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Bacon Fest

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Bacon Fest this Sat. Fed Hill Fest on Sun. Cinco De Mayo next weekend. Brew Fest May 10th. Outdoor shenanigans are about pick up in B'more.
Had a great time yesterday with Jen, an awesome show by Ralphie May, and now headed to Clear Lake soon for Bacon Fest at the Surf!!
Lastly, I would ask MJ Day & Darcie Baum with Sports Illustrated to have SI Rookies at the Kiwanis & IVWC HICK-HOP Bacon Fest! Blake Shelton - Boys 'Round Here feat. Pistol Annies & Friends (Official Music Video) Check out this video on YouTube:
Bacon Fest is almost here! Chef Jennie is working hard to create the best bacon dishes and we LOOOVE trying them out! Stop by Centennial Hall this Saturday. Tickets available at More sneak peeks to come. Stay tuned! Today's Soups: Ivar's Clam Chowder Thai Hot & Sour Green Chili Posole French Onion Senegalese Peanut
Food: Hungry Austinites Turn Out for Bacon & Beer Fest: Can there ever be such a thing as too much bacon?
We have becoming an amazing community - big thanks to everyone who showed support to our athletes at Bacon Fest...
Bacon-Fest on the lake coming this summer!! Stay tuned!!!
*** yeah you can get bacon on Pizza. I was in bacon fest in Vegas (Nov-2013) Bacon on Everything!
General Admission Ticket Sales open this Saturday morning at 10am for the 2014 Bacon, Brew & BBQ Fest.
from 65 likes to 94...hmmm, wonder if I can get six more on the page? Maybe a giveaway? How about a vintage 2013 TriCities Bacon Fest t-shirt to my 100th "like"?
Bacon & Beer Fest is coming to Jack London Square March 9 - From our friends at Bison Brewing: It's your turn, Oa...
We enjoyed two of life's greatest pleasures at this weekend's first annual Bacon and Beer Fest:
Bacon lovers unite. Save the date for the Big Bite Bacon Fest.
Four local restaurants have joined the lineup for the second annual Northshore Bacon Fest at historic Wagner Farm in Glenview.
So this morning not only did bacon fest tickets go on sale also WWE is coming to my work. Better work on my...
Join this group if you are going to the Dewey Beach Bacon Fest.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I hope you're sitting down: Bacon Fest Chicago is already sold out for Saturday... there goes my reason to live.
Yo Tasty! Want info on our Bacon Zone at the BBQ Fest or Gourmet Roadkill cooking classes? DM us your info! Hope ur well...
actually scratch that. I answered my own question. It will look dumb at anything other than an iron pigs game or a bacon fest.
Tuesday food fest!! All over it like a cheap suite.. Open at 12! Rockin some serious stacks baby! Say hello to Bacon..
Top story: Glenview's Bacon Fest Tickets on Sale Now - Around Town - Glenview, … see more
April 25-26th there is a Bacon Fest in Chicago!!! 5,000 lbs of bacon!!
Photo: I ordered baked eggs and tomato sauce and a bacon-fest broke out. Round bacon! A pretzel,...
Bacon Fest is coming to st thing I've heard all day
Stanley's Northeast Bar Room is again shutting down Lowry Ave. and throwing an outdoor craft beer and bacon fest during Art-A-Whirl 2014!
Please join the committee to help plan the Bacon Fest on Tuesday, Feb 25th at 6 pm at City Hall. All voices are heard. Bacon Fest scheduled for May 3rd. Martha Crowe Director DDA
Me: I want to go to Bacon Fest! . *checks ticket price. Me: Never mind... 😒
Ok folks, time is quickly approaching for bacon fest U-judge it cook off! Please pm me if you know for sure...
Bacon Fest no-brainer. MT The new cap sure has a lot of sizzle!
Tickets for Baconfest Chicago are now on sale. Get 'em while they're greasy!
Anybody else heard about this Beer, Bourbon, & Bacon fest? It's like the are doing this for me!!!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
so that’s why I didn’t see you at Bacon Fest a couple weeks ago…
I'm not even sure what it is or what I will do once I get there. But I was sold at "Bacon" and "fest"!
I set 3 alarms for Bacon Fest tickets and had a panic attack 5 min before the sale but all in all a successful mission. Adult
I got my bacon fest tickets did you get yours
Bacon fest is March 29th. SHUT UP and take my money!
Who's going to bacon fest, I need to tag along with a crew. Tickets on sale in 10min
Heads up bacon lovers, tickets go on sale at Noon! These will go very very quickly...mmm bacon.
Bourbon and bacon fest you need to reevaluate your bourbon lineup to include bourbon
Bacon fest interferes with keg races this year : (
They can pry Bacon and Beer Fest from my cold fingers. (But maybe, yeah. Hint:
Mark your calendar!!! Dewey bacon fest on 4/26. Have you made your weekend plans? Call Jack Lingo for your rental...
If someone wants to buy Bacon Fest tickets, I'm in.
Ryan Pedrick are we going to bacon fest?
Bacon fest tickets go on sale today! Excited!
