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Baba God

In Sumerian and Akkadian mythology Bau (or Baba) was a goddess, daughter of An and Ninurta's wife. She had seven daughters, including Hegir-Nuna (Gangir).

I would like to encourage my friends out there not to give up in life, regardless of the situation. Why? Because, I have really tested and discovered that where there's a will there definitely a way will be made for you at long last-that is if you last long. Today, Niger Delta Computer Project is becoming so real after 6 years of struggles, backstabbing, muscle-flexing and godfatherism problems. Baba God nani o.
This world we are in can be compared to Gulder ultimate search, we the humans are the contestants, situations of life are the puzzles to be solved, the spirit of giving up is the Chidi Mmokeme in it,the spirit of not giving up is the major ingredient you need to stay in the game and Baba God is the only one that can evict you from the game,not even your superior (Boss) can, so keep playing to the point,you get to find that missing treasure(that one thing that makes u happy). It could be that one thing that defines who you are, don't ever, for any reason give up in this treasure hunt we are in.# Usoh Edet Antinga
2015 ELECTION year is fast approaching.already Presentiments,anxieties over perceivable imminent danger, premonitions and all steadily escalating sense of foreboding akin to our collective pre-election political culture is rising.they emanate as a result of our marshy political terrain where elections are followed with widespread mayhem.for those who who find themselves cocooned or residents and not native in certain volatile geo-political configuration of this nation-state(Nigeria),renowned for post election skirmishes,mass exodus is indispensably a sine quo non.such movement to me is germane,wise and cannot be wished away. make i begin wise up oh! Baba God no dey sleep.
Dear Lord, u took my favorite dancer & singer away (Michael Jackson) U took my favorite rappers(2pac, Biggie). Now you've taken my favorite actor(Andy Whitfield-SPARTACUS). U have also taken my best African Leader(Nelson Mandela)& my favorite journalist( Komla Dumor away). Dear Lord, I would like to let u know that (President Mahama and Asiedu Nketiah) are also my favorite politicians, I hope to hear from u soon Baba God!
Dear Lord, You took my favorite Dancer & Singer away (Michael Jackson).You took My Favorite Rappers (2Pac, B.I.G & Da Grin).Now You have taken my Favorite Actors (Andy Whitfield-Spartacus, Paul Walker & Sam Loco).Dear Lord I would like to let You know that General Buhari & Chief Olusegun Obasanjo are also my Favorite Policticians. I also want u 2 knw dat Maheeda is my favourite gospel singer, Afro Candy & Cossy Orjiakor are my best actresses. Once again Kanye west is now my favourite rapper & lastly, Boko haram is my favourite terrorist group in the world. You know na Baba God, I hope to Hear from You soon
Psalm 23 pinging language joke. 1.[/b]Baba God na my shephard, i dey kampe. [b]2. E make me sidon for where betta dey flow, come put me near stream make mai bodi thermacool. 3. E panel beat mai soul come spray am white, come dey carry me dey go through express road go meet righteousness, sake of Im name. 4. Walahi!, if I waka pass where arm robber, 419 and juju people boku, come even join boko haram reach valley of the shadow of death sef, mai bodi dey inside cloth. Your rod and staff nko? Na so dem dey like back bone dey comfort me. 5. You don prepare beta food on top table make I chop. All mai enemies dey look waa waa, ** mtcheeew long throat**. You rub me for head wit vaseline intensive lotion. Mai cup na River Niger wey overflow im bank. 6. True true, betta life and mercy go gum mai back till I quench. And man pikin go tanda for God house from lai lai to lai lai. GOD ALMIGTHY NA YOU BIKO AMEN
May thy will be done father few hours left to say bye bye to 2013 and welcome to 2014. Baba God help us o
Fenx to jah. Imo state,oolu ,nkwere , my room all completed. Baba God okshey !
God I thank you for all that you have done and for all that you will still do...I give you thanks baba GOD.
