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last week before our departure in JFK in a rainy weather. And one of the most powerful engines is the GP72…
Thank you to all aviation enthusiasts! You made our week!
The 4h away from San Jose on the way to the .
The image of the week shows the Saab SK 35 Draken. Photo: Tom Gagner
AvWeek editors call for nominations!
Aviation Festival week and there is an open day at HMS Tern in Twatt. Learn about Orkney History and hear from... https:…
Check out what happened this week in Naval Aviation! via
Amazing picture from the 216 this week. Thanks to Scott Bateman MBE
This week we talk ’vs seasoned what are good transferable skills in
This week Halifax hosted more than 140 delegates at the largest conference to date
Here We Go: Aviation workers say all airports operations will shut down from next week in protest against FG Abuja & Lagos con…
Lots of talk about low-cost long-haul at last week's Check out Fredrik's post for more:
The image of the week and Saab 29 Tunnan wish you a happy weekend. Photo: Peter Brauns
Listen in as Aviation Week's evaluation pilot discusses his first impressions after flying the Airbus A321neo 🔓…
Port Pirie Flying Group ecstatic with Women World of Aviation Week event success.
Why not build one for LGW and one for LHR?
Will you be this week? It would be great to meet up and share some thoughts on
Also, I'm going out of town again next week. aviation nerds. Haven't been since I was a kid!
It's kind of like Fashion Week for aviation geeks.
This week's picks include and old school aesthetics:
The Republican-led Senate sent a pro-security aviation bill to desk last week.
Less than a week away from Look me up and lets talk aviation!.
We're celebrating a huge milestone in aviation this week - the Boeing Centennial! ht…
Less than a week until Visit our booth at the week-long job fair for info and free swag!
Working this week, then partying next week in Wisconsin during the airshow. Until then, time for work. . .
DTN Aviation: F-35 impact from unrest in Turkey unclear: Lockheed: A failed military coup last week will not ...
Can you answer the Aviation Safety Question of the week? Learn more…
Visited Hendon last week, couldn't resist popping into their WW1 aviation exhibition
A reason to watch Don't Tell The Bridge this week!
Summer Camp checks out. This week was a good one for the high school enthusiasts
A year ago this week, I flew A350 MSN2 to Chicago and a 787-9 to Santiago. Time flies... https:/…
Aviation week makes me feel some kinda way ✈️⚓️
Trying to convince babe to hunt me down an EKU School of Aviation tshirt before his last day next week. Like come on babe. 😂
The niner noteworthy stories of week 28 -
DUBAI, UAE – DMCC, the Government authority on trade, enterprise and commodities in Dubai, this week announced an...
Hi friends, this week's blog is online now😊
A Belgian will give a SAR demo at next week
CEO Moves - week ending July 1, 2016. Read more:
Aviation authorities team to check next week the viability of Sangley as general aviation airport to decongest NAIA
Introducing Aviation. The brand new shoes by BeyNation. Available at Hive Nation (Our Merchandise store) next week.
Selected U.S. Military Contracts for the Week of July 11- July 15, 2016 - Aviation Week
What airline travelers should look for in American, Southwest news this week: Dallas Morning News -
See you all next week at the World's Greatest Aviation Celebration!
This time next week we'll be walking the grounds of the BIGGEST AIRSHOW OF ITS KIND! PC:
Russian naval aviation trained in coastal defense of Black Sea with both fixed and rotary wing aircraft last week. https:…
The other week at Manchester the 787 has replaced the 757 this was 3 weeks ago . I am a young…
Due to some technical issues and currently investigating. No new video this week on my aviation channel. Apologies to the inconvenience.
A memo seen by Aviation Week lists multiple problems that threaten F-35 schedule
I’m no aviation expert, but why is that plane in the air a week later then?
This Jamie Vardy thing needs to stop. Putting a bet on him next week.
3 Aviation Trends We’re Tracking at Skift This Week via skift
Watching Liverpool's match after a week !! Missed 2 games. Won't miss it today! 😀
The Russian jet, like the 767 on fire in Florida this week, both had a sordid past among many owners in mid-east.
