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Baba God

In Sumerian and Akkadian mythology Bau (or Baba) was a goddess, daughter of An and Ninurta's wife. She had seven daughters, including Hegir-Nuna (Gangir).

Michael Jackson Paul Walker Da Grin Sam Loco Bishop David Oyedepo General Buhari Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

APC BUHARI versus PDP JONATHAN AT last, we have reached the trio junction: crossroads. This is what Yoruba people refer to as "Orita Meta". That terrifies (and troubles) strangers! Is that not so? Hm! Now, it's gonna be a straight "fight" (not war, but political game in the battlefield) between incumbent President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and General Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC). Fortunately, both are not NEW to the governance of NIGERIA. What's your take on these two eminent Nigerians, in whose hands our destiny (after Baba God, and possibly our parents, etc) and destiny of this country hang, beginning from February 2015, hopefully? Let's jaw-jaw on merits and demerits, or whatever your views, on the duo, and the future of NIGERIA, with either JONATHAN or BUHARI in the saddle as from February 14, 2015 as President and Commander-in-Chief! Your views please!
We are at the last local Government Area and Ewuga is still leading. Baba God we thank you.
"Fake life" when u dey Nigeria and ur location na Egypt or Dubai, taking pics with someone gold or phone , spending all ur last money on alcohol trying to get famous lmao, life na step by step and he dey turn u fit reach dat level later , just try to be yourself and not what ur not or what your not up to, fake life won't let u move further . Be real. Happy new month pals . Baba God go let am be blessed month for all self made hustlers . Insha Allah . ☺️blessed month😃
Dear Lord, u took my favorite dancer & singer away (Michael Jackson) U took my favorite :rappers, (2pac,Biggie,Dagrin) Now u've taken my favorite actor (Andy Whitfield- SPARTACUS), u took away my Hollywood actor (Paul Walker) u have also taken my best African leader (Nelson mandela) u have also taken away my favourite Ghanian journalist (komla dumor ) Dear Lord, I would like to let u know dat,(President Mahama n Asiedu Nketiah)are also my favorite politicians. I hope to hear from u soon Baba God!"
Baba Kj i dey gbadun jor God you o.
Baba God ey. Baba you be too much ey
Contemplate on God with all your heart. Chant His name and surrender to Him to redeem your lives. - Baba
Get it ft & now its ft wao... May God help you to keep the wheel roll always; baba mi...
He who watches over me never sleep... Baba God no dey shake
I be ordinary person wey baba God dey bless
God will never ask you to sin, ever. Cause vengeance belongs to Him and no one else.
Van Gaal finds new target to take the blame for injuries: 'The human body has been made by God, not by me.'
Tnx u BABA GOD for ur endless mercies
KC I sorry did not read or heard about your HBD. Anyways, may Baba God Increase your Wealth and optimize your...
Back from mosque, baba God pls answer my prayers!! Jah bless me nd ma family..
Ranvi baba i just wanna say dat love you so *** much & i'm very proud of u :* May God always showers his blessing upon u❤️
Ooh my god... My eyes.. My eyes.. What am I seeing... Bhagwan and his Bhakt... My eyes..
I am sure 2015 will shock the so called powerful untouchables in Nigeria. Baba God. show ur self.
Am now at the top i thank baba god double tuale to my guy samluv
na youb now baba youn get mouth gan .God bless your hustle
I thank Baba God 4 ma life and dat of ma family we re 4eve grateful 2 u baba let or name alone be glorify
Baba God don reason ma matter eehh.God is ma only oga at d top
baba we dey ur back and with God on our side we can do d impossible
"ThksBaba Oloye, I wish you God's speed in your political pursuit."
I need this sun 2mao, baba God pls let it shine!!
Oh!!! Baba 2face, take heart, for God giveth and taketh at a the appointed time designed by Him only.
i keep on hustling hard coz i know 1day baba God go bless me
"Without you Baba God its a lost case."
Baba God,...where this money dey na?
Time wounds all HEELS! Keep your head, HEELS and standards high! The higher the HEELS, the closer to BABA GOD!
Please don't sell your soul for the free book.Buy it and appreciate the hardwork that goes behind it.Also,its God's,hence.
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God bless you too baba. Much love to you.
