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Bad News

Bad News were a spoof rock band, created for the Channel 4 television series The Comic Strip Presents....

Bad News Barrett Wade Barrett Whitey Morgan Ryan Grim Scott Nicholson

Here's a great review of Good News, Bad News from Cafe Thinking:
I liked a video Whitey Morgan and the 78's - Bad News (Promotional Video)
"Perhaps a tree. will carry on just as it was.". Jack Underwood, Instead of Bad News about a Person I Love.
I've seen worse, it killed me when Barrett got injured for the 3457th time and lost his momentum as Bad News just to come back as a jobber.
Bad News: dropped my bowl of cereal this morning. that was the last of the milk I had. Good News: the despair unlocked my mang…
We got our first scalp. Bad News: Scott Walker might be labor secretary. Good news: We might win Wisconsin governor…
Bad News for BEAVER RUIN RD (SR 378) crash @ Steve Reynolds jamming traffic from ON the WATCH
Black Swan Green by David Mitchell& Wintering by Kate Moses. My lib has Bad News. I'll check it out. Thanks!
Bad News: Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer are planning to make a "Star Wars" Spoof!
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Wade Barrett on Wrestling, Bad News & More - via
Bad News for Manu supporters. Mike Dean demoted , Howard Webb retired. How will they survive ?
Good News; PC finally works!! Bad News; none of my previous files saved onto my removable drive, so LOST EVERYTHING 😫
I saw it on a teletype scrolling in a diner in Massachusetts . Bad news. ⚡️ “John Lennon died 36 years ago today”.
I FORGET NAME I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS saw lurid digs in 90s late and 2000S WELL the bar . has. been. raised lol. photos not as bad as b4
Steve Smith calls out the for complaining about the field conditions at M&T Bank Stadium.…
IMPORTANT: Places with 287(g) agreements see higher rates of foreclosures, worse-off local economies.
75% of Chileans say immigration should be restricted. Bad news for Venezuelans who see it as best option in Latam https…
Interesting article from Kate Robertson, the founder of One Young World on why she left marketing…
That can only mean bad news for minimum wage workers.
Bad news: probably just failed my exam. Good news: got 5 chicken nuggets in a 4pc chicken nugget
No one seems to enjoy more than you bad news for Québec city.
We're entering company holiday party season, and all the landmines and bad decisions that come with it. Or GREAT...
Just two words for the Lying Corrupt Harry Reid...GET OUT!
Do family trees tend to go through the mothers bloodline or the dads? Cause if it's the dads I have bad news for a lot of people in history.
Boris Johnson's Saudi 'proxy wars' comment 'not UK's view'. Too bad it's not UK's view - it could help stop chaos
I enjoyed hearing this. To bad it wasn't 8 months ago in every cable station especially faux news
Good news for energy companies, bad news for those who breathe or drink water
Telecoms companies are basically never good, always bad.
Bad news if you're used to blotting oil from bhajjis and vadas in newspapers.
Rock Rockies to release new single “Bad Girl” on December 31st 2016
Grab Bag Of Goodies In 21st Century Cures Act | A good summary, some good, some bad...much
New research suggests mass deportations exacerbated the foreclosure crisis for Hispanics: v + Matthew Hall
The media megaphone: does it help curb bad infrastructure projects?
MORE bad news for the poor in . under .
BAD NEWS : "The auditor who exposed how Uhuru's sister stole from Kenyans has been demoted" Kenya for you
tattoos on my hands I look bad news
The NYT interview with Comet pizza gunman: a sad portrait of a not all bad man who was fed on a diet of lies
The have their highest charting song ever with "Bad and Boujee"
. Good news: the UK has dumped 2/3 of its climate diplomats. Bad news: there are things called "clim…
You'd be forgiven for thinking it's a bad news week.. but remembered to put the bins out! Just one reason…
CNN no longer has a Clinton generating news for them. CNN ratings are so bad MSNBC is catching then
Bad news. Major component of the American Dream for many is upward mobility. Hard to make that a reality with such…
Four air crafts damaged by Nigeria's bad runaways; we are not pulling out yet - South African Airways. Read more at https:/…
Boom 💥 More bad news 4 Hillary Clinton: Trump beat her by approximately 46,000 votes in Pennsylvania! . https:…
BBC News - 100 Women 2016: on how objectification isn't a bad word *Interview*
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Bad app-titude: The problem with infotainment is our expectation
What does Steve Smith think about Dolphins complaining about slick field? Find out here:.
