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Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising is a song written by John Fogerty and performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival. It was the lead single from their album Green River and was released in April 1969, four months before the album.

Creedence Clearwater Revival John Fogerty Jim Miller Proud Mary Green River Jonathan Maberry Sonic Youth Fortunate Son Keith Urban Tom Morello Bruce Springsteen Bob Seger Pink Floyd Allen Toussaint Blue Moon Miranda Lambert

... *goes and marks Bad Moon Rising as having multiple chapters*
seriously excited to see you at bad moon rising 2. Making the trip just too cheer you on and get my controller signed.
How did I get 2k of plot for Bad Moon Rising today? Well *** I get motivated when my employees make things hard for me I guess!
tbh Bad Moon Rising is the only Sonic Youth album I need anymore
I just made a team for Fantasy Bad Moon Rising 2 via
I'm listening to "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival on
In depth feature on Stu Cook via at
BAD MOON RISEN: Q&A W/ Stu Cook of CCRevisited who play Fri. A deep dive into all things CCR:…
John Fogerty joins the Grateful Dead on "Bad Moon Rising," "Born on the Bayou" and "Proud Mary" in a 1991 set.…
... although I prefer The Hollies walkout over CCR's "Bad Moon Rising" (and I'm super down with Cree…
Every day, I play Proud Mary and Bad Moon Rising on the turntable to my cat and brush her fur. It's our own little satanic yet floofy ritual
tbt: and L0zR play ping pong in LQs of Apex 2012. Want more in 2017? Catch them this weekend at BMR2:…
This week on sequels galore. Bad Moon Rising 2, Albion 2, and 2.…
When is a ransomware attack not a ransomware attack? When there's no hope of decryption. Russia's bad moon rising?
How do you like your crime? Dark and disturbing? You'll love Bad Moon Rising D.I. Paolo Storey Crime Series
This is it! Bad Moon Rising, our favorite Creedence Clearwater Revival cover band, is closing out the early...
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Today's song in my head at work was "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedance Clearwater Revival. Twas a decent day
Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Bad Moon Rising. Peters flashed his big smile and announced: ‘They’re playing my son…
Confederacy - I see a Bad Moon Rising. "Hope You got your things together..."
finished the game. Awesome story. Loved bad moon rising playing on my way to the casino for the final battl…
I added a video to a playlist Bad Moon Rising
but what was interesting was song that was No 1 on the day she was born - Bad Moon Rising.
If they refuse to lie about it even, a bad moon is rising.
i remember in dance we did a combo to Bad Moon Rising i was popping and locking so hard because that was a void song
John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Bad Moon Rising as the trailer song? Definitely seeing Kong: Skull Island when it comes out.
Enjoying spooky and would love to hear Bad Moon Rising and Bella Lugosi's Dead while I make dinner plz ta 😊
considering having Nina Hagen's Unbehagen head instead of a pumpkin for the Bad Moon Rising scarecrow.
Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival now playing on
Going back to my happy playlist now. . Barry McGuire -Eve Of Destruction . CCR -Bad Moon Rising . REM -It's The End of the World As We Know It
Bad Moon Rising: my first report from the Democratic National Convention
"I see a bad moon rising. I see trouble on the way. I see earthquakes and lightnin'. I see bad times today.". --CCR "Bad Moon Rising"
flew to Japan last week for my brother's funeral and what did I watch? ELR Bad Moon Rising. Thanks for making me laugh. 😊
New cover of Bad Moon Rising on the way.
Ash, Kendi and I were dancing to "Bad Moon Rising" at the mountains and it was magical lol
♫Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival - actually, there's a beer delivery strike in progress.
Just saw this on Amazon: Bad Moon Rising by Jonathan Maberry via
2 of 5 stars to Bad Moon Rising by Jonathan Maberry
😝 Listen to this cover of Bad Moon Rising via
So proud of client Art Eckstein & his BAD MOON RISING, coming out October '16! Read more...
Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival is in Bull, Bedford. Download it now at
Bad moon rising: "The poll also found that roughly one third (30 percent) of likely Democratic voters who back...
"It got kind of ugly, but never close to this bad. A lot was forgotten and forgiven " — Hearth Moon Rising
I was listening to a live version of "Bad Moon Rising..." At one point I swear Fogerty sang, "There's a bathroom on the right." So helpful!
Inlove CCR, Berkeley band gone big. Bad Moon Rising and Green River my favorites to run to.
The spring concert kids are singing "sweet home Alabama" and "bad moon rising" like wth we sang about donkeys 🙄
Let me guess. Burn Down the Mission, Sympathy for the Devil, When the Walls Come Crumblin' Down, and Bad Moon Rising?
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Listen Bad Moon Rising- Mourning Ritual, and remember when Stiles was possessed by the notgitsune
I added a video to a playlist BAD MOON RISING-Creedence Clearwater Revival
Trying to decide if this girl who's into me is crazy or not, and then "Bad Moon Rising" starts playing when she texts me.
