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Azad Jammu and Kashmir (Azaad Jammu o- Kashmir, literally Free Jammu and Kashmir ; AJK) or Azad Kashmir (literally Free Kashmir) for short, is the southernmost political entity within the Pakistani-administered part of the former princely state of Kashmir and Jammu.

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Poverty---Welcome to Sufism, the present genuine spiritual master of Azad Kashmir khalifa [, Sufism president] pir Shaykh murshid dervish fiqeer sufi sultan Mahmood Qadiri, Naqshbandi Chisti, Suhrawardi & Awais al-Qarani class / order tariqh Hanifah, spiritually in possession of spiritual goods, surrender, faith, Excellences, reality, wisdom, in bliss for all kinds of humans…Almost half (50%) the world's 6.8 billion people live on less than one little meal a day. The numbers of hungry people in this world are above 1.0 billion, which is a sixth of the global population. (UN's Food and Agriculture Organization report, 2009) and over 25,000 children die each day due to poverty and Yearly suicides each year worldwide is 600,000. Politicians in failure and will not alleviate this human suffering in a matter of priorities; So why do the Politicians let the world be filled with suffering of every kind? Why the world Politicians leader has have not stopped the terrible suffering that afflicts so many humans ar ...
MEDIA CREATED CONTROVERSY VS REALITY IN AAP (ACCEPT THE TRUTH AND SHARE AMONG FRIENDS- All these details are available on net) • AAP site shows Kashmir as part of Pakistan Reality: Pakistan controls 33% of Kashmir as they occupied it in 1947 ,Pakistan Army controls that area and they call it as POK /azad kahmir .India only have 67 % of Kashmir. Its a ground reality ,Google maps also shows the same .AAP map shows Azad Kashmir as a part of Pakistan, and remaining 67% as part of India only. It never shows the entire Kashmir as part of Pakistan. The site maker may have downloaded the Indian map from Google. In BJP site also it is not shown as a part of india.BJP and media have no right to question AAP on this matter. More over AAP have changed it.. • Kejrival got funds from Ford foundation: Reality: Kejrival runs an NGO and it got funds from ford foundation, its true ,But green foundation in Gujarat received 122000 dollars from ford foundation as per ford foundation annual report. The most amazing ...
Clearing agents not responsible for filing fake GD: Appellate Tribunal. KARACHI: The Customs Appellate Tribunal has ordered that the imposed penalty of Rs 1.5 million not to be paid by the M/s Pak-N-Move (clearing agent) as on the report of intentionally filed fake good declaration however; the importer used the expired income tax certificate to avoid duty and taxes. It is to inform that the clearing agents are licensed for limited functions and the show cause notice by the customs authorities is act of abuse of power because it is surprising that in the instant case no specific charge has been leveled against the agent in the show cause notice. According to details received by, “the M/s Raheel-ul-Ahrar Educational Welfare Foundation, Muzafarabad, Azad Kashmir has electronically filed good declaration by declaring goods as ceramic wall tiles quantity 12720 SQM at total invoice value of $19334 for payment of applicable duty and taxes and sought clearance therein and in order to check the ap ...
Areas of Gilgit and Baltistan are legal and constitutional part of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. At present the State itself is forcibly divided between India and Pakistan. The area that is under the control of Pakistan is further divided into so-called Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas. Although Azad Kashmir has its own administrative structure, including its own flag, Supreme Court, President and its own legislature, but it is by no means Azad (independent). Azad Kashmir was formed to liberate and unite the State of Jammu and Kashmir, but for the past fifty years its structure is used to keep Kashmiri people occupied with the game of politics, completely ignoring its real aims and objectives. Apart from the Kashmiri leaders the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs, which is an administrative set up of the Government of Pakistan, is to be blamed for this. The same Ministry is also blamed for all the wrongs in the areas of Gilgit and Baltistan. Let us examine the aims of the Pakistan Government and the game played ...
INDIA FIRST: Do You Know ARTICLE 370? + 1st Time Real J&K MAP? Nature doesn't hurry? But everything is done with elegance & poise - Sandhiya Mehta Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POK) historically belonged to the erstwhile princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. Soon after the partition of India in 1947, Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu and Kashmir signed the Instrument of Accession, thereby acceding to the Indian Union. Hence, POK is legitimately an inherent part of India. This territory has been under Pakistan’s unlawful control ever since the Pakistan Army orchestrated the tribal invasion of the territory in October 1947. POK comprises the so-called Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan (earlier named as Northern Areas) and has remained an amorphous entity for six decades now. The Trans Karakoram Tract, comprising Shaksgam from Baltistan and Raskam from Gilgit, which Pakistan ceded to China in 1963, is also a part of POK. China promised to assist Pakistan in building the Karakoram Highway as a payoff. The so called ...
Raja Mumtaz Hussain Rathore was the 3rd Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir. His tenure as a Prime Minister start from 29 June 1990 to 5 July 1991. He was from the village Pullangi (Dhara Rajgan) Tehsil and District Hevali,(Kahutta) AJK. His father was a landlord. His father died when Mumtaz Rathore was only five years old. His mother was a wise lady and provide full support to his son for his basic training and growth. He got his early education from his home town school Plangi and Government Boys High School Soli (Bangharbani) Hevali. Later on he got higher education from various cities Colleges and University of Pakistan i.e. Mirpur, Lahore and Karachi. He belongs to the Rathore Family of Poonch, which migrated from Indian (Jodhpur) in the 15th century. He started his political career during his student life by establishing Jammu & Kashmir National Student Federation first time and he was the founder Chairman of the Organization. After completion of his education, he started practice as a lawyer from Abbasp ...
Hamid Mir ask about $1.5billion from KSA Imran Khan says we should stay out of sectarian conflict in Middle East JOIN PTI Azad Kashmir (for updates
Azad Kashmir...its beautiful"River Neelam in neelam valley, Pakistan
History of Kashmir A CHRONOLOGY OF THE KASHMIR DISPUTE HISTORY OF KASHMIR 1846: Kashmir is sold: The British colonial rulers of India sold Kashmir, including its population, through a deed of sale called the Treaty of Amritsar, to a Hindu warlord who had no roots in the area. This warlord began calling himself the Maharajah of Jammu and Kashmir. His was a particularly brutalregime, memories of which persist to this day. Several mosques were occupied and shut down by his forces. The slaughtering of a cow wasdeclared a crime punishable by death. 1925 to 1947: discrimination against the Muslim majority: Maharajah Hari Singh continued this policy of discrimination against the Kashmiri population, 94 percent of which is Muslim. 1931: Kashmir's first organized protest: The people of Kashmir hold their firstorganized protest against Maharajah Hari Singh's cruelty. The 1931 protest led to the "Quit Kashmir" campaign against the Maharajah in 1946, and eventually to the Azad Kashmir movement which gained momentum a ...
A Kashmiri delegation from Azad Kashmir and Indian-Occupied Kashmir has kicked off a public diplomacy campaign at the United Nations on the longest running dispute on Security Council’s agenda.   The new push coincides with a fresh activity on the part of the two principal parties to the dispute, Pakistan and India.   “We see a new activity and a new international interest in Kashmir after a period of dormancy over the last four or five years,” said Mr. Altaf Hussain Wani, a senior leader of All Parties Hurriyat Conference, or APHC, an umbrella organization that represents all Kashmiri political parties.   While discussing Kashmir, UN’s Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order, Professor Alfred de Zsyas, has lent his personal support for the revitalization of the role of self-determination as a principal means of settling international disputes. And Pakistan’s permanent envoy to the UN in New York said in February that the right to self-determinati ...
Islamabad, March 6, 2014: United States and Pakistan signed a $72 million project implementation agreement to refurbish and upgrade the Mangla dam located in the Mirpur district of Azad Kashmir. The rehabilitation will improve the operating capacity of the hydroelectric plant at Mangla dam by 90 megawatts (MW), enough electricity for about 119,000 Pakistani households. A total amount of $150 million is slated for the project, with $72 million allotted for this initial phase. USAID Mission Director Gregory Gottlieb and the Chairman of Pakistan’s Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), Syed Raghib Abbas Shah signed the agreement this evening at the offices of Advanced Engineering Associates International (AEAI), USAID’s implementing partner. “The work at Mangla builds upon efforts begun by the U.S. in the 1960s, when the U.S. government funded the construction of Mangla dam. The United States understands that Pakistan is facing an energy crisis and we are committed to doing our part to allev .. ...
Another spectacular view of Neelum Valley - Azad Kashmir
A wonderful melody of a local person in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir, Heart Touching, Sound of Heart, Love, like, share and Respect. For More at Valley Neelum
This is my village Chillayana pic which is located at Neelum Valley Line of control Azad Kashmir
Restructuring National College of Arts into a Federal University • NCA is a federal college in terms of a government organization, but as an educational institution it functions as a University, offering degrees in higher education which are recognized by HEC and internationally, with a mandate to open campuses in all provinces, Blauchistan, Sindh, KyberPaktunkawa, as well as Gilgit Baltistan , FATA and Azad Kashmir. • National College of Arts is one of the oldest art college in Pakistan which has enjoyed a independent degree awarded status since its inception in Lahore in 1875 as the Mayo School of Arts. Even as the Mayo School, it represented not only the Punjab (which then included Peshawar as well) but whole of North India. After independence, it was upgraded and renamed as the National College of Arts in 1958 to play its role in the development of art, architecture and design education in the country. In the early 60s, an unsuccessful effort was made to dissolve NCA and make it a part of Punjab U ...
