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Awesome God

Awesome God is a contemporary worship song written by Rich Mullins and first recorded on his 1988 album, Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth.

Rich Mullins Lisa Smith

Thanksgiving service at Oasis House, our new place of worship!. Song: Gerald & Tammi Haddon - Awesome God. (Use earphones, th…
I added a video to a playlist Michael W. Smith - Awesome God
Now Playing Rich Mullins - Awesome God on African Revival Radio, Where you connect for hope
I added a video to a playlist Awesome God - Rich Mullins w/ Lyrics
Last one from me. Our God is an Awesome God by Rich Mullins Hope you enjoy it.
GM! 12.17.16. Have an awesome Put in your purpose press forward and don't ever look back. GBY
Welcome brother to the body... Be prepared, you have upset Satan so wear the armor of God proudly. Salvation is a…
I had such an awesome time at AJ Anthony J. Hutchins and Amber Hutchins vow renewal and I pray God will bless you...
so awesome, God bless you! Plz pray for Military and 1st responders. Jesus is the Reason for the Season!
Scott, you were AWESOME on Judge Jeanine program tonight! God bless you we love how you told it like it is!
Elder Jan Green 2 Masters degrees and Christmas birthday ! Wow God is great!!! What an AWESOME God ordained...
The manifold attributes of the awesome God we so adore💙
Constantly being reminded that I serve an awesome and forgiving God. My heart is full 💙
This is going to be an awesome Sunday. We have the kids Christmas program and a great message from God's word on...
Oh my god. Don't know what to say. Thanks a lot! :D Keep being awesome!
oh my God,that's amazing,never seen that one before,u always find awesome pics.i swear .
Happy Birthday Papa Lyndon ehe! I miss you po. Stay gwapo and Awesome hihi. God bless you seeer!
awesome we praise God in all circumstances!
I've made a lot of mistakes in my life but it's awesome to know that I have a God that knows my heart and forgives me ev…
Onise iyanu, you're the God of awesome wonders 🙏🏻👑. You have shown me so much mercy 😫
God has a more awesome plan for our lives than we could ever imagine simply because He loves Us!
My problem is fantasizing about God doing awesome things in my life while failing to see that He's already done so in the cross of Christ.
Turbos on an engine is God's way of telling you that it doesn't have enough cylinders! - Mike Skinner - Awesome!
"Grace has found you". I've been repeating the words all week until this morning when God told me its for someone here…
Remember: No one is invisible to God._Link.. Have an awesome Saturday. Take care, stay encouraged & God bless you.
This is so freaking awesome. Y con fallingforyou 🎵. God *** //
So AWESOME. Leaves me speechless! God bless the homeless because they are people too.
God will you please not make it so awesome outside, thank you
That is the way people should be to each other all year.God bless those kids.That is awesome to see.
Our God is awesome,we can praise Him all day long,Thanks to everyone who recognises Gof
That is very awesome! Country Music Stands with our Vets! God Ble…
Any life decision not approached with prayer will miss the awesome potential God desires!
Good day from the islands, God is so good, awesome service this morning..
Congratulations to winner hope i should win... Appreciate your Awesome WoW giveaway God bless and give it i want!😊
That was an awesome last performance and its been a pleasure to watch you over the years!. God bless!
bro the devil is testn me. but I serve an awesome God.
Dear Holy Father, congratulatios on your 8oth birthday. May God bless and protect you always with his everlasting love.
Reminder Fulton will be open Sunday from 4:00-5:00 to come in and lift up our school, students & staff in prayer. We serve…
If Trump is inaugurated of course I pray things go well and that you can celebrate your awesome vote. God bless everyone.
Wishing you & your awesome family, a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year with loads of God's special blessings always.
just woke up . me: oh hey dangerous zombie looks awesome and oh god nononoNO
still going on with Chioma Jesus..last act before mass. Don Moen, Ron Kenoly, Lara George. & more. Awesome God thank you
Me when I hear Our God is an Awesome God x Kirk Franklin
Michael W Smith - Awesome God vía Revelation 15: 3 And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God.
