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Baba Jukwa

Baba Jukwa is a Zimbabwean political online blogger. He is believed to be part of the Vapanduki crew (a Shona word, translated as rebels or defectors ), a group which includes disgruntled ZANU-PF insiders, service chiefs and other civil servants in Zimbabwe.

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Allow people to focus on voter registration not this Baba Jukwa part 2
Edmund?is that Baba Jukwa hiding behind the bald headed avi?
Baba Jukwa is back. Muchayeka bako manaiwa. These guys know each each. This a planned thing to divert o…
Thanks Mhofu 4 the expose. I get it. Ken, Matigary &Baba Jukwa are one &the same person. Now that u me…
Soon we will know who Baba Jukwa was. Keep talking we are listening and watching.
Does warning people not 2get excited by imaginary factionalism like they did with the fake Baba Jukwa enough curren…
next week im going ballistic. its Baba Jukwa vs Me face off. Part 1. we will defend the REVOLUTION. musanyepegwa.
Baba Jukwa signed off ..asijiki. Then you get a clique calling itself tajamuk…
They failed to unlock Baba Jukwa with whole intelligence gamut, now they want convince us they can monitor cyber crimes.Just bullying us
Lol, a whole ministry to create or catch 'baba Jukwa' or something?
So it’s true then that you Baba Jukwa reincarnation. Baba Jukwa used to hv 1st hand inside info like you doing
Your deep knowledge is fascinating yet your identity is concealed. It reminds me of baba Jukwa…
After the baba Jukwa and Hillary Clinton experiences, Zanu pf should be forgiven for this ministry. If not…
ZANU-PF created Baba Jukwa to divert our attention from real issues &create false impressions of an imploding ZPF, now they have G40& Ngwena
Ngwena's dossier has a substantial section dedicated to…
I understand this means he's the one tasked to catch baba Jukwa come 2018.
True...baba jukwa popped up this same period..
My friend u a Jonathan’s girl friend. Tell him to behave. Not to do what u do when u…
Sometimes I have a feeling that you are baba jukwa or you can be baba jukwa
Baba Jukwa once made this claim on See the link???
Kk u do exactly as he did as baba jukwa difference is we don't know anyone yet who has die…
I know someone who hacked your baba jukwa account the same way k thus they hold evidence u r baba jukwa.
They ar nt that gd. If they failed to arrest kudzayi nd moyo on baba jukwa then hapana hapana
This could be a disclaimer, to say that whatever was released was planted. Baba Jukwa unmasked
Zanu PF kinda did it in last election, focusing more on a digital drive led by so-called Baba Jukwa.
Kwirirayi &that Baba Jukwa guy are birds of the same feather.To think that Jukwa guy defends ZANU fervently with the way he had leg irons
Doug don't waste your time ZANU PF puppets jukwa.
Baba Jukwa singing for his supper! wait and c this bond thing start to unravel soon enough, thought u wr smarter thn tht
After surviving the Baba Jukwa case let him do all he can to make the masters happy!
What do you expect from a blind patriot who is singing for his super after being let go of Baba Jukwa accusations.
Can you go back to being Baba Jukwa please
In that case we shall leave Baba Jukwa to his own 'mindless' devices!
lol aint that the former newspaper editor who was charged with being Baba Jukwa? He was never salty. I wonder why.
It takes a smart mind to know its too early, baba Jukwa is just a guy who has no such mind. He is just a guy who kn…
Each era has its faker n it's baba jukwa for our era we have
why there is now incentives for exporting and why was not introduced before BoBo Notes? Tell us Baba Jukwa
His Baba Jukwa thing has not been finalized so the appearance of fighting the regime could be suicidal
You think its tough when u think in terms of days & sprints. This is a marathon Baba Jukwa
The Lumumba case and the Baba Jukwa strategy, same distraction. I don't buy it.
woke up thinking what Baba Jukwa did for this country
Whoever was behind that Baba Jukwa page. Msunu wakho. Selling us dreams nxaaa. And then disappear. Ziguvhu
4rm The Tsholotsho Declaration,Baba Jukwa,100% Local Flavor etc, Prof is firm to free Zim pple.
Who is the force behind ZRP blunfers?. Remember it is the same ZRP that claimed I was funding baba jukwa, yes that...
this is politics its a dirty gme i now suspect its nothin but a game to twist pple's minds we once saw it with baba Jukwa
Where is Baba Jukwa *cough give us the intel on what's happening at ZANU-PF HQ?
Baba Jukwa says'. Nonsense. The guy has never incited violence.
stupid CIOs thats why they couldn't catch Baba Jukwa. Foolish indeed, it's ideas. He threatened u
My scepticism abt e new band of democracy activists runs deep,same feeling I had when e Baba Jukwa fella breathed his confusion on e masses
The legend has it that 'baba Jukwa is back' is govt ready 4 cyber successionists
technology has changed but from the Baba Jukwa experience Zanu PF is far more technologically advanced than anyone right nw
uuum,mnot exactly but just asking pple to be careful. We saw this with Baba Jukwa who seemed to escape capture all the time
What ever happened to that editor accused of being baba jukwa?
He will see Makedenge who said he went to Google to be given the name of Baba Jukwa!
Seems Baba Jukwa is back. Only time will tell about the credibility and reliability of their intel
sorry lizzy, not you.. The one who said Evan is like baba Jukwa..ndiye wandirikuit adress
Evans Mawarire is a new improved version of Baba Jukwa trapping y'all & by the time you wake up ZANU wins in 2018 again
. They failed to apprehend Baba Jukwa , what makes them think They will succeed this time around? They are just desperate.
Solve the baba Jukwa puzzle, then we take it up from there. "Handei tione" semutauriro wenyu vashe
baba jukwa is alive and well. We are in the govt but not of the govt. Zvakanaka. Pamberi
First arrest baba Jukwa then we will take those threats serious.
Why were they not applied in the case of baba Jukwa
Electronic Device Insurance
The pple who failed to identify baba Jukwa now tell us they can intercept our what app messages
*** is that Baba Jukwa thing still around?
While at it, POTRAZ should give us Baba Jukwa
The very people who failed to catch baba Jukwa lol
Bunch of jokers, they couldn't catch baba Jukwa
supports a regime that called him buttman on Baba Jukwa...LOL
There is another Baba Jukwa syndrome brewing. Minority can't dictate to majority
after Baba Jukwa state security put up a Tech Division.