Sad to hear of the Russian plane crash at Sinai. May the soul of departed RIP. Hope the aviation industry week note increasing # of crashes
I have a flight to take next week..i really hate aviation news...
The heat-wave in the Western Cape earlier this week is well and truly over! The SAWS aviation Aerosport chart for...
The second half of this week's World of Aviation will follow the top of the hour news at 12 AM.
Allied Aviation cba was extended this week. Gives Union & Company chance to bargain more.
Last week, Soldiers of the 1st Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, welcomed Patrick Smith and his... https:/…
Sikorsky is hopeful that additional tasks accomplished while:
Next week Aviation, and Brutus Begins perform at
Use your flying time wisely by reviewing emergency procedures in flight: 
Norwegian Air Int'l is at it again & is calling the company out for not playing by the rules.
Want to remember what happened this week in aviation? My weekly column:
Stats for the week have arrived. 16 new followers and 17 unfollowers via
Do you know the that houses this cockpit??
Only flying twice a week at so very happy that we caught this 737:
Team Go! at your service!. Thanks to everyone who came and met with us this week at Malmi!
FTA's photo of the week : One of our DA42s after a morning valeting
Our next edition of The Wire will have a focus on the sector. This has just been finalised and will be released next week!
My takeaways from the in Athens this week
This week's issue of The Sustainable Aviation Observatory is out! Stories via
It may come as a surprise to most readers that the:
The Aviation Week article mentioned that the procurement mechanism specifically allows purchases past the initial…
Criminal Science students went to the NYS Police Aviation Unit This week!
Instagram : by love_aviation_ - Wow guys! Thanks so much for 1.3K!🙌 I've got 300 followers in just a couple of week…
Unveiled this week - our for a pioneering aviation academy at Airport
See our coverage on Sikorsky's CH-53K program milestone in Aviation Week & Space Technology. https…
Just took a peek at the next digital issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology (out tomorrow). There's a bear on the cover.
Aviation Week has released its business aviation forecast for the years between 2016 and 2025.
Alaska Airlines, Virgin America to be the First Carriers to Benefit from NASA Software. Aviation Week (8/18, Croft)…
Read the latest digital edition of Aviation Week & Space Technology
Eclipse Special Edition and Bell Model 525 News from The Weekly of Business ... - Aviation Week
squadron conducts final flight of Warriors
After a week of heavy metal over in Paris - time for a spot of light aviation...
Instagram : by gcindrich - Going to have to rebuild that next week. for the ☺️
Amazing first week working with the city of Dallas department of aviation! Looking forward to the rest of the summer!
Powdered booze ban, sex crimes and ethics reform: This week in new Oregon ... - …
▶ Dallas Dining Tips for AIAA Aviation - More than once in the past week I was asked by folks attending AIAA Aviat...
most viewed story this week Names First Recipient of Dale 'Potsy' McBurney Aviation Scholarship
Workshop, board meeting. That was Sun-Sat. AP physics next week. Loving it, but
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"Transitioning to the advanced displays from the basic dial indicators...sometimes causes minor confusion" - Aviation Week. eg. "Transition"
It’s been a big week for Aviation in Mobile. Airbus gets ready to drive its plane a small part of Mobile tomorrow. .
JF-17 Thunder analysed by "Aviation Week". So proud to see our bird in Paris Air Show!!
Less than a week till the spotting trip down to Manchester airport, expect lots of videos in the coming weeks
F24's business show People & profit was at the Paris Air show this week mingling w the aviation industry. I helped.
The image of the week shows the powerful and impressive Photo: Andreas Eriksson
Pilatus PC-12 LX-JFM of JetFly Aviation of Luxembourg at Cork Airport this week
Mahan Air this week: New route commenced; new route announced; aircraft sold and an accident. Read more:.
Youths fly planes, tour NASA facility and make rockets at aviation career camp this week.