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Russia would not commit the mistakes which our forefathers did,i.e., letting it go- Azad Kashmir (13,297 sq kms), Gilgit -Baltistan (72,590 kms) to Pak's control which could have become part of J&K! Similarly Nehru ji let it go- Aksai Chin(37,244 sq kms) and Trans-Karakoram Tract (5,181 sq kms) which could have made J&K,the biggest state and most pluralistic in India!! Russia acted strongly in case of Georgia so it will reciprocate in the case of Ukraine too!!! Admirable Putin!
“Ruins of sharda . Sharada Peeth located near Sharda in Azad Kashmir.
Awan (Urdu: اعوانAwan is a prominent caste of Arab lineage. It is a clan of Banu Hashim Al Quraysh living predominantly in northern, central, and western parts of Punjab, with significant numbers also residing in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Kashmir and to a lesser extent in Sindh and Balochistan. Awans are descendants of the fourth Caliph, Ali (but from a wife other than Prophet's daughter) and as such, a number adopt the title Alvi
The establishment should know that Azad Kashmir is the base camp of the freedom fight against Indian occupation in Jammu & Kashmir. Let us complete our tenure according to the mandate of the people. If you will destabilize the system here, you can't save yours in Pakistan. Asif Ali Zardari gave the message of peace and reconciliation and was the best president in the democratic history of Pakistan. He said, Pakistan Khappy! Jiye Zardari! Jiye Bhutto! Jiye Pakistan! Jiye Kashmir!
Coordinator of PTI Azad Kashmir membership drive in UK Miss Shanaz Saddique is delivering speech in house of commons on Kashmir Solidarity Day 05 February 2014. Must watch and share it JOIN PTI Azad Kashmir (for updates
The mainstreaming of militancy.Kamila Hyat The mainstreaming of militancyIn Islamabad, a cleric who unleashed forces from his Lal Masjid to attack and capture government buildings to press for his demand that the constitution of the state be overthrown and replaced with Islamic law, triggering the infamous showdown of July 2007, is once again addressing press conferences. Maulana Abdul Aziz, now a member of the Taliban committee negotiating with the government, continues to openly hold that the framework of the constitution should not bind the scope of talks. His suggestion that the supreme law of the land be overthrown is one he has been permitted to air in the heart of the country. Not so far away, in the Azad Kashmir capital of Muzaffarabad, we have seen Maulana Masood Azhar make a comeback after a long period of absence. The rally of some 10,000 people that he addressed was guarded by the police. Azhar, considered one of the most dangerous of the ‘jihadi’ leaders in Kashmir, had been freed from an ...
‘WE’RE NOT PART OF INDIA, SO WE CAN’T BE CALLED SECESSIONISTS’ BY Suneha Dutta The General Secretary of the Naga People’s Movement for Human Rights, Dr. N Venuh, is an advocate of independent Nagaland. In his recent speech during the convention on Kashmir in New Delhi, he espoused the cause of Azad Kashmir, drawing parallels between the two states. Excerpts from an interview in which he spoke about the demand for freedom, the insurgency and the futility of holding a plebiscite in Nagaland: Syed Ali Shah Geelani has been called a secessionist. Won’t Nagaland’s demand be also dubbed the same? We are not part of India, so we cannot be called secessionists. The government has to give us our rights. We can be friends with the Indian State, but cannot be part of the Indian Union. In 1975, the Shillong Accord was signed between the Naga National Council and the Indian government, where the former accepted “the Indian constitution without any condition”. Then how can you say that you never agree ...
Toshe Ri peak from Batugah Top - Border of Kaghan Valley and Kohistan, Pakistan Aug 2013 Co-ordinates: 35°10'39.23"N, 73°58'23.68"E This shot was taken from top of Batugah Pass at 14,300 ft ASL which connects Chillas (Kohistan) to Kaghan Valley and serves as an alternative route to Babusar Top but very less known. The peak in view is 21,000 ft ASL Toshe Ri which is neighbour of Nanga Parbat massif and is next to Sarwali peak (highest of Azad Kashmir) Moonis Mansoor Sunny Shine Jahanzeb Yusufi
Thank you sahir sahib for congratulating me for moin ali getting a place with England's national team. He is a pride for me for my village arra Jatan in dadyal he is a pride for Azad Kashmir and for the whole Pakistan. I think we should congratulate Baber Ali aswell since moin ali is his first cousin they grew up together they still practise together sometimes. Moin Ali has worked very hard for his place in England I hope they give him a fair chance not like his family member Kabir Ali who was the first Asian fast bowler to play for England and I think he was doing good but was dropped out for no logical reason. Moin Ali is also trying to get better at bowling Dosara which he has been learning from Saeed Ajmal. This combination of batting and being able to bowl Dosara will make him an asset for England team I wish him all the best and our prayers are with him.
Shradda Bridge on Neelam river in Neelam valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.
Senior leaders of Azad Kashmir including Afsar Shahid, Abdul Majeed and Ch Yasin at Pearl Continental,...
Syed Ali Shah Geelani addressing the people of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir on the eve of
5 February is a day dedicated to Kashmiri people around the globe who arestruggling for their rights and against the illegal occupation of their motherland by India. Pakistani’s observe this day to show solidarity to theirstruggle and to show them our support and unity. This day is specially observedto pay homage to Kashmiri martyrs who lost their life for Kashmir’s freedom. Day is internationally recognized and observed worldwide. The day ismarked by processions, special prayers for the liberation of Kashmir andprotests that are carried out against the Indian oppression of Kashmir. Every February 5 locals of Azad Kashmir form a human chain on all themajor routes of AJK Pakistan.  This symbolizes unity and solidarity to reassure Kashmiristhat they are not alone in their struggle for freedom. There is a public Holiday on this day across Pakistan which we areobserving since 1990. We will keep showing our solidarity and moral support toinnocent people of Kashmir. Kashmirisshould have the right to decide ...
Beautiful voice of 13 years boy from mirpur azad Kashmir.
Alhamdulillah! I listen telephonic speech of molana azhar masood on shaheed afzal guru conference in azad kashmir a loud warning to india back your army from kashmir otherwise we will send them in coffins!
 border= Daily Updated News website with All online newspapers on 1 location read online and share your comments. read online azad kashmir news, muzaffrabad, bagh, nelam, bhimber, kotli, muzaffarabad, rawlakot news
The Most Beautiful plus Modern Bridge in Whole Kashmir is under construction in Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir
ISI arrested 2 boys from Karachi linked with Imran Farooq killing [OLD NEWS from 26 aug 2011] JOIN PTI Azad Kashmir (for updates
everythn is possible,but i'm sure kashmiri people wont vote him,Azad most honest
Staying in Mansehra having trip to Muzafer abad, Azad Kashmir
PMLN Ahsan Iqbal says that he will leave Politics if Musharaf went outside Pakistan without trial JOIN PTI Azad Kashmir (for updates
Its Trekking time... in my way to Ganga choti, Azad Kashmir
1000 year old impressive historical mosque on rock top in Swat JOIN PTI Azad Kashmir (for updates
Indian media and supporters are really angry on their cricket players. Watch Indian media destroyed India’s cricket team on losing the series from New Zealand. JOIN PTI Azad Kashmir (for updates
Crossing the famous azad pattan bridge over river jehlum to enter in azad Kashmir
Every part of is eye-catching !Stunning Beauty of Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir
on my way back to ISB from Azad Kashmir (I Was at shoot for chinese new year)
Azad Kashmir is really astonishing like rest of Northern Pakistan “The beauty of :).
Plebiscite in Kashmir an inherent right, says MRP A. G. Noorani. ★Delhi Telangana …
Azad Kashmir Jobs for Professor and teaching Faculty: 1. Such candidates, who are found…
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Congrats we got out electoral symbol just talk with for baloch bi-elections sadhnoti 2 azad kashmir...
I said that we in azad kashmir and those of specific villages in jammu speak Pahari which makes us more so the same whilst in
Group picture of tourists visiting Neelum Valley (Azad Kashmir) in winters.
Yup Azad Kashmir is indeed beautiful. You would yearn to visit the Northern Areas, Kaghan, Naran, Shogran, b…
26 new depots established to ensure uninterrupted supply of wheat flour to remote areas of Azad Kashmir
Al Khidmat Foundation Azad Kashmir has started water project at dist.
There is a Yadgar-e-Shuhda in Mang Azad Kashmir which tells us the long story of freedom fighters since 1831
where does your family come from in Pakistan ? — Originally Azad Kashmir and Rawalpindi
I keep forgetting ur from East London, MP's = my mirpuri brothers and sisters. From Pak admin/Azad Kashmir
Ask from Azad Kashmiris, what they think Azad Kashmir is never a colony, Azas Kashmiris openly accept love for Pakistan.
yaar i don't hate pak but Pak has not dealt good with us they have reduced Azad Kashmir to colony
Senior Minister AJK Ch Muhammad Yasin says government is determined to make Azad Jammu & Kashmir a model state.
We need your direct supervision and guidance in Azad Kashmir for enforcing the agenda of PTI.
Stone pelting is India's occupational hazard. Nehru to Azad to Gandhi to Manmohan can vouch for it.
Azad Kashmir accuses India of plotting to end border trade
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Murder of Ridda Zanab whose body was found at her home in Bradford | Mirpur Azad Kashmir
India accused of plotting to end Kashmir trade: MUZAFFARABAD: Azad Kashmir's Finance Minist...
Question . who was the first president of Azad Kashmir?. Ans. Sardar ibrahim khan
I guess. Or Azad Kashmir. How can they put it on their country's website?
