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Baba Ali

Baba Ali (born Ali Ardekani; October 29. 1975) is an Iranian-born American comedian, games developer, businessman

Ali Baba

Just arrest Ali Baba and the 198 thieves🤧
"India "should support Balochistan independent movement and break Pakistan into three parts". thanks Baba…
Ali Baba and the 40 thief takes a thief to know a thief. # Banan.
Baba if you can promise me my rent am staying at home and listen to your orders.. If that will not be the cas…
Teach me how to see Aladin and Ali Babá fighting against the Dark Magoi and i'll buy that ticket.
With Ali Baba in Warri 's parents 17 years burial remembrance in Warri…
Ali will give me more than 10 today
Not all women are the same.. just as not all men are dogs- Ali Baba writes Comedian,actor and motivational speaker
This video of Lady Gaga speaking about kindness needs to reappear again, so here you go
Gorakhpur tragedy: Meet Dr Kafeel Khan, the hero who saved the lives of countless children via
this what happens when you eat Ali Baba's 😂😂😂
Ali Baba 40 chor is a very popular story
Hindi to English and vice versa interface backed by powerful AI backend might just be the trick. You…
U should hv said this in Mini convention yesterday, those that speaks will tel u what Baba did in 2yrs.
Unveiling the cast of GULA. A Stage Play Adapted From The Book:. “The Story of Baba Ali” By…
Ali Baba chalis chor well come home
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Lmao if you wanna laugh just YouTube " Hurray for Baba Ali " am gonna *** my pants laughing 😂
Right Lalu ji But you will have to work hard and make it your aim to finish this cummunal twin Modis…
Shri once compared Baba Ramdev to Mahatma Gandhi. Would Gandhi have ever intimidated writers and publishers seek…
0 deaths at Black Lives Matter protests but they say we’re the problem...☕️🐸
We got rid of Forty Thieves just before this Independence -. Aazaadi. Ali Baba is next. I WISH ALL PAKISTANIS A VE…
Ali Baba and chleece chore r crying for non issue.
And that's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me Ali Baba. My name is Loretta Lynch & I w…
you described moslems and even your barbaric socalled prophet Ali Baba. Islam stands for racism and hate to all those mentioned
I think it was something from the Ali Baba story that they said to open a cave or some crap where the treasure as kept
Stay Woke my friends. Hate is alive and well. It's breaths and spreads.
Ali babà - then Shenzhen is better for this products try
MCA, Mahathirism and the rise of the Ali Baba scrooge -
Ali Baba eventually got it right, init? Until you get it right, she should exerc…
I added a video to a playlist CAKED UP - Ali Baba
Baba black berry have you dirty messages. Yes yes sir black berry full
Ali Baba perverts this red big dog in Hollywood.
But we only had cell phones and they called us violent.
So many white Devils in this with so much hate in their hearts smh
My nephew just shout 'Ali Baba paise de do' at ATM, 500 rs note came out. He is happy and surprised. .Magic.
Super excited about Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits on Weds
I might get a Love, JR, and LeBron one for cheap off of Ali Baba
Scroll2, then found Ali Baba cribs. I was like ok, let's go to sleep.
O' Ali, what shall become of your precious Zainab without her baba! 💔
Its not like I aint had friends in this life. Its that most of my friends were Democrat thieves. I guess they call me "Ali Baba". So week.
he also predicted the death of Kimbo Slice, Muhammad Ali and Prince.
As a kid we read about Ali Baba 40 chors but as a grown up we are seeing Kejriwal Ke Gundey
FullTeam? (with Alfianaa, jodi, and 5 others at Ali Baba (Mid East Restaurant & Party Place)) —
Allah turned the shariyah on the way of Ali.
Do not be a slave of others when Allah has created you free.-IMAM ALI AS.
Laziness is the blight of success. -Imam Ali AS.
If U want 2 know where your heart is, see where Ur mind goes when it wanders. -IMAM ALI AS.
He who loves you forbids you from committing sin. -IMAM ALI AS.
2nd attempt by (Baba Jukwa crew) to compromise my account on a Sunday? Don't you chaps go to church 😎
Must see!!! Super inspiration! ✨ Ali Baba's Jack Ma on economy, rejection and diversity |
Ah I see TURKEY; 1 PLUS 40 IS THAT Ali Baba and the 40 thieves again?
