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Bad News Barrett

Stuart Alexander Stu Bennett (born 10 August 1980) is an English professional wrestler, and former bare-knuckle boxer better known by his ring name, Wade Barrett.

Wayne Rooney King Barrett Kevin Owens Bo Dallas Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam Wade Barrett Dolph Ziggler

I also wanted Bad News Barrett to have a WM entrance on a jet powered flying podium. Not all of my ideas are doable.
I figured she was rebranding so she could tag team with Bad News Barrett.
Well done on your latest epic fail, MSNBC
I've seen worse, it killed me when Barrett got injured for the 3457th time and lost his momentum as Bad News just to come back as a jobber.
The good news is, warm donations keep on pouring in. The bad news is, many still need them. Donate warmth to local shelters…
Montana ranchers: "lack of action on the rule is exactly why we need a change in DC."
If the news is bad for Milner-Skudder and Dagg I'd be sorely tempted to switch Barrett to 15, Smith 14 and Cruden 10.
Chrck out Bad News Barrett as WWE Universal Champion Check out my post!
that guy reminds of Wade Barrett I'm afraid I've got some bad news there is a camera right there ..fake taxi
could you see Felger doing a bad news Barrett impression? I can hear Felger going I'm afraid I've got some bad news
People LOVED Bad News Barrett, and that dude can wrestle, can talk, has the look, everything you'd want.
I think it will be The Miz. It should be Bad News Barrett. Or Rey Mysterio.
why is bad news barrett sending me memes in the DMs
Bad News Barrett was found to be an anchor baby and now they're all banned
After lots of personal sleuthing we have some bad news, it's an unreleased song.
Loved that card. Bad News Barrett segments throughout the night
gives me a reason to fish out my bad news Barrett shirt
Top ten giants of wwe now big show,kane,brain strowman,erick rowland,colin cassidy, baron corning bad news barrett,luke…
Well Bad News Barrett has put it better than anyone else so far. But he is still Bad News Barrett 😐
Id love to see return at the on sunday and deliver 29 bits of bad news then win!
Bad press over the weekend has not allowed Trump to "enjoy" the White House as he feels he deserves https:…
Bad News Barrett whispers into Neville's ear "I have the *** that gravity forgot.daddy."
I liked a video from Alicia Fox confronts her ex-boyfriend, Bad News Barrett: Total
I put Bad News Barrett knee pads on this Randy Orton figure how does it look
Tyler Breeze took over Bad News Barrett's Rumble trolling duty. I was wondering who would step up.
insert nazi scum under gavel. (side note why is Ambrose the first gif when sea…
The Bad News Barrett character might have been good as a babyface
Wade Barrett on Wrestling, Bad News & More - via
i'll never understand why they pulled the plug on Bad News Barrett
Well at least shaving his moustache gave us Bad News Barrett.
[There are Bad News Barrett & Justin Gabriel's entrances in WWE2K17.
Damien Sandow, Cameron and Bad News Barrett worked more matches this year.
So sad to see go... I'll miss you, it was a pleasure to watch you perform. Talk about Bad News Barrett...
Bad News Barrett had so much potential, then he got hurt during that first run. Was never the same
Just realized Bad News Barrett blocked me.& I have no idea why. This is worse than getting blocked by Sophia Helwani or Johnny Alpha Lion
Thank you will always remember Bad News Barrett and Nexus and him winning NXT
WWE's biggest ball drop. Bad News Barrett was $$$.
He hit 'em with the Bad News Barrett line.
Someone needs to do this clip up to Wade Barrett's theme music! It's Bad News Cruz!
Discrimination is bad. Unless it's discrimination in the womb, then it's cool. . you are a disgrace.
i loved when he was Bad News Barrett
I enjoyed the bad news Barrett gimmick but if the product is not using him right… Go in peace
Dr. Wade Barrett walks in and says "I'm afraid I have some bad news" (Sorry about this)
Bad News Barrett yeah I seen him a few times
it gave us the Bad News Barrett gimmick
I kinda wish they'd troll the crowd with Punk's music or something though. Should've happened when the Bad News Barrett character was around
2014 - Bad News Barrett defeated Rob Van Dam in an IC Title match.
