tune in to the Food Network this morning at 10AM ET/PT!
 There's this woman I know who for some reason I have difficulty being able to see? Possess all the qualities I desire in a bride to be. The reason I have this difficulty it is because this lady of which I speak? Is a Bag Lady...      I yearn to find a reason to conversate with her about her past hurts & future dreams. I yearn to walk with her & help her carry some of those bags because they look sooo HEAVY!... but my mind just can't get past the fact that she's a BAG LADY!!!       Now I'm not the only one that has a problem seeing the Bag Lady as a woman instead of defining her by all of those bags... I've even seen the women Bag Lady clearly thought were her friends laugh at her behind her back. But I also saw that she didn't say a word in response she just quietly put those hurtful taunts into one of those heavy looking sacks...    Like I said... She's a Bag Lady.      Let me be clear - she is BEAUTIFUL! A pearl still safe in it's gruff oyster shell waiting for outer turmoil to settle down ...
FREE today! I just bought: 'A Candle for the Bag Lady (A Matthew Scudder Story)' by Lawrence Block via
Wow Erykah Badu just played in San Diego and there was no encore. And she didn't do Bag Lady or Tyrone! Seriously, ***
+ SO packkk light.. (finger snaps) I'm listening to Bag Lady by Erykah Badu
SO NOW IM ROLLIN DOWN RODEO WITH A SHOPping cart cuz I'm a bag lady this isn't Rodeo or maybe it is I'm crazyWHOA what's that a used condom?
Had to ask the lady in Henry's twice for ice. She then proceeds to give me a shopping bag full of ice. Thanks *** 😠
Tha old white bag lady Hillary is coming off as the liar she is this Benghzi thing is going to drag her to the sewer where she is at home
Nice to see they're still making homeless bag lady chic work for them.
that guy needs a break. I'm tired of wwe using him as a punching bag because he's got talent. Ugh. If he loses one more match...
--all the smaller things into a bag I take the bed under my arm and the bag in the other, I tell the lady thank you and--
Drunk lady who failed at starting the wave god nailed in the head with a bag of nuts. 😂 Night made.
This lady brought in a huge Louis duffle as her gym bag? You're boutta get licked out here in the west with that.. Better run.
so i lost ten minutes of my break because mr/ms. hicks wanted me to bag the lady’s groceries and then i leave AND HE FOLLOWED ME
I do not need to add 'crazy yarn lady' to my already full bag of crazy!
It's it right for this lady to carry a Prada bag off some all white crispy kswiss? o_0
Food for the week! Almost had to put bananas back to pay for the bag but the annoyed lady behind me…
S/O to that lady that had the balls to throw a full bag of popcorn at me and
Really good. I inherited this cat with my new place. So I'm like four cats away from becoming a bag lady.
Ahw She a lady just smacked me with her bag :c
As I was giving you the prom thing I saw the crazy bag lady and I was like thank god I'm not working!
Q: Precisely what is hard, 6-8 in . prolonged, possesses 2 loco, and will create a lady fat? A new: Almond Joy bag of chips
Shoutout to homie at Garretts. Told him I danced he brought my large bag of Popcorn to the counter and told the lady. "Small Plain" $2.35!?
Idk Xxxplosive was a dope *** beat though.dope enough for Erykah Badu to use it for bag lady
The first 15 seconds of this song tho! ♫ Bag Lady – Erykah Badu
A8 Carina! From runway to bag lady, all for security cameras!
I'm listening to a powerful sermon by Pastor Jeff Forest "Crossing Your Jordan." Makes me think of Erykah Badu song "Bag Lady.
They used to call me the bag lady at my church!
Living out a bag, but she's glad for the little things she has, And over there there's a lady, crack got her crazy
Esh gon be built like a bag of recyclables by 30...
... Man this lady look back at me like 28 times.. Bout to bag.. He calf veins look like she pushing 40.. Don't care
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That lady was high as a kite. She smoked a dime bag of crack, two 12oz malt liquor & two shots of vodka and was driving. SMH.
Sometimes life serves you a doody sandwich and you forgot money and the brown bag lunch your mom made. Life is the worst lunch lady ever.
Over heard a lady said she lost 60 lbs because she ate a bag of vegetables
Its This Old *** Lady In Kenwood That Walk Around School Wit A Book Bag lmaoo Khari Was Like "Mf be like...only to quarters left"
Just started on bag # 5 of clothes, shoes and purses that are going to goodwill. Someone else will get more use out of them
The meaning behind Bag Lady by Erykah Badu is something everyone needs to know
When I was little I wanted to be a bag lady at a grocery store.
Definitely did, haven't heard bag lady in ages
There's this 60 year old lady in my class right now and she thinks she is all that and a bag of chips ugh
"One day he gon say, you crowding my space" sips juice 🎵 - Bag lady
Bag lady n gayman eyes don't c u once again.
(Erykah Badu) - bag lady as my backtrack on jheze PACK LIGHT! Lol
i was struggling with opening the bag and this lady told me to lick my fingers and open it. LOL SHE WINKED AT ME TOO.
