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Azealia Banks

Azealia Amanda Banks is an American rapper, singer and lyricist from Harlem, New York signed to Interscope/Polydor, and formerly known under the pseudonym Miss Bank$.

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Rihanna ended both Donald Trump and Azealia Banks in less than 24 hours
Azealia Banks' landlord just checked instagram
Azealia Banks via instagram, cleaning the closet she's been performing brujeria for 3 years in.
Me after seeing what Azealia Banks has been doing in her spare time.
Azealia Banks does withcraft and been sacrificing chickens for 3 years yet she still a flop
I thought I was losing it but then Azealia Banks showed us her blood-stained chicken sacrificing closet and now I don't…
Azealia banks can never just focus on her music. She always has to argue with people & be extra. its been holding her back htt…
Azealia Banks stuns fans with witchcraft boast -
Azealia Banks has the nerve to make fun of Sia skin like wasn't just bleaching her own skin a few months ago. GIRL
lol at azealia banks' posts on Instagram. She's obviously desperate to get attention by bashing a major pop star. So l…
Thank you for this thread, you've got me thinking. Especially with the Azealia Banks snapchat.
Azealia Banks is sandblasting 3 years worth of blood and feathers off her floor from sacrificing chickens and i can't stop l…
So when does Azealia Banks get arrested for animal abuse?
Azealia banks is one disgusting human being
Azealia Banks is such a sick and disgusting person. I don't know how some of you can like her. Sacrificing animals NEVER was a religion!
Azealia Banks have been doing 3 years of witchcraft and was sacrificing chickens in her closet.
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I 100% believe Azealia Banks would sacrifice chickens in her closet tbh
Sia: how many chickens did you sacrifice you murder!!! . azealia banks:
Here's Azealia Banks explaining why she sacrifices chickens
Y'all mad at Azealia Banks for sacrificing chickens but silent on Beyoncé sacrificing Aaliyah?
listen to Tame Impala, FKA twigs, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Azealia Banks, Roy Woods and explore the art form of so…
Azealia Banks has been sacrificing chickens for 3 years. All that witchcraft and she still can't conjure up a career
Sia's thoughts on Azealia Banks sacrificing chickens in her closet (yes this is not a joke).
Hey, Azealia Banks, look what this "ugly pasty dry white lady winter skin" woman can do. 🐸☕
If you see Azealia banks in these skreets rebuke her repeatedly.
Azealia Banks snapchat of her cleaning her closet because she's been sacrificing chickens in there for 3 years pretty mu…
Oh innocent chicken murdered in cold blood compelled to suffer the sins of Azealia Banks devil is her chief judge cuz Jesus wasn't there
Azealia Banks could have saved herself a lot of work if someone had intervened with her the way Tom Berenger did for Pedro Cerrano.
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Venus by Azealia Banks vs Paul Oakenfol
I think a Chess Move addition to GOOD Music would be Azealia Banks. Rihanna (ROC Nation) is a Bad Girl. Azealia Banks is a Rebel
When Azealia Banks says Nicki Minaj make expensive dresses look cheap !😑🤔ughm so what's this ? 😍😍
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Azealia Banks actually has good music. She's just annoyingly obnoxious. And her being like that is wasting her talent.
How come I'm just now seeing this Azealia Banks interview with Dr Phil
Looks like Nicki Minaj's not going to respond to Azealia Banks cause...
Azealia Banks drags Nicki Minaj after Nicki supposedly shaded her: "In 2017 I hope you find new inspiration & decrease your b…
Azealia Banks responds to Nicki Minaj's shade at her. 👀
azealia banks is a transphobic, Islamophobic, homophobic Trump supporter who said she hates *** and y'all are still out he…
Azealia Banks dragged Nicki's perfumes but these perfumes outsold her discography, no shade!
Azealia Banks is unsigned and unmanaged...the *** is still playing Level 1 of in real life.
"But all Azealia Banks is all antics, Nicki Minaj been providing music"
Skai Jackson tore Azealia Banks apart like can you imagine what Nicki is going to do to her? Azealia might magically disappea…
- When the world is devastated over Robin Williams'/Kurt Cobain's suicide but laughs at Azealia Banks and Amanda Bynes, that is hypocrisy
Kanye West, Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, Azealia Banks and of course Ben Carson, the *** of ***
Donald Trump = Gemini. Mike Pence = Gemini. Azealia Banks = Gemini. Kanye West = Gemini. Do y'all not see a pattern?