Azad Kashmir is on the Destinations list on Pakistan's tourism website.
A photo of my grandfather's grandfather (colour added) who migrated from Dadyal Azad Kashmir to Sydney...
Like ->Mirpur Azad Kashmir Rocks for Beautiful pics of Azad KAshmir
Hazoor Shaykh Ul Alam in Khoiratta, during their Tour of Azad kashmir for Milad conferences.
I congratulate the people of Azad Kashmir; halka LA 22., Sudnuti 2: It's a blessing for the people of this Area...
QMobile is searched most from Azad Kashmir in Isn't it surprising its not been searched by urban cities-at
This is the most killing Ghazal of Rasul Mir (keats of kashmir) sung by Shameema Azad
So the women's university planned in Bagh, Azad Kashmir will be named after Aseefa Zardari the daughter of Zardari.
Thousands of Kashmiris drawn from across Pakistan and Azad Kashmir converged in Muzaffarabad to mark the...
Omar meets Ambika; Azad over creation of new 23 new admn unitsA political storm is brewing in Jammu and Kashmir over a proposal to create...
Muslim Rajputs: Muhammad Ali Jinnah - Founder of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan · Fatima Jinnah - Sister of Jinnah and "Mother of Pakistan · Nawab Qaim Khan - Ameer of the Delhi Sultanate and The Chief of Qaimkhani tribe. · Malik Feroz Khan Noon - Former Prime Minister of Pakistan · Chaudhry Aurangzeb Khan - famous Minhas Rajput during the British era. · Rai Bhoe Bhatti - Founder of Nankana Sahib). · Rai Bular Bhatti - Land lord of over 100,000 acres (400 km2) in modern day · Chaudhry Chaku Khan - founder of Chakwal and the chief of Mair Minhas tribe · Raja Muhammed Sarfraz Khan - politician and a member of Pakistan Movement. · Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan Khokhar - one of Pakistan's first Federal Ministers. · Raja Habib ur Rahman Khan - Freedom fighter with Indian National Army, Fateh-e-Bhimber (Liberator of Bhimber) Azad Kashmir. · Muhammed Akbar Khan - The first Muslim to become a General in British Indian Army. · Iftikhar Khan - the first local Commander in Chief of the Pakistan A ...
HISTORY OF KASHMIR The Kashmir dispute is the oldest unresolved international dispute in the world today. Pakistan considers Kashmir as its core political dispute with India. So does the international community, except India. The exchange of fire between their forces across the Line of Control, which separates Azad Kashmir from Occupied Kashmir, is a routine affair. Now that both India and Pakistan have acquired nuclear weapons potential, the possibility of a third war between them over Kashmir, which may involve the use of nuclear weapons, cannot be ruled out. Kashmir may be a cause to a likely nuclear disaster in South Asia, which should be averted with an intervention by the international community. Such an intervention is urgently required to put an end to Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir and prepare the ground for the implementation of UN resolutions, which call for the holding of a plebiscite to determine the wishes of the Kashmiri people. Cause of the Kashmir Dispute India’s forcible occupat ...
hey are mainly settled in Abbottabad District and the Murree Hills .[1][2] The tribe speaks the Dhundi-Kairlali hill dialect of Pahari . [3] As well as Abbottabad and Murree, there are large populations of Abbasi living in the Rawalpindi District of Punjab and the Bagh District of Azad Kashmir .[2] Origins Not much is known about where the Abbasis come from. [2] There are many stories. [1] They claim to be descended from ‘Abbas ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib .[4] He was an uncle of the Prophet Muhammad . He was an Arab . His descendants founded the Abbasid Caliphate in what is now Iraq.[2] According to one source, Abbasis came to India with the armies of Mahmud of Ghazni . According to another explanation, they came with the Arabs when Muhammad Ghori asked for help from the Abbasid caliph. Nine hundred Abbasis came to India for help and settled in the areas after the Ghorids won the war against Prithviraj Chauhan. Later they spread to other parts of India, such as Sindh, Rothak, Karnal, Muradabad and Bahawalpur ...
Congratulations Pakistani Cricket Team song Must watch and share PTI Azad Kashmir
The Chitta Katha Lake is located in Shonter valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan at the altitude of 13,500 feet. The...
Rotaract Club Of Forman Christian College Lahore has planned a trip to Azad Kashmir on NEW YEAR. Details will be posted very soon. Team of Rotaract hope that this trip will be full of enjoyment for everyone. Only for baccalaureate
observed ‘martyrs Day’ (YOUM-E-SHOHDA ) across Pakistan with great devotion and respect. Karachi: December 9, 2013 Muttahida Qaumi Movement organized a ‘Martyrs Day’ (YOUM-E-SHOHDA) across Pakistan on December 9 in commemoration of Mr. Hussain’s elder brother Nasir Hussain, nephew Arif Hussain and other martyrs who had laid down their lives for freedom and justice in the country. MQM organized gatherings across Pakistan in its offices in Sind, Punjab, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir where participation did recitation of the Holy Quran and prayed for martyrs. They also paid honour and tributes to martyrs. On the occasion of ‘YOUM-E-SHOHDA’ main Fateha gathering was held at the Jinnah Ground Azizabad in front of the monument built in the memory of martyrs. Mr. Hussain’s sister, Saira, father and mother of Dr. Imran Farooq, family members of the martyrs, family members of MQM’s workers who are in prison and missing workers and MQM’s workers, office beare ...
How the subversive media in India goes against “India and her people”? Who own and finance the subversive media in India against “India and her people”? ~ An analysis by Upananda Brahmachari. Media now supports Arundhati Roy, an infamous one-eyed writer turned humanist for her Azad Kashmir activities, going hostile to the rules and regulations in this land and proving herself as an obvious secessionist. But this media went low to cover the story of humiliation of Taslima Nasrin, a humanitarian novelist of Bangladesh, who took refuge in India (Kolkata) after driven out from her mother land, facing a fatwa of beheading by the Bangla Islamists. The utter humiliation and physical assault upon Taslima in Hyderabad some years back, was simply ignored by the prime media, as the wide publicity would cut off their chain with Muslim funding agencies and the Muslim pressure groups or the Muslim politicians in power. Finally, Taslima was ousted by Government of India, getting full support of the media in forc ...
No 6 Squadron With the birth of Pakistan on 14 August 47, No 6 RPAF Squadron came into being although it had already existed for several years before independence as an RIAF unit. the squadron inherited 1 servicable Dakota with 2 pilots, 3 navigators and 3 signallers stationed at peshawar. to remedy this paucity of men and material, the RPAF drew up a three=phase program; in the 1st phase , ending on 31st March 48, No 6 squadron received 7 more Dakota's and during the next 12 months the aircraft strength went upto around 20. During this period a pattern of operations was established by the squadron for supply dropping in Azad Kashmir. these missions were essential for keeping troops and villages cutoff by snowbound roads supplied with essentials of life. flying fully loaded Dakotas with an effective ceiling of not much above 10,000 ft, in an environment of peaks ranging from 16,000 to 20,000 ft., No 6 squadron could accomplish these missions only by following the sinuous curves of the Indus valley. During ...
Major ethnic groups No census has been carried out to ascertain the ethnicity of the people of Azad Kashmir. However, estimates suggest that certain ethnic groups dominate. These are theKakazais, Dhunds, Awans, Sayeds, Gujjars, Jats, Rajputs, Sudhan, Arains and Mughals. The Gujjars are distributed over the entire state. Rajputs and Sayyeds are also distributed throughout the state, while Sudhans are concentrated in Poonch and Sudhnati districts. Jats are concentrated in Mirpur and Kotli districts.[3] Sayyeds, Mughals like Douli Sardars, Maldyal, Hoteel, Baig, Mirza, Mir, Banday and Chughtai clanes also found In Whole Ajk, But found in majority in Bagh, Abbaspur, Hajira, Kotli, many areas of Muzaffarabad and District Neelum. They constitute about 450,000 or more in population of AJK.[4] In addition to above groups, large numbers of Hindkowans are also found in the state, especially in the northern districts of Muzaffarabad and Neelum like Turks, Tanolies, Durrani and some others who migrated from Hazara re ...
Pakistan faces phenomenal challenges Asif Haroon Raja When the Mujahideen defeated the super power and forced the Soviet forces to withdraw from Afghanistan in 1989, Pakistan’s image had shot up very high because the miracle of the 20th century could not have been achieved without all out support of Pakistan to the Mujahideen. Pakistan’s stature once again rose dramatically after it carried out six nuclear tests in response to India’s five nuclear explosions in 1998. Pakistan became the sole Muslim State and 7th in the world to possess nuclear capability. Declared nuclear capability deflated jingoism of BJP leaders who till then were breathing fire and were threatening to annex Azad Kashmir. It brought such a sobering change that Vajpayee undertook a bus ride to Lahore in February 1999 and pledged to resolve all Indo-Pak disputes including Kashmir issue. Pakistan’s fortunes began to tumble when the out of turn promoted Gen Musharraf pumped by Generals Javed Hasan, Aziz and Mahmood triggered Kargi ...
The Indian National Congress is a signatory to the United Jihad Council headquartered at "Azad Kashmir" no? They share the same ideology.
