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Azad Kashmir

Azad Jammu and Kashmir (Azaad Jammu o- Kashmir, literally Free Jammu and Kashmir ; AJK) or Azad Kashmir (literally Free Kashmir) for short, is the southernmost political entity within the Pakistani-administered part of the former princely state of Kashmir and Jammu.

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Send all those u say azad Kashmir to porkistan. Muslims want to be separate and let…
Worst of all,Ppl in lawyer coat do demand of Azad Kashmir with shaved beard,& demand Azad Kashmir to appease ***
Azad Jammu Kashmir was liberated in 1948 by tribesmen from the east who volunteered in Lashkar to fight the Hindu s…
President PTI Azad Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry special message after todays series of protests all...
Lieutenant General Hidayat-ur-Rehman becomes the new Colonel Commandant of Azad Kashmir Regiment
Kashmir is like living in ‘stone age’ without internet: Azad. STATE TIMES NEWS . JAMMU: Former Jammu and Kashmir...
There was pandemonium in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly (AJKLA) on Tuesday after opposition...
Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Farooq Haider has reiterated the call on the international community,...
Suspension of internet is like living in ‘stone age’: Azad.
Plant collection in Kail near LOC (Line of Control), Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.
What are the differences between Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistani Kashmir (Azad Kashmir + Gilgit...
Govt has no policy on Kashmir, Pak: Azad. Read more at:
To the people who keep demanding Azad Kashmir. The last time there was an Azad Kashmir, It lasted for 50 days. Then ***
bcuz they think river of milk nd honey flow in Pok. His so called Azad kashmir is really 'AZAB' kashmir.
Jihadi Azad says (highly prosperous, over appeased and intolerant) Kashmir living in a stone age.
Protest by Students Action Committee against killing of Khan in Rawlakot Azad Jammu Kashmir.
BJP Govt has no policy on Kashmir, Pak
Army Memo 1948:. 2 remain part of Azad but Army wanted people of Gilgit 2 believe that their re…
Suspension of Internet services in Kashmir is like living in stone age: Azad
People of Azad Kashmir, no matter what claims of bravery and integrity they make, by and large, are mental slaves...
Moeen Ali is a British Pakistani, his parents are from Azad Kashmir. A key player & practising Muslim. Plays for En…
OIC-IPHRC, upon concluding the visit to the State of Azad Kashmir, urged the Indian to provide access to IPHRC fact finding mission in IoK
while Azad Kashmir is said to be an autonomous region.
Eight die in Azad Kashmir jeep tragedy
Eight die in Azad Kashmir jeep tragedy Source:
I liked a video from Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
Hurry Up Guys: Last date to apply is Jan 20th, 2017: . Call for Applications for Local Delegates of Azad Kashmir...
THIS is and will be the reality of women in the so called "Azad" Kashmir. The facade of liberalism is pure bunkum 😡
It's POK NOT 'Azad Kashmir'! Imagine an Indian getting it wrong!
The Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) will confer the honorary...
hi ma'am, showing Kashmir as Azad kashmir on their website, please do somethi…
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Live: Azad Kashmir receives snowfall, watch now
Heavy Snowfall in Azad Kashmir. Feelings are extremely cold 😊
Whr r u from dude? Hearing this Azad Kashmir state first time. It's J&K n not AK .
I liked a video Aerial Views of Mangla Fort, Azad Jummu & Kashmir
Azad Kashmir is a base camp, said one speaker in the KNP Round Table Conference of JK Diaspora in London. Is it a...
Azad Jammu and Kashmir is a highly autonomous independent state.They have acceded to Pakistan only for their defence.
I belong Azad Kashmir! It is the happiest place on earth. We have have respect, freedom & protection.
Finally it's raining in Azad kashmir.Thanks god
Snowy mountains of Azad Kashmir attract tourists in large number
Despite harsh weather, Azad Kashmir children make it to reach schools
She is starting Republic of Prokistan with spl hour Azad Kashmir with dedication to poor headmasters son.
More power to Azad Kashmir movement. How about one martyr for every month??
Thanks for caring about Indian soldiers despite your army massacre 100s in ? And Azad Kashmir ?
BJP caused migration of Pandits from Kashmir?BJP is killing Hindus in W…
Prime Minister nawaz Sharif visited Azad Kashmir. Look the van which is destroyed by Indian firing
Right. You guys need to first vacate Azad Kashmir and GB and ask the Chinese to return Aksai Chin
9 Pakistani martyred due to Indian territory in Azad Kashmir. Shame on India. .
"Chikoti is a small community where this mighty watercourse enters Azad Kashmir.."