😭 I swear baba, craps na gift from God
Glad to wake up this morning healthy,am giving thanks to the almighty GOD.Play Eshe baba by Rosy Ohon
Baba God tnk u for the gift of life.
Great Things the Lord has done. Baba God Noni... Ziiiíziii
Tank God is last friday of 2013... Baba God guide n protect me n my luv one as we luk up 2 2014, blessed tin ahead
I just did what HE command -solat. Baba God pls grant me all my request too.
Baba God thank u for making us to see dis day.
Where I'm at right now hmmm I know Baba God mad at me ooo but please father-- forgive me ooo.
Baba God u are wonderful 4 making me be among of pple dat se d last friday of dis ogbologbo odun 2013. Baba u are 2much. Glory be 2 ur name...
Baba God see me 2ru as i travl 2day!
Its the break of dawn. Thank you Lord for this new day. Baba God you too much!
Don't just thank God because it's Friday... Thank God because it's another great day!
"I stand over the East and the West; I am no yogi and no saint, but a God-Man, as was Christ." Meher Baba
Is as if,is by my powers cos I do have journey mercy each time I travel,I know UR Behind this am grateful,Maximum Respect BABA GOD. I ♥ Xmas
12,419 days on earth. Baba God noni
Sometimes I wonder if I've met my wife yet and then I think God I hope not
if God saved you from a bad situation
Such a beautiful man...baba God knows what I want 🙏
The only truth in this world is the worship of God, immerse yourself in this and you will find all the happiness. - Baba Bulleh Shah
To you God only I give Glory and adoration to. Thank you Baba for your care
My life was like a dry vessel . But the love for god is like the drops of elixir of life. -Baba Bulleh shah
Baba God tank u 4 a new day lik dis
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Happy Birthday may God continue to bless you in beauty and wisdom!!
Baba god plss see urs thrw dis joney save
I wanna be great. Baba God grant me..
Baba God bless me more today, where ever I go today let me find your favor.
It’s sad that you feel you need some rapist baba to get to your god. I wouldn’t believe in a god that needed me to go through a man.
5 days left till 2014.Baba God is still in the business of miracles. Very expectant.
Congrats baba "pullova","okoso master" and the "Limpopo crooner is just the beginning of great things to come...God bless
If you dey hustle and work. Say Baba God go bless you boku. You go never never lack. Baba God bless your mama. Hin go...
Two years already...Baba God thank you
Lol. Baba God is great sha. I'm humble.
Baba mi let's just thank God for life "Na wa for u o RT
Got so much to do this semester ending. Quizzes upon quizzes. Baba God help me. @ Akdeniz-Danya Dormitory
PRAIZ BABA! Thank God for his award too.My Peeps be bagging these Awards
Shout out to Ill Bliss. God make u bigger. Baba just dey connect men!
Cheeky gold tooth with that buff smile and goatee distin baba god give me composure!
BABA GOD still making it happen for me
iNew years eve iyangshela.. Tempting me. I just want a night with Baba God, praying.
Baba God na ur hand we dey oo ! Tnks 4ur love, wisdom, care n Grace !!! Fanz we Love you all...
Na so baba me ! I dey on prayer mode for u tonite ! "GOD is good all the time ."
Baba god i just wont 2 see tank u 4 everytin
I thank God for my life.!!!. Baba God blessings. Mum's prayers
baba thank God for ya own o. my experience at Rhythm Unplugged was just from the bottom of *** at least dem no bounce u
Sleeping baba god wake me up 2morrow, insahallahu,
Baba god about to sleep more blessing tomorrow amen
Biggest name baba God you too much.
Baba God am. Expecting my chrismas gift oh
Thank Baba GOD for making Today succesfull to us.
Baba god!!! Ple Give me good health in my life.
Baba God thank u for blessing my hustle.
I thank baba God for making me see the last month of year 2013 glory be to in the hightest (halluyah) [kayuz]
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Baba God u're my father 4lif, i love you?
Baba God i tank u for seen 25 of december 2013
Baba god thanks you for saving my life
Shi, baba God is on top the matter.
