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Bacha Khan

Bacha Khan International Airport , previously called Peshawar International Airport, is an international airport located in the city of Peshawar in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

Bacha Khan University Bharat Ratna Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wali Khan Nelson Mandela Malala Yousafzai Ghani Khan Mohandas Gandhi Martin Luther King Mother Teresa Lord Buddha Indian National Congress Badshah Khan Jesus Christ Mohammed Ali Jinnah

If PTI has one banner ANP would riase hundred. Still PTI win with such a huge margin should be a concern for Bacha Khan Markaz.
It started the day they changed its name to Bacha Khan Inernatiknal Airport back in ANP govt.
Wish if u could understand ideology of Bacha Khan. You sold yourself. You Set a price on Pashtuns…
This end of Bacha khan is because of asfandyar lust of money.
Bacha Khan was great his ideology was fit in tht era, now 100yrs old ideology do not fit in society. Pls update ur ideology
This is not mere a slogan. Bacha Khan established a political movement which has a philosophy behin…
ANP is not following Bacha Khan...otherwise no one can defeat them. Please do not traget Bacha khan he was great person.
Do you Khnow Bacha Khani..If khnow then you are following it..The first person who talk about educating Pukhtoon was bacha Khan.
3) offered to resolve the issue by his 'Non Violence'. Pak Govt however paid no heed to Bacha Khan's offer and the result is as he foretold
2) liberate it, or it will provide India a pretext to send & deploy army in Kashmir and will become a even bigger issue. Bacha Khan (contd3)
70 Years of Kashmir occupation: Was Bacha Khan wrong who criticised Pakistan's decision of sending troops (Tribesmen) to Kashmir to (cont.2)
Ab to sirf christmas bacha hai 2019 me. Srk ???
We are thankful to the people of NA-4,Peshawar on their efforts,ANP is following the ideology of Bacha Khan baba.
Oh..That Bacha Khan who was called Sarhadi Gandhi and who was loyal to India and not to Pakistan.
If you want to know how civilised a culture is, look at how they treat their women - Bacha Khan via http…
What credit for humiliating defeat these RAWian RED HATS shud be thrown across DUREND LINE to their Long n…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Funeral prayers will be held tomorrow on Bacha Khan flyover Peshawar 🤘. Lar o bar yo Laltain 😂 RIP
Funeral prayers to be offered tomorrow in Bacha Khan Markaz, Peshawar. RIP! Der kha Laltain wo.
1/2. Political parties of pakistan a historical perspective, ppp by ZAB now shaheed, PMLN by MNS now illigible, ANP by Bacha Khan, late,
Bacha Khan’s party wasn’t supposed to rely on vote improvements, Alas ! ANP needs a big big big revival
Imagine if Bacha Khan was alive today and could see this situations of His Party. .
So you are comparing Frontier Gandhi with Nawaz. Bacha khan was a great leader, there is no comparison.
Ideology of Nawaz Sharif and Bacha Khan are similar, both believe in democratic tradition,so why not contest election on one platform?
Well I am pti supporter but blaming Great Wali Khan or Bacha khan for asfandiar khan f…
But ANP claims that it has nothing to do with religious issues n Bacha Khan was a secular leader. Their secularism…
Maan sadqay. Bacha Khan would have been proud..
Election, PSF friends and Bacha khan Education foundation director khadim hussain at UC Badabera
. vote for Bacha Khan. vote for Abdul Wali Khan. vote for Pukhtunkhawa, . vote for peace. Vote for our people
Guys its a poll from Bacha Khan markax
Bacha Khan is our history. Was he really a traitor or we failed to understand him?
lauds a true follower of the legendary Bacha Khan, for standing in defense of the educational rights of Baloch
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
! The followers of great Bacha Khan ( Wali Khan ) and their non violence philosophy!.
Let's prevail Bacha Khani tomorrow, let's give your vote for Peace, Education & Prosperity.Let's give your vote to Khushdil…
Bacha Khan who was known as Frontier Gandhi. Wot a shameful title, he earned after betraying Sayyad…
to hold ‘power show’ on death anniversary of Bacha Khan, Wali Khan.
Dear ANP, . Kindly don't stoop to the PMLN level, we still have some regard because of Bacha Khan.
Those who used to take the name of Bacha Khan,have been silent since the attack on Bacha Khan University
How many of u know that PM of Pakistan never visited a single family of APS attack and site of Bacha Khan University? Yes lets blame IK
Capt was a very brave officer. Before , he had operated in Bacha Khan uni and Christian co…
APS attack Peshawar than Bacha Khan University charsada now police training centre Quetta 3 very similar attacks no doubt about raw tactics
I had a chat with Asfanyar Wali sb, he told that Yasmeen Nigar has no relationship with Bacha Khan's family and all her…
Provonance of the attack on Bacha Khan University and Kabul University is the same. There should be no confusion about it
The best thing is now Modi's picture will soon be displayed with Shaheed Bugti, Bacha Khan & GM Syed Saab!
Bt India surrendered to d plot of a drama & failed his My Khan beats every 1 here
Imagin, what happens 2 Khedmatgars n when leave, abandons & Z Shah is indifferent, Khan 1
If you are aware of Khan's struggle, you should not think of a militant leader at all.