Ameen RT"Baba God Blessing no go pass you by."
2months to get done with this school... 6yrs haul hasnt been funny but baba God been solid.
Baba I can't say I'm suprised by where you are. You have always been ahead of your time. More of God's blessings on your work.
Baba God pls naw, don't disappoint me naw.🙏
My bro in law passed that West African Physicians exam - The only Doc that passed in Yaba Left . for your wonders, I say t…
Make you remember say na baba God be our defender!
Amin aseBaba God Blessing no go pass you by.""
baba God shi elekun yankee am tired of this country
Amen "Baba God Blessing no go pass you by."
Baba God Blessing no go pass you by.
happy bday baba. God bless you... Tc and have a superb life ahead. Cheers
Thank God is Friday. count down to my buffday. baba God na u biko *smiling
King of Rapmusic in chairman God dey bless me Surely and Mercy shall me. I love
Baba God blessing no go pass you by, no go pass me by... We go live to see another Daylight like this
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Baba God blessings no go pass you by, He go bless you so Tey dem go ask you why!
Baba God blessing no go pass you by...
Big big S/O to baba God in heaven for making us to see another beautiful day today."
I just can't understand how God did it but this car accident didn't kill me ose oo baba
Baba God. You sef know say that Lex RC go make sense. Anything for boys?
Tnk u so much baba God! Ur blessings is sufficient 2 me, bday count down, no 1 is lyk u my awesome God! Take all glory, praises, honor, Adoratn! U 2 much oh oh!
Had a brief chat with this gentleman, it's his first time on a train, God bless you baba, you seem very humble
31st day of the 10th month of the year 2014, thanks to baba God for sparing our lives up to this moment.
Am so happy today,i just cant xplain why but its Baba God sha.Blessing is always accompany me everywhere i go
Finally I can laugh out LouD...Baba God Tuale School gonna feel my raft...Nonyswit and Co wah happen to ya numbs nah
Today is friday, ope ni fun Baba God.
Money dey, money no dey, baba God no go eva leave u..
Last day of the month, baba God show me the way
Baba God 2 you alone i give all the glory
When twins fight and banter each other off it's the funniest thing. I'd enjoy being a father to twins one day. Baba God i-throughball ikuwe.
The best love to love God is to love all and especially enemies. Baba
Gaffer 08 is looking up to you Baba God
I only luk up to god baba god doro mercy up on me is ur boi memory
Many things happened in the month of October and one of them is me being grateful for having one more day...thank you Baba God
Hmm! Baba God I tank u for every tin,e no easy jor.
I never knew that over thinking can make my body temperature 2 rise up to 99.9 degree centegrade enough 2 boil yam... Baba God give me same wisedom as king man ain't far from
Baba God please heal me o. So Dam sick right nw :( :( :( — feeling sick
Baba God your grace brought us thus far all in this month of mine. Thank you for this double addition.
Today is d last day of october ooo. Baba God i thank u.
Am so grateful to GOD 4 wat he has done 4 me ose baba God
I deserve the Top if u read state And Capital which state is d 1st,.? On matric number I'm at d top so why won't i be posted to top noticeable and recognized State. Baba God you are too much God's Own State... ABIA Here i come.
sorry for being late but better late than never... Happy bday baba.. God bless u always.. Cheers... N…
AAP terms Jung’s all-party meet an exercise in futility http: All must listen seriously to Baba Kejrilal. His talks have God's authorisation
my december djayin schedule is getting full and we aint in november yet! Baba God Oshe!
Too much money Lapo,no be my fault. Na Baba God,say so. Ma Jaiye Ori Mi. Turn Up Friday
Project Defence coming up soon. Baba God grant me your devine favour.
Final burial of An Apostle Field Marshall Rev Samuel Akinbode Sadela, 114 years of service to God RIP baba
Baba God"Who was the first person you spoke to today?
Great is our baba God so be prayerful
God is all. If you are happy to make me unhappy Loknath Baba... I want your happyness.. :)
We thank God wo baba you too much wo
mann nee-um,wallaha yaar mann nee-um (Baba Farid). I am not, by God,I am not.Quite a bit of legacy, stories attached to this kalaam.
