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Ayanda Mabulu

Ayanda Mabulu (born in 1981) is a South African artist mostly known for his paintings.

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11am today: James Delaney & Ayanda Mabulu host a walkabout of their exhibition "Footprints on Commissioner Street" .
As if Zuma isn't all those thing Ayanda Mabulu is portraying him as. Always in your feelings about someone who's worried about our country
Ayanda Mabulu's pictures of Zuma and Madiba are unsettling..yass to freedom of speech but for me the profanity goes too far.
when analyzing an artist like Ayanda Mabulu, what you say is, he took the easy road. Is he wrong? Not necessarily.
I'll respect Edward Zuma's freedom to moer Ayanda Mabulu as much as I respect the latter's freedom of expression
Have y'all seen the pieces by Ayanda Mabulu that the media don't seize upon? No? But you're qualified to rate him as an artist? I see.
Interesting to read different perspectives on Ayanda Mabulu's art. Found myself eventually having an opinion. :)
sacrifice 27yrs, lose yr wife, let randoms raise yr kids js so that the likes of Ayanda Mabulu cn call u a sellout.
This is the conversation I wanted about art & Ayanda Mabulu. I feel better informed about opinions surrounding him and his work.
Just got this link from a friend of mine for an insight into Ayanda Mabulu. Adds some interesting context IMO.
Its not just Ayanda Mabulu that carries the "savage native" imagery its also shows like OPW which are based on British liberalism
Boers at FFplus still think they can shape debate in SA while people like Ayanda Mabulu feed the colonial narrative and claim it as "art"
Whatever Bozo did to the artist Ayanda Mabulu must have been really bad. Eish!
This Ayanda Mabulu guy is an angry person, he needs help tbh
Dear Ayanda Mabulu. . We are bored, excite us a bit. . Regards. Art lovers United.
Regardless of anyone's personal feelings/misgivings towards Ayanda Mabulu and/or his artwork, impact of the conversation cannot be dismissed
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Ayanda Mabulu's work on one end of the scale speaks to [unwittingly] giving permission to white fears & egos to co-opt his message.
Ayanda Mabulu doesn’t feel JZ at all, cool, but there can’t be any honour in this sort of artwork.
The harsh response to Malema should have been reserved for Ayanda Mabulu's artwork. 😷
Ayanda Mabulu does it again. Read about his struggle at
Problem with Ayanda Mabulu is that he gives empty white criticism a black voice and face, making it more difficult to see it as prejudice.
"Women reaffirm the leadership of President Zuma as the champion of the revolution", NO MAN! . Shoutout to Ayanda Mabulu.
Tribalism? How? "Ayanda Mabulu's tribalism and extreme hatred of the president are the only things I see in this
Okay.. What is ayanda mabulu tryina tell us with this painting?
Ayanda Mabulu and Julius Malema would probably make for difficult dinner guests. It would not be an easy meal. Discussion would probably be loud, rambunctious, and in your face. All the time. Sensitive souls might find much of the discussion, and its imagery, difficult to stomach. They are, after all, extremists in their own way. And how a society deals with its extremists tells you everything you need to know about them. On Thursday, Malema was barred from speaking at Unisa’s campus. He had been told that a meeting he was due to address had been cancelled. On Friday, during an interview on the Midday Report, Unisa attempted to explain why this action had been taken. The university explained that two organisations on campus, the union NEHAWU, and the students’ political group, SASCO, had made it plain that they would protest and stop Malema from speaking. Just to be clear here, both of these groups are affiliated to the ANC. And it doesn't matter whether this action was mandated by Luthuli House or no ...
Ayanda Mabulu has done a painting of Jacob Zuma entitled Umshini Wam, selling at R75 000. This fellow actually exposes the private parts of the President in the painting. Am not a big fan ea Zuma empa mona teng o se a hlompholloa.
Youth is not wasted on the young...
Cape Town artist Ayanda Mabulu's latest painting depicts a scarred face of Nelson Mandela on one of the new banknotes. The Star newspaper.
Ayanda Mabulu has released a painting that shows Nelson Mandela on a new banknote with a scarred face:
So Brett Murray and Ayanda Mabulu got the depiction of umkhonto we sizwe just right...