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I know this fixed mindset has been trained against khan and anti-Punjab slogan is a trend
I can't even compare bugti wid bacha khan.BK was a true revolutionary freedom fighter with non violent policy.Nt many r like him
Khan didnt join it with free will at all. He was forced 2 join bt struggled till his last breath for freedom
workers of ANP were upset with,now all happy and active,da Bacha Khan Baba fikar la sar qurban kho dasey khalko la essm na.
Brothers, Sisters, Mothers & Fathers of Bacha Khan Univ would not like to own the 'mistakes' of their armed forces
BACHA khan was pioneer to get pushtoon WOmen participate in his general meetings.
exactly, that is just what i was thinking about fakhir... Hamayun khan or haroon bacha would have done great...
for sure Bacha saqa wld have hanged u for this but not Alahazrat AmnuLlah khan , think and reflect
Manomunts are named after There z nthing wrong. If there can be Bacha Khan Airport and Altaf Hussain Uni. Y nt
After 69yrs Ex F-Minister is saying what Bacha Khan and Wali Khan said about Pak foreign policy from the beginning.
we don't need bacha khan .not lapsed saved from corruption .ANP used all but 90 % went to the pockets of polincs
Respect Women. Followers of Bacha Khan, plz try not to justify Khwaja Asif's outburst against Shireen Mazari in NA.
Distributed food items for aftari in Bacha Khan markaz . Its an honour and I feel proud in working for ANP as a worker and helper.
Aoa, Sir don't forget to pay tribute to martyrs of Bacha Khan University this Ramadan.
A very rare pic of Bacha Khan Baba in pic via
Bacha khan baba at a very rare pic of gran Baba
Strongly condemn the terror attack at Bacha Khan University in Pakistan. Condolences to families of the deceased. Prayers…
Will never ever follow Bacha Khan. Cz He was against Pak.
Bacha Khan was basically also against Pakistan .If it is abt burrying then take all Pashtuns n burry them in Afg
Looking at ur mindset, i think its better for u to follow nawaz sharif and not bacha khan... chill
Bacha khan always called himself afghan thats y he wanted to be buried in jalalabad...
I have not heard bcoz afghani *** r now slaves of punjabis n america..y is bacha khan buried in jalalabad?tell me
, , r gr8 actors bt y den v hve more respect 4 Got it?
Pakistan's loss that intellectuals like Bacha Khan, Ambedkar are persona non grata. Ambedkar is jefferson of the sub-continent.
bacha khan was a pro congress and pro congress and we have 5000 years old history we r son.of this land
i have a inspiration from two person one our great leader BACHA KHAN nd 2nd is u you bc i studied ur life u doing grat job
You can see SOMWHERE THE SOUL OF THE GREAT BACHA KHAN & Wali Khan in this Man.
whilst were at it, get rid of Bacha khan's name from peshawar airport. . Shouldn't be named after an anti Pakistani
: don't forget b4 1947 you also part of that india you must be thanx to bacha khan & naya pakistan NEVER
At Bacha Khan Univ. Charsada. Along with the bravehearts of the Women Polic Force. But, thy vanishd the vry next day
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Central council meeting of was held today in Bacha Khan Markaz. In the meeting some imptnt decisns wre made https:…
Is burial in some other country is a betrayal? Bacha Khan took the oath of loyalty to Pak in assembly
my love UAE love doesn't compromise PK interests.Bacha Khan preferred Afg over PK. Love or betrayal?
Hey bro, I do write but no blogs on Bacha Khan yet.
Bacha Mama of Chota Lahor , A great soldier of Bacha Khan ...
"Men and women should be equally educated in housework because home belongs to both" --- Bacha Khan.
Afridi on his love from IND comment: It was for educated people. Says someone who failed 3rd grade from Bacha Khan school in Khyber Agency.
APS package must be delivered to victims of Bacha Khan attack as promised.
KP Female commandos assume security at Bacha Khan University
Pakistan's security forces today paraded four men accused of helping the Islamic militants who attacked Bacha Khan uni…
Once we heard Indian consulate in Afghanistan funded Bacha Khan University attack but they brought PIA and hide Indian face.
The attacks on Bacha Khan University were planned inside the Indian consulate in Jalalabad, we have all proofs ready to…
Rest in peace to the innocent Pakistani students killed at Bacha Khan University. May Allah grant them the highest plac…
Armed police, some perched on the roofs of buildings, were still deployed this morning at the Bacha Khan University campus in Charsadda,
Chairman has announced 3-day mourning over Bacha Khan carnage on behalf of the
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People of Khost Afghanistan protesting against terrorist attack on Bacha Khan University
The Statesman : Bacha Khan varsity reopens after attack
Attack on different institutions & on Bacha Khan University are condemnable: Dr Farooq Sattar.
Javaid Chaudhry bashes Nawaz government for not raising voice against India over Bacha Khan attack
A sister Message to Terrorist For Aps and Bacha Khan uni tragedy
Col Ayub who first entered the Bacha Khan campus today with only four soldiers and fought bravely.
hang on that is just not true. Bacha Khan was welcomed back by General Zia. Ghani Khan was given Sitara e Imtiaz by zia.
PM grieved over loss of lives in Bacha Khan University attack  : ZURICH: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has stro...
Explosions heard as gunmen attack Bacha Khan University in Pakistan
Post NAP I'm guessing so late 50s. Bacha Khan was in exile or prison for most of Ayub Khans stint
Imran Khan endorses Bacha Khan's outlook that partition of sub-continents was a blunder.
