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Avery Brooks

Avery Franklin Brooks (born October 2, 1948) is an American actor, television director, jazz musician, opera singer, college lecturer and narrator.

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Its very late, or early depending on your point of veiw, but gavin and I end the night with tears streaming down our cheeks after watching the best documentary we have seen in these past few years. As trekkies, William Shatners 2011 film titled, "The Captains" spoke to us on an extreamly.deep level, during many parts of this film, we had tears in our eyes, and I will just say, it was the closing words, that truly, started the tears flowing. I hope, someday, we are able to meet some of these captains, mainly Patrick Stewart, William Shatner and Avery Brooks, before they go to the stars above. It would be a dream come true for me, to finally meet such inspirational actors, and individuals, as well as give our little girls the chance to see some of the people who inspired us to be who we are and more.
So many Star Trek actors do voice overs of documentaries. Got one on now with Avery Brooks. Jonathan Frakes is another familiar voice.
Saw a picture of Wil Wheaton and Patrick Stewart, looking as if they were in a firefight dressed in TNG era uniforms made me think of the following list of characters from DUNE, but cast from any Star Trek franchise... Wil Wheaton as Paul. Patrick Stewart as Gurney Halleck (duh). Gates McFadden as Lady Jessica. Chris Pine as Duncan Idaho. Benedict Cumberbatch as Piter DeVries Avery Brooks (in a fat suit) as Baron Harkonnen George Takei as Thufir Hawat Nana Visitor as Reverend Mother Mohiam. Michael Dorn as The Beast Rabban Cirroc Lofton as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen John de Lancie as Emperor Shaddam IV Zoe Saldana as Chani Robert Beltran as Stilgar Jonathan Frakes as Duke Leto
Military Channel has showing programs about Biblical mysteries, hosted by Avery Brooks. I keep waiting to hear him say "Spen-SER!"
"You're like The Lord of the Rings of oils." - Brenna Joy McCullough to Robert Avery Brooks
I would hit on Avery Brooks so don't even feel ashamed about it.
having met most of the cast before seeing it, I'm glad, I'd be too star struck now. Especially Avery Brooks whose voice is so smooth
My father in law is watching The Bible's Greatest Secrets ... Narrated by Avery brooks!
yeah... She won't even let me touch her...
I went to see Gordon Parks' 1984 treatment of the Solomon Northup story which he called "Solomon Northup's Odyssey." It was part of a film festival on slavery yesterday at The Museum of the Moving Image.Love the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria; easy to get to from Manhattan, will go there again. This PBS docudrama gave a gentler interpretation of the narrative and we saw more of the everyday fears, frustrations, loves, and losses of the slave community as a whole. The women's issues surrounding Northup's saga were illuminated well. Avery Brooks was elegant, determined, and perhaps more three dimensional as Gordon's Solomon takes on a love interest that happens to also be the preferred mistress of Epps. The near-lynching of Northup was too grisly to be dealt with in 1980's tv. This film is equally relevant and should be used to show to younger audiences.
; 12 YEARS A SLAVE ; is a great film but NOT an original. The story of Solomon Northrup was filmed years ago starring AVERY BROOKS. Does anyone remember that movie ?
Re-read was through read by Avery Brooks. Both excellent, but I wish BARD would put up the older version.
I still wanna do a St. Louis photo shoot with you
Yesss for you I will 💛 maybe can come but she will sleep on the floor
I'm sad I didn't see you when you were in town that one whole night:( can you come back like really soon? I want a sleepover
if you ever need a pillow . I have these soft *** thighs . I got you if you need me
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My falsetto sounds like Avery Brooks and Keith David had a white baby together.
I got skunked, sort of! I got 4 of RBP's Spenser novels today including a rare copy of Promised Land, the story that was used for the TV pilot starring Robert Urich, Avery Brooks, & Barbara Stock. But one of the books The Professional is a paperback! GR I only collect hardcovers. Anyone interested in a free pb copy of The Professional and Small Vices? I've had Small Vices for a long time now and both are decent shape. Vices has had only one loving owner. Must go to a good home with mystery fans. Let me know. :)
I love Avery Brooks. Especially when he was in Spencer for Hire. What is he doing now?