Amen. It is an honor to serve great people,a great nation and an Awesome God
I am listening to King Oh King now. "You reign over every living thing-yet you still make time for me" - what an Awesome God
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
For mothers who may be going through a trying time know that God is awesome: Helen Baylor sings "Awesome God",
Snark about contemporary Christian music aside, have you actually read the lyrics to Rich Mullins' "Awesome God"?...
Look at God. Is he an Awesome God or what! is God ordained to be the NEXT POTUS
yea it's awesome. makes me proud of my country. God Bless
Its awesome when God puts someone in your life and you know he gave them to you as a blessing
Bernie Sanders Just Got a Sign from God at Portland Rally What a Sight!
Oh my God, I didn't know you can speak Greek, awesome :)
Festival of Life Chicago was awesome! So grateful to be able to praise and worship God in multiple languages.
Riding on 20s, 20 years prior, God is so awesome
Remember The Lamb, The Blood, The Cross (The Sacrifice) All done because of the love ONE FATHER had for His ALL children. GOD IS AWESOME
Hi bro I love you are awesome and you are the god of skate 3 please reply it would be amazing you are the best!
I don't understand why people laugh at this. This is God's love shinning through. This is Awesome. God bless these people
Its beautiful song and video..I think "Fallen" album is guys done an awesome job on it. Thank yo…
God vs Man. Day vs Night. Awesome. Hate to see the climax. Crazy climax. Sad too.. 2016 has...
Our God is greater, our God is stronger, God you are higher than any other, our God is healer, awesome in power. Our God…
~ "Our God is an awesome God, He reigns from heaven above!"👑
Lima Mckissic I seen you in the Spirit. In a dream you were doing awesome focused on God and exercising. Amen.
What an awesome time in training this is such a blessing. The word of God is the best business manual in the universe.
Oh my god what a awesome episode I enjoyed it. Thanks for answering my question first. Awesome
I codenamed him The Bound God and I'm feeling some awesome story vibes. Maybe Alex AU?? I don't know. We'll see.
God is Great! Im up on this awesome Saturday ready to clock in and get that bread 💸💰
Yes it did...God is so good! Last night was awesome. God bless you!😂😂
It's 4 days to Birthday. And we refuse to KEEP CALM 🙌. God's been awesome in His life. htt…
All glory to God - it was an awesome night! Join Sat at 5 or Sunday 8:30 10:00 or 11:30
Awesome God by Kirk Franklin comes on and my sister goes is this DMX? 😂😂😂😂 yo I'm dead
Awesome God!. Ruth La'Ontra mentioned in this article! . Arvetra Jones Jr
11 ANGELS COLLECTED! Great reviews! Check them out: Awesome God bless you!
And God said for every blonde let there be an awesome brunette sidekick. Right? 💕
Still God is awesome! Iloveyouu! You have put everything on how good life was and will be 😭🐼❤️
Dear God, Thank you. Not cuz of anything is happening in my life but just becuz u are an awesome…
Breast Cancer Awareness
I want to share God's love with all the entire world. The love of Jesus has changed my life. He's awesome!
My New Years resolution is to get closer to God.. Cause he is an awesome God, and I am so thankful for every blessing h…
I spent the day yesterday w/ my mom remembering my gma & dad. I am so thankful for my mom. She is an awesome woman of God & great encourager
Oh my god look.. An awesome video. You should like...go like and subscribe.
"For the LORD your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome,..." via
what was awesome and Gods plan Saul was killed and David stood in Sauls place King David see God can let u go
COngrats Pranav Dhanawade for scoring unbeatable1000 ... Happy we still have such awesome players . God bless you my friend
Friendly reminder for everybody to buy Hirez Ena's SWC pins because they're awesome and I want one for every God.