Indian troops resumed heavy shelling on Wednesday and targeted a passenger bus in Azad Jammu and Kashmir's Lawat...
little Ariba who was killed by Indian army firing in Azad Kashmir Charhoi Keri Sector -
Three children killed by Indian cross-border fire in District Kotli near my birth place in Azad
Snow Empire of Toli Peer, Rawalakot Poonch District of Azad Jammu Kashmir-Pakistan. My feature in Toli Peer...
This is the real heaven on Earth, Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir Pakistan
Sir I'm from Azad Kashmir and I stand with you. Courage and candour that you have is rare. May Allah bless you.
Strongly condemn in Azadof innocent lives in Military action is deplorable,World sile…
I added a video to a playlist Azad Kashmir
I want to ask Y is it fuelling thoughts of azad kashmir n J&K by interviewing a muslim school teacher there?
If you r planning to visit Mirpur Azad Kashmir .. 😻😻. Here's a "to do list"☺😀
Some more victims of India's firing in Azad How long would the champions of human rights maintain their silence? htt…
Victims of cross border shelling by Indian forces at LOC Azad Targeting civilians is the height of cowardice on
Dear The Indian forces on Saturday resorted to unprovoked shelling on Sher Camp sector in Azad
Azad Kashmir can be linked through highways with route & will get benefits of this mega project in trade and business: AJK President
12 Years Old Amna bibi she was injured Duo to Indian toy bomb Keil Neelum Valley Near Line o…
This lake is true master piece of nature, Ratti Gali Lake, Azad Kashmir
While Islamabad/Lahore/Karachi are fighting, can a pretty girl from Azad Kashmir slide in my dms so we can discuss 'azadi aik…
President Azad Kashmir says China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will ensure progress and prosperity in region
Gen Ikram ul Haq Azad Kashmir Regiment latest in the fray for . Games *** play never cease to surprise.
Continuous Indian firing across LOC has suspended life in villages of Azad Kashmir; total apathy in Islamabad 😰
Alam Gul Khan of showing off guns he used in 1948 Liberation of Azad A True Hero. https…
India crossed all limits of barbarism. They targeting innocent citizens in Azad Kashmir. Shame on the…
Central Development Working Party approves establishment of 150-bed state of the art hospital in Azad Kashmir
What I'd like to see the PM do today: Announce a withdrawal of troops from Azad Kashmir - and challenge India to do the same on their side
-. -. Q:- Who is The First President of Azad Kashmir.?. -. -. Ans:- "Sardar Ibrahim Khan" Was the First President of Azad Kashmir.
"Sardar Ibrahim Khan"was the first President of Azad Kashmir. Knowledge.
Central Developmental Working Party approves establishment of Women University in Bagh district of Azad Kashmir.
Hamilton Collection
Rigging is real cause of defeat in Azad Kashmir election: Murad Saeed
Has anyone been to Ratti Gali Lake in Azad Kashmir? Is it worth going?
Death in childbirth - Women in Azad Kashmir face grim prospects. Interesting read:
PPP to hold rally in Azad Kashmir today: PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Z...
Meadow, back in native area, Kutla valley Azad Kashmir. Northern Pakistan.
right beside the line of control Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir 😍😍
.will return back in few days and address the public gathering at Mirpur, Azad Kashmir on 30th May 201…
A beautiful view of Sharda valley, Azad Kashmir.
whole of Pakistan addresses PoK as 'Azad Kashmir'
Wasn't aware identifies locations in PoK as 'Azad Kashmir'. (cc:
Arangkale, Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir. I really recommend going for a visit (if you don't mind a bit of hiking that is)
Oho.. Azad kashmir i mean. Wese wakayi what's the temperature there rn?
Pakistan se ziada? Lol.. Azad Kashmir is a part of Pakistan i guess.
Arang Kel in Pakistan's Azad Jammu and Kashmir - straddling the Line of Control
Agree, but I am talking about different spots over their at Azad Kashmir.
Azad Kashmir not have even one Rly station Indian Kashmir have internati...