Bolyhood superstar Dlip kumar with bacha khan
Saw Sb refer to Bacha Khan Baba, while recounting preparations for a role in a theater play in this show
i didnt know Bacha Khan was from Balochistan
i guess he is a vice chancellor of Bacha Khan University these days..
What a great man. I heard from Haji Adeel once that Bacha Khan used to sweep dirt on the streets too. Jharu lagana.
Bacha khan baba sketch skatched by student of psychology dept Islamia college university
Congratulations for being made Secretary and to Haider Hoti for being made member of Bacha Khan Trust.
I congratulate Bushra Guhar from the core of my heart for her being appointed as sectry of Khan Trust.
"The only thing we'll ever agree on is that we will never agree on anything."--Bacha Khan. ❤💋
Bacha Khan University Wikipedia article edited anonymously from Pakistan
Bacha Khan was the ONLY Congressite who supported Gandhiji's proposal to make Jinnah PM. Nehru & Patel rebuffed.
I'm follower of Bacha Khan I support good things of every1 included Pti Nd Pmln but y is ANP main target of TTP any reason
No aamir ...No bacha ranbir... only salman khan matters...
Bacha Khan, a visionary leader of ignorant Pakhtuns. We have to work hard to remove our ignorance.
Bacha Khan University: Students protest fines on late fees An official from the university requesting anonymity to…
A rare image of Bacha Khan,Nehru and Sardar Patel(Rickshaw) in Simla,see how close they were then and how close Now..
. There is difference between resistance nd confrontation. What happened to Bacha khan nd his party. Success not Failure
MQM can't confront the state in the current situation,better policy would be to go into sacrificial mode like Bacha Khan
bacha khan Baba one of his kind.. only if his grandsons were half as good.. Money has taken over the service of humnty nowadays
Great words and great vision of khan baba
Bacha Khan was called traitor & Benazir's security was called into risk: QET Altaf Hussain Bhai.
Asfandyar Wali saying from today ANP& JUI-F are one. . WOW!Now this is regression in its worst form. Bacha Khan must be turning in his grave.
When you accuse & abuse ANP, do it, but dont take it to Bacha Khan`s grave. Would it hurt if we do the same to you? ht…
Given that Wali Khan and Bacha Khan were staunch Wahabis / Deobandis, do not expect ANP to condemn ASWJ or Deobandi terrorists ever.
Repost from "This is a story about three brothers, Bacha Khan, Faisal Rehman and Mir Zaman. Amidst...
I am not Spokesperson of ANP I only telling you that Bacha Khan buried in AFGHANISTAN
any ANP native person did Hajj ?,,Bacha Khan ,Asfandiyar ,Wali Khan,Azam hoti ,haider hoti ..most of them did not
Search on Google / Wikipedia about Bacha Khan so you can know where he buried.
Bacha Khan is buried in Afghanistan not India
Indian National Congress paying tribute to Bacha Khan on his death anniversary.
...aur Kamran Khan establishment ka bacha. Sorry.for compleating the sentance !
Ultimately ANP agreed and soul of Bacha khan must be happy over this summersault.
Kuch tho seekho with regards to Hinduism. lets try with Amar Chitra Katha for bacha like you.
Still i m a PML-N's Voter, But these was always right, Bacha Khan also says true and fair view of situation
like Asfandayar ANP leader fighting with Naseem wali ON Bacha Khan markaz
. But ANP voted against Pak 😃 . Bacha Khan as per his will didn't buried here unlike Moulana Moudodi
Bilu Rani is Pregnant as shes is in rehabilitation center (Zacha Bacha) ward.She cant come :(( Gul Khan worried
was/is neither liberal nor patriotic/Political.Bacha Khan is buried in Afghanistan. .
"Granddaughter of Bacha Khan" Yes, exactly. Malala is a symbol and her peace prize matters a lot. A symbol of hope.
weemo is not Salman khan coz he is budda and weemo is chota bacha kiddo sa
Jinah sidelined Bacha Khan 2 get his (Jinah's) tight MohMad mared by anglo erect Dostum in Burkha (Pakistan).
Thank you Sir. Bacha Khan daughter or sister married to Hindu. True?
My religion is peace, love, truth and service to God and humanity khan baba. Baba your people now worship barbarianism&insanity
legacy of bacha khan continued by another Solider of non violence main saib proud of you
Non violence of Bacha Khan was a panacea for the violence stricken Pukhtuns # Ages old ordeal
Pukhtuns can fight anything but Mulla and Money # Bacha Khan baba
. If the soul f Bacha khan and Wali Khan, BB would b happy to know about military courts
Poetry of Ghani Khan translated into English at London Book Co Kohsar Market & Bacha Khan Trust Pesh
It's been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it. Basit Ali Butt AzAr Khan Smart Bacha Mustqeem Javed Nabeel...
KARACHI: International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences Karachi University has signed a MoU with Bacha Khan University
who had given ,more sacrifices against british imperialism in india,Bacha khan and Gandhi or Quaid-e-Azam ?
I 'll keep asking & fighting 4 it why & what happened to Khan n I 'll file a case against d so-called Britain too
But then Mandela, Bacha Bharat Ratna despite not being Indian citizen...
What about children of Bacha khan, Sherpao, etc.
In 1987, he became the first non-Indian to be awarded Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award. Bacha Khan is...
Bacha Khan an ideal Person.He was a Leader of all oppressive Classes so he cannot be Only a pashtoon Leader. He...