Baba God before the end of this year let me and who ever type AMEN receive new blessings in jesus name. If u belive type AMEN
Baba God do ham cool i dnt wanna lack.,..
Baba God i thank you for nourney mercy
Baba god dey by my Side.I don't no of U.
Baba God u too much i thank u 4 my Life.
BABA GOD please do your wonder am counting on you
Baba God thank you for d life u gave us.
Na baba God na go keep us till 2014
Baba God u are wonderful,I bless u lord.
Baba God na the boss. I thank God for journey mercy
Baba god i thank u for making me see today
Baba God na you sure pass bless my hustle.
My life just got more interestin...Baba God noni
Lord,i give u thanks.Boxing day on point.baba Baba God noni.
Baba God. success is all I ask for.
Baba God on point. Happy Xmass my pals.
Baba God bless my way merry xmas evri bdady.
Baba God thank u sir for this wonderful xmas
baba God thank u may ur name be glorify
Baba God tanks so much 4 de gift of life.
Baba God noni. We plan but u execute, we pray u answer, we talk u act, u r indeed bigger dan wat nations say u are! Tnk u 4 yesterday, 2day and 4 2morow. Thank u Lord, 4 we kn dat der is hope in our end.
Thank BABA GOD for a brand new day.
Baba god, success is all i ask for ameen
Baba god i thank u this moring for my life
95.1 Wazobiafm,Lagos. & dey here for 'Morning Waka' and we dey sey make una start to dey thank Baba Godey for dis day wey be Boxing Day.No b God?Eyes open!
Woke up in london,ontario Sleeping in houston,texas. Baba God noni
xmas tings,baba God u too much 4 me n my entire family
Baba God u are wondaful.Am still faithful
Baba GOD tank u 4 a great day like dis
BABA GOD enlarge my coast make i grow
baba God Bonjoour,i have work and pray bless my hustle
Baba God pls am begging u to come ad heal me
Thank baba God for being there for me all the time.
Baba God u too much. I thank u Lord.
Baba God u too much. Happy xmas to all my frd
Lord I thank you for adding another year to my years, Baba God noni.
Baba God,I thank u for a wonderful Christmas.
Baba God,I thank you for a wonderful
Baba God let d journey from here to Benoni be easy.
Baba god we tank u 4 seeing 2 day .
Twas fun celebratin ma love anniversary yestrday;d 4th!...Ao do I managed it...*sigh*...Baba God noni.
Baba God pass them, Is my time to shine.
Baba al urs..dah glory nd praises
Baba God tank u 42day,imo on my mind.2moro tinz
Baba God I'm feeling happy for my existences
.baba God bless ma new track.
Baba GOD pass dem, we shall fly save
Baba God don bless now am taking ova
from when it was created by God himself! Baba God noni 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Aww I thank God for my parents being able to provide for me & my siblings this Christmas man 🙏 Baba God noni 🙌
Baba GOD thank u oh 4 making me see xmas.
Baba GOD is surer dan any other person
Baba God turned up for me. Thanks to God. Merry Xmas
Baba God don buter my bread and ami sugar my tea
Baba God, na ur hand u dey today ooo.
Baba God noni for a great day like dis
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BaBa God.when ur boys go step is Shid
oh baba God ..thank..u for a safe trip.
Baba GOD bless my frnds nd family hustle...
Baba God noni started from d bottom now we are here oluwa e shey up and tankful Thank you lord for the gift of life I willl continue praising your name God Lord can you here me speak
Thank u lord 4 makin me see anoda xmaz...Baba God noni!!!
So it's another Christmas. Thank you Lord. Baba God noni. 🙏
Go to mama's house jor "First Christmas as a Bachelor.Baba God noni"
Its anoda year of celebration and thanksgiving. Baba God noni I am really greatful lord merry Xmas celebration to u all. And a glorious year in advance .