Reading discuss Avery Brooks in A MAN CALLED HAWK in his book LOOKING FOR LEROY makes me want to show binge on all 13 episodes
Why does everyone associated w/ 12 Years a Slave keep saying it disappeared for so long? Gordon Parks brought it to screen w/ Avery Brooks
Watching these tumbling videos makes me miss tumbling so much
Actors Avery Brooks and Lynn Whitfield personify Zora Neal Hurston's spirit at her festival, Zora 2014!
ZORA Festival in Eatonville, Fl. this week! 25th Anniversary. Maze, Avery Brooks, Sonya Sanchez & more...
This came in too! Armin S, Colm René A, Alex Siddiq, Cirroc Lofton, Nana,Avery Brooks and Nicole DeBoer
I drove the mini van to White Castle!
Yelling at people that I'm in a mini van
dreams do come true. Next, honda Odyse
I want to be rebellious but I dont want to get in trouble
Giving weird looks in ceramics though
Top 10 hottest guys at your school — Jerry. Macrey. Avery. Diego. Brooks. Joey
Watching "Facets" and I never realized how creepy the music gets in the Sisko as Joran scene. Great combined with Avery Brooks's acting
After watching The Captains documentary by Shatner...Avery Brooks being my favorite out of all the captain actors was only solidified. To be fair I really like Shatner, Stewart, Brooks, Mulgrew, Bakula AND Pine. Sisko remains my favorite though. Fun video.
So, found a new show I like. The BBC's "Luther". I'll start out by saying that I've always liked Idris Alba in whatever I've seen him in. He reminds me of Avery Brooks. But this show definitely beats a lot of American police dramas for sheer twistedness. For a country that wags its finger at the US for all our violent imagery in media, this show breaks the mold. Even Criminal Minds hasn't come up with criminals this twisted.
Not to downplay Avery Brooks, I love him as Sisko, I just ALSO want to see Idris Elba as Sisko
"12 Years A Slave" Was First Produced in 1984 - Starred Avery Brooks and Was First Directed by Gordon Parks?
FYI Avery Brooks in interview with dragoncon
my momma, my brothers, 3 of my cuzins, Big Baw, Dirt, Smoke, Avery, Joc, Brooks, Kee
What do William Shatner, Patrick Stewart and Avery Brooks have in common besides starring on as Star Trek Captains?
And I got to see Avery Brooks at RCCC last year, which had me like this *_ * Benjamin Sisko, you are my captain!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   25th annual ZORA! Festival to bring well-known actors to Central Florida Lynn Whitfield and Avery Brooks to star in dramatic readings By Adrienne Noel   EATONVILLE, Fla. – The ZORA!TM Festival celebrates its Silver Anniversary with a production featuring actors Lynn Whitfield and Avery Brooks.  They will star in dramatic readings entitled “An Evening with Zora”.  Artistic Director Elizabeth Van *** who received an AUDELCO award for her portrayal of Zora Neale Hurston, has developed the evening’s format. Elizabeth Van *** will provide artistic direction. This will take place at the Auditorium at the UCF Rosen Center of Hospitality Management on Friday January 31 at 8PM.   Lynn Whitfield boasts a varied acting background.  Whitfield appeared on television in Hill Street Blues, PBS’Actress Lynn Whitfield  American Playhouse Anthology Series and Cagney and Lacey, before working in film.  She is known for her roles in the motion pictures “A Thin Line Between Love .. ...
People can say what they want about Shatner, but he was a dfox in his day. Though, we can all agree Avery Brooks wins. Right?
If you will cultivate a lifestyle of obedience, every prophecy upon your life is already as good as done - Avery Brooks
"The fear of The Lord leads to life. God doesn't want you to be afraid, He wants you to be alive." -Avery Brooks
Spencer for hire. Rip Robert Ulrich.helleuva actor! My man Avery Brooks as Hawk.coolest black man on t.v.
Tough choice tomorrow, do I go back to the pirate beard or keep the Ben Sisko [played by the amazing Avery Brooks] inspired goatee?
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If the Five Avery Brooks roundtable doesn't happen...I'm gonna be so disappointed!
I hate walking into class for the first time. Everyone just looks at you like ***
3/4ths of my current life consist of me waiting for the wifi at my school to actually work. Or at least it feels that w…
Love getting to see my kids this weekend! They are my world world! ♥♥♥♥
I just watched "12 Years a Slave" a couple of days ago. It is a great film that didn't disappoint. While researching interviews about the film on You Tube primarily to satisfy my "Lupita fetish" I was shocked to find out that this is the second film based on Solomon Northrop's book. The late great Gordon Parks directed a film in 1984 starring Avery Brooks entitled "Solomon Northrop's Odyssey".