. Sir as parliamentary leader u r requested to join parlimentry board of Azad Kashmir for maintaining merit,justice fr election
No words.!. Just sorry for late coming :( — travelling to Mirpur, Azad Kashmir from Faisal Masjid - Islamabad
thanks for the follow. Sadly can't visit occupied Kashmir valley this time due to a bereavement and so will visit Azad Kashmir
Mushtaq Minhas could be next PM of Azad Kashmir
Azad Jammu kashmir Medical college. Ist ever medical college for people of AJK
Neurosurgery facility of Humanity First serves 3.5 million people in Azad Kashmir Call 03 111 308…
chairman was doing speech yesterday at kottli Azad kashmir jalsa
True. I belong to Mirpur Azad kashmir, even i always voted to PPP with all of my family members.
Massive historical power show of People Party in Azad Kashmir.
Equal Opportunities For AJ &K in every aspect. General Aziz Khan ® was from Palandri,Azad Kashmir.
Hectic day. All the way to Azad Kashmir and back. . Aj to mano driving se waqai dil ukta gaya ha 😪
Azad Kashmir is free from all kinds of crap actual Kashmiris face everyday. Shame on india.
Why PTI Will Win the Elections in Azad Kashmir.? – Imran Khan speaks up!
excellent line I heard after so long... Azad Kashmir
Nawaz Sharif wants a 'lifafa' journalist Mushtaq Minhas to be the next PM of Azad It says a lot about Kashmir policy.
I do absolutely support an independent Kashmir, the Indian-occupied bit. Not sure about Azad Kashmir being in it tho
Srinigar, so you'd feel more nationalism towards Kashmir bcos of the injustice of Indian-occupation whereas in Azad Kashmir
yes.. you will lose balochistan and PoK (azad kashmir)
. One drama Sonia and ghulam azad did in kashmir bjp HaS made cong pay in two states.cong all ur tricks are haunting u.
It doesn't matter if one doesn't the real Kashmir.But one has the freedom to make Kashmir 'azad'? . Firstpost theory of absurdity
I guess so but difference is that the Kashmiris in Azad Kashmir wanted to become a part of Pakistan bcos majority Muslims
You have the four provinces that are the most legit parts of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir is just territory
well we're from Azad Kashmir so I guess so?? I only just recently found out we're from there so I've always considered myself
Azad Kashmir is just the northern Ireland of Pakistan. I say my ethnicity is Kashmiri and that's it. We speak urdu, doesn't matter.
How free is ‘Azad Kashmir’? via Kashmiris have never accepted India or Pakistan.
She is from Azad Kashmir by the way
very free late as free is Azad Kashmir as can be just waiting other part to be fully free country
Jammu & Kashmir has its own Constitution, hence is Azad. to make own laws
and here are the glimpses of Destination Kashmir YLC'16 happened from March 10-13, 2016 in Mirpur Azad Kashmir. http…
We will win Azad Kashmir elections by heavy barrels -:)
Azad Hussain Kupwara: Two persons were injured in a bear attack in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district today.
I know, Kashmir historically referred to the valley division. Blame the Hindu Dogra rulers for including Azad >>
Indians should relieve occupied Kashmir as well as Pakistani leave Azad Kashmir &make it a separate entity
Too much Indian violence in Azad Kashmir and Nawaz didnt speak a word in defence of Pak.
Election commission of azad jammu & kashmir,new voter list for kashmiries live in sindh &punjab can registered vote
Two men and a Civilian were injured in a militants grenade attack at Bijbehara in Anantnag district of south
We nvr 've hd any doubt Kashmir's across bng by Pak&India. in smlar fashn. How free is ‘Azad Kashmir’?.
District Bagh Azad kashmir occupied by Pakistan since 1947 still continue.
People of Azad Kashmir being serverd to and on platter.
How free is ‘Azad Kashmir’? by Khaled Ahmed 4 Kashmiris who chant Azadi while flying Pk flags
Pakistan occupied Kashmir's freedom is a myth. via
Prime Minister's Special Assistant Dr Asif Kirmani says the government is determined to turn Azad Kashmir into a developed and modern State.
It is not Azad Kashmir. You have forcibly occupied it and the congress government allowed it. Vacate it.
Rehan Allahwala I am from Azad Kashmir occupied by Pakistan and we want peace humanity and love between both...
DK'16 official exposure visit at KORT Educational Complex a largest orphan home of South Asia at Jarrikas, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.
is it in Azad Kashmir or Occupied Kashmir? I mean PoK :p
"Shouting slogans for Afzal Guru & for 'Azad Kashmir' can't be taken as freedom of speech & expression" Nupur Sharma.