This lady really brought her cat in a bag to the tanning salon
Females will carry so much of a man's baggage just so he will be there. I dnt have time for it, I am not your bag lady
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Dang it! Why did the sales lady at Crimson Ridge have to point out the $10 hand bag sale?!
if your bag is fake than your instantly busted! Knowing that stuff makes me a good gift giver! And a classy lady is ok with that
yo..i know this guy did not chase this lady out her house, put her in a bag n in the back of his car.T'F
Lady in front of me just saved a nickel at Target by using a reusable bag. Wow.
This fat lady juz squeeze into the train,than juz throw her bag on the floor n hit right on my feet with tat kind of heck attitude.. ***
Traci is mad...the bag lady look is no good
Us spurs supporters r a friendly lol,got on bus earlier & sat down,other lady c my spurs bag & shows me her spurs coat badge her reply COYS
picked up rasta mike and the bag lady... They smelt terrible
H also owns a lot of MK. Morning DJ yrs back that H called in once a week & was named the "bag lady" cuz she owned 100 bags
The lady who got on at Embarcadero -had this snarl face and she didn't seem mad! She was just working hard to direct her rolley bag.
To the older lady who spent ten minutes molesting every single $1 bag of Flipz in Target: They are sold by WEIGHT, dingbat!
Bag lady, you gon hurt cho backk draggin all them bags like that..
My mom just called me a Bag Lady lmfao
So why is Bag Lady x Erykah Badu playing in my head??
This old lady in bar with a red lobster bag lol *** naw
domain names
Lady justifying how I should bag her groceries..."we shop here a lot..." Me.." Well I actually bag here a lot..."
Even women earning more than $200k worry about becoming a bag lady, according to survey.Read more and make your finances solid.
Right now I'm over "sex-talkin' old lady" shtick but when I'm an old bag myself I bet I'll hail her as a pioneer.
Boomer women fear being the bag lady they avert on the street corner.. Join the club its kinda big
Drive thru anxiety when the lady gives my change, I'm trying to put it in my wallet and she's waiting there arm extended w/ my bag of food.
Omg the Givenchy bag that the lady standing behind me at dinner is carrying is EVERYTHING, like I'm drooling
This is and I wanted to let you know Jamie once bought a half eaten bag of Cheetos from a random lady at her school...o
My iPhone fell into that big vat of molten steel at the end of Terminator 2. Bag of rice?
At a friends house watching a movie Lady sees a man with a bag full of money And I say "She wants some of that" Without thinking...
I asked for one bag and clearly had no trolley but the nice lady made me Pack'n Slave it!
The looks you get goin in the gas station to buy a bag of chew... No lady it was not for me.
Let me go to my truck and get lady's bag and go home all alone my mom left and went to visit my dad smh lil ***
That lady on global news saying that "you pay a fare to get a seat, your bag doesn't" should kill herself.
Waiting on Kenyatta to bring Lani bag!
I've let go of a lot of ppl in my life lately and I honestly feel better. Bag lady?? *Consuela voice* ""
Fear becoming ’bag lady’ someday? Many others do, too Yep. & most people I know over 50 make just 1/3 $ we used to.
Sooo some lady in Oklahoma got caught wit a bag of meth in her *** and a loaded gun in her vajayjay? Wow..
I feel like the bag lady.. All I do is live out of bags anymore.
Your wish is my command. Please forgive the crazy writer bag-lady he's perched upon. Xo's
I just saw a lady with the most beautiful MK bag!
she has competition some other lady showed up with her bag so she said shes gonna step her game up tomorrow xD
the TSA person that checked my bag was this big black lady, quite the conversation piece. I enjoyed her antics.
Round of applause for the lady who was fake speaking in tongues and carrying on with a bag a antics... Please now have a seat..
Asked the lady if she wanted a white bag or off white bag and she said she didn't care and so I pointed to a bag and she said it was cream
Picked up the cutest Steve Madden bag today
the lady next to me a sonic just ordered a bag of ice.. Ummm okayy?
Status: dressed like a bag lady at home
Almost half of American women fear becoming bag ladies
This lady handed me the nail polish I bought in a friggen sandwich bag.
So the biggest lady...with the ashiest hands just came in the gas station and got a bag of Reese's cups and 3 bags of hot crunchy kurls!
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Had my foot up and chillen and everything and this angry black lady comes slamming her bag on my seat like I'm 'posed to move
Crazy Toronto Bag Lady has a voice, and it's crazy.
At least I got to hunt for lady bugs with 's little sister.  We caught like 20 and put them in a chip bag. 3 of them died tho. 
I'm sorry lady, I'm running late... I won't be able to bring you a bag. my parents are waiting on me :( later if you need!!
