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Bad Idea

BAD IDEA is a British general interest magazine.

I guess appointing someone on Russia's payroll to be head of National Security was a bad idea?
You know a class was a bad idea to publish as API when searching for its name returns a Stack Overflow post asking “Point of using {CLASS}?”
50 bucks a ticket. There were a set of 3 across the walkway from Bird for 40. Not a bad last minute idea at all!
Good example why taking everything at face value is a bad idea.
😡The idea 2 nominate war criminal in a senior position in the is a bad start 4 the new
I liked a video from LIQUID NITROGREN vs iPhone 7...Bad Idea?
Must read for founders - "Why sending decks to investors before the 1st meeting is generally a bad idea"
Do you ever want to help someone out but you know telling them is a bad idea?
I can walk right pass someone who meant the world to me like I have no idea who they are. That's just how I am, it's a g…
This is great, but we still have no idea of how bad this is, how far it goes and who knew what.
We have several movies of why this is a bad idea!
"I don't think this is a good idea" and "no, don't feel bad". Has me feeling MAJOR second hand embarrassment.
Doing online shopping drunk is a bad idea
Why pointing your phone at critical documents is a bad idea
You have no idea how bad I wanted to open that. .
"a bad idea is better than no idea at all" -Donald J. Trump
you have no idea how bad I just snorted while reading that 😂
Hannah is a really good friend bc if I have a good idea she will get so hyped but if I have a really bad idea she lll let me know it's dumb
I noticed my teeth were shifting so I popped my bottom retainer in and oh my goodness was this a bad idea
Today I learned that eating two bacon sandwiches before running 100s is a bad idea
you have done NOTHING or have been accused of anything anywhere close to as bad as the US.
(NSFW). Did some image studies today. Shading with pen is a bad idea >>
Yep. Usually a bad idea to lie to somebody and make them look foolish for defending you, especially when NSA has transcripts.
Trump is considering a draft order that would require Census Bureau to ask about citizenship + immigration status https:…
I may or may not be a bad idea to force Google + on YouTube.
The Left/McCain/Jeb pushing Petraeus on Trump again - BAD IDEA:
*extremely good org tshirt idea*. "The Good. The Bad. The Boujee". pls take pics of any shirts with this slogan and Ill be ready 2 collect
That sounds like a spectacularly bad idea, so it will probably happen.
She has no idea ...she plays cheap. . How will u correct yourself if you don't know the difference between good n bad
Me for 8 years: All this power you're giving Obama is a bad idea. You're not going to like what comes after... Liberals: Sh…
That's why we workout, Scott, so we can do our own shoveling. Not a bad idea.
yes! The idea is that because water is clear, it's similar to cheersing w/ an empty glass, and empty=bad luck
Why Checking Emails First in the Morning is a Bad Idea
Watching Valentines Day was a bad idea
That would totally work on me. Fact. No idea if that's good or bad though 😂
Good Idea: Findin Easter eggs on Easter. Bad Idea: Finding Easter eggs on bmas.
Hitler's Mein Kampf Planned Release in France a Bad Idea as 'It Is Full of Hate'
The New York Times is wrong Bad Idea to have Canada as The place to visit and if you do, come to winnipeg the Murder capital
When you realise driving is probably a bad idea.
I can't believe enough people didn't think it was a bad idea?!
Actually the more they screech the more certain you can be it WAS a bad idea... And they know it too.
I want someone to read bad light novels isn't a good idea, right?
(2) which was the last time when we had good implementation of any good/bad idea in India? (2/n)
getting blazed 2nite was a Bad Idea
A wedding this time of year isn't such a bad idea if you don't mind getting bundled anniversary/Christmas gifts for the rest…
This year, while stumbling over one bad idea after another, I came up with the perfect DIY…
Does anyone I know stack their consoles on top of each other? Ifso how bad of an idea is it?
Whenever you feel bad about yourself remember some NYU or UCLA grad thought this was a good idea POST ELECTION
Traitor Trump is poking the Panda. Bad idea, but he's got no sense at all. Nuclear war coming?