Check out these drawings of our iconic Godswords - awesome stuff from Angelsscapes!. Credit: https:/…
This is awesome!! what a great Kenyan hope we do the same all the time, God bless!!!
Happy New Year bro god bless you and I've got some awesome fireworks
happy birthday to you my awesome friend, God's blessing and favor in everything you do, lots of love ❤
O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder,. Consider all the worlds Thy…
Deepikaji , u r looking so cute with ur enchanting smile lovely and awesome beauty may God bless u & save u from evil eyes
Awesome worship with 40,000 young adults give glory to God at https…
Praise God for the awesome message this morning. Relationships are powerful connections in our lives. .
ORIGINALLY done by the late Rich Mullins - here is "Awesome God" - this time done by Michael W. Smith - BE...
"Awesome God; Jehovah, E ti poju..." To the God who has done things be our
Awesome God written by Rich Mullins covered by musicmanbutte
Helen Baylor - Awesome God. the message in this song, my God!
Day 3 of Everest at My God is an Awesome God! @ Bethesda Presbyterian Church
Just a reminder of how AWESOME God is.See Our God Is an Awesome God song lyrics performed by Do... –
NowPlaying Our God is an Awesome God - Christian Music Michael w smith
Listening to Awesome God by Rich Mullins, on my Echo!
Awesome God's presence @ Seven Glorious Sundays . Choir singing the name of Jesus
Happy b'day! Now my b'day wish?😂 Hope you will have an awesome day and remember to RT😝 God bless u!😘😍
he's beautiful God bless, Awesome charity...
I still remember using 'GOD' for massive damage. Good times. Awesome system, meh story, but enjoyable! Thx for that translation!
Well my first day opening was awesome😌
thank you for taking the stage, putting on an awesome show and leaving God the center stage.
"Always remember, God will never take anything away from you without the intention of replacing it with something much b…
Everything is falling right into place!!! God is awesome!!! — feeling blessed
May your day be filled with God's awesome blessings!!
Just want to thank God for this awesome day.
" Oh My God, I had read the 2nd Novel, The One You Cannot Have. A novel by Preeti Shenoy. Really an awesome book...
So totally awesome!Best part of my day.Much wow! — watching Apple Worldwide Developers Conference
Children are awesome imitators of what they see. Fathers need to show them a passion for God.
. Oh God.. that's so hard. Hermann Hesse is definitely up there. J.K. Rowling is awesome... there are…
Our God Greater, our God is Stronger, God you are higher than any other-Our God is Healer Awesome in Power Absolutely beautiful
your messages never fail to astound me!!! This is just awesome!! God bless you!!!
Awesome read! Check out what Wigglesworth has to say!...
infact u are such an awesome personality I been searching on u to always inspire me tank God I find a person like u in my mind
But she's awesome. God Bless her soul cause she's always stupid kind. That's the gym OG.
God showed up for the Prayze Factor Concert in Jacksonville, Florida!!! God is Awesome !!!
Yes things have been awesome! God has really been moving in our ministry!
domain names
A Biblical Case for Awesome Beards, eimen! hehe via
Your so awesome I'm pray to God he not playing with my emotions. 😕
I had an awesome weekend and thank god for everything!
O LORD, the great and awesome God, who keeps His covenant of love with all those who love Him. -Daniel 9:4
Installing updates is so much easier with an ssd, my god. Why bother procrastinating a 30 second process? It's awesome.
our God is an Awesome Godhe Reigns...from hEaven above w wisdom POWER And luv..
Today's show was awesome,we are always with you.God bless you
Im in such a great mood , my lawyer is awesome. Thank you god 🙌🙏
Firmly believe falling apart is only to find your inner peace again. Thanking God for my beautiful life and the awesome people in it.
Beautiful and challenging song. What an awesome and mighty God I serve! "..Oh, for grace to trust Him more!.."