How was I not aware that there was a Bacon Fest in Chicago annually?!? Gah
Day 2 of the music fest. 🎉🎶 I'll miss the fun and the music and their bacon and cheese sausage links!…
I just booked my vacay...I can't afford Bacon Fest. I'll be passing out tix in 2G14 as well.
Weekley food truck fest my apartment.
Bacon & Beer Fest: CultureMap goes in depth on the...: CultureMap goes in depth on the Eat... via
Just found original Bacon Fest menu. has come a long way with beer selections.
So Roberta your son just told us about a bacon fest!!! Details pleased kids ❤️bacon !
Looking for a bacon fest near Glenview has you covered:
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for coming out for bacon fest yesterday! It was an incredible smorgasbord of bacon and oh the food commas that followed!!! Also I would like to apologize for having a bacon fest, despite it being totally worth it I do realize it probably took a few days off of all our lives!
Thanks for all the emails and information requests! General Information about the Dewey Beach Bacon Fest Event date 4/26/14 Locatin Dewey Beach, Delaware Tickets go on sale 3/1/14 Restaurants / Caterers / Breweries / Lodging / Retail Vendors interested in participating please contact us. Call (302) 227-7796 Email info For the love of bacon do not miss this event!
Bacon Fest 2014 is underway at The Cotney/Fultz/Plummer household! The Menu: Bacon Soup Shooters Pasta with Bacon and Leeks Apple-Bacon Galette Photos to follow for those interested.
I'm gonna make a huge breakfast and eat an entire plate of bacon. Everyone is welcome to my fat girl fest
Romance sizzles at bacon fest as 2 couples marry.
"Baconfest Tickets Alert: The date's been set and the..." Every city should have a Bacon Fest
Frying up thick cut bacon & pancakes for the gold metal game. Still a bit tired from the "Sip & Slurp" noodle fest last night.
It's a straight up bacon fest outside my apartment
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Good Morning Crave Rum Fans, I know it has been a minute, but we've had some pressing matters that needed to be address, now that they are, Crave Rum is ready to move forward!On that note we have been told that the Bacon Fest has been push to March, we still don't have dates when, but promise to keep you updated as we get updated. We have been invited again to the Las Olas Wine & Food Festival which is scheduled for May 2, 2014! We hope you can all make it, and like always we will have new flavors to try that you won't find on our website! As we get closer to the event we will let you know some of those flavors that we plan to bring to the show! Crave Rum is also working on trying to put together a "Rum Cake of the Month Club" but have a lot of things we are thinking about; such as if we come up with new flavors not on the site, should are club members who join get it? These are just some of the things we are considering! We would love to hear your thoughts as Crave Fans on starting a rum cake month the . ...
Austin has its first Bacon and Beer Fest: All sorts of festivals come to Austin; Saturday's involved bacon and...
Mmmm bacon! Excited to be participating in the annual Northshore Baconfest! April 26.
Rexburg! Come to Scoops for Igloo Music Fest! And some ice cream too if that tickles your fancy.
Beer and Bacon Fest in Austin today! Too bad I can't go (plus I don't eat bacon, so it's ok).
At Bacon fest for the man up event for church
Hey, businesses, we're ready to accept sponsors! You know you want to be part of the cool crowd and have your name attached to Bacon Fest. Sponsor packets will be available via message now, but they'll be posted for public access March 1. Sponsorship levels are $100, $250, and $500. We will have incentives for each level. If you would like to sponsor at a higher rate (or lower), message me. Thanks!
Good Morning Y'all 😃 up and dressed, I am so ready for Bacon Fest 2014 Breakfast!!! Bring on the apple wood bacon!!!
Does anyone want to go to the beer bourbon and bacon fest with me tomorrow?
Spring is teasing us with the weather, but the bigger tease is Bacon fest just around the corner! Tickets begin selling on Monday February 24th and for the first time ever will be featuring 3 exhibit sessions. Get your passes this Monday so you can see if IPO will top last year's bacon marshmallow!
Coming soon, BACON FEST! Come to Centennial Hall on March 15th, starting at 6 pm, and see amazing bacon creations. Timberline Bar & Grill Manager, Mark Collier, will be whipping up a very special porcine creation for this fun event, but we're not telling. You have to be there to see and taste it! Oink, oink!
Thank you Amanda Hunt for standing out side to get my bacon fest tickets love you
Tickets for bacon fest went on sale 30 minutes ago and I still don't have one...I'm bacon's biggest fan and I don't have a ticket??
Oh Marcus Weemes bacon fest is coming up
More Bacon Less Problems! Who's going to the Dewey Beach Bacon Fest? Join this event...
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Just received a $500 donation from Dean Foods ! Thank you to James Alford from Dean Foods for coordinating the donation! Thank you Gus Thompson, and Robert and Amber Esparza for bringing back the San Diego Bacon Fest again this year and supporting our charity, It's All About the Kids Foundation! Tickets are already on sale for the August 30, 2014 event! Get your tickets soon...especially the VIP Tickets because they will sell out!