Azealia Banks says Russell Crowe choked her, spat on her, and called her n-word
Azealia Banks on what really happened with Russell Crowe.
Who do you believe in the Azealia Banks vs. Russell Crowe situation:
I hate Azealia Banks. How you gonna cry about what Russell Crowe did to you and then congratulate a racist for winning the…
Azealia Banks releases flawless freestyle over Jay Z's "So Ghetto" in wake of Russell Crowe incident
Omg, yr man has inadvertently reminded me of that time Samantha Cameron said her favourite song was 212 by Azealia Banks.
Azealia Banks looks up to Trump because he has (beaten the media) so she thinks she can do it, No boo. We will NEVER buy you…
Azealia Banks' Access Hollywood interview looks like a spoof.
Where were all you guys when Azealia Banks was calling Zayn Malik the n word and calling his mom a dirty refugee??? Lol
Somebody brought azealia banks to my party I would done the same
Bringing Azealia Banks as a plus one and not warning someone is a Mona Scott-Young *** move.
Outlets claimed blacks were talking mental health thanks to Kid Cudi, yet no one is bringing up mental health with Azealia Banks?
Azealia Banks is too small for Russel Crowe. She wants him he doesn't want her.
Azealia Banks was kicked out of Russell Crowe's hotel suite & she's accusing him of assault: https:/…
Azealia Banks: ‘I’ve realised you’re not keeping it real by being a crazy girl’
Azealia Banks claims Russell Crowe called me a n*r and then assaulted her in his hotel room
What RZA was doing hanging out with Azealia Banks is also confusing as ***
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I'll drag Azealia Banks all day but ain't no one gonna get away with treating sis like this
Azealia Banks is a joke, how can you be a fan of that?.. smh
or Azealia banks assaulted could've been a truer headline idk just an idea
Azealia Banks reportedly kicked out of Russell Crowe's hotel after altercation
Azealia Banks and Clash at Party. Thanks to media Banks got famous by being racist.
Azealia Banks has been horrible. But I'm seeing misogynoir in the way folks are immediately calling Crowe's actions justifi…
Azealia Banks claims that she was assaulted by Get the 411:
Azealia banks can give me all her unreleased music i'll take over where she left off.
Why did azealia banks have to fight Russell Crowe this weekend? She was just starting to gain our trust again
Is there not a single person that cares about Azealia Banks enough to help her / ensure she is mentally okay?
Nobody cares about azealia banks honestly
I dislike a lot of what Azealia Banks says and does but she ain't deserve that...
So something happened between Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe, but it seems there are two sides to this story...
I'm STILL waiting to get Azealia Banks out of here. In 2016.
Russell Crowe reportedly kicked Azealia Banks out of his hotel room after a strange altercation:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Azealia Banks letting Iynala fix her life would be entertaining and probably take up an entire season.
Yo what if RZA asked if Azealia Banks could come through and Russell Crowe thought he meant Iggy Azalea? I think that’…
Definitely going to personally invite Azealia Banks to my next holiday function.
The real issue is why did RZA think Azealia Banks would be a good +1 to anywhere?
Azealia Banks was removed from Russell Crowe's hotel room party on Saturday after reportedly threatening guests .
You may not like Azealia Banks but no one deserves this... 💙
Azealia Banks is a racist bully, always threatening & attacking someone. I cnt believe her. She's playing the victim to gain people's sympathy
So because folks hate Azealia Banks we're going to pretend Russell Crowe doesn't have an extensive history of violence. Alr…
Azealia Banks is in the news. for the usual Azealia Banks reasons.
Azealia Banks says she's been assaulted&everyone is calling her a liar&people wonder why women r scared to talk about a…
Russell Crowe evicted Azealia Banks from hotel party after threats over his music: reports: Australian actor…
I've decided to unlook this Russell Crowe Azealia Banks drama as I have too many incoherent thoughts on the subject
Other guests including the one Azealia Banks was +1 for, all claim it was her that used the N word & threatened to slash th…
i can name top 10 Azealia Banks fights but i can't name 3 of her songs
A woman claims Chris Brown attacked her and everyone believes her. Azealia Banks claims Russell Crowe attacked her and nobody…
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Idk what happened with that Azealia Banks-Russell Crowe situation. Have any of the witnesses come out support either side's story?
