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Bad Santa

Bad Santa is a 2003 American Christmas crime comedy film written and directed by Terry Zwigoff, and also written and produced by the Coen brothers, starring Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox, Bernie Mac, John Ritter, Lauren Graham, Lauren Tom, Ethan Phillips, Brett Kelly and Cloris Leachman.

Bad Santa 2 Billy Bob Thornton John Ritter Bernie Mac Billy Bob Thorton Die Hard Ghost World Fred Claus Terry Zwigoff Octavia Spencer

Bad bicycle crash this past weekend at the Santa Barbara road race . VC: Peter Aquino: https:…
sorry my bad. I realize now that it's the tv series where cool Santa Monica cops solve crimes on bicycles
I feel bad for , it must be so hard to live life knowing you were one of the elves Santa rejected.
170304 (Last photos). "Last day. Santa Monica Beach. It's really too bad that we couldn't go to Venice Beach" http…
Spank me Santa, I've been a bad girl!
Movie spoiler: Bad Santa wasn't so bad.
I just bought bad Santa two on Google play I hope it is good
Just watched Bad Santa 2 and it was something else. Absolutely crude and over the top. Exactly what i was hoping
"I mean, I liked Bad Santa as much as anyone, but don't you think is is a bit much?". http…
Maggie told me last night that I told her Santa wasn't real in 4 th grade and I feel so bad.
I'm still looking for a girl like the girl security guard in Bad Santa 2
Just smashed bad santa claus in a Duel
Seeing Rock Dog... have no idea how good (or bad) it will be (@ AMC Mercado 20) on
Bad Santa people sooo good very funny Billy Bob Is awesome, not as good as the first but pretty close *** good film
LOVE that man!!! Love Bad Santa 2 ESPECIALLY the end. Balls in the face!! FUNNY!! Watch this ALWAYS!
bad hail up in Santa Rosa! Guess I'm not lighting the smoker.
Breast Cancer Awareness
He's literally bad Santa in real life. I can die happy now
Omg Bad Santa 2 is ridiculous and over the top already 😂😭
lol both in the same spot but REALLY bad cp ( the santa pikachus obviously
I liked a video from Bad Santa Attacks Annabelle & Victoria Christmas Toy Freaks
Add a little ‘Rated R’ to your weekend. Watch Bad Santa 2 now!
Octavia Spencer came a long way in her career. From Billy Bob Thornton pluggin her in the *** in Bad Santa to a household name. Dig that.
Sooo, Warren Beatty- an ACTOR- has no ad-lib skills. Or common sense. And Faye Dunaway is basically Granny from Bad Santa?
Sorority Row Vampires. Frank Renfield, Vampire Slayer. . A mash up of Inspector Clouseau and Bad Santa.
winners so far: the guy who played Kick *** and the guy who played Bad Santa. In Bad Santa 2. Gonna be a long night.
If Billy Bob Thornton can still win a Golden Globe after making 2 separate Bad Santa films, you can do anything you set your mind to.
One day I'll have to do a Terry Zwigoff marathon, Ghost World then Bad Santa then Art School Confidential then giving in to purified ennui
What the *** happened to Terry Zwigoff? Ghost World and Bad Santa are like the best movies ever
Billy Bob Thornton cracks me up in Bad Santa
Agreed with Bad Santa at Billy Bob Thornton. He plays the scumbag so perfectly.
It's Christmas time and I'll be making a trip home which mean I'll be watching:. Jeremiah Johnson. Bad Santa. Lonesome Dove. with my dad.
The Dude abides as we talk about The Big Lebowski and review . on our .
I don't think it's bad. My kids have only known of Santa as a fictional character. My kids love Christmas just as much as any.