Same pple who followed Baba Jukwa, Biti on FB think somehow they now hv street numbers
2nd attempt by (Baba Jukwa crew) to compromise my account on a Sunday? Don't you chaps go to church 😎
I miss baba jukwa! He would have updated us every minute
you can tell he really is or was Baba Jukwa people bite his bait aswell
Interacting w a certain minister is as useless as following baba jukwa, coz its definately a plot nothing genuine
on 36, 371 followers within such a short period is definitely Zimbabwe's new Baba Jukwa.
haven't heard about job loss but one UZ student was arrested and charged with treason over Baba Jukwa FB comment.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
asking the question in a different way, hausiwe Baba Jukwa here?
The silly thing is how Zimbos get so occupied by gossip & forget stuff that matters. In 2013 it was baba Jukwa
ah too much effort. Also I ain't tryna be Baba Jukwa'd. Edmund lost his job after that ka! No thanks!
Kudzayi & brother had charges against them withdrawn before plea. Accused of being Baba Jukwa
Relief for Baba Jukwa Suspects . Sunday Mail Editor Edmund Kudzayi ,who together with his brother Phillip stood...
We've always known that baba Jukwa prosecution was cover for makedenge getting state funded jaunts to the U.S. 😄😂😄
There is one and only Baba Jukwa and its not kudzai but the The Professor!
"Editor, whom authorities alleged was Baba Jukwa is now a free man after state withdrew charges before plea."
they even tried to call Mark Zuckerberg like he was gonna come and testify that Edward was Baba Jukwa hisself.
"The ANC needs the Baba Jukwa of its own,to reveal this things before happening"
Brother to Sunday Mail Editor charged for being Baba Jukwa
baba jukwa once mentioned the name of this CIO who got burnt in the car , check jukwa 29 may 2013. his name...
Faceless character Baba Jukwa stated massive purging in the CIO of Zimbabwe as a result of Mugabe's stumble and fall. Is Mugabe not human
I'll be speaking about the role of social media in the on just after 5. Have you been following Baba Jukwa on FB?
Hundreds welcome return of Baba Jukwa - The Zimbabwean
Notorious blogger, whistleblower 'Baba Jukwa' is back via
Baba Jukwa Bounces Back Online! Zimbabwe Tech News after 6 months of absolute...
joins social media same time Baba Jukwa bounces back. Coincidence? Don't think so
THE ZANU PF whistleblower who goes by the pseudonym Baba Jukwa resurfaced this week to…
Baba Jukwa, the weevil who returned online yesterday, is still within the system, like malware.
Baba Jukwa is back. But somehow the Baba Jukwa edge is not there. Maybe its early days yet.
Saw a Baba Jukwa post...niqqa back again to cause trouble lol
Baba Jukwa is back just saw a post from "him"
Baba jukwa was found, you think we can't find you? Carry on 💅😂
Ao Lefuno banna...our own Baba Jukwa 😂😂😂 "Lufuno Gogoro takes his seat, we start - everyone is introduced. MV"
Same system he seemed enthralled to defend not too long ago 'Baba Jukwa' accuses police of buying time
True Story...coz Baba Jukwa will go down in the book of annals as a revolutionary type kat 😆
- We can report but Afrileaks needs great traction for effective change. Africa's Baba Jukwa
If Baba Jukwa was still free, we would know what's happening inside the Zanu PF congress. Manje...
What happened to Baba Jukwa. Does he still exist
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what happened to BABA JUKWA page nou
Things to remember about Emmerson Mnangagwa via revived Baba Jukwa
Application for refusal of further remand filed by Edmund Kudzayi & his brother Phillip dismissed
With any luck Deputy Commissioner will get nowhere with Google & our 007 will walk No joy for ‘Baba Jukwa’
No joy for ‘Baba Jukwa’ HARARE provincial magistrate Milton Serima yesterday dismissed an application for refusa...
Another bid for freedom by Baba Jukwa suspects, Edmund Kudzayi and his brother Philip, has…
‘Baba Jukwa’ accused back in court A HARARE magistrate is today expected to hand down his ruling on an applicat...
CID boss Makedenge, travels to USA to hunt for evidence which could implicate Baba Jukwa suspects
'Baba Jukwa' suspect back in court today
'Baba Jukwa' suspect back in court today via
Baba Jukwa brothers to know fate today.
“Thank God for Baba Jukwa, nowadays even Comrade Didymus Mutasa is talking about "IP addresses".” this acc is killing me!
Is the Baba Jukwa case really worth sending an investigating officer to the United States?...
Zim Cops now hunting for Baba Jukwa in America
Police Assistant Commissioner dashes to United States over Baba Jukwa saga -
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CID boss in USA hunt for Baba Jukwa - NewsDay Zimbabwe.'Police Law and Order boss, Assistant Commissioner...
Time will tell; this cld be a wild goose chase ---> Baba Jukwa probe: Makedenge in the United States
Baba Jukwa Saga: Assistant Commissioner Crispen Makedenge in the US. The investigating officer in the alleged...
BABA JUKWA PROBE : TOP COP IN USA: The investigating officer in the alleged terrorism case involving Sunday Ma...
What happened to that Baba Jukwa fellow?
Free Baba Jukwa.Jokes I don't want no problems
Pity the Baba Jukwa affair didn't lead to a life sentence for vrek old Mugabe, wouldn't take many years to complete that lol.
Baba Jukwa stunts "The way Sunday Mail and Herald are reporting about ZANU fights ka , suspect"
all the techies I have a question, if Baba Jukwa had been using web-browser TOR networkings would they have been uncovered?
What Exactly Happened to Baba Jukwa`s Page. For almost three weeks now, we have hit a brick wall in...
Zim's Baba Jukwa Case Goes A team of detectives are expected to leave for the USA to meet social networks
Magistrate dismisses application for refusal of further remand by Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi
Baba Jukwa case: Suspects further remanded - DailyNews Live
Baba Jukwa case: Suspects further remanded HARARE - Harare magistrate Milton Serima has dismissed an application...
Baba Jukwa, Cops want to visit Google in US. >>>
& They blame whites, *** opposition, internet radio, Baba Jukwa, Tony Blair, "the West", for all Zim's ills.
Latest on Baba Jukwa saga: Police detectives to go to USA - My Zimbabwe News
Baba Jukwa: Mail editor wants to be removed from remand. SUNDAY Mail editor, Edmund Kudzayi, and his brother...
Wat is the case against baba jukwa which Americans can accept. ..was he a terrorist?? No. Was he a website...
Does Google's dedication to transparency mean you will confirm whether you're actually meeting these visitors?.