A statement has been issued regarding my client Azealia Banks, "Azealia is tremendously distraught and disheartened. She is sh…
Azealia Banks was assaulted and verbally abused by Russell Crowe and his first response to the situation was this
And don't you dare say Russell Crowe doesn't know who Azealia Banks is while he's promoting her music
‘I want to die’: Azealia Banks alleges Russell Crowe ‘called her the N-word and choked her’ a... https…
Azealia Banks claims Russell Crowe assaulted her via
Azealia Banks lashes out after Russell Crowe kicks her out of dinner party following n-word rant
If anyone read about what Russell Crowe did to Azealia Banks and thought, "Good, she deserves it". Block me. Block me right…
Azealia Banks says actor Russell Crowe choked & threw her out of his hotel suite
Why/when/should/how does Azealia Banks know Russell Crowe?
Why aren't people talking about this? Azealia Banks was abused by scumbag actor Russell Crowe last night
212 (by Azealia Banks featuring Lazy Jay) vs. Bust A Move (by Young MC) by The Outfit ♫
Azealia Banks and Aaron Carter are very sorry they told you to vote for Donald Trump
Azealia Banks will be having Halloween party in Los Angeles, where she will premiere new music. Stay tuned for more. htt…
John David Washington talks about "Coco", Azealia Banks and his role from the upcoming RZA directed movie.
domain names
Do you guys remember when Skai Jackson quintessentially dragged Azealia Banks across basically all 7 continents. Good times.
Skai Jackson got Azealia Banks outta here, y’all better have some *** respect
Skai Jackson was only 14 when she told Azealia Banks "my memes are more relevant than you" and ended her career.
If the world were to end tonight, we'd be leaving behind memes, Kanye West, Azealia Banks, North Garland's football team... how humiliating.
Me when Skylar Diggins by Azealia Banks comes on
Azealia Banks saying her place is society is validated by her success in making music, 212 was alright but Mr. Blobby has more no. 1s.. 🐸☕️
I'd let Stevie Wonder drive me over to Bill Cosby's house for drinks where we would listen to Azealia Banks music.
News: "Azealia Banks accuses Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga of copying her". Me:
Of course. Because he wasn't allowed to bring Stacey Dash,Omarosa,Azealia Banks or Don King with him.
Celebrity Big Brother 2016 tipped to include Lil Kim, Big Narstie and Azealia Banks:
Azealia Banks Is a poopy trick that eats hugs
I really could cry to this. Like this is SO beautiful .
Lil Kim and Azealia Banks are examples of why black men need to show our women more love and support.
Hey remember when you banned Azealia Banks for going too far? I hereby present...
Contest: Enter to win 2 tix for Azealia Banks on 7/11 Just follow us & RT
It won't be the same next year when it's Ted Nugent, Azealia Banks and Donald Trump singing happy birthday to Barron
Azealia Banks says skin bleaching doesn't make her kess black
Azealia Banks is really a dope artist
end of the day gotta give respect. to Stacey Dash for being a veteran black women. without her who would lay the blueprint for Azealia Banks
Now I understand why Azealia Banks wants to bleach her skin. Being brown or black has become dangerous.
Domino's needs to get Azealia Banks to do a commercial for them just because of this 😭💀
It seemed like Azealia Banks was about to lead the resurgence of the black panthers this year and now she's bleaching her skin.. smh
All this time Azealia Banks has been ranting and raving about other people's lives, she's just been really unhappy with her o…
Misery loves company, Azealia Banks has been trying to get us to join her pitty party of one this whole time. It's sad just h…
I would like to trade Wendy Williams, Azealia Banks, Stacy Dash, and Raven-Symone in for a store credit please.
Azealia Banks previews one of her unreleased tracks on Snapchat
Azealia Banks speaks out on bleaching her skin.
So you think Scott Baio is better than Herschel Walker, Mike Tyson, Don King, Azealia Banks, Terrell Owens, Dennis Rodman? Racist!
If anyone one needs more reason not to vote Trump, Stacey Dash, Dennis Rodman, and Azealia Banks support him.
And this list should sway my opinion? Dennis Rodman? Ben Carson? Azealia Banks? Don King denies the endorsement.
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Azealia Banks apologises for using homophobic slur
Natalie Nunn on Celebrity big brother is gonna be the funniest best thing ever and Azealia Banks ?! OMG I can already pr…
Azealia Banks. Once a promising artist, now a social media joke. Once advocated for the lynching of all Black men.
Bring Natalia Kills back and worth with Azealia Banks
I liked a video from Jhonni Blaze on Feuds w/ Azealia Banks, Erica Mena & Orlando Brown
Today on the news hour, with Arnab:. Is India's very own Azealia Banks?