All About Pakistan Information Mcqs The total length of coastline of Pakistan is 1046. • Cease Fire line came into existence in 1949. • Pakistan can be divided into six natural regions. • High of K2 is 8611 Meters. • The coldest place in Pakistan is Sakardu. • Most of the Hosiery Industry is located in Karachi. • The Heavy Mechanical complex was established with the help of China at Taxila. • The first Census in the subcontinent took place in the year 1901. • Wheat is the major Kharif Crop of Pakistan. • Kotli is the city of Azad Kashmir. • The SOS village built in Faisalabad. • Pakistan celebrated Quaid’s year in 2001. • Pakistani Cricketer Saeed Anwar declared to join Afghan Jehad. • Maulana Shibly wrote books on Islamic History. • The first translation of the Holy Quran was in Sindhi. • Qutab Minar is in Delhi. • Cholistan Desert is in Bahawalpur. • Pakistan can be divided per climate into 4 regions. • Hashim Shah wrote Sassi Punnu. • The British Communal Award w ...
THE HIDDEN REVEALING TRUTH OF MAQBOOZA KASHMIR: ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM! I believe you and most others are already knowledgeable with these facts but I am reproducing them for refreshment. Maharaja Hari Singh in collaboration with Indian forces killed over 100,000 Muslims and the remaining were ordered to evacuate Jammu or prepare to die in the third week of August, 1947. This brutality was enforced to change the Muslim majority state into a Hindu Majority state. Indian leadership believed that Kashmir being a Muslim majority State would undoubtedly join the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is also a historical fact that effective August 14, 1947 the day Pakistan emerged as a nation the Pakistani Stamp was being embossed in the post offices of Srinagar. In a response to innocent killings in Jammu, Mujahedeen that consisted of Muslim Pathans, Muslim people of Kashmir and the Pakistan Army librated 4200 square miles of the state which is known as Azad Kashmir. These forces could have been successful in liberating ...
every part of Occupied Kashmir, Azad Kashmir & Gilgit Baltistan is mesmerizing!so kind nature has been to us
PTI is in Govt at federal level and in all 4 provinces along with Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.Media thinks this way towards PTI
Mirpur Azad Kashmir shared the following link and had this to say about it: MDA Employee Grabbed 60 Lack from a British Citizen -
SRINAGAR: The Centre today accepted the proposal of the State Government to increase the intake capacity of Medical Colleges in the State and it would be applicable from this year’s academic session. The intake capacity of Government Medical Colleges of Srinagar and Jammu has been increased from 100 to 150 each and that of SKIMS Medical College, Bemina from 50 to 100. With this, 150 seats have been added to these colleges. The hike in the intake capacity of these colleges had become necessary as the State is facing a shortage of qualified medicos due to the expansion of health infrastructure, especially in rural and hilly areas. Also the intake capacity of the GMCs was fixed some 40 years ago after which it was never reviewed. Minister for Medical Education, Youth Services & Sports, Taj Mohi-ud-Din, immediately after taking over, had proposed to increase the seats in Medical Colleges of the State to meet the demand of qualified medicos. The State Government took the proposal to Centre with all seriousn ...
Nature is realy betuiful in Bagh n Rawakt Azad kashmir
Azad Kashmir Transport and Tourism company ''ATTCO'' bus service has been started between KARACHI & MIRPUR,AJK. The buses are full air-conditioned having 36 beds instead of seats. It has been launched to facilitate passenger to travel comfartablly.
A watch dog keeping an eye over NGO functioning & its uses of donations/accounts. A place for reporting NGO good work and bad work including research. Main domain ::
HE WHO SAVED A HUMAN BEING, HE SAVED THE WHOLE HUMANITY. (AL-QURAN) THE BEST AMONG YOU IS HE, WHO BENEFITS THE OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. (HADITH) Thalassaemia Patients required Blood Transfusions after 10 to 15 days and Desferal Injections for 8 to 10 hours daily. Your small contribution can save many precious human lives. Donate generously Blood to save precious human lives. You can also help us in our mission by sending your Zakat and Donations in the Holy Month of Ramadan. Contact us: 0333-5738615, 0345-6994456, 0334-5229267 You can also deposit your contribution at any Branch of the following Bank in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir: National Bank Ltd (Rawlakot) Account No: 0393-206-7
Read and capture it’s meaning.. ‘’there are millions of people in this world, Then WHY ARE U BORN?? The reason is, ‘ALLAH is expecting something from U,which is not possible by millions…!! Feel the value of urself. Don’t waste your life in liers. Once an army unid had severe Shortage of SOCKS one day the Commander said: ‘’Soldiers! There is a Good news & Bad news The good news is that you are going to change your dirty SOCKS & The bad news is that you are going EXCHANGE them amongst each other. This is the same as Democracy in Pakistan we keep on chosing the same Rotten Old Leaders,they just keep on changing parties ofr positions. The System remains constant. Please think Khilafat Change the whole System.
after a long tour of AZAD JAMO KASHMIR.. with.. Hanan Mehmood Kashif Rafique Ahsan Janjua Jay Saif Ali Naqvi Syed Taseer Haider now i am going to sleep.
When a woman is assaulted or killed, inevitably her morality is in doubt. The Park Street rape victim was ‘asking for it’ because she was fixing a deal with her ‘clients’. When Jessica Lall was killed at a Delhi party, defence lawyer Ram Jethmalani argued that Jessica Lall had insulted the ‘manhood’ of her murderer Manu Sharma. Ishrat Jahan was, according to the CBI charge sheet, abducted, sedated, confined and then killed in cold blood by officers of the Gujarat police. Once again, the morality brigade asks what a 19-year-old girl was doing travelling with a male companion and what is possibly wrong if a ‘terrorist’ was murdered in cold blood? The killing of Ishrat seems to satiate the inner beast of a middle class stupefied by the narrative of terrorism, violence and power. We have collectively forgotten that only a court can rule who is a ‘terrorist’, not politicians, police or media. The ‘encounter killing’ or the ‘fake encounter’ is an obscenity that should be unacceptable ...
Srinagar: The army on Tuesday claimed to have foiled a major infiltration bid in a fierce gun battle near line of control (LoC) in which at least five militants have reportedly been killed..
Wow, awesome weather in Kashmir, I just love it,
1 day left... Ramdan Mubarik To All Brothers and sisters in Pakistan,Azad Kashmir, Arab Europe and other countries who have started ibadah of Holy Month
Pak doesn't even discuss the possibility that "autonomous Kashmir" would include "Azad Kashmir". Won't happen.
Jammu and kashmir...get 150..additional MBBS seats .GREAT achievement of G.N azad tenure.will b implement ..after a fresh notification ..
IRAN ENGAGING IN SECTARIAN DISCRIMINATION AGAINST ITS SUNNIS     By Ali Rıza Gafuri     Historically, Iran had been virtually Sunni, with small minorities of Shiites only in some cities, until the 16th century when the Turkish-Sunni Safavid dynasty, ruling over the Iranian region, changed its sect to become Shiite due to political considerations.   Later, it emerged as a rival to the Ottoman Empire and became known as the “Islamic community that does not join the Holy War (Jihad).” After the 16th century, the Sunni community in Iran had to move toward and even beyond the borders as a result of pressure and oppression. Today, about 2 million Sunni Turkmen live along Iran’s common border with Turkmenistan, 4 million Sunni Baluchs live near the border with Pakistan and Afghanistan, several million Sunni Arabs live on the coasts of the Persian Gulf, about 7 million Sunni Kurds, Sanandaj Sunnis, Kermanshah and Hamadan Sunnis, about 500,000 Sunni Turks and several thousand Sunni Turks live in Tales ...
Just because there is no a single aid project in Azad Kashmir does not mean Ministers' should point blank avoid to meet Kashmeri's
The cricketer-turned-politician tells Rob Crilly of his journey of recovery since he fell 15ft from a raised platform at a party rally during this year's Pakistan election campaign.
Write your country name with city . .:-)
Its realy the most memorable trip of my life wid da whole family on da lovely place which is da beauty of nature[wadi_ neelam] in azad kashmir•had a great fun guys missing da awsum weather
Thank you mr chief MINISTER Peerless Progress Card!!! By:Gowhar Geelani In 2008 you took over as the chief minister of Jammu & Kashmir — a disputed Himalayan region — and it is the third time since I am thanking you for your wonderful achievements and impressive report card. In all fairness, you deserve all the accolades for breaking all past records set by your worthy father and able grandfather. That in itself makes a huge statement. Everything is so disciplined and organized in Kashmir.While walking through their own streets, the poor subjects have to prove their identity before the other in charge of the proceedings. Naive Kashmiris will accuse you of harassing them in the name of frisking, but the fact is that it is all about maintaining discipline. Didn’t we, as students in our respective schools,show our I- Cards at the entrance? Disciplining the masses is necessary. In 2008, you looked young and dynamic with black hair and some agility. In 2013, you seem fatigued and down and out with grey h ...
on the way.i'm coming back to Azad kashmir to muree
view dhok village and neela butt dhirko makyhla azad kashmir at DHAK AZAD KASHMIR
on my way to neelam valley azad kashmir with Ather Azim Khan Bilal Sarwar Imran Shahzad
"Tell those Indi Pindies (who talk of independent Kashmir) not to wait for sighting of crescent of Ramdhan in Pakistan. Let them wait for it either from India or Kashmir." XR
Which Political party will emerge as single largest party in the forthcoming Assembly Election in J&K in 2014? 1 PDP 2 Nc 3 Congress 4 BJP 5 Panthers Party 6 Others:
Sometimes people say time heals everything. But does it? I feel time can never heal a person. The only thing that can happen is that the person gets used to the pain, the loneliness, the sadness and the depression and learns to live on with it. Sad but true.