God is AWESOME and ABLE to do whatever in your life. If you want TRANSFORMATION go to His Presence and be EXPOSED to His Heart.
Boys with unDefeated records in bar brawls thinking they are awesome *God save us from these brainless capsules*
From Iran to ISIS to Obamacare to the economy, Obama is the Baghdad Bob president. "Everything is awesome!" God help us.
Thank god you have signed up for Apple Pay coming to the UK! Awesome!
Your going to be tempted to try and look awesome today! Understand that God loves you not because your awesome but because HE is Good!
most conservatives that I know are deep believers in an awesome God, take your liberal agenda somewhere else
Vacation Bible School! We will embark on an icy expedition where kids overcome obstacles with God's awesome power.
Awesome breakfast with some of the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch staff this morning. God is up to something here!
Do you ever have those moments where something really awesome happens & you just think "wow God really loves me" . Best…
Just gotta thank God for solely being who He is. He's awesome 🙌
😄 Medical Academy has been so awesome to me. God is good.
God is doing amazing things in Nepal through the John 3:16 Network
now that's an Awesome you make our day so much better X. God bless you, You Amazing human you :D.
loved sharing your story and music with our listeners You are awesome! God Bl…
Good morning/afternoon everybody! Hope everyone slept well. Have an awesome day. God bless. One love. Stay cool
Thank God for our amazing firefighters and volunteer wildfire squad members. Words cannot express how awesome they are.
Awesome God thanks for everything 2015 special edition
Sleep is awesome. Thank god I've finally been catching up on them! 😊🙏🏼
OH. MY. GOD. Not only is the advice here awesome, but the song at the end totally made my day. Thanks
Sure when it's fully running, it's awesome. But god *** it can be *** to set up at times.
Today,whatever you`re going through God is the restorer of the breach...we serve an awesome God who is able to do...
Justin Bieber shared this video online of him hanging with his Hillsong bros & singing "Awesome God."
Maze runner is god *** awesome can't wait for the sequel 😍
GLORY TO GOD! the mini Concert was AWESOME.. Praise to our Lord JESUS CHRIST!
Maybe he's not born perfect because God made a him Awesome 😉 💋💕
Keep me in the valley, hide me from the rains..."My God is awesome, He can move the mountains..."
good friend of mine awesome person God bless
Going to enjoy an awesome Barbecue tonight a bottle of vino and a cigar to celebrate anniversary of getting traded to
Recognize your miracle...and accept it. Never question God's awesome goodness in your life.
its awesome to have you on bored God bless!follow via
Tbh I was really nervous about Saturday afternoon, but our program was a success. We had an awesome team! All for the honor & glory of God.
Today is a great day. Chris, it's your birthday ! Have an awesome day !!, God bless you. 🎂 .
that's awesome congrats ... we've been good I swear God is good
The purpose is to make God known in our generation and the way we may each do it will vary. That's okay! In fact it's awe…
Minngz!! Happy Birthday young one!🎈 I trust you've had an awesome day. God Bless xx
Pitch Perfect 2 was totally aca-awesome !! Thank God I didn't miss a chance to watch it.
Thank you! The & you do for us is awesome. God bless...
niCE that's awesome.! God I look at that edit at least once a day. when im writing I have it open in another tab tbh
just a friendly reminder of how awesome God's grace is:-)
God bless him he was an awesome Cardinal and I'm sure still is
Give me one Nam JooHyuk in my life please @ GOD
Looking forward to be part of the an Awesome movement that does hard things promotes God given talent and passion
Right been on it since 13 . Now 25 God is awesome. I wouldn't trade it for nothing. More
lol, I can laugh. humor is awesome. God is working.
Jesus says I get to have Angelina Johlie over for fun activities like some fun time kids do. I love God so much. Awesome God!
Just thank god either Anaheim or Chicago is winning the Stanley Cup, and that's an awesome feeling
Oh my god.. this is awesome.. Reverse world awesome!.
A Pic of from shooting spot.. looks awesome..