"Ntsiki Mazwai is the South African version of Azealia Banks. So annoying 😑" Thixlo wase George kog😂
Azealia Banks is the new Bessie Smith. It's amazing how folks don't see that. . ..
if you've never heard an Azealia Banks song in your entire life.
I miss Azealia Banks, by now she'd be ranting on why BET didn't nominate her or why they always get the spelling of her name w…
Azealia Banks looks so good in green
Azealia Banks issues apology over slurs against Zayn Malik and Skai Jackson
Skai Jackson after she finished dragging Azealia Banks 😭
It's great that Azealia Banks got suspended but what about Tila Tequila, Piers Morgan, and Donald Trump.
Azealia Banks had already lost all cool points frm me but after bickering wit the cute Disney girl she's done. Doesn't exis…
Can whoever buys George Zimmermann gun please use it on Azealia Banks?
I think Azealia Banks has multiple personalities. There's a white valley girl,a chi-chi from Too wong foo,and a racist black panther in her
Azealia Banks, Stacey Dash and Raven Symone should just be put into box and thrown into space.
I would love to superman punch Azealia Banks right back to the brothel she came from.
Azealia Banks is anti-black and needs to retire from her career of trolling
Jeez, make one joke about Lana Del Rey online and the *** pounce on you like Azealia Banks on a Disney star.
Azealia Banks might end up like Kat Stacks, remember what they did to her that ish was sad yo.
I think Azealia Banks, Ben Carson, Raven Symoné, and Stacey Dash all went to the same school of selling out
Azealia Banks needs to simmer down a little😶😂
Azealia Banks really told Skai Jackson "I've never heard of you before" when Skai is the only reason Azealia is trendin…
Azealia Banks speaks out after being ethered by 14 year old Skai Jackson
Do you recon Azealia Banks will bounce back from this as well as John Galliano did? Didn't think so... ☕
"I'm Skai Jackson, I scalped Azealia Banks, and you're watching Disney Channel!"
Azealia Banks has taken an L from Wale, Elgin Charles and Skai Jackson. If that's not the weirdest combo of Ls . . .
Azealia Banks has been dropped from this U.K. festival after slinging slurs at Zayn Malik
Wish Chris Benoit was alive still and married Azealia Banks
Just got caught up on Azealia Banks getting bodied by a 14 year old. If this happens again can we call it "getting Katt William'd"?
Azealia Banks is coming for Stacy Dash's number one racial draft spot. Who we trading her for?
When did Azealia Banks suddenly become the Roy Chubby Brown of hip hop?
When I heard Azealia Banks was coming at Zane I honestly thought it was Lil Zane, not that Zayn.
Azealia Banks right up there with Stacy Dash and Raven Symone
I kind of refuse to believe Ezra Koenig and Azealia Banks hang at the same bar
BREAKING: 14 year old Disney star Skai Jackson will be tried as an adult in the murder of rapper Azealia Banks.
Skai Jackson was only 14 when scalped Azealia Banks' edges to *** and back
I'm not always down for the public draggings but Azealia Banks is just reckless. She needed to get chopped down. Skai Jackson handled that.
"My memes are more relevant than you." 😂😂😂 Skai Jackson as she snatches the soul clean out of Azealia Banks chest.
Azealia Banks is now the new holder of the L of the Year award, succeeding Meek Mill :(
Skai Jackson and Azealia Banks going at it right now
Skai Jackson read Azealia Banks for filth.. She been waiting for someone to try her.. Her eternal mood:
Skai Jackson was only 14 when she ended Azealia Banks.
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"I'm Skai Jackson, don't come for me or I'll take your edges… and you're watching Disney Channel". Azealia Banks https:/…
Azealia Banks just got dragged and read by a 14 year old girl
Skai Jackson's mom watching her drag Azealia Banks
I was wondering why Azealia Banks was for trending... Then I saw that it was only because of Zayn Malik and Skai Jac…
It was Azealia Banks she was waiting for this whole time
do you want to see Azealia Banks as a special guest at magcon?
Skai Jackson was just 14 when she dragged Azealia Banks & ended her non-existent career
Skai Jackson was only 14 when she put the final nail in Azealia Banks coffin
This is how Skai Jackson and Azealia Banks look right now 👊🏾
Skai Jackson after she finished dragging Azealia Banks
Azealia Banks has been excommunicated from the black community. She's with Raven and Stacy Dash
Azealia Banks is as dumb as a rock.