On Newshour tonight: *Have the Abbotabad revelations exposed the complicity and incompetence of the Pakistani establishment and ISI? *With several of his ministers being linked to the biggest sleaze scam in Kerala, will Oomen Chandy survive the Opposition onslaught?
Muhib's 1st visit to Murree nd Azad Kashmir
In Azad Kashmir, from a young age children are made to believe that when they grow up, they will get married and go to England. This kind of attitude means t...
No dots in Punjab! Shunned in KPK Baloch Azad Kashmir! Exists in Karachi cause of Hindu influ
is for a *** with whom I have done my graduation We were in landran college n did BBA 2011 passouts His name is Ricky tiwana wanna confess here i like him If any one knows his fb I'd pls do tell kinna sohni greji a oyee :P virk
Ap ne ek din me maximum kitna travel kya wa ha by road Shah
KISE is a school that providing free education and training for hearing impaired children in Mirpur (AJK) since 2001.KISE is a charity project of Ansari Welfare Trust (UK). Ansari Welfare Trust (UK) thanks to all our donors for their continued support to carry on this project. Face book.Kashmir Institute of Special Education (KISE) Mirpur
Peer Chansi (Muzaferabad Azad Kashmir) tour with family, had lot of fun,.
On the way of "Mir Pur Azad Kashmir" with Ayaz Ch . Awesome weather and listning songs in full Volum :-P !! kInG~~~
JKEDI ignores Omar's directions Early Times Plus NEWS DETAILS CM Grievances Redressed Cell fails to redress 7/9/2013 1:12:29 AM Avinash Azad Jammu, July 8: Chief Minister Omar Abdullah is seemingly helpless against unbridled powers given to the management of Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute, whose officials brazenly defied directions of CM Grievance cell, degrading CM's credibility and objective of Cell. Once again the failure of CM's grievances redressed cell came to the fore, when Shahid Murtaza Handdo resident of Pandan Nowhatta, Srinagar being repeatedly harassed by the JKEDI, approached the cell on April 16, 2013 seeking CM's intervention to get loan under Seed Capital Fund Scheme, initiated by JKEDI. Documents provided by the Shahid reveal that his complaint was forwarded to the grievances cell J&K, but same was not disposed so far by the cell. Narrating his experience while seeking to get the benefit of scheme, Shahid said, "On March 25, 2013, I applied in JKEDI Pampore for ...
On my way to interview Ex Prime Minister azad kashmir Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan
The Sharda Temple of Kashmir! (SharadaPeeth -POK) -Now in ruins! Sharada Peeth (Urdu: شاردا پیٹھ), located near Sharda in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, was the famous temple of the goddess Sarasvatī (Sharda) on the banks of Neelum River, (referred to as Kishenganga River by India) in Neelum Valley in Pakistan. Its ruins are near the Line of Control (LOC) between the Indian and Pakistani-controlled portions of the former princely state of Kashmir and Jammu. Indigenous script of Kashmir is named after the deity Sharada Devi.[2] Kashmir was sometimes called Sharada Desh because of this temple and Sharada was called Kashmira Puravasini (resident of city of Kashmir ). The Kashmiris are highly devoted towards this great deity[1] whom they call as 'BHAGWATI'. During their daily worship they often say "Namastey Sharada Devi Kashmir Pur Vasini Tvam Ham Prartheye Nityam Vidya Danam Che De hi mey" meaning Salutations to you, O Sharada, O Goddess, O one who resides in Kashmir. I pray to you daily, please give me ...
Selective screen shots of Malloot Azad kashmir film.Edited & uploaded by jansheen!
the majority claim to be from Azad Kashmir. They don't claim tv be from pakistan. So I suggest u learn before commenting
Have you been to Azad Kashmir? did you like going there — Yep I go there every 2 years since my family's from th...
What abt so called Azad Kashmir people
Go and google Azad Kashmir & look at things happening there. I didn't make it up
absolutely, in fact life in Azad Kashmir is better and more peaceful than the rest of Pakistan.
Can somebody tell how life is better and secure in Azad Kashmir than in Occupied Kashmir which is an open air prison?
Azad Kashmir is far more secure and liveable than in Occupied Kashmir
oohhh... our tour to AZAD KASHMIR, the heaven on earth, i'm waiting badly... hurry up's man >?"
Azad Kashmir Mineral and industrial Development Corporation Muzaffarabad Applications are invited from suitable...
AbbTakk Multimedia News: Azad Kashmir's School. For Updated news and upto the minute headlines, Forex Rates,...
Pahariwood is based in Mirpur Azad Kashmir in Pakistan and have notable films like 'Miki Kharo England' & 'Main Kharo England
. is there any figure for Azad Kashmir???
Today weather is very hot in azad kashmir
A Very very Happy Birthday to the ever Smiling :) Happiness, love and prosperity always :). Raja Ghias Aslam PSF Azad Kashmir.
Incase any of you thought I'm Arab... No I'm native to Azad Kashmir.
.So it is Azad Kashmir for you and not POK?
reviews Christopher Snedden's well researchd bk on Kashmir dispute. Includes wealth of info on Azad Kashmir
reviews Christopher Snedden's well researched bk on Kashmir tht includes a lot of info on Azad Kashmir
A house in Azad Kashmir. If I live long enough until retirement, I'll buy a house like that and go out in peace.
im at Mohi ud Din Islamic University Nerian sharif Azad fan here in any room of uni hostel bcoz of cold weather.
Right from the time I began to understand the world I do feel even now that our Hindustan is still not yet complete without our Territories of Azad Kashmir which is still being eluded from us Hindustanis since last 65 years & the main culprits were the Nehru Jinnah liaqat Ali khan Britian & the Americans. We all Hindus should unite & vote BJP as the only party with absolute majority to get back what had being taken away from we Hindustanis. Skardu Giligit Pir Panjal range are all ours & still it is being occupied illegally by Pakistan, with the help of lord Churchill who was always anti Hindu .
Off to a fun filled, crazy weekend in Azad Kashmir with friends tonight :D — feeling excited
As most people from Azad are classified as in the UK, Pahari is not recognised as a language.
I remember traveling through Azad Kashmir in Prince of Persia.
BTW..Mirpur is in Azad Kashmir which is an occupied territory so how can they be called Pakistani's? Geo-nationality!!
Those who wanna introduce PTI in Azad Kashmir... There is a sad News for them but i dont wanna disclose... IK will be disclosing himself soon IA
My submissions are as under: PART(1)In 2010 the 18th Constitutional Amendment on Federation-Provinces Relations legislative and administrative responsibilities of the provinces in Pakistan, enables civil society of AJK to speak and proposed amendment’s in the AJK interim Act 0f 1974.Various NGO`S come forward and suggest their amendment’s to the AJK act 1974. AJK interim Act 1974, is a Pakistan`s colonial design for the people of Azad Kashmir (POK) to deprive them from the their fundamental rights and resources. The scope and aim of the Act is to protect the defacto occupational interests of military and civil establishment of Pakistan. The main aim of this legal frame work is to well control to the indigenous thoughts and struggle which represent the real interests of the people for their demand of national independence from Pakistan. The Kashmir council, ministry of Kashmir affairs to force the people of Azad Kashmir to believing Kashmir state accession to Pakistan, It is a crime if any Kashmir spea ...
its12.13 mid night in Azad Kashmir. network poor. have a wireless device. mor inspection along with a team of 3 hospitals n college
He lives in Kotli Azad Kashmir. U can't find him :(
I got this group photo (of mine) published in Azad Kashmir's english daily 'heights'. this photo was taken in an...
Pervez Musharraf is extremely popular in Azad Kashmir. They worship him.
A wonderful trip to a very beautiful Neelum valley Azad Kashmir Thank you all the participants for making it a...
PARADISE CALLED KASHMIR Historically Kashmir refers to an area of 86,024 square miles of the north-western region of the Indian sub-continent. It refers to the area that includes the Indian occupied region of Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Ladakh, the Pakistani occupied regions are Northern Areas and Azad Kashmir and Chinese occupied region is referred to as Aksai Chin gifted away by the Government of Pakistan. Kashmir is famous for its exquisite handicrafts like woollen and silk carpets, felt Numdha rugs, Chain stitch rugs, pin point tapestry, crewel drapery and huge lot of other items.It is a treat for animal lovers and bird watchers to visit Kashmir and apart from the local habitat, animals and birds, you get to watch vareity of migratory birds. In the 14th century, Islam was the dominant religion in Kashmir and leading the Sufi-Islamic way of life, Muslims and Hindus of Kashmir lived in relative harmony. Rinchen Shah from Tibet attacked and killed the last Hindu King Ram Chand and married his daughter Kuta ...
Punjab is the most populous province of Pakistan, and home to over half the population of Pakistan. Forming most of the Punjab region, the province is bordered by Kashmir (Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir, India) to the north-east, the Indian states of Punjab and Rajasthan to the east, the Pakistani province of Sindh to the south, the province of Balochistan to the southwest, the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the west, and the Islamabad Capital Territory to the north.The Punjab is home to the Punjabis and various other groups. The name Punjab derives from the Persian words Panj (Five), and Ab(Water), i.e. (the) Five Waters - referring to five tributaries of the Indus River - these being Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej, that flow through the larger Punjab. Due to its strategic location, it has been part of various empires and dynasties throughout history, including the Indus Valley Civilization, Aryans, Kushans, Scythians, Greeks, Persians, Arabs, Turks, Ghaznavids, Timurids, Mughals, ...
