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Backstage Bar

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I remember seeing Korn in '97 at the canberra uni bar. Even went backstage thanks to my lady friend miki
Post match analysis?Post fight chats?Or just a relaxed drink to finish off the week with friends, stop by our Backs…
Haven't seen RAVEN since 2010 (1st year Backstage Live opened) They will be in SA this Wed Aug 30th at The Gold Bar
GUANA BATZ with Gamblers Mark tonight in Las Vegas at the Backstage Bar and Billiards on Fremont! It's gonna be...
So much fun last night at the GBH (official) show at Backstage Bar & Billiards!! Never miss another show with the...
Tonight! Electric 6 frontman *** Valentine plays a solo acoustic set in the Backstage Bar with doors at 8:30pm...
Our festival dream team, running the VIP backstage bar all weekend at The Big Feastival
Do you know we are running the VIP backstage bar at The Big Feastival all weekend?
Backstage goss - a Ribeana and soda has just been prepared at the bar for an ex-HM. Got written all over it!
This guy though! 😍 Catch him tomorrow night in Monroe's Live BackStage Bar. Tickets still available online from...
This bar is so trendy I'm so irritated but like not cool trendy. Where's the backstage? Bottle service? Metroboomin?
Tonight at the backstage bar in Vegas! Come see
Zion Albert has a show on 08/26/2017 at 08:00 PM @ Backstage Bar and Grill in Evansville, IN...
End of the Takeover Tour at Bar Backstage this Saturday!
Here is our Weekly Schedule at  BackStage Restaurant and Bar 2505 Godby Rd College Park GA 30349…
This Saturday 8/26 I'm back at Backstage Bar off Katz Plaza in downtown Pittsburgh, 5-7:30pm, playing songs. Free
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Packed house for couldn't get in, sat "backstage", past the fence, across the alley,…
I just checked in at Backstage Bar & Billiards with Download today!
Love classic rock and country music? Get to THE POINT Sports Bar on FRI AUG 25 for THE BACKSTAGE CREW…
4G should do as long as you're on full bar. Can you DM us your account's email address? We'll take…
Looking forward to having Don Mescall with us on 25th August in the Backstage Bar. Tickets are available online...
For the love of Pork Chop, bring back the Gold Bar and the Interior Illusions Lounge on Untucked.…
This Thursday night 8pm at The Backstage Hookah Bar we going live baby...yeah
I just got tickets for at Backstage Bar & B... on 12/9/2017: on
Doors Are Open until 3AM!. it's "Grown and Sexy Saturday" at Backstage Restaurant and Bar 2505…
VIP Upgrades and Packages now available! Backstage bar, luxury toilets, short queues and table service options!…
Catch the freshest comedy with tomorrow night, 9PM at Backstage Cafe and Bar, Mumbai
"Yeah one time at the Backstreet Boys concert, she sucked my wiener backstage. It was so tight." . -random dude at my bar
I'm going to Guana Batz at Backstage Bar in Las Vegas, NV - Aug 26
Grieves is coming back to Backstage Bar & Billiards with ProbCause…
My friend left his phone charging behind the main bar in the backstage area yesterday at Hylands Park. Pls can you contact me?
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Live Music Saturdays at Backstage Bar starting at 01:0... via
VNN Nation. — attending VNV Nation with iVardensphere at Backstage Bar & Billiards
momondays is coming to Will be @ Backstage Lounge, 765 Old East Bar & Grill! Grab your tix!.
Against the bar in the Pit at the Summer Concert! VIP Backstage = Awesome! This Roc…
TONIGHT!. Come laugh with us at The Comedy Catch - Backstage Bar opens at 4, or you can try to laugh with your...
I liked a video from Donna Davis, Erik Lawrence and Paul Thompson at Backstage Bar,
Get down to the Backstage Bar in Culver City ASAP, there's some serious talent sitting in tonight...
Las Vegas, we'll see you May 28th for Punk Rock Bowling! Hitting the Backstage Bar with Giuda,…
Bro tell your Vegas peeps The Steppas are at Backstage Bar tonight!!!
Las Vegas😈. The Steppas and Inna Vision tonight at Backstage Bar. Let's go!!
They also don't check wristbands to get into the backstage bar there, as me and found out.
I may be on vacation but I still enjoy my solo time... @ Backstage Bar
Hapy birthday! We gotta turn up when I get back to Cali. Backstage bar part 2 😂 Have a great day! 🎈🎉
yes! backstage bar, anywhere in stone oak, Chicago bar, green lantern, live, and Aztec are all good
Anyone not at backstage and billiards bar right now for is messing up. They're putting on an amazing show
Follow our We're always having a good time at
the only thing wrong with your Backstage Bar is that it is temporary ... love the space!