TGIF..Baba God, tank yu for ur MERCY
31-10-2014 61 more days to go!!! Thank you baba God for bringing me thus far!
I am a prince even though my father is not a king.,,, Baba God na king of kings..royalty is my blood...weekend amarama
Baba God open d room of ur blessings 4 me nd my friends pls oh lord
Don't know if I can stay that long sha.when there is private practice! Let Baba God just bless one's hustle, amen!
Sole Agent~Baba Ramdev ??Chet Bhagat says God dsn't want agents like Imams/priests in btwn. Thus proving God spks to Bhagat.
I only need myself believe,determination and baba God to make it bigger
Last day of the month of October 2014,Baba God noni...
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Baba God dey just keep moltivating your fans Bless You
Baba GOD blessings no go pass you by sote dem go ask you why.
“Happy Birthday baba, We pray for long life and prosperity.”green baba, thanks bro, God bless ✊
Na baba God o"Last day of the month of October in the year 2014. Still alive, still breathing, still kicking, still pushing
Woke up so hapi dis morning. . is the reason
happy birthday baba moksanim, may God add you more years of fruitful ministry
Blessing from God is not soo Baba God keep on blessing me!!!
U don't need bikini 2 swim in God's blessings
I hail too baba' I release the grace of supernatural inspiration unto you today that as u play God will visit 2day!
That moment when rain is falling and u are about to steal meat from the pot then thunder strikes and u are like "God na…
HAPPY FRI:DDAY.D day a white colar job person is always happy and praying to God dat 'baba abeg make 4 nak...
I thank God for yesterday, Today and tomorow for his mercy, gift of life. Be thou exalted Baba..
I carry my hands and legs go up for Baba God wen nor dey go transfer! Ontop radio marras, your loyal boy Richard...
I greet baba God for life and to my igbo pple I say otutu oma to my naija. pple make una get beta day ifeanyi ifetex frm. okota
Good morning baba God and Special morning to my Sunshine "DOLAPO" help me tell her say I fit sell my kidney buy her escalade
God has filled my heart with love, peace, joy and contentment. 😍thank you Baba
God and His mode of operation sha.. Baba You Million much.. I Still dey patiently wait for you to be Billion much in my life!
Mesef I be Human being ooo , the Man in the mirror Na u wey i wan talk about - GOD bless 2 baba
happy birthday my Hyper-tech boss ever liveth...may God continue to open doors and bless ur bold steps in life...Blessed baba
Yes oo! I thank God for letting me see the end of this month. Baba God am grateful o!
Baba God I thank you o for addin another year to my life. If not for you I wonder where I would have…
Lord Sai Baba Temple: Lord Sai Baba TempleSeason of faith, worship and belief!! Do...
OMO NAIJA N'IMI! I pledge to 9ja my country, I go dey faithful, loyal and honest; I go serve 9ja with all my Garri strength, I go defend the small unity wey still dey; And uphold her honour and glory, Abeg, help me Baba God. This is my re-dedication to the service of my fatherland. The country cannot help herself because the hegemony is despotic. Yes, I know the system is not working as supposedly should, but it can still work as expectedly desire. I refuse to join the media titans to decry the State, as this is simply noise-making of zero-effect. Lambasting the polity is cheap and anybody can do that. Being a subject to workable solutions that would ameliorate the commonwealth is what anybody cannot do. I have come to understand why some criticisms would never work. What is more puerile than chiding a child without any practical correction of the wrong done? This is exactly the immaturity underlining most of our criticisms against the hegemony. Imagine 'them' not moved with our outcry as they rather soun ...
Iam Bravo-G,iam happy`if you are happy ,iam happy cos music make me happy,you are not happy get no worrie,baba God the work on your metter.oluwa go make you happy,call me Bravo-G the best entertainner
The All-Powerful, Healing Word of Baba. The food we usually consume gets sanctified upon offering it to God.
Baba GOD, remember me in all ur procceding 2day. nd crown my efforts wt all ur GLORY (IJN) amen.