Bad news fella. Hope you are alright.
Why Jill Stein’s Recount Push is Bad News for Democrats via
"Good, Bad and Mad: Andrew Rosenthal on the News" by SUSAN LEHMAN via NYT
Good News: Trump shoes giving up being made in China. Bad News: Moving manufacturing to Ethiopia .
Broad was just playing *** Hath no Fury riding through Bad News to get them voted now she in the woods with Billy Joel fans
Good News: MuckRock now works on . Bad News: People are still using Internet Explorer.
Good News!. 👍 MDN now beats W3Schools in a Google search for CSS info. Bad News!. 👿 Google uses W3Schools as an info box ab…
Bad News: called into work in the A.M. . Good News: Off Sunday!! My 1st since July 😍 go me & some *** NFL 🏈
Bad News for Mr Renua, our very own Eddie Hobbs
Bad News . The 39-year-old man from El Salvador, who raped a two-year-old baby in Canberra – and received only a... http…
If you see this look on your client's face, get ready for the Bad News .
Bad News: Ronnie Dunn Says There is No Brooks & Dunn Reunion in the Works
Forrester: Good and Bad News on Day by via
Forrester: Good and Bad News on CX Day by via
I get deeply deeply sad everyday when I read the news about bad things happening to ppl I can't help it
Bad ‘azuki’ bean harvest may raise the price of sweets
We have some bad news for fans... .
10 dollars this ends up on Fox News in a piece on how welfare is bad
Certitude is bigotry, not secularism - imposing not to wear Burkini as bad as enforcing burqa
Good news: on time to work. Bad news: only have one contact in
I got so much bad news in the last 2 days idk how I'm functioning right now
Bad news: still no friends. Good news: this day last year i had just got here and managed a ton of friends.maybe they're all on the way?
Things have gotten so bad that now even conservatives themselves are starting to admit it:
Poor economic data is bad news for Australia - Yahoo7 Finance Australia
Pennsylvania's fiscal situation sees good, bad news
Nothing like finding out bad news literally five minutes before you're supposed to be hilarious
Attention ladies I have some bad news. I went to sonic for the first time and I have found my true love I'm sorry for t…
Kinda *** crying on my bday bc I got bad news
Why letting goldfish go wild is a bad idea: They become giant pests via
bad news, I saw no Harry Potter yoga. Good news, I had a lot of butter beer.
If you want to be in a relationship but only allow yourself to have feelings for people unattainable boy I have got some bad news for you
bad news: its an offshoot so it doesnt suck, real talk dennis rodman might have actually singlehandedly averted A Crisis
It's hard to stay positive when it's bad news after bad news 😶
Dealing with somebody that drink as much as u is BAD NEWS 📢😩
Bad news. The Earth continues to get hotter. July was the hottest month. Ever.
And now, in a world where it seems there's nothing but bad news--here's some GREAT news! Right on, TONY!!!...
Gun violence in America is so bad, France and Canada are issuing travel warnings to tourists https:/…
Swear I never get anything but bad news
WE ARE STINGING New research confirms our are killing them
Nearly two decades of data reinforce concerns that pesticides are really bad for bees: Via
Here’s the tracklist for and the Bad Seeds’ new album
Me: I've got good news and bad news. Wife: What's the good news?. Me: Here's the half of the Nerf dart the baby didn'…
That guy seems like he's bad news. Minnie needs to make better decisions and choose a man who chooses to be with her. featured in NBC s Science of Love
his scrub team this year can't even field a team. We didn't even lose to them that bad last year and they went to semis
Christy's random acts of education funding to address bad headlines.
DOCTOR: I have bad news. MAN WHO WOKE UP FROM 5 YEAR COMA: I don't mind as long as I get to see my favorite Gorilla from t…
14 Celebrity Moms Get Real About Breastfeeding: The good, the bad, and the painful.
🎥 Double sessions in the sun and DJing with . Not a bad way to celebrate 🔻.
I love the idea of rewarding states that have closed primaries with extra delegates! Too…
That tags first post that I saw said that Western Society was bad but had a news article about a woman who was arrested in Iran...
the saying is "no news is bad news". But if he wins, there may not be a world left for any news.