NATIONALISTS USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITES CONTRIBUTES NOTHING TO THE CAUSE OF MAQBOOZA KASHMIR AND IS REMOVED FROM THE REALITIES ON THE GROUND: HABIB YOUSAFZAI, KASHMIR DIASPORA ALLIANCE ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM! Azad Kashmir is an area which comprises 4200 square miles which was liberated through the combined efforts of the Kashmiris Pathan (Mujahideen), and the Pakistan Army. The whole state of Jammu and Kashmir could have been liberated but unfortunately, Sheikh Abdullah succumbed to the nationalist views of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and divided the nation. As a result the Indian state occupied 42000 square miles of Jammu and Kashmir and enslaved 12 million of its inhabitants. In order to break the will of Pakistan for the liberation of Maqbooza Kashmir, India is once again spreading nationalist sentiments in Azad Kashmir. Many individuals are buying into this propaganda are motivated by their own self-interest such as refugee status claims which can be legitimized if they propagate such a stance. These individ ...
Gujjar Dignitaries Mian Muhammad Bakhsh میاں محمد بخش Mian Muhammad Bakhsh was a Sufi saint and a Punjabi/Pahari poet. He belonged to Gujjar tribe and subcast was Paswal. He is especially renowned as the author of a book of poetry called Saif-ul-Malūk. He was born in a village called Khari Sharif, situated near Mirpur, Azad Kashmir. Choudhry Rahmat Ali چودھری رحمت علی Choudhry Rahmat Ali was a Pakistani Muslim nationalist who was one of the earliest proponents of the creation of the state of Pakistan. He is credited with creating the name "Pakistan" for a separate Muslim homeland in South Asia and is generally known as the founder of the movement for its creation. He advised the shown map of Pakistan keep in view of AllamaIqbal's dream. He is best known as the author of a famous 1933 pamphlet titled Now or Never "Are We to Live or Perish Forever", also known as the Pakistan Declaration. The pamphlet started with a famous statement; "At this solemn hour in the history of India, whe ...
Pakistan: The Muslim Gujjars are considered to be a major tribe in Pakistan; in fact, they compromise as much as twenty percent of the country's entire population. Gujjars have given their names to several places in Pakistan, including Gujranwala, Gujjar, Gujar Khan, Gojra and Gujrat. The Gujjars have migrated and settled in many urban areas of Pakistan. Islamabad, Sialkot, Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi has now large Gujjar population. Some population is also present in urban and rural areas of Sindh and Balochistan. Azad Kashmir: There are many prominent Gujjar families in the Azad Kashmir, in the following places: Pramekot, Rahimkot, Riat, Dadyal, Mirpur, Bhalot Chowk (Mirpur), Mandi Village (Ddayal),Sahalia (Dadyal) Saliah Village (Dayal), Kund (Dadyal), Kotli (Khoi Ratta, Anderla Kothera, Shaheen Abad, Dakkhana, Phalini, Khor, Ghayeen, Kerjai, Barali Gala, Nidi Sohana. In the Nakiyal District, Kotli the Gujjars are majority, in population, business, education, and politics the majority of Gujjars fam ...
HISTORY OF AZAD KASHMIR. After the partition of India in 1947, the king of Jammu and Kashmir (Modern Day Indian Jammu and Kashmir + Azad Kashmir + Northern Areas + Aksai Chin) decided to let Jammu-Kashmir be an independent state. This was soon followed by a tribal invasion of Kashmir backed by regular Pakistani troops. Fearing the might of Pakistani Forces, Kashmir sought military help from India and in-turn decided to accede with India. India accepted this and the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947 was fought to send Pakistani forces back. However, the war was not decisively complete and a cease fire was called in 1948. The dispute has not yet been solved and the part of Kashmir to the west of that Cease-Fire Line or the Line of Control continues to be administered by Pakistan. This Western Kashmir was subsequently divided the into following provinces/regions by Pakistan:. * GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION* Azad Kashmir - The narrow Southern part - 250 miles (400 km) in length with the width varying from 10 to 40 miles (1 ...
BackgroundThe majorities of NGOs in Azad Kashmir are small, local in their impact and limited in both human and material resources and are heavily concentrated in urban areas within emphasis upon welfare and charity. There is a need for development NGOs to fill the gap at he grass-root level in remo...
LONDON: British Pakistani Master Tailor Arshad Mahmood has produced a suit that he claims to be one of the world’s most expensive tailor-made suits priced at $129,000 (HK$1, 000, 000). Arshad Mahmood, who has offices in London and Hong Kong, originates from Mirpur in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, and learnt the art of tailoring originally in the city of Karachi in early 80s. Mahmood recently showcased his talents at the launch of his ‘million dollar suit’ in Hong Kong. The suit is made of 22-carat gold stitching, a gold waistcoat and diamond-encrusted gold and diamond buttons. Mahmood especially flew to Hong Kong to sell it to a mystery buyer from China for HK$1, 000, 000. The launch event was attended by a number of top celebrities including Formula One’s Adrian Sutil and singer & actress Maria Cordero. Arshad Mahmood says that his suit is the only one of its kind in the world. Speaking to The News after returning from Hong Kong, Arshad Mahmood commented: “It took us 200 hours to tailor this suit, wh ...
GILGIT-BALTISTAN (Switzerland of Pakistan) INTRDUCTION: The region of Gilgit-Baltistan is known as the jewel of Pakistan, the wonder of Asia and the roof of the World.It has a wonderful and captivating view of some of the greatest and sky-touching mountains of the world, the Hindukash, the Himalyas and the Karakoram Ranges.This panoramically colourful place has a great importance in the world of tourism because of its highly diversified cultures, impressive locations, and famous mountains which are also rich with mineral resources, precious stones and accommodation for the wildlife. LOCATION: The significance of its location basically hinges on the juncture for meeting place of some of the greatest world’s civilizations and trade centers. It borders Pakistan’s Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province to the west, Afghanistan’s Wakhan corridor to the north, China to the northeast, Azad Kashmir to the southwest, and Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir to the southeast. Gilgit-Baltistan covers an area of 72,971 k ...
Flash News Kashmir: JKLF pays tributes to Advocate Ansari, condemns attack in Balochistan. Terming the demise of pro-independenc e leader from Azad Kashmir Advocate Abdul Khaliq Ansari a national loss Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik today said that Kashmiris have lost a great leader and statesman. Ansari breathed his last during Saturday night on June 15. Malik in a statement issued termed Advocate Ansari as one of the pioneers of Kashmir struggle. “He was the first Kashmiri who came out with the concept of an independent Kashmir. After giving this ideology,this true son of soil never looked back and always kept his march for freedom on.” "This great soul started his struggle in Dogra period and went to jail as a young boy. In 1963 it was he who started Kashmir Independent Committee and in 1965, assumed the charge of chairman Mahaz-i- Raishumari in Azad Kashmir,” Malik said. Malik announced that funeral prayers in absentia will be offered on June 17 tomorrow afternoo ...
And the PPP government in Azad Kashmir claims to be true followers of Z.A Bhuto and Bibi Benazir
SRINAGAR 14 June: Today on international blood donor day, Tehreek e Hurriyat officially inaugurated ‘’Syed Ali Geelani Blood Bank “at central office Hyderpora and hundreds of volunteers and youth donated their blood at makeshift camp for said blood bank. Syed Ali Geelani who is under continuous detention inaugurated the ceremony and addressed the occasion. He announced that similar blood bank would be set up in Azad Kashmir and added, that in future blood camps would be organised at different district head quarters in the state. Geelani said that J&K figures among the conflict zones and at tense situations and in emergencies , the desperate people and injured persons need blood and our assistance. . Ayaz Akbar, Spokesman of Syed Ali Geelani in a statement said that among hundreds of voluntary donators, pro-freedom leaders, political activists, those people also donated their blood whose near and dear ones obtained martyrdom during ongoing freedom movement. Spokesman said that among the donors were a ...
Facts and recent history Kashmir is a region shared between Pakistan, China and India. It comprises the western end of the Himalayas and includes the second and ninth highest mountains in the world (K2 and Nanga Parbat). It is approximately 222,237 square Km in area, just slightly smaller than the area of the UK as a whole (242,000 square Km). It has a population of approximately 15 million. If it was an independent country it would rank as the 85th largest country in terms of area and 65th in terms of population. Azad Kashmir (or Free Kashmir) is a self-governing part of Pakistan, with its own President and Prime Minister. The Indian state of Kashmir includes two-thirds of Kashmir's population, but is commonly referred to as Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) by Kashmiris. China annexed two smaller areas of Kashmir during its 1962 border war with India. The region is a flashpoint between the three nuclear powers and the Kargil conflict in 1999 represents the only time that two nuclear powers have physically g ...
Pakistan: Re-evaluation of secret agencies’ role sought Date: 11 Jun 2013 Pakistan: Re-evaluation of secret agencies’ role sought ISLAMABAD, June 10: An ex-serviceman, who had been picked up and brutally tortured, moved the Supreme Court on Monday seeking an order for the constitution of a parliamentary committee for reassessing the role of secret agencies, including the Military Intelligence and the Inter-Services Intelligence. The re-evaluation by the parliamentary committee will help avoid crippling of young soldiers and end the recovery of mutilated dead bodies, Naik Mohammad Iqbal said in his application filed in the court through Advocate Inamul Raheem. Mr Iqbal was taken into custody by intelligence agencies on Nov 27, 2004, when his battalion was deployed on the Leepa Front in Azad Kashmir but, according to his counsel, he was never informed about the charges. Mr Iqbal claimed in the application that his detention was kept so secret that even his family was not informed about his sudden disapp ...