Another week of traveling. Sutherlin OR, St Fe Springs Ca, San Diego CA and Brawley CA. Now getting ready to go home sweet home.
Elbit to Provide Enhanced Vision for China’s C919 | Paris Air Show 2015 content from Aviation Week
Aviation Week Network Team on History to create a digital,. searchable, living archive via
This Retired 747 is the World’s Most Run-Down Aviation Museum This week, TPG Editor-in-Chief Zach Honig is reporti…
AIAA AVIATION held on 22-26 June (next week) Plenary and Forum360 will be available online ( )
F-35 Unscathed by Hostile Fire in Green Flag | Defense content from Aviation Week
Submit your best pics to Aviation Week's 2015 Photo Contest
On the cover of Aviation Week & Space Technology: Into A New Launch Era
A look back at how Aviation Week broke the story of Chuck Yeager & the X-1 breaking the Sound Barrier.
Aviation reporter Molly McMillin is leaving the "Wichita Eagle." She will manage Aviation Week's "The Weekly of Business Aviation" from home
PIA was No.5 in 1979 as per Aviation Week ,Emirates is No.3 today as per HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
Rockwell Collins : 'Aviation Week' honors Rockwell Collins for work on 767 LDS program $COL
At the MRO expo sponsored by Aviation Week
WUWT reader Paul Ostergaard tips us to this article from Aviation Week and Space Technology - video follows Lockheed Martin aims to develop compact reactor prototype in five years, production unit...
Aviation Week unwittingly caused a stir in the nuclear propulsion field in 1958:
Read how Aviation Week unwittingly furthered the cause of nuclear-powered aircraft in 1958
G'Day AEI Affiliates, I am Paul Cousins AEI Secretary Asia Pacific, below is the synopsis of the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS OF AIRCRAFT ENGINEERING, its run by a great friend of mine who tirelessly works for the promotion of Aviation Engineering and Aviation Safety, Ken MacTiernan. The next competition is in Miami, Florida in April 2015 with well over 30 teams competing from all over the world ! The website has all the info you need and some great shots and videos too. COME JOIN US and promote our great profession !!! Greetings, By way of introduction my name is Ken MacTiernan and I am the Chairman for the Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC). I would like to extend an invitation to the affiliates of the AEI to field a team of 5 AMEs to compete I the 2015 AMC which will be held April 14 - 16th, 2015 during Aviation Week & Space Technology's MRO America Trade Show in Miami, FL. The AMC is an international stage where teams of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Aircraft Maintenance Technicians and Students compe . ...
So interesting.. Boeing’s Baby Jetliner – Five Decades of Growth Sep 8, 2014 by Guy Norris Today’s launch of a higher capacity variant of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 marks yet another step in the remarkable evolution of the company’s smallest jetliner. With potential seating capacity for 200, and even more in the stretched -900ER and MAX 9, the high density MAX 8 version is a far cry from the stubby little 82-seat design originally envisioned by Boeing in the mid-1960s for its 737 launch customer Lufthansa. With the benefit of hindsight it is clear to see how a succession of newer engines and bigger wings have helped Boeing grow the 737 family into the world’s best-selling airliner family, but way back in March 1965, when Aviation Week & Space Technology took a close look at the fledgling project, it was a very different story. The 737 had won just 21 orders and all thoughts of a five-abreast cabin had been dismissed in favor of the familiar six-abreast layout we know today. Yet even in 1965 Boeing tol ...
Exactly 10 years ago, in the space of just 13 days, the Indian Air Force dealt a massive blow to the myth of invincibility of the US Air Force. At the Cope India exercise held at the Gwalior air force range on February 15-27, 2004, Indian pilots reportedly notched up an astounding 9:1 kill ratio against the all-powerful USAF, sending shock waves through the American defence establishment. While the Pentagon brass tried to knock the IAF’s achievement, the USAF gave their Indian counterparts their due. Aviation Week & Space Technology’s David A. Fulghum quotes Colonel Mike Snodgrass, commander of the USAF’s 3rd Wing based at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska: “The outcome of the exercise boils down to (the fact that) they ran tactics that were more advanced than we expected...They could come up with a game plan, but if it wasn't working they would call an audible and change (tactics in flight).” About the different IAF fighters the six F-15Cs from the 3rd Wing encountered, Snodgrass said: “The tw ...