Our lovely Ali Baba roses on Polpier's front lawn are tough little beauties. They have wea…
Jack Ma, founder of Ali Baba dot com was rejected by Harvard 10 times and KFC by 2 times. Today he has 800+ million customers using Alipay.
Nawaz story is the same story of Ali Baba And 40 thives
Where do you think they got the idea for "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves"?
A BANGANG follower of Ali Baba and his forty thieves.
you bought processed food from Ali Baba that shipped from overseas? And you're disappointed in the quality?
Specifically the type of folks employed by Ali Baba's...abn i guess
Rare - Bing Crosby / Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves 1950s vintage vinyl
Ali Baba's daughters celebrate him as he turns a year older -
Don't miss the fun filled adventure of Ali Baba & THE FORTY THIEVES today 💃
Discover the true treasure of Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn
Is a rich reading experience what you treasure? Check out Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn
tour day 7 mosesthecomic Baba Ali taking over this place
Comedian Ali Baba shared an interesting experience on Instagram a couple of minutes ago…
Ali Baba Wants to Know Who is More Eligible between a Woman that Works and another Who Doesn…
A Woman Who is Working and a Woman Who is Not, Who is More Eligible? - Ali Baba Asks...
Scrabble has never been that easy... @ Ali Baba Educational Services , LLC
Photos of 2face Idibia, Rotimi Amaechi, Ali Baba, others at Basketmouth’s Lord of the Rib…
"but unlike Ali Baba who helped in birthing d stand up comedy industry..Edwin Clark's psychopancy helped in actualizing GEJs faiure"
Gulam ali is a global asset. Baba sahb thakrey. Never stoped him. Reconceder son of great thaakrey. Let gulam sahab come.
Ghulam Ali was blacklisted for many yrs after his kafir comment & only after money dried that he now talks peace. So muc…
Lmao dude was Chris brown at Ali Baba
Ali Baba may be a wax dummy but the evil lives on in the FORTY THIEVES. (Oops 50)
The musical performance was supposed to be held on Friday Celebrated Gazal Maestro Ghulam Ali’s u...
Mr jii, please ask Gulham Ali to introspect, haterd is more in Pak...he shud spread peace there.
Instead of Ghulam Ali, now Naseeruddin Shah will be singing in the Ghazal Concert — itna unnis-bees to chalta hai 😜
A HUGE thanks to Baba Ali and Monzer Taleb for coming out to Fundraising Gala
Ali Baba your password must contain the word open followed by a type of seed. >Open Sesame . Password accepted
I checked in at Ali Baba's Terrace on
1. Ali Baba & the 40 thieves, better known as King Abdul Aziz & his 40 odd sons are usurped by
Back up to 40 Followers. Now we perform our Play: Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. I want you all to come up with your character's name.
has a mobile restaurant that cooks delicacies like Don Jazzy, Keke, Ali Baba and Genevieve
Proud of my son:. Baba let's get a new Mom 󾌰󾌰󾌰. I dont like this Mom, she always force me to finish my meal. I...
12 mins on hold so this *** Ali Baba can tell me it'll be 99 dollars for a new password cuz my account been compromised fu…
“Everybody calls me Ali wife is Mrs. Ali Baba." More about Athens' food trucks:
Remember time of me singing in Ali Baba with great local band. Miss you all ☺
GoPro should merge with Glencore and then buy Ali Baba in an all-stock deal.
Review of Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn by Dantelle Ackley-McPail and Day Al-Mohamed
Advising someone in public is to humiliate them. Advising someone in private is to beautify them. [Baba Ali]
Baba Ali and his youngest grandchild, this warms my heart
I needed that nap. Time to kill Ali Baba
Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde and Ali Baba will be honoured at the AAA, scheduled to hold in Johannesburg, South Africa on July …
this weekend, if you cone kampar. Ali Baba is waiting ;)
Comedian Ali Baba buffed up in new photos
Another sinister aspect of Europe's migration crisis. .
Kogi governorship: What I told Audu about his ambition—Baba-Ali via
OTHERS: Comedian Ali Baba Explain Why people hate on successful people (READ)
For those who give give wishy washy Dawah like this Ali Baba guy and crew. Watch this video
Ali Baba , basketmouth , Ay. They all disagree
Anual family gathering / Ali Baba feels so incomplete without you apak.
no I meant the group order but Ali Baba LOL okay
I'm like a modern Charlie Parker mixed with Ali Baba
Ali Baba hookah in garden city is hopping tonight
Probably a very known one: Pain Train,Sticky Jumper, and Ali Baba Wee Booties
Thank you so much Anni! Love you too! You'll definitely be seeing me and Baba Ali up at Central next year 🍻🍻🍻
Hailing all the way from sunny California, funny man Baba Ali will be coming to ILM Arts Festival this Merdeka...