JKPM demands further probe into unmarked graves’ issue. Jammu, Jun 07 (KNN): In Occupied Kashmir, APHC leader and Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement, Ghulam Ahmad Mir has stressed the need of further investigations into the discovery of thousands of unmarked graves in the territory. Ghulam Ahmad Mir addressing a meeting at Thannamandi in Poonch called for marking all graves of martyrs with headstones through records available with the police stations in the territory. The APHC leader said that the Kashmiris had been offering sacrifices for their inalienable right to self-determination since 1947. “Hundreds of thousands have laid their lives, while still tens of thousands migrated to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir for demanding their right,” he added. Criticising the regime for imposing restrictions on Hurriyet leaders’ movement, he said that the authorities had demonstrated anti-people approach by preventing JKLF Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik from distributing relief goods among quake vict ...
Places to visit Visit Neelum Valley to explore the hidden paradise. Neelum Valley is situated at the North & North-East of Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir, running parallel to Kaghan Valley. The two valleys are only separated by snow-covered peaks, some over 4000m above sea level. Excellent scenic beauty, panoramic views, towering hills on both sides of the noisy Neelum river, lush green forests, enchanting streams and attractive surroundings make the valley a dream come true. Athmuqam - is situated at a height of 1371m, it is the sub-divisional headquarters of the area. It is an attractive place known for its variety of fruit. All necessary facilities via bazaars, post offices, banks, hospitals, and telephone exchanges are present. Keran & Upper Neelum - at a distance of about 91 Km (3 Hours Drive) from Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir & 7 Hours Drive from Islamabad, Keran and Upper Neelum is situated on the right bank of the river Neelum at 1524m above sea level with fascinating scenery. The panoramic lush green va ...
PAKISTAN GENERAL ELECTION,2013 General elections were held in Pakistan on 11 May 2013, to elect the members of the 14th National Assembly and to the four provincial assemblies of Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Elections were held in all four provinces, the federal capital Islamabad and in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas which is a territory of Pakistan. The remaining two territories of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, located in Pakistani Kashmir were ineligible to vote due to their disputed status. Pakistan is the world's fifth largest democracy. The elections are noted for the first civilian transfer of power following the successful completion of a five year term by a democratically elected government. At the end of the election the election commission projected that more than 60 percent of the nation's 86 million voters cast ballots for national and provincial assemblies—a number that, if confirmed, would represent the highest turnout since 1970, when the populist Awami ...
A Tourist (Syed Mohammad Hasan) enjoying his time at Tolipeer, Rawalakot - Azad Kashmir. SHARING via -- Visit Rawalakot
Faryal Talpur - Azad Kashmir govt run with her blessings, shaccused of running a parallel government in Sindh
Earthquake in Kashmir, why am i not surprised.
Tremors felt in some area of punjab khybor and azad kashmir.
jolts in Kashmir. Magnitude 5.7, centre was 88 km from 10 km deep.
No. Basically just around those 2 cities, tremors also felt in Azad Jammu Kashmir.
News Alert: Earthquake tremors felt in some areas of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkwa and Azad Kashmir, magnitude was...
Panic in Azad Kashmir is immense, they still remember 2005
Stay safe everyone. I just saw the news that an earthquake hit the Punjab, N.W.F.P and Azad Kashmir side.
What part of pakistan is your family from? — Mirpur. Azad kashmir
Situation in Azad Kashmir- watch live TV debate on Speakers Corner Venus TV, Sky 805, Friday 26 April at 8pm Our...
no electricity in kotli AZAD KASHMIR pk missing madrid vr dortmund ..come on
sister was raped in rawalakot azad Kashmir was it raised in the mosque when it does then pray behind yourimam
Maqbool bhat once adressed us saying "its your fight you have to fight it no external agency will fight for you"
Skeletons are coming out from Azad Kashmir. After the rape case and alleged sex-exploitation racket. Charges of rampant corruption come up.
Greater Kashmir - India - Indian Pharma industry ranked 3rd in world: Azad -
Muzaffarabad (Azad Kashmir) RAPE Case -- update New names coming up in this case. It is reported that a female...
Little Giant Ladders
Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sb in Muzzafarabad azad kashmir on 18 April will be release soon only on MessageTv...
I was born in azad kashmir never heard that jesus son of mary is buried there or in indian kashmir.
Someone kid napped Ahmadi family from Kotli Azad kashmir
By the way, are you from Azad Kashmir?
Shame on Azad kashmir Govt. They should take serious actions.
So true"We in Azad Kashmir can sit back and laugh at all of you across the Jhelum river. What a mess you have there folks.
Definitely visiting Azad Kashmir next time in Pakistan.
you should and take me along too! You MuST go to azad kashmir, beautifulll place. I loved it
Wha's Azad Kashmir? If it is Azad (Free) how *** it is called hence 2 avoid confusion Pakistan Occupied Republic of Kashmir
Whatevr congrs does,is right. Puting Anna in jail/ Rajbala's death/ Azad kashmir's PM welcumd by Omar/ rapes yet no law/ NOW China/ nxt Pak.
if the issue are not going to solve among Azad kashmir. Injustices in division of resources of Kashmir. Kashmir will be next Blochustan
I invite those who want peace of mind to come and reside in Azad Kashmir.
Raped and murdered in Muzaffarabad Azad kashmir. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.Why our courts are asleep???
| could have been here right now... Dawn in Bhimber
We urge government of Pakistan, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Chief Justice of Azad Kashmir to immediately conduct...   10% Off
A Human Rights Task Force should be established in Azad Jammu and Kashmir region, HRCP Member from AJK
Stunning view of Chitta Khata Lake Azad kashmir - Pakistan
Human rights violations in Pakistan occupied and Azad Kashmir raised at the UNHRC in Geneva.
Urdu is the official language of Azad Kashmir, unlike Hyderabad, which is generally full of pollution, slums & vegetarians...
Pakistan is so beautiful unfortunately less people know about it! Look at this spectacular lake in Azad Kashmir.
Where does your family come from in Pakistan? Azad Kashmir or Pakistan side?... — i don't even come from pakistan
Six more blind cricket matches played: Bahawalpur, Karachi, Azad Kashmir, Abbottabad,...Read more
Oh stop sharing pretty pictures of (azad) Kashmir, I already want to go back :(
Clouds on the horizon again. I hope summer gets delayed for a few more days. Mirpur, Azad Kashmir
Artcile 62, 63 - Can't wait to see it being implemented in Azad :P
All the leaders of Azad and Occupied Kashmir sought Governor Sindh support for the self determination for the people of Kashmir
On our way to Muzaffarabad, Azad This is Kohala Bridge right now..
Dear must return to his pind, that is Bagh (Azad Kashmir), instead of advising to migrate to India
En route to Muzaffarabad Azad First stop for 1 hour..
This is an in depth interview by Shams Rehman via JK TV of the circumstances in which a Kashmiri young man...
Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority to formulate first ever development strategy for Azad Jammu...
Kindly talk in ur program about the utilization of state resources of azad kashmir by ajk Govt. For PPP in next election in pak
5.9 magnitude earthquake jolted Punjab, Isb and KPK, tribal belt and Azad Kashmir.
A 5.9 magnitude Earthquake jolted Punjab, Islamabad and parts of KP, adjoining tribal belt and Azad Kashmir today...
5.9 earth quake around KPK and few areas of Punjab and Azad Kashmir!
Tremors felt in Islamabad, Lahore, Azad Kashmir, Abbottabad and other parts of country.
*BREAKING* MUZAFFARABAD Public holiday announced in Azad Kashmir on April 4 in connection with the death anniversary of Zulfikhar Ali Bhutto
Loool ask anyone from mirpur or Azad Kashmir what's the eat thing there. They'll all reply mega mart
Guys where from Azad Kashmir are you from? We might be village buddies
Annisahs gonna tell us she's from Azad Kashmir next. Lmao.
chakothi currently known as LOC (the bridge on left) between indian Occupied Kashmir and azad
Line of control should be declared the international border. Let the Kashmiris deal with India on their own. must not suffer.
Pakistan should declare a province as it did with Gilgit Baltistan.
Its 3hrs here now light here in azad kashmir loadshudding.
44% of Youth from Azad Kashmir think Islamic Shariah as best political system for
Sneden couts uprising in Poonch,bloody riots in Jammu n creation of Azad Kashmir govt on Oct 24,1947 factors for division.
Even there is a Medical college in Azad Kashmir
Khalistan, Tamil Eelam, Azad Kashmir (read Valley); the Indian state is under a lot of pressure
i m Ansar from azad kashmir?misbah not good cricketer y playd i heat misbah?malik&afridi good c plz out misbah & in new cricketer
Amazing View of Herd of Sheep in the snow in Azad Kashmir,
Salman Bhai I want to read Rock and Roll Jihad but its not available in Azad Kashmir :-(
we will join hands with you frm Muzaffarabad, azad kashmir to save and build Pakistan!!
hs own govt,there is no human rights abuse,no mass graves,no rapes & Living with Muslim Pak
I've maintained time and again that some people indeed want Pakistan, some Azad Kashmir, some India. Obviously, I can't represent everyone.
Kapour Aour 'when buses used to go from batmaloo to kupwara to Azad kashmir'
If really is an integral part of India then India should *** Azad Kashmir as well. If they have balls for that.