Call me cynical, but I keep hearing the Creedence song 'Bad Moon Rising' in my head?? 🎶. 😂😂
When you listen "Bad moon rising" and instantly think about Void Stiles () 😍 I think I miss so much omg 😭
in the Treehouse : Creedence Clearwater Revival - bad moon rising ... Tune In at
can't forget about CCR and Bad Moon Rising
The Year of the Looks like we're in for nasty weather.. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising
I'm watching an old episode of West Wing and there you are! Season 2 episode 19 Bad Moon Rising
I liked a video Bad Moon Rising Cover - Thursday Cover - Beth the Carbon Allotrope
bad moon rising remix trap by Deejay Bbc
Esperando el dame veveno me encuentro con el I see a bad moon rising, trouble on the way 😂
Plex: Grimm - Bad Moon Rising was recently added.
Man the Charlie & Bartlet talk about lying & the entire episode of Bad Moon Rising is some terrific work by
Ominous demon moon over the Ep 10 set. You know what they say about a bad moon rising...
Fortunate Son? hit. bad moon rising? hit. born on the bayou? hit. hit.hit. there are no bad CCR songs.
The world's weighing you down. You pick up Full Moon Rising and realize life isn't so bad.
Bad moon rising... How much will I manage to paint before my sanity gives in?
Bad Moon Rising / Proud Mary Live. 1969 Tour. May 15? I would have sworn it was June, LOL.
watching CCR play Bad Moon Rising is really killing the song for me, they look like a bunch of bopping dweeb virgins imo :(
I liked a video Bad Moon Rising Cliff Rodman with vid effects.wmv
LIVE on my friend jeff. bad moon rising
best Credence use: Jerry Brown walking off to "Bad Moon Rising" in 92
Bad Moon Rising lyrics chords | Vernon Oxford: Bad Moon Rising lyrics and chords are intended for your persona...
now I have to think about CCR's bad moon rising
Afternoon folks ~ here's a bit of bad moon rising my own version! fav bit is my solo 'cause I'm not singing🙊
I'm an Aquarius with a Virgo rising and Libra moon. That good or bad? Lol
BAD MOON RISING was a long time coming!
there will be a Bad Moon Rising in Cleethorpes Old Clee Club tomorrow evening!
Based on cover of Bad Moon Rising. Point based Commd available on Deviantart.
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CCR bad moon rising is on the radio. Now I know I'm gonna transform into a werewolf
This song was in the solo play trailer though, I liked bad moon rising though
For the Moon Base Z trailer the song is "Bad Moon Rising"
.is playing by Creedence Clearwater Revival Bad Moon Rising on Live
I liked a video from Copy of Les Core Sneed "Bad Moon Rising"
Enjoy "Bad Moon Rising", a song written by and performed by
Nothing good comes after hearing Bad Moon Rising
Does anyone else want to sing CCR's song "Bad Moon Rising?" This photo of last night's moonrise if from Gary Haar.
I liked a video from 16 Horsepower - Bad Moon Rising
I added a video to a playlist Mourning Ritual - Bad Moon Rising w/lyrics
I added a video to a playlist Sonny and Cher - Bad Moon Rising
I'll never forget when I went to NC and we all went to dinner and this man sang Bad Moon Rising to me, it makes me so happy to this day lol😊
The song 'Bad Moon Rising' will forever remind me of the time I drove over the Tower Bridge in London.
This rising full moon is the most beautiful thing. Too bad I do not have my tripod 😣
my dad listening to "bad moon rising" and ALMOST remembering the words to the hook but getting them all wrong is kinda adorable.
This is why there is a bad moon rising
Bad Moon Rising by Peter Roberts via just sold :) its heading …
can't find it on youtube but Uncle Dave's tub thumping revivalist version of Bad Moon Rising is outrageous
Getting ready for the trial run of Bad Moon Rising - my werewolf murder mystery dinner party game.
Shoutout to CCR for writing my theme song, because I am, in fact, a Bad Moon Rising.
"Bad Moon Rising" was one of my favorite eps too! Great to see you doing more directing. Thanks again. Gavin
Bad Moon Rising was written as a tribute to Keith Moon who was well known for being grumpy first thing in the morning. .
I set up a CCR station on Spotify. So far, it's played "Bad Moon Rising" four times. Twice in a row each time. Idk how to feel about that...
I only like very specific Sonic Youth albums, and I really like Bad Moon Rising so far. They're so cool.
Disney's animated mash-up to Bad Moon Rising but it's a montage of the last 10 year's mistakes in your life
Photoset: petite-madame: beccj: Lyrics from Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival x and inspired...
This is the webcom Auto Dee Jay, the bot with Style. Coming up next: Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival
in the bad moon rising scene he is so attractive I can't handle it
Smoke from the is so bad, the high looks as golden yellow as a rising harvest moon.
Listen to Bad Moon Rising - Creedance Clearwater Revival by Restless Moon on
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Memories are made of this.. Peter Sarstedt, Bad Moon Rising and Moon Landings via 16 going on 26!
Mondays at are for starting off solidly with Bad Moon Rising.
It's the final showdown between Bubba and his brother Jason in Bad Moon Rising - Get the Season 2 finale now!
Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival - What else I'm listening to for work/play:
Classic is playing Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising right now on
I know right? I was shocked. Did research and apparently they changed Carry On My Wayward Son & Bad Moon Rising too. What?!
to Bad Moon Rising (with Zac Brow by John Fogerty on LIPSapp Classic Hits in Fort Lauderdale
KOOL 105.1 DANCE PARTY I will not be posting every day I dance in my room to the KOOL music, but thought I'd mention once more the songs I danced to: Billy Joel's "She's Got a Way About Her," a ripoff of Shakespeare's sonnet about his wife, "Anne Hathaway About Her." Still, a great song. "The Things We Do For Love" "Opposites Attract" (Yes, I did imagine myself a cartoon cat opposite Paula Abdul) "Dust in the Wind" (not so great a dance number, just swayed about) "I Can't Tell You Why" "No One Is To Blame" (Howard Jones, love that song, takes me back) "Saturday" "Rock & Roll Fantasy" "Promises, Promises" "Bad Moon Rising" (CCR) "Land Down Under" (Men At Work, the first cassette tape I ever had!) AND I danced about while finishing the last few chapters of Kurt Vonnegut's GALAPAGOS. Great writer, though always weirder than me even... Have a great day, Friends!
I was just 29 less than an hour ago... Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Rrevival (…:
On air now:. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising. Listen to Concept Radio!.
Nice to see the bad moon rising, Camera battery charging, now its high & bright shining down on clear night.
I liked a video Welcome to Night Vale: Bad Moon Rising
In case you didn't know I am half of the team on Bad Moon Rising a fun comic about vampire hunting girlfriends
Singing in my car on the way home to CCR "bad moon rising" - "there's a bathroom on the right"
Bad Moon Rising,Going Up Around the Bend in Lodi on Proud Mary Born on the Bayou.
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Heyo, "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR - just listen to how this *** song starts. It's absolutely wonderful -
It's Monday, start your week by helping make indie film history.
I've had Bad Moon Rising stuck in my head all morning
I favorited "Bad Moon Rising by Michael Bonocore" on 500px
Bad Moon Rising from Credence Clearwater Revival is like the worlds theme song right now.
finished Bad Moon Rising by Jonathan Maberry and gave it 5 stars
♫Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Brought to you by The Heartbeat of Hout Bay - Republic Radio -
Coming up Bad Moon Rising by CCR & the story of the film that inspired to write it
Bad Moon Rising: Bad Moon Rising Format: DVD 1 used & new from CDN$ 158.00 (Visit the Bestsellers in...
very rare footage of Bad Moon Rising in Japan, 1993
This is a great World Cup and it has a great soundtrack. To the tune of Bad Moon Rising, Nigeria and Argentina scored five more goals when they did not really need to score any. There were two each for Ahmed Musa and for Lionel Messi, who became the tournaments joint top scorer alongside Brazils Neymar. Both teams progressed and these finals will be a better place for their presence. They could have played out a draw, ambled their way to a flat and mutually beneficial conclusion, but instead there were two goals after just three minutes. Three more were to follow.There was only one disappointment: that Alejandro Sabella chose to replace Messi with half an hour remaining. It made sense when there are bigger moments ahead but some of the thrill had gone. It was already 3-2 and there would be no more goals. Argentinas fans packed this stadium and the streets outside. More than 100,000 of them travelled to Porto Alegre and they sang the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic with their own lyrics. Youll see Mes ...
Awesome June Fest under the stars. Really cool to see Creedence Clearwater Revisited play Bad Moon Rising with what was left of last nights full moon coming up. Great job Sunset Station Casino and my crazy but awesome co-workers at 96.3 KKLZ and Beasley Broadcasting - Durango.
On this day in 1969, Creedence Clearwater Revival played The Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, TN with Soul Survivors and 'Bad Moon Rising' sat atop the chart on Bill Gavin's Record Report. Listen to Bad Moon Rising:
Creedence Clearwater Revival was one of the biggest bands in America starting in 1968. It was the point after the Beatles broke up and America was trying to find a rock and roll identity. In '68 and the five years that followed, CCR released seven albums and an unbroken string of hit singles, including Bad Moon Rising, Proud Mary and Who'll Stop the Rain. Creedence were the only band who could unite hippies, rednecks and the pop critic of the New Yorker, not to mention younger musicians such as Joe Strummer and Bruce Springsteen, who later testified: "They weren't the hippest band in the world, just the best." The front man for the band was John Fogerty. His voice, along with that band and a bunch of bayou music made him one of rock's best. John celebrates cake day today (5/28). Happy birthday beau-frère.
I am listening to Bad Moon Rising on The Beetles Radio
QUIZ ANSWERS. All the answers have the Moon or the Sun in the title. 1. The title of Van Morrison’s 3rd Album – Moondance. 2. The 1994 single for American grunge band Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun. 3. The 1992 hit single by R.E.M from their ‘Automatic for the People’ Album – Man on the Moon. 4. The 8th Album from Pink Floyd released in 1973 – Dark Side of the Moon. 5. The Sex Pistols 4th single from 1977 – Holidays in the Sun. 6. The 1974 Number 1 for Terry Jacks and 1999 Number 1 for Westlife – Seasons in the Sun. 7. A 1969 Number 1 for Credence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising. 8. The Waterboys Number 3 single from 1991 – The Whole of the Moon. 9. In 1983 Mike Oldfield released a song with vocals by Scottish singer Maggie Rielly what is its title – Moonlight Shadow. 10. A Number 4 single for Zoe in 1991 – Sunshine on a Rainy Day.