We're pretty sure we need to find a place to serve these at the event! Get your tickets to Bacon Fest here:
I had a great time at family home evening last night. Thank you Bob White and Connie Irick for teaching us the swing...So Much fun!! There was only one problem. There was so few of us there. Come on Singles, we need to see more participation. I challenge each and every one of you to come to the event this Saturday at 6:30PM, the SA Bacon Fest and Nerf War games. Kids are welcome, so no excuses. I'll see you there... Woot Woot!!!
A day dedicated to bacon. In sunny San Diego. Ladies and gentleman, we bring you the Hormel Black Label Bacon Fest AKA San Diego Bacon Fest. You are welcome.
i have only just found out Chicago has a bacon fest *** why only now?
Just got an email for the bacon fest 5k in Chicago June 7. Who's in? Im definitely not missing this. Unlimited bacon at the finish too!!
Forget about the all about at Big Bite Bacon Fest: Dunk Tank, Pig Pong, Pork Ladder Toss, Bacon Hole.
Just remembered...Beer and Bacon fest is this weekend! I smell a crazy weekend! Jes Jes Bang Bang and Alex Alex Parker - be ready!
I will be attending the Bacon Fest and Nerf War Games this Sat, Feb 22, 6:30 pm at the Lake Oswego Stake Center. Kids are welcome. Hope to see you there!
BLT for supper .thinking way to much about going to BACON FEST with Ashley Sommerfelt!
The Ft. Wayne Conservatory is having a Beer, Bourbon, and Bacon Fest. I might have to try a little culture.
Danielle Potenzo Arthur Hernandez Michael Bempah and the 2 time winner of Chicago's Bacon fest the chef of Three aces ..
Bacon fest was today. Why wasn't this brought to my attention sooner?
"Like" this page to find out everything about the iDewey Bacon Fest.
As posted Mary and I went to the Fireside and saw a wonderful show, the Solid Gold was great and if you can, see it before it closes, Next Sunday, the 23rd. On a side note, while Mary and I were reliving our musical memories and getting some culture, my older daughter Amanda and her boyfriend went to Bacon Fest at the Harley Museum.just saying.
Congrats on Scott and his partner Shannon who took 10th place at Norwalk CrossFit this past weekened at their partner competition, Bacon Fest!
Quite a weekend. Yesterday, at the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra for 3 hours of sophisticated culture and today at the Harley Davidson Museum and Bacon Fest. I think I covered both ends of the spectrum for someone that doesn't get out much. :)
Stuffed from Bacon Fest... I need a nap now!
Got Jeff tickets for Bacon Fest for V-Day. It’s going on today in Milwaukee Harley Museum. Then taking him to Usingers it’s a sausage and bacon place. He’s such a bacon head LOL!!!
Saturday's classes moved to today! 7:00am, 9:30am and 11:00am! Team SOSF did great at their first competition at Bacon Fest yesterday! Congrats Joey, JT, Lauren, Zach, Stew, Rory!
Bacon Fest 2014, not the outcome I had hoped for, but it was fun, and challenging. Push hard, come back next year. SOSF Crossfit and Chiropractic 2015 is our year. Thank you to Crossfit Norwalk for being great hosts.
Bacon Fest, February 15 & 16 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at all three Dorothy Lane Market stores as we celebrate all things bacon!
Coming in March - "Get Green" - hosted by the Fort Wayne Firefighters & Beer, Bourbon and Bacon Fest hosted by Rock 104. Stay tuned for more details. We will be there!
'twas the night before Bacon Fest...
Want to win a pair of sold-out tickets to BACON FEST this Saturday, February 8th?! We have two pairs of tickets to give away! Post a photo in the comments below of you with Mendo the Cow. We will choose two winners at random!
It's rumored that Kevin Bacon will be at Bacon Fest tomorrow night!
Des Moines, Iowa (AP) — Two Iowa couples decided to tie the knot at this weekend's bacon festival at the state fairgrounds in Des Moines. Tricia Snider and Tom ...
Sacramento Bacon Fest starts today! Post comments or photos about your favorite bacon dish below and you might see them on News10 Good Morning Weekends at 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.
Just wrapped up a roasting session! Freshly roasted beans available tomorrow: Organic Fair Trade Timor Columbian Santa Barbara Costa Rican Naranjo La Rosa Panama Boquete And don't forget, tomorrow is Bacon Fest at the Farmers' Market. Before filling up on all that savory goodness stop by Briva for your favorite brew! We will be open 8am-2pm on Saturday.
Bacon Fest at Easton Farmers' Market will cover snout to tail
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Wash down bacon treats with beer at Beer & Bacon Fest in Williamsville - The Buffalo News
New post (Bacon Fest - August 31 2013) has been published on Liberty Station : San Diego
The Irishman on Main Street Williamsville is now the "official" after party of BEER & Bacon Fest
you know we're having a Bacon Fest next weekend?
“Who needs culinary school when you can just cook bacon? om nom nom” You going to bacon fest this weekend?
And then they show me bacon fest at Dennys now it's impossible
Bacon fest could be rained out. pray for bacon not rain :)
We support local events! That's why we support San Diego Bacon Fest!