Agreed, Thursday games a bad idea. But one of the two teams wins. Whiners lose, and the Eagles have a lot of those types.
no wait that was a bad idea lets just focus on these two goofballs making this scene instead Yes youre all welcome
You'd have to feel bad for people who get cheated on and have no idea could be the lousiest thing ever👀👀
“People should not get hung up on this idea that the DEA somehow is still a big, bad wolf,” he said. “We are not.".
Not a bad idea. I think the author has issues with structure on micro&macro levels but HQ has some of the most...
Are you living a Presidential Lifestyle? shares how to follow your idea of prosperity & reach ur goals.…
The story of these Samoyed shows just why getting a for is a bad idea! Read it!-->…
Everytime me and Nicki have a bad idea we just stare at each other to see if the other one will agree to it 👀
The amount of beer I drank tonight... and still going, Lilly's was a bad idea for a first stop.
I want to go shopping in Europe SO bad you have no idea (but not as bad as I want to hug you)
This is why Trump falling out with China would be such a bad idea.
Esther you have convinced that Might be a bad idea. Merry Christmas
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Indeed. Which shows why attempting regime change through Islamist proxies bent on sectarian genocide is such a bad ide…
«Herald, almost like studying his reaction. Something inside him said this was a bad idea. He shouldn't go into the shop.»
That 9pm cup of coffee may have been a bad idea...
This is why splitting the women during the brand split was a bad idea.
4/5 obsolete bad idea, but actually a complete failure at what it was designed to do. It’s time to join the rest of th…
High earning moms can say goodbye to 10% of their income (but what about dads?) | via
Backdashing in the corner is a bad idea, but I do it all the time.
After a year. Make sure they are the same size as the ones you already have. I changed mine 6 months after I got th…
Malaysian hardcore punk band Bad Idea for the win! 2016 be damned!
the new 117 route is a potentially good idea. Too bad the 2 drivers I had haven't taken it. Spread the word!
"Why a gold standard is a very bad idea"
Do think it was a bad idea to go to Montreal/Toronto twice so quickly (even though medal rounds in different cities)
Hard pass on taking more refugees. Germany proved that it's a bad idea. Thank god for Trump.
Why do I never have anything bad to say about you? — Have no idea I'm just trying to be a better person ...
Going to a Syracuse bball game the night before an 8am final was definitely a bad idea I can just feel it featured in NBC s Science of Love
wife *hears loud thud from the boys room* I told you bunk beds were a bad idea. me [face down on the floor after falling o…
I think the talk of flipping electors is a bad idea on its own. But also a bad use of Democrats' energy.
America was a great idea. Too bad a bunch of ignorant white people handed it over to an evil oligarch.
good morning, waking up was a bad idea. Yoongi was right, im never doing this again
Drinking and wrapping your child's Christmas presents is a bad idea... I repeat BAD IDEA 😔
Taking my preworkout & stoping at the post office to mail something really quick before the gym was a bad idea.I can't stand still 😂😭
Lights for an A350 inaugural, because water canon salutes in December are a bad idea in Moscow. © In…
I truly apologize for what I unleashed last night on the podcast. I had no idea how bad it would be.
"Why the Electoral College is a Bad Idea, part [warning, integer overflow]"
While Shelby (blushing) explains to Ivan why shoving honey-soaked cotton up your *** is a Bad Idea
Jay Edward Why Hiring Non-Academics to Teach Entrepreneurship is a Bad Idea: . These days, hiring no... Lynxource
Hear me out: Movie version of the musical of (the movie) Waitress w/Steven Pasquale as the doc. Him singing "Bad Idea" would be everything.
Although it wouldn't be a bad idea for keepsakes for n me coming together for an episode
Price floors anywhere are a bad idea.
Another bad idea altogether ! And there processing plants are questionable as to the fact of non fda standards...
Your first instinct is usually right. So, always go with your first instinct, even if it's a bad idea... because bad ideas make g…
I'm getting my nose pierced tomorrow but everyone I know has said its a bad idea, lol still gonna do it but don't know what side 😌
you know. Maybe it was a bad idea to removed does paw marks. It says that theres a mankey around my hood but I don't see any
Bad idea to watch stranger things at this hour
the idea they were working on in 02ish wasn't a bad idea, group training to join Red Squadron
I've decided was a bad idea after all. Feeling an overwhelming sense of source envy.