We r living in pindi cantt PM giving the health cards in Azad kashmir far areas but i dnt see this health card in pindi cantt area?
Where is GB? The Pic is reflecting Azad Kashmir Cities But caption of GB
Kashmir is also a part of India y is it showing Azad Kashmir of Pakistan. Kindly look into matter. Sorry of m wrong
At Eysha Cosmetic & Garments Shop with my cousins — feeling awesome at Haris Plaza, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir
.said that being a huge Party with ground-level roots in all four provinces, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Gilgit…
Acid attack on three youngsters in Azad Kashmir
Azad Jammu & Kashmir Medical Collage Muzafarabad, Inaugurated by on Oct 8, 2011 http…
. Sir ,PTI Azad Kashmir structure &parlimentry board rejected your whole ex team & new workers.
. Sir don't u think parlimentry board of Azad Kashmir is unethical,unlawful as six memberd out of nine r candidate.
Isn't the demand for 'Hindu Rashtra' as 'seditious' as the demand for 'Azad Kashmir'? Aren't both against the 'unity and i…
O Hellow Azad Kashmir be in your limits got it
Beautiful view captured from a house in Bangoin, Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir
We're looking closely at Azad Kashmir election constituencies & will fight with full force
Chairman strongly condemns attack on public gathering in Kotli, Azad Kashmir.
This Movie Present by If you view more Video related to Ahakswari Mirpur Azad Kashmir...
Great to meet the top cop IG from Azad Kashmir in Pakistan. Humbled by the support he is offering to
The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear. . Helmet, Kel, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.
murad bahi I am raffat Hussain from azad Kashmir plz contact me I want support pti ajk election compain we want change.
excellent bowling we are v pleased to see such tremendous bowling.hold your nerves stay blessed and happy Azad Kashmir
Thousands of villagers are marching to cross L.o.C to demand freedom to get rations from Azad or revocation of NFSA act.
Had people from Azad marched to the LoC in protest, it would've made screaming headlines in India
Red fort Muzafrabad Azad Kashmir This fort was samaged during the deadly earthquake of 2005.
AJK observes black day against Indian atrocities: The people across Azad Jammu & Kashmir observed Saturday as ...
5,000-strong march on way to Teetwal to cross LOC, demanding revocation of NFSA or freedom to bring rations from 'Azad …
Todays destination points Peer Chanasi Azad Kashmir, then short stay in Muree and then all the way to Islamabad
Answer on by Ambuj Tripathi to Why are JNU and Jadavpur students supporting Azad Kashmir or Afjal guru?
Mirpur—The Prime Minister of Azad government of the a State of Jammu & Kashmir Ch Abdul Majeed has condemned the...
I think it will be Pakistan cricket team if baloch,hazaras, sindhis , FATA, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baldistan player are in.
We in Azad Kashmir welcome my Kaptaan the greatest son of soil Aao h…
We're looking at Azad Kashmir election constituency wise and will fight with full force
Azad Kashmir. Watch the full video on .
*extremely Samahni voice*. I'm a town and tehsil headquarters in Bhimber District of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.
2015, Congress issued 2 page apology on Afzal Guru hanging to secure RS seat of Gulam Azad 4m Kashmir
Article about “Sir Shakeel Anjum Saawan’s attempt to raise the voice of Christians in Azad Kashmir was published...
Meanwhile Nawaz Sharif is ready to file a complaint to UNO that "pehle kashmir nahi dete they, ab khelne bhi nahi de rahe..…
oh well, I am a Pakistani Kashmiri from Azad Kashmir. I can't choose between Pakistan & Kashmir. Its one country for me! :D
Warm welcome of mine by Azad kashmir Friends as Chairman Provincial Youth parliament Sindh at Youth Convention https:…
She works tirelessly for the poorest of the poor in azad jamu
I hv a good suggestion.1st make PoK (or Azad Kashmir as u call) an independent country and then let
Hafiz Muhammad Saeed Ameer JUD address to the Solidarity Conference at Mirpur Azad Kashmir. . https…
pics of a Bomb found in Bagh squadron college boys campus , Azad Kashmir
BTW How many "Kashmiris" live there in so called Azad Kashmir ?
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PMLN threw out evil from Azad Kashmir Assembly: Pervez.
Pervaiz Rashid pays tributes to people of Azad Kashmir for their role in liberation struggle of Kashmir
ancient Ramkot Fort is a famous landmark of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.