The Bacon Fest is coming to the San Diego County Fair on Sunday, June 16!
Of course beans will be at bacon fest. Is that a real question?
I hear there's a bacon fest going on at Dennys. We need to check this out
So everyone go to Bacon fest to see me Dance, Bacon fest will be at kierner plaza Downtown
We interrupt our boring managers post to bring you Bacon Fest!
This is not real life --> Roc City Rib Fest hosts World Bacon Championships in May | OMG. BaconFest. Rochester. YES.
Bacon Fest at Kiener Plaza. Something tells me that would be there if he could
Thrilled for this weekend already! Cooking for the boyfriend and his roommate Chuck on Friday and Saturday Bacon Fest and date night! 😊
I need to get to Sacramento for this bacon fest !
apparently, there is a Bacon Fest in Des Moines every year... and I didn't know this until NOW?!!!
We will be a Bacon Fest this year with maple bacon and chocolate bacon mini doughnuts! Who has tickets?
We are blessed to live in a city that celebrate bacon. :-)
San Diego Bacon Fest! WHAT IS HAPPENING. Tickets in groups of 6, who's in?!
so I saw a Denny's commercial talking about bacon fest or something. Lol
DEAD! Day 1: fest day of hunting, no bacon...i go cry-oh :(
No I totally forgot to get bacon fest tickets and now it's sold out
idea for your bacon fest: bacon made to look like children, so we can be all "finally, I'm eating children! Nom Nom"
Sounds like a good time! We are participating in the 2013 Bacon and Beer Festival.
Yesterday dinner fest...this is a casserole of red and gren peppers onions...bacon and Portobello…
A few more Bits about the Big Bacon Fest!
Think you got the the best bacon in town? Prove it! Big Bite Bacon Fest! June 16th 2013
Every time you go out in the country you see where the bacon's grown. Someday I'll go to Bacon Fest!!!
Save The Date: Bacon & Beer Fest is May 4th at and will be there!
bacon fest is coming to DC... oh my
It's gonna come out cheesy, I don't care. You are my hero. There I said it. Hope you're enjoying a post race bacon fest. :)
Iowa, USA has bacon fest. interested yet?
if u liked those chips ud like this. Up in gr for laugh fest. Bacon and sausage stuffed pancakes.
Disney fest and bacon butties. Happy Sunday! Helps to beat the marking blues!
Such a good evening at campus fest and Now time for a bacon roll and on with this
Lara Food n Wine Fest next Sunday!! Come and see us for our slow cooked pork rolls or a bacon n egg roll.or maybe a hot sausage???
parade news. Bassett hounds had to be separated from bacon fest float this year. Last year was chaos
If you happen to be at Saint Patty's Day parade downtown make sure to check out bacon fest float!
Oh we got all the ingredients!!! Mill Fest is about to go Ham, bologna, bacon sandwich.
Must buy tix for the Beer & Bacon fest for my husbands bday - we've never been. When do they go on sale??
All of us at Viener Fest are proud to serve locally sourced pork--including the best bacon ever!--from Brandon...
thanks. Having bacon fest for birthday. Bacon in every course. Right down to the cocktails
Bout to go makin bacon fest round 2 with the boys. It ain't the same without here. We miss the boy stash
Proof of my rebel-iciousness: I'm hosting a lactose tolerant, pro gluten bacon fest for my upcoming birthday.
Using pedal power to host the Kevin Bacon film bike messenger film Quicksilver for festival.…
Watching starring Kevin Bacon as a bicycle courier, on a bike powered projector.
Can someone pay for me to go to reading or download fest please I will pay you in *** bacon
You should be up in Ft. Lauderdale right now for Bacon Fest and also band Bacon Brothers
Bacon Fest this weekend! It's like Christmas will come twice this year!
No fair! Why is all the fun stuff happening this weekend? The Conversation Party, Full Black, 80s Fest, and Bacon Fest starring Kevin Bacon!
5th gear is playing Feb 23 at the Sunset Grill located at Seminole Coconut Creek Casino. They r also having Bacon Fest from 6-11.
Hey guess what!! I'm well aware that there is a huge event called Bacon Fest! I'm going next Saturday. How could anyone think this could slip past my pork radar? Have you seen my wall lately? It's bacon rich! Lol but thanks for the notification. Love ya mean it.
Bacon Fest is on HLN's Weekend Express with Natasha Curry. So cool.
All you peeps at Bacon Fest... YOU ALL SUCK! And yes, I say that out of jealousy... Lol
So said Darrell Corti, the influential gourmand and grocer, who was among the judging panel for the Bacon Fest 2 chef's competition on Sunday. A sold out crowd of 260 crammed Mulvaney's Pig on the Corner to sample bacon dishes from local chefs at this festival finale. Like last year's Bacon Fest deb...
We are thrilled to be included in The Sacramento Bee's article about Bacon Fest! Join us for our special menu...