Police launch extra-territorial investigations into Baba Jukwa case, set to visit US-based FB & Google firms.
Google to assist in Baba Jukwa case | The Herald | via
Google to assist in Baba Jukwa case. Detectives to go to the USA to meet FB and Google officials.
Baba Jukwa investigations, Cops to ropes in Google Police investigations into the Baba Jukwa saga have gone inte...
They are looking for enough evidence to nail Baba Jukwa.
If only we applied the same dilligence to the corrupt officials, we'd be rich
Sky Sports becoming unreliable like Baba Jukwa.. mxm 😞
EXCLUSIVE!!! The state has gotten to the core of what it believes to be the team behind Baba Jukwa. We have the story coming. Keep watching this space. Because we are The News Leader!
Baba Jukwa hired by Brazil Football to investigate and reveal how such a team can be this pathetic
High Court frees another Baba Jukwa suspect on bail -...
Whoever does the Baba Jukwa and Mai Jukwa cartoons is a genius. Loving the latest one posted by (just after 1 pm).
'Baba Jukwa' trial date to be announced - NewsDay
Another Baba Jukwa suspect, Romeo Musemburi has been granted bail by the High Court.
More Baba Jukwa suspects named HARARE - Police are hunting for two more people suspected to be behind the shadow...
Ok. Say they find this Baba Jukwa. Then what?? Will Zim Asset start to work? Will people begin to get jobs? Will the Warriors start to win?
Sunday Mail editor & brother Phillip Kudzayi, facing charges of “cyber-terrorism”, trial date to be announced
Court to hear bail application of UZ student, charged for posting illegal statements on Baba Jukwa FB account
At this rate it seems anyone who ever liked or commented on Baba Jukwa's FB posts is a potential suspect
Baba Jukwa suspects further remanded Sunday Mail Editor Edmund Kudzayi and his brother Phillip appeared at the H...
Thank you for catching 'Baba Jukwa(s)', now may you please catch jobs for us,!
Hanzi they will be still looking for baba jukwa in 2034😂😂👀
Zim politics feed the newspapers and social media with irrelevant issues (baba jukwa, WC) n they will not talk about.
The prosecution team in the Baba Jukwa case that has seen arrest of The Sunday Mail editor…
Baba Jukwa wrote:. Good-morning Zimbabwe I slept like a new born baby but it's back to the drawing table again.
Baba Jukwa: More suspects implicated | The Chronicle. . *Its now 14 suspects in total accused of owning /...
Baba Jukwa list of suspects grows to 14 Police in Zimbabwe have added two more suspects to a list of people accu...
to rule on bail 4 Baba Jukwa UZ 'plotter'
(Spel after me)FARCE.->High Court to rule on bail for Baba Jukwa (UZ) ‘plotter’
US$10bn debt, all energy on Baba Jukwa Put food on the table,we care less about BJ
It seems Zakes Moyo is a new addition: Police hunt 2 more Baba Jukwa suspects
Baba Jukwa – I helped Mugabe WIN Elections but now you turn on me and ARREST ME!!! >>>
Police hunt for two SA based 'Baba Jukwa' suspects
Don't our police feel like fools right now... this Baba Jukwa cat seems to still be posting on social media.
SUNDAY Mail editor’s brother Phillip released from remand prison on $5 000 bail.
'I helped Mugabe to win,' says Baba Jukwa via
Baba Jukwa suspect vows fight SUNDAY Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi left remand prison Friday after he was granted U...
So is this guy Amai Jukwa or is he Baba Jukwa or is he both?
I have just read an article by the Chronicle editor Mduduzi Mathuthu about the Jukwa saga and in his efforts to try and dissociate Edmund Kudzayi from the radical Baba Jukwa by creating another false Baba Jukwa who came earlier than Amai Jukwa, I have to the conclusion that truly Edmund Kudzayi might be sharp tongued Baba Jukwa. Mduduzi is my friend and I like him a lot because he is a sociable character who is not malicious. But let me differ with him on his narrative of events. He said Baba Jukwa, the one whom he wants to package as the original Baba Jukwa, was a patriotic one who was in defense of ZANU PF and Robert Mugabe. He said he failed to take off because he became unpopular. Mduduzi, my friend there was no such Baba Jukwa. Even a search for such a Jukwa yields no results. So it's not true that there was a Baba Jukwa who was playing husband and wife with Amai Jukwa. Baba Jukwa emerged long after the vitriol of Amai Jukwa was already on the social network . He came as a response to Amai Jukwa's in ...
Baba Jukwa mystery Now that Zanu PF factionalism is an open secret, even acknowledged by the highest office in the country I have been wondering about Baba Jukwa's identity and the mystery surrounding it vis-a-vis the factional wars in Zanu PF. I followed his page from the onset, and I still do. I liked him initially, then despised him later, and I still do! Following his posting trend initially, one could easily identify his sympathy with the Mujuru faction. He hated Mnangagwa and all the people he associated with his faction. He always cast the other faction in good light. Then later he bacame a fierce MDCT supporter - that's when I began to doubt his authenticity as a Zanu PF insider. Now that Mduduzi Mathuthu has let the cat out of the bag as regards the identity of the other Jukwa, Amai Jukwa, who we are told is Edmund Kudzayi, the puzzle has become more puzzling! We recently heard about weevils in Zanu PF, the main characters being the Information minister and the editors in the state media - and we ...
I have maintained my position that the dossier prepared under the influence and funding of the Printer led to the unfair and hateful attacks against the Professor by the Mukuru and now the baseless arrest of Edmund Kudzayi aka "Amai Jukwa." For those I have interacted with here, you recall me identifying "Baba Jukwa" as not only pro-MDC but also was fervent in his defense of the Printer. Mduduzi Mathuthu's article in the Herald has provided an informed narrative to the story to prove that Ed is not Baba Jukwa. I will wait for further details as they unfold but so far the State has a frivolous and may be a sponsored (by the Printer) case against the Sunday Mail.
This guy arrested in Zimbabwe for being provocative online insulting people as Amai Jukwa must face and dance the music. He is part of the gang said to be Chinese Hackers, they hacked our accounts using what they thought was untraceable American proxy servers, hacked many accounts and used those accounts to create falsehood and did this for financial gains, its a group of them, those outside are busy posting to defend the guy because they want a good share of the spoils for the good job of causing hate, jealous and confusion and its them using the Baba Jukwa page again and paid by top individuals in ZANU Pf. He must come out of jail when he tells the truth how many accounts they hacked or let him rot in jail in Zimbabwe. Others working with him in diaspora must go to Zimbabwe and face the law for abusing fellow Zimbabweans, some are even here in UK as refugees, using high speed internet connection from council houses paid for by tax payers money. Nxaaa.