Missed all the fuss about our cracking Backstage Bar? Read all in the latest from our blog!
Hit up for tickets to Eagle Aerie, Vinyl, Brooklyn Bowl, Backstage Bar, LVCS & more
I'm going to Shallow Like Me at Backstage Bar & Billiards in Las Vegas, NV - Aug 19
Hey & : come to the mojito bar by the backstage entrance, team Tarrant banner wants to meet its hero!
Team Trivia tonight at Backstage Bar & Grill in Evansville!! Show starts at 7:00 and always FREE TO PLAY!!. Tonights Free Answer: Jaws
Backstage bar chillin' with and a very happy Dj!
it says on the website! Like backstage toilets and bar and merchandise and we can watch a band from the side of the stage!!
We goin LIVE July 29th DTLV at Backstage Bar & Billiards for the homie album…
Our Backstage Bar has been going down quite the storm! Read all in our latest from the blog.
Musician Rome take a big bite out of his signature 100mg Orange Dynamite bar backstage at Red…
WED 8/3 Smash Magazine Presents: (the) Melvins at Backstage Bar & Billiards at 601fremont. Tickets:...
FRI 7/1 Smash Magazine presents: GoldBoot live at Backstage Bar & Billiards with Coyote, Avalon Landing and Youth...
I really enjoyed your set @ West Holts backstage bar. I'll enjoy watching your undoubted success. Thanks
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...and the Backstage Acoustic Bar for hosting us during a soggy, chaotic It's been amazing, as usual.
Pulled up in the truck after being at the bar whoopin a** backstage. Glass shatters & the ring gets emptied. ICONIC
It's so not worth the price but I really want to go 💔 also no heated toilets, guest campsite or backstage bar 😭
see you Sat *** , any chance of 4 backstage passes ? . Mate told me a story about meeting you in a bar you bought from c sheen
do you know who I can contact about DJing in the backstage bar? Cheers guys X
Like the look of the new backstage bar Image by
Fellow novices Simon and Lucy watch on as Zach sets the bar high
FRI 5/20 Smash Magazine Presents: Sticky Fingers with Bootleg Rascal at Backstage Bar & Billiards at 601 Fremont...
If y'all ain't know, y'alls bout to know cause I'm fence'nuh tells ya! Backstage Bar at Fremont Street Experience...
Miley backstage at James Franco's Bar Mitzvah last night 💖✨
Miley backstage at the hilarity for charity James Franco bar mitzvah tonight
Miley and Seth Rogen at the backstage of "Hilarity For Charity" James Franco's Bar Mitzvah
Home sweet home eville Lol @ Backstage Bar and Grill Evansville, Indiana
Photo: So far this place is BradmanApproved (at Backstage Bar & Grill)
So far this place is BradmanApproved @ Backstage Bar & Grill
*the bar was crowded, loud music filling the small room. As the band ended, I walked towards backstage, bumping into
{She walked backstage, peaking from the curtain watching walk to the bar. Maybe she had been rude, and that wasn't like +
Backstage at in the Beauty Bar with get the Twerk shirt today booth 1E
We're getting glammed at Backstage Beauty Bar with
Hanging out backstage in the Green Room at at the Beauty Bar with
Getting glammed backstage by at in the Beauty Bar
Having fun with Mirror backstage in the Green Room at Beauty Bar with
Look who stopped by the Beauty Bar backstage in the Green Room
Any club you played, you could hang out at the bar or backstage, talk to guys from other bands. | from FLIGHT 505
you leave your guitars backstage so no one can sit while you go drink mikes hard at the bar. Maybe if you changed your strings RT
LIVE on 80's SynthPop night at Backstage Bar downtown
Even though it's Mcmenamins, Backstage bar off Hawthorne has always had a hidden, magical quality to it.
anyone up to a fun night of music? headed to the Backstage Championship Bar tonight!
Carmen kitchen will be in Elwood Indiana at backstage Bar & Grill tonight for a benefit concert with overruled from 8 p.m. to midnight!
Bronze Sponsor - Backstage Bar & Grill - Fiesta thanks you for your sponsorship!
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Michael is included in this wall of pop legends at 'Backstage bar at the Hennessy Park Hotel, Ebane City Mauritius.
Seeking actors to portray fisherman & bar patrons for film "Moonburn!" Paid gig:
Head out to @ Woody's bar in Bayport with for your shot at tix & backstage passes!
& backstage bar FOMO settling in nicely. First one I've missed in a while 😨
.The backstage crew, the ticket office people, bar staff, the whole city.
LIVE on Hot show girl at Backstage Bar and Billiards!!!