Got up this morning at crack of dawn, cleaned whole house, did all the laundry, cooked family a HUGE, bacon fest for breakfast, gave all the animals a bath, cleaned out the pool, then told a whole bunch of lies on FB. Whoosh! I'm exhausted! And STILL have to go to work! :/
Nothing worse than people cooking breakfast Around you , and can't get any of it, eggs , bacon ,ghetto, are you hungry yet? Lol
Sample the finest whiskey in Springfield, MO at University with 417 Magazine Whiskey Fest.
Oooh, hello, lots and lots of lovely pies. Pies, pies, pies, we've eyes for pies. Bacon AND egg pies and pepper steak pies served with coleslaw and crunchy potatoes. Pies, pies, pies. I love pies. Don't you?
Anyone is welcome tomorrow night to swing in for the party lite party.and more importantly...WINE AND FOOD! And maybe even a FREE DOG! :o) 7pm, just got the packet with the books yesterday...totally last minute... I'm just concerned about the social aspect!!!
gotta go to bacon fest! They for sure will have a bacon burger with blue cheese and even more bacon goodness. recommends
Why yes I do have tickets to LA Bacon Fest and so should you. Join me.
I think we have more sausage than bacon at It's quite the fest
Yea baby! Can't wait to taste Chef Erwin's Bacon Concoction at the LA Bacon Fest
So who all is going to be at the Paleo Potluck on Saturday? We are excited to try out new recipes! Party starts at 11am after the 10am WOD.
Since we are going to have a few extra tick-tocks this Saturday evening, I’m thinking why not use that extra hour to indulge a a little more? After all doesn’t November kick-off the season of indulging? Inspired by Voodoo Doghnut‘s
Bacon fest preparation has begun. Bacon maple cupcakes up next.
Kim Conroy Davis i'm seeing really good ones for you today
Tonight's dinner consists of: Breaded chicken breasts on a bed of spaghetti noodles, smothered with red sauce and Imo's provel cheese, potato bake and bacon n ranch chilled pasta salad.
Sacbee - Sacramento Bacon Fest organizers bracing for big crowds
It's not often that I find myself wondering what to make for dinner but tonight I had some trouble making up my mind. I have a chicken breast leftover from Tuesday night's supper and some fairly concentrated chicken stock. I've decided that it's "clean out the fridge casserole" night at our house. I'll use up the chicken, some leftover veg and top the whole thing with homemade dressing. Oat rich chocolate cake from the freezer for dessert.
Sacramento Bacon Fest organizers bracing for big crowds
Appetizers: Sacramento Bacon Fest organizers bracing for big crowds: We're now at t-minus 10 days and counting for...
Whoa! Did I hear that correctly. WWE Hall of Fame Member Hacksaw Jim Duggan will be at Bacon Fest this year. Yeehaw. One more reason to get in here and try to win these tickets!
I get that everyone eats how they want. I eat Paleo\primal. Because I feel better and enjoy it a lot. In all my research I've not found one person complain that it's hard and "gives" up on it like its another fad diet. Meat/veg. Done. No beans, no gluten, no wheat, no dairy, no processed foods, no fads, no media hype, no membership costs, no bs. Just good ol' eating and feeling better. How do you eat and why?
Save your appetite for special Bacon Fest Breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday, January 26 & 27, only at The Golden...
SCHNITZELFEST is back! Starting tonight Thursday, January 10th an running through this weekend until Sunday, January 13th for dinner hours only we will have our famous schnitzelfest menu available along with our regular menu. If you have never been to our schnitzelfest before you are missing out. We will have 9 different schnitzels available for your tasting pleasure. Also we are happy to announce that since this weekend is going to have beautiful weather we will have our BIERGARDEN open starting tonight through the weekend. What better way to enjoy the wonderful weather than to be sitting outside in a biergarden with a cold German beer and a delicious schnitzel! SCHNITZEL FEST (1) "Holstein" Schnitzel $17.95 Breaded veal cutlets, topped with an egg sunny- side up, capers and anchovies garnish, served with Spätzle and vegetables *** (2) "Pizza" Schnitzel $15.95 Breaded pork cutlets with "Zigeuner" sauce and Mozzarella cheese, served with Spätzle and vegetables *** (3) Sahneschnitzel $15.95 Sautéed pork ...
Hey Columbus! Fat Head's is taking over World of Beer - Easton in Easton Town Center today! Plus, this weekend we'll be pouring at Columbus Beer Festivals! You don't want to miss it. Cheers!!
Hello Everyone!!! Long time no talk!!! Well...we here at The Fae r working on the Spring Line. Why not tell us what you would like to see this Spring! If we use ur suggestion u will rcv 1/2 Dz Cupcakes for ur eating pleasure! Now let put those thinking caps on!
Hey Folks, our friend John does all of our graphics and art work for Bacon Fest and here is his latest poster. What we'd like to know is if we print some on good 11 x 18 card stock, would any of you be interested in purchasing one. We're thinking $5 each and of course all of the money wil go back into further Bacon inspired art. So either like or comment here and we'll see how many to make and bring them to some of the events. As always, we really do appreciate all of your support and look forward to see all of you all soon!