Tank u o Lord for anoda Carol on earth. Baba God noni
TGIT.Victory is my name.DMT CEO.Baba God noni.Jah we thank u 4 d cruel.sure u will make us survive it all.we wanna go higher...upgrade us 4rm grass 2 grace God.Watch Out..Manny m
party party party I no fit shout o is my day Baba God noni. come celebrate with me
Baba God noni ... Baba it aint easy but we dey push am "how u..baddest manager"
Thank u Lord, for your mercy have guard us till date. Baba God noni.
Am not Rich but am very far from Broke. Baba God noni
I give thanks to God for the thing I have,see and control. Baba God noni 2014 loading
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This year has been tough but I have been BLESSED beyond my expectations! Baba God noni
its bin a long tym but am bak again with full force. Baba God noni
sure boss we de ur back. Baba God noni, u gt bad *** producer, if u need beats holla too i de tidy
Alive healthy .what more can I say...Baba God noni...thankful...from conception till date.
Baba God noni, God does his tins at d appointed time
Your word is yes, your word is Amen. Baba God noni.
I just want to give Twale to Baba God noni..for his grace and mercy that he has showed on me"family & friends..
On my way 2 Benue State, Baba God na ur hand we dey ooo. Grant us journey mercy.
Baba God noni.Respect 2 u jah Jehovah 4 given us ur only begotten son dat whosoever believe in Him will nt perish bt av eternal life.Merry xmas 2 all frndz in advance
i no dey piano but alway on key Baba God noni bless me even with moni He even touch me
My heart, not stolen, not broken, not mishandled. Baba God noni
9 more days to da end of year 2013. Baba God noni...Oluwa is involved anytime anyday.
Christmas Vacation in the U.S no be beans... Baba God noni.
Rightly in Osun State for a wedding! Baba God take control.
Still on countdown tins to my bathday, 8days remaining, Baba God noni
Its a gOod thing to see another day. Baba God noni, he has been so awesome. Good morning nigeria
Final paper 2day and i will be a state corper Baba God noni twale papa mo
Champion Breweries Uyo Akwa ibom,my Place of PPA.Baba God if no b u,who else? I Praise ur Name.
By His grace & by d life dat has been given to me, I hereby announce myself a year older. Baba God, U r too much. Happy birthday to me.
Praise thy LORD! I'm now in my PPA, Nnewi South LGA. Baba God, U too much!!!
Baba God hi thank you for safe journey back home from Imo state.
Imagn! Some body dey complain say Mr President gv Golden Eaglet 2million each,coaches 3million.Instead of scholarship.Forget say na we present here ASUU strike 4 over 5month,4 betterment of we educatn standard.Govt no send dem.Dat one go tel u say na futball sure pass. Now,person pikin wey Baba God don elevent,u want use ur mouth send dem go relegatn.In d name of scholarship.Lest u get it twisted, how many skul Mikel go?
On my way 2 IKOT EKPENE in Cross River State Calabar,Baba God grant me safe trip IJN Amen.
Noon News/Updates. Ebedi wey be Jehovah Witness Number 10 Footballer for Urhiapele Primary School Jay Jay do Wedding yesterday for Kajola Guest House for Ugbeyiyi axis. Na Rice,Coke and Fanta nai dem share give Mariam Jasper and Tafia Elengoro. Vera wen dey use Jazz dey doke anoda person nor dey bold go her store again,as na only Night she dey sew now,and she dey gap mouth say na she go expose Sapele Tafia. Vera dis warning na ur last warning,leave anoda woman wen helep u husband or else na problem u wan sign wit me and ur generation. Wicked Witch. Sapele Tafia Crew don repent from ''Igbe'' today. We don declare to worship Baba God all the days of our Lives. God touch Okpubuluku, Okpukpuru, Mariam Jasper and Oturugbeke hearts today for Winners Chapel Branch wen dey Ugbeyiyi. All of us kneel down, raise our white handky up as we pray make God restore Sapele and save us from the hands of bad leaders. We still pray for everybody wen dey dis Forum say, death go see unu run as Our Crew don declare one week dry ...