I've gone out of my way to impress a bag lady. (didn't work)
Helped some old lady and her daughter bag at the store.. She turned out to be a tattoo artest. Got her number.. Your welcome
right! I feel like an old lady starting a recycling bag but Y'all need to
And I was like...Miss Bag Lady, you have TOO MANY gots to check those in LMAO she was heated FOR REAL but she just stuffed
; Settle down with me lady Bruck it out pon the floor , yu nuh lazy You lifestyle , it nuh shady and yuh nuh tek a bag of man like the navy'
"Oh look we have the same bag, you like Ellen Bradley too?!"-lady "Oh!...ya, except its Vera Bradley but sure!"-me
How much work goes into the making of a Lady bag? Find out from the exhibition opening tomorrow-
Should I change my lady name to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock or to Crap Bag?
Dear Atlanta bag check lady jerk, I hope you realize you ruined my entire year by losing my whole wardrobe today. Kthanks.
Gotcha. OT: I was just talking bags with 2 of my lady friends (no *** ). Twitpic the bag.
4 sets of breakfast for the ones at home, one yoga mat and a bag. Like crazy lady waiting for cab almost 20 minutes. Gahhh!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Ebony and ivory killing the karaoke with bag lady!
The cat is officially out of the bag lady and gents
if you're lucky you'll bag a lady like Veronica Corningstone
The wetzel pretzel lady gave me a bag full of pepperoni jalapeño pretzels for free but I still can't eat bread 😳😭😩
Got me a doggy bag n jus spilt it all over ma floor kmrt
I bought some condoms today and lady ask do i need a bag with that i said ' Nahh she not that ugly.
Cat's out of the bag! Lady Mustangs are a team to watch this season
just walked up to old lady's bag nd started taking it away cuz I thought it was mine i feel like a monster
I broke into her place, i ripped apart her sink, i brought a bag of hair, i did everything right
"You can't bag my swag without me cuttin the tag off" 😂 On point always
I know a couple things about how to bag a classy lady. I directed the film
ok so this lady just took the whole bag of chips while I reaching to get some. rude much!? 😒
I want a bag of these cookies for my bday. Make it happen lady! Lol
My nail lady put my polish opened in my bag! That's okay my bag is cheap
Back of the plane, yet u grab ur bag and crowd the aisle as soon as we stop, and sit on my armrest. Why, lady?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
There's a lucky girl who has Lady HeeHee bag but she doesn't even has any inkling that the one printed on it was Heenim of SuJu. Aigoo~
UTI SPOTTED ALL CUDDLY WITH A LADY:  Hmm, could this be that the cat has finally been let out of the bag? BB...
because I went in there with my backpack purse and the lady was making comments sayin watch me cuz I have a big bag and I may steal
yes I got 3 pairs of solid black ones a while ago but the lady never put them in the bag
To the lady who has gotten up 10 times on the plane to take stuff out of her carry-on bag, SIT YOUR *** DOWN.
Tomorrow I will have a Disney day, consisting of Peter Pan, lion king, 101 Dalmatians, Aladdin, Lady & the tramp and a bag of popcorn
This lady is the 5th person to stand in front of me while Im waiting for my bag
My mom mom always got me looking like the bag lady 😩
First Lena fell on the ground in the ice cream aisle now she's helping to bag some random lady's groceries. All time low? Yes probably
ol boy rob a DQ for a sundae. used a spoon inside a paper bag for a gun got ten years cuz lady said she felt threat 4 her life
Bag lady, you gonna hurt your back draggin' all them bags like that.
My moms really going to have me looking like the bag lady downtown cause she won't come get me lol
Holy shut look at this crazy cat lady bag that I didn't even know I owned!
*target lady voice* "Someone left a bag of protest the concert on my front porch!" Omfg let's do it
4 cents off my bag of hot Cheetos and the Arabian lady wouldn't just give me them
One time my backpack pocket was open the most popular guy in my grade decided to put his hand in it and grab my lady products bag out (cont)
Oh gaud! Really...Sorry but I remember seeing a "bag lady" wearing this style back in the 80's. Must look better in person??
Out grow out play Mega Kids Sale- May 4&5 - you'll find the loot bag lady coupons in their Grab
The lady doing the 50/50 raffle is as dumb as a bag of rocks. I'm 15 buying tickets for 21 and over
I have a trolley too but my iPad is glued to my other hand. Teachers and trolleys. The new bag lady!! ; )
A lady was walking up the stairs and Louis says stop the lady with the brown bag
Thanks for assuming you could throw your drink behind you, lady. If I knew you were gonna do that, I would've kept my trash bag on.
I can't be away from my bag lady for to long I start losing it 😖 I love you cousin always and forever, miss you.❤😘
Aye my bihh bad looking like a bag of hunnids!
deal my lady now let me sleep and dream of you me and Kierran and a huge bag of Mary Joanna.
Pro tip: the time to help the lady with the heavy bag and the cane is before she's gone up the steps, not when she's 2 ft from car.
My ol lady got a bag of stacks and she'll spend it all cause she love me!!!
Left my bag to go get food, lady looked at me and says "you ain't from Houston is you"
At work today a British lady told me it wasn't wise to put everything in a single paper bag and I just smiled because I loved her accent.
Lmao this lady just stole a big bag of ice out the cooler
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I jumped in front of a lady and in the process she hit me with her bag and said 'that was cute' ...yeah.
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