More bad news for So long convention "bump." Still waiting on Clinton bump. Going to be Huge. . . https…
Slept from 9 p.m and I woke up this afternoon. I needed that sleep but woke up to more bad news
Wildfires bring bad air to the Central Valley
More bad news about former Alabama & Decatur standout Rolando McClain, who has been suspended 10 games this season.
Good news: Today's rain good for campus fields. Bad news: Stevenson Dr. repaving postponed.
Good news is you came along way, bad news is you went the wrong way 🎧
Good news: Heading to Chicago for w/ Bad news: I ripped the crotch of my jeans in the airport.
Give Lesnar his appeals process, I suppose, but this seems a very bad approach for WWE.
Complete load a *** !! Bad news when Christopher Biggins is the most famous in the house???
While I'm scamming *** before I pull out my rainbow flag and announce the bad news lol
Bad news for staff and patients at Stepping Hill Hospital
It's like I'm waiting to hear bad news 😕
Americans feel bad about wasting $160B in food every year but not bad enough to do anything about it
Bad news for Decatur native and former Alabama LB
Climate change is extending mosquito season in the D.C. region — bad news for Zika
Sorry cell I don't meant to be the bear of bad news but Golden freiza would kill u
Jose Mourinho has some bad news for Marcus Rashford. United fans would hate this! - . https…
I see. It's that thing where I wanna ask but hate bad news. Hope the others are ok.
Fox News hurts me so bad. Racism is so bad. This country has went to ***
Not sure how much more bad news I can handle today 😣
is the Barnier appointment bad news for those of us hoping for a soft Brexit eased by compromise?
he and his ilk are desperate for bad news. He's okay jack because he has his teachers pension.
More bad news for refinery - buying gasoline after unplanned unit shutdown - but good news for $PESC htt…
friend: it looks like you're not wearing a bra.. me: boy have I got some bad news for you.
Do we know that the purported birth certificates online are really Do we even know if he's a human?
The Rio waters are so bad that swimmers are being told to 'keep their mouths closed' via
Now hide bad news behind democracy, using Brexit to camouflage a new Target Operating Model. How thick do they t…
L Brooks Patterson and Mark Hackel need to be sued for civil rights violations. They have negotiated in bad...
Political scientists, I have some bad news.
Going with 5 Marlins players in FanDuel tonight: Jose, plus the outfield. Jose day means bad news for my Cardinals.
Voicing against bad governance and corruption not a case of Defamation: Supreme Court
Pls boycot CF's tbloid, d reason she alwys writes bad news abt M is bcoz dey make money frm it. If no 1 buys shes out of…
Bad news for folks:Union leadership is on your side, but the rank & file members aren't.
WHY do I always wake up to bad news. 😭
-Birtherism--the absurd conspiracy/con that got Trump started . Back On the Table? .
Hey Vee, I know you're going to be heartbroken to hear this!. Columnist quits social media over threats .
Australia's leaders are still mainly Anglo-Celtic, which is obviously a very bad thing
Very bad look for News Corps who received payments from controversial gambler Hayson
Is 'Birtherism' Back On the Table? via and Again MSM viciously turning on Trump except truth-Killary!
SOLUTION Fire the truly bad police officers. They are dangerous and toxic impediments to change.
You know it must be important when a community three states away weighs in on your proposal.
Fact-checking the Democratic convention; Trump remains agent of chaos; Why rich neighbors are bad for ...
Good News: gets you out of your house. Bad News: Getting out of the house is apparently dangerous
Bad News: What doesn't kill you makes you crazy. . Good News: Crazy people are super strong.
Every guy has that friend their gf hates & turns her into mom like. "I told you to not hang out with that boy I knew he was bad news"
The optimist’s guide to Brexit: 7 reasons why it may not be so bad for banking jobs
DfT finds a good day to bury bad news again?. BBC News - Airport expansion decision on hold
Someone tell this Rhino that laws will not keep bad guys from getting guns! Tell him to go read the 2nd...
80% of Sanders supporters now say they will vote for HRC. .
Bad news for workers, good news for retirees: Social Security wage base estimated to increase to $126,000 for 2017
the bad news is that I can't concentrate on work. The good news is that I have SO MANY IDEAS for the book now.