Baba God i pray 4 ur healing hands on me!!!
whao wat a weekend, BABA God is in control
I tank God fr wat u ave done in my lyf,,Glory b to ur name BABA GOD
u can only run run run pass me cos God is my enemies don runmad o wen den dey run of my no go pity u cos no be ur first tym b my palz.Baba God na my BOSS. Tek it or liv it
Want to say a big thank u 2 all of u hu reli made my day yestee baba God richly bless u all thank u once again
Baba God let me durosoke,cause am wit u. personally,let my enemies c gobe,so dat dey can. dance skelewu.mowin 2 u all palz
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WARRI BOY'S LETTER TO PRESIDENT JONATHAN ON ASUU STRIKE Oga president, First of all I hail ooo! I no say u no dey cary last. You be confirm warri pikin. But ur middle name Ebele means mercy and make u pity ur children settle their lecturers naa! The matter neva tire u? Suppose say ur pikin wey u born for belle follow us dey house, Sheeh you for never answer our we lecturers them? Una say make we bone kidnapping, militant things and all the bad bad things go enter school, now now na una com dey f**k up. All the things wey them lecturers don teash us for klass we don forget am finish. Last last, na una go still call us "half-baked", "half-roasted", abi na "half-fried". Na una sabi. Them talk say person no fit run pass him shadow. We go dey lasgidi dey for you. Na ur time be dis use am well, but we go catch you for 2015. U don forget say youths na we dey vote pass. Na we too dey *** ballot box, dey do rally and som kain kukere things them wey them dey take win election. U go still nid our help. That time ...
LORD I THANK YOU for what you did. What you are doing and what you will continue to do for me in a good way baba God you are too much
"Sadness becomes a destiny when hatred becomes a habit. Check yourself before blaming your destiny. A heart full of hatred is far from God's blessings." baba god noni
Hustles very had to fix my bills. Believing one day baba God will bless our hustles. Dnt loose hope keep your faith *** ur gift will make a way for you. Dis goes to all d street hustlers. Evans cee say so
Baba god i tanx u 4r our press night Unlocking doors through the power of praise and worship dat we did yesterday dos Invited church may god blesss u in Jesus name amen .
An iphone 5s,Baba God i know you're listening
Baba God i thank u very much 4 2day. U are too much.
On My way for interview baba God send an helper to me in all what i do
Praise the Lord with me, I am one and half years today. Baba God noni. Am so happy.
Every Thing we do, we should always give thanks to BABA GOD.
finally, am happy that they will be no excuses for now. baba God noni
Baba GOD I tank U 4 my life. Glory be 2 ur name. nani#
It is very good to serve God...baba God wey part red sea"...
is only GOD dat can see human heart,if u can hide it but not 4rm baba GOD o it see ur heart n ur evil plan o
God thank you for everything you have done for me,i can not stop thanking you BABA GOD
Am so happy for all the Birthday wishes from my friends and relatives .I also thank friends that came into town to celebrate with me,that was so wonderful,u guys made me feel so loved!.Baba God will continue to carter for all your heart desires.Peace and ONE LOVE!
Thanking God for the gift of life. Am a year older 2day wiser, richer, older n even more pretty n above all blessed. Happy n contented wt God work in my life. All I can say is thank you baba God
Fashion 2 fame, no b me oo na Baba God dey proof his kindness.
Baba god I thank you for my result pass all courses
Baba God don butter my bread. He don sugar my tea
just takin off from EPE,bye to ijebu land.on my way back to my base.tanx to Baba God for savi me nd my gud had to stay out in a dry land like IJEBU PEYINDA.
Phoneless for now...but baba God on point
Yah allah make my future as bright as yur light...Baba god Na beg I day beg ooo
Sailing on my mind no shaking baba god you too much
The sucess of a man is when God answer someones prayer, baba God please answer my prayer and bless me and my family.
Baba God dey arrange your private jet sir.
Baba god bless me more,mk my Enemies see me dey cry.
Lol"Baba God hold me.If I insult this old fool now they'll say pastor's child doesn't have respect."