I support bacha khan but not ANP,like it
In past i supported each and every statement made by JI against khan wali and Bacha,today i found it was totally un-juistice
The great Bacha khan and His Life In jails.
No wonder dude,he's ancestor of Bacha Khan's family so Begum Nasim wali got caught while stealing from Harrods London!!
I am convinced that this Govt. cannot defeat terrorism. They should beg enlightened from Ghani Khan & Bacha Khan graves.
Documentary on Bacha Khan. Few important points. He adked Jinnah for help he rejected. via
Bacha Khan, anti-Partition hero who can help Pakistan today. Read and Discuss.
you know Bacha khan baba was enlighten person# he spent 55years in jail. Hats off for his bravery.
I hate ANP but I like the great Bacha khan
Basically pashtoons were leftist because before Pakistan formation there leader was Bacha Khan. Didnt support the division
Dear God of my earth,. Please watch PK! Yahan sab Peekay hain re! Bacha le!.
u dumb dont drag pakhtoon in to ds shirk of urs . Ds is wt gandhi told ur bacha khan
of course and bacha Khan was a prominent noble person who imo is to be acknowledged . Not a facist person
Along with Afghan refugees,we shd send ANP masharan 2 Jalalabad.At least they can visit Bacha Khan's mizar & relearn his phi…
Bacha Khan, the Pushtun gentle giant Pakistan imprisoned & exiled to make way for the barbarian Taliban it embraced. http:/…
Bacha Khan chowk closed due to protests. Diversion from orangi or Abdullah college to Noor Jahan
Founder and Leader Mr Altaf Hussain welcomed veteran political leader and head of (Wali) Begum Nasim Wali Khan at Nine Zero today and old leaders of ANP Aurangzeb Kansi, Haji Fazal Karim and Qasim Jan. Talking to Mr Hussain, leaders of ANP (Wali) talked about old days and memories of the past. ANP (Wali) General Secretary told Mr Hussain that he was president of Pakhtun Students Federal in 1982 and his class fellow. “That was the beginning of the All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organization and we spent many good days together.” Mr Kansi told Mr Hussain, “Your people are living a life of peace and dignity because of his struggle. We have come to Nine Zero with the message of peace of Bacha Khan. We will take this message to Baluchistan also and give this message of peace to Balochi and Pakhtun people. We will take this message to Afghanistan as well.” Mr Hussain said, “Together we will spread the message of non-violence and peace given by Bacha Khan.” Haji Fazl Karim recalled his memories and sa ...
"I do not even hate the Talib who shot me. Even if there is a gun in my hand and he stands in front of me. I would not shoot him. This is the compassion that I have learnt from Muhammad-the prophet of mercy, Jesus Christ and Lord Buddha. This is the legacy of change that I have inherited from Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali Jinnah. This is the philosophy of non-violence that I have learnt from Gandhi Jee, Bacha Khan and Mother Teresa. And this is the forgiveness that I have learnt from my mother and father. This is what my soul is telling me, be peaceful and love everyone." - Pakistani Nobel Laureate Ms. Malala Yousafzai.
Islamabad arranged a gathering on International Peace Day to remember the non-violence movement of and his teachings of peace. NYO Central Senior Vice President Sulaiman Mandanr, General Secretary Fakhruddin Khan, Vice President Sikander Masood, NYO Islamabad President Ahmed Bilour, Senior Vice President Faheem, PSF Islamabad General Secretary Nadeem Sarwar and PSF Islamabad Information Secretary Mirwais Khan spoke on the occassion. Sulaiman Mandanr said that Bacha Khan's teachings of Peace and non-violence is beyond borders as much as it is indigenous. We need to apply his philosophy to ourselves first and then preach it to others. Bacha Khan preached peace when half the world was at war with each other. Speaking on the occassion Central General Secretary Fakhruddin Khan said that even today ANP and NYO Leaders are targetted and killed but we remain non-violent, because Baba had taught us so.
President of calls Bacha Khan greater leader than Nelson Mandela while PTI trolls calls him a traitor.
Sadly, we know more about goons like Ghaznavi and Bin Qasim than we do about Bhagat Singh and Bacha Khan; the real sons of our soil!
August 1948 was celebrated in NWFP with drums and flags by muslim league sponsored crowds. Just 2 days before 14th ,a painful event on 12 August occurred. Jinnah Sahib dismissed the legitimate government of Dr Khan Sahib in 1948. A government of Muslim league leader , kashmiri born, Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan was installed in NWFP now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. .Abdul Qayyum not only dismissed the majority government but arrested Khudai Khidmatgaar leader Bacha Khan who was a social reformer and preacher of non violence, ,a symbol of peace and devoted fully to the service of humanity. Jinnah Sahib was the first head of Government of Pakistan who dismissed the first elected government of a province.On his foot steps many subsequent democratic governments were dismissed by governor generals and then by militaor dictators. He started a trend . In July 1948 the provincial governor of NWFP promulgated an ordinance which authorized the government of detaining any one indefinitely and confiscating their properties withou ...