I'm a firm believer that God has an awesome sense of humor. If He didn't have humor there would be no humor.
Awesome stories of redemption today God is good.
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Happy Birthday Brentt!!! Hope you have an awesome day and God bless 😊🎉✨🎁
. Congratulations everyone and sending prayers 🙏. Such an awesome Mom's Day gift . God Bless his precious little heart 💙
Jesus Is Awesome God Creator Savior Alone! I will wait for God to get me out of my home to go do Sermons. They will be RIGHT ON SERMONS TO!
Thank u god for Trevor Hansen he's awesome seriously
God is doing some pretty crazy awesome things in my life right now
Realized something tonight: I don't need to feel overwhelmed ever. God is awesome and wants me to rely on him instead o…
Love can be so wonderful if you allow it to be. God's love is so awesome
It was awesome meeting from Phinehas killed it tonight in Dallas! God bless you guys.
Yes, young lady, he is awesome, but what you consider God was invented in the 1950s to roll back the New Deal.
He forgives us freelly, He is an awesome God.
so cool to see how God works. how he pulls people together in the most awesome ways!
I'm very thankful that God gave me this wonderful, awesome, beautiful, caring, and every good…
Shoutout to all the awesome friends God blessed me with 👭
Jesus Is Awesome fun to be with. I can't imagine why people think I can't be with God through the Holy Spirit like this. He is God Alone!!!
My family good , im doing good , nothing but good people in my life rn. Blessed with just awesome people & with my life rn , thank you god 💖
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
God...this series is awesome..impossible not to love of the greatest for sure
if anyone wants to talk about how awesome God is and how he shapes our lives, hmu fam hmu cause im feelin Him rn
Happy Mother's Day to a awesome Women of God and mother of my 7 Sons and 2 Daughters I enjoyed hanging with you...
Especially on nights like tonight. I serve an awesome God 💙 @ thankful for prayer 💗
La familia✨ My momma ☺️😍 We had an awesome time today. Blessed! Thank you God for my mother and my family. 🙏🏼
Jesus is laughing at me. He knows Im going to think about numbers but when He tells me that someone has found Him as God Alone! AWESOME!
FROM AN AWESOME FRIEND: "You remind me of a story I read in the bible a long time ago, about how God chose a...
Jesus Is Awesome God Creator Alone! There is a buzz out there some place right now. Someone in Hollywood wants to meet many who know God.
God has already provided answers to questions we have not yet asked. He is an awesome God!
He'll handle it I'm almost sure of it. My God is awesome and caring.
What can I render to you oh lord!...After u've turn my greatest weeknez to a great citadel of worship en praise...awesome God!
Thank you Lord for waking me up, and providing a shower chair. God, you are awesome, we honor adore and praise you.
Awesome performances this weekend by all the USA Yoga Athletes.
I want you to know how awesome God is, he not only puts up with me, he has my back, I should be dead, 40 to the chest point blank & healthy
Awesome God. Mighty God . We give your praise . Awesome God . You are highly lifted up.
Psalm 68:35 is awesome in his sanctuary. The God of Israel gives power and strength to his people. Praise be to God…
I enjoyed the way God moved in sunday service! God is so Awesome! !
This is so cute. Like seriously, Oh my god... can you not do this to me. Credits to artist. Its awesome
In such a happy place today.. Someone opened some doors for me over the weekend!! I was speechless and in tears. This God is awesome.
Awesome "Thank you God! Without God, none of this would be possible.
Your MiBands are awesome! Thank God, I bought a another one. Hope it would be able to dance like this one:
after a very long wait bruh... Awesome bruh. God's time is the best.. God bless bruh.. Baraka
Our God is Awesome… *[[Ephesians 1:16]] *AKJV* Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my…
It was an awesome and blessed day with Grace Tokyo Youth people because we learned so much and God really moved to each one of us.