That is just a bad idea don't youuu se
Mein all these westham fans tho...moving from westham football stadium to Stratford city stadium is just a bad idea
Eating more spicy foods to get myself to drink more water -- good or bad idea? via /r/Fitness
Attaching morals to what you eat is a bad idea. I have enough to feel guilty about already.
Brexit succeeds in achieving almost the impossible, making economists agree on a single analysis: bad idea.
I'm so scared bc I have no idea how I did ??? Like not even a "I did bad" or "it was okay" ??? So I'm gonna be surprised
I already feel like a bad parent cause I have no idea what I'm looking at in baby sonogram pics 👀
Apparently leaving the iron on the board while texting is also a bad idea.
Laying next to me in my bed is a bad idea. 🙈😏😳
I had no idea Bad finger did a cover of Without You. It's good 2.
I don't think that Instagram story is a bad idea at all tbh
Seems like a bad idea... Skydiver plummets 25,000 feet -- with no parachute
For all those people who thought getting Kinsler for Fielder was a bad idea. it was a bad idea for Murphy to bag sole primary debate with Grayson. This was a chance to build name ID for Murphy.…
She said just because it's a bad idea doesn't mean it won't be a good time.
just painted my nails, bad idea because now I cant do what i need to do. HURRY UP AND DRY NAILS!
so last night at 3 a.m. I decided to watch The Last Song... bad idea
Mangos are generally a bad idea for meetings, but pears and other quieter, less drippy fruits are completely reasonable.
Good cops – but maybe a bad idea. . Why viral videos of police playing pranks on drivers needs to stop:.
He groans "I knew That was a bad idea. Lets go,... sir." He starts walking in the direction of the park.
This is why having a legal category of 'hate crime' is a bad idea.
BAD IDEA!! Straight up this was a bad idea... Lol! Thank you for smashing those RTs!!
this wee fanny got drakes fans to comment "RIP" on his insta so his pals would hink he was deed😂😂 no bad idea acc https:…
It turns out adding cardio was a bad idea I did well in stopping, lifting is tiring as is
This was a bad idea going through my camera roll
Would asking supporters to and studying be a good or bad idea?
They literally made a movie why it's a bad idea to battle Eminem.
Boys like girls is touring and I had no idea. To bad they are only going to Dallas. Now if it was Austin I would totally go!
Been drinking coffee all day ready for the midnight screening and it was a bad idea cause I can feel my skin vibrating 😫
I keep flicking between . alosia was SUCH A GOOD IDEA. and. alosia was SUCH A BAD IDEA
Wasn't Hillary's "Russian Reset" a roundly praised idea?. Why is it bad that Trump wants to "get along" with Russia
i woke up with Bad Idea - Waitress (Original Broadway Cast Recording) stuck in my head and it hasn't left but am i complaining? No
NationalReview: 'Special Prosecutor' Still a Bad Idea in Criminal Investigation of Clinton. Obama would bury scandal
Evander Holyfield shows Angry Driver why 'Road Rage' is a Bad Idea via
Good idea- Playing Doom all day because it's awesome. Bad Idea- Playing before you have to go to work and losing track of time.
Holding the Olympics in Rio Was Always a Bad Idea - New York Times
Filling the Tank on Fridays May Be a Bad Idea for St. Louisans
Ok watching the Stacey Dooley documentary about the refugee crisis before going to college was a bad idea, sitting here in tears
Whenever I get the slightest bit of a bad feeling my mind always goes to the worst idea possible
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
now that ain't a bad idea.however he lives in Cornwall mate and now in Bath lol
Walking your dog after eating is Such a Bad idea tho.. 😂😭
Trying to eat a taco while laying down is a bad idea
- Yeah the story idea isn't bad at all.. It would obviously be him starring in it.. I hope 🙏🏼
Good idea - Gym before work in the morning. Bad idea - Forget bra to wear after gym. Why is it so cold in my building?
right and you people are not helping spreading the Muslim idea of drinking and bacon is bad even a little bit kill you
you're a bad idea but I still wanna try
localising business rates is a bad idea if you think wealth is not optimally spread geographically across the UK
"I had guessed. Maybe taking a couple days off isn't a bad idea."