Ayanda Mabulu, I want you to re_paint that Umshin Wam, replace the *** with Mac MaharaJ's head.
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Ayanda Mabulu has been painting leaders' genitals long before Brett Murray took paintbrush to ***
"Until we get proper service and education, I won't stop" Ayanda Mabulu.
@ 8yrs old he painted a portrait of king moshoeshoe, after the Bisho massacre he painted Oupa Gqozo with a dog's body. Ayanda Mabulu
We have no platform to express ourselves because we're poor. when we want a conversation with leaders we're called protesters- Ayanda Mabulu
And you, Ayanda Mabulu, we have to talk.
Ayanda Mabulu you r a star to every wondering bark whose worth unknown whose height can't be taken. plz give us more paintings.
i thought Ayanda Mabulu was being expedient. I was wrong. this is what i should have read first tks
" We weren't poor. What we had was good enough. Now we are poor - now that we are deprived by our own Ppl"- Ayanda Mabulu
It is my opinion that this Ayanda Mabulu js a mediocre artist trading on controversy because his limited talent cannot pay the bills
Ayanda Mabulu's brushes are mightier than spears | I loved this piece by
So err that Ayanda Mabulu is not so err tough to look at.
"A child does not laugh at the ugliness of his mother. ~Ghanaian Proverb". Ayanda Mabulu don't lough President!
The Umshini Wam artist, Ayanda Mabulu, has an interesting name. It means the Boers are Increasing.
In the latest DRUM: Ayanda Mabulu says he is an activist, not an artist – and his new painting is an open letter to President Jacob Zuma
Reading about Ayanda Mabulu. He says his painting work is comment and no disrespect to Mr President, Jacob Zuma. *yawn*
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Oh sorry I meant to ask who is Ayanda Mabulu?
In Zimbabwe, no artist has freedom to challenge Mugabe like Ayanda Mabulu does our president. Viva freedom of expression.
There's a reserve on Ayanda Mabulu's controversial painting of President Zuma. Gallery mum on who's paying R75 000 for artwork.
Brett Murray draws a subtle pic of Zuma's genitals (shock and disrespect), Ayanda Mabulu painting is explicit (no outcry)
So Ayanda Mabulu says she has always drawn male genitalia? O_o
The ANC in the Western Cape has strongly condemned a painting by artist, Ayanda Mabulu, depicting President Zuma with exposed genitals.
Fransman's comment to Ayanda Mabulu is racist and he needs to be removed as the provincial leader of the ANC!
Ayanda Mabulu and cronies are truly out of order. I failed to understand how a nude painting will address anything at all.
Artist Ayanda Mabulu with his Zuma genital painting - Zuma's Genitals Exposed...Again! - Title1
Ayanda Mabulu's painting titled 'Umshini Wam (Weapon of mass destruction' is on display in a CPT gallery
Nobody knew of Ayanda Mabulu before he painted "Umshini Wam". Now we all talking abt him, mission accomplished! Let's move on swiftly!
'Why I stripped Zuma'. Ayanda Mabulu speaks out. In the M&G tomorrow
Artist Ayanda Mabulu with his Zuma painting - Zuma's Genitals Exposed...Again! - howzit msn
Marius Fransman and all ANC leaders who are outraged by Ayanda Mabulu's work, must first read our story in Mail & Guardian tomorrow.
Art can liberate human beings from the psychological tortures of capitalism, not political difference. Shame on you Ayanda Mabulu & Brett Murray for painting incorrect road marks for upcoming artists in our country.
Ayanda Mabulu's painting Umshini Wam with JZ exposed went on display at the AVA Gallery in Cape Town on Monday night
Marius Fransman says Ayanda Mabulu's painting is worse than Brett Murray's The Spear because it's not original...
Except that Ayanda Mabulu's Umshini Wam was reported on @ the height of the Brett Murray Spear saga, and existed b4 The Spear
2. Speaking to controversial artist Ayanda Mabulu about his ZUMA painting! Is this another Brett Murray Saga?
Ayanda Mabulu's Umshini Wam and Brett Murray's The Spear.JZ is a very interesting subject for the artists.,Ayanda Mabulu is the new Brett no,I'm also going into arts,I want to have my turn at attacking the honourable President leading this ungovernable country...!