Mama Tate w/ the last word on Amiri Baraka's Ritual Ascension in Newark and the attendant festivities and ceremonies for same. ''i've missed you face book friends and sorry events overtook me and i wasn't able to share my thoughts on brother baraka's homegoing celebration. and a celebration it was. i'm sure you've read the pertinent details so i'll just share a few thoughts and feelings about the gathering of some 3,000 people-newarkers plus others-who loved, admired, and respected him. first of all, you know ''dressing up'' is a sign of self-respect as well as respect for others in your orbit, amongst black folks. and the folks paid SERIOUS respect for baraka in their golds, silvers, geles, bubus, dashikis, armanis, fedoras, mink jackets( teen degree weather waiting outside for symphony hall to open), stiletto boots, uggs, mary janes, feathered hats, preachers frocks, tuxedos, sequins, designer dresses and suits, and all measure of ''sunday-go-to-meetings''. the evening before the funeral HIMSELF and i h ...
not really. Babies nap in public all the time.
As the Star Trek podcast saga continues the guys sit down and wait for the arrival of Mr. Avery Brooks, Deep Space Nine’s Captain Benjamin Sisko. As they wait for the first African American Star Trek captain to arrive Vince … Continue…
I forgot how much of a ham Avery Brooks can be.
Your my inspiration no matter what u will always be idol I love u 💙
What would be ur perfect girlfriend ?
I just took a nap in public unintentionally. This is a sign of old age. Who am I
Directed by Gordon Parks. With Avery Brooks, Rhetta Greene, Mason Adams, Lee Bryant. This is based on a true story. Solomon Northrop is a black man in the mid 19th century before slavery was abolished. He's a born freeman who works as a carpenter and is also a part time musician. One day he is appro...
The Festival starts today through February 2nd. I signed my son up for the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) conference on the 31st. I my self will be attending, "An Evening with Zora" featuring Lynn Whitfield and Avery Brooks also on the 31st. Saturday Feb 1st Family day the whole family will be at the festival in Eatonville for all the fun activities. :-)
Avery Brooks & Barry Jenner (Adm. Ross) reunite. Is it me, or does Jenner look like he hasn't aged a day since DS9!?
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I liked a video from The Captains' Favorite Episodes - Avery Brooks
Why am I always in Chesterfield though
Avery Brooks has such a distinctive cadence and lilt to his voice when he plays Sisko. It's really interesting.
Remind me to remind you of the Avery Brooks cycle re: DS9.
Thing I didn't know before last night: Gordon Parks directed the TV version of 12 Years a Slave & Avery Brooks played Solomon Northup in '84
I just bought a Godsmack Jumper. Right onnn
Just found and bought my Miley shirt. Done and done.
yep Seven was hot. I actually named my son after Avery Brooks aka Commander Sisko.
I hate online shopping. Like, I don't really know how big 24x18 is until I see it in person.
Watching the original 12 years a slave (Avery Brooks)...can't take much more...
One of my favorite authors has a new book out this week. Review over at my blog! .
Mmm... Avery Brooks as Sisko. *intermission music, stock footage of dandelions*
I love to meet Avery Brooks, I love to hear something different! :D
Avery Brooks as Solomon Northup in 1984. Don't act like it's some unknown book that laid undiscovered for centuries. You weren't the first.
Rewarding myself with McDonalds in honor of the A I got for my final grade for JTerm
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You know what - Avery Brooks Was a much more convincing Black Leader than Obama
We will never forget Tourist Tuesday... Well maybe Liz did since she slept all day.
I didn't know who Avery Brooks was and then I thought about it for a second and then I did.
"I'd rather be stabbed in my front than my back." . ".Kinky."
I may go visit your cat for support
Sending my love out to during this hard time. Get better girl
"Pray for Justin Bieber" is trending but I'd rather pray for the families of the over 10,000 Americans that die in DUI ac…
One of my favorite passages of dialogue in all of Star Trek: "On Earth, there is no poverty, no crime, no war. You look out the window of Starfleet Headquarters and you see Paradise. Well, it's easy to be a saint in Paradise..." Ben Sisko (Avery Brooks), Deep Space Nine: "The Maquis Part II."