We're Read about our latest opening here: NEW STORE OPENING! Team Member, Kitchen Lead:... -
See our latest NY and click to apply: NEW STORE OPENING! Team Member, Restaurant Supervisor:... -
Reliving my childhood, I can hear the backstage bar playing all of the 90's tunes from my tent. Vengaboys, spice girls, sclub7 and Bwitched
Can't believe Ellie's cousin has got us free bar and backstage passes for Leeds fest ! Gonna be unreal 🎉🎉
Photo: On September 12th Ronnie Radke will be a DJ at Emo Night in Las Vegas Backstage Bar & Billards.
I'll be DJing main backstage bar fri & sun night. Also Sat & Sun times tbc
Loading out our tools, nearly finished production at for the backstage bar!
♫ Just Announced: Trenton, NJ - Sep 13 at Backstage at Championship bar
Bombshell Bingo adds beauties, bands and more to your grandma's game
| The boys with backstage in Columbus, Ohio - 18.08.2015 (23-24)
Hammering the tequilas as a seven year old at Wembley arena's backstage bar
Find us at VSouth backstage with at the VIP Bar!
Love this picture of our backstage bar: Barrymore's PhotoFiles: via
Looking forward to it I just got tickets for by stereo at Backstage Bar & Bil... on 8/13/2015: on
Back in the grind. Find us in the backlot. 601 r Fremont. @ Backstage Bar &…
Starlight Entertainment and special guests "Mickey & Minnie" are backstage getting ready to entertain you all!...
Day 3 of and they have decided to make me work on Sky Backstage Bar so I won't get to see the show.
Rentals this week: Two Clients covered at the Royal Cornwall Show & a Backstage Bar at Glastonbury next week!
One of the walls of Backstage Bar in Singspore
The boys backstage with fans in Cardiff tonight! (Via )
Craft beer ready and waiting for you in the INEC backstage bar
Tonight!! We rock The Backstage at Championship bar with The Bunny The Bear and Reckless Serenade +more!! Doors...
Getting ready for the GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION album release TONIGHT at Backstage Bar & Billiards!
If you're heading to get down to the London Beer Bar, Backstage IPA & Pale are on alongside
Little Giant Ladders
Enter the world of at before your next gig. Book a free pass:
PETA Anne looking deadly in her host role in the backstage bar!
Highlight of last night: swapping smiles backstage by the bar with
or the Backstage bar at The Spice of Life
Our Album release show is this Friday June 5th at Backstage Bar and Billiards. New album will be available on CD...
We are playing Sat night at Backstage Bar & Billiards we have $8 tix and can use all the support we can muster.
The countdown is upon us. . Backstage @ Altar Bar. 📷 by @ ALTAR BAR
Backstage by Gene Pitney is in Waves Bar, Cleethorpes. Download it now at
Backstage Bar & Grill will be closing Main Street between 5th & 6th Street from noon until 8 p.m. today for the Kenny Chesney Pre-Party.
Preparing for the big event 06.06 @ Pop Up Bar & Backstage. Raise will play some super Grove sounds.
Roadtrip bc last time we got 2 buzzed & went bar hopping & I missed him backstage 😭
It's easier to remember things and recall details if your mind isn't cluttered or overwhelmed with tasks, so before you come to Trivia, make a to-do list, write down things you need to remember, and get things organized and out of your head so you can relax and remember all the Best Picture Oscar Nominees from 1956! at Beach Club Grill 7:30 at Doogans Aurora 8pm at Blue Turtle Tavern 8pm at Nano Brew Cleveland 8pm at Barmacy Bar & Grill *NEW SHOW* 8pm at Patio Tavern 8:30 at Backstage Bar *NEW SHOW* QUIZ! 8pm at Lakewood Village Tavern TUNES! 8:30 at McGintys Pub
pretty cool night for Black Belt KARATE - we are playing acoustic at Voodoo Lounge At House Of Blues in a couple hours...AND shortly after will be getting airplay with the new single "Transformer" out in good 'ole Las Vegas on X107.5 New Rock Nation with Pauly Kover, in anticipation of our show on Dec 5th at Backstage Bar & Billiards with Silversage all you SinCity residents, tune in to the broadcast and tell em how fantastic we are - here's info for the Dec 5th show...SF and LA coming next!
I hate Backstage Bar & Billiards but I love Sondre Lerche. @ Backstage Bar…
Come out tomorrow night for Country Night at Backstage Bar and Grill Evansville, Indiana with the Voice 2 as Bethanne Grace will be guest judging with Nick Smith and DJ Jon Jay!! Brad Lemmons will be performing during the break and Billy Kothe is your host. The Fans will be saving 2 from elimination. The Voice starts at 8 PM!!