Father in Law of Hamid Yaar Hiraj take oath as Advisor to Prime Minister Azad Kashmir
"Anyone who angers you conquers you." (Elizabeth Kenny) Sender: Ammar from Azad Kashmir.
yeah I'm actually in sparkhill now. I can see that buqwas mughal-e-azam restaurant. azad kashmir BRAP BRAP lol jk
Pakistan will never stop feeding Kashmir separatists as they'll have to talk abt Azad kashmir then.
Will pakistan be ready to leave Azad Kashmir and Balochistan? :)
1stly its not azad kashmir.. its Pak Occupied Kashmir and here its Indian 'occupied' Kashmir.. ask anybody Ind is better or Pak!
thanks for unblocking us. All the best i be watching your fight in Azad Kashmir. We be cheering you all the way. Ameen
By three years for candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Buddhist Community, recognized tribes of the Tribal Areas, Azad Kashmir
LOL sideman your from Azad kashmir not proper kashmir like me B-)
LOOL what part of Islamabad and do yu mean Azad Kashmir or the proper kasmir?
:thank you.Rather then Azad Kashmir our vision should be Azad Hindustan.Hindu or Muslim all...
Tell me what is better in Indian occupied kshmir than Azad Kashmir?
that is true, why only we suffer, tragic and sad. Strange azad kashmir is the only place in Pak that is peaceful worth living.
Fellow Kashmiris in Azad Kashmir are lucky to be free from oppression & anarchic rule. We are the condemned lot, who keep suffering :(
is it AzadKashmir or Azad Jammu & Kashmir? doubt whether Dogra's , Kashmiri Pandits & Ladaki buddhist would ever join this state?
Your nation is India and Kashmir is part of it. If you want your own Kashmir you are welcome to leave, go to POK and azad it.
In tomorrow's newspapers "Lord Nazeer joins PML(N), like to get election ticket from Azad Kashmir"
I understand, we do have some industries in Mirpur. Its by far the richest and most developed district in whole Azad Kashmir
Mirpur Azad Kashmir, my hometown. Pir Panjal mountain range in the background.
Update your maps at Navteq
Did you visited their website? OPP shows Azad Kashmir as a part of India ?? Seriously
I just ousted Mubashar A. as the mayor of Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir on
Bhimber General Post Office Codes - Azad Kashmir: All the postal codes are compiled for your…
I am sure he and his father is dreaming about azad kashmir. All his recent actions are against India.(1/2)
Praveen Azad can get 50 lacs,8 jobs,Dist in Husband's name,5 widows of CRPF jawans shld ask for entire Kashmir
KASHMIR is under curfew killings are going on but Azad kashmir is mute ?
If 1 Praveen Azad can get 50 lac, 8 Govt. jobs & Distt. in her Husband's name, then 5 widows of CRPF jawaans should ask for entire
WHAT AN EARTHQUAKE TAUGHT ME ABOUT THE MEANING OF LIFE. And we will surely let them taste the nearer punishment short of the greater punishment that perhaps they will repent. [Quran, 32:21] When I look back to my past I’m astonished at how I changed entirely. I was a totally liberal-minded person, very far from religion. I had no concept of prayer or recitation of Al-Quran. I was entirely a man of enjoyment, wasting time in the company of friends and even strangers. I was born in the area of Azad Kashmir, a state of Pakistan. My early years were passed there and I got my early education from a local school. I wasn’t an outstanding student. There was a religious environment at home but no obligation to do anything. I sometimes prayed but only to copy my parents. Wake-up Call I was working on my master’s degree when a drastic earthquake struck the area. It was the morning of the eighth of October, 2005, when more than 80,000 persons died and the living were all in the same condition, whether rich or p ...
S IN PAKISTAN Origin of the Dhund Abbasi The Dhund Abbasi came to ancient Pakistan from Egypt, as traders and merchants in commodities like fabrics, perfumes and diamonds. Envoys and traders of the Abbasids came to Taxila, ancient Pakistan, where they constructed a mosque and started preaching Islam by the order of Caliph Harun al-Rashid around 844 CE. An Abbasi scholar, Abu Fadhal, taught a Kashmiri King Onti Vermon in 882, and he translated the Quran into Hindi. This was the first translation of the Quran into an Indian language. In 1025 CE, Raja Mall of Jhelum, embraced Islam by Mahmud Ghazni and constructed a fort at Malot, Malpur near Islamabad in present day Pakistan administered Kashmir. He died inJhelum. They established a colony near Delhi in 1232. Sardar Tolak Khan, who came to Kashmir during the reign of King Zain-ul-Abidin (1423 to 1474), settled in the Poonch area (now the Bagh District of Azad Kashmir). Although the tribe traces its roots back to Abbas, it is more likely that the Dhund Abbas ...
KH Khurshid was made president of Azad Kashmir in the early sixties by President Ayub Khan. He accepted the post at Miss Jinnah's urging. A year later he became the first elected president of Azad Kashmir. He spent his time in office working just as the Quaid would have done: start at 8 a.m. and work till the last file had been seen. It was he who provided Pakistan's part of the Kashmir with rich networks of roads. He brought an end to the Jagirdari system in Azad Kashmir and most importantly gave the right of vote to the people and brought the politicians to the doorsteps of the people. No wonder the Kashmiris called him Khurshid-e-Millat.
The WHO had reported 3,270 confirmed cases of dengue fever in Punjab, 195 in Sindh, 35 in Islamabad, 25 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and five in Azad Kashmir as of September 2011. Invite your friends to this page to join our fight against dengue this year! (Admin)
Jammu and Kashmir: » Teaching faculty's retirement age be enhanced: Azad (Read full story at:
Jammu and Kashmir: » Omar, Azad lay foundation of Sant Manjit Singh Medical Institute (Read full story at:
Muhammad Maqbool Bhat (February 18, 1938 - February 11, 1984): Muhammad Maqbool Bhat was born in village Trehgam of district Kupwara in the year of 1938 and was viciously buried in Tihar jail, Delhi. He was first wrongfully imprisoned by Pakistan and later unlawfully noosed by India exactly one week before his 46th birthday, while awaiting trial for a case registered against him. Today, Muhammad Maqbool Bhat is known as the Shaheed-e-Azam and Shaheed-e-Kashmir. He was the first Kashmiri to be judicially murdered on Indian soil - making him the first authentic martyr of the Kashmiri independence movement. Critics of the Kashmiri freedom movement dubbed him as an '''enemy agent' to undermine his struggle for the liberation of his motherland. Mr. Maqbool crossed over to other part of Kashmir (PaK) via Sialkot border in the year of 1958. It was the same time when Indian state oppression increased against Sheikh Abdullah's supporters. Later from Muzaffarabad (Azad Kashmir's capital), he moved to Peshawar and s ...
Signs of Ghazwa-e-Hind Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) said, " IN MY UMMAH, THERE ARE TWO SUCH FORCES, ON WHICH ALLAH HAS MADE HARAAM THE FIRE OF *** ONE IS THE FORCE WHICH WILL ATTACK HINDUSTAN & THE OTHER WOULD BE THE ONE WHO WOULD ACCOMPANY HAZRAT ISA IBN-E-MARYAM (A.S.)”. Hazrat Akram Awan (R.A.) is the Khaleefa of Hazrat Maulana Allah Yar Khan (R.A.). In his lecture on 28th December 2001, he said that Ghazwa-e-Hind will be started when India will attack on Azad Kashmir on the order of America. Pakistan Armed Forces will play a very important role in this Ghazwa. He said that time is very near. We should be prepared for this Ghazwa. Because Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said that the fire of *** has been made Haraam by Allah on the participants of Ghazwa-e-Hind. Read his complete speech below.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Early life and education Nawaz Sharif was born in the upper-middle class Sharif family in Ratta, Azad Kashmir administered area of Pakistan[12] on 25 December 1949.[1] His father, Muhammad Sharif, was an upper middle-class businessman and industrialist who had migrated from Amritsar district to Pakistan during the 1947 Indian partition.[12] His family is of Kashmiri-Punjabi origin.[12] His father followed the teachings of the Ahl al-Hadith.[13] His family owns Ittefaq Group, a multimillion dollar steel conglomerate.[14] His brother Shahbaz Sharif is the incumbent Chief Minister of Punjab province while his nephew Hamza Shahbaz Sharif is a member of the National Assembly. And his daughter Maryam Nawaz is also in politics and a leader of his party. He went to Saint Anthony High School. He graduated from the Government College University, Lahore with an art and business degree and then received a law degree from the University of Punjab.[15] He is married to Kalsoom Nawaz Sharif.[16] [edit]Initial political ...
1 Hafeez Jallundhari was writer of National anthem. 2 Sir Adamjee was first president of Pakistan Muslim. 3 Abdul Sattar Edhi is founder of Edhi Trust. 4 Chaudhary Rehmat Ali was creator of word ‘Pakistan’. 5 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was founder of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). 6 Dr. Abdul Qadeer is renowned nuclear scientist. 7 Sir Zafarulla Khan was first foreign minister. 8 In March 23, 1956 was first constitution of Pakistan. 9 General Zardari is current president of Pakistan. 10 Ishfaq kiyani is current chief executive of Pakistan. 11 In Lahore on April 21, 1938 Allama Iqbal was died. 12 In Karachi on September. 11, 1948 Quaid-e-Azam was died. 13 Sardar Ibrahim Khan was first president of Azad Kashmir. 14 Abdul Hamid Khan was first Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir. 15 Mrs. Ayesha was first woman jet pilot of Pakistan. 16 Dawn, The News, The Nation is leading English Newspaper of Pakistan.
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