"i’m an expert at having a really funny story to tell and then wording it badly enough that it’s not funny anymore." You,
I hadn't realised 12 Years A Slave is a remake. It was first a film for US TV in 1984 starring Avery Brooks.
Avery Brooks was first actor to play Solomon Northup in film based on
Yes good article. When do we get to meet Gates hubby? Suggest Ernie Hudson or Avery Brooks.
Calm your *** Just one *** Leave the other one crazy and out of control. Thats your party ***
Avery Brooks is one of the most uncharismatic actors ever to grace Star Trek franchise. Not saying he's bad.
I do the same thing for the same reason. Avery Brooks is the actor doing the IBM commercial.
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When I watch Brooklyn Nine Nine why is my mind turning it into an updated Spenser for Hire? Terry Crews would make a great Avery Brooks
I want a Spenser reboot with Avery Brooks reprising his role as Hawk
Avery Brooks did the movie 12years a slave in the 80s.
So, my friends and I have been having a great time recasting Star Wars with Star Trek characters. It's been fun! The idea occurred to me as I imagined Avery Brooks performing Mace Windu's part. Who would you choose to fill certain roles? I've been basing my choices on matching personalities and/or what character would feel right. So far my list is... Guinan as Yoda (hundreds of years old, wise, hidden Q-thwarting powers) Wesley Crusher as Luke Skywalkwer (don't hate, it works!) Sisko as Mace Windu Kira as Leia Organa (feisty rebel princess who would rather fight than be diplomatic) I feel pretty good about those so far. What are your thoughts and ideas? Spill!
Avery better like all her new stuff
Hold on to your dream. Don't let the people shake you from your dream. ~ Avery Brooks Join to connect with veggie friends from all over the world!
There's No Place for Racism in the Final Frontier: Star Trek's Brilliant Episode on Discrimination Posted by Ross Pomeroy January 17, 2014   Star Trek has ever been a beacon for equality. In the sci-fi show's bold vision for a space-faring future, mankind is united. All of Earth's genders and races step out into the vastness of space together.   When the original series first aired back in 1966, such a future was difficult to grasp. Though the Civil Rights Movement opened a portal to equality through which our country walked, not everyone was transported. Individual minds are not as easily changed as laws. No doubt many were uncomfortable when an African American actress, the stunning and intelligent Nichelle Nichols, appeared on screen, not as a futuristic maid, but as Lieutenant Nyota* Uhura. No doubt even more people were irked when she and William Shatner, better known as Captain James T. Kirk, shared what's popularly considered as the first interracial kiss on television.   Over Star Trek's  ...
Spent MLK watching both 12 years a slave directed by Steve Mcqueen and the original directed by Gordon Parks featuring the brilliant Avery Brooks. Each version displays the horror of slavery and what this country produced. As we celebrate MLK let's hope we dont have amnesia and remember those that paved the way for justice. As MLK said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". There are brothers and sisters in our country that need our solidarity.
Who remembers that "Twelve Years a Slave" was orginally shot in Savannah. The book written by Soloman Northup and titled "The Oddosey Of Soloman Northup" was filmed in 1984 staring Avery Brooks, John Saxon had a minor role. Several locations were used including Oatland Island, the dock at the old Wilmington Island Hotel, a home on Isle of Hope and a local cemetery.The director was Gordon Parks, always wearing his red beret and always a pure gentleman. The medical services were provided by a staff of one, yours truly
Asha, Jessica, Saul, Tony Medina. All yall set that stage verbally on fire today for Baraka. Bluiett and Avery Brooks flipping Round Midnight like it was a page out the Kama Sutra up in Craig Harris slow drag arrangement--baaad. But what Savion Glover did with his feet was like our marching orders for Armageddon. Then came Ras. Like a brother said to me on the way out the Hall,''All those people thought they had finally got rid of Amiri, he didn't even give em time to catch a breath before he came back through his son.''
An audio book I'm about to listen to is narrated by Avery Brooks! Ee!!
Midnight. Angel wakes up and asks me a question. "In Deep Space 9, Avery Brooks' character, Captain Sisko...what was his first name?" The transformation is nearly complete.