What a might God we serve. He is beyond description. Awesome God indeed. Thank you Jesus for your love.
god im glad im not the only one! Thought i was slightly mad that i found that totally awesome ☆☆☆☆
I'm A Parking God! You might be too, check out this AWESOME FREE NEW Parking Simulator Game & try to beat my Score!
Psalm 47:2. For the LORD Most High is awesome, the great King over all the earth > http:…
That's awesome! Thanks for being a vessel of God's love and provision!
The tour starts tomorrow but I have school. Why, Why God what have I done. It'll be an awesome day…
Greetings from India !! I am following you, follow me back. Be blessed & Take care! Our God Is An Awesome God!
A psalm. Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy. awesome is the LORD Most High,
Happy birthday to this awesome AMAZING person that i love so much.May God keep you and bless…
Glory to God!. Awesome God Music Video now showing on Praise tv(Digital tv Gh). Post ur testimonies as...
She is Catholic!! But her Dressing Sense for Indian Outfits is Just Awesome ...She is an ANGEL Sended by GOD 😇😍
Happy belated birthday dear, sorry it's late 😔. Hope you had an awesome day tho, God bless you 💞
God, it's me, Barney. What up? I know we don't talk much, but I know a lot of girls call out your name because of me. Awesome. - Barney
please for the love of god bring back to SA for a show in the dust? Seeing them live was awesome. In Northam? Insane
Clever and pretty too? God could have spread some of that awesome around to a few other folks and you'd still be winning ;)
Great God. Awesome God. Marvelous God. Excellent God. Thank you for this day, you've made me to be alive in.
LORD, I can never really thank you enough for all U have seen me through... U truly are an awesome God!!!
was awesome tonight as usual. God im going to miss that show 😢
We serve an AWESOME God!! Who reigns from heaven with wisdom power and love Awesome God with
There is no one like you, your creation is beauty and perfect, I will always adore you, Awesome GOD
But God is still awesome. I prayed for the rain at that time and it came
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Had an awesome time at I truly thank God and know that I'm blessed to be a part of this great move of God.
God's fidelity is awesome! Being blessing in a supranatural way there in London in one day😱 We don't have brakes!
Oh god, I don't know if this is awesome or awful... XD
The Worship Band had a video recorded of "Awesome God" at Mohawk College thanks to Mr. D's dual credit class
Awesome God how great thou art,mighty are your miracles,Lord I bow and worship you..King of Kings
My song for this Moment 1: Our God is an Awesome my Very own bro Tye Tribbett. Tears of Joy
I liked a video Awesome God - Darlene Zschech, Hillsong and Michael W. Smith
His return is very close so you better be believing! Awesome God from Rich Mullins is on CCM Classic All Music at
Found a video of Rich Mullins playing "Awesome God" in '97 it's L I T
January 27, 2015.The Mighty Eagles are Steady fly and Diving in the heaven and will return to Earth Later..Even as the ministering Angels...Are Busy delivering all of the news and blessing of the Lord...Our God is an Awesome God..But as with clockwork, the Darkness will soon begin to cover the Earth and the Mighty Owls Nations will Begins it Wings up and Hoot Hoot to Owls Nations everywhere...First to the Flight line...The East Coast Regions.Owl Michael-louis Ingram, Owl Terri L. Willmott and Owl Denise Campbell.Second line Up...The South and Midwest Regions..The Belle's, The Divas and The Beautiful Reign Queen of WFOT..Tina Marie, Tiwanda Rashad, Nanita Cutee Jones, Lisa Webb (MBF) Quentella Minora, Lisa Smith, Arzelia Kendall III, Willie Dixon Jr., Willie L. Campbell, Scherwood Robinson and Jarvis Berry Sr.Last but not least...The Mountain and West Coast Regions.Lily Liggins, Mo Maurice Sr. (RIP), Charlotte Joseph-Caraway, Patrick Constantine, Sherri Davis, Tashia De'Moris, Pat Munson, Justin Love, K.o. ...