Baba God pls av mercy on dis jorney
Baba God make a way for me n my family
In all tins let ur name be praise. God i thank u 4r my lyf and d lyf of my family, my friends . Baba God let ur name be praise above every other tins in d earth and above. God i thank u ones again. Baba God thank u. I dnt hv any other God except u. Am honu
am ballin nd rollin big tyme...tuale baba God
Each time I awake and I found the beautiful hand work of AL MIGHT GOD I always happy becoz if it human been dat make al dis creations they'll turn their self 2 king Pharaoh they'll now start to intimidate the living thing non living, BABA GOD U AR 2MUCH. Gud mowin peepz
Baba God i fank u 4savin me 4rm d hands of taskforce..twale#
Baba GOD back here again.missd my palzz
pacesetters 2013.jabuites 4yrs don waka,we stil dey carry go...nobodi waka...nobodi go solo...baba God our case ur grace o...adupe o.
Returning back from LAG,BABA GOD i thank you for the safe trip
God i tank u 4 all dat u bein doin 4 me. Anytime d enemy is tryin 2 see my down fall, U're always dere 2 lift me up above my enemies. Baba God u pass dem. Na deir fada go carry problem.
Sammy live in ogbomosho baba God na ni
Pls 2 all my fanz around d new single drop sof u it touchd n injured so sorry na BABA GOD mix d BOMB.
A little above 10yrs ago,God gave me a 1daful hub,my pally,my b/fnd,d most handsome guy & 2 crown it all God blessed us with 4 beautiful blessed children,isn't God awesome. Kabiyesi,all powerful,all knowing God,ur mercy,grace,favour & luv cannot be ignored upon our lives,BABA GOD,I GIVE U TWALE.
Am moving in to my glory dis morning baba god as sing it for me and shall he b sow in jesus name amen
Baba God,tankew u for how far uve brut me.medase.
Wawing baba God I salute your highness
My bleson is defined and writen boldly that one day this jboy(jesus boy) will be a great man in this world. There is noting i love and cheriesh like those word in the bible and jehova baba GOD noni
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When God wants to bless u,he turns your Enemies to fools.baba God its time to turn my enemies to total Fools.
Baba God thank you for the gift of life, I'm very greatful."My eyes are too pure to behold iniquity".thats all i ask from you.Baba God Noni
The down fal of a man is not the end of his lyf, and wen 1 door closes another opens. Baba God Noni
Ah only look up to GOD baba God Bonju, lookig down on the street like wah u gonna do
Baba god an onbelive able blessings from you 2day cos na you fit do am 4me oh
Baba God der is none like u in my life.
Thank u baba God 4 addin another year to my life.. am so so grateful 4 the gift of life
There are too many stars in da sky but we shine brighter... Thanks to Baba God
Alive and kicking . Beautiful saturday morning ! What more can I ask for ?? Osheeey Baba God o
Wen they overheard your conversation on phone, "Ok daddy,yes daddy,bye daddy", they'll Still ask "Is that your daddy." Ans: No, na baba God.
Baba God is involve ...Mo Eva on point now,reaching the world with ma musiq.
Why I am awake at this time only baba God knows 😣
Thank you BaBa God for yet another day
Happy birthday to me. Through the pains & worries of street. Baba God all d way *grateful*
Baba God I woke up sound nd healthy...glory to ur name amen.
Busy day ahead. Baba God see me through
Words cant just express how i truly feel, baba God
During testimony service on Sunday. Akpors stood up and said:. Make una join me in thanking and praising Baba GOD...
I only look up to God, Baba God bonjour
Baba God let me DUROSOKE, bcos I'm wit U PERSONALLY, let my enemies see GOBE and dance SKELEWU to *** ! Morning peepz .T.G.I.S
Baba God ni joor "Wow i'm so glad and i dont even know why.."
I only luk up to GOD baba GOD mawnin.
# i want to Thank baba God 4 the gift of life , 4 all wazobia fans, all members of Godwill foundation
Thnk U BABA GOD. I dey thnk BABA GOD 4 my life & D life of my parents cos D life way we dey live now na free. Chuks from obagi
I wonder what a Gemini-Gemini relationship would feel/look like. I should read that up..Baba God bonjour!