Ghani Khan , A GALLANT EXPRESSIONIST OF AESTHETICISM - By : Ijaz Yousafzai Ghani Khan is not only being deeply revered among the Pakhtuns simply because he was born in the noble house of one of the greatest Pakhtun national hero, Bacha Khan, but because he earned a splendid place for himself among the four greatest contemporary poets of the 20th century; the other three being Hamza Shinwari, Qalandar Momand and Ajmal Khattak. His poetry, prose, sculpturing and paintings manifest audacious expressions of his true, veracious and rather unorthodox feelings, which put him distasteful in the conventional, traditional and dogmatic religious strongholds. His philosophy regarding worldly pleasures, and heavenly allures, was in dire contradiction to the beliefs of the conservative class of the people. Khan Abdul Ghani Khan also known as “Lewanay Falsafi” was born in January 1914 in village Utmanzai (Charsada) situated in Hashtnagar. He was the eldest son of the legendary Pakhtun reformer and freedom fighter K ...
Did you know? Bacha Khan monument @ College square, Mardan is not just a "minar" erected up from the ground. It's...
I am supporter of Bacha Khan and Benazir Bhutto
ANP parliamentary leader Sardar Hussian Babak speaking at PSF gathering in Rawalpindi, NYO central Senior Vice President Sulaiman Mandanr also spoke on the occasion. Babak says NYO proves the movement of Bacha Khan is alive and progressing.
Layla, you must be tone deaf! Bacha Khan tried his to federate with India!
Bacha Khan and Maulana Azad were Indian freedom fighting soldiers not leaders of the party.
Bacha Khan - a man who raised history's first army without guns!
Redefining Pakhtunwali Bacha Khan's dream to reform Pashtun society from the inside.
A visionary who is conveniently missed in our text books of Pakistan Affairs
Thanks to Pokhton Channel who created this great video!! The Greatest Anti-British & Anti-Punjabi Lead Pakistan, the Non Violent Soldier of Islam Bacha Khan-.
upon a time, we had our own version of Gandhi, great minds like my grandfather, and our first Captain. In Memory of Great Leaders of the Past... Abdul Ghaffar Khan AKA Bacha Khan, The "Grey Haired" Mr. Gran (my beloved grandfather), and Captain Gran. Many of us are left with great memories and legacies. Our fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers, and their friends were true champions of the Afghan people via a Pashtun initiative. I was honored and privileged to share the legacy of my father Captain Gran, and my grandfather Mr. Anwar-ul-haq Gran... Mr. Anwar-ul-haq Gran (also known as the "Gray-Haired Gran" was a free-thinker and a great political activist for the Afghan people via the Pashtun initiative. He once lived in India during the times of Mr.Gandhi working for All India Radio, and even Radio Kabul. He had met Gandhi and Nehru during that times. He loved politics and traveled around the world (sometimes with my father Captain Gran). He was indeed a "distinguished Afghan gentleman". Mr. Bac ...
Rahmat Shah Sayel, a prominent Pashto poet paying tribute to nationalist leader, Poet, writer and intellectual Late Ajmal Khattak at Bacha Khan Markaz Peshawar on his 4th Death Anniversary.
Ghani Khan, great poet, painter and sculptor, elder son of Bacha Khan, also married an English lady, I think.
Bacha Khan never put religion at the center of political discourse, hence secular.
Bacha Khan an great Politicians nd the leader of Pakistan .
International Women Day at Bacha Khan Markaz.. Photo exhibition of the prominent Afghani women arranged by Gandhara: Center for Peace & Culture Education.. Idea and Supervision: Sanna Ejaz captions and compilation: Akbar Hoti Editing and Designing: Tanvir Iqbal Exhibited at Baacha Khan Markaz on 8th March 2014
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'Bacha Khan was at once a critic and promoter of the Pakhtun way of life' -- Yaqoob Khan Bangash in TNS today
The News on Sunday today has some very good articles about Bacha Khan Baba and Pakhtunwali vs Militancy. Everyone should read them.
'Bacha Khan rejected the old schools - Mughals or the British colonialists. He wanted to reform the Pakhtun society'
And bacha khan was betrayed by the gr8 Nehru.NWFP voted to be in India in 47 referendum.
Redefining Pakhtunwali . was the only Pakhtun leader who wanted to reform Pakhtun society from the inside
Who is going for bacha khan org training?? Any one from swat in my frnd list??
Last time when i have been to Bacha Khan Markaz was almost 7 years ago. in 2007 ..
Good bye Peshawar — traveling to Doha from Bacha Khan International Airport
Our amazing Bacha Khan was a man before his time.
Pictures of International Women Day organized by in Bacha Khan Markaz .
though Bacha Khan distanced himself but that neither here not there bc Nehru and Gandhi did too
Bacha Khan's religion is none of our business & so is Jinnah's. We follow their work, not beliefs.
. Could you please show me where did you see blog claiming 'Bacha Khan was
Students of Bacha Khan Education Foundation(BKEF) performed beautifully in short plays on Malala of Maiwand & of Swat.
.Really? Did the blog actually say Bacha Khan was a Deobandi Takfiri?That is so unfortunate.
The Beohar House:- A landmark in North Civil Lines area of Jabalpur, this elegant and prestigious manor.. Constructed soon after completion of the building which now houses the High Court of MP. This private manor has had the singular honour of hosting several visiting luminaries including Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Jawaharlal Nehru, Vinoba Bhave, Osho, Bacha Khan, Mirabehn, Jamnalal Bajaj, Maithili Sharan Gupt, Shankar Dayal Sharma, Kaka Kalelkar, Thakkar Bapa, Makhanlal Chaturvedi, Somnath Hore, Arunachal Perumal, Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, Medha Patkar, Nirmal Verma, Rehman, etc. History books of the early 1820-1830s refer to the vast expanse/estate of this manor as Jamnera and subsequently Beohar-Grove. It was later converted to Civil Lines by the British. When the railway line was laid, it bisected the area into North and South, and this area became Civil Lines (North). This entire area is now popularly referred-to as Beohar-Bagh, or Garden of the Beohars'. High Court of Madhya Pradesh is situat ...