The legacy of FAILED LEADERSHIP of . Bad for people & animals. Vote for change
Electronic Device Insurance
REVEALED: The club Paul Pogba prefers to join this summer. Bad news for Man United.
This is bad news to the enemies of united. They will cry for years on end
Butter not significantly linked to ill health, says study: Saturated fats are bad for us,...
Bad news for my waistline when a vegan diner is a 5min walk from my hotel. 😬
Good news!! I already tripped really bad in front of people at work so we got that out of the way quickly!!
Good news: the coworker that dislikes me the most quit this week. Bad news: need to find a new office nemesis
Bad news for life will get tough without Soros' NGO machinery.
This theory on why Robert De Niro is making bad films is wildly depressing
I woke up said my prayers, and just kept hearing bad news. One thing after another.
What a bad week for Hudson to UT, Creed to A&M, Hardy gone, no news on Cobb, Thomas surely susp vs Houston.
Google, stop playing with my heart with these bad Android statues
Pakistan always plays double games n is bad news for its neighbours
Tell me again how a good guy with a gun can't stop a bad guy with a gun!
yeah I can dig it just don't want you sitting there watching he bad news bears for the next 10 seasons
I didn't want to be the bearer of bad news...but that's what I was
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Boris out of the pm race with all this bad news finally something positive
These days bad news can be good news for the financial markets, as traders rely on central banks. V bad day for British savers.
Payday loans have pretty bad odds. Go beneath the surface for
& another: Ostrich-like attitude of a state that reacts to bad news by trying to stop social media talking about it. http…
LOCAL MEDIA: Life down here ain't that bad - two views of community news | Street Fight There ar
Because Carney just said things were so bad he will cut rates. Bad news is good news for stocks.
Alright, fans... I've got good news and bad news. . The good news is, we found her.
Things may never be like this again. . That could be good news or bad news to you, but it's true nonetheless. . Gmorning.
A preview of how corporate America will blame Brexit for bad news
is bad for Africa (& British national interest). Superb but depressing piece: Alex de Waal
Osano will not play for BFC next season.. Bad news!
The bad news: my 120 film went through the scanner. It's 400 speed, hopefully won't fog?
Here's the numbers I didn't have in front of me last night If he retires early.its really bad news.
For the evangelical leaders hopping on the Trump Train: Not only does your chosen train stink, but it's running...
Probably Matt Greene's face when he got the bad news
Google's Project Zero: Symantec's security flaws 'as bad as it gets'
People keep talking about the end of the Labour Party. Can things really be that bad? -
Don't want free movement of labour; do want for movement of goods, services & capital. I've some bad news for you guys…
Good news, is back on But that's bad news for two Islanders... 😭👋✈️.
The other night Hubs & I took our boys (8,4,4) to see original 1976 Bad News Bears at like cal libraries free movie FOR KIDS. Ummm, BNB --
Canadian firms gaining opportunity for more exports to US. Bad news for and in Quebec.
David Villa: “Messi int retirement? It’s bad news for football. He's not only the best in the world, but in history" http…
Living with anxiety in the age of nonstop bad news — Our CEO Nicky gives her view
Dear My Lord. Please help me out. I am stuck on bad seat. I am waiting the two good news. One from Thai & another from the Hollywood. Hum...
Good news: Everything is temporary . Bad news: Everything is temporary
I got to break the bad news. I moved…
Hey friends, it's Lady, Cait's wife. I have some bad news. This is Cait.
Some thoughts on what the means for from via
If you're a bad guy, a gun being pointed at you can be a terrifying thing:
That's because Carney just committed an act of economic vandalism and promised more QE. Bad news is good for stocks
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Bad suns coming out with their second album is the most exciting news I've heard all day
Good news guys. The internet is backa nd better than ever. Bad news, it was how I had my ethernet cable connected was the i…
retreat opens the way 2 DowningStreet-bad news 4
Meanwhile. Bad News for Dale Jarrett, he's 25th. Good News? He's just 1 second off the lead!
Anthony Rendon taking Matt Harvey deep is some "Good News, Bad News" stuff for my rep as a Fantasy analyst 😹
- Bad News post-apocalyptic box set by Scott Nicholson is 99 cents in all markets
Bad News box set from Scott Nicholson, four post-apocalyptic thrillers for 99 cents! .