Looking up 2 d hills 4 whence cometh my help,my help cometh frm d LORD who made heaven nd earth. Grateful 2 God 4 waving northern state of my way 4 my NYSC. Ekiti state of mind. Baba God noni
So hapi am nw learning computer after dat nekede poly things follows wao baba god u 3 much am so happi ur so faithful i love u love
Baba God, I dey twale give u 4 de beta beta tins wey u dey do 4 us o! Espeshal 4 dis lyf wey u com giv us frm dat day wey our MAMA dem carry us com dis ogbonge world wey we dey inside so,. but Papa e get one tin wey me I wan beg u so. Since dat time wen we dey small na im dem tell us say HIV plus im broda AIDS na sickness wey dem no get so we open mouth, open ear plus nose dey do researching make we stop am b4 we know, some boys com gada diaselves change dia name com dey kil kil ppl anyhow. Dat shock never even finish 4 our body b4 we know anoda wahala don com. Dis one now dem call am EBOLA if u breath na wahala, if u chop na d same tin, if we com shake hand nko? Haba! Baba God abeg rememba ur children wit ur mercy ooo! Even dose promise wey u do wt our papa dem $ Abraham say bad bad tin no go happen to us abeg rememba dem al!. In Jesus name Amen.
Thank u Lord for adding another year to my years today.. i looked back and see what you have done, what you are doing and what you ar set to do in my life and my family.. indeed baba God i say KABIYESI re Oluwa... all roads lead to my crib.. ama drink drink, ama eat eat till mama call..
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Baba God Baaba xtwo i tnk u dat nothing bad goin on @ my home town Juaben,al is wel der :::stil Xtwo Baaba:
i'm so grateful 2 u baba God...more of ur grace...
I will always give thanks to you Baba God, You are to much joor Thank you and more Blessing to me.
baba God pls give me ur wisdom as 2 live my life nd i ask 4 enduring patience
Energy energy energy energy energy no b me baba god noni
Baba God go Make Way for u n me. Can I c any hand 2 type amen?
A man came back from church and lifted his wife wondered and said "honey this is new" you've not done this before this shows you're loving me the more. The man replied our pastor said we should lift our problems to God. Try and lift your problem to baba God he's really waiting to have them all.
I thank Baba God for All He Has Done for Methe Day of My Birth
There is only one God, He is Omnipresent. . - Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Let all prase Baba God all the tm, y? Bcos he save all truth month of Ramadan. Nw rejoice in Allah always. I wll say it again REJOICE.
Another female sucide Bomber blew up herself in kano poly while innocent students were checking their results,I just hope the chibok girls are not been used for these act, Baba God Na your hand we dey o, May the soul of the students that died and the souls of all the failthful departed rest in Peace Amen..
All thankz to Baba God. Finally Affirmed it D.r now attached
I would only believe in a God that knows how to dance.
THANKS TO BABA GOD every thing moving on well give me
Baba god i hv noting to give but to say tink u
I always thank God for you are a Blessing to us all n yu have big heart we love you soo much
I will always praise you name Baba God
Baba God, Thank you for making our journey paeceful & safety to Ghana yesterday, Baba I am glad. O Ghana here I come.
u BABA GOD!!! Lagos state camp here I come!! I luv u father dere is no 1 like u.
Tanks 2 all my fans nd 2 dos dat support me d joni so far big tanks may baba GOD bless nd reward u cash yor.
On my way to Nnachi Ogu,Baba God pls grant me journey mercy in jesus name amen.
stil ur guy VICSON hustle tinz continues BABA GOD help us future z my concern notin man can say i wil keep focus..TEEMMY nooni
Baba God tank u 4 the safe trip, am back from the land of my birth...
Arch-leader of d whole universe...I give u a big thanks 4rm d deepest part of my heart.4 taking me out 4rm a perilous place 2 a wonderfull and peacefull place.all my achievement dat ave achieve and my total life is absolutely urs.enemies wish 2 terminate my baba God cancel there wishe's.THANKS GOD OF gods.
Yess RedHKN baba! I've been waiting to meet GREAT pple lyk U many years back,ThankGod im now ur follower.God bless u more
And u think this world is not coming to an end soon😃😄 life is hard yo!!! baba God juz blow half time…
Angels of Jesus, Angels of God. Singing to welcome. Will praise u lord wif all ma heart. In all situation I find ma self, will still praise ur name. Luv u lord. Baba God u be too much.
everybody signing hallelujah hallelujah make we sing oohhh I say help me sing ooh! babe you ti too much wee bababa baba god eee
Baba God i praised ur name,in my life
I'm feeling quite liberated after that physics exam. Baba God was graceful to me!