Did you guys know we're only 30 days away from Bacon Fest? Prepare your arteries.
On Saturday, February 16, 2013 at the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami, patrons are treated to a private reception complete with an exquisite meal and the opportunity to meet this year’s poster artist.
You know what goes great with some Arts Fest? We LIKE a side of two eggs any style, roasted potatoes, bacon and...
Beautiful Amish veal, best I have ever had, come in this week for a veal fest, Rack Chops, Sirloin, Sweetbreads and for you calf's liver fans really beautiful liver w/ bacon, caramelized onions & Sherry.
Don't forget this weekend we have live music Saturday night with first-time Roadhousers The Colt Six Band @ 10:30pm. Then Sunday - starting at 1pm and running for the NFL Games, the 10th annual Fry Fest!! free food all day - turkey, chicken, bacon wrapped hot dogs, wings, irish egg rolls, Kelly's potato croquettes, fried oreos, .
Cnt wait for Leeds on Saturday, we're gonna b loose on the goose!
Heard a rumour it's Friday tomorrow...
Beer and bacon battered deep fried bacon - Bacon that's been battered in a beer and bacon batter and then deep fried.
Me & Donny been tryna lay off the fast foods & cook lately so here we go again finna tag team in the kitchen.. lol I think we are improving daily!!
More details to come on what chef/owner Bill Zoellin's involvment will be with Bacon Fest 2. We do know one thing though, it's going to be awsome!
Walk though at the Petersen in preparation for the Bacon Festival. Really cool museum and admission will be included with Bacon Fest tickets.
Bacon Fest in LA is Feb.9, 2013. Who wants to go? -
Who is going or wants to go to Beer Fest next Saturday?
Our first issue of 2013 is out now! It features interviews with comedian/writer John Oliver of The Daily Show, Rob Crow of the indie-rock band Pinback, local artist Eric Decetis Cartoons and Chef Chris Jarosz of Broderick Restaurant & Bar. Plus tons of other cool reads about Sacramento happenings (like the upcoming Sacramento Bacon Fest). Go grab your copy!
The Museum is All Shook Up about our visiting work of art, Andy Warhol’s Elvis I and II, and we’re celebrating with a special night of music, food, and fun. Park your Hound Dog at the door and join other fans of the King as we spin popular Elvis tunes, riff on his favorite food and beverages, and th...
At the gym, time to punish myself for eating 3 slices of bacon 2day :)
Thinking about going back home to visit. *** a bacon fest would've amazing.
Step one...bacon simple syrup..experiments begin for the bacon fest on feb 9. Can wa @ boronas bakery & cafe
CBC interview was successful, though I was unable to work the word "hoser" into the discussion.
Bacon Fest is one month away! Have you tried your luck at winning a pair? Stop in and try to beat the current high score.
iTUNES: MERCH: I'll be there watching from ...
Jello, wrapped in bacon and deep fried.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Sweet chicken wings my motor has arrived!! 525+hp of American goodness!!
Good morning fans happy hump day .is almost that time again to celebrate my bday, no comedy this year didn't like the comedians on the schedule but I have something else in the works for Saturday Feb 9th so save the date more info to come under construction.have a happy hump day
I'm considering starting a rice food truck. Well, I'm not really, but it'd be cool. And not that popular.
Any suggestions for things that need to be debunked?
Am i just getting old, or is their a whole new generation of white people who use *** way more than any black folk now?!?! I mean, i know it's a more tolerant way of life in 2013, but what the fukk? I've never been more disgusted, how do these kids get away with that, if me, the palest of white people, gets offended every single time.. Maybe i'm just a square..
Pig - fest for tea tonight!! Tesco finest pork n apple sausages,finest wiltshire cure gammon, smokey bacon, egg and chips! one for you Gareth Weston?
Can't sleep... shocker, I know. Thinking it's time then, to take advantage of this and get back to some of my scripts in progress and allow the playwrite in me loose to once again, well... play. Until my eyelids can't keep up, at least. My "Dead Air" and "Nowhere Men" screenplays are calling for a few scene & plot point adjustments within each, so let's allow the creative muses to take me wherever they may, tonight... my mind is packed and so ready for this overdue trip. Have a great night, fellow nocturnals... and enjoy a grand Wednesday. Peace.
Thinking ahead to the Main Street Martinsburg Chocolate Fest and cupcake contest... Want to win first place this time.need to get practicing. Ideas for flavor combos?
Salam my fellow UTD Muslims, Dont forget to show up tomorrow night for the First Annual Bacon-Fest. We will be...
Okay, looks like Vic will be hanging at Field Marshal JP Linke's Eastern command HQ tonight with the affable Johnny Linke.
Anyone know of a food challenge around sacramento or between there n tahoe?
Here is the Bacon Fest schedule of events!
Good News everyone. Boronas Bakery and Cafe will be at the LA Bacon Fest. on February 9th. make sure to buy your tickets and come out and show some support. We will be featuring out bacon dessert. ... it will be delicious..