So the likes of the Baba Jukwa suspect Edmund K Kudzayi (who happens to be the evil Amai Jukwa) are allowed to keep firearms and bullets in their bedrooms and offices when some of us are not even allowed to possess catapults? In the first place, why give a certified lunatic like Edmund a weapon of war??? Izinto zeZANU bafethu!
I don't give a *** whether Edmund K Kudzayi is the real Baba Jukwa or not! (After all Baba Jukwa equals "good") The fact that the dude had the guts to be Amai Jukwa (which is confirmed) and work for ZANU PF is bad enough! He is a bloody sellout who chose to work with everyone's enemy number one :ZANU PF! For those reasons I shed no tear for him!Let him suffer!
Let me clarify Baba Jukwa saga for you in case you are still confused. There is a lot of evidence to suggest Edmund Kudzayi is Amai Jukwa but he is almost certainly not Baba Jukwa. Why are they targeting him? In 2010 he allegedly penned an article claiming that Bona Mugabe was raped in Singapore, an accusation Grace Mugabe angrily denied this year. Until that infamous politburo meeting a few weeks ago the First Family did not know the writer of the article was now the Sunday Mail editor. The Mujuru faction exposed this to undermine Jonathan Moyo and his Mnangagwa faction. Why are they not telling the truth? Writing a false story is not really a criminal offence and Bona can only sue for defamation or some other civil recourse. Kudzayi is effectively being punished "by proxy" for that story and hence most of the charges being thrown at him are fabricated. Why arrest him now? Simple, after taking Sunday Mail job he was now based in Zimbabwe and not the UK. Why support or defend Kudzayi? As Amai Jukwa, Kudza ...
Well folks. I was away from this platform owing to my appendicitis crisis. I have just come back to the platform and started reading newspapers only to learn that the state has "finally" managed to unmask the "real" Baba Jukwa. Well, we read that the guy appeared in court yesterday. The rest is now in the public domain. There are two things for me now: (1) The Sunday Mail has to issue an apology to two colleagues: Mxolisi Ncube and his colleague, Mkhululi Chimoio for its erroeneous and criminally defamatory allegationn that the two journos were the Baba Jukwa fellow. The career and life and limb of the two had been placed in danger by the story that the newspaper ran, courtesy of the editorialship of the "jailed" Edmund Kudzai. (2) It is high time that some of our fellow colleagues who have held on at the Sunday Mail, despite the various challenges in the profession and economically, are now promoted to head the Sunday paper. Jonathan Moyo and the leadership of Zimpapers MUST now reward these fellows with ...
he should not have gone on record to deny it while simultaneously claiming others were Baba Jukwa
The pages Jonathan Moyo for President, Amai Jukwa and Baba Jukwa must be treated the same way and if its sentencing, they deserve the same sentence unless if one is telling me animals are equal but others are more equal than others, they all undermine the democratic elected president.. I understand the Gukurahundi page was also intended to be removed on all search engines because of graphic images of human beings massacred, which is which and which page must stay??. Its unfortunate i don't have a strong heart, i can volunteer to administer the gukurahundi page if i want, let the world see how the person who want to be legitimized by the world did nothing other than kill his people.
Much ado about nothing. All this Amai & Baba Jukwa nonsense distracts from real issues facing By design?
Jonathan Moyo is a ZanuPF hero, forget about all the seemingly internal squabbles rocking the party and the infamous 'we evil & devil incarnate' stmnts. Moyo knew very well that Kudzayi was both Baba Jukwa & Mai Jukwa. By offering him a post as editor of Sunday Mail it was a way to get him closer and arrested. lt was all a CIO ploy and it worked perfectly
'Jonathan Moyo not targeted in Baba Jukwa investigations'
'Jonathan Moyo not targeted in Baba Jukwa investigations' via
Baba Jukwa is endangering many people's lives as more and more people face accusations and arrests for being suspected to be Baba Jukwa. Thats one of the major reasons why I have beef with BJ apart from the fact that I don't like how Baba Jukwa incited anarchy, abductions, murder and politcal violence against fellow Zimbabweans who support President Mugabe and ZANU PF and also fellow Zimbabweans alleged to belong to the alleged Mnangagwa faction. Murder, abduction and violence is not a better solution for Zimbabwe and Bj messed up big time on that one. For those in the diaspora whom BJ thought were Mugabe and ZANU PF agents he incited their deportations. He attempted to incite my deportation from Canada because he wrongly thought I was an agent of President Mugabe and ZANU PF. He did the same to many other Zimbabweans in the US, UK and Australia, South Africa and Botswana. Ndopandakawona kuti Baba Jukwa lacked good will, super intelligence, wisdom, political shrewdity and a better solution to Zimbabwe' .. ...
When Robert Mugabe ranted and raved at Nathan Shamuyarira's grave side about weevels, This Edmund Kudzayi had every opportunity to run.He chose not to do that.Ask yourselves why??? I think I now know why that is after a lose and unconnected conversation I had with someone who knows Edmund well.Hanzi the court is one place this regime must never ever take this boy.Embarrasment is awaiting them there. Linking this to Jonathan Moyo's statements on Friday that the rule of law is being applied... .You do not need to be a genius. If anyone thinks Jonathan Moyo will finally be arrested for the Baba Jukwa saga, think again.
Is he Mai Jukwa or Baba Jukwa or both. Jonathan Moyo has got a cloud on his bald head.Zanu has run out of opponents MDC is dead.Its time for Zanu to fight itself.
BABA JUKWA AND Amai Jukwa PLOT THICKENS Sunday Mail editor arriving at magistrates court some hours ago. According to his Charge Sheet, On 11 may 2014, The Sunday Mail published a story about the true identity of Baba Jukwa titled, " Hackers unmask Baba Jukwa".Investigations however revealed that the accused was the one in control of the Baba Jukwa gmail account that is his email address and his brother's econet mobile number which he is using. Furthermore, investigations revealed that the account was never hacked into. So it appears this dude is Both Baba Jukwa and Amai Jukwa and the South African based Zimbo Journalists were being framed to cover up for him.
Edmund Kudzayi was both Amai Jukwa and Baba Jukwa?..quite a Walter Mitty character. When sardines swim with sharks it always ends in tears!
Edmund Kudzayi might be Amai Jukwa but he is certainly not Baba Jukwa.