American Sharia the Movie (UK Tour) Omer Regan talk about his new film, American Sharia, in an exclusive interview with Penny Appeal. Hear about his struggles during production and how it was like filming on set with celebrities like Baba Ali, Adam Saleh and Joshua Salaam. Penny Appeal are bringing the film to the UK in February 2015, as part of a special 22-city tour. Don't miss your only chance to watch. BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW, before they sell-out visit or call 03000 11 11 11
Excerpt Alert! Get a sneak peek at Baba Ali and t Clockwork Djinn by myself and Day 'Deena' Al-Mohamed...
Baba Ali can live in dis world alone.
Steampunk Fantastic gave us a shout out! So...if you didn't already know, Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn is...
Hello everybody Thanks to the benevolent moderators of this forum, On the occasion of World Music Day, I'm uploading a digitally reclaimed 33 1/2 RPM recording of Baba Ali akbar Khan...The following Raga's are played on this LP 1. Raga Shuddha Kalyan ( aalap Jod and Jhala) 2. Raga Jhinjhat Manj ( Tri taal) Its Kishan Maharaj on tabla. Download URL : { note : I do not own the audio or the LP. They belong to their rightful owners.
New interview! Get into the heads of the authors of Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn! Day 'Deena' Al-Mohamed,...
More Ali Baba Singapore Stocks?: Singapore’s e-commerce stocks have been rallying ev...
With and 2 others at Ali Baba futsal —
Finally a proper game of volleyball today, definitely goin again next week :P
the real Amelia is beginning to show 😂
Had a great time of volleyball today! Whoop whoop! 😁😁
"In the life of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib are the answers to every question. May Allah be well pleased with him...
35% done with Baba Ali and the, by Danielle Ackley-McPhail: I'm really enjoying this!
treating your parents to a few hilarious stories of my gran. Dave is now answering the phone with 'Ali Baba residence.'
Ali Baba and the 40 thieves are still entertaining The Malaysians.
With due respect sista, you give Ali Baba a run for the money, LOL!
o.m.g this bus driver looks like he's one of the guys in Ali Baba And the Forty thieves storY I SWEAR HE JUST LOOKS LIKE HE'S FROM THAT TALE
Love the way my granddad calls me 'Ali Baba' proper cute!!!
I didn't even think of Ali Baba as a club until tonight
Anyone who seeks Allah will surely find him
ali-baba-falls-no-more: The lack of hitman reborn nowadays is just sad
I think I left my stomach on top of Ali Baba. 😁
Would you vote Ali Baba and the forty thieves? I mean, at least you know the thieves are just 40
You don't get to a billion by thinking small: This startup is going after Ali-freakin'-baba. via
Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn Reply w/ for a free sample via
Ah k. I'm just gonna the wear the Ali Baba pants
Ali Baba, open and close, am I some entrance gate? Push and pull, the door is open, what are you gonna do?
Our ministers are biz guys too. The Ali Baba type.
Beautiful day for some shopping with ali_baba_85!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Apparently the Silk Road was actually the Ali Baba of drugs. via
John Holt - Ali Baba. Encore just for Nige. It's a mod thing.
Can't wait matey! :-) Could check ITV player, but my kebab has my attention at the moment, grilled to perfection by Ali Baba
Hilarious endorsement by Baba Ali give 100%, but not when giving blood ;)
Lmao, leave Ali alone he's my brother baba😂😂
With Grace the day before we start filming. @ Ali Baba Of Escondido
Ali Baba kabobs might just be my new favourite place
he'll wake up to 40 thieves like Ali Baba
Tharki baba "Really; feel sad for you. Read some cheerful stuff rather. And I mean it sincerely."
Sexy Saturday is here! DJ Robbie will be playing all the hottest hits!
Looking at holiday reviews for hotel is gerrin me excited! Can't wait to speak to Ali Baba and get eve on camels 💁🐫🐪🙍 😘
Ali Baba and how many thieves LOL . "forty" wwas used to mean-MANY MANY . LOL .
My Treasured Friends, you are as Ali Baba's treasure to me, each a shining Jewel...even once beheld, always a beckoning Light! Thank you! :)
God has a purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggles and a reward for your faithfulness don’t give up!