Officer Badges patrolling with Officer Tallent for a BOLO on a large green furry guy with a bad Santa costume and a frown…
Elf and bad santa are undefeated Christmas movies that must be played
Don’t be a Bad Santa. NUS extra’s Discount Generator helps to find the perfect gift for your loved ones…
Santa 🎅🏽 will still know if you've been good or bad!
very bad that parents actually lie to little children. Jus tell them the truth and then still have the Santa
Listener thinks he's a bad dad b/c an app Santa told his kid she was on the naughty list for not keeping her room clean. What do you think?
what year is it bro Santa Fe not a bad ride!
This is bad, but it made me laugh: . Who delivers presents to baby sharks at Christmas?. Santa Jaws
I heard a happy/sad story today. A little boy is in bad health his wish was to see Santa. He was in the hospital, his nursery Santa dashed
I grew up in a Pentecostal family santa was not a bad thing it instilled the magic of giving.
Dear Santa: I want a bicycle awful bad so I can get me a job with Western Union to help make a support for my mother. Wi…
I want your book! I put it on my Christmas list, but Santa said I was bad this yr! Help a sister o…
Why pay £12 to see Bad Santa 2 when we've got the (much better) original, for free, with beer and good cheer
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checking my list and checking it twice🙈 and seeing whos on my naught or nice list, 🎅Santa thinks I've been a bad gi…
AWESOME LMAORAOTF & I can't get up! Gives Santa's elves a bad name, tho! LOL!
if that was really Santa singing the song...he is a very bad man 😂😂😂
First amendment my *** dude says this around my kids he's getting his *** kicked so bad he'll start believing Santa
Don’t be a Bad Santa and forget to buy a gift! Want to give your group, business, or bestie an unforgettable custom…
Bad Santa, A Christmas Story, The animated Grinch, Home Alone 1 and 2, A Nightmare Before Christmas = all better than Christmas Vacation
Watching "Bad Santa" with my sweet cheeks. It's a Xmas tradition
Willie from Bad Santa. Not exactly the greatest person in the world, but can't escape the Christmas spirit when it hits.
😂😂😂 no Santa at Christmas? Who'd want to be a Christian LOL bad PR move IMO 😂🎄
love them all Bad Santa 2 looks great 🙂 my fav A Christmas Carol with Alister Sim
my collection. Scrooged my fav but really want see Bad Santa 2
It's bad when MrsF picks up my med supplies for the festive period in a bag large enough for Santa. Still waiting. Still being failed!
"This year Santa's staying home, It's been a bad world" Here's a live version of our pessimistic xmas song. xo https:/…
This is what Santa does the rest of the year.
Watching the original Santa clause and the animation is so bad
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
John Kane from as Bad Santa behind the bar working our first shift! Thanks John!
Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa is literally the best character in history
Every year Hollywood decides to make a cynical, downer Christmas movie like 'Bad Santa'. American producers can't make a decent comedy.
2nd greatest Christmas movie ever. Bad Santa. "I didn't shat you from my loins!"
Movie time. Bad Santa, we have been really good ladies :)
Good interview with Billy Bob Thornton - have you ever seen Bad Santa? Great movie
baby boy if ur Santa all things r good n I'll b bad
Now that the kids are in bed ( I don't have any kids) it's time to finally watch Bad Santa for the very first time!…
Who's tryna watch Bad Santa 2 tomorrow👀
Bad Santa 2 review is ready to go for tomorrow. Spoiler alert: The hashtag is incredibly fitting.
Before Bad Santa...there was this bad Santa.
Movie Review. Bad Santa 2. As funny or funnier than first!
.I'm like Santa. I see you when you're sleeping.I know if you're awake. I know if you've been bad or good.S…
The jokes are raunchier and they hit even harder, but the "heart" is missing in this week's Review:…
How makes a drunk St. Nick likable in 2
Imma go watch Bad Santa 2 tomorrow. Come with if you got a ***
More outrageous and raunchier than the first, but "Bad Santa 2" is missing the heart of the original. Click...
We’re just singing what you’re all thinking. Bad Santa 2 is in theatres tomorrow!