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Archer Road Band calendar Jan. '78 thru May '78. Lots of Alibi and Backstage Bar plus a Big Daddy's in Lake Park, the Greenhouse (somewhere on the east coast-- near Daytona or West Palm), the Gamery (a downtown bar for awhile), The White Lion in St. Augustine and Good Time Charley's in St. Simon's Island. Also a Steak & Ale gig in Jax that Charlie Steadham put us into-- it did not work out well.
Holy crap! Can't find a place to eat in Evansville to save our lives. At the Backstage Bar for appetizers before seeing Bill Maher
gigs this week: Friday Jenny Wilson Trio at the Backstage Bar in Pittsburgh, PA 5:00pm-7:30pm, Saturday Jenny and Nathan Wilson Duo at the Dancing Fig on High St. Morgantown 6:30-9:00pm, Sunday Jenny and Nathan Wilson Duo at Terra Café in Star City 11am-2pm See you at the gig!!
Here's what happened if you missed Rhyme N Rhythm & Blackalicious Sunday.
thanks! I think you'd have loved it. There were fancy cocktails in the ponce backstage bar from The Clove club
Just had a coffee and a nice chat with Micheal at The book and record bar.
Hi everyone! Hope your all having a beautiful day. I'm spinning your favorite 80s and 90s jams at Backstage Bar & Billiards on Fremont and 6th. 7-12, NO cover, & tons of drink specials! I hope to see there!
The wait is almost over...Saturday...SCARLET returns to Artifice with your Djs Style and Morpheus Blak once again guiding you on a journey though the sounds of Goth, Deathrock, Industrial and Dark 80's.. PLUS we will be raffling off tickets to see Thrill Kill Kult at the Cheyenne saloon on may 31st as well as more tickets to see David J at Backstage bar on April 26th ( David J tickets will also be sold for 15.00 w No service charge ) Till then see you on the Floor
In just a few short hours at 10 pm, The Royal Hounds debut in Las Vegas at The Griffin on Fremont Street. Hope to see you there. If we don't see you, we have another show on Friday at Backstage Bar and Billiards on Fremont.
Top to bottom, at was one of the best hip-hop shows we've seen in years
I checked in at Backstage Night Club & Sports Bar on
Still looking for all softball, dart and pool teams for this summer at Backstage Bar & Grill
TONIGHT! The 2nd round of our Monthly Tournament at Backstage Nightclub & Sports Bar takes place inside the Rosen...
I just hit my head on the bar backstage it really hurts fgs
Jumped over a river and climbed a bar wire fence... And now I'm backstage with Kanye West lol
Cheers for supporting my Nu Nrg rework. Btw we briefly met backstage at ASOT 650 Utrecht (By the bar with Anton Nelson) ;-)
Catch Sal Vitro in our BackStage Bar this Thursday w/ support from My Fellow Sponges!. Doors 10pm, adm €5
*** yes!!! County party!!RT Country Rocker returns back to Backstage Bar and ...
+shut.] I was taken and left at a bar... I was moved backstage with other girls, older girls... Ever since then we.. We were +
Robbie Krieger - Wild Child recorded live at Backstage Bar & Billiards in downtown Las Vegas, NV on 1/18/14
iSALSA MEGA PARTY. our first party of 20014 Backstage Sports Bar & Grill . Advance Tickets are Available. call or inbox juniors houseparty
Where you at Las Vegas?! Tonight I'm performing with BLACKALICIOUS and RNR at Backstage Bar & Billiards on...
At the bar getting ready for the show...If you need some really cool people to hang with backstage just let us know!
Kenda Brunette Jesse Brunette I had a treat time last might at Backstage Bar and Grill with Cheap Thrill. You...
Blouse - "Happy Days" Live From Backstage Bar and Billiard. Video I shot from the show.
Blackalicious in tonight Backstage Bar & Billiards 8p 21+ with RNR and EKOH - get your tix at the door
After a cracking weekend we're going to round things off in our BackStage Bar tonight with funk & soul band...
Dum Dum Girls killer garage pop set tonight at Backstage Bar. Perfect show to get me hyped for sxsw .…
We had the backstage going harder than the bar they DIDN'T EVEN LET US PERFORM IN...
khloe kardashian is here with her short man (not really khloe) @ Triple B Backstage Bar & Billiards
The swaying sultry indie rock sounds of Blouse at Backstage Bar.
Las Vegas local Creep Magnet getting the crowd fired up at Backstage Bar.