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising (Lyric Video). Made my toast whilst dancing to this today. Try it?!
Thank you for getting Bad Moon Rising stuck in my head ALL day. 11 hours and counting...
Bad Moon Rising makes me think of the bar scene in American Werewolf every freaking time man.
So, after purging my giant pile of clothes yesterday, I found my old harmonica. Diatonic of course, so I was goofing with it. I never took real lessons, and just made cool noises with it. Got bored tonight, and I now know how to play Cash's " Ring of Fire" and CCR's "Bad Moon Rising". More may come
Listen to CharlesnBeatrice / Bad Moon Rising | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival is a good werewolf song
Creedence Clearwater Revival's Bad Moon Rising was released 45 years ago today. John Fogerty tells the story: .
The Boy declared this weekend that his two favorite songs were "5 Little Ducks" and "Bad Moon Rising". If only I had the ability to create a mash-up of these two songs...
This Day in Rock & Roll History for May 5 Cliff Richard receives a British gold record for the title song from his first movie, "The Young Ones." (1962) "San Francisco" by Scott McKenzie enters the charts and will eventually hit The song became kind of an anthem during the hippie movement. (1967) After months of internal dissension, Buffalo Springfield play their final concert in Long Beach, California. (1968) Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising" is released. (1969) Thirty artists, brought together by Warren Beatty, have agreed to perform at a series of 12 benefits for the George McGovern presidential campaign. They include Michelle Phillips, Mama Cass, Judy Collins, Goldie Hawn and Jack Nicholson. (1972) Clarence Quick of the Del Vikings dies of a heart attack. He was 46 years old. (1983) Pretenders lead singer Chrissie Hynde marries Simple Minds lead singer Jim Kerr. The two eventually divorced. (1984) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Chairman Ahmet Ertegen announces in New York that Cleveland, Oh ...
A Tsukishima fanmix should have Bad Moon Rising as opening song and then Spice Girls galore
"Bad Moon Rising" - CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival) - Lyrics on screen and in description. From Wikipedia: "Bad Moon Rising" is a song written by John Fog...
My guitar student, Summerlin celebrated her 10th birthday this past Friday at Bert's. It was the first time she performed with a live band. She played CCR's "Bad Moon Rising" and then joined me in Dylan's "How Does It Feel?". I am very proud of her, she did a great job! As always, the crowd at Bert's was terrific and cheered her on, as they did for me when I was just getting started.
Bad Moon Rising.. THIS WAS THE BEST SCENE EVER.. look at the picture i've put with the song on my phone..
Bad Moon Rising: The April 15th Eclipse is the First of Four Blood Moons |
Call It Pretending, in the crime series, out on 18 Dec - read Bad Moon Rising for only
So my brother put me in charge of music tonight and I played "Bad Moon Rising" on repeat for an hour before anyone noticed
Sorry we're late! Song used is Bad Moon Rising - Mourning Rituals. Also, this song is awesome with headphones. Just saying. Wow, this video is kinda blowing ...
Apparently speaking the lyrics to Bad Moon Rising will make your 12 year old nephew cry
Thanks to Doney Jain for this idea: my song of the day is Creedence's "Bad Moon Rising". I see trouble on the way.
Bad Moon Rising just came on the radio. Poifect.
Song: Bad Moon Rising from Creedence Clearwater Revival covered by Nirvana and taken from a concert recording in 1988. Buy Music on:
TOP HITS in 1969 Oh Happy Day, Are you feeling Dizzy? Let The Sunshine In and walk through the Crimson and Clover. Suspicious Minds are saying Get Back because It is that Time of the Season for the Class of 1969's 45th Class Reunion. There is A Bad Moon Rising so come let your Hair down Proud Mary and be a part of the party. Because Yesterday, I Started a Joke for Giving Peace a Chance. Don't Forget To Remember to come to Prairie Meadows on June 28, 2014 and Come Together for the time of your life. By Jean Merrifield.thanks for the smile Jean!
You are listening now:. Bad Moon Rising, of Creedence Clearwater Revival. Listen this in
Couldn't find my Creedence Clearwater Revival CD in my car, turn on radio, Bad Moon Rising playing. Hope it's one if them days
Creedence Clearwater Revival's Bad Moon Rising started playing. I dang near got up on the stage to sing. That's a song I definitely know!
Jeff Seeber. John Fogerty is doing Bad Moon Rising live on the Howard Stern birthday show. I always think of you
John Fogerty on stage with Train singing Bad Moon Rising. You folks are missing a great show.
Isn't funny how the brain works. Black Moon Rising, thought it was a song. Found out it was a movie in 1986. Tommy Lee Jones played in it. The song was Bad Moon Rising by CCR. But it is cool we will be having a Black Moon
This debut novel is simply excellent. Bad Moon Rising - the first D.I. Paolo Storey novel http:/…
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Susanna Reid and Kevin Clifton dance the Charleston to 'Bad Moon Rising' in a Strictly Come Dancing Halloween special.
Doug is now White Snake's guitarist but . For me, . Doug Aldrich = Lion, or Bad Moon Rising
Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival from the album: Chronicle: The 20 Greatest Hits
Someone in my household is watching The Vampire Diaries 2x03 "Bad Moon Rising"
We had 2 people dancing across the top of a picnic table during 'Bad Moon Rising'. hazard, we thinks.