Skai Jackson was only 14 when she roasted Azealia Banks straight to ashes.
Me before and after Skai Jackson dragged Azealia Banks
I wish we could deport Azealia Banks like we did Kat Stacks.
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☆ NOW PLAYING ☆ on Julio Bashmore vs. Azealia Banks - Au Seve in the 212 (Vik Flamingo Bootleg)
That moment when both David Duke and Azealia Banks support Trump.
Azealia Banks is like the Ntsiki Mazwai of the states. 😒
I think that Azealia Banks and Ntsiki Mazwai are the same person.
Azealia Banks has hit out at Beyoncé over 'Lemonade'
🙄 it's no 5h or Azealia Banks or Danity Kane or Tinashe 🙄
Azealia Banks is a Gemini and so is Donald Trump. . I'd like to say im surprised but it just makes so much sense
Azealia Banks is like a *** roach. I’ve blocked & muted her and she still finds a way on to my TL
Azealia Banks thought it was a good idea to come at Beyonce last night. Then, members of the Hive dragged her.
Still havent heard an Azealia Banks song yet
Have you ever seen Kola Boof and Azealia Banks in the same room?. You tink bout dat
I always thought Azealia Banks and Kola Boof were the same person.
Azealia Banks: Hasn't been very commercially successful, but has had some critical acclaim.
So excited for Coco, Jill Scott, Azealia Banks, Common, Lorraine Toussaint and Esperanza Spalding all in a film together :O
Just saw Azealia Banks today selling her mixtape
"Legendary superstar DJ & producer Paul Oakenfold teams up with US rapper, singer & songwriter Azealia Banks for a 2016 reboot of Venus" hmm
33. Lloyd Banks (no relation to Tyra or Azealia Banks)
What's the difference between Azealia Banks and Tyra Sanchez? One at least has $25,000 in her bank account
Azealia Banks on Instagram saying she wanted Iggy to commit suicide...
Azealia Banks= her own worst enemy. She makes a good point here/there but a broken clock is also right 2x a day. So. htt…
So gets in the clown car with Tila Tequila and Foxy up front and Hulk Hogan, Azealia Banks, and Aaron Carter squeezed in back 🙄
A lot of people. Twista , Busta rhymes, Angel Haze, Azealia Banks, Kendrick Lemar, ludacris
"would take into account what Azealia Banks is saying if she wasn't Azelia Banks"
Some people say Azealia Banks has no impact, but Giovanna Plowman sucked her bloody tampon to 212 so I beg to differ
Used To Being Alone by Azealia Banks sounds like a Eurovision song... from Moldova.
honorable mentions: Formation by Beyoncé and THE BIG BIG BEAT by Azealia Banks
Wow. Azealia Banks & Dennis Rodman are officially supporting Trump. So is David Duke & the KKK, btw.
We all need to collectively agree to simply pretend Azealia Banks doesn't exist. Don't feed her the attention she so wants.
I don't know how to feel about Azealia Banks 😕 She has some good points but she also trifling
I don't know why but I just got the urge to fade Azealia Banks on site.
Azealia Banks is a Cyber bully, don't pay her no mind, she just Havin fun shoot! 😩😭
I mean it's to the point where Azealia Banks would start something with another artist & they'll leave her to have beef w…
I want Xtina collabs with: The Weeknd, M.I.A, Azealia Banks & Nas. But none of that is probably happening ever :((
UPDATE: Screenshots of Lex Luger and Azealia Banks' text conversation on buying his beat surface online.
Lex Luger claims Azealia Banks is too broke to buy his beats.
Lex Luger told Azealia Banks she looks like Booker T the wrestler. 💀
It's not that Azealia Banks and Kanye dislike Iggy and Beck, they may just care too much via
Listen to JUMANJI Prod. By HUDSON MOHAWKE & NICK HOOK by Azealia Banks on
Artists like, Sky Ferreira, Grimes, Azealia Banks & Kendrick Lamar are really 90s. It shows in their music, lyricism and attitude.
OMG!. My baby movie is coming out March 11th!!!. "COCOA" starring Azealia Banks. In theatres March 11th
Musically Tinashe & Azealia Banks are very underrated.
Azealia Banks is a furry and I was just the instrumental
First thing I thought about was Azealia Banks 😂
I love Azealia Banks. I love that sometimes she doesn't have a filter, she is who she is and that's not gonna change.