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Baba God abeg do for us, Baba God abeg we no wan dey enta bus, baba God we no wan use leggedez benze, Baba God i hope im makin some sense !!
Always be thankful for everything you have.”baba GOD osShey
Just keep doin Waccu doin and don't watch nobody!!!. Na who u go listen, to d baba god deyy! Eh Waalahhi *music* *music* *music*
Baba God blessings will never pass us by in Jesus name AMEN.
Fruitful day so far. Baba God Noni!. thanks for believing in our brand.
War here. 200 girls missing there. Ebola virus spreading here. Planes disappearing there. Baba God blow whistle for at least…
Made my baby chocolate chip waffles for breakfast♡. That with a baba, gave her food coma. She's knocked out. Thank God for morning naps! Lol
Baba God's blessings no go pass me by
Pounds Flows All over my vinesonly Look up To God God No Ni,A Big ShoutOut To hem
Trust that whatever happens it's for God's greater purpose 😌
" wake up see the light eh See the future is bright eh and e dey enter for eye eh Make you do your best eh Baba God go handle the rest eh"
My headache just went dead as I even hoped to praise Baba God at with on August 16
Baba God has been good to me. A new day to see. Oluwa mi modupe!
Who made it 4me If nOt Yuh God.. . God Made it. He turn big matter into...
"baba i dey fear ur nose for your avii oh!"lol!!! God Punish you dere!!!
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...happy birth day to baba.may God give him eternal love n happiness:-) ...
thankful to baba God that nairabet did it dis hols GLORY
Baba God bless ur hustle ,happi buffday in advance,hope am invited to the place tonite
They used to hate all those same people don dey hail me.baba God noni...
A new day and all thanks to BaBa God
🙏God bless my mama . God bless my baba🙌
Am loving GOD and the "angels" He gave me as friends and family. Hi5 to Baba GOD jor.
"Baba God no send say u no send me, he wakes me up every morning he too dey bless me" - Reasurring bars by
Life is amazing! Thank u baba GOD 4 more day in this word! was massive.There was too much anointing in the house.Baba God u too much.
2013 show in Manchester me and BABA DEE and many more thank God for life
Today: think bigger, think better. Work harder, work smarter. Do all that you can with all that you have. Baba God Noni
Baba God's Blessings no go let me Die
Baba GOD blessing no go pass u by this week!
It's like down to level zero!... Baba God is where I rest my hope
Well I myt not get no mints on me, buh I tell you my life aint how it used to be. Aint boxed lyk I wish to be and yet I aint broke like I used to be anymore, Baba God na ur handwork.
Pls my frnds i wnt u 2 hlp me wit pryes, my only mum shi is serously sick, de took her 2 village bcos no 1 wil hlp her in twn n am nt in nas xtate;( my mum oo baba GOD hlp 2 hill my mum 4 me. Kai aego ;(#
"Happy birthday baba. God bless the hustle."
Happy birthday baba. God bless the hustle.
To God you should give your love. For only He can fulfil the pledge of True Love. This world is nothing but an illusion. Baba Bulleh Shah
chop up notin do u,keep on cos God dey always dey by ur side,all de enemies must gbagaun...chop up bro,no shaking
Wow! am Birthdaying 2day,baba God I giv u all d praise,hm Father its all ur making o, Lord u re 2 much,u 2 dey bless me.
Baba God. if na butter go delay ma daily bread, abeg gimme like dat. I get groundnut.
Baba god av mercy on me o bcos I need ur mercy
So loving dis Blackmagic's song wif d Musical Taliban. Baba God blessing no go pass me by o
If wishes wer truely horses, how will u ride ? BABA God U too much 4 ur love
This life is noting bcs each nd every soul must testifine a dead, may Allah 4give us our sinner, nd bles us nd recive our ibadat all d tme, bcs every humanbeing is a sinner baba God 4give us bcs of dis bleesing month of ramadan karéèm ameèn.
Baba God,u av been doin it 4 me.i know u are goin 2 it again.And am goin 2 b greatful
Baba God please reason with ma matters
Life without problem is like a sschool without lesson. Baba God please help me solve my problem.