Watching the stiff karaoke competition with a stiff drink in hand. (@ Backstage Bar & Grill)
Amazing show! I'm waiting by the backstage/bar... Come our and I'll by you a drink 😜🍻
they went into like the backstage VIP bar bit and michaels with jack atm
One last rehearsal before the big show with Blackalicious tomorrow, 3/9! Backstage Bar & Billiards, 8pm.
Cosmic pic of the ceiling while hanging out at the backstage bar after seeing a movie at the Bagdad.
joey bada$$ may have pulled out but backstage bar at disclosure is making up for it. Woi oi 🙌
Brandon Gibbs: Playing a show in Fond du Lac, WI at 8:00 PM today at Backstage Bar and Grill
Tonight in Fond Du Lac, WI at Backstage Bar & Grill!! Free show!!
Currently warming up the backstage bar for the gig at Ally Pally
Doing stand up at the Bar Below Backstage theater tonight. 8PM. Wearing my cute shoes, come!
Check out Dwayne Dolphin at the Backstage Bar at Theater Square Tuesday night!
As a technologically challenged Boomer I do not know how to post on this sight other than words. BUT this morning Pete made the front page lower left corner and the Front page of the Sports section in The Press Enterprise in Corona. The writer also had some quotes from Cedric Morris, a So Cal local, who helped get the group at Backstage Bar going. Also had a bit about Gene Hushak, new President of the Seahawkers Fan Club. So cool to see the Hawks represented in So Cal!
WWE announcer Lilian Garcia performing tonight and tomorrow at Backstage Bar & Billiards! I've heard her sing the National Anthem at several WWE live shows, and let me tell you: she can SING. No cover, 21+
– The official WWE website has issued poll asking fans about the most riveting rivalry in wrestling history. With approximately 80,000 votes cast, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon is running away with the lead at 33%, and trailed by Shawn Michaels vs. Bret “Hit Man” Hart (15%), The Rock vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (15%), and John Cena vs. The Rock (13%). - As announced earlier, WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia has upcoming performances in Hollywood, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. This Friday beginning at 8:00 p.m. sharp, she will be performing at the world-famous Whisky-A-Go-Go, located at 8901 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, California, 90069. Younger fans cannot attend as it is only 21 and older. Next week in downtown Las Vegas, at Backstage Bar and Billiards, right in the heart of the Fremont East Entertainment District, the WWE Diva has three shows scheduled. She will be playing two shows on Thursday, Dec. 12, at 9:30 and 11 p.m., and once on Friday, Dec. 13, at 8 p.m.It was a ...
Playing this evening at the Backstage Bar 655 Penn Ave from 5-9. No cover charge?!?! We will be paying our own tribute to the John Coltrane/Johnny Hartman album and more. With Carolyn Perteete, Daniel May, Paul Thompson and James Johnson III
Jazz at the Backstage Bar: As part of the Duo Series, Ron Wilson meets the Bassists - this Saturday from 5-7:30 PM features Paul Thompson. Ron Wilson's Jazz Duo Series features the finest Acoustic Bassists in the Pittsburgh area playing Jazz Standards. The Backstage Bar is in the Theater District and is part of the Cabaret Theater room. We hope you can stop by. Special guest tonight - Tom Wendt on drums and possibly a tune or two from Dane Vannatter!
After Kenia at Backstage Bar, swing by Mansions on Fifth for Mike Tomaro, Max Leake, Paul Thompson, James Moore...
TOMORROW NIGHT Geoff Rickly of Thursday and Vinnie Caruana of I Am the Avalanche and The Movie Life perform live at Backstage Bar & Billiards! Tix:
STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!!! This past Saturday a single mom of 5 and one of her daughter's lives were taken do to senseless act of domestic violence. We are proud to host this awareness/benefit event at Backstage Bar & Billiards Saturday from 7p-11p where 100% of the proceeds raised via the bar and raffles tix sold will go directly to the bank account set up for Maria Flores at Chase Bank under Francisco J. Gomez, acct. to assist with funeral and hospital costs. Maria's 4 year old is still in the hospital fighting for her life. Guest performances from the following artists will take place all night from 7p-11p: Franky Perez Adelitas Way (Rick Dejesus) Play For Keeps Beau Hodges Jesse Pino Bobby Meader EKOH Roxy Gunn Day After Hail Oneness Vibe 100% of the proceeds raised from 7p-11p will be donated to this family to assist with this tragedy. We will have $10 raffle tickets available on site with amazing prizes: concert tickets, gift certificates, weekend hotel getaways, autographed memoribilia, spa treatmen ...