I hope when we mention those who opposed Pakistan we dont miss Gandhi of Pakistan, Bacha Khan, buried in Afghan by his will
Status Update By Hamid Jan Kakar What is Non-violent Rebellion, and can one win through this philosophy specially when one is faced with vicious wolves? The philosophy of Non-violence is rooted from the belief that God is harmless, it's taken from Mahavira (599 BCE–527 BCE[1]) the twenty-fourth "tirthankara" of Jain religion was the Torch-bearer of "Ahimsa" and introduced the word to world in large and applied in his life. His philosophy was that God is harmless therefore one must likewise be harmless. Later Gandhi used this philosophy as a strategy for social change (also called civil resistance). Many other social and political activists/figures used this philosophy to resist the injustice, inequality, segregation and the violence that they were facing. Amongst them was of course Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. Nelson Mandela and Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan A.K.A Bacha Khan, A.K.A Frontier Gandhi and "Fakhr e Afghan" as well many other known and unknown individuals. Non-violence activists have used many dif ...
The death anniversaries of Bacha Khan and Khan Abdul Wali Khan observed at Mardan house!Read:
On the relation between Bacha Khan and MA Jinnah By Abdul Hai Aryan "Tragically, Pakistan is a country whose curriculum has no space for progressive and true heroes. It admires Muhammad Bin Qasim, the Arab nationalist who conquered the Sindh in 712 and later on, was killed by his own Caliph. Mahmud Ghaznavi, the destructor of ‘Somnaat temple’ in India is an icon of pride in the country’s textbooks. Pakistan history has great reverence for the Mughal emperors who instead of building schools and universities just built luxurious monuments like Taj Mahal built by king Shahjahan’s in memory of his third wife Mumtaz Mahal with an amount of Rs.22 million accumulated through taxes. It has space for Syed Ahmad Barelvi, the fanatic fundamentalist who tried to implement Wahhabism, Taliban’s school thought in the then India through the swords but the country’s textbooks unfortunately has no room for the son of the soils of the country and has the deficiency to honor and value its true heroes like Bacha K ...
It is a muddy game. History has condemned us. We lost Peshawar to the Seikhs just because Yar Muhammad Khan and his brothers wanted to kill each others. The British took Peshawar with the conquest of the Seikhs's empire. We fought wars with the British to keep the minimum independence of Afghanistan. In 1947 while the British were leaving, the Afghan state did not raise the question of Pashtun lands in British India and Bacha Khan was relying on the Indian National Congress who betrayed him. The Pashtoons became traitors in the newly created state of Pakistan. They were even denied a name for their province for 60 years. Dawood raised the Pashtunistan question and ZA Bhutto trained Gulbadin, Ustad Rabbani and Ahmad Shah Masoud to launch insurgency in Afghanistan. Pakistan never allowed Afghanistan to join the Western alliance and so they had to rely on Soviet Union. This reliance took us to the Soviet intervention in 1979 and Pakistan used this war to dismantle the state of Afghanistan. But in this proc . ...
This is something interesting. Bacha Khan endorsed Gandhi's proposal of making Jinnah the Prime Minister of India. Only Con…
Bacha Khan’s love for Pakhtuns was the foundation of that philosophy. “His love and pride in his people were the driving force for him,”For both Bacha Khan and Mohandas Gandhi, the love for people took precedence even over their own family,“There were times Bacha Khan went in fetters for six months, the marks of which remained on his feet till he died at the age of 98,”Bacha Khan BABA had spent as many as 27 years in imprisonment… 12 years under British rule and 15 in Pakistan,Bacha Khan was offered the presidency of the Indian National Congress, which he declined. “His motivation was not political…
The Past and The Future Surprise surprise for the last 50 years I never heard so much praised words about India By Pakistan Media as today at 13/12/13 when Shahbaz Sharief the Punjab Chief Minister visited India to restore mutual trade relation between India and Pakistan. I remember no body could mention the name of India on national media as it was treated as treason act. What today have been said on the media was repeatedly heard by us from Bacha Khan Wali Khan and at the stage of ANP for the last 50 years. This is the point of decision for Pakistan loving peoples that if the authority of that time accepted kHANS version in politics,then today Pakistan would be the member of G20 group country like India in economy. Their ideas were not only rejected but Bacha Khan was 15 years in jail after 1947 for given the right directions for the newly independent country. Is this because merely those were a racial discrimination for the Pashton by the powerful Punjabies or in fact those powerful establishment did n ...