Public has seen no relief during the tenures of in Centre or in Azad Kashmir:Pervaiz Rasheed at Workers Convention
but Fact is Azad Kashmir is Independent but Indian Occupied Kashmir is under brutality of Indian Army.
Azad Kashmir Wikipedia article edited anonymously from Pakistan
Azad Kashmir- Pakistani brave girl how to play with danger
8 February 1949: Azad Kashmir Government shifts its capital to Muzaffarabad
Proudly guarding the frontiers of . Azad Kashmir -
Leepa Vallery is the most charming and most beautiful valley in Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
Near Upper Neelam. IOK on right sideof river. Azad Kashmir on left.
And there is no protest in Azad Kashmir.Such rumours r spread to counter Movement in Occupied Kashmir.Not true.
Azad Kashmir is open for everybody to visit unlike occupied Kashmir where ur terrorist rapist >>
of Kashmir May Allah SWT rest your soul in eternal peace.
Had to stop the car to do a little trekking when I saw a trail in Azad Kashmir.
charity begins at home. Make gilgit balchistan, azad kashmir and aksai chin independent country. Show courtesy to J&K people
. The marvellous land of Helmat in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan!
so rumors about appointment of Mushtaq Minhas as PM Azad Kashmir were true. he is going to contest election
Instead of going outside country. Imran Khan should start a detailed tour of Azad Kashmir & Gilgit Baltistan😊
Congratulation My Bro, Mushtaq Minhas will be the new PM Azad Kashmir :D
Dr Hassan presiding over the 'District Coordinators Meeting' of Southern Punjab & Azad Kashmir at headquarters. htt…
Leepa Valley is in Azad Kashmir, which is the Pakistani-administered part of the...
A beautiful lake on the way to Noori Lake which lies between Kaghan valley and Azad Kashmir.
KASHMIR No space for groupism in Congress in JK: Azad: Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Gulam Nabi Azad tod...
No space for groupism in Congress in Jammu & Kashmir: Azad
Palash Scape,the Real India: Azad Kashmir is renamed as Ghazi Kashmir,voices of...
The most beautiful of the Lakes. Chitta Katha Lake, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.
Famous for its natural beauty Azad Kashmir is a sight to behold.
No space for groupism in Congress: Azad - Scoop News Jammu Kashmir
No such thing as snow stopped play, as children play cricket in Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir
PM AJK banned indian channels here in azad kashmir.
1) two "militants" were infiltrating in IoK, turned out to be locals of Azad who were abducted by
yeah,same here in muzafrabd azad Kashmir,just loving the sense tht winters coming specially my fvrt autumn,❄⛄ 🔥🌁☔
The government of Azad Kashmir has banned Indian entertainment channels including Geo. .
British observer: A little further push &success 1965 war by Harbaksh Singh wouldve ended in Muzaffarabad, would hve no azad Kashmir then.
A commemorative image of with founder of Azad Kashmir late Sardar Ibrahim Khan
Kashmir is bleeding. Two kids but same fate. .
Dude Not azad kashmir,Gilgit Baltistan too nd good luck getting back aksai chin for plebiscite
same here Muslims migrating daily from ahmedabad and baramola to azad Kashmir.
Prime Minister Azad Kashmir bans Indian dramas broadcasting channels, says will never tolerate Indian culture there.
A peaceful protest underway in Azad (free) now agst the unprovoked shelling across temporary ceasefire line.
A village of Indian occupied side of Kashmir as seen from Neelum Village, Keran Azad Kashmir. Aj ke…
They Demand Azad kashmir but dont want to step out their army from POK .They support Khalistan but dont want to Give freedom to Balochistan.
Toli peer, the most attractive point in the north eastern area of Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir..
A local militia stands guard at a check post in Azad Kashmir during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965.
Toli Pir – It is a hilltop park in Azad Kashmir known for its mountainous ridges, scenic points and rest houses.
although, I don't see any separatist movement or a rebellion against Pakistan in Azad Kashmir.
Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif is going to Azad Kashmir for the Condolence of Great Kashmiri Leader Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan.
Occupied Kashmir and Azad Kashmir are part of Pakistan, sun lo Geo
The only "unfinished" task is to liberate and occupy whole of Pakistan on lines of Azad Kashmir
Are you mad Tehseen, like your Raul Vinci? Is Azad Kashmir really Azad? Don't behave like a traitor!