I have deep respect and regard for this most gifted actress and as a person. I have admired her work as far back as I can recall ( as the love interest on "Hawk" with Avery Brooks). Yet while I hold performances in high esteem, and will always be her and Mr. Vance's fan, I find it very difficult to celebrate anyone of color who accepts this particular honor while the great Ethel Waters has none. If I had the money I'd put it up myself. Of course, Miss Waters will be remembered by somebody "next month. . ."
Live Fearless Affirmation Day 18 of 365 Today I go to the next level! "Amiri Baraka was my best friend. He has gone to the next level." Today I go to the next level! "Thank you Amiri for being a revolutionary'" Marvin X, of Oakland, Califiornia speaking live at the home going for Amiri Baraka, Avery Brooks warmed our hearts and souls with a musical tribute...
Videos you can watch now while waiting for major films come to rent. Amazon Prime Video offers a 30 year old PBS production of "12 Years A Slave" starring a very young (and fit) Avery Brooks for $2.99 for 7 days. They also offer a 2012 documentary called "The Rape Of Europa", based on the Nazi's methodical plundering of Europe's art treasures. There's a film, "Monuments Men", due to be released next month starring John Goodman and George Clooney specifically about the Allies efforts to find and retrieve Europe's stolen treasures.
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Celebrating the life of the Architect of the Black Arts Movement w/ Danny Glover, Woodie King, Jr, Sonia Sanchez, Savion Glover, Cornell West, Rome Neal, Avery Brooks, Haki Madubuti, Glen Turman, Sister Soldier, and so many more! RIP
Amiri Baraka funeral was officiated by Danny Glover, tap by Savion Glover, oral bombs by Cornell West and Michael Eric Dyson, poems by Sonia Sanchez, Saul Williams, Jessica Care Moore, and a special delivery poem by Maya Angelou read by Sanchez. Glynn Turman Avery Brooks and
Danny Glover, Avery Brooks, Oliver Lake, Craig Harris all on stage at the same time...historic ...oh...and Amiri. Sonia Sanchez turned it out... Woody King , Jr. Co-hosting. Every where I turn I see Amiri. Weird!
Listening to my classmate trombonist Craig Harris leading an all-star big band featuring Hameit Bluette and Avery Brooks performing "Round Midnight at the homegoing service for Amiri Baraka live at Symphony Hall, Newark, New Jersey. Listen streaming live.
Avery Brooks performing with band playing Hamiett
I don't think anyone can play a better Captain Sisko than Avery Brooks. He is just too good.
jesus what the *** is wrong with Avery Brooks. it seems like he is high as a kite.
Thank You to everyone that was concerned and left messages. I didn't get the flu or Virus as bad as my friend Bobby did. But I have certainly had it just a little longer. MAN !!! Sinus Headaches and then you can't breathe. Take meds and it drops to your chest, where you can't breathe, but you don't have the headaches… I lost my voice for few days - ( You should have called me then, I was as squeaky as a doggie toy ) Then when my voice started to come back, I sound like the Actor Avery Brooks, from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine… Deep Gravely Voice. I am starting to feel better. Hopefully it's going away now.
Just read of creation website that avery brooks is coming to the boston convention in june
Aghhh! Lynn Whitfield and Avery Brooks and Frankie Beverly and maze at Zora!
Congratulations to the boys basketball team who won on the road last night at St. Edmunds, 56-45. This is a win to celebrate considering multiple team members are out sick with the flu! Thank you to Alex Fontenot, Zach Standiford, Orlando Richard and Nick Babineaux for stepping up BIG TIME! Not to mention, Avery Brooks had 27 points and 16 boards!
King: A Countdown to the Holiday, a 1-minute program series airing this week, is an intimate portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through a combination of actualities, music and host comments. Each of the fifteen 60 second vignettes, hosted by the late Avery Brooks, reveals a facet of Dr. King’s character and beliefs as we listen to excerpts from his speeches and comments from those who knew and loved him best. This award-winning series is a perfect prelude to the celebration of one of our nation’s finest leaders.
That show is why I am a "Private Investor" now...My man Avery Brooks...played the *** out of that part!
William Shatner puts together a miniseries called "The Captains" in which he interviews all the actors who played Star Trek captains. Episode one is him and Avery Brooks, who is incomprehensible to the point of sounding absolutely out of his mind.
So I just found out that the actor of one of my favorite TV shows as a kid - A Man called Hawk (starring Avery Brooks) [spin-off of Spenser for Hire] was none other than Commander Benjamin Sisko of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. (yes. yes, Aaron McComb - I know you already knew, you're bad *** But How often do you learn somethin cool like this?~!?