You, you are awesome You, you are God You, you are am Awesome God! I don't know the choir that sing this song (heard it on Joyce Meyer) but I can't get it out of my head and its ringing in my heart. If anyone know who they are, thank you
All I'm going to say to you is I don't care if you're black, white, hispanics, or have stripes like a zebra, Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, or even a diest, athiest, or an Agnostic, a Republican, Democrat, Tea Party Patriot, *** bisexual, straight, Bipolar, ADD or ADHD, PTSD, or what. If you're right, you're right. If you're wrong, you're wrong. There is no gray area like our society focuses on. Right is right and wrong is wrong. You are not perfect. Nobody is perfect because we are all human. The only person that ever walked on this Earth that was perfect was Jesus Christ. Why do you think God sent him down here and he sacrificed his life for us? That's because God saw that we as human beings aren't perfect we are all born of sin. And God couldn't deal with imperfection. But because God is so loving, merciful and an Awesome God, he gave his only begotten son. So that we all will be given a second chance and we don't have to make blood sacrifices like we did in the old testament. I'm not perfect either. G ...
When are you guys going to perform Awesome God by Rich Mullins? It is such a powerful song.
Awesome God, how great thou art.. you are lord mighty are your miracles...we stand in awe of your holy name! We bow and w…
Good Morning! What a glorious day in south Florida! Our God is an Awesome God! Glad and thankful to have finished another successful weekend of beautiful cakes! Here is Whitney and Sam's wedding cake and groom's cake! What a fun couple! Laras Theme did a fabulous job, once again! Such a joy to work with Lara! Qual Valley Yact Club
Thank the Almighty God for bringing another joy into our family once again, may His precious name be Praise in Jesus' name. We have nothing to say than thank You Daddy Lord blessed be Your name Awesome God.
4/5'You're About to Inherit It All '(Children of an Awesome God) - Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer Moody Church Hour
5/5 'You Have a Divine Calling '(Children of an Awesome God) - Listen to Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer from Moody Church Hour
Awesome God, how great thou art; U are God, mighty are Your miracles; We stand in awe, of Your holy name; Lord we bow and worship U.(Sinach)
11days Left to go, for the Long awaited Awesome Sheffield Drama Ministers Submit and 18 days left to go for the MZFM Refreshers Class, Certainly you cant miss them, For the Awesome God will be present in the Program, For you Just have to be there! SHEFFIELD PROGRAM VENUE Sheffield, Southey Rise(former Southey Methodist Church moonshine lane, Sheffield S5 8RF MZFM REFRESHERS PROGRAM VENUE Ile-ife in Osun State, Mount Zion at NTA road.
Short Summary at the end: Long Version: Some of you may not know that I had a CAT scan because I was having pain and my urologist found swollen lymph nodes and what is probably “bladder Cancer” in my liver.. The last few years I have been lead (I believe by my Awesome God) to read some of the most amazing books (the last being “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom) so that I can write this. I have learned that God wants us to praise HIM when we find ourselves in what we perceive as “BAD Situations,” so Please join me in praising God for my wonderful Oncologist and that my “bladder Cancer” was found in my liver when there may be a New clinical trial treatment (PDL1) that has drastically fewer side effects and shown promising results in treating melanoma. I am also thanking God for my brother, Erin and his family’s example of faith during his experience with a rare pancreatic cancer that is also incurable. They don’t have a cure for this type of cancer because it is uncommon. All THEY .. ...
Decisions, decisions, decisions; switching from St. John to Friendship West to City of Refuge. Awesome God and Happy Sunday!
Gn all say a prayer for my friends,Demetria Wash,Shante Thomas,and Pat Green, Thanks in advance I serve an Awesome God who is able to do what we need him to do. Peace and Blesssings!
Awesome God-filled service tonight!!! Kathrine Mullins was awesome and Karen Wheaton preached with fire!!! Can't wait for tomorrow!!