Bad Santa 2 come out tomorrow I gotta go see dat
Santa is more unforgiving than I remember. Too bad I outed him as a crossdresser not long ago.😬
Going to see Bad Santa 2 with momma 😍🎅🏼
Bout to watch Bad Santa for the first time eva
How Bad Santa 2 is using artists to make, and share, its comically dirty ad campaign:
I'ma go to the Rockets game and go see Bad Santa 2 tomorrow
also bad Santa. Can't wait to see the 2nd one
Bad Santa 2 comes out tomorrow I think 😳
Someone wrecked into my car today, I lost my keys and Bad Santa 2 was a huge let down. Today blows
Bad batch of LSD that makes ppl violent... 2 parents in Salinas died, 2 people stabbed in Santa Cruz, and one boy died in sc.…
Whoever wanna watch a free movie caile number 13 Bad Santa 2 lmao
Life's not too bad when you're one of the last nuns of Spain.
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Never go see Bad Santa 2 with your mom.. ever
Keep this in your back pocket the rest of the week. Happy Thanksgiving!
"No papa, bad Santa. The streets raised me, pardon my bad manners" - Jay-Z
My friend wants me to watch his 15 year old son tonight. Well, he's gonna be stuck seeing "Bad Santa 2" with me then. LOL
Bad Santa: German town sacks Father Christmas over alleged far-right support
Bad Santa 2 might be the sequel with the most difficult task to live up to an original ever. Bad Santa was amazingly brilliant
I would go after these *** like Billy Bob Thornton in 'Bad Santa.' Who needs a safe ride?
Muppet Christmas Carol m8, part of the Holy Trinity with Bad Santa and Trading Places.
Kathy Bates is 7 years older than Billy Bob Thorton and is apparently playing his mother in the Bad Santa sequel. Sure.
I just talked to Billy Bob Thorton! He was with the Bad Santa crew at the EW Popfest, but I got to sing my...
Holy crap, they're making a Bad Santa 2! I loved the first movie.
As a former Santa Barbara resident, I always thought the News-Press was really bad. Now, it's a tragic embarrassmen…
That's too bad. Santa will miss you.
Reminder: If you ever want Gilmore Girls ruined forever just watch Bad Santa.
Okay so original plan for my eve was do random bits of busy work. New plan, watch Bad Santa & listen to xmas carols while wrapped in tinsel
Santa knows if you've been bad or goodSanta is God.
I wanna go to the beach so bad but idk if I wanna go to a beach by my new spot or head all the way to Santa Monica...
It's finally the time of year again when you can hear parents threatening their children with bad letters to Santa.
a wee toy elf that you tell the kids it's watching them, if they're bad he tells santa = no presents, it's an American thing
Which list does Bad Santa belong to: Naughty or Nice?
OMG AND JOSEPH IS BAD BEHAVED ^ like guys Santa won't be coming to your houses jez 🙄😂
There are 4 films I watch every Xmas. Wonderful Life & The Muppets are 2 of them. Bad Santa & Die Hard are the others.
Aside from Bad Santa 2 and possibly De Palma, NONE of these films look appealing to me.
Next they'll ban Bad Santa until after Christmas
In time for Xmas. Axe to release 3 new scented . body sprays. 1. Hairy Palm . 2. Santa's Lap. 3. Bad Report Card
Oh, forgot to tell y'all there's a Bad Santa 2 coming out.
Santa Claus wouldn't give coal to bad kids now because it's valuable. What would the new bad of gift be now?
Want to know how bad LA traffic is? It's taken me less time to get to Anaheim from DTLA then it does to get to Santa Monica from DTLA.
So excited for Bad Santa 2 to come out
Bad Santa 2 is just around the corner, and we're ready to breakout the spiked eggnog in...
All purpose parts banner
Sir Bacchus flicked SANTA ANA LANE over so bad
I can't wait until Bad Santa 2 is released!
Instead of coal, Santa now gives the bad children Lumberjack fantasies..