I dey thank baba God 4 d good health nd sound mind wey him give me dis morning
Baba a new day na your Grace Baba God.
Every nite and day .baba God Bless ma hustle .!
Baba God o. 6:19, sun done fall out in full force for here.
up n thankful... Baba God na your hand i dey oo
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Wizkid af kill me die "on top your matter" new single he dropped yesterday z of the charts. Wizi Baba God bless you
Really this week wasn't it at all but in all things I still give Baba God thanks cos it may have been worse
Vigil was awesome .See dance..See Song.***dancing Okoso for baba God**
"Am wake, i tank God for for the breath, i take, every blessed day, noni"
congratulation don Baba Jay,d newest MTN brand ambassador in d continent. milk & now MTN Baba God is surely with U“
Baba God noni "Bt at least I made it thru d night thnk God."
God saves and protects the way we nearly had one horreeennnddouss accident on the way home. Baba God noni! Help me thank Him
Baba God noni but anyhow e go b I go hola u. U don dey lag ?"Badoo, how itunu awe dey go na lol
Saturday don come oo..Baba God noni
A new day, hapi 2 b countd amng d livin. Baba God noni.
My day is beginning to make sense. Baba God noni
Too many movies to review on my desk right now... Baba God noni
*yawn* oops forgot to say to Baba God noni!!
Baba God noni if no be god who be me today
Baba God noni. Up and thankful to God almighty for his mercy and grace
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Baba God do miracle dis very minute
100 days of Labour is not equals to 1 day of God's Favour. Baba God continue to favour me...
I only look up to God. Baba God Bonjour
I no go lie, the things wey dey my mind only BABA GOD knows !!
Woke up in the light! *sigh* oh well still a beautiful day, Baba God ose!
Everyday I think about your grace, Baba God, you try for me
Am so restless for success baba God please bless my hustle
BaBa God pls let me see ur favour in evrything I do 2day
If not for life would av been in disarray. Baba God noni.
YESTERDAY may be HISTORY & TOMORROW MYSTERY to Us,But GOD puts all this together to make our PRESENT a GIFT..Baba GOD your be…
Baba God "good morning", Lord please make my day a beautiful one to remember in history.
I praise de name of He who made all tins 4 haven't made it possible 4 me to see anoda day BABA GOD oche ooo.
Tank u Baba God for d breaking of a new day.I humble myself feel LORD.
gudmornin to ma cos so as long as baba God dey ur side! Kissesss.
. In order to be able to receive power, I have to remain as a detached observer and keep Baba(God) as my companion.
Thank uew Baba God for my life today and dat of my family and friends
God has always been faithful...all I have needed He's providing.. Can't thank you enough Baba God. Many thanks to
This month is coming to an end.thank BABA GOD FOR MA LIFE AND THAT OF URS..
I only luk up to God..Baba God Bonjour...
TYLJ for adding another year to my lyf. ...Baba God Noni. ..
Thank u jesus,uve bein doing it all along,am up n good:baba God nani
All the countless Sins I'v committed this month. Baba God. You still kept me and you are still keeping Me. Oshe Baba! _o_
gud mornin again always thankin baba GOD 4 makin me see dis day
no be say i too fine, con make u bless me Baba God
u fink i ll alwaez end up lyk dis...haterz BabA GoD don puNish u.sigh#
Thank u baba God for the gift of life
Hey tweeps its another wonderful day that the LORD has made...RT so we can praise BABA GOD 2gethr...gooD morning all
God thank you for ur protection and ur favour, cos I dont deserve it but you are still with me in all this bad time# Thank you BABA God
na last fight? BTW I narrowly escaped death today, follow me thank Baba God!
I only look up to u baba God bonjor
Wife wey Baba God gimme eh, na angeh she be for this life A God-sent wife is an angel on earth
Baba GOD I look up 2 ur bleSsings on me 2day
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