I am proud to announce that I have been invited back down to Brazil to show my film "Altered States of Plaine" as part of the 2013 World Social Forum in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much Helio my brother! Looking forward to seeing Fantaspoa Fest, Nicolas Tonsho, and the rest of the gang as well.
Holy ticket sales! Turns out people really, REALLY like bacon and beer. Tickets will sell out super early, so if you're reading this and interested in going, we would suggest buying your tickets very, very soon.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Dieting = pissy mood lol I MISS CHOCOLATE!!! And cake... And pizza and cheese fries and REGULAR SODA AND TEA!
Matt Gregory Hiya just thought i'd say you alright?
A celebration of the This Friday we will have BOTH Porchetta Truck AND our & Bubbly Fest:
Why do we not have a Bacon fest in Vegas!? I know what I want for my birthday this year. Who's in? On the real tip.
Just started eating healthy, and what's the first email I get today? An invitation to the LA Bacon Fest. *** you, bacon. *** you.
This is a real thing: LA BACON FEST
Now you have it under controll Joe Palmquist!
The words "bacon cheeseburger" drifted through my mind and now I'm drooling.
Imagine week-long fest celebrating bacon. Well guess aren't dreaming...the festival begins in two weeks.
Bacon Fest Sacramento events are mostly free, and the ones where we charge are exceptionally low priced and affordable. All events are not-for-profit and all the money goes to Sacramento chefs, restaurateurs and the Center For Land Based Learning a nonprofit in nearby Winters.
There's only 23 tickets left to the Bacon Fest Chef's Challenge! No tickets at the door. Proceeds go to CLBL! No to mention the food is awesome.
Today's Java Jones cupcake selection: Maple French Toast with Bacon!! YEP, you read that correctly! Sweet and delicately spiced cinnamon french toast cupcake, crowned with a robust maple buttercream...and the jewels on top?? Maple syrup and BACON, of course! Go get one before they dissapear!!!
that title wins at Bacon, but loses at America. I'm worried it will be a fat-fest, making me second think my lurve of bacon.
Well, I totally fell asleep at the wheel this last weekend...forgot to provide a timely update on The Callaway Fun Train. Friday night was the "Extra Large" Band at Don Quixote's International Music Hall in Felton. *** I was an Extra Large Virgin goin' in, but am a diehard disciple now...THEY WERE FRIGGIN' FABULOUS! I went expecting something a little different: "Extra Large" and "Dance Band" had me picturing a Motown-ey, Tower-of-Power-ish kind of vibe, but it wasn't. Kinda hard to pigeon-hole, but they had kind of a Jimmy Buffet FEEL, but it wasn't really a J.B. sound. It was this fabulous mix of originals and covers...kind of Ska, kind of Reggae, funky undertone throughout, a little Al Green, Rose Royce, Sly & the Family Stone, Bob Marley...the lead singer is a retired, 61-year-old former football coach at L.G.High, who now spends his days surfing (explains the ridick buff/defined arms) and nights singin' with the band...his wife plays congas...TOTALLY fun. Saturday night was Espetus Churrascarria, a . ...
Do we actually have attractive fans? Or.? ~Harold
I am going to enter the Sacramento Bacon event next year.
I feel sorry for everyone right now...
Is there some sort of game on tonight??
So how's this as the main course for dinner...Shredded, Slow Roasted Bacon Encrusted Pork Loin? Kind of hard to not like Pork On Pork!
Tonight in the kitchen live here at Westerville Value Inn i am making homemade stromboli! Filled with sausage, pepperoni,ground beef, bacon ,stauted mushroom onion and green and red peppers and a side of Mids pizza sauce!
Who else have gave everything up, old friends, habits , separated from time with family to maintain this lifestyle?
Because I'm losing my voice, I now sound like a chipmunk when I laugh. Good times :/
Century City Market folks--this week will be our last week at the Century City Farmer's Market. We thank you all so much for your loyal patronage over the last year and a half--it has been wonderful to have you all as customers! Be sure to come on down this Thursday for your last market fix!
Please help get me to Nashville! Sorry to repost, but apparently statuses with links can't be shared. Here it is without the link. 2012 was a crazy year for the art project I call The Sexbots- a hybrid electronica/performance art project that, even in Portland, manages to confuse people at times. Last year, I had two album release parties. Made about 24 music videos. Wrote about being a single mom and performance artist in "Hip Mama." Had Performer Magazine describe my work as "Joanna Newsom, Bjork and Peaches have a threesome in your wildest of wet dreams- It's official: Portland's Ilima Considine is certifiably crazy. But, it's the kind of genius-crazy that makes one wonder just how in the world she does it." Went to London and the exchange rate was so bad that I was only eating 2 meals a day. Toured SoCal and... I guess I can't blame the exchange rate that time. Played the going away party for Portland's Mayor Sam Adams. After the second full-length album came out, I had to take a mental health break . ...
Hey gang.looking for a cause to raise some money for through the rally.I'm not sure what cause to fund...any ideas or help would be grateful: Thanks
I want to thank one of our customers yesterday from Buffalo Soup-fest who suggested we make a *** style soup. O yes my friends peanut butter, beef, and a dollop of BACON JAM coming soon!