WOW!!! Didn't catch the game, was there any reason? Good D or Bad Offense?
My blog? OMG dude, totally sending out your 'phones tomorrow. I've been a bad thing. Matt Damon as Santa Claus
5 Star: Gus G. "My Monday morning started off bad and didn't get better with the blow out I got while on the..."
Is there any way Trump could lose so bad he'd turn out like Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places, homeless and drunk dressed like…
My talk w/the GNC cashier ended w/me telling him to YouTube the fight scene in Bad Santa cus it's "satisfying to see A-hole kids beat up."
When will films and dates be released please? Personal requests Elf, Bad Santa & Home Alone :)
Fat nick resembling Michael De santa so bad
Fow yenrs she's fed the kids tales about Santa but after I tri k them into eating dog trelts, I'm the bad parent for bwtraying their trtst.
Look out children, he's back and as bad as ever. And this time, his Mum is coming along. Bad Santa 2, in cinemas...
For years she's fed the jids tales about Santa but after I trick them into eating dog treats, I'o the bad parent for betraying their trust.
Angelina Jolie was Bad Santa's sloppy seconds a man like Brad Pitt can't live with that forever
my favorite movie all time is Bad Santa. Tony Cox is the best actor on that film.
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Holy hoppin! Could be this be Billy Bob Thorton's long-awaited sequel to Bad Santa? Bad Bunny?.
Bad Santa was just as ignorance Soul Plane... Still funny tho lol
I just got the bad news. Bad Santa and Blue Crush are getting kicked off Netflix. 2002-2003 are lost in time now. :/
"Dear Santa,I'm an evil Sith Lord, you know I've been bad, so I'll just buy my own presents."
This menu has 'Santa Fe Style Crab Cakes' and I'm just wondering is Santa Fe anywhere near the ocean b/c if not that seems like a bad idea
There's a Bad Santa 2 coming out this year? Why am I just now hearing about this?
I haven't been to Santa Clara yet, I'm a bad commie! Did you like it?
yes it is. The good for you is you can commute via amtrak to santa ana from San diego if traffic is bad.
I need to watch Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny to get the bad aftertaste of The Room out of my head XD
Santa fe kids want our goodies so bad
He made this really bad post about how "Toriel has a Santa fetish" too so like.
dreaming about adventures in the Dirty Grandpa Bad Grandpa Bad Santa Bad Teacher Horrible Bosses universe :)
THinkin bout what we had & missing you but I ain't Santa I got something for these bad *** too
Watching Bad Santa right before seeing Dirty Grandpa made for a pretty special day that I'll be able to share with my grandkids someday. featured in NBC s Science of Love
No...Santa Clara will be bad for all levels
Here is the trailer for this week's movie: Bad Santa starring Billy Bob Thornton. I haven't seen a Santa this...
I need a day trip to San Francisco or Santa Cruz so bad :///
I'm watching your bad Santa omegle I'm a Fangirl of the goon squad you guys are hilarious you make me laugh so much I love you
he looks like Santa Claus, how bad could it be?
So Coldplay is coming to Santa Clara, my favorite band of all time is coming Santa Clara. I'm tryna go so bad!
The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live. !
Santa Ana wouldn't be bad either ; my Tia lives in Rialto not too far of a drive
I'm high on Kylo Santa Cruz blind trade list. Always get bad offers, this guy needs even more though!
Today was kinda long, and I only today realized I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause was about mom kissing dad, not mom being a ***
I can enjoy coarse/bad humour... I enjoyed Bad Santa and Bad Grandpa... But this seems like too much even for me x)
You thought Liz had it bad with Santa Claus? Catch up w/ season 1 on
If you think people are either good or bad then your God is not God - he's Santa Claus.