Mmm not a bad idea for a story. But I'm just desperate for a Ewan McGregor Obi-Wan film 😂
Reading the group chat from last night In public was a bad idea, I looked like an absolute *** hysterically laughing at my phone
Once you can accept the idea of only being with one *** for the rest of your life, being faithful ain't too bad.
This is such a bad idea, all Turkey will do as soon as they have visa-free travel is to make all refugees and...
Husam El-Coolaq really had 0 idea that Jewish women don't smell bad. He thought we did, but is now better informed! ht…
Why your brain likes it when you multitask
Consolidation of cbd building assets was/is not intrinsically a bad idea. Just poor due diligence/governance.
so studying while listening to rhcp is a bad idea because all of their songs remind me of summer since they're all I listen to in romania
We can get them. Bad idea to eat them on the couch though, might make a mess. [She's mostly unfazed, giving him a grin.]
One thing I can't stand is someone saying "go kill yourself" you have no idea how bad that person might be struggling. W…
Ok. That was a bad idea. 2:30am I'm up sick.
Smh. I just realised that girls will be jumping to conclusion much faster now...these slippers were a bad idea. Ffs
Skipping school on a Thursday is never a bad idea💆🏻
Sometimes you smile and I smile back because seeing you happy creates this idea that life isn't as bad as I thought it was.
Can't sleep because I have a song idea I want to cover so bad running through my head. It's too good for sleep
Apollo, the sun god, blasting superman with the power of the sun. Bad idea. Really. Bad. Idea.
Drinking on a Wednesday is a bad idea 👍🏻
Tables dirty again. The customer self clear station is a bad idea. Cannock orbital.
Coming to school in this weather was a bad idea. 🙀
I don't understand why the US Treasury still wants Jackson on the back of the $20 dollar bill. Bad Idea.
"That was a ... BAD idea. Check it out. "
so..Ian Narev says is "a very bad idea". he's CEO of Liberal Party donor CommBank. he himself raked in $8millio…
My rule-of-thumb for is if Fairfax's Mark Kenny thinks it's a good idea, it's probably a bad idea
it was such a bad idea I was dead tired and bored at like 3 am lol
I dislike how Human beings set up a good idea and upon its supervision bounce back to act in faith of a bad one
The first time you truly love someone is so special because you love them without any idea of how bad it can hurt.
Bad idea to trip two days before public speech?
I can confirm that trying to eat a Fruitella found at the back of a laundrette's tumble dryer is a *bad* idea
News is dying in a digital strategy is not a bad idea
We don't want advice from America our former colony telling us that independence is a bad idea. And we don't want...
Companies Want to Disclose Employee Health Data to Shareholders, and It’s a Bad Idea,by Al Lewis/
Starting to watch Lost, is this a bad idea?
PSA: chic fil a right before wrestling practice is a bad idea 🙃
That extra cheese on my burrito was a bad idea.
How many times must I electrocute myself before I realize that touching the open wire is a bad idea?
Even eating just a small bite of raw cookie dough was a bad idea..
I am so ready for my mom's lecture about how this is a bad idea..
Fenix buys his Bad Idea Jeans in bulk
It's almost as if most people think shipping all our jobs to China and flooding ourselves with 3rd worlders is a BAD idea
That moment you realize waiting till the day before the exam to study was a bad idea because it covers 280 pages of the textbook.
A gentle reminder at Hacking back is a bad idea
they don't. That's why the idea of trying to pit doctors against each other to lower their prices is a bad idea.
Probably a bad idea to listen to Muse at 3am.
I can't feel my arms. I knew lifting was a bad idea ._.
Leaving my friend and I home alone is a bad idea 😄
Listening to Radiohead at this time (or any really) is a really bad idea.
Attacking legacy is a bad idea...bad bad bad idea..those who suggested it...pure ***
I never said free tuition is a bad idea... it's just something that is unlikely
Punching the wall on the way up the stairs was a bad idea😊
Getting into bed is a bad idea but I don't know what else to do
you *** are just as bad as they are with your fictional gods and storybook nonsense. Shame you ruined what was a good idea.