First it wz Brett Murray now its Ayanda Mabulu, wenzen kangaka uMongameli?
Brett Murray was called a racist but Ayanda Mabulu's is called an attention seeker...does this expose the racist within us.
Brett Murray was labelled a 'racist' while Ayanda Mabulu is labelled an 'attention seeker'.Why are they labelled differently for the same deed?
Ayanda Mabulu is one confused artist. He raises serious concerns that we are facing as a country when he talks, but his painting has nothing to do with what he says. He saw how much publicity Brett Murray received, now he is looking for cheap publicity. I hope they don't even mention his painting in the news.
Brett Murray was labelled a racist by the ANC for What will Ayanda Mabulu be branded as for
Why hasn't Ayanda Mabulu's 'Umshini Wam' not made as big a uproar as Brett Murray's 'The Spear'?
Find it extremely interesting that artist Ayanda Mabulu's not trending, but Brett Murray & Zapiro were trending in a matter of minutes
Those who said Brett Murray's Spear of the Nation was racist, what are they saying about Ayanda Mabulu's Umshini Wam now?
But those saying Ayanda Mabulu copied Brett Murray: in fact he has painted JZ's crutched genitalia before + Tutu's as well. Just saying.
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Ayanda Mabulu depicted with his genitals exposed. Dont tel the folk that accused Brett Murray of being racist, their heads wil explode
Good morning, so a CT chick Ayanda Mabulu decided to copycat Brett Murray's art with The Spear with Umshini Wam' - so boring!
Ayanda Mabulu is the artist who painted "Umshini Wam". Good luck flashing the race card for those constantly in ...
I have seen da pic.Ayanda Mabulu's 'mshini' is bigger than Brett Murray's one
I don't know if you've read this, Ayanda Mabulu vs Brett Murray | Imfundo Eastern Cape , take a peak.
If Brett Murray is racist purely based on the depiction of Mr. Zuma's smear (previously know as spear), why can't we say the same with Ayanda Mabulu?
So this is another artist depicting South African President Zuma and friends. This was done ages ago. The question is why was this painting not made a fuss of. This painting was featured in a prominent commercial magazine too. Painting by Ayanda Mabulu.
Preconceptions about black vs white art in SA: Ayanda Mabulu vs Brett Murray
"Why was there no outcry when Ayanda Mabulu did it?" ->
Public office comes with pros en cons , u cant b selective and only accept de positives, yes de painting was too below de belt for me but the question is What inspired Murray Brett to make the portrait? Ayanda Mabulu once drew Zuma with de genitals out, but de was never this uproar , why ? Is because it was a black person? I DIDNT LIKE MURRAYS PAINTING BUT I DID LIKE ZAPIROS ON SUNDAY TIMES . ZUMA MUST START BEHAVING LIKE A LEADER NOT LIKE SOME HORNY LUNATIC !. i have thought of sleeping with some girl but for morals i haven’t does that mean i slept with them?.so u can stop in boxing me
Hey, I could really get into this "Art" thing ! Brett Murray opened my eyes. Lets see if Ayanda Mabulu is as revered.
I find the presidency's reaction on the Brett Murray and Ayanda Mabulu paintings of the president's exposed genitalia laughable and far more appaling than the claim that the artists' works are. If anything, I think Murray's exhibition in its entirety holds magnitudes of truth as to the capitalist/classist mentality of the ruling elite. The argument that it oversteps the president's right to dignity, is hilarius - have these people noticed that it's a painting, not a portrait? When Jackson Mthembu says it's offensive because 'size' has to be taken into account, I LOL'ed for real...How can the artist possibly know the size of the president's privates? Our government seems to have a selective attention span when it comes to the concept of Ubuntu and what is defined as 'traditionally Afrikan culture'. Ubuntu is applicable in situations when a statement of criticism is being made against government and its policies but it's not applicable when they are strangling the *** out of taxpayers to boost their lavis ...
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