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Bad Girls Club

Bad Girls Club is an American reality television series created by Jonathan Murray for the Oxygen TV channel.

Basketball Wives Tanisha Thomas

Or we can get famous the ratchet way if all else fails lmao there should be a Bad Girls Club sign up soon 🀘🏼
Bad Girls Club, are yall gone ever therapy these young women or all yall gone keep lettin them fight all the *** time?
Oxygen has the best editing team. Be having me dead with Bad Girls Club
Writing for an entertainment column rocks - interviewed new mom Courtni Starr of Coco Oils Co. & Bad Girls Club...
On god talone responding back to me and on the bad girls club 😍😁
no i was watching bad girls club when I said this & they was making fun of this girl & was like this not the sad girls club
Bad girls club should really be on Netflix
Don't @ me but listen bad girls club was so good live
MacArthur finna be bad girls club so quick πŸ’€
I need to be on somebody reality show. Bad Girls Club maybe
I just let my sister talk me into signing up for bad girls club πŸ™„
All I've done today is lay in bed and watch bad girls club. I hate myself.
only going to warped to hear Ronnie Radke sing Bad Girls Club
Me and my boo Meghan today in Los Angeles California from Bad Girls Club and Basketball Wives we looked great today ht…
When is the next Bad Girls Club series tho πŸ‘€
philosophical kicked things off 4 me2. Bad Girls Club in2 my daughters psyches was final straw. no thank u
How am I able to go to church on Sunday and praise the lord and get home and still enjoy Bad Girls Club?
oh maaa gawwwd I could literally watch bad girls club all day errr day! It's so entertaining πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’–πŸ’‹
I'm watching bad girls club (judge me) and a girl just said her biggest accomplishment in life was raising 25 dollars for charity.
how can I get on bad girls club asking for a friend
From getting accepted to the Bad girls club from getting offered RTB 🀘🏻
The best season of bad girls club reunion πŸ˜‚πŸ’€πŸ“–
Hanan from bad girls club messaged jaz back omg she saw my text I'm dead
*watches one episode of bad girls club* . Anyone: hi . Me:
β€œMehgan vs three other girls - bad girls club best fight all season
you sound like your about to audition for Bad Girls Club or something πŸ’€
Bad Girls Club will forever be my guilty pleasure πŸ’˜
The millionaires, Melissa and Allison Green, are now on Bad Girls Club.
So I'm late but finally watching the new Bad Girls Club. And Diamond and Olivia are Idk lol. They *** on one another like . Idk lol
My evening is sorted, SO much good TV to catch up on; Pretty Little Liars, Bad Girls Club, New Girl, Geordie Shore
You ain't seen nothing like this! Bad Girls Club is back and BADDER than everβ€”starts Tue @ 8/7c on https:/…
Poor Draya was just showing her love for Beyonce and Megan from Bad Girls Club and Basketball Wives pulled some...
Bad Girls Club was never my career boo. It was a chapter I did and ur mad. Sorry didnt even watch S9 πŸ™ƒβ˜Ή
EXCLUSIVE: Catherine Lowe was 'so jealous' watching Sean dancing with a Bad Girls Club star
The Challenge, The Real World, and Bad Girls Club are reality TV gold.
I have a meeting with the casting directors at for the reality TV show Bad Girls Club. Who would watch
Don't know why, but I'm watching reruns of Bad Girls Club. The girls* not even women, are beyond trashy. Where do they find them? πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ
Every time I hear "Worth It" by Fifth Harmony, I can't help but think of Tanisha Thomas from Bad Girls Club. Lol
I'm so glad Spencer's sleeping so I can watch 800 more episodes of Bad Girls Club
'Crazy Talks's Tanisha Thomas Dream Casts the Ultimate 'Bad Girls Club' (VIDEO) β€” Exclusive: And with the like...
The new girls on bad girls club are such trash i miss the twins and Jela
Next week on the bad girls club reunion... Tanisha vs Ally!
My DVR didn't record the reunion of Bad Girls Club ***
This is the weakest season of bad girls club ever..
so I did a application for bad girls club just to do, 2 days ago and my application was chosen for the next round of the casting process.
Hunni if they were to cast me for are you the one I rather do that show than bad girls club
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I want to rewatch bad girls club season 1 is there a stream somewhere
when you see Stephanie from the bad girls club in the mall lol
So yesterday somebody told me I looked like the twins off bad girls club. 😳 I don't see it.
I have no respect for Bad Girls Club production after they let those girls ruin their stuff. There's HELLA cameras in the house they saw it
On sorry. I watch bad girls club. Lol
who wants to go with me to Chicago on Nov 8th? Im meeting with casting directors of the bad girls club and I need to bring a guest or 2 lmao
Bad girls club had soo many white girls that could play Jess
Bad girls club and the real housewives have the best reaction pictures/gifs
Bad Girls Club Season 14 was so irrelevant . Idek who half of these people are
The girls on Bad Girls Club be like.
When Kat from The Bad girls club tried to twerk at the reunion
I wanna go on bad girls club so bad πŸ˜’
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚it was wild, felt like I was in a episode of bad girls club
So I was watching Bad Girls Club the other day. And I actually learned something from it...
It's going DOWN next week on the bad girls club reunion!
If you're interested in audition for Bad Girls Club please email me at jconkle
Watching the GOP Republican Debate, is like watching the ladies on Bad Girls Club fighting over who'll be HBIC
Watching the Republican Presidential Debate; It’s kind of like watching the male Bad Girls Club.
I stopped watching Bad Girls Club because I was tryna fight after watching every episode
Sunday through Wednesday is not a game ladies and gentleman. Basketball Wives, L&HH Hollywood, Bad Girls Club, and then Empire.
Yep, Love & Hip Hop, Real Housewives of ATL, Bad Girls Club, Basketball Wives, but I'm childish for video games FOH
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