Ah yes. I remember why eating a whole bag of Funyons is a bad idea.
I just need to see one good sign on whether it's a good idea or bad one 🤔
Why is it a bad idea to send passwords in emails? Because every transactional email provider gives your devs the option …
So the world's ending tomorrow. Anybody want to mess with some bath salts and go skydiving tonight? Wait...maybe that'…
Gentle Reminder at RSA: Hacking Back is a Bad Idea: via
So, in retrospect, that quote me thing was a bad idea. Lowkey hurt. Y'all some disrespectful people
Creating a female character in an online RPG is a bad idea... Random guys keep hitting on me in Monster Hunter.
I have no idea who the *** you are and don't care what you say. You don't like my opinion? Too bad.
GovGuam’s plan to tax online purchases to increase government revenue is a bad idea.
Fear-based decisions are always a bad idea!
Column: Players Avoiding Rio as if Olympic Golf Is Bad Idea: The plane was rea... Unete A
It's a bad idea to scroll through Instagram when one is hungry.
Not a bad idea. They still lose LP, but they don't have to sit through the game. Post it here:
bad kid? Always wrong? I have no idea what your talking about🤔
Bad idea zip at the front of my dress hope tokes enjoyed my boobs
I'm looking at old pictures of myself and realizing bangs are a bad idea. Never again!
oh *** I have it out from the library. Bad idea?
Jenna & I 1 minute into BASIC workout day 1: this was a bad idea we should stop (we stopped)
Kinda sorta want to text you but I know that's a bad idea
2 days of no makeup challenge was a bad idea. I knew it.
Cyber experts warn about "hacking back" against attackers, cite value of norms of behavior:
I invited people to dinner tonight and I have to use good manners and avoid distasteful language. This was a bad idea.
uhh thats bad! Suggest me please i have no idea :(
OK it was a bad idea to watch 'scary games' playlist I will be sleeping with my light ON and a rolling pin under my pillow!
I always request for the aisle but well, occasional window seat isn't a bad idea.
I have no idea which one is speaking... 😑 I'm sorry bad fan child
jumpins otherwise she has to walk up to you. Booms are generally a bad idea when she has meter unless your out of her ex range.
Currently stuck in between I really want to & its probably a really bad idea if I do lol
Top English clubs have reportedly discussed the possibility of a new European Super League. Good idea or bad idea? https:/…
Not entirely positive what you mean but what I meant was that Romney is a bad idea
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
This is why running and running related devices are a bad idea.
Let's just say this whole scheme trying to force me to be a rapper was a REALLY bad idea. Once you get labeled corny you're corny forever.
Giving in to my child who is making me crave a slushie... At 9 pm. Probably a bad idea. Oh well.
How the *** does anyone view this absurd image of Cruz as helpful? & Cruz/Rubio is bad idea. Rubio just needs to go
You're a bad idea but i like bad ideas
(I mean, I'm rarely effected by horror stuff, but still, it seems like a Bad Idea to read that stuff right before going to bed)
Bad Idea --> Metro considers adding food, retail outlets in system to raise revenue
Get rid of 'Bad Idea' man, Commissioner toss dismantle + build modern System for
House Republicans' Latest Bad Idea: Impeaching the IRS Chief: Commissioner John Koskinen came in after the 201...
This is unacceptably horrible & demonstrative of why the Saatchi Bill is such a bad idea.
Told you it was a bad idea to let Irsay be in charge of that prescription drug disposal
I can't wait to see you in live chat and I think it's a wonderful idea. I miss you so bad.
Whoever thinks suspending a slackline over a pool is a bad idea doesn't understand that water is softer than dirt. The weeke…
Playing Final Fantasy X-III for the whole day is not a bad idea. :)
I stay up late every night and realize its a bad idea every morning
Order Miche Bag Online!