Chargers really putting their practice facility in Santa Ana not the best place bad neighborhood especially when its allRaiderfans
Gonzaga takes the court at 6pm tonight against Santa Clara. Join us w/our 18 flatscreens & 1 giant projector. Not a bad seat in the house!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Bad Santa & whiskey & it's almost February. This is what life's come to ht…
Lol holy crap there?! Not bad, by the Observatory and IKEA. I guess I forget how big Santa Ana is
Too bad Christmas is over - we would ask Santa to bring us one of these!
PSA: Netflix is getting rid of Bad Santa (Starring Billy Bob Thorton) on February 1st. Check out this groundbreaking flick before then.
I'm watching Bad Santa and now I've realized I want to be like Billy Bob Thornton as an adult
9 Pictures Added | Tony Cox - Actor Tony Cox best known for his comedic performances in Bad Santa, Me, Myself ...
Tarek Fatah is fat, ugly and evil. He is like the Bad Santa
was always one of my fav cameo actors, bad Santa, hangover, hilarious! Love that now he's got he can show how smart too!
🎼 364 sleeps to go 364 sleeps to Santa 364 sleeps till the big fat fella🎤 sorry tweeps, I couldn't help my bad self. https…
“Santa miss road come Nigeria... Next day, you'll see him serving food in a restaurant”, hanhan! We are not …
still not as bad as throwing snowballs at Santa 60 years ago tho.
I guess I was REALLY bad this year. Instead of finding coal in my stocking, Santa gave my kids enough candy to keep th…
did you get 'what does Santa give the bad children' and answer it with 'AIDS'?
too bad Santa couldn't bring you a better personality
Watching an edited-for-TV version of Bad Santa is like drinking non-alcoholic whiskey. Why bother?
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Send us some bad Christmas jokes ?? What paper does Santa use to write his music ? Rapping paper !! waheyyy 😂 awful …
Santa already came, so it's time to be bad 😁😄😄. at .
played in this Funny Holiday Movie, name it?. 1,Bad Santa . 2Jingle All the Way. 3,Elf. 4,SpaceBalls 2.
5-year-old: Santa isn't real, so I don't have to be good. Me: If you're bad, I won't buy you presents. 5: You don't ha…
My favourite Christmas movie is Bad Santa. That should tell you everything!!
Wonder if Santa Claus would've morphed into a wolf on Christmas Eve when we had a full moon in UK
Bad Santa has to be top 2 for me, 1, being probably Home Alone 2.
Since it's snowing so much & the roads are bad I'm stuck in Santa Fe so no work for me today 😇
There is always room on Bad Santa's knee for the naughty girls
Bad Santa, remade as a sci-fi film, would have been a more fitting revival of the Star Wars franchise.
I should feel bad, but I just keep laughing. My secret Santa was really cute. (`ω´)
Christmas is the busiest time of year for both Santa and the United States Postal Service. http…
Yes Santa, we've both been very bad...
This is what Santa and his Elves do to bad girls...
Oh Santa! Thank You for giving us what we deserve...We promise to be bad again next year...
Feeling nauseous but still hungry and I'm shaking so bad rn. I have my sisters chocolate Santa next to my bed even thought chocolate -
Is it bad that we still get excited about Santa?
nearly as bad as an away end only half full with fans with Santa is a wednesdayite hats on
Dear Santa, . What if I've been good at being bad?
Too bad Santa couldn't bring us a running back for Christmas
Dear Santa, . I've been bad this year. Please bring me coal.
unbelievable story. Nearly as bad as the one about Santa not being real.
Bad Santa. If you understand what I'm talking about
How could he forget you , Bad Santa .
Dear Santa, . Thank you for the gift of bad Bortles! New Orleans appreciates it!
I added a video to a playlist Game Grumps Animated - Bad Santa
he doesn't even need the costume, just a bad *** Santa LOL
Happy Holidays from the Wildcats, enjoy this Christmas edit with a couple Bad Santa's shredding. We hope you all g…
Gift exchange with my pup at DC Eagle during Onyx Bad Santa bar night! Christmas is a wrap people.