Tomorrow.. A special extra edition of REWIND.. and since Psychedelic Furs are in concert on the 5th, We pay Tribute to them on this night..REWIND is the one night to hear Music from such bands as The Cure, B-52's , Omd, Morrissey, Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds, Blondie, Abc, Depeche Mode, Missing Persons, and many more ..Every 2nd and 4th Friday only at Backstage Bar & Billiards with Djs Style & Grendel +Guests.. This is the Real thing complete w 80s music videos, and movies... New Wave Music the way it WAS, ..No Cover, 21 and over. 11:00 pm START
Would like to remind everyone that my son Werner's fundraiser is this Saturday June 1 at 3pm. It will be held at Backstage Bar in Westpark. Tickets are $25. with a chance to win a flat screen tv. All the food you want to eat, beer and wine. Would love to see everyone there! For a good cause, my son was diagnosed with a brain tumor a year and half ago. In January he was diagnosed with MS. He has not been able to work for 1/1/2 years. He and his wife and 3 kids would greatly appreciate your support, as would I. Please consider coming...
Our first meetup at Backstage Bar and Grill!
Gallery Crawl this Friday includes live music by Elevations in the Backstage Bar from 5:30-7:30pm. George Heid...
First of all, we want to thank those of you who came out on Saturday night! To be able to stop singing our songs and hear you guys fill in the blanks was amazing! Can't wait till we can get the new album out to you all! On a side note, we have a HUGE opportunity this weekend. On Sunday, March 17th (St. Patrick's Day), we will be a part of Rock 93.7's Paddypalooza at Backstage Bar & Grill in Lafayette on HWY 167. It's a "Battle of the Bands" of sorts, but on a completely different level. The judges are all members of the music industry, which is awesome to begin with, not to mention the grand prize... The winner of this battle will receive a song in REGULAR ROTATION on Rock 93.7 for no less than 6 weeks! That means you can actually call the radio station and ask them to play the track... AND THEY WILL! The winner's song will receive airplay MULTIPLY TIMES of EVERY DAY of EVERY WEEK! After ten years of doing this, we still couldn't ask for a better opportunity. This competition is based on MUSIC: so ...
Buy Official Salsamba at Backstage Bar at Theater Square in Pittsburgh, PA for March 5, 2013 from The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
Bout to go to Backstage Bar with Jessica Jackie Idlewine Casey Simpson Jane Tunnell Melissa Anne Simpson Sarah Martin. I love my kids & my husband
Kingdom Céilí Radio Programme live on Radio Kerry with Mary Conroy takes place tomorrow night from the Backstage Bar in the Gleneagle Hotel from 8-10pm. Features a whole host of guest musicians, singers, dancers, storytellers and much more. Free to all so make sure you come down for a great session!
* UPDATE * 3 bands confirmed and a 4th in the next cpl days!, Sevens Revenge, Montreux and Faithful Sinners. On top of normal bar menu there will be a $10 Taco feed with half of proceeds going to the benefit. We have lots of great items coming in for the auction and raffle Which I will give a partial list in the next 24 hrs! We are having patches (Patch Lady will be onsite for sewing) and stickers made and sold at the event. There will also be a 50/50 raffle. Please remember that all proceeds will go to a college fund for Kya's daughter Maddie. The Celebration is going to be on Saturday March 2nd at 1pm at the Backstage Bar and Grill @ 6409 6th Ave. Tacoma, WA 98406. It is "ALL AGES" and everyone is welcome and encouraged to bring guests. We will have a $10 suggested donation at the door. There will be waitstaff on hand for food and beverages (they have a full bar). Please spread the word about the Kya Latora Memorial Fund at Wells Fargo Bank. Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo branch location or th ...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
TONIGHT from 5-7 pm, at the Backstage Bar, Penn Ave downtown. The NEW VIEW TRIO featuring George C. Jones (percussion), Paul Thompson (bass), and original compositions by Alton Merrell (piano) - Come on out - Hope to see you there! GJ
Double Dip This Friday- Boilermaker Jazz Band jams in Pittsburgh! 5pm- CLO Backstage Bar, Penn Ave., Downtown. Paul & Mark entertain in the Cultural District 9pm- James Street Ballroom, James & Foreland, North Side. There will be a swing dance lesson with the uber-fabulous John Paul Helveston at 8pm, then music, dancing, cocktails and general swankyness from 9p- 12a. Dance the night away at the newly renovated Ballroom. If you don't dance and want to try- this would be the time to do it- or if you just want to enjoy the food, drink, music and James St. hospitality and dig the scene, stop on by!!
Badass shows going on this weekend at both Louie G's and Backstage Bar & Grill (B.S.B.G.). People can say what they want about Tacoma, personally I love the people around here and the fact I can go someplace close and have an awesome time! Hope to see some of my south end friends out and about this weekend. I will be checking out both venues and having a blast!