We check out spring 2016 release Bad News, an awesome EP by hard. rock band Mercury Rising.
This looks no different from the last two elections for Republicans. via
Never read Harry Potter so can't comment on this: Interest in the occult IS dangerous
So sad to see go... I'll miss you, it was a pleasure to watch you perform. Talk about Bad News Barrett...
Bad news folks: the latest polls indicate we are NOT in fact, dem boyz.
,Well so there's good news and bad news. Good news: Your instincts are correct. The bad news: your instincts are correct
Turbulence so bad on plane people were flung from seats. Some hospitalised
'Fraid I got some Bad News... FOR WWE! Wade Barrett has left WWE
Feel sorry for him, that Bad News gimmick was getting over and they nixed it. Stupid.
Nice of to put this out at the end of the day. A cynic might think they were trying to bury bad news?
Bad News Barrett had so much potential, then he got hurt during that first run. Was never the same
A high quality password is better than a high quantity of password changes.
Bad move, moves to block mentally impaired from owning guns quoted
Greg Hunt "no comment" on news that coral bleaching off Christmas Island 'as bad as it gets'
Thanks for breaking the Bad News yourself. Happy trails,
They at least could have started the post with "We're afraid we've got some bad news"
Just realized Bad News Barrett blocked me.& I have no idea why. This is worse than getting blocked by Sophia Helwani or Johnny Alpha Lion
Belarus Banks Rattled by Surge in Bad Loans as Economy Contracts: The Belarusian central bank warned that the...
I'm afraid you gave us some bad news! 😕 hope to see you on the big screen soon !!
Pro-Corporate TTIP on the Ropes as Top French Officials Lambaste 'Bad Deal' -
Poor Vision and Bad Falls Plague Many Seniors: Year-long CDC study finds 1.3 million people over 65 with poor...
Thank you will always remember Bad News Barrett and Nexus and him winning NXT
. The good news is youve uncovered a strategy that just might work. . The bad news is, it requires us to all be ***
From If the Brexit does happen, the ripples will be felt all over. Will it be the best or the worst? .
WWE's biggest ball drop. Bad News Barrett was $$$.
So instead of GET FAME, the tvs in the background of season 4 of Lucha underground will be Bad News Barrett segments
Italy’s long recession has taken its toll, leaving €360 billion ($405 billion) of bad debts https:/…
Goodbye, thank you for nexus & Bad News Barrett. Glad that ive seen you live in Singapore last year.
Woke up to some bad news so I don't think I will be streaming today, sorry.
I can see it now "Why is Bade Warret in the Impact Zone, is he bringing us bad news!"
No news = bad news, when should I expect to be contacted? A full week wasted with this.
Good day for burying bad news:Tory retreat on turning all English Secondary schools into academies: was it anyway an undeliv…
Bad news, everyone. EE's Power Bars aren't coming back
A good day to bury bad news. Along with your dead cats. And Lynton Crosby. Ideally
7 bits of bad news the Tories sneaked out while you were watching the election - Mirror Online cynical, deceitful
BAD NEWS: George has broken his shoulder . BAD NEWS: He can't play shows for a bit . GOOD NEWS: We're not gonna cancel shows
Conservatives are education failures - but would get an A* in burying bad news http…
Missed opportunity for the status "I'm afraid I've got some bad news..." 😪😪
Watching a repeat episode and scared me. I thought he really gotten some bad medical news. U bum. 😂😂😂
Turkey shooting down Russia's fighter jet is bad bad news
thankyou, loved your bad news gimmick and nexus angle, thanks for the memories, I'm afraid I've got some bad news!!
I'm afraid that was some really bad news! Good luck, and maybe see you in when you're ready to return to…
Bad news: According to news reports, the voted to approve a horrible deal Read more: htt…
Good News: Peter Wolf coming back to Pine Knob!. Bad News: Opening for Steve Miller Band at DTE!.
Bad News! Australian batman Stuart Law Refused & said no to PCB for head coach offer of Pakistan team
"Bad News" by Whitey Morgan and the 78's on gettin' in trouble...every where I go!
gutted as I like Barrett. Didn't needed to change as the Bad News gimmick was decent I though.