Santa left coins in stockings. They chose pancakes, apples and buffalo jerky. Not bad, kids.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
just finished Bad Santa, poured some Four Roses single barrel and about to crack a book.
Bad Santa's ol' lady is bizarro world sexy Nancy Kerrigan.
A guy dressed as Santa just shot a store clerk. Bad Santa.
don't know if I can watch 'Bad Santa' anymore. Reminds me Bernie Mac and John Ritter are gone. 😢
Bad Santa: Bernie Mac, Billy Bob Thornton, & John Ritter. On Dont watch with kids. Gotta add Scrooged to the list too
Have you been naughty or nice? Bad Santa on Hollywood Suite. Free preview on now!
Bad Santa is hilarious. Bernie Mac and John Ritter steal the show.
2/3 of a xmas Netflix trifecta with The Ref, Bad Santa and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Happy Sunday? ?
Something that'll get you in the Christmas Spirit, like Bad Santa.
Perfect pairing with Bad Santa - Drinking a Punkuccino Coffee Pumpkin Ale by -
that may be more of a classic, but Bad Santa is about a million times funnier
Fred Claus is some buzz btw, Bad Santa tae
Bernie Mac is hilarious in Bad Santa. Miss him.
I know Bad Santa's only from 2003, but man does Will Ferrell look young
Nothin' better than brewday - double chocolate oatmeal stout and Bad Santa (sans cherries)
I dunno. It's hard to accept Lauren Graham as anything but Sarah from 'Parenthood'. Or the 'Bad Santa' chick.
santa beat some kids the fat kid is south korea the bullies r north korea. we're (USA) the bad santa lol :)
So I played qbert at the arcade in santa cruz, got to level 2, and got the high score on the machine, I feel bad for qbert
In Stockholm, they have a lottery system where good drivers can win the money bad drivers pay in fines.
I ain't Santa, I got something for the bad bxtches too 😆
I am scared at how bad this movie must be, to be worse than Manos, birdemic, Santa Claus and the Ice Bunny...
You see a bad boy, right here. Santa will skip me on this year's shift
Danielle Wilson has a bad drug habit and it is effecting decisions
The movie bad Santa would be one of my top 5 favorite on Netflix
Things my grandma used to say to me : u better not pout u better not cry u better not shout I'm telling you why Santa Claus is DEAD
Economy so bad Santa Claus became did this to their childhood.
yeah it was bad Santa had to come there I believe
I wanna live I Santa Barbara so bad
Is It an Election or a Bad Reality TV Show?: On the war in Yemen and other things we don't like to think about.
Since which is a messenger of God even got now I wonder the economy is bad.. ;(
he spoke the truthbut fans like you still believe in Santa Claus.Maybe you were not around last year but bad bullpen no title
Oh ok for u? Yea just as bad. I use to make that drive to Thousand Oaks everyday. Now im in Santa Clarita. Same BS!
Black Santa probably gives the bad kids big lumps of coal...
Yeah, it's going to be a terrible season. Excited to watch football, but it's going to be a bad year in Santa Clara!
Wow I miss Santa Monica beach so bad 😩
Flew back from Santa Fe- getting ready to hit the Sheraton! Hope You can stop by to say hi and get a pic with Bad Raccon for the book!
An Obscure currency can ruin the markets: It was even a bad week for Santa Claus.
Tell me about any experience with EBC social media with AACC capability in Santa Clara. Any good or bad comments are welcome. :-)
nah knowing iz, she will of been bad so Santa won't let her
Drove from Malibu down to Santa Monica, up to Westwood and back to Calabasas. Traffic was pretty bad at 1pm. I can't imagine rush hour.
I feel bad for whoever isn't going to Santa Barbara
“what's your favorite Christmas movie? 🎄” Elf ! Or Bad Santa!
That's it, Christmas is cancelled. Bad Santa hasn't been paying his taxes.
Yeah John Oliver told me that one. Bad Santa (Chuck Blazer) is INSANE for that!!