Break them with a from in Series 58!
i was hoping bad news Barrett would be one of them
Pretty crazy thinking about how much traffic shapes lifestyles/ choices in Austin, but that's not a bad thing
On this day in 2015 … watch Neville vs. Bad News Barrett at King of the Ring via
they're broken up now because bad news Barrett is leaving the company :(
One year ago today on April 28, 2015 Bad News Barrett defeated Neville in the tournament finals to become 2015...
It hurts me to hear the name Bad News Barrett... I want him back so bad 😩
gutted as I like Barrett. Didn't needed to change as the Bad News gimmick was decent I though.
you really should've found a Bad News Barrett GIF for this lol
Eli Drake is trying to be Bad News Barrett
Then what happened to ol' Bad News Barrett?
Bad News Barrett hitting a Bull Hammer on Rob Van Dam at Payback 2014
Well Senator, I'm afraid I've got some bad news... girl look like Wade Barrett. Now on to your economic policy...
Whose idea was it to end the Bad News Barrett gimmick and replace it with King Barrett?
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To coin a phrase from Wade Barrett, "I'm afraid I've got some bad news." Rumor has it the League of Nations is to disband.
Is TNA giving Eli Drake the Bad News Barrett kind of gimmick?
This Eli Drake thing is just a watered down version of Bad News Barrett giving bad news. .
Bad News Barrett was hilarious. Can't believe it started on the JBL and Cole show then it translates to the MR.
Yeah! I've got some bad news for ya, Barrett!
TTIP is 'bad for Britain', even the Government's official report says so
Thank God that weak link Bad News Barrett is gone from the League of Nations, right, guys???
Markell, I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS! (In my Bad News Barrett voice)
How about we bring back Bad News Barrett? He got over on his own and didn't need Vince's but got buried cause of it
The bad news is Barrett isn't on the preshow anymore.
smart move they should've kept bad news Barrett
Lead your own league with in Series 58!
Hey new DBacks pitcher, guess you can just say it has been nothing but Bad News, Barrett.
The last time won the intercontinental title during weekend he lost it the following night to Bad News Barrett
But don't worry, he sold them before he became PM cos he knew it would look bad. We're still all in it together.
League Of Nations then vote Bad News Barrett as the weak link & kick him out of the group!
Honestly if Barrett hits the UK indies and doesn't immediately form a tag-team with Rampage called "Bad News Brown" I'm gonna be upset.
I'm going to miss Bad News Barrett when he leaves WWE.
I don't want to see leave the WWE, either this leads to the return of Bad News Barrett or he is leaving.
hello what do you think of the Celtic warrior turning on bad news Barrett
Something good finally happened to someone in a Bad News Barrett t-shirt, as I now have SummerSlam tickets.
The good news is that Trump lost Wisconsin. The bad news is that Ted Cruz won it.
I can't wait for them to have Bad News Barrett return and for him to be the one to tell Bubba Ray about his Wellness test results.
why not put Bad News Barrett in charge for the UK Shows so he can get revenge on Sheamus in a street fight be a great match.
Who can blame for leaving as soon as he dropped Bad News Barrett he became irrelevant
So now that The League of Nations kicked out Bad News Barrett from the group, I'm guessing this is BNB's face turn?
Wait, League of Nations turning on Barrett!! Does that mean we can have Bad News Barrett back. WYATT'S ATTACKING LON!!
well i think ol' Cobain would have at least liked Bad News Barrett
Bad News Williams was bad news before Barrett was
Fun Fact: The Miz now joins Triple H, Edge, & Bad News Barrett as a five-time Intercontinental Champion.
Great to see retain the Barrett ate some though. Cheerio Bad News
If this means the end of Bad News Barrett's WWE career, I'll be very sad. Just let him deliver bad news!
Please, let me get a Barrett Bull Hammer and a win. I love New Day, but I've been a fan of Bad News Barrett even longer
they did that to Miz when he beat Bad News Barrett a few years ago.
Not true unreliable.. Everytime he had a push he got injured. Bad News Barrett was It... Then he got hurt
Return as Bad News Barrett and give some bad news
if you think that mohawked schmuck is getting the last one on Wade Barrett, well, I've got some bad news for you...