Guess what's happening at the Petersen on Feb 9th?? It's the first annual Bacon Fest!!! Tickets on sale now!
yummy breakfast = eggs, papas, and Bacon. Calorie fest ;)
Best date day planned ever! In April, Frank Rodriguez and I have decided to go to Bacon Fest in Chicago! It's gonna be amazing!
Making 2 new soups for our B-day group's own soup fest! party to plan our womens weekend getup! any way making Beef and barley (Thanks Bob Doppler) and then a sauerkraut soup from a crock cookbook. the beef one Im making now. the other tomorrow just incase I screw them up I'll have time to whip up an old standby! Wanted Scotty to buy me some of the award winning beef soup from his resturant but it was gone..within the first 20 minutes of the big soup fest! dang!!!
My rescue Loki says just give me the treat mom!
Had a big break fest to keep me up throughout the day!
AWWW Dudes 11:04 and I only had 4 double stuffed Oreo's left . How in the *** will I get to sleep now ???
Tonight we fest yep that's bacon on top
My mom and sister are going to the bacon fest in Iowa instead of Watching me swim at metros.. Col😒
Menu for our and Bubbly Fest next weekend:
The Hockey Strike/Lockout/Spoiled Rich Kid Fest is over... Too bad it had to happen 113 days after I decided to boycott NHL for life.
Am going to make steaks fries bearnaise salad beans wrapped in bacon and garlic bread for Camillas b day dinner.. Wonder if she gets home.. LoL
Official website of the Newcomers Club of Greater Chapel Hill, NC
Did you know we're participating in Bacon Fest? Check out our bacon-inspired three course menu available Jan 24!
Bacon Fest in Easton was baconridiculous and bacondelicious and baconcrowded in center square. What a GREAT idea and a good way to keep warm in the changing season. NICE WORK Easton Farmers Market and all those amazing volunteers... You are the best thing happening in Easton. Seriously. And these days we have a lot of great things happening. "I love my city"
Select Registry I had so much fun this morning (tho my feet were freezing!) at the Easton Farmers' Market Bacon Fest. I brought home the trophy for best bacon cupcakes in the "Hog Heaven Cupcake Contest". Thanks to everyone who came down! It was quite a stampede!
Check out the MOSAIC PIGS (Mosaics by Mary) for the 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes for the competing chefs at tomorrows "Bacon Fest" at Easton Farmers Market.
IT'S BACON! Love bacon? Then visit the Easton Farmers' Market in Centre Square tomorrow for it first Bacon Fest event:
Have you heard about Denver Bacon & Beer Fest? No? Click here for a sneak peek, more to come soon!
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Bacon & Beer Fest is in the works..I hope it falls on my visit!
Do you know anyone in Denver that likes bacon and beer? We're taking Bacon and Beer Fest on the road.
bacon Fest cnr Sterling and William nicol
Me and ryan at soup fest roasted oxtail soup with bacon and blue cheese
Oh Wow. BACON FEST! Bacon Fest brings its sizzle to Easton Saturday |
Josh sent me this today... I will be joining yall for the bacon fest!
New section on our menu: Hot Dog Corner as of today. Featuring the Crispy Bacon Chilli-Cheese Dog, The 9-Inch Hot Dog and The Sausage Fest.
Bacon Fest brings its sizzle to Easton Saturday
Roasted pig skin. It's like bacon flavored gum.“What's the best thing you tasted at the Harvest Fest? Can you even choose?”
The post-fest diet/detox is off to a fantastic start with an 11pm bacon sandwich snack and a beer.
Home Cured HotDog Fest with bacon n maple popcorn we shud do a 'VS' Night?!?
Just seen a breakfast sandwich with bacon ham and sausage *** 🐷 fest
Had a massive meat-fest for dinner. Sausage, bacon, burger and gammon steaks.
'This Britain, is how bacon rolls' haa cheese fest
If it wasn't for I never would have known that Bacon Fest is next weekend in Easton, PA!
Easton Farmers Market in Pennsylvania holding its first-ever "Bacon Fest" today.
Bacon Fest may have been rescheduled but the Easton Farmers' Market is going on! Hot beverages, warm scarves,...
Teehee! ;0) Aah, but they've promised us early starters bacon butties & huge mugs of tea in Fest mugs!
Think I'm gonna get a few pounds of bacon and have a swine fest tomorrow
I smell Our Bacon & Fest is well underway, come on down:
Bacon fest 2012 14 slices 1 piece of bread
Easton Farmers Market's Bacon Fest has been rescheduled for next Saturday 11/10. FYI. Details -
the Norwich Beer Fest after 5 hours kip and a bacon and egg MacMuffin wasn't a great idea.
Just a reminder that BACON FEST is postponed until NEXT Saturday November 10th. See you then bacon lovers!
Want some NoDaRyeZ'd randalized through candied bacon? Come to Sat. for Sausage Fest! Tickets available at JJ's or the tap room.
There was supposed to be a bacon fest this weekend in our town. A whole festival for bacon!
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