I Only Stan talent and lady gaga is not excellent *azealia banks voice*
And if you can't understand, please don't get angry. Just know that certain things aren't for everyone. Azealia Banks is …
Azealia Banks is one of the best things that ever happened to me
I still laugh at Azealia Banks crying on HOT 97.
Azealia Banks is shading Lil' Kim again... my god, do you ever get tired?
Azealia Banks is a savage. Always was, always will be. 😂
Throwback to when Kim & Kanye tried to MURDER Azealia Banks, while Iggy just stood there taking pictures
mine is Venus by Azealia Banks it's the best for that
Azealia Banks does like three different NYC accents in one voice. I wish she'd pick one and then never talk again.
hate that I love azealia banks songs
Tinashe is underrated. Azealia Banks is trash
Azealia Banks music is awesome...her personality on the other hand isn't for everybody...
This song & video are dope af. ...Azealia Banks - Ice Princess
Azealia Banks is the most creative & talented female rapper right now. Period.
It's OK not to know the difference between Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks.
Remember when Kim and Kanye tried to murder Azealia Banks
Azealia Banks is the best and most innovative female rapper
Tila Tequila hanging around with Azealia Banks too much
What did Azealia Banks do that was bad enough for Kim & Kanye to almost run her over? 😳
Azealia Banks arrested for biting a security guard. Yes, really
Rapper Banks arrested?: American rap star Azealia Banks has been reportedly arrested in New York The post Rapp...
Azealia Banks is "neglected"/banned...for the EXACT same reason that Kola Boof is. . No 1 issue is the thing.
Azealia Banks . Justin Bieber. Ariana Grande. Miley Cyrus . Frankie Grande (I know I'm stretching it with him)
I'm comic sans, is Azealia Banks and ur Walmart ldmaknsbd
Azealia Banks is under investigation for criminal battery by the Los Angeles Police Department after allegedly...
Azealia Banks and Natalia Kills are main examples of people with great music but horrible personalities
Never forget when Kanye and Kim tried to murder Azealia Banks while Taylor Swift stood by as a terrified witness
I got: Azealia Banks. fav song: Ice princess. fav album: BWTE. fav music video: yung rapunxel. fav for an artist
Iggy Azalea's 'The New Classic' sold more copies in it's first week than Azealia Banks' 'BWET' has to date.
Tinchy Stryder, Azealia Banks and Stormzy said they won't be going DSTKRT. Good on em'
Azealia Banks and Shingai are spot on. You could be like me and get Sean Kingston and Keenan Thompson 😔😔😔
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Willam Belli vs. Azealia Banks is like having to decide which evil is the lesser
Azealia Banks is feuding with everyone always
K. Michelle and Azealia Banks to Play Fox Theatre, Today: The Associated Press, Billboard, and Rolling Stone h...
I need Azealia Banks to find Buddha in her life. Talk to a therapist. Take some yoga. Get a punching bag. Or a scratching post.
Azealia Banks says Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus all make "basic *** music" 👀
Azealia Banks on Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus: "You all make basic music"
Azealia Banks says Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift all make "basic *** music":
When Nicki, Taylor and Miley get a hold of Azealia Banks
IMO Azealia Banks' use of *** / *** is akin to White ppl calling Black ppl *** when angry, yet don't think they're racist.
They don't call you Azealia Banks for nothing, need them Oprah dollars 😂
Don't cherrypick whose talent you want to acknowledge, and whose talent you want to ignore. Give credit. Azealia Banks d…
Willam Belli's song Boy is a Bottom sold more than any of Azealia Banks songs
I like to imagine Azealia Banks's and Jonathan Franzen's publicist get drunk at the same set of railroad tracks together.
Nicki Minaj can buy Iggy Azalea, Lil Kim, and Azealia Banks and still have $29M left.
.talks homelessness, racism and warring with Azealia Banks ahead of new mixtape
Azealia Banks needs to get a good publicist, a new agent and a new manager. Her public image is damaged and she gatts rebrand sharply.
These ladies got no love! Christa B. Allen, Azealia Banks and Sarah Bolger are the big losers for today!
Ouch! Christa B. Allen, Azealia Banks and Sarah Bolger need some fan love! Are you a fan?
Azealia Banks says her tour with K. Michelle is canceled
Azealia Banks slams 'violent' Australian audiences as 'terrible crowds to play for'
El oh el @ Azealia Banks telling feminists what to prioritize when she defended Bill Cosby, the serial rapist.
*** out with your wife, *** I'm bringing out the *** in her. XOXO fine, scissor sister, 69 whip that". - Azealia Banks, 2014
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