Go back to Bad News Barrett now please.
Thank God. Wade Barrett finally gets to just, like, go home and not put up with this company anymore. God bless, Bad News. Try New Japan.
Fine Bad News Barrett is out of Leauge Of Nations . Never really cared for the group .
The League of Nations has some bad news for King Barrett.
Wade Barrett is a tragic figure. He actually got over with something (Bad News), then remembered that isn't allowed.
Hey Wade Barrett I'm afraid I have some bad news!
Poor Barrett. He should've been a WWE champion as the Nexus leader and Bad News Barrett but it was not meant to be.
Goodbye Wade. We'll always have Bad News Barrett to look back on and remember fondly.
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I'm afraid I've got some bad news Barrett was awesome πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'll be cradling my Bad News Barrett shirt for the rest of Raw now πŸ’”
Proper can't believe they shelved the Bad News Barrett character
I added a video to a playlist Bad News Barrett Titantron 2015 HD (with Download Link)
When I hear Wayne Barrett, I think "I'm afraid I have some bad news..."
"Bad News" Wayne Barrett vs. Dustin Jacoby in the finals of the middleweight tournament.
no thats not it. Im also blocked by Sheamus, Bad News Barrett, Sasha Banks. Yep, I still win. lol
Because the only way to stop a bad guy with a commercial aircraft is a good guy with a Barrett .50 caliber rifle -
I liked a video Bad News for Barrett and Cody - The JBL & Cole Show - Ep.
rusev is no good w/out Lana...Barrett needs to be bad news again...I have no time for Del Rio...and sheamus just looks stupid lol
Bad news barrett was much better and WAY more over
In hindsight it's ridiculous that they didn't bring in Bo Dallas and feud him with Bad News Barrett under the name "Good News Gareth".
Bad news for 'King Barrett' from bully 'Sheamus'
Tennessee's state rifle is now the Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle. Good idea or bad idea?
I liked a video Bad news Barrett in india!!!
Are we ever gonna see Bad News Barrett again? A man on a cherry picker with a gavel is comic genius.
Oh my god between Gender Equality Bad News Barrett and Social Justice Rick Rude we really have a stable forming...
I liked a video from LPGrodus vs. Bad News Barrett
I don't know who this guy is, but he's now up there with Bret Hart, the Bushwhackers and Ultimate Warrior in my eyes: …
Bad News Barrett could've been the first British champ and who can forget this:
bad news Barrett was the best. But he should have turned face.
gotta be needs more Bad News Barrett
All I want is for Barrett to be free of this and get one last Bad News run - C
Do you think Barrett walking away from WWE is the right thing to do? . Bad News for Barrett
Bad News Barrett gimmick was the one, man. They screwed that up so bad.
But he's still on the payroll while his twin brother, Bad News Barrett has taken his place.
I have an idea for an article Eric is Bad News Barrett this generation Scott Hall the perfect bad guy who Vince screw up
Good news: Both kids are in bed. Bad News Barrett: Neither are anywhere near asleep yet. That will teach me to give them homemade rocky road
can you explain to me about bad news Barrett he was on but not on superstar lost?
I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS... that segment was so awful not even Wade Barrett could save it.
[VIDEO] Why British wrestling superstar Wade Barrett leaving WWE would be bad news...
Yeah, It would be but, It's time to call Wade Barrett back out, cause I'm afraid I've got some Bad News...
at least let Barrett interrupt by saying he has some bad news...
Glad to see back on the microphone. Still holding out hope he signs back with and bring backs Bad News Barrett.
Bad News Barrett looks on as if to say "I'm leaving so whatever"
My boy Bad News Barrett maybe for the last time. maybe for the last time 😒
If it's Rusev and Bad News Barrett v The New Day at WrestlemaniaπŸ™„ there's no hope for anything
Bad News Barrett's arm fell off while he was trying to enter the ring and he'll be out indefinitely
*** shame what happened to Bad News Barrett. He's the best of that League of Nations bunch.
hey look it's Bad News Barrett in a non-speaking role!
Ryback asked Bad News Barrett for his moves. I wonder if he's asked Goldberg about using the jackhammer as a finisher?