Listen to the album Bad Moon Rising by Sonic Youth. I think you might find it interesting.
Dai Herbert and friends in Browns last night - Bad Moon Rising!
Video: Bad Moon Rising - Rule Cover Me playin Bad moon rising , It was a test, improvisation on solo and...
Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival on this song playing @ 911pm is creepy
now playing: Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising (1970) on Radio Del Sur Online
For all of you who grew up during the roaring 60s n 70s here in Singapore, n even for those of u who weren't fortunate enough, come n take a stroll with me as I remember the great days during those crazy, wonderful, psychedelic years 1968 - 1975! Creedence Clearwater Revival had burst onto the music scene with big hits, Bad Moon Rising and Proud Mary. The pop music scene was exploding with so many great bands like The Hollies, The Marmalade, The Tremelos, The Bee Gees, The Beach Boys, Gerry And The Pacemakers, Herman's Hermits, The Who,The Kinks, The Rolling Stones! And of course The Beatles with hit after hit after hit! Elvis and Cliff were rivals! We also welcomed later groups like Christie, Santana, The Ides Of March and Blood, Sweat and Tears. The heavy rock bands that broke away from traditional pop music and started playing louder rock music were also rapidly exploding on the music scene . Ten Years After, Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, CCR, Savoy Brown, Pink Floyd, Yes, Emerson, Lake and Palme ...
I want to Thank all of the musicians that showed up and performed last night at the "HELPING HANDS JAM" UPstroke Blues, Rick Cameron, Debra Bohannon, J.J., Chris Horne, Shem Ray Dc, Bad Moon Rising, Steve Combs, Steven Duncan, Jason Akers, Drum Dawg, Norman Ramsey, Mark Chapman, Alias Charley Smith and Tom Burnett. The turn out was a little disappointing, but, God Bless All Y'all that did come out!!!
Now...the answers to the moon-related songs in Tuesday's post: 1. Bad Moon Rising (by Creedence Clearwater Revival--CCR) 2. Heartlight (based on the movie "E.T.") 3. Moon River 4. your eye, pizza pie, amore 5. Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) (by Christopher Cross) 6. Somewhere Out There (sung by Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram and featured in the movie "An American Tail") 7. Can't Fight the Moonlight (featured in "Coyote Ugly") And the additional clue from Jayna Roy.has to be Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Thanks so much if you played along!
soundtrack for tonight: Blue Moon, Moondance, Moon River, Bad Moon Rising, Moonlight Sonata... help me people!
“Simi? What was it you told me once about families? We have three kinds of family. Those we are born to, those who are born to us, and those we let into our hearts.” ― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Bad Moon Rising
i humbly request and Sharman to cover Credence Clearwater Revival's Bad Moon Rising
Choosing words for the back page of my novel 'Bad Moon Rising'. Everything is in codes nowadays. How does one pick the genre of a novel when it embraces many themes? My book is fictional, in that the characters are invented, but the emotions and the war scenes are real. I interviewed war survivors to get their torrid stories. So I decided that my novel is dramatic, fictional and history. Yet I wonder, how can history be fictional? That sounds like a contraction, to me. What do you think?
1. "Fortunate Son" (with Foo Fighters) 2. "Almost Saturday Night" (with Keith Urban) 3. "Lodi" (with Shane Fogerty and Tyler Fogerty) 4. "Mystic Highway" (John Fogerty solo) 5. "Wrote a Song for Everyone" (with Miranda Lambert feat. Tom Morello) 6. "Bad Moon Rising" (with Zac Brown Band) 7. "Long as I Can See the Light" (with My Morning Jacket) 8. "Born on the Bayou" (with Kid Rock) 9. "Train of Fools" (John Fogerty solo) 10. "Someday Never Comes" (with Dawes) 11. "Who'll Stop the Rain" (with Bob Seger) 12. "Hot Rod Heart" (with Brad Paisley) 13. "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" (with Alan Jackson) 14. "Proud Mary" (with Jennifer Hudson feat. Allen Toussaint and the Rebirth Brass Band)
Playing Creedence Clearwater Revisited - Bad Moon Rising on the BigRigRadio Show Live 24hrs
I learned a new word today "mondegreen" which can refer to misread or misheard lyrics in songs. For example: in "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR some people think the words are "theres a bathroom on the right" instead of "there's a bad moon on the rise". It reminds me of a recent heavy discussion on the words to "The Weight", Take a Load off (Fannie or Annie?) but lets not go discuss this one. Ever catch yourself singing along to a song and then realize that you've been singing the wrong word? Gr.
May 28 1945, Born on this day, John Fogerty, guitar, vocals, Creedence Clearwater Revival, (1969 single 'Bad Moon Rising')
It’s possible John Fogerty was Born On The Bayou while there was a Bad Moon Rising over the Green River. He was a Fortunate Son born to a comely lass named Susie-Q. As a kid he would run Up Around The Bend to get Down On The Corner where he often caused quite a Commotion with a Travelin’ Band. Then he Wrote A Song For Everyone and well, the rest is Rock and Roll history! One of my all time favorite bands...CCR!! Happy Birthday (tomorrow) John Fogerty!