The top 5 awesome things I did this year: 5. Planned, executed, and did not spoil a surprise party. 4. Actually managed to start a campfire with no lighter fluid and make s'mores. 3. Met William Shatner, Michael Dorn, Avery Brooks, Gates McFadden, Bruce Boxleitner, and J. Michael Straczynski at sci-fi conventions. 2. Began construction on a 5 foot long model of Babylon 5, and a 3 square foot castle for Tara. 1. Actually went on vacation for the first time in 5 years. Tara Hill and I had our 5-year anniversary trip to Washington. Farewell, 2013! Greetings, 2014!
Randomly, I came about the inspiration to discuss some of my favorite movie characters that I’ve encountered in my journey into film. This list is subjective and only contained, so far, to the movies that I own. As I ponder more on it, it might change. Feel free to comment on my choices for favorite movie characters or talk about your own. (I will provide clips in the comment section if applicable.) They are, in my opinion, performances/characters for which the film would not be the same without… • Pinky (Clifton Powell, ‘Next Friday’) - Actually, David Bowie’s “Fame” came across my song-list and I remembered the scene where we were first introduced to Pinky which provided the inspiration for this post. Makes me laugh every time, great character! • Cisco (Lou Diamond Philips, ‘The Big Hit)- I’ve seen this movie a dozen times and still can’t tell if it’s more comedy or more drama. Mark Wahlberg is definitely comedy, Avery Brooks is definitely drama. It’s LDP’s performan ...
Asking $15. Has voice acting of William Shattner, Patric Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrow, and Scott Bakula! Works great!
It feels a little trivial given the sheer volume of interesting material and stories in Spike Lee's book about making Malcolm X, but I perked up a bit when he revealed that the short list for West Indian Archie, before Delroy Lindo was cast, included Sam Jackson, the original choice, and AVERY BROOKS, who I did not realize was a professor at Rutgers at least at that time. Avery Brooks! I've always wondered why he never worked with Spike, and now I want his West Indian Archie damnit!
I can't even stay awake now, how am I supposed to work 10-6?
"The unknown is a part of living after all.. what may be orthodox for one may not be orthodox for all," -- Avery Brooks.
So in Shatner's doc on Cptn. Sisko (Avery Brooks) there's a 10 minute section on choosing a music producer... Avery Brooks
Holy criminy, anyone seen The Captains? Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko) is like, giving interview answers like he's a philosophizing master
Love my kids! They decorated the house while I was at work! ♥♥
Nothing better than catching up with my best friend ❤️
Missouri is just as boring at night as it is during the day
ive been in this chair since three. I feel ya gurl
I'd argue Avery Brooks was just as capable, as evidenced in later seasons
Ugh. So many little kids at Scheidegger yelling at me. MOVE.
I watched the original, which starred Avery Brooks, in 1977. The beatings seemed more for effect than of how it may have been.
Just rewatched DS9. Yes, Avery Brooks really took off later on.
Just estimated that I'm on the 5 year plan of college. Yay lucky me. Happy graduation in 2017
Two more hours. I can do this. I will not leave early today.
and I are planning our trip around the world this summer.
I don't think I need stiches, but I may have a little rug burn. Still, so serious. And my pride is totes hurt.
I think my favorite part of this is that I texted you "hit me baby one more time" at 1 am
just tell me you actually need stitches and I'll take you. Unlike Aubrey who just "fell"
Thank god I wore sweats and a hat today.
Always be gentle with someone else's feelings. It *** letting someone down in any way but be gentle. They're still human, …
Oh, I hear ya. I looked like (possibly) a scary lunatic just this fall, when I met Avery Brooks at Dragon Con.
he keeps calling me a swan too. Like what is this?
my face when I read that. IDK WHERE YOU GOT THIS SWAN THING FROM
Texting is what makes the world go round.
I can't wait to be home in 2 days to see all of my friends and family. So thankful 💜
Avery Brooks was catching his sea legs in season 1. He is actually one of the best captains, for real.
Saturday night with Avery prepping for the AM hunt
Has anyone seen Solomon Northup's Odyssey with Avery Brooks? I'm curious to watch it since I just finished Deep Space Nine and 12 Years
Can somebody explain to me why Avery Bradley's 5/22 shootin *** is averaging 30+ minutes a game n Marshon Brooks is rotting on the bench???