I want a Corgi. Like really bad. If I ask Santa for one for Christmas, do you think he'll give me one? I've been a good girl!!!
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I've had a bad couple days dude so Ima either go to Santa Monica or just go get a bottle and go to the beach and just relax
Bloody ell Xmas is well early or Santa just couldn't wait to deliver it! Not a bad job by Mr
I have a Hyundai Santa Fe, I love it. Great in the snow, and bad weather. Roomy, and not awful on gas for a V6
; Need to get one of these bad boys on my list for Santa 🎺👍🏼😃
I know I'm old & am a Christian which 2 u means I believe in Santa & the tooth fairy but there is such a thing as bad press.
Bad news for children around the world...
Sony has announced that Bad Boys 3 & 4 will be released in 2017 & 2019.
Santa Monica for a few days don't sound too bad, back to surrounding myself with creative minds
Santa secures lumps of coal for Xmas. Meets with Obama to negotiate a deal. Forecast for increased bad behavior.
Mother Warns Of Dangers Posed By Glass Shower Doors « CBS Los Angeles . --QUALITY of the glass is BAD!
Is Stephen A. related to that midget actor who was in Bad Santa (with Billy Bob Thornton) and Me,Myself & Irene?
"Kid who's been bad: Santa am I getting a gift this yr? . Santa: Awantu lie, but ma hips don liee🎶
Why I kind of feel bad for Leo Santa Cruz.
We are leading Home Loan Providers For Bad Credit, For Self Employed in Santa Maria, Ca, contact us anytime, we are here to su…
◡̈which one of santa's. reindeer has bad manners?. RUDE-olph!. i hope i made. you laugh, sunshine. follow me? x22
Hamilton Collection
Billy Bob Thorton's character in Bad Santa is my spirit animal.
Gold. Mac's scenes with John Ritter were the best parts of Bad Santa.
Arlo Givens died and was reborn as Bad Santa on Axe cop.
Bad Santa picked the wrong flying T-Rex riding axe cop. Should of never killed his parents, he was just a good boy with a good moustache.
The Bernie Mac & John Ritter scenes were the funniest parts of Bad Santa. Hard to believe they're both gone already
'Bad Santa' robs Australian post office, flees with sack of cash
Bad Santa is funny though not family. Then there is Die Hard / Gremlin debate. xmas or no?
Omfg!! I didn't know Octavia Spencer was in Bad Santa! :D Lauren Tom too!
Everyone has their go to Christmas movies. Mine are the Billy Bob Thornton classic Bad Santa and South Park's Woodland Critter Christmas.
Bad Santa? 5 tips to tackle your holiday gift returns - Bradenton Herald
Classic scene from Bad Santa with John Ritter & Bernie Mac. Two comedic legends gone far too soon.
It's really a bummer now seeing John Ritter/Bernie Mac interacting in Bad Santa :-(
God John Ritter was so good in Bad Santa
Man I miss John Ritter. But seriously Bad Santa is one of the best Christmas films ever made.
My is out at home and no possible repair till tomorrow evening. So which DVD do I watch: 1) Die Hard; 2) Bad Santa; 3)Elf
Each person in the office got to pick 5 holiday movies: Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Bad Santa, Jingle All the Way, Ernest Saves Christmas
I might do Fred Claus if I have the chance. But sorry I'm not going to do Bad Santa. It's the Christmas version of H2 (2009)
Too many Netflix users? Who's watching Bad Santa and The Civil War? and I wanna watch Crossroads.
What would Xmas be without watching Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa on TV, about an alcoholic store Santa?
Bad Santa might genuinely be the funniest Christmas movie that has ever been made. Billy Bob is absolute gold.
Billy Bob? You ever see Sling Blade or Bad Santa? He's an actor...
(better with a beer or something) feeling superior. Like many John Cusack's movies, Bad Santa, etc.
When you're watching Bad Santa and you realize Bernie Mac and John Ritter are dead 😕
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