I can't help think of that Bad news Barrett Promo from tlc13/RR14 going into this one.
Not to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm pretty sure this is as good as it ever gets!
He has had bad luck with that yeah but the Bad News Barrett gimmick was over & they didn't make the most of it.
I will always remember Bad News Barrett fondly.
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Watching Fastlane 2015 again. Back in the day when Rusev and Bad News Barrett were winners and champions.
Michael Levesque (HHH / triple H) is worse than Vince McMahon. , who does not do what he says terminated as bad news barrett
turns out and bad news Barrett are women beaters aswell poor Emma
Bad News Barrett and his scissor podium, best ever
Brock Lesnar, along with Paul Heyman, makes his way to the ring after returning last night at to destroy Bad News Barrett!
Bad News Barrett got laid out flat with 2 tombstone piledriver delivered by The Undertaker.
Great match dope Neville def Bad News Barrett. Epic Neville and Kevin Owens on
King Barrett better concentrate or he's in for some bad news...
Neville against bad news Barrett this match is going to be awesome ⚑⚑⚑⚑ πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
some football player slapped Bad News Barrett on Monday when they were in England. It was awesome.
Wade Barrett should go back to Bad News Barrett!!! Oh *** Yah
Ohio State quarterback was arrested Oct. 31 for driving while impaired. If that wasn't bad enough for
I quit before that I think it was at like the Bad News Barrett RTG
Bad News Barrett & beyond have been really fun for me.
I'm afraid I've got some bad news, Barrett. ⚑️
In this episode, Bad News Barrett just got slapped by ManUtd's star, Wayne Rooney. Interesting to watch the whole match !
What a tag team !!. Cesaro and Neville vs Sheamus and Bad News Barrett
can't believe shrek sorry rooney tried that. Shrek am afraid I have bad news booom from Wade Barrett
They need to bring back Bad News Barrett.
New world tag team champions randy Orton and bad news Barrett
do you thing Rooney would beat up BAD NEWS BARRETT
appears to be BAD NEWS for Barrett... in more ways than one.
"Bad news Barrett should be her name" πŸ˜‚
Is he called Bad News Barrett because every time you hear he's in a match it's bad news?
it's bad news for Rooney until he hits Barrett with his man purse.
Hey King Barrett, I'm afraid I've got some bad news!
the β€œundercard” GOP debate, with Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, and Bad News Barrett
How can Wayne Rooney go to WWE Raw and slap Bad News Barrett, Rooney is savage πŸ˜‚
Bad News Barrett tries to find Wayne Rooney at Funtime UK!
Hope they're taping vignettes of Bad News Barrett hunting Wayne Rooney ala wrestlers trying to beat Crash Holly for the hardcore title.
Best part of Wayne Rooney slapping Bad News Barrett is Darren Fletcher with his four premier league medals just standing there like a fan
Am I on drugs or did I just see Wayne Rooney land one on 'Bad News' Barrett?
I loved ur slap to bad news barrett. as I am a big fan of man u
LOL I'll just take Rooney with me and before he smacks Barrett I'll tell him I'm afraid I've got some bad news!
Wayne Rooney is a legend he went to the Manchester arena with his kids and watched Raw and slaped Bad News Barrett
cool watch this lol bad news Barrett back to bed 😴😴😴
Lol yeah bad news barrett should have got back up and kicked his *** πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I think you'll find Bad News Barrett is king
It was 'Bad News' for King Barrett when he ran into Wayne last night! Who's joining us for
Bad News Barrett has just called Rooney a failure in front of his kids. Amazing scenes.
i really hope WWE brings back Bad News Barrett
I AM AFRAID I GOT SOME BAD NEWS, The bad news is that CM Punk was interrupted by Wade Barrett and is issuing a match against him!
On this weeks No Bad Days w/ Barrett .what to do when disaster strikes!
Starting to believe I'm turning into... (Gasp) Bad News Barrett with all of these weather delays.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I hope to get the new wwe game & if it have a career mode on it I'm going to play as my hero bad news barrett cause he is a great wrestler
so glad you've got rid of that Bad News Barrett junk! Get back on the championship trail, the world heavyweight title! πŸ’ͺ🏼
At least that Raw Divas Revolution match means I can bring the Bad News Barrett segment back. ''Ready everybody?''