Addie and I cuddling on the top bunk and and are cuddling on the bottom bunk. Cuddle party!
5 year old niece asked me to braid her hair. Then I got her to say "swerve" so I'm winning
Russia is like way bigger than Jessica Alba
Shatner? Leonard Nimot? Avery Brooks? WOW!! No wonder you see them not they are at Paramount Pictures answering phone calls from fans!!!how
Been on a kick the past week. Drain The Ocean was on in the background just now. Can't escape Avery Brooks...
I swear if doesn't answer her phone one more time though.
Man, Avery Brooks had some fecking chops. Dude is spine tingling.
I like the *** because when I do something athletic, they yell "SWERVE!"
Me, Avery Brooks, Michael Jackson, Tommy Harmon and Joe Stiglitz are all homeys from Gary
Alright celtics it's trade time. A nice little package of Jeff Green, Avery Bradley Marshon Brooks for 1st rd picks and expiring contracts.
Imma just join my baby Avery off in PSLH
You really appreciate how great an actor Avery Brooks is in this episode
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I forgot that people drive the speed limit here and don't run yellow lights.
"If the Royal Ballet can do it, so can you."
Just drove past Lindenwood. Too bad isn't there so I can stop by and say hi
My snaps today have been on point today.
UGH I miss you and our car dance already
Since I'm driving straight to dance, I just hope I don't get judged for how my hair looks this morning
Why is it so windy. I just want to drive home with my windows down.
If you’d like a friendly reminder to apply it, we’ve got you covered!
I just went to text because I had something hilarious and exciting to tell him but I don't have his number :(
hump, j craw, crash , Avery , fav. Olynkyk brooks, bass, c Lrer, press (eventually a spar) , and maybe green if he stays inconsistent
Well I can't blame Avery for not putting Marshon Brooks in the game now smh. We really coulda used Brooks tho smfh
All I have is the Mederma + SPF 30 scar cream. But I'm so bad about remembering to put it on!
Mederma® scar products can help scars appear softer, smoother and less noticeable. Have you tried it yet?
Physical can be reminders of how strong we can be. Do you have any that hold special meaning to you?
Well, my scar on my forehead is splitting open so that's cool
The struggle today has been SO real.
Hey what do you say monday after class we go to a blues game!?
Brad Stevens needs to give Marshon Brooks more minutes over Avery in the next few games
Guys are silly. Move your part 2 centimeters to the left and it's like you become a whole new person 💁
I wish I had just one free night to sit around and do nothing.
you're lying. Mad at both do you. How dare you talk about my staph
also Avery brooks was a really good director. Did feelings very well
Freshman Avery Jordan hits a 3 at the buzzer to help the Lady Hoyas beat Woodstock 49-46. Kaylyn Brooks lead all scorers…
Thunder YouTube from LA. Kevin Durant and Scott Brooks on tonight's game vs …
I once watched an entire nature documentary narrated by Avery Brooks, but don't even remember what kind of animals it had in it
Watching snippets of DS9, and you know I'm never getting over my crush on Avery Brooks.
oops. Nevermind. You still didnt staple but its whatever.
I felt like a lost and confused puppy.
That was probably the best episode of any Star Trek show. Avery Brooks though. I love Avery Brooks.
Somewhere there was a meeting in which somebody asked, "where can we find a more wooden actor than William Shatner to be in this new Star Trek show?" And they found Avery Brooks.
the orginal movie about Solomon Northrup was done about 30 yrs ago starred Avery Brooks and was directed by Gordon Parks!
12yrs a slave is a remake of "Solomon Northup Odyssey" which starred Avery Brooks,Directed by the great Gordon Parks
I have been in the presence of Walter Koenig, Robert McNeill, Avery Brooks, and David Prowse. If there were...
1984 film about the 12 years of slavery performed by Avery Brooks and directed by Gordon Parks:
Avery Brooks and Gordon Parks. I might have to download.
Did you know thae Avery Brooks - Captain Benjamin Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine attended Oberlin College? Watched The Captains & I do.
Answer: Samuel L Jackson, Billy Dee Williams, Nichelle Nichols, Avery Brooks, Lavar Burton, Chewbacca, Jar Jar Binks... Question: "Who are the only Black People in Space, according to movies?"