Emirates Airline President Tim Clark is demanding more transparency in the investigation of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. “We are the largest operator of the Boeing 777 in the world. I need to know how anybody could interdict our systems,” Clark told Aviation Week. Listen to Clark's full remarks on the MH370 investigation on
How the neutral observers saw the PAF's delivery of a humiliating defeat to the 5 times bigger Indian Air Force in September 1965. "For the PAF, the 1965 war was as climactic as the Israeli victory over the Arabs in 1967. A further similarity was that Indian air power had an approximately 5:1 numerical superiority at the start of the conflict. Unlike the Middle East conflict, the Pakistani air victory was achieved to a large degree by air-to-air combat rather than on ground. But it was as absolute as that attained by Israel." Source | USA - Aviation Week & Space Technology - December 1968 issue Pakistan Defence | | SHARE
Random Aviation Photo Last week, I got to spend a few days at the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In and Expo in Lakeland, Fl...
Didnt i say last week max 1.5 yrs more!! Mallya And Now Maran?...
Setting up an event for an aviation for Changi airport next week. I heard there will be firefighters. Actually aviation tu ape?
Off to flight safety next week, should be good. Hope I stumble across a sponsor.
PGL Shipping is at MRO 2014 - Aviation Week at Arizona. Connect with us
A team of S.C. National Guard Soldiers returned earlier this week from a State Partnership engagement with...
Congrats! GA Telesis named 2014 Aviation Week MRO of the year
Looking forward to filming next week at
THE PLANET'S BEST STEALTH FIGHTER ISN'T MADE IN AMERICA The U.S. military likes to think it makes the world’s most sophisticated combat aircraft...Think again... By Bill Sweetman Profile of the Writer : Bill Sweetman (born 1956) a.k.a. the "Fonz" by his peers and fellow aviationist journos--is a former editor for Jane's and currently an editor for Aviation Week group. He is a writer of more than 50 books on military aircraft. He lives in Oakdale, Minnesota. He is noted for his dogged pursuit of the Aurora project. He appeared as an Aerospace Consultant on in the Nova PBS TV program "Battle of the X-Planes" about the Joint Strike Fighter Program source info links : : This article appeared in the March 24, 2014 issue of Aviation Week & Space full text of Bill Sweetman's article : In 2005, Lockheed Martin labeled the F-35, the stealthy new jet they were building for the Pentagon, as a “fifth-generation” fighter. Ironically, it was a term that they had borrowed from Russia to describe a different stealt ...
Ka-Band opens new possibilities for aircraft connectivity: Aviation Week -
We're ready for the in this week. Thurs., April 10, at 11:20am we present Airlink at the
Great day as guest presenter at the North American Aviation Week MRO Conference here in Phoenix... Onwards and upwards ABI...
One of two pieces of framed aviation art we are giving away this week at booth
Loving the Aviation Week MRO Americas Conference! Stop by and see us at booth
Planning to attend the meeting with Aviation Week team today at the MRO Americas booth 3001 at 3:30 pm.
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Hot off the America's press aviation week predicts 6% annual growth in surplus component mkt for next decade
my friends dad works in US aviation and told me last week but today Russian newspaper report was out online
Lufthansa Cityline's retired CRJ700s dot the Arkansas countryside: A recent visit by Aviation Week to...
The hottest ticket in town this week at in Hamburg is the prestigious Crystal Cabin Award ceremony. Hashtag of the n…
A million passengers a week, a great interview with Emirates President Tim Clark...
The airline industry calls for transformational change at the 13th Annual Aviation Summit last week
attendees: join us for the today 3.30pm at the Aviation Week booth!