Reports suggest Sunday Mail Editor was Gender *** by operating both Amai and Baba Jukwa accounts..
Are we supposed to believe that did not know that Baba Jukwa was a Jonathan Moyo project?
President Mugabe and Prof Moyo beat us to the BJ case If the editor behind our prison bars in Harare is indeed Baba Jukwa, then be didnt deserve all the praise you guys were giving him. Why? He would be the most stupid and naive *** in the whole charade. And l doubt that he is. His advisors or paymasters would also be as stupid as he is. Would you really go and work for the same govt you had terrorised, shamed and embarrassed like the fella is said to have done? Would it be a strategy or change of goal posts? Would he still use his mobile line he created the page with? What did he think he would benefit by going to work for the state media? Get more jukwalite secrets? I doubt anyone would be that naive. But one cant rule out over inflated egos thinking they can taunt the govt within its own corridors. Alternatively, President Mugabe and Prof Jona Moyo are a pair in a political league of their own. If these guys are indeed BJ team members, maybe the president asked the professor to work on them guys, ...
at no point did I say he is Baba Jukwa, I said he is Amai Jukwa
Zimbabwe media in turmoil. I had no idea anyone took Baba Jukwa seriously! And what about Amai Jukwa and the rest of the family?
being Amai Jukwa was never in dispute. That document says the back up account for Baba Jukwa was the Amai Jukwa acc
Amai Jukwa arrested. Vanokushandisa vagokusungisa. The state says Edmund Kudzayi doubled as Amai Jukwa and Baba Jukwa. Regai zvibayane but let hope the nasty Zanu pf infighting wont spill to the general public.
I now do not know whether to feel sorry for this dude Edmund Kudzayi for running the Baba Jukwa page or say that he deserves it for also running the Amai Jukwa page which I hated with a passion.Help me decide.
Amai Jukwa this and Baba Jukwa that. One thing should be clear: nothing is clear. We are seeing the ears of the hippopotamus.
l keep seeing striking similarities between Jonathan Moyo and Tendai Biti's overrated intelligence levels. One is so stupid as to house a coordinator of Baba Jukwa at Herald House! The other tells a public gathering his strategies, including where his weapons are hidden - and, of course, plans to go and intoxicate a head of state with whiskey!
•Will there be any more Baba Jukwa? And the slant?. •Or Amai Jukwa in The slant?. •Will they continue to 'serialise' BJ chats
Isn't it about the Baba Jukwa and Amai Jukwa links?
It was good to be with you,i guess you enjoyed with me,i will greatly miss you it is the time to sell my laptop and stop being a spy actually i just succumbed myself into a priceless dangerous mission fighting immorality in our society i have been threatened with death in this and that instant im scared some are saying they will bewitch me i cant stand for this ..worse i smell a rat about "Baba Jukwa" the style of the author have changed maybe the big lions busted Baba way out
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Jonathan Moyo apologised to President Mugabe & asked for forgiveness for being “Baba Jukwa”... Jonathan Moyo has...
BABA JUKWA'S MISSION I am not here to look for fans or anybodies compliments and u are not the ones who control my life and you dont tell me what to do. Saka abaiwa ngaandi blocke or unfriend me. I will not stop diissing people or expose who u are saka leave me alone. Hamundiudzire zvekuita. Kundituka kana kusandituka. Kurova kana kusandirova kundiziva kana kusandiziva kundibata kana kusandibata handina basa nazvo saka dnt waste ur tym telling me advice. It z my tym and money wasted nt urz saka . I am whom i am nt becoz of bt becoz of pipo i live wth. Hating me or liking me wont make you pretty or a beta person and i dnt regret my actions. Kip tht in mind boys and girls
Baba Jukwa : Chief chipfukuto decided to sacrifice his blue-eyed zvipfukuto
Tsvangirai's goblins killed his wife and grandchild and demand sex from Elizabeth: says MDC-T insider . A Baba Jukwa-like blogger claims
The Zimbabwean shared:. Do you agree that we are all Baba Jukwa?. Despite widespread...
Do you agree with Zara Mhofu that we are all
We are all Baba Jukwa Despite widespread corruption, pestilence and death, sub-Saharan Africa has remained larg...
They need it more than e do. did you see Baba Jukwa on FB before the Zimbabwean elections?
i thought maybe his account was hacked lol... munin'ina wa baba Jukwa
"Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction but one has to read this article that was brought to my…" — Cam Jennings
Don't results suggest otherwise-internet activism became the name of the game & people led up garden path via Baba Jukwa et al
Latest: President Mugabe told Jonathan Moyo is part of Baba Jukwa -...
Professor Jonathan Moyo is “Baba Jukwa”, President Mugabe very angry & ready to deal with him. The anger...
yes esp after what Bob said people have just started pointing fingers at him. But Baba Jukwa has attacked JM before
Moyo fingered in Baba Jukwa network The anger President Robert Mugabe has repeatedly expressed in public toward...
Can Prof Moyo be Baba Jukwa and Amai Jukwa at the same time? Very possible with that chap *chuckle*
I always thought Jonathan Moyo was trying too hard in his so-called plot to unmask Baba Jukwa. Pieces are now falling into place bit by bit.
Baba Jukwa. Great Zimbabweans before I take a rest let me leave you with this letter from Psychology 'Chipfukuto...
Great Zimbabweans just to give you an insight into what is called the true unmasking. I laughed out in a meeting when my friend Musorobhangu was quick to defend Edmund Kudzayi (Amai Jukwa) but I am happy that serious party members want a proper investigation into the Amai and Baba Jukwa matter. Let me help you Great Zimbabweans and CIOs if you really intelligence officers on where to begin. Look at the issue on how, why and who launched project Amai Jukwa and what led to it being launched? Let's all remember that when this Amai Jukwa (Kudzayi) came to light it was the time when Jonathan Moyo and crew were being investigated for looting diamonds and community schemes monies which his Excellency was blinded to participate in some of these dubious schemes which benefited only individuals out to destroy the revolutionary party. Again the then RBZ Governor Gono refused to indigenise banks and he was attacked through this Amai Jukwa (Kudzayi Edmund character). The same character went on to attack Mutasa, Amai M ...
You read that correctly...Biti is indeed Gono's lawyer, and Obert Gutu is Baba Jukwa's lawyer. *too many lawyers in MDC*
Exposing Baba Jukwa: Our right to privacy via
NEWSPAPERS, BEANS& DEATH There they are,stupid nuuspapers attempting AGAIN to kill Mugabe. 1st it was Baba Jukwa,now its nuuspapers AGAIN. Now journalists have extended a death wish and about Mrs Grace Mugabe,to no destination. ALL of us will die.But and at God's own time. Shame how pple create/construct a non-existent death. GOD protect My Master King Mugabe.