Rajmohan Gandhi speaks on Bacha Khan at FC College at 3PM on Thursday. His book History of the Punjab from Aurangzeb to Mountbatten would be launched. Dr Mubashir Hasan, Jugnu Mohsin and Raza Rumi would speak on the book. All are welcome plz share
What a fabulous picture of Abul Kalam Azad and Bacha Khan - one of those rare pics v
Identification of Fake Liberals: Not limited to the supporters of ANP who consider Asfandyar as Bacha Khan. Tahir AfzalNasir KhanAbdullah YusufzaiUmar Zeb 1. Fake Liberals usually say things such as "I'm not voting for anybody" - not because no politician is worth voting for, but only because it’s trendy to say it. 2. Fake liberals like to sit in coffee shops with laptops and write mundane articles on how the Baloch are "suffering", probably on trash like the Express Tribune or Newsweek Pakistan while completely ignoring the plight of people in Waziristan. 3. Fake liberals hide their lack of intellect behind long words, hoping to trick you into thinking they're smarter than they actually portray themselves to be (ie. Marvi Sirmed). 4. Fake liberals tend to support all aspects of American Foreign Policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan, including the wholesale murder of innocent people by drone terror attacks - and if anyone questions this, they are passed off as a terrorist or a Taliban supporter (ie. the at ...
only if you know the history of Bacha Khan and Ghani Khan, but I guess for us tipu sultan is more important.
In a couple of days, Pakistan will hopefully get its 2nd Nobel Prize through Malala Yousafzai. And as Dr Abdus Salam was not acknowledged due to him being a Qadiani, Malala is already being hated especially by pro-takfiri groups who are spreading false info about her... Yes Qadianis are non-Muslim but we can appreciate the work of Dr Salam and teach about his work in our schools. Malala may have been picked up by West for its advantage but she is a brave girl who stood against the tyranny of Taliban ... Whatever her views about Bacha Khan or Benazir are she has right to express them. The simple thing is she did what our politicians and Ulema couldn't do i.e to resist and denounce TTP ... Those who denounced are either martyred like Sarfraz Naeemi, Hasan Jan, Dr Farooq or made to leave the country like Javed Ghamdi ...
"The only word that can describe Pakistani education is indoctrination. As long as the state continues to indoctrinate in the name of religion, the so-called educated people will come up with the most distorted things. Fairy tales, fiction and myths have been drilled into the heads of Pakistanis as substitute for objective truth. Pakistani education is delusional and self-defeating. That is why people like Bacha Khan, Abdus Salam, and Malala are continuously persecuted and condemned, while Osama, Abdul Qadeer, and Afia Siddiqi are elevated and glorified." [Gul Nar]
In Delhi,the popular Khan Market is named in honour of Bacha Khan, Another market in Karol Bagh(New Delhi) named after him is Ghaffar Market
The Pashtuns of Pakistan have been tragically reduced to perform the role of bloodhounds to Punjabi Huntsmen in a Pakistani form of a British Fox Hunting spectacle. The Punjabis ride the horses, crack their whips and sound the bugle while edging on the Pushtun to do their killing for them. Where is Bacha Khan when you need him?
"Bacha Khan was a disputed personality among Pashtuns. We will renamed all the Gov institution in KPK" says Jamat-e-Islami Professor Ibrahim (Coalation partner of PTI in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa) in an interview with
Khudai Khidmatgaars, with Bacha Khan in the driving seat, were up against the ideology of Pakistan and ultimately drop its movement for the sake of a share in the Govt of N.W.F.P. ...wish him all the ordeal in his dark grave for putting our blood on sale to British Masters. He must have given allout sacrifices for his self-produced third option. By fair or fool means, Quiad Azam was the ultimately winner of the whole episode and his victory should be honored.
I'm not a Pakistani citizen but if I had to vote, I would cast my ballot for the secular ANP led by Bacha Khan's grandson.
ok it is also ok as I like Bacha Khan's phalasphy & jang against Talban Geo Bhutto & Bacha Khan
Bacha Khan on Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's government "the worst kind of dictatorship"
Watch rare footage that includes Bacha Khan as well
PESHAWAR, Central President of the Awami National Party Asfandyar Wali Khan on Monday said terrorism was not the problem of his party only and rather, it was a national issue for whose resolution through a consensus among political forces, efforts were underway. During a function held at Nishtar Hall to mark the 25th death anniversary of Bacha Khan and seventh of Abdul Wali Khan, Mr Wali said of the country’s political groups, only ANP had a clear stand against terrorism. “We have to find a permanent solution to the continued violence because it had stalled our national progress and development. Tell me will anyone be willing to invest money in the country with terrorist activities everywhere,” he said. ANP Chief said all political parties should support his party in its mission against terrorism for peace. “In the past, we had to mention the sacrifices of our leaders only on a few occasions but during the past four years, we have lost hundreds of workers and leaders. Despite all that, we are fir ...
Afghan officials say either ANP should start construction of Bacha Khan mausoleum or let them start work on that.
Late Wahidullah Kaka, a renowned Khudai Khedmatgar once told us in Karachi that Bacha Khan visited the tomb of Jinnah and prayed that may Allah forgive Jinnah as he (Bacha Khan) forgives him, if rulers of the British India killed, tortured and humiliated Khudai Khedmatgars at Jinnah's behest. A true Non-Violent, Great Bacha Khan.