This just in, GA Telesis named 2014 Aviation Week Independent MRO of the Year
at the Aviation Week MRO Americas show! Come by and see us! Booth 3152
Aviation Week's 19th annual MRO Americas conference has begun. Follow the conversation:
Returned from Sun-N-Fun 2014 Fly-in. Incredible week! Great working with on the daily paper!
We are so excited to be at AVIATION WEEK in Phoenix where we are showcasing/promoting our ASF (large hangar...
Defining the aviation industry is on our minds this week with Stay tuned for more info.
Hello and thank you to our latest followers - - hope you're all having a good week?
Search for missing Malaysia jet is the 'most expensive' in aviation history - The Week Magazine
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Don't forget that next week is the last Winter Aviation Evening of the year!
ABACE Show News, don't miss the latest updates directly from Asian Business Aviation conference next week. Not subsc…
South Korea Says Asiana 214 Pilots Partially to Blame: Last week the NTSB released a letter it receiv...
Sketching aviation season has begun. Duxford B-17G from the other week.
Why our Army Aviation training planes are mostly malfunctioning? Every other week we hear such tragedies.
The high fliers of aerospace have gathered in this week for the 2nd Global Aerospace Summit
Starting week one of this free MOOC on Human Factors in Aviation. So much to learn!
What's going on? Penton's Aviation Week to Host MRO Americas Conference & Exhibition,...
Nationwide Aviation is flying across the country this week! After a long day of flying, we are stopping in...
Book now for safety seminars for pilots at Camden and Bankstown next week.
You Asked, Lynn Answered - Aviation Week - You Asked, Lynn AnsweredAviation WeekWe have a proxy now, which is by s...
And I'm looking forward to Marine, Surface Warfare, and Sub Week at CORTRAMID. I heard Aviation week isn't all that great like the others.
mba's Team kicks off the week with audits on 2 continents! Schedule your & see what makes mba the world's premier AO!
Week 1 in Human factors in aviation & already intrigued!!
Welcome all Human Factors in Aviation MOOC students. Week 1 begins today Enjoy!
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and initiate moves to prevent hostile takeover of B777 critical systems and networks. (Aviation Week)
Aviation Week award presented to Christopher James Shannon of Friendswood via
The Boeing was built on April 2002 and delivered to MAS on May 31, 2002, according to the database in Aviation Week, a global aviation industry service provider, making it nearly 12 years old. It was also the 404th plane to come of the 777 model production line. The plane is powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 892 engines, which most commonly powers this particular model. The last crash involving a 777 with the same engine was on January 17, 2008, when a British Airways Boeing 777-236ER flying from Beijing to London crash-landed at Heathrow airport. Both of its Trent 800 engines lost power during the aircraft’s final approach, which investigators found were caused by ice released from the fuel system restricting oil flow to the engines. However, Rolls-Royce has since modified the engines to prevent the problem from recurring.
Support us with Women of Aviation Week at San Carlos Airport
Lockheed Martin's famed Skunk Works has finally unveiled the long-awaited successor to the SR-71 Blackbird. Aviation Week and Space Technology's Guy Norris pulled the covers off the project that Lockheed Martin is simply calling the SR-72. The new airplane will be roughly the same size as the record...
- Chinese Navy – China Uses ADIZ As Part Of Buffer-Building Strategy: - Aviation Week – East Asia and the U.S. had better get used to this sort of thing. China’s heavy-handed declaration of an unusually demanding air defense identification zone (ADIZ) is only one in a series of moves in which the country will gradually try to exert control over its maritime approaches. Worryingly, it may also be an early example of China’s Communist Party contriving to raise international tension as a means of rallying popular support at home.