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To make money no be muscle Baba God Bless my Hustle
Not everybody will want to hear that you are progressing, but no matter what they do. Baba GOD PASS THEM.
Baba GOD don they listen to Niger prayer. BABA expose them I means the jonas of nigeria never allowed matter 2 be sweep under carpet.Brother JO. Ma Lo GOO oam,
waooo. Exams things gone at last. Thanks to baba GOD e no dey fail.
Baba God I tank u so much 4 blssin me plenty like dis,I knw dis is only d start buh baba God permit me 2 ask dis 1ce,wit all d blssing wey u pack pour 4 we country y
Baba God success is all i seek for...
Father lord I tank u for the final paper today and also through my 3yrs program in kwara poly, baba GOD I appreciate u n tank u, success is my portion!!
Baba God you saw me looking through the tl of rich kids snapchat please Butter my bread so i can choose between lambo and rarri amen
Shower of multiple blessings from Baba God... Thank you Allah
Thank you baba God for your blessing
Oh! Baba God, be with me now as am going sleep,protect me from evil one till tomorrow.AMEN!!
i never see any one like u dat is why i always say thank u baba God move me to another me chi 4 christ.
Baba God u are too much, tnk u for ur grace and mercy in my life.
2much of rainy here, baba God is in charge.
If your gf last 4 your hand no be your power baba God do am
Baba GOD blessing no go pass you by
Mehn! Today rain wan finish me. I was waiting for tricycle i knw c, the one i saw friends Abeg come c cold. Bt all thesameGod i salute you#
o God my father ples have mercy upon the youth of this nation that cannot out of foniketion and manstobetion, dear God ples forgave us, baba God wil dy beg u
Baba God, humbly I come to thee. Make me be, all u want me be. Amen!
I knw for sure that very soon baba God ma bu owo lu
Money dey money no dey baba god will never leave u..
Your mum is using NOKIA torchlight with broken screen and rubber band holding the battery and phone 2geda and ur girlfriend has changed phone twice dis year, now she's using bb porsche , all from ur account and you sit there singing "sweet mother I no go 4get u" ah !!! ...baba God is soaking ur koboko with petrol and salt. OMO ALE JATI JATI OSHI. CHECK URSELF EVEN AS U LOL MORN ALL
Thank you Lord for your Exceeding Grace @ work in my life nd family. Baba God, u too much!
I tank Baba God 4 journey mercy. Am now in Ikeja Lagos state and it's raining
Baba God you are too much in my life today!!!
yeah, I do! Its gotta be baba GOD na; no one else has the 'swag' implant, nor the style design that HE's freely given you.
I have to give baba GOD thanks despite the death of my wife in 2012 may 7th he has been there for me and the Kid she left . People of country help me parse master Jesus.
10 more day 2 my bufday,baba God noni
Baba God Thank you , i go serve you better in all circumstances.
Guys abeg make una dey always tank baba God o 4 de life an money
Back to the Lion's den, baba God na your hand work o.
Baba God abeg dis rain don dey too much ooo
Baba God blessings won't pass me by...
Cool rain dropping at this hour of d nite, there ain't better time than now. Baba God, kudos to U
Baba God don butter my bread... I must eat with u all
Enemies, all around. Buh me sef no go worry, 'cause Baba God dey by ma side. O:)
Baba God eh, baba you be too much eh 🎶
yes papa its only baba God who has the final say,
Jim Ovia couldn't wait to get back to what he knows best. UBA awaits Tony in a short while. Baba God be our 'Corporate governance' director.
Everythin no bi by power but by d Only Mercy of Baba God.Oluwa wa Sibe
it's nice for discussion but a killer for the academic setting. Baba God came alive
Fack! This is the "last week" I promised. Baba God mo ma need help e keh.
This weather is cold o, Baba God be a boo provider.
Baba God,big thank you for progress and let the goons be a part of it. More to come
Any disappointment is a blessing from god
ha y u no tell me say ur time don reach to go see baba God na
Abbreviation dat says it all. Baba God blessings no go pass us by.
Pastor on Gospel Classics repeat. Such an honourable man though 😊💛. God bless you baba❤. I'd really love to meet you one day.