Portrait of Sardar Ibrahim Khan, founder Azad Kashmir who raised an army of 50 volunteers to revolt against Dogras …
"Beautiful culture of Azad Kashmir welcomes you Khan...
Beautiful culture of Azad Kashmir welcomes you Khan...
Imran Khan content of speech will be interesting as Indian Occupied JK knitted in Azad Kashmir politics
Breaking News! . Mirpur city Azad Kashmir is blocked as People rushing towards stadium too see glimpse of Imran Khan
Former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir will fight election on PTI ticket in kashmir.
“Flags of Azad Kashmir were always there at our Dharna against the status quo
Today the people of Azad Kashmir shall tell the status quo that Naya Pakistan started from here! http:/…
GEO shows wrong map of Pak who always exclude Gilgit, Baltistan & Azad Kashmir from the map.
Pakistani cuisine is a refined blend of various regional cooking traditions of South Asia. Pakistani cuisine is known for its richness and flavour. Within Pakistan, cuisine varies greatly from region to region, reflecting the country's ethnic and cultural diversity. Food from the eastern provinces of Punjab and Sindh are similar to each other and can be highly seasoned and spicy, which is characteristic of the flavors of the South Asian region. Food in other parts of Pakistan, particularly Balochistan, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas also hold distinct tastes based on various regional influences.
Huge programe today at dhender koat bhimer Azad Kashmir (15 Jan 2015)
Is there any body who can denie by logic Real face of Jamat e Ghair Islami Just a Few historic facts August 8 , 2012. Ahsan Aziz killed in a drone attack at Taliban hide out in Miran Shah Prof Ibrahim confirm he is from Jamat & Qazi Hussain Ahmed offered Namaz e Janaza. He was Ameer of Azad Kashmir June10, 2004 core commander Karachi convoy attacked by Jindullah associated by Attur Rehman who belongs to Jamat e Islami October 4, 2002 a lady from JI ARRESTED by the name of Maluka who has direct tie with Khalid Sheikh , who later arrested from JI. Home as well Dr Akmal bros from JI used to recruit people for Al Qaeda later released by our so called courts & killed in Afghanistan during a drone attack.
“Azad kashmir and winding road. Mind the bumps!
"Neelam Valley is a 144 km long valley in Azad Kashmir.
2 Day Snow Hike to Ganga Choti Azad Kashmir on 17-18 Jan 2015 Limited Seats Left | Booking Deadline : 10-Jan-2015 Grab your seat by paying Rs.2000 advance; remaining will be received at the time of departure. Call for booking and in case of more inquiries 0333-4614227, 0307-4446428 Event Link:
Report about snowing in pir chanasi azad kashmir by SAMAA TV ,Amiruddin Mughal
Aaptard is in a party which support Naxals & Azad Kashmir. Who is Jaichand? You ***
Govt approves setting up of mly courts in GB, Azad Kashmir
clear atmosphere after yesterday,s rain ,first rain of this season ,weather in pahal azad Kashmir really enjoyable,
O great Sir, this is Azad Kashmir Cricket. My Home Land.. big talent there but no one is considering AJK cricket.
Cold weather at it's extreme in Mirpur Azad Kashmir. Heavy rainfall changed weather.
are you originally from sialkot and living in Mirpur azad Kashmir?
Lashkar-E-Tahiba release video of them beheading the 12 missing Indian troops in what appears to be Pakistani Azad Kashmir.
Breaking News: Indian forces seen engaging with militants in the Muzaffarabad region of Pakistani Azad Kashmir. Firefight ongoing
Azad Kashmir but we have house in punjab dina
Pakistani forces in Azad Kashmir have been put on a state of high alert
why authorities have closed down geonews in mirpur azad Kashmir.
Azad Kashmir: give to lessen unannounced ... - -
I live in Azad Kashmir..its very peaceful
courts for Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir -
PTI done full compaiign 2016 Election in Azad Kashmir.
Thank you for people of Kotli Azad Kashmir Pakistan
Welcome Home by Kotli resident Azad Kashmir Mayor of Luton Councillor Mohammed Farooq i would like to thank them all.
Guv & Modi trying to choke kashmir. Azad asks New Delhi to revoke order on kerosene quota cut
National Action Plan meeting decides to set up Military Courts in Gilgit and Baltistan, and Azad Kashmir
I visited azad Kashmir in my college life thankyou
Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir is claimed by the Govt. of India as the territory that is under illegal...
Lol he is from azad kashmir but is torn between us and pathans. I think he is an extremist in road layering.