Saturday Be Like Max, Metasopheli, Not Much Cooler, The Last Slice TICKETS: Advance - $10.00 of Show - $10.00 Show is 21+ with valid ID Backstage Bar & Billiards (Triple B) is located on the SE corner of 6th St and Fremont, directly across from the EL Cortez Hotel & Casino
Lots of shows coming up at this awesome new lil venue on Fremont and 6th street go give a LIKE to Backstage Bar &...
Yes it is, Pete. Yes it is. Pete Carroll: "Shout out to Backstage Bar and Grill in Culver City... Hear it's a hot spot for fans in SoCal!"
Shout out to Backstage Bar & Grill the Pacific Coast Sea Hawkers, Cedric James Morris & the 12th man gang for all the love you guys showed me & my family, it was truly appreciated & we had a ball!!
With Jen and the 12th Man. Go Seahawks! (@ Backstage Bar & Grill) on
Attention all you "Christmas orphans" ... See ya Backstage TONIGHT as bartender Danny (a.k.a. "Bad Santa") serves up a holiday rum punch shot with a PBR chaser for only $5!!! Celebrate your holiday at Backstage Bar & Billiards!
Be sure to tune in for today's two ticket give-away for tomorrow nights Afroman show at Backstage Bar and grill. Must be 21 to win. Be the first caller to win. Also, tune in tomorrow for the live interview when Afroman comes to The Edge Radio.
Attn: all downtown supporters! Backstage Bar (kicks off their live music Fri/Sat Dec 14/15 with Aussie band Sheppard for a free industry showcase each night, supported by locals Candy Warpop and Close To Modern. Come check out the new venue.
Hope to see everyone out tomorrow at the Backstage Bar and Grill for the best *** show around! Starting promply at 10pm! "Mama's Little Devils" dancers and shown the greatest of hospitality by the Owners "Lady Angel and Mama Dee" and staff of the bar. So please come celebrate approval 74 with us tomorrow! Long Live the Queens and King of All!!!
Backstage Bar and Billiards will host a VIP preview on Nov. 15 with a public grand opening later in the month.
Off to the Backstage Bar in Culver City to watch the Hawk game at a Hawk bar. Go Seahawks!
Some breaking news has developed ladies and gentlemen. We go live now th Backstage Bar in West Park, Ohio. Thanks Brian, that's right breaking news is to confirm that Michael Birkas was the Cash Mob Roulette Winner tonight at the Horseshoe Casino. A big Congrats from everybody here at Backstage and a big thank you to all who participated and made it an amazing event! Only # the Backstage!!
Need to shake off the Monday Blahs? Come out enjoy some great friends and fun!! Pool league meeting tonight!! 7 pm at The Pour House, 8 pm at Backstage Bar and Grill! Hope to see you there!!
It's Monday again...Hooray! That means FREE POOL and HAPPY HOUR all day at Backstage Bar. Come join our party!!
Say hello to some of our recent shoppers: Indian River Golf Club, Nawlins, Joe's Pool Hall & Sports Bar, rocco, Bartlett Lanes, Backstage Bar, and the new Metairie, LA location of Buffalo Wild Wings! Make sure you check them out on FB!
What a cool day; had the second performance of "A Bad Year For Tomatoes" at Phoenix Stage Company (which was very good and had a surprisingly active and responsive audience for a Sunday matinee), then went to a large thrift store to browse around for potential Halloween costume items (no dice, though). But the highlight of the day was going to the reunion for the Warner Theatre Center for Arts Education students and teachers. Barry Hughson, the man responsible for the creation of the WTCAE set up the get-together at Backstage Bar, and I got to spend time with a lot of people I haven't seen for a long long time. Rose Andra, Rachel Hanlon, Lauren Jacob, Caitlin Gaspar, Chelsea Petrovits, Isabel Carrington, Bif Carrington, Marion Herbert and many others were all there, and it was a really good time. There should be a reunion/alumni production... for old times' sake.
Sunday, October 14 at 5:00pm in CDT at Backstage Bar and Grill
Big things happening today at Backstage Bar!!! Pooches on the patio from 4-8 with specials on Mad Dog 20/20 and Flying Dog!!! PLUS, one night only, Missing Monday for a chance to win an all inclusive trip to the Kentucky Derby!!! WOW MOM WOW!!!
Hey Hey Hey---Had a ball last night at Backstage Bar and Grill - Now Bay City Express says it's time to pump up and Rock The House tonight at Willies in Washington,La. Come on by ---TIME TO PARTY! Hope to see you there.
Going to the Backstage Bar & Grill in Culver City with Stacye Rodwell and other Seattle people, cuz it's a.Seahawks bar in LA for MNF! Join us! Let's go HAWKS!