William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, and Scott Bakula should put on their own production of Hamlet.
hardcore right nao! So far, in the last two days, I've watched The first and last three episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise with Scott Bakula (ftw) and the last five Firefly episodes. Now I'm going to watch The Captains Close Up in which William Shatner (ftmfw) interviews Avery Brooks (ftw), Kate Mulgrew (ftw), Scott Bakula (Quantam Leaping *** Chris Pine (yes, ftw) and Patrick Stewart aka Captain Jean-Luc Picard aka THE GRAETESS CAPTEN EVAR!1!one aka FOR THE WIN!!! Thank you (name withheld) for blessing this phone with NetFlix!
Some fairly significant people (and some that aren't) are having birthdays today: He'd never join a club that would have him as a member: Mr. Julius Henry (Groucho) Marx, English writer (not the Native American actor) Graham Greene, George Emmett McFarland (better known as "Spanky" - ask your great-grandparents!), a great African American character actor with a terrific name: Moses Gunn, movie critic Rex Reed, "Vincent" and "American Pie" scribe and singer : Don McLean, photographer Annie Leibovitz, skinny Indian trouble-maker: (Mohandas Karamchand) Mahatma Gandhi, first of several Star Trek actors today: Charles Drake (Commodore Stocker in The Deady Years), most annoying half of "Kelly and Michael": Kelly Ripa, "Vote for Pedro": Efren Ramirez, Tantric sex-and rock God: Gordon Matthew Sumner (AKA: Sting), Deep Space Nine's Captain Benjamin Sisko, and my favorite tough-guy philosopher "Hawk" from Spencer for Hire: Avery Brooks, bald-headed Deltan from Star Trek the Motion Picture: Persis Kham ...
Also born on this day: Annie Leibovitz, Donna Karan, Avery Brooks, Don McLean & Rex Reed
Happy Birthday AVERY BROOKS!. An American entertainer. Brooks is perhaps best known for his television roles...
Avery Brooks today's Played the role of Benjamin Sisko on the television show, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine...
Happy birthday to Avery Brooks, AKA Captain Sisko! For the next 24 hours, card packs can contain a temporal rift with a temporary discount!
Did you get to meet Avery Brooks at That man hugs like he means it. Happy Angus.
If you like us let us know! Celeb birthdays coming up this week include JENNA ELFMAN, Avery Brooks, and rocker Tommy Lee. What company does Avery Brooks talk about on Tv?
Another reminder of why Avery Brooks is amazing - These tracks are from his album:
was black / white! We see an amazing performance from Avery Brooks. Great story, great acting dealing with difficult issues
The answer to the question "which Trek actor has the best album?" Is also Avery Brooks.
Wouldn't be so bad if not for Avery Brooks' acting, which even his biggest fans can't defend in that episode.
That interval on Deep Space Nine when they decided Sisko should have a beard but Avery Brooks hadn’t grown it yet so they glued on a fake
On another DS9 kick. Made better by the knowledge that Avery Brooks is completely insane.
Hrm, looking for a way to track down decent version of Solomon Northup'S ODYSSEY w/ Avery Brooks, would be good time for to reair, no?
Makeup artists touch up Nana Visitor and Avery Brooks during the filming of "Emissary" in 1992.
Having a geek-tactular weekend at Rose City Comic Con in Portland! Batmobile, Avery Brooks, Greg Rucka, Matt Fraction on day one! Can't wait for more fun tomorrow!
What's Avery Brooks up to? He doesn't seem to have been in anything since DS9 but he's not doing cheap sci-fi movies so he can't be too bad
I think my Tumblr post with that excerpt from my interview with Avery Brooks has the most notes of any original post I've done.
Hard to picure anyone but Avery Brooks as Sisko. He owned that role.
yeah been good even with us taking it easy. Seeing Avery Brooks and meeting Kermit highlights for me.
In front row of DS9 panel with Avery Brooks & Cirroc Lofton.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Oh my god, I can't watch German DS9. Sisko's dubbing voice is not up to scratch. Avery Brooks's voice is a huge part of Sisko's presence.
Avery Brooks' wikipedia picture is the BEST.
Luther vs. Hawk (Avery Brooks, spinoff from Spenser for Hire)
Wanted to see so many others, Ed Asner, Billy Dee, Avery Brooks, Lee Majors, and so many more...
You're on my list anyway