Ehh God one time I left my door and windows wide open! Was too late to use raid. Baba God be a mosquito net! Babanla Mosquitos
Yes. This is baba bullay Shah kalaam :-). It says "don't break anyone's heart, because God resides there"
this year i will leave dis school nd i will say thank u to baba God.
gud pm baba really feeling all your great works i pray God make u bigger.kfb
Baba God will bless ur papa and ur mama
Say baba God will bless u beaucoup beaucoup u will never lack...
All praises and adoration 2 baba Godstill alive.
Baba God noni"Started from the bottom now we here"
Am currently twenty one (21).having a label of my own, starting to live ma life to d fullest. Baba GOd pls Bless ma Hustle
Thanks to Baba God for the fame and respect
Birthday loading. Baba God, may all glory to unto you Lord.
Gehn gehn. Conte has resigned. Baba God make Vidal to Utd happen plus Pogba will be awesome.
God bless this chairman baba toh cover mi lol
When a cute girl sneezes, 'you dnt say bless you' because baba God has already blessed her
d govt dey help dem nah...make baba God save us oo
I may not like the actual substance, but my god, I do love the words Baba ghanoush.
Chilling like 5live . Baba GOD do am
Are you God? “You busy mocking other people, are u perfect?”
You busy laughing at other people's problems, are u God?
baba folarin 'y'all for the support on "the. followers" and "MMG under God"
Baba God "Cc someone who always makes you smile?
Breaking news ; Ladies & gentle men, boys & girls. I present to U all de freshest graduate ( COMPUTER SCIENCE) on earth. Baba God noni..
just seen your sc!! Baba God fully involved :) woop! Proud of you. ♡ (those books weren't john grisham doe. Seen lol lol)
Many congrats left right and center: building / church dedication, international awards, twins delivery, etc. Baba God, do it for your boy.
i tank God o. Na 2day be tanxgivin service 4 all de welli welli tinz Baba God do 4 me n u.
I want to enjoy everlasting eternity with my Maker,chat with him...Baba God can Twerk too now abi because he's a Happy Papa
Finally, i've gotten the Almighty PVC at Udenu LGA in Enugu State. To cut the story short. As a smart guy, i helped the INEC guy sweeping the office, and in return of my kindness to him, he gave me my PVC on a platter. If u see the crowd there eh! Hmmm! They were up-to 1000 let me nt exerggerate the number. But i was opportuned to get mine in d midst of such crowd. It pays to be humble u know. Thank u Baba God!
I Pray o! "Baba God, as you parted the Red Sea for the Israelites, so shall you part Iran's defense for Niger…
Happy Father's Day to Baba God who adopted us through His one and only Begotten Son Jesus. Happy father's day to father Abraham, through whom we have the promise Happy father's Day to GEJ the best President so far in Naija land. Happy father's Day to all my mentors, Dr. Myles Munroe, Robert T. Kiyoski, Bishop David Oyedepo, Dr. Cosmas Ilechukwu, Pastor Chris Oyakilome, Rev. Sam Adeyemi, Bishop T.D Jakes, and Brian Tracy. I see the result am looking for in these men. Finally, Happy father's day to my one and only Dad, The most handsome man on earth whom i draw inspiration from whenever i look into his life today, i always challenge and encourage myself to be focus. He's indeed a man of discipline and he works by principles which has earn him the result he has today. I began my life as an Entrepreneur through his help.
Happy Fathers Day! First as a reminder of my sonship to Baba God. To my Dad Mr. Chukwuma Daniel Onwuka, my Father - in - law Mr. Ken Ichoku, My Spiritual Papa Bishop David Oyedepo, every one who has played a fatherly role in my life and every Father out there. Happy Fathers Day!
Baba God bless my hustling. I need money like centrAl bank .