“you think running a startup is a bad idea,running an accelerator is even a worse idea.”. you are the Best ;)
Soo.I guess giving head to your victim before you kill them is a bad idea. 💁
So I think it was a bad idea to say I'll add you back :/ cause some of these ppl I don't know
Bad idea: leg day before ropes course
it's anything but ! Ad is prob the fastest way to destroy your soil - a VERY bad idea - start thinking !
Why do i never learn that drinking £3 bottle of wine is a bad idea
I feel slightly bad when people nod, wave, or say hi to me.because honestly, I have no idea who you are.I'm so sorry😂
Louis starting the song was a bad idea
You know how people are asking for your Social Security number all the time? Yeah, that's probably a bad idea:
I want to take little man pumpkin picking so bad but I have no idea if there's a place around where I live now.
Stepping into the 20 yr old pond.. Always a bad idea
Not a bad idea. He'd have to show some character though.😉
People would take your relationship status personal like it's a bad idea to be single.. hian.
My mind forgets to remind me: you're a bad idea.
The idea of waking up for my 8 am every morning doesn't seem that bad until the alarm goes off...
just a bad idea is this, I can just see it
Have you seen my latest feature on |
I think if we turned Friday's into a holiday that wouldn't be a bad idea.
Letting me go to bed upset is such a bad idea.
This seems like a bad idea: DOD to Create Database of OPM Breach Victims.
growing my eyebrows out so I can get them threaded was a bad idea, they're so ugly and hairy 😷
The moral of the story is that picking on science nerds is harmless fun, but picking on IT nerds is a Bad Idea [tm]
Was such a bad idea to go out last night
Don't put people down for what you think is a bad idea. Their next idea might be a great idea. Yellup
Bringing back GS is a bad idea. i was suggesting "absolutely nothing' was wrong. Shld have said "very, very little"
not a bad idea. I got into it back in December of 2013
Straightening my hair is a bad idea
Good Idea: Finding Easter eggs on Easter. Bad Ibea: Finding aster eggs on Xmas.
It is a very bad idea to get on an bad side
So it turns out that 24 shots was a bad idea
Fiscal transfers without controls are a bad idea
It's a bad idea to be in a relationship with someone immature.
Note to self: eating an entire sleeve of Oreos in 10 minutes at 8am is a bad idea
Really not a bad idea.. It is a hit idea... But pls if adaalat returns we won't want it on sony.
so I went on tumblr and looked up WWA Miami(my concert)that was a bad Idea because I'm crying I miss them so much❤️ ht…
Hmm that's not a bad idea. I wonder if we could even do it on the campus I'm at? Something tech related.
A bill proposes to cut printing and make work study positions. Here's why that's a bad idea:
Slow clap to the CSNNE graphics department. Had no idea this was behind my head.
Does it strike you that Weekly Options were a Really Bad Idea? Right or Dead!
Flowers are never ever a bad idea, even when you don't have a reason for giving them.
I dont think my mama understands how much of a bad idea taking me out of carver was
Yea it was a bad idea to sleep with the window open
Its a bad idea you already got your work cut out with Year of Review 2014.
Coming to school today was a BAD idea
Getting black out curtains was a bad idea. It only makes it 10x harder for me to get up in the morning.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Being up at 5 am is a bad idea unless you're talking/communicating with someone. I should know this by now
Dear Brain Storming Session facilitatorv the.e IS "such a thing" as a bad idea and inviting me was the first one.
...why would you make glass needles cost exotic shards, why? I'm super disappointed that was such a bad idea.
Walking backwards is generally a bad idea, and I think you should all stop doing it.
Islamist Palestinians are enraged at the (false) idea that Israel is doing something bad to a holy they set J…
"You know what's worse than a bad idea? A bad idea with a business-model." - QOTD
I agree with Have episodes of General Rain about her daily activities as the General is not a bad idea.
I knew putting Ninda in charge of the new stand would be a bad idea
Just ate like 5 slices of toast. Bad idea
Michael Bloomberg will not be a good president. NRA are you paying attention? Bloomberg for president is a Bad Idea!
reason why it was a Bad Idea that my parents bought a house in Jurong West
Checking my timehop was such a bad idea
I wouldn't say the idea behind it is too bad. I mean, there are people so stuck to their phones they run in poles and in front of
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