Baba Jukwa South Africa Bank details : Here are the bank details that Baba Jukwa gave me and some of the messages...
Plan to assassinate Joice Mujuru. Joice do you remember the meeting at Jameson Hotel on 13 December 2008? There is an underground plan in the way to kill Joice Mujuru as soon as Gushungo breathes his last. Joice watch out, you know very well who I am talking about, don't be like Solomon who slept with both eyes closed, asijiki! Asijiki! Ndatenda Baba Jukwa
ZANU-PF probes senior party officials for leaks related to the famous whistleblower Baba Jukwa
Baba jukwa or no Baba jukwa ,Zanu pf must fix economy period!
they will not do anything until they get Baba Jukwa.
Warning to all who have formed hate pages to insult the UPND leadership,, learn a lesson from BABA JUKWA. Your veil will be unmasked one day. Every dog has its day,, remember the countdown is on for HH to ascend to the highest office in the land.
i fr one am still waiting t hear from the Herald in Zim wch earlier screamed 'Baba Jukwa Unmasked'.to me it reminded of the unmasking of the egwugwu in Thngs Fall Apart by Achebe.the Herald jumped to the debate'jukwa's dance had been nipped in the bud'.to ths day i thot id c and read nomore Jukwa unfazed tho tht the Herald ,a caricature of a state propelled propagandist machine lead the mass in stupifying and daydreamng about ths unmasking of the 'egwugwu'.who knows mayb ts a political ploy and the heraldbest knws y.
He baba Jukwa is Mxolisi Ncube, Mkhululi Chimoio, baba Jukwa has been exposed bla bla. Please ZANU PF stop this nonsense. Who cares who baba Jukwa is; will knowledge about him put an end to the rot and corruption among st your officials, will it bring the millions of dollars eaten by Cuthbert Dube, will it stop the corruption at the Registrar General's Office, will it pu an end to the collection of bribe money on roadblocks ; Zimbabwe is hungry and please just bring food on our tables, do not try this childish game of diverting our attention on more important life issues like resuscitating our economy,employment creation and ways to end corruption. Zimbabwe is too broke to pursue childish projects
Can zanu pf be justified 4 hacking Baba Jukwa's email or its invation of privacy?
The outing of Baba Jukwa and what it may mean for the privacy of Zimbabwe's citizens.
You have heard of Amai Jukwa and Baba Jukwa. Here comes Jukwaz, Jukwaz wacho, uJukwaz wakhona! Fasten your seat belts! More from Daddy's former party! Unfortunatey mummy chose to sell her soul to the enemy but the struggle continues. Like this page for more unravelling revelations!!!
Interesting, so is Baba Jukwa still posting or since they have been caught they have been arrested?
Parirenyatwa sad story Unedited letter: BJ please pass a message to the maternity department at Parirenyatwa hospital that God is a God of justice. The so many souls of struggling pregnant women who send tears to the heavens will get so many of them cursed. Everyone understands that they are poorly remunerated, but surely to put it on struggling patients is not a better resolution. It is better to quit a job if one's happy with it than terrorise patients. God is for everyone, especially the broken hearted Asijiki! Ndatenda Baba Jukwa
hunting still on for the remain der of the Baba Jukwa team and who was feeding them with infor.
Had gotten used to these Baba Jukwa stories, lol...a big relief..its good is focusing on other stories
Fellow compatriots, Zimbabwe is in turmoil. Nothing is happening at all in trying to revive our economy, create jobs, and provide clean tape water among other necessities of life. In fact, there is a serious exacerbation of decadence in our country that by mid August this year Zimbabwe will be a paralysis. Can you believe that with all this going on some political nonentities in Zanu PF have put their first priority in pursuing Baba Jukwa. Hey, am I missing something here. Surely how can they prioritise BJ when they failed to hunt down the murderers who slaughtered our people in 2008. They live among them, they eat cheese and polony with them but they never bothered doing anything. Why don’t they ask Mugabe, Perence Shiri and Mnangagwa why they butchered our people in Matebeleland. Instead of helping the people at Chingwizi concentration camp, they are looting the very donations that are meant to sustain these stranded victims. Asi Zanu PF people chii nhai? havapfuuri nepamba pemunhu vakasanhonga kana m ...
Shocking, shocking, shocking they thought they were clever now its time for chickens to come home. Musorobhangu and girlfrands you can fool only myopic people not everyone. I can't stop laughing Great Zimbabweans creating an untimely solution which is the main problem at the same time. You can't succeed with double standards against the revolutionary part. can't wait to see Musorobhangu tomorrow and his girlfriend. The truth will be revealed soon stay captivated. Good night Great Zimbabweans, Asijiki! Ndatenda Baba Jukwa
Once initial stages of investigating baba jukwa saga is done , a lot of people wl be called in for questioning . There are these two other guys Mxolisi ncube and mkhululi chimoio who are said to be in syndicate with jukwa . I suggest baba jukwa its high time now he must expose himself becoz now he is causing harm to harmless people . Plz dont go far with this issue of jukwa zvinengozi ndangoti ndikurumei nzeve.
Of Baba Jukwa's SA bank account and Mxolisi Ncube's permission to publicise it (The inboxes). I'm now ready to...
A number of senior ZANU PF politicians, businessmen and individuals are preparing to sue the social networking...
Zimbabwe – At least five people have come to the attention of the authorities for allegedly collaborating with Baba Jukwa. One of the suspects is a computer programmer based outside the country, another is based in Masvingo while the rest live in Harare. They are implicated in offences ranging from…
The end of stupidity!!! In 2001 there was no Baba Jukwa. In 2002, he was still a quiet steady voice, and during these times Jonathan Moyo and his bigots could do whatever they want and even get away with anything, that’s why those fools could coordinate the bombing of the Daily News without being tracked. But 2013 is an entirely new battlefield where their bombs, and gongs awill not work, Asijiki! Ndatenda Baba Jukwa
Africa's Most wanted! Baba Jukwa, Joseph Kony and Boko Haram. Baba Jukwa top the list! They are all facing treason
We have Baba Jukwa,and Morgan to worry about.
"This article is a copy and paste stuff familiar with the Herald, This type of journalism only serves to please and
Is it tru kuti uya anozviti baba jukwa akabawa
Good question. Why is going to town over Jukwa? Who is
they want to find Baba Jukwa first smh!