Good News: Chose Agüero as Fantasy Football captain this week. Bad News: Completely meaningless in reality, as I slowly…
Something beautiful is on the HORISONT - Bad News (OFFICIAL VIDEO) via # guitar
I liked a video from Update on what's coming next on my channel -Good n Bad News
Bad News and Good news for injury-hit Rafa Benitez at Newcastle United: Paul Dummett has…
Hey new DBacks pitcher, guess you can just say it has been nothing but Bad News, Barrett.
BREXIT – Good or Bad News for UK Expat Mortgages? Writen by the one and!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Thank God. Wade Barrett finally gets to just, like, go home and not put up with this company anymore. God bless, Bad News. Try New Japan.
Wade Barrett is a tragic figure. He actually got over with something (Bad News), then remembered that isn't allowed.
Good News: I booked a movie!. Bad News: I have to grow a beard, because the film takes place in the 1890's... 😅
Good news: is carrying game on FM today. . Bad News: Steve Physioc.
Bad News for Clinton and Sanders. Good News for TRUMP! The Rust Belt and Bible belts of America have officially...
Speaking at: ASSOCIATION FOR MEDIA EDUCATION CONFERENCE 2016 in Stirling on 4th June about Bad News for Refugees
Bad News in Good Company. A brief look at some of the weeks big & news. .
I've listened to Bad News tons of times, also Percy Pringle and Jim Mitchell
JG baseball Bad News!!!. Los Amigos has just cancelled today's game. Rescheduled date is Tues. 4/12. That is our bye week. Enjoy your weekend
Top prospect Alex "Bad News" Hughes brandishing his new shield.
Bad News: Scented Candles are not good for your health : (
"Bad News" Wayne Barrett vs. Dustin Jacoby in the finals of the middleweight tournament.
I liked a video Bad News for Barrett and Cody - The JBL & Cole Show - Ep.
Catch up! Bad News, Sexwale pulls out of FIFA presidential race only 15minutes before election start... STAN Boxing After Dark!
All I want is for Barrett to be free of this and get one last Bad News run - C
Order Miche Bag Online!
Do you think Barrett walking away from WWE is the right thing to do? . Bad News for Barrett
Yeah, It would be but, It's time to call Wade Barrett back out, cause I'm afraid I've got some Bad News...
Bad News: Alfred Falls 3-6 to Farmingdale State. . Good news: We're right back at it at 2 pm against Purchase College!
Man I really don't like Kanye, but his song Bad News is so good.
Government Accused Of 'Burying Bad News' Amid David Cameron's Brussels 'Deal' . Accused? They do it all the time.
Bad News: I don't have a job. Good News: I don't have to work with Jay Cutler anymore. Matt Forte's thoughts after being …
Bad News: Martin Atkinson will referee Arsenal v Leicester City this weekend...
Bad News: are playing without Gaudreau, Monahan and Bouma. Good News: They are playing the
Bad News: The format I recorded my Total War Rome 2 Narrative Playthrough isn't supported by Windows Movie Maker. Will have to redo it.
On page 50 of 242 of Bad News, by Edward St. Aubyn
That paint ball to the neck felt like what I imagine a Bull Hammer would feel like from The King of Bad News 💪🏽
Good News: The Q&A w/ Buck Henry was very fun. Bad News: Although showing The Graduate talking about the movie was avoided! Urg
bad news about nan I'm afraid Linda she has a terminal illness there is nothing they can do for her she going to die
it's just absurd. I see what you mean, the state difference does seem significant. This is just bad news
Can't wait to leave Birmingham man just full of bad news
It's like I'm attracting bad news and disappointment
Caring about your actions as a communicator is what makes you good at what you do, says Read her at
Techno-Optimism and Bad Science in Paris: The Problem With Carbon Capture and Storage via
Moms hitting me with bad news , Nun I can do
Taking an umbrella with you before heading out the door this morning may not be a bad idea. Light shower possible.
Did Bill Cosby's grandpa sweater make you feel bad for him? Why this con didn't work.:
So much incentive to buy Studies show junk food is bad for your wallet too:
Does it make a difference? Good news after some really bad news
. Thanks to show News…which hs hidden y othr news channels h…
Smiling while giving someone bad news is not creepy and wrong at all.
Good news: Aid highest in history 2014. Bad news: Less to poorest countries. Latest figures: https:…
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