Yes you heard me right...Dave Krieg is coming to the Backstage Bar the second game of the year vs. the Cowgurls. DAVE KRIEG PEOPLE!!! We will have a charity signing so bring anything you want signed,
To all of our friends ... we donated Pop's clothing to Vietnaum Vets Pick -UP and I asked them to pleases leave the storage container and take the bags only.The V. A returned the container and requested the next time we donate clothing to the please put the items in a card board box. FOLLOWING is my e-mail to Pam: Don't miss The Return of The Storage Box ' Innocently abducted at 4120 Motor Ave. Culver City CA just three houses south of the world famous Back Stage Bar! . Trailer Titled : 'What did our well meaning Vietnam Veterans do? Was it PTSD / Visiting the Backstage Bar during a lunch break / Illiteracy / Low blood sugar, or something else?' Viewed at https// tomorrow August 24th 2012. Includes Directors cut form Sundance Film Festival with options in, wide screen, full screen, global languages including subtitles. Stay tuned for more adventures from the Pitti home coming soon to reality televisions nationally and internationally. For viewings reply to: Associate Director of Marketing ' ...
Come downtown to Backstage Bar and get a drink from me tonight! $2 well whiskey $3 Jim beam $4 crown royal
Give 'The Deans' a warm welcome home tonight at the Backstage Bar in Monroes at 11.30 pm after returning from their first European Tour . Tonight they play in their hometown for the first Galway Fringe Festival , before they head off to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival next month. The groups music has been described as roots/rock and their original sound is being recognised throughout Europe and more recently in New York! Don't miss this gig! See you all there!!
Tonight at Backstage Bar & Grill I'm hosting karaoke at 9pm!! On the walkway across from the Ford Center. Come see me!!
Earth to Ashes, an insanely good hard rock/prog/metal band from Portland, OR, opened for Pat Travers at the Backstage Bar and Grill in Tacoma, WA on 9/30/20...
The music will keep on coming even after Bressie Friday night with late night music at INEC Backstage Bar...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Hey everyone! New gig! I'm at Backstage Bar and Grill downtown tonight from 9pm to 1am!! Karaoke and dance at the newest hotspot in town! Shamone!!
Bout to be heading up to Nashua NH to the Backstage Bar and Grill to kick some rhymes! Can't wait will be a lot of great artists in the spot
ATTN: For all those going to Seattle on August 22nd.New Dates are confirmed !! Breaking news! 3 days of Seattle Grunge is planned for August 2012!!! Jar Of Flies (Alice In Chains/Mad Season) Outshined (Soundgarden/Temple Of The Dog) and Viatalogy (Pearl Jam) plus many special guests and surprise performances! Three unique shows, different sets each night, different lineups each night! Friday Aug. 24 @ Backstage Bar & Grill - Tacoma Full out rock show! 21+ 9pm Saturday Aug. 25 @ The Crocodile - Seattle Loud and heavy, lots of special guests! 21+ 9pm Sunday Aug. 26 @ Hard Rock Cafe - Seattle All 3 bands UNPLUGGED! All ages! 5pm More details and advanced ticket links will be announced soon! Make plans to stay in Seattle this whole weekend! Also, we will be arranging a party bus to take travelers from downtown Seattle to Tacoma on the 24th, so don't worry about the taxi or bus schedule, we'll get you there!
Salsamba Latin Jazz Group will be celebrating International Jazz Day one day late with our own blend of International Jazz Music. We play at the Backstage Bar tonight Tues. 5/1 from 5-8PM. Eric Susoeff/guitar, George Jones/congas, Eric DeFade/sax & flute, Paul Thompson/bass, Thomas Wendt/drums
I have a connection to a new bar and grill located across from the new Ford Center called the Backstage Bar and Grill. The Backstage is an acoustic music venue and restaurant. Backstage Bar and Grill opens Thursday April 19 and is proud to announce that Edwin McCain will perform on their stage on Friday, April 27th. I am sharing a link to one his hit songs. Another hit he will perform is "I'll Be". Tickets are $35 in advance and $40 at the door. Only 200 available so message me if you want some. For this particular concert the doors open at 6:00PM. Come on out and support this new won't be disappointed. Oh, BTW my connection is my oldest son Robbie. SEE YA THERE!!
National Jazz Appreciation month, so go out and hear some jazz: Little E's , The Fairmont, CJ's, James Street, the Greentree Inn, the Backstage Bar and tonight Papa J's in Carnegie. Ron Wilson trio featuring Mark Perna with special guest Lou Stellute 7-10pm. We'd appreciate it!
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