Agreed. Even if it turns out that u or I are Baba Jukwa then what? What's shocking tho is the hacking that they appear to endorse
State media obsession with Baba Jukwa an attempt at diversion from serious national matter more so the collapsing economy
I couldn't care less who Baba Jukwa is, but you get the feeling The Herald is scrapping a barrel at times
The Baba Jukwa expose suffered a stillbirth in as much as desperately tried to set the agenda
Be carefull on things u post u might find urself in big troble like"baba jukwa"
By Takudzwa Mashumba and Tonderai Muzana Last week the exposure of Baba Jukwa was the headline of every news publication both print and electronic, government officials were also interested with some celebrating to the demise of this character. The interest raised by the government officials as well…
...wondering why State Media is awash with Baba Jukwa unmasked rhetoric without explaining why he is still posting and insulting them...
There is something cracking btwn Baba jukwa and Edmund Kudzai from zimpapers. Is this the Edmund from Marist we know?
Baba jukwa is a man of truth.My qstn to u zimbabwaens is tht do we hve freedom in zim.
Don't worry fellow Zimbabweans, once we get rid of this Baba Jukwa fellow, the two million jobs will be flooding!
Great Zimbabweans it's funny how Herald is busy trying to defend Edmund Kudzayi and Jonathan Musobhangu Jonso Moyo in their malicious scheme which saw them trying to sell their papers in the past week over my mightier name. The chicken are coming home Moyo and Kudzayi. Zimbabwe and the world will very soon know who you are and how you operate. I laughed out when herald had a story which said the so-called Ncube used his rogue police officers to get information about politiburo meetings, I wonder what sort of journos are at zimpapers, surely Zimbabwe do cops sit in politiburo meetings? Please be serious Jonso, Zvayi and Kudzayi. More to follow.. Asijiki? Ndatenda Baba Jukwa
Obert Mpofu, Chinamasa, Pasi tell us about ZINARA !!! Obert Mpofu, Chinamasa and Gesham Pasi are you not out to destroy Zinara to settle factional political scores? Can you tell me Chinamasa and Gesham why the bank accounts of Zinara are frozen since last month. Even staff is struggling of getting their salaries, service providers are not being paid to mention just a few. All cash being collected from tollgates is going where yet you tell us the administration of Zinara has to be daily accountable to the minister.Obert are you not corrupt? it's all written all over your face. What happened to the mines ministry? There wasn't such unnecessary defeaning noise you are making when Nicholas Goche was incharge yet things were moving in the parastatal..It's only time that will tell before chickens come back to roost.. You created an unpleasant working environment for Zinara Senior management and its CEO who has now resigned due to your cunning destructive strategies. The world is watching… Asijiki! Ndatenda B ...
Did they really catch this Baba jukwa guy
Good morning Zimbabwe. Please say a short simple prayer to God in your own mother tongue, so our nation can be blessed, and there can be more exposures of evils and all hidden treacheries, we are now almost there now, just one small step left! Asijiki! Ndatenda Baba Jukwa
TIMELY PRAYER FOR ZIMBABWE: A kneeling, praying person is actually immortal, they are by far stronger than a warlord with his innumerable tanks and bombs. No matter who you are, SDA, Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Watchtower, Baptist, Pentecostal, This-costal, and Whatever-costal, say a prayer for yourself and this great country today in your own words, in your mother tongue in your church language Great Zimbabweans. Together we can change Zimbabwe today, asijiki! Asijiki! Ndatenda Baba Jukwa
Obert Mpofu still groping for foreign investor while army chefs loot NRZ As I stated before Mpofu is still "looking" for a South African investor saying this is the only way to pay NRZ workers. You remember - 'this is NRZ where evidence is being concealed to avoid the embarrassment of top government officials who are part and parcel of this thievery. We have discovered that the most powerful woman on the land is also owing NRZ to the tune of 11 million US dollars, GMB owes NRZ 46 million, ZISCO owes NRZ 25 million, Hwange colliery owes NRZ 9 million, the list is endless.These organizations are instructed by line ministries not to bother paying NRZ. You will never hear any obscene salaries being given to the brigadiers at the railways because they were blessed by the government. Obert Mpofu openly said that NRZ workers should wait a bit longer as we are busy trying to secure an investor from SA. How longer is longer as workers have gone for a full year without salaries.If there is a parastatal that is mak ...
If you were blocked by Baba Jukwa or Mugrade Seven please like this page :
Once beaten, twice shy... With the benefit of hindsight, we could have seen that Baba Jukwa was a zanu pf project...
It was Baba Jukwa now is Vulcan Sibanda.whose project is this?
WARNING:Builder called "Sigauke" in Bulawayo BJ, let me warn the people of Bulawayo about a builder called Sgaukhe. He lives in Nkulumane.He is ripping off the peope of Bulawayo.He is not a proper builder.All his structures are condemned by the City council. Recently he constructed a house in Pumula South and the Roof fell down last week.He took the money and ran away. He employs young boys in Makokoba and pays them $3 per day. He changes his phone numbers every month to avoid being caught.People of Bulawayo, could you please spread the word.He was reported to police but they didnt do anything about it.He has got an accent from the eastern district, ie Chipinge area.He is scruffy.He has got missing front teeth.Reports confirmed that he lost those teeth after he was assaulted for building a dodgy structure in Mahatshula.Dont say i didnt warn you. Asijki! Ndatenda Baba Jukwa
Tsvangirai agent attempts to bribe Baba Jukwa again I have been asked how do I know this person was a Tsvangirai agent. This person has written before acting for Tsvangirai and pushing me to defend him in February. And now he comes again the second time telling me he will send an undisclosed amount of cash so that I destroy Tendai Biti this is clearly corruption. If Emmerson Mnangagwa and Robert Mugabe are scrutinised why shouldn't Tsvangirai be? So when you all see Tsvangirai killing, you shall all watch because he is Dr. Tsvangirai? All of you go ahead and leave this page it is for true Zimbabweans, asijiki! Asijiki! Ndatenda Baba Jukwa
Truth remains the same no matter how many followers or supporters you have (Sometimes a majority simply means that all the fools are on the same side). I don't even now if I should have the last laugh or not .Thank you for inboxing me this.I'm still not following his page.I thought he is still a psycho. Zvinotonzwisa tsitsi .It's a pity honestly .To even imagine that this so called Zanupf mole croco Baba Jukwa wrote the post below is a huge burden for me,yet it is reality.He is now definitely following in my footsteps which is good.And this is someone who connived with some MDC-T supporters last year and posted on his wall that I am a ZANUPF CIO. Zvinosiririsa but I thank God that his ghost has seen light. Unfortunately the page remains like public toilet where some MDC-T supporters are using all forms of profanity to attack him now and some are even saying he is Biti.But handiti ndiye akavarera pavaituka vamwe zvinyadzi achivati maCIO. Kurumwa hake nechokuchera samuGrade Seven aka muGrade Sewage .Enjoy . ...