Aviation Week: Air Force's new stealth spy drone is already flying -
Congratulations to our friend John Zarrella. John was recently awarded the 2013 Harry Kolcum News and Communications Award at a luncheon on November 12th at the Radisson Resort at the Port Cape Canaveral, Florida. The National Space Club Florida Committee each year recognizes Florida-based news media and communication professionals for excellence in their ability to communicate the space story along Florida's Space Coast and throughout the world. The award is named in honor of Harry Kolcum, veteran editor of Aviation Week & Space Technology, who was Cape bureau chief from 1980 to 1993 prior to his death in 1994. Kolcum was a founding member of the National Space Club Florida Committee. John is CNN's Miami correspondent, named to this position when the Miami bureau was established in 1983. He is responsible for CNN's coverage of news in Florida, Central and South America and the Caribbean, and has covered every major hurricane to hit Florida and the Gulf Coast. He is a principal correspondent for CNN' ...
See what's inside the latest issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology:
Are terrorists setting U.S. wildfires? Ex-NSA official: Al-Qaida ignited California blazes As the 2013 season of devastating wildfires continues to rage across the American West, the question of arson as a form of major terrorism is again being raised. Already this year, 35,440 reported fires have burned a total of 3.9 million acres, with a quarter-million acres scorched the iconic Yosemite National Park. Large blazes continue to burn in several states, with six alive in Idaho, five each in California and Montana, and one each in Alaska, Louisiana, Oregon, Texas and Washington. The National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho, says at this time last year, 45,278 fires had burned 7.9 million acres, and in 2011, there were 55,619 fires devastating 7.2 million acres. In July 2012, William Scott, a former National Security Agency official and Aviation Week editor, told the American Center for Democracy that terrorists are using fire as a tactical weapon of war. “Perhaps the most simple form of economic ...
Regional Express (Rex) has been ranked as the Top Performing Airline in the Asia-Pacific region by the authoritative Aviation Week and Space Technology (AW&ST) in its annual ranking of the top performing listed airlines in the world. Do you agree?
Indian authorities have filed charges against an official with anti-aircraft system manufacturer Rheinmetall Air Defense (RAD) for allegedly paying bribes to help it avoid being blacklisted in India. A spokesperson with India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) tells Aviation Week that bribery charges have been registered in a special court against Gerhard Hoy, the representative in India of Rheinmetall, along with Indian businessman Abhishek Verma and his wife, Anca Neacsu. Verma allegedly took a bribe from RAD via Ganton Ltd., a company allegedly controlled by him, to stall the blacklisting procedures initiated by the Indian government, the CBI spokesperson says. Swiss-based RAD was one of six companies blacklisted by India’s defense ministry in March 2012 as a result of corruption allegations, forbidding them from doing business with India’s state-run Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) network for 10 years. RAD transferred $530,000 to a New York bank account belonging to Ganton Ltd, and Verma alleg ...
The Navyâs first littoral combat ship -- USS Freedom (LCS-1) -- has suffered a maintenance issue forcing it back to port during its first extended underway from Singapore, according to reports from Defense News and Aviation Week. âAfter getting underway on the morning of May 21, USS Freedom...
What do Morgan Stanley, Wellesley Information Services, and McGraw Hill Financial’s Aviation Week have in common? They've all endorsed South Beach ACE! Find out how we've hit the endorsement jackpot here:
Article printed in "London Evening Standard" all those who live in Bucks should read now! regarding airport capacity One site suggested is at White Waltham, a small general aviation airfield about 15 mi. west of Heathrow and close to the town of Maidenhead. The other is Haddenham, the location of a old World War II glider airfield about 15 mi. from the city of Oxford but more than 30 mi. from the center of London. Local parish councillors contacted by Aviation Week were taken aback by the suggestion that the countryside near their homes could be turned into a major international airport. The Haddenham site would perhaps be the most controversial, as the layout suggests the virtual removal of two villages, Chearsley and Long Crendon. Both sites are in open countryside, however, and have the advantage of being close to major transport links. White Waltham, would be built almost on top of the M4 motorway and is close to major rail links, while the Haddenham location is close to the M40 motorway and within a ...
Manufacturing Technology - Aerospace's Secret Sauce: When we on Aviation Week mention advanced manufa...