Thanks to The PickUps of May 8th... Never to be repeated once in a lifetime event, Brian Fischer, Simon Costa, Christine and.? (help me Simon), Stacey Samuels, Russ 'The Muleskinner' Whitehead, Jimmy James, Ben Givens, Vaughn (going to Alaska to dredge for Gold), Mike Harmonica Man, Mike Adams, Jen Rund, Gary Adler, Jesse Skybrook... Am I forgetting someone .. maybe... well oh yeah me too !! Just a few highlights that I remember... City of New Orleans, Dedicated to the GSW it seemed to work. Whoa ..Oh-Oh, (Simon's magical tune.. the patio gang came in up for a few minutes for the full bar chorus), You Can't Always Get What You Want, the patio chicks singing That Old Time Rock and Roll, Up Against the Wall Red Neck Mother, Jimmy James fine version, The Bonanza theme song, Stacey's rocking version of All Along the Watch Tower, Jen's Big River, Ben Givens with his future hit song 'the 101 Boogie', Bad Moon Rising, Vaughn, missed his last name, two great tunes both about dredging for gold in Alaska, Thank ...
Jim Miller gets walk out music of the evening. Credance Clearwater - Bad Moon Rising.
I love how Genius has pulled Green River out of the GTA tracks even though it’s on the same album as Bad Moon Rising.
Love this quote, "So, now I have magnified jalousy issues too?" Caroline Forbes, Season 2, Episode 03 - Bad Moon Rising
Heat of the Moment, Don't Fear the Reaper, Crossroads, Bad Moon Rising, When the Levee Breaks, In My Time of Dying, Laugh I Nearly Died
Creedence Clearwater Revival don't like the weather forecast - it says there a Bad Moon Rising -
BAD MOON RISING - As I sat down to drink my coffee this morning and await the rising of the sun, I happened to...
Found a brand new copy of Bad Moon Rising on vinyl yesterday. It is now my new record collection treasure.
The radio loves me today: Bruce Springsteen, Hurts, John Lennon and now Bad Moon Rising is on
Got 147/147 playing the Lyrics: 'Bad Moon Rising' by CCR quiz. Can you top that?
Everybody Loves Raymond episode 'Bad Moon Rising' is one of the best episodes ever
Lol its like some laaities tryna play 'Bad Moon Rising'..
Couldn't understand why the bar kept playing bad moon rising and then I saw this.
I was born on the bayou down on the corner was always a Fortunate Son, if I have a girl I'll name her Susie Q she wont see a bad moon rising
"Bad moon rising" is like the national anthem for werewolves
i only give Creedence where the ClearWater reflects the Revival of the Bad Moon Rising
Bad Moon Rising is stuck in my head. Sometimes I don't even know what goes on up there.
OMG the sister, bad moon rising and boob job are my favorite episode of season 4!
Oh yeah and so is bad moon rising and have you ever seen the rain
Band given: Sonic Youth Given By: Zachary J Rodell Fan? A huge fan. Seen them five times, listened to every album. They're pure gold in my book. First Exposure: I can't quite recall how old I was, but it would have been elementary school aged. I remember watching MTV and seeing a cool video with a skateboarder doing fun tricks and thinking that it was awesome. I had no clue who the band was because I was a kid, but turns out that was the video for 100%. Second Exposure: I bought a copy of Our Band Could Be Your Life when it first came out in 2001. In anticipation of reading certain chapters I went out and bought whatever music I could find by certain bands. My first Sonic Youth CD I owned was Bad Moon Rising, a horrible intro to the group but now my favorite. As a result, it took me a while to warm up to their charms. Description: Noise and bliss in equal measures. They do things with guitars that most other bands would never even attempt. Their dedication to exploring the various sounds and effe ...
Thanks Everybody for making this month's "HELPING HANDS JAM" a huge success!!! We could not do it without all of you taking time from your busy schedules to come help fellow neighbors in need. I truly appreciate all of the wonderful musicians that continue to show up month after month, you guys ROCK!!! Special thanks to the J.N.L. Band for being Host Band again, Perry Jones my fellow host, Lynn Dale Robinson, Olan Cook, Steve Combs and Bad Moon Rising, Up Stroke Blues Band, Shem Ray Dc, Phillip White, Donnie Ward showed up, that was awesome, and it was great to have Robb Horn show up and perform. See you guys next month!!!
Okay, Justin Band Given: Sonic Youth Description: American noise rock. Sonic Youth is one of those bands that I want to love. I've given them the good old college try, but they just never caught with me. I saw them once at Austin City Limits, and it was a good show.. I appreciate what they do, and I'm glad that they do it, but I definitely have to be in just the right mood to enjoy them. Exposure: I want to say that I was first exposed to them while watching that 1991: The Year that Punk Broke video. I went out and bought Bad Moon Rising, which was kind of a weird choice.. Favorite Song: I Love Her All the Time Favorite Album: Goo Like this and I'll give you a band! ..but probably not.
Bad Moon Rising is one of the best books ever excuse me. I truly love it. Sherrilyn Kenyon♥ God, the creativity in one book is just amazing.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Watch the music video for Bad Moon Rising (Lyric Video) by Creedence Clearwater Revival and more new Pop videos on VEVO.