2014 Couples Retreat at One Community: awesome, fabulous, fun, fantastic. God at work, blessing coming our way;Awesome God
Date Night. Papa Johns Pizza at home and watching the movie Ragamuffin, the story of Rich Mullins. He wrote the song, Our God is an Awesome God.
Thanking God for being so awesome in my what a Awesome God we serve another Blessed day at MT Pleasant Baptist Church
God is great, Jehovah Jirah my provider!!! Thank you for providing the win Lord. Awesome God.
This Sunday: Rev. Anna "Is God Awesome, or What?!" Soloist: Darwin Opening Prayer: Rev. Gerry S. Offering Thoughts: Bill, R.Sc.P. Ernest Holmes wrote in the Science of Mind that we must be careful not to reduce God to merely an "abstract Principle and mathematical Law of Cause and Effect" because if we do we shall "lose all warmth and color." He said, "We should be very careful...not to forget the Essence." And the Essence of God is Awesome! Awesome Love. Awesome Power. Awesome Everything. And the SPARK of the Divine within us is Awesome as well! This Sunday we are awed at how Awesome God as us is! June Affirmation: I keep things Simple and fully Participate in the Awesome nature of God as me. As I do, my outer world Reflects my heart-felt desires. Kicking my life into gear, I ignite the SPARK of the Divine Flame within me. It burns with radiance and love! Meeting at Metro Water Company Meeting Room 6265 N La Canada 10:45 a.m. Visioning Meditation 11:00 a.m. Celebration Service
If you're looking for a movie to watch, rent the movie "Ragmuffin." It's the life story of Rich Mullins (the guy who wrote "Awesome God"). It's very good and moving.
Here's one of the most popular praise songs of all time. Awesome God by Rich Mullins.
Good Morning Itumeleng Khune have an awesome day"Good morning people of an Awesome God :)"
Award winning songwriter, vocalist and one of the most anointed international worship leaders of our time, Sinach will be ministering live on Thursday, the 29th of May, 2014 at The COZA Lady Summit. With over 300 inspiring songs such as: 'This is my Season', 'Awesome God', 'I stand Amazed', 'Simply Devoted’, and most recently "I Know Who I Am", her writings and music have ministered to millions all over the world bringing healing, hope, encouragement and strengthening their faith. Get ready to experience the supernatural as she leads God's people to worship Him in spirit and in truth.
I have really struggled this past month with being aggregated and stressed. I don't know why sickness brings out the pure devil in family's, Well I am tired of the devil in the mix . My God is a Awesome God and I am going to serve him. Every one have a blessed Sunday ad attend your local church. I have to work all day at the Sleep Inn but I am blessed to have a job.
The New Life Inspirational Gospel Choir sings "Awesome God" on Sunday, March 7, 2004 at the Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Suisun City, California. This engagement was a part of the 2004 New Life Inspirational Gospel Choir Spring Tour in California. Video by Michael Cheek. "Awesome God" - Recorded by Youthful Praise on their album Awesome God (2002).
Want too share a new true life movie , Named Raggamuffin. Sold at Walmart about Rich Mullins a Christian artist song writer. He wrote so many hits including, "Awesome God". Many hits for Amy Grant in his short lifetime. It was such a great movie i watched it twice in a row last night. Won't tell you much more about it, but it is very inspiring to me and will for all of us about how God love's us in spite of our imperfections.
I watched a movie that I thought was good. RAGAMUFFIN. The true story of Rich Mullins. The man who wrote. " Awesome God ".
Rich Mullins was a Christian singer and songwriter best known for songs like "Awesome God," "Elijah," and "Verge of a Miracle" to name just a few. You may know him as Rich Mullins, but to his family he was "Wayne"... to his friends he was "Richard." It seemed his vast experiences and expansive perso…
God is SO good!! Doctor's office just called and said My stress test was good!! Thanking my Awesome God!! Thank you all for all the prayers!!
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