Also I really want to try making my profile pic gold, but should I use the one of me w/ Paige and Bad News Barrett or my current one?
it could be Bad News Barrett too lol
bad news barrett and miz's team is the Cleveland Browns come on MIKE that was gold
I've got bad news. I don't think this marriage proposal is going to work out... he's very clearly married to the music.
This has to be the most unfortunate article of the day. Bad news for Span, Barrett and Strasburg.
Lucky. I couldn't get a Bad News Barrett uncommon because it's not on there apparently.
Bupa is surely a Lesnar fan... Or would it be Bad News Barrett?
I'm afraid I got some bad news.Barrett wasn't on last night and he should have been
More bad news for the on the injury front as reliever Aaron Barrett will undergo surgery on his right elbow:
I really hope we get a push for face Bad News Barrett
I don't watch the news anyway. Get all my bad news from Barrett.
It's like Barrett. He does well with "Bad News"--so they take away his phrase, the lectern, his outfit, his cape, mic time
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Shrewsbury get a mention on but it's bad news! 😒 don't leave
I liked a video from Bad News Barrett New Titantron 2015 HD (with Downlo…
just let it go "Bad News Barrett" Get back to us all when you have something good to say about anything.
.just you wait for my crabcore air guitar once Bad News Barrett's music hits
I want to see bad news barrett vs ryback for the intercontinental title
Sorry, but it's extremely inappropriate to use a Bad News Barrett meme regarding some of the unfortunate events that have taken place today.
Crowd pops as Wade Barrett turns to Goodell "I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS"
the good thing is that we will get Bad News Barrett back
Bad News Barrett vs. Ricochet in a Table to fall Match
maybe he'll go back to Bad News Barrett when he comes back!
King Bad News Barrett vs Stardust, I let Kevin Owens murder someone who may or may not deserve it.
Just seen a pic of my friend and bad news Barrett and realised that it was taken right behind my house...wish I was there
No prob. The good news is you have LeVeon Bell. The bad news is he's suspended the first 4 games of the season.
Welcoming video from HHH. R-Truth vs Bad News Barrett opening match.
Yeah. I actually wanted to see Bad News Barrett naked, but Seth Rollins is good too.
I hope that you and stephen amell beat the crap out of stardust & bad news barrett all over the WWE ring
Yay King Barrett and startdust are together for a promo. Cause they're actually best friends. They let them use "bad news" again
Top WWE Superstar set for shock return to old gimmick | GiveMeSport
Sakho is the only Committee player named by Bad News Barrett that i would be more than satisfied with.
How bad is hurting right now and would it help to go back to "Bad News Barrett"?
am afraid i have some BAD NEWS FOR YOU BARRETT
King Barrett is the worst gimmick ever .. Please go back to bad news Barrett ...
Will the King be forced to abdicate??. -
Heard a rumor that Barrett may be dethroned and become BAD NEWS Again.
Stardust and bad news Barrett. ..this is going to be quite the great and awesome team
I like the Bad News Barrett gimmick. Now he can be known as King of the Bad News Barrett.
Check out an all NEW episode of Wrestling Figure Wednesday feat. WWE Elite 34 Bad News Barrett! .
I like to see the "King" of "Bad News" in Wade Barrett. It is too bad WWE has not utilized him correctly!
Bad News Barrett is just more entertainment than King Barrett, hes a King on the mic.
YES! Bad News Barrett is expected to return to his old gimmick.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Barrett/Miz was great! But i hope they drop his King gimmick and bring back Bad News Barrett!
ICYMI: RUMOR: The Bad News Barrett gimmick returning to television shortly?…
Bir oynatma listesine video ekledim: Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett – King of the Ring First
Why why? Go back to being Bad News Barrett please
Yeah. Bad news is there are legitimately only 3 mid card heels: Sheamus, Barrett, and Bray. lol
Don't go turning into Bad News Barrett on us, Neil.
I am watching Unfiltered With Renee Young with guest Bad News Barrett on WWE Network.
Americans live near fewer jobs than they used to, which is especially bad news for low-income workers:
when your 4 year old son calls the baseball bad news Barrett and hits it with the bat, gotta go!