Well I thought Jim Miller had the Music Award locked up with Bad Moon Rising, but dos Santos and the Rocky theme just took it.
fighter Jim Miller using CCR's Bad Moon Rising for entrance music. Loving it!
coming out to CCR Bad Moon Rising. Best entrance theme ever!
You never think about what an awesome walkout song 'Bad Moon Rising' is until Jim Miller comes to fight. So weirdly foreboding.
Makes my day to see a man act like a gorilla to Bad Moon Rising
Joe Lauzon out to "Move" by Thousand Foot Krutch. Jim Miller out to "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR. Nice picks.
Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising. Jim Miller has the best entrance music in the UFC
I love Jim Miller fights no matter what, but Bad Moon Rising is always the cherry on top.
Sweet entrance music! Bad Moon Rising by CCR . My favourite song of all time
If you walk out to "Bad Moon Rising" You should automatically get the W!
Onto Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller for the co-main event. Miller has some interesting intro music (CCR-Bad Moon Rising)...
He has a beard and just walked out to Bad Moon Rising by CCR? Yep, Jim Miller just became one of my favorite UFC fighters.
I was rooting for Miller anyway, but "Bad Moon Rising" always clinches it for me. You?
Miller wins the battle of entrance musics. CCR's "Bad Moon Rising" is one of my top 10 favorite songs. Miller is a fellow Jersey boy too.   10% Off
Twenty babies, six heroic women. This has been a really tough weekend, a bad moon rising.
Handmade video-clip. Rare. At that time (early 90's), only available on television become the CCR document, VHS-editor and vinyl record. Music is slightly sp...
nope. I hear there's a bad moon rising so I'm just going to go rollin' on the river before conditions get to rough.
Today at the Western Reserve Kennel Club (Cleveland) Bad Moon Rising of LeaRae PT went Winners Dog and Best of Winners under Bob Slay for a 3pt major. Creed was handled by Steve LaRosa and Matt McMillan. Bred by Tonya Haney, sired by my dog Bleibtreu's Ransom of Coda, PT (7pts). Watch for Creed and his sisters Phoenix and Voodoo in the spring. And someone told me I never had anything and would never have anything, wouldn't know a good dog. Hmm, really. Chopper kids rule.
At least now u can enjoy the good sun :-) ♫ Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival
How do you catch a killer who doesn't exist? Bad Moon Rising by Frances di Plino
Saw a burlesque act set to Bad Moon Rising. I've always thought of that song as the Impala crash song.
And now they're playing Blue Moon and Bad Moon Rising
Oh, the irony of it all ! Doing Bad Moon Rising the day after the end of the world !
Need to say Bad Moon Rising to just in case she'd managed to get it out of her head.
Johnny Cash Show: Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising (HQ) love this track.
I now have the urge to make a song parody by replacing the words "Bad Moon Rising" with "Dark Knight Rising"
My 14 year old sister has come home from school singing Popeye (come on you wanderers) and Bad Moon Rising (streets of western Sydney)
Playlist for Mayan prophecy believers next week: CCR - Bad Moon Rising, Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction, Skeeter Davis - End of the World
"Don't go out tonight, it's bound to take your life, there's some bamboo on the right" -- Me, before reading the lyrics of 'Bad Moon Rising'
Have you ever seen the rain?, Down on the corner, Fortunate Son y Bad moon rising, adeeentro
Go into work and bad moon rising is playing
"Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival is on my playlist.
oh it's coming. It's been waged through policy since FDR. Continued by LBJ and now Obama. Bad moon rising.
Pardon we're streaming Shes The One. Next, Blowin In The Wind / Bad Moon Rising. Join us at
A property owner here in fayette county was put in jail for stopping williams mid mountain workers who he threw off his ground after he caught them draining mine water over his cow field.
What you wanna hear tonight? post below, txt 191400 or call 1300 305 918
OH SNAP! THREE SHOWS ON THE HORIZON! (Cue Bad Moon Rising) This Sunday, at the Pub Theater playing in Anthony Oberbeck's show at 8pm. Jeremy will be doing the freshest sketches. (Cue So Fresh and So Clean) Friday the 21st at 10 pm at The Playground Theater Jeremy will be playing as a part of bringing in the holiday cheer before everybody evacuates the city and leaves poor old Andy in Chicago. (Cue Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen) THEN, AND SORRY FOR THE DELAY Y"AL, JEREMY WILL BE IN THIS YEAR'S The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival!!! WE CAN TALK ABOUT THIS LATER SINCE IT'S NOT UNTIL JANUARY! (Cue I Don't Want No Scrub, because hey, why not, we like that song)
Blast from the past, 1993 Bad Moon Rising "Remember me" *shivers* with Such great musicians & music!
The first song you heard this morning?
Nirvana performing Bad Moon Rising at the Community World Theater, Tacoma, WA (03/19/88) This is the only known performance of Bad Moon Rising.
and no drum:( zaterdag maar even afwachten. I see the bad moon rising
Everyone's life has a soundtrack. What song do you think should have been playing when you were born? And yes "Bad to the Bone" is a very cheesey answer!