Sapele Glory Must Be Restored! WETIN YOU GO DO SO? SAPELE PEOPLE MUST HERE HON CHIEF CYRIL ABEYE OGODO, NA YOU BE APC DEPUTY CHAIRMAN FOR DELTA STATE HERE, YOU DE NA YOU DE ASSIST US FOR OUR STUDIO HERE BUT THIS THING WHEN YOU DO SO I MUST SPREADAM LIKE CANCER, YOU KNOW SAY MY NAME NA UNUGBRAGADA MEANING(Big Mouth): GBWA! GBWA! GBWA! - _ _ _ FELICITATION! We the entire Sapele Olofofo Unugbragada work force join our hand in unity take lift our Amiable, distinctive, eloquent, gorgeous and ever reliable Father, Mentor, friend and ever dependable benefactor when be the person of Hon Cyril Abeye Ogogo (The Deputy State Chairman of APC Delta State) as you carry your first grand pikin as sacrificial lamb to God yesterday for church, na our prayer for you as wise men take yan say the greatest attitude is gratitude, since you get Baba God for your hear take go do this thanksgiving for church to extent say you get the mind to tell Baba God thank you for the life of your pikin and your first grand pikin, we pray f . ...
Baba God show me the way... Am tired of this Google map...way of life
Baba God you too Good ooo,you do well for me n my family.i go dey praise you forever ooo ti ti lailai.Thank you my Lord.God Bless Nigeria,God Bless Africa,God Bless Us All.Amen.
Baba God see me thru oooh.I need ur mercy ooh lord
Baba God plz remove trobule and backwardness frm my life...Gosh!!! Wen wil I grow up
Listening to "I don't mind waiting by Juanita Bynum live" God Thank you for Today! So grateful Baba God thank you!
Baba God on my way 2 Nasarawa state pls pray safe trip.
I heard n saw on my news feed of another bomb blast in Abuja, guess they had to make another statement this May 1st,but the deal breaker is that if Abuja is not safe, where else in this country is? Baba God save your children#
Ei Atletico Madrid God go punish you well well!!! I haven't finished mourning my sweet mother sef wey you guys last night compound to the merciless degree my already sorrowful state. My head dey bash me brutal!!! Baba God and Oga Jesus make YOU combine YOUR POWERS and smite the entire Atletico Madrid players for me! Amen!!! Chelsea Paa this? My enemies get me!!! I dare you to rub it in.. I have Baba God and Oga Jesus' digits on my speed dial. Abi you wan face their smiting vengeance?
I tnk de almight God for adding another yr to my yrs. I want to say tnk u Baba God.
Bible Translations in Pidgin English John3vs16 For d way God take follow love all country man and woman wey dey dis world, na im make am give bro J to come collect die 4 all of una wey dey read dis thing so, so dat no matter d plenty opata wey u don throw for everywhere ; if u believe say na him be elder bros, u no go kpai at all no matter the number of kpayans wey dey ur family, but your life go dey from lailai to lai lai. John10vs10 for d thief no dey show for your background just like dat; him come to kpai, to relocate and to scatter like bulldozer, but i show your area to give you life and that life ehn to yafunyafun. John11vs35 Na so bro J comot water from him eye o, (JESUS WEPT) Jer29vs11 English version For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Pidgin I sabi the thing wey I dey arrange for u inside my mind,na so Baba God talk am, arrangement wey be say your mind go dey kule' and no be for bad belle at all at all; ...
Lord grant me safe trip back to Port Harcourt as u have always done!!! Baba God noni !
NIGERIA!!! boo,anu ozo# if not boko haram,e go b rape case or gunmen(fulani herdsmen)! Baba God na 4 ur hand wey we sitdown d look!
Baba God a very big thank you for another birthday. You have not allowed the plans of my enemies to prevail me all ds yrs. Ira uzooka,baba ose,dalu chineke,nagode jesu,avbo oomori, obekha okhena,uwese osenobua.
Lord you are so good, you are good to me for giving me this very job I ve been asking you for since. Jesus I so much appreciate your loving kindness towards me. Honestly I thank u for this wonderful opportunity for making me a member of Eco Bank. Dalu Baba God. Noni Onyenwem na Chukwu m.
Finanly, finanly, am back home from akosombo. Baba God glory be to your name for granting me traveling mercy. Woosh wat a long journey!
Life is in phases & men ar in sizes.Bishop David Oyedepo. Over 5,000 copies of dis book has been sold within Enugu state. God is the author & Samson Femi Taiwo is the marketer. Baba God na ur handwork.To God be all the Glory.
Baba God of infinate mercy hv done it 4 me again o,safe trip my portion.
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