Identification of UNIVERSITY students from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 1.Books in Bag (Sarhad university ) 2. Books in mind (University of Peshawar ) 3.Rolled books and jeans (City university) 4.No books mobile in hand(Iqra university ) 5.Books in hand,enough in mind (Bannu university) 6.Books in hands tasbeeh in hand (Malakand university) 7.No books no money, pistol in hand (Abdul Wali Khan university) 8.Flower in hand with girl friend in Burqa (Islamia collage university) 9.Books in mind partial in hand, microphone in ear (Kohat university) 10.Glasses on eyes wearing paint shirt & French cut with girl friend (Hazara university) 11. Lovers sitting in praim Nali (University of Haripur ) 12.NO books no study only sugar can in hand (Bacha Khan University ) U from which one ? ▌♣ ☼ Alia $h3kH ♣ ☼ ▌
Toll in Pakistan bombings rises to 116, 235 injured IANS | Jan 11, 2013, 11.03 AM IST ISLAMABAD: The toll in four deadly blasts on Thursday in Pakistan -- three in Quetta city and one in northwest Swat district — has risen to 116. At least 235 other people were injured in the bombings by extremist Sunni Muslim group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, media reports said Friday. The first blast in Quetta, capital of the southwest Balochistan province bordering Afghanistan and Iran, took place around 3.50pm. The bomb hit a checkpost of the paramilitary force Frontier Corps in Bacha Khan area, killing at least 12 including a corps member and injuring 50. The bomb was fixed under a chassis of a vehicle parked nearby. An estimated 25 kg of explosives were used in the bomb, bomb disposal squad officers told Xinhua. The blast left a two-feet-deep and eight-feet-wide crater on the ground. As many as 13 vehicles were destroyed in the blast. The explosion also caused damage to nearby shops, offices and homes. About two hours late ...
"The Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) came into this world and taught us ‘That man is a Muslim who never hurts anyone by word or deed, but who works for the benefit and happiness of God's creatures.’ Belief in God is to love one's fellow men." -- Bacha Khan
Ghulam Ahmad Bilour Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilour (born 25 December 1939) is a former senior vice President in the Awami National Party (ANP) and present Federal Railways minister in Pakistan. A present and former three time Federal Minister in Pakistan, he has played a significant role in the ANP and its predecessor, the National Awami Party.[1] Early life and education Known as Haji Sahib in Peshawar, Ghulam Ahmad Bilour hails from Bajaur Agency in the Federally-Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). His forefathers migrated to Peshawar long ago and his father was a successful businessman of the city, as well as an admirer of Bacha Khan. Born on 25 December 1939, Bilour got his early education from the Khudad Model School and Islamia School Peshawar. He did his intermediate from Edwardes College and got married soon afterwards. He Graduated from Jamshore University. Early political career As a youth, Bilour participated in the election campaign of Fatima Jinnah. He, however, joined active politics from the platfo ...
Pakhtunkhwa bears it every day as terrorists kill but Malala Yousafzai & the attack on Bacha Khan airport exposes& shatter d base of terror
Early life Main article: Khudai Khidmatgar Born in Akora Khattak on September 15, 1925, Ajmal Khattak as a child was greatly influenced by Bacha Khan. By the time he turned 17, he was already an active member of the Quit India Movement (1942). He was a student then at the Government High School, Peshawar, but he left to contribute more to the movement. It was the beginning of a political career that stretched over five decades during which his literary pursuits and education took several painful turns. However, he did return to his studies completing a masters in Persian from Peshawar University. At Islamia College, Peshawar, he was among the pioneers who put Pushto literature on the 'modern' track. Linking it to European literature, particularly English, he was able to give it new direction and was acclaimed as a progressive poet.[1] He has had a long career in both the Indian Independence Movement movement against the British in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (then NWFP) of what was then British India as well a ...
During the British invasion of India the muslim Punjabis which are now known as Pakistanis, were in the British army and they were fighting Muslim Afghanistan side by side with the British army. In the entire history of Punjabis there is not a single name which one can say that at least he took arms and fought the British invaders. However there is a name of a Punjabi who did fight the British but that person was called Bhagat Singh a Sikh not Nawaz Sharif or Altaf Hussain but a Singh. There were of course Baluch rebels, Bengali rebels and Pashtun rebels who challenged the British and for that the suffered heavily, amongst those great men were two Pashtun men. Khan e Shaheed and Bacha Khan baba. Both of them spent many many years of their lives in British and Pakistani prisons. But somehow amazingly the Punjabis have become the heros and the Pashtuns have become the traitors and kafirs. This is beyond believe that a person whose mother was a hindu, whose his father was a hindu, and he himself was an athei ...
A good read about Bacha Khan the courageous Pashtun Leader...
Peshawar, Malala Yousafzi, a female student of class 8th from Swat speaks to Zahid Buneray for AMN tv; on various issues Also see; ,Bacha Khan,...
The Khawarij and their Congressi pro-Hindu Supporters have launched a massive propaganda campaign against Malala Yusuf Zai to justify their crime against her. She is being portrayed as a CIA agent who deserved what she got. We reject this shameless and sinister propaganda and ask all members not to fall for this rubbish. Malala is just a child and a national celebrity who met many local and foreign delegations over the years. That does not make her a CIA agent or an enemy of Pakistan. Stop this non-sence. Indeed she said that she like Benazir, Bacha Khan and Obama but does that mean she should be shot in the head? Does that make her a CIA or Indian agent liable to be put to death??? Does that justify the Khawarij to kill her?? How many youngsters of her age in Pakistan idealize international celebrities?? Millions perhaps! Does that mean all should be shot or all are CIA paid agents??? She is a child and a brave one who got global fame for her stand against TZP. Her father may be from the ANP and close to ...
'Safi wrote he considered Bilour the true successor of Bacha Khan ...was busy finishing war by destroying the last relic of British Raj'
I have expunched the un Parliamentary words said by Captan Safdar in his speech in National Assembly for Yousaf Raza Gelani & Bacha Khan.
isn't following the principles of Bacha Khan, instead they're following the footsteps of Gengis Khan! Wake up
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