Okay Ali Baba's & the 40 Thieves so her past of sleeping around with club owners and fans and getting to a drunkin high doesn't bother you?!
When the sun dies and the stars fade from view, our love will remain real and true.
Would you swap Van persie for Giroud?. A world class traitor for some one who pours their heat out for the team?. -Ali Baba
Question time:. How many assists and goals did Ozil get combined last year?. -Ali Baba
“Where can I get a deep wave closure from please ?” Ali Baba?
*passes a car on the interstate* : "looks like we just passed Ali Baba.".
Whats this thing abt Cabinet size, Ali Baba had forty we have 35, more streamlined and efficient for the plucking.
"If you want to study Islam, don't study the muslims" (Baba Ali)
Shaibu Tanko sacked as Amidaus Professionals Coach Ghana Premier League side, Amidaus Professionals have sacked Coach Shaibu Tanko for non performance. The former assistant coach for Hearts of Oak replaced Baba Ali, who was also sacked following poor delivery by the club. The Winneba trained technical handler suffered a 0-3 defeat to Hearts of Oak last Sunday at the Accra Sports Stadium and it is believed to be a major contributor to his sack.
Watch the trailer to the FIRST ever Muslim action comedy feature film staring Omar Regan and Baba Ali:
First ever Muslim Comedy Show in the San Fernando Valley featuring Baba Ali & Omar Regan. (people started buying tickets before I even posted it on my FB wall...crazy!)
something to look forward... Baba Ali and Boona Mohammed..
Boonaa Mohammed will be at Taylor's University. Along with Baba Ali. Nak pergiii
Let's feed our souls with great performances frm Sh Navaid Aziz, Boona Mohammed &Baba Ali at The Strangers Tour. Jom
‘Im reminding myself before any1 else’ and ‘Allah only wishes the best for us and we should strive to please Him, Insha Allah’ - Baba Ali?
'This is Baba Ali reminding you in case you forgot!'
Assalam-O Alikum All, "I and the guardian of the orphan will be in the Paradise like that (Indicating his fore finger and his middle finger)." - Sahih Bukhari Helping Hand is bringing a Muslim Family entertainment program in Norfolk Virginia,featuring "Baba Ali" & "Omar Regan" together and all proceed from the program will be used for HHRD orphan program in the world Alhumdullillahae, Allah has blessed everyone of us by providing us with the opportunity to be part of work of khair that is most beloved to our Prophet (Peace be Upon Him). please forward this email in your network, JAK . * Sponsor an Orphan * “Create a Future” at a $1/day, $30/month and $365/year until orphan reaches 18 years of age * Each $1 helps with o Tuition o Books o Stationary Items o Shelter o School Lunches o Everyday Food o Medical Treatment Program Information What: "HHRD Orphan Aid - Candle of Hope" with Standup Comedian Baba Ali & Omar Regan and Motivational Speaker Sheikh Monzer Taleb For Tickets Click h .. ...
I liked a video The Role of the Masjid ┇FUNNY┇ by Br. Baba Ali ┇Smile...itz Sun
If you're single and want to get married check out Baba Ali's new project, Half Our Deen - www.ummahfil...
I liked an video What will the people say? - Baba Ali - Ummah Films
Im so excited I was wondering if Khaled, Baba Ali and Yousef are going to be there too? =]
Im too much for you Baba Ali. 😂😂😂 & HOT MAMI be my Wattsapp pictureee! These big E's awwwll up in ma face! 😜
Happy buff day Baba Ali wishing u LLNP
Sydney Muslim youth radio show. We hosted Yousef last week, and we hosted Omar and Baba Ali last year :)
NO disrespect to Baba Ali and Omar Regan they have BEAUTIFUL souls and humbled and opened my eyes massively. True inspirations.
[Newsflash] Superintendent Constable Batata said: The streets of South Western and Western Sydney were quiet tonight because the Muslims were seen travelling in droves at the 'I Came So Far' comedy event at Olympic Park. At first we were concerned and alarmed as our first intel suggested that there was an Eels vs Doggies match, but we were mistaken, as the roars of laughter from the Sports Complex which rated highly on the Arab decibelometer was due to the creative comedy of Khaled Khalafalla, Omar Regan, Baba Ali, & Fouseytube. We would like to thank them and the Muslim community for making our job easier tonight.
I watched all of Baba Ali's videos. Lol. I'l check Russell Peters later. Lol. And FouseyTube i know. :) I'll see russel.
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