Any 10pm update from Bad News Barrett tonight?
I liked a video from WWE Unfiltered with Renee Young S01E04 King Bad News Barrett (Full
why does wwe ruin wrestlers. I miss bad news Barrett!!
jeez, Rollins' booking is making Bad News Barrett look strong by comparison.
Bad News Barrett on the preshow proving that was just a way to get subscribers & nothing more
IKR? No one's even over that gimmick right now. I like Bad News Barrett when he delivered bad news. That was more fun.
The King of the Ring, Bad News Barrett competes this Sunday! ...on the pre-show. Why?
true. And hey you're not the only one! Bad News Barrett blocked me for no reason!!!
"Wade Barrett's going to put clay on his face and manage Bad News Bella."
He had a match with Bad News Barrett yesterday and broke it.
What the *** happened to Cena's nose?? Did he injure that in the Baton Rouge live event vs. Bad News Barrett?
ah, just looked again, Tony bad news not Tony Barrett!
next she will be saying bad news Barrett's brothel is at yours Beth!
need to watch 6 eps of WWE and it takes about 2 hours each lmao BAD NEWS BARRETT TO King Barrett? ***
My wrestlemania pull I'am afraid we have some bad news Barrett
did this fan art of King Barrett. OURS IS THE BAD NEWS. http:/…
Interesting, Cena looks a lot like Bad News Barrett
nothing wrong with feeding away a WM card but WHY would you feed a top 5 card for a top 20 bad news barrett lololol
From bad news barrett to King Barrett ...lmao
bad news, they pulled Kevin Owens from this weekend's events, replaced him with bad news Barrett
Seriously, you have people like Bad News Barrett and Cesaro and instead you put Kane in it?
We now have a commentary team of Rich Brennan, JBL, Jimmy Uso AND R-TRUTH for Jack Swagger vs King Bad News Wade Barrett
Can't wait for bad news Barrett to tell us Trevor Francis is our new no 2.
Give me the bad news first, Barrett...
hopefully WWE goes with this and repackages Bad News Barrett as a sausage roll called Gregg
WWE fans be like. "Bad News Barrett." . Setiap kali jumpa no plat 'BNB'.
I have "See Bad News Barrett wrestle one time." on my Bucket list.
I added a video to a playlist WWE Raw 2/16 Dean Ambrose gets his contract signed by Bad News Barrett
Seth must be feeling like Bad News Barrett without his title. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Deliver the with furor with in Elite 34!
Me and the red noes people Natalya,Tyson Kid,Cesaro,Bad News Barrett ,Dolph Ziggler, Eden and Rene Young
Bo Dallas only has one big fan and that is Bad News Barrett.. Sorry, I mean Wade Barrett or is it King Barrett.. The guy has too many names.
I hate these new wrestlers like bad news Barrett what kinda name is that? Lol roman reigns him and his stupid super man punchπŸ˜‚
Why is Bad News Barrett getting on my train
May 4th 2014, Extreme Rules. Bad News Barrett beat Big E to become the Intercontinental Champion. http:…
For the amount of bad news that my family gets im just going to start announcing it like Wade Barrett to make it seem entertaining
Rusev, Dean Ambrose, Roman reigns, Cesaro , Bad news Barrett, and other future talents could all one day become wwe champion.
Neville got the victory Bo Dallas that match was awesome and bad news Barrett at ringside πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Bad News Barrett just keeps getting better. Hail King Barrett!
Pretty good match Neville def Bo Dallas in a old rival nice Bad News Barrett is next should be great
So is Sheamus like king bad news Barrett's queen or something ?
Mirotic with a clothesline like Bad News Barrett.
Looks like you were getting over too much on the mic with the Bad News gimmick. You'll be ruined with the 'King Barrett' angle.
The Unmerciful Nowacking will lay the Song Horse Suplex upon Bad News Barrett this week on DownSmack
Proof of no money, Got no wallet . Everyone says you are bad news, but u ain't no Barrett. . πŸ‘Š
I'm afraid I've got some bad news. King Barrett > all ;)
β€” sleeve, because 'Bad News Barrett' can't beat me! I'll prove that at Payback when he feels a, Red Arrow. . [
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