Lord Mahavir was the twenty fourth and last Tirthankara of the Jain religion of this era. According to Jain philosophy, all Tirthankaras were human beings but they attained a state of perfection or enlightenment through meditation and self-realization. The Jains thus consider these “perfect supreme beings” as God. The concept of God as a creator, protector, and destroyer of the universe does not exist in Jainism. Also the idea of God's reincarnation as a human being to destroy the demons is not accepted in Jainism. Lord Mahavir was born on the thirteenth day of rising moon of Chaitra month, in 599 B.C. in the state of Bihar, India. This day falls in the month of April as per Gregorian calendar. His birthday is celebrated as Mahavir Jayanti each year. Mahavir was a prince and was given the name Vardhaman by his parents. Being the son of a king, he had many worldly pleasures, comforts, and services at his command. But at the age of thirty, he left his family and royal household, gave up the worldly ...
Sorry if i don't post much im new so i don't know what all to do. Also im playing bad moon rising on the guitar so it might be little bit before each post. -Itachi
I'm a Aries... We are known for passion and fire which is TRUE in my case. What's your sign? What consistent thing about what people say about your astrological sign you think is absolutely TRUE ?? Hit me back in the comments
What do you guys think about the game? -max
The Astro~Turf Report 12-8-12: Ah - the uncoiling begins. We can feel little prickles of older feelings coming to haunt us, resentments we have held against those who we feel have wronged us. Once we examine these incidents in the light of distance, we can see how insignificant they are and finally let go - this is preparation for the true energy of the upcoming week. And POW! what a stellar energetic week it can be for us once we shed these dark little things :) Mercury is way up in our face, playing with our relationships, but in a way that will push us to select the best ones! Follow the instincts of your positive feelings, making peace with those who are no longer doing your life a good service and jazzing up the positive influence of those who do. This is also the influence of our current Moon in Libra, attempting to push us toward balance in this alignment of relationships while Mercury tries to give us a selection process we can potentially deal with in our heart and soul. Our wonder twin powers of ...
The show last night was amazing!! Our love and thanks go out to Little Lamplight and The Wabbits! For everyone who came out to support us, thank you for being an amazing audience and helping us put on a great show! And special thanks to Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack for hosting! To those of you who couldn't make it, this is what you missed. 1. Sympathy for the Devil 2. Average Man 3. Hey Ya 4. Bad Moon Rising 5. Sex and Candy 6. Free Fallin’ 7. Pumped Up Kicks 8. 3 AM 9. Joey 10. Special Someone 11. Iris 12. Heartbeat 13. Fantasy 14. I’m on Fire 15. Decoration Day 16. Hurt 17. The Blue 18. Can’t Always get What you Want 19. Wild Gentleman’s Club 20. The Joker 21. Streetlights 22. Karma 23. Mad World 24. Daria 25. Flake 26. Blister in the Sun See you all next time around! We'll keep you posted for dates!
so i'd say two moon signs are in order? you guys are so needy! guess which one i will save for monday? (i have three left btw.) i love this game/my life:) BTW did i tell you how excited i was for 500 FB likes and 2000 YT subs? i got really drunk, and tried to make a video, but was too drunk... but, if i had money i'd send you all puppies! (AKA the gift that stops giving after a week).
6° Qual musica Toca no Final do Primeiro episódio, da 1°TEMPORADA?
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising - With Lyrics on Screen I do not own the rights to this song
Listen, if you like songs like "Bad Moon Rising" then you will dig this band. Hard. (via Dave Hill)
Band practice If you like the song "Bad Moon Rising" you will love our band so much.
I've heard the song "Bad Moon Rising" in the background about four times in the last week. Omen? Theme song? Coincidence?
Ok help I can't get into rereading Bad Moon Rising.. And yet I love Fang
I think Pandora Radio has developed sentience and a sense of humor: I've been listening to it for the past five hours or so, and in that time I've heard "Rock You Like a Hurricane" four or five times, "Shelter From the Storm" three times, "Ridin' the Storm Out" twice, "Lightning in the Sky" twice, "Where Were You Hiding When the Storm Broke" once, three different songs called "Hurricane" once each, and "Bad Moon Rising" at least six (!) times. If I ever hear "Shake, Rattle, and Roll," "I Feel the Earth Move," "We Will Rock You," and "The Final Countdown" on Pandora in one day, I'm going to use up all my vacation days and get the heck out of California.
So for Halloween, while we sat outside and welcomed trick-or-treaters, Lisa played her special Halloween playlist that she uses when she teaches her water aerobics classes. I get "Thriller" and "Bad Moon Rising", but not sure that Sheryl Crow's "Soak Up the Sun" and Matchbox 20's "Real World" fall into the "scary" Halloween gendre!
John Fogerty says the movie DEVIL & DANIEL WEBSTER inspired "Bad Moon Rising". Hear it in Grooveyard Pt 1, The Nursery:
Bad Moon Rising is the first choice of course. A Wwolf london Trend setting film scary but funny and of course... Jenny Agutter
Just watched my very favorite Everybody loves Raymond episode "Bad Moon Rising" with ali. I laugh so hard I cry. It is the episode where he decides to get her some meds for her pms. Halarious!!
It took a while, buy I managed to dig up the only LP for the moment: Sonic Youth's Bad Moon Rising. So worth it.
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