Theme in Aviation Week's forecast for aerospace and defense industry in 2013: China, China,
Enjoy this Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner video created by Aviation Week journalist, Rupa Haria.
i just came across a picture of *** cheney in a stealth bomber and this is my train of though that occured after it.. is that *** cheney in a stealth 'bomber'? that *** pit looks pretty retro but the price doesn't. US$44.75 billion (through 2004), what was going on in 2004? anyway.. "The B-2 was first publicly displayed on 22 November 1988 at Air Force Plant 42, Palmdale, California, where it was assembled. This viewing was heavily restricted, guests were not allowed to see the rear of the B-2. However, Aviation Week editors found that there were no airspace restrictions over the presentation area and took photographs of the aircraft's then-secret planform and suppressed engine exhausts from above, to the USAF's disappointment. The B-2's first public flight was on 17 July 1989 from Palmdale." the stealth bomber was probably the first drone. and it's probably not propelled by a combustion-engine.. it pretend to land like it normally lands and has wheels too. makes sense though, right? it's probably pa ...
"U.S. Army Chief Orders Rotorcraft Program Review," Aviation Week, 11/2: "'Most of the rotorcraft we have now...
Somedays your client work is almost too much fun for words. Carmichael Lynch Spong's work with AirSpace Minnesota and Bob Cabana (head of NASA's Kennedy Space Center) at yesterday's Twins game at Target Field to launch the first-ever Minnesota Aerospace & Aviation Week. The baseball reached 65,000 feet.
To celebrate the 2012 Aerospace and Aviation Week, the Minnesota Twins organization enlisted the help of UMN aerospace engineering students.
Rochester Institute of Technology ranks third among schools that companies prefer when recruiting and hiring for the aerospace and defense industries, the annual workforce study by Aviation Week found.
Good Morning, Condifans 37,336 @ 0200 PDST THE PHOTOGENIC DR. CONDOLEEZZA RICE Each time she presents us with a new cover photo it becomes our favorite and NFL/16 is no exception. Fortuneately, all her pictures are available to us on her page and websites on the Internet. What a beautiful lady. JOSH NUNES Is to be the starting QB for the Cardinal. Poor guy is so aware of the shoes that he will be endeavoring to fill. I don't doubt that Dr. Rice will have some encouraging words for him. We just have to hope that he doesn't get Rice Pudding of the Brain just before Saturday's game. Good luck, young man. Go Cardinal! THE INDIAN NAVY Is still waiting for that ski-jump aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya" x-"Admiral Gorsshkov" to be delivered by the Russians. They have been waiting so long that they are thinking about flat top carriers as deployed by the US Navy. If ski-jump carriers were superior to flat tops, the US Navy would be using them. Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology. US NAVY TO THE RESCU ...
Aviation Week's Defense Technology International has compiled a summary of all the current and probable conflicts of 2012, so I made this map*. The only conflict that is not in this map is the incoming Obama-Romney nuclear war. The world doesn't seem like a very nice place right now.
Looking for 40 under 40: Aviation Week & Space Technology will feature the aerospace & defense industry’s best a...
On this day in 1965: "I say let‘s do it quickly and establish a foothold on a new planet while we still have one left to take off from." --Wernher von Braun (as in *the* Wernher von Braun, the father of modern rocketry), "Manned Mars Landing," "Aviation Week & Space Technology."
Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo made its Farnborough air show debut. Aviation Week talks to George Whitesides, Virgin Galactic's president, about the program.
Check this out guys: Aviation Week's Top-Performing airlines 2012
America's most sophisticated stealth jet fighters have been quietly deployed to an allied base less than 200 miles from Iran's mainland, according to an industry report, but the Air Force adamantly denied the jets' presence is a threat to the Middle East nation. (Oh! are we "Dumb *** ) Multiple stealth F-22 Raptors, which have never been combat-tested, are in hangars at the United Arab Emirates' Al Dafra Air Base, just a short hop over the Persian Gulf from Iran's southern border, the trade publication Aviation Week reported. That should send many of the Muslim Scum-bags prostrating on their filthy prayer blankets.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
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