WARNING WARNING WARNING Baba Jukwa account got infected by a virus. Sahwi.
Unedited Letter: Hide I.D. - Mudhara, thank you. Do you know kuti T.Nyaramba 3mnths now no salary for Tn workers his busy giving peple forced leave without pay and demoting workers now his bakery Masasa workers ar on strike hs taking party time people paying them $10 a nyt bt he cnt pay his workers and he recently bought new cars and the other one had an accident coming from Marondera cant he see God is punishing him now insted of paying thoz wu work for you u buy new cars wats dat yet in 3mths u managed 2gve ur wrkers $50 grocery and $140 cash nt even half f 1 mnth salary meaning u now owe evry worker of yours cloz 2 $1000 now yet u buy new cars open new shops 4wat wen u are crambling down Tipe mari dzedu. Asijiki! Ndatenda Baba Jukwa
I have unliked baba Jukwa. Those friends who used to call me BJ find another name.
Have been blocked by baba jukwa aaah ndafara. The mole no longer have nthing to tell pple akutotaura nyaya dzemapasport. Zvisinei tofamba naSAVE vakadaro
Arcadia Medical Centre and Marlborough Medical Centre, beware!!! If you are sick and go to any of these two, watch out because you will be served by angry, disgruntled workers. They owe workers' salaries from December last year. Why should they do this to their hard working employees? "If you approach them for arrears they simply find a silly basis to fire you," this should stop now!!! Asijiki! Ndatenda Baba Jukwa
Fake teachers recruited in Wedza Unedited letter: Hide my ID please. Temporary teachers were recruited on political patronage at wedza district yesterday .All Zanupf youths were given first priority without enough qualifications.All University Graduates failed to get places because they were not registered by Mai Mapurisa who is in charge of youth league in Wedza. Some schools in Wedza last year scooped 0% pass rate and this will further affect pass rate in Wedza. Asijiki! Ndatenda Baba Jukwa
Madz Contractors Unedited: plz hide id Madz Contractors of 12 Faber road, Bluffhill, Harare owned by Christopher Madzingira has not paid workers since November last year and he his living large buying mines and expensive cars while his workers are suffering. Asijiki! Ndatenda Baba Jukwa
Its so funny Baba Jukwa decided to block me coz im telling him the truth
Whr is Baba Jukwa in all caught the *** sleeppin
I have nothing to do with this ZANU Pf BJ, neither do i have enemies in ZANU Pf or any other political parties in Zimbabwe but these *** murderers, abusers keep dragging my name in mud. Nxaaa, msatanana Quote:: Latest On Baba Jukwa According to the investigations finalised by Gweru Central Police Station it has proved that Roleen Gandiwa is Baba Jukwa and has been working with the late minister who died in a car accident late last year. There are two cellphones which he was using that were taken from Gandiwa's mother and another one from his sister that had contact details of all his associates including PV Sibanda , E Mangoma ,Momeyarara T Mdc Harvest House , T Ruzvidzo . Its not yet clear who was giving him information about the politburo meetings as of now as we are still investigating on the names of the Agents found in his contacts. We have retrieved this information with the assistance of telecel Zimbabwe . We are still to get more information from the Ecconet Telecoms which has been refusing ...
It is true that I AM A BIG STUMBLING BLOCK to ZANU Pf and its operations, have talked about the people they have killed, have walled about the people they intend to kill and have warned many they want to abduct. Because of this, they now consider me a High Risk to their operations. That is true ladies and gents, had i been born earlier, i could have saved the lives of more than 20 000 innocent men, women and children Mugabe massacred by informing the world. Its unfortunate that i don't do business like your own Baba Jukwa who write names and addresses and phone numbers, i do things more technically, i wire that to other people who are more advanced and intelligent than you are. I know you read my wall, you have my phone numbers, address as on your bulletin but anything happening to me, the world will know in a split of a second. Now you are planning fraud charges against me, you are formulating a scenario that i helped in the death of people you killed.oh, what a silly way of doing business. Do you want m ...
ATM Card Thugs operating in Harare. There is a group of thugs some who came from Europe. They have methods of stealing from ATM card accounts, beware Great Zimbabweans. Unedited letter: plz hide id. Baba Jukwa for the benefit of would be victims in the future, it looks lyk we hv a new type of criminal activity in supermarkets. those who use atm cards to purchase groceries beware. especially wen u enquire for a balance & u don buy anything. it seems the end result of a balance enquiry would be a purchase of groceries purportedly by u. my wife was tricked in one supermarket ' name withheld' coz police are handling case as we speak. i deposited $80 child support money in her cabs a/c. she tried to withdraw later at cabs & was told that the money had purchased groceries at a supermarket in town where apparently she had passed thru on a certain day and enquired balance. reports so far indicate that the purchase was done in that shop. without devulging much coz police are handling case now; let me warn & advise ...
Say a prayer for Zimbabwe. Type a prayer below, Only good, favour, profts, and increase shall come to all who pray today. Say a prayer before you close your eyes. asijiki! Asijiki! Ndatenda Baba Jukwa
Life is like a ball that's true as u know that spies are there to deliver every information normatter how bad or how gud is it or that information is it true or false they dn't care I hear 1 the spies says 1 of the leader of BABA JUKWA rebels signed a final warning after failed to follow the rules and told his surgeant that he was busy teaching pple about the word of god although everybody knows that he was enjoying CASTLE LARGER In town
Baba Jukwa to be revealed. Watch this space.
Only one mad person would dream of receiving a Call from baba jukwa. Ayas.
February News!!! Mugabe pardons his relatives and members of his party including Pastor Gumbuka Jail capacity is 17K, there are 18K inmates now, over populated, meaning Zimbabwe is a violent state. Baba Jukwa closes page, £500K promised by the president for the identification given to his wife to go shopping in the East, Singapore Lastly, the witches story was Stage Managed, it wasn't true. Welcome to Zimbabwe. Morning morning ladies and gents. Love you all, God bless you all!!
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