Mirpuriyay are butts, not kashmiri. Azad Jammu Kashmir had nothing to do with Jammu Kashmir.
Technically its 4 province and 1 semi autonomous state of azad Kashmir :P
Azad Kashmir is paying high cost with Pakistan.Better to be a independent country as a state of Pakistan.
Last 6 hrs,no light in the capital of Azad Kashmir.Kashmir is producing enough light for it but Pakistan is using Kashmir's light.(1/2)
Kashmir on our side of LOC is independent (Azad) already. Let's have an impartial plebiscite and resolve it.
Military courts will be established in Azad Kashmir, Gilgit: PM
Mirwaiz Muhammad Ahmad broadcasting the Kashmiri Tafsir of the Holy Quran on the Azad Radio in exile.
15. has a Treaty of Friendship with Mirpur in Azad
Pakistan's Prime Minister says military courts will also be set up in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan"
Permission granted to set up military courts in GB and Azad Kashmir. Visit:
India *** bent upon eroding Muslim majority status of Kashmir since decades: Shabir Shah ‘If we fail to stop this onslaught, history will never forgive us’ Srinagar, Jan 8: Rejecting the intervention of Parliamentary committee with regards to immigrants, Hurriyat Conference Jammu Kashmir (HCJK) leader and chairman Democratic Freedom Party Shabir Ahmad Shah Thursday said that every attempt to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir state will be fought tooth and nail. Terming such intervention as ‘game plan’ of Hindutva, Shah said that rulers in New Delhi, since last six decades, were planning to erode the Muslim majority status of Jammu Kashmir. “Now, as communal forces have replaced those in Jammu who migrated to Azad Kashmir, thousands of non-state subjects were settled there under a well-planned conspiracy,” he said. Rejecting the provision of voter cards and state subjects in favour of migrants, Shah said all these attempts are aimed at changing the demography and Muslim majority statu ...
Reports from Azad Kashmir of police assault on a journalist
Why not our film directors make a film on first Param Veer Chakra recipient Major Som Nath Sharma; who died for saving Kashmir in 1947 war against Pakistan; this story will unmask the true face of Pakistan and Pakistan fed separatists of Kashmir who never protest against Pakistan occupied Kashmir as Azad Kashmir. Let me tell you full story of 1947 war; Pakistan was created on 14 August 1947 after a killing of more then 10 Lakh innocent people; just after 2 months of that Pakistan fed infiltrators (Kabayali now known as Talibani) attacked Kashmir and killed, raped lakhs of Kashmiri people in Muzaffarabad, Mirpur, Gilgit and Baltistan and were marching toward Shrinagar and Jammu.This was known as Operation Gulmurg of Pakistan against Kashmir. Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir, Mr. Hari Singh (1895–1961) called India to help against violence in Kashmir; then Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel reminded him to join his riyasat to India; he accepted and Kashmir became a part India. After that Indian forces were ...
Me with Mehboob qadri sahib before mehfil e naat in azad kashmir
International and local NGOs are participated in flood Rescue and Relief Operation in Azad Kashmir & Pakistan
Too much busy.Four hours left in opening ceremony of National Youth Congress 2014 at City of Mosque,Kotlia,Azad Kashmir.
Yes i know Kashmir March was leaded by PM Azad Kashmir whr was chief guest to speech there.What u need to sabotage it ?
Z sailed through PMA and landed in a unit in Lipa Azad Kashmir in a post Kargil scenario
Teaching them how to make a good pose here. 😃😂 @ Toli peer, Azad Kashmir.
BJP misleading about number of people to attend PM's rally: Azad
People raise the issue if so called Azad Kashmir it was ours we want Azad Kashmir as part of India.
What about so called Azad Kashmir why we are not raising the issue?
In1977/ 1979 when I was in Muzaffarabad, the people of Azad Kashmir did not have to pay anything to WAPDA !!! Free !!!
Did you allow plebisite in the so called "Azad Kashmir". *** are grabbing land like anything there.
BJP misleading about number of people expected at Modi's Kashmir rally: Azad .
A trip to Azad Kashmir with EE boys
BJP misleading about number of people to attend PM&rally: Azad
Mere czn ki jis larki say shadi huey hai na she is from Mirpur azad kashmir or she is very beautiful :)
Discussing About Pre-Production Of Upcoming Film Named 'My World' Which is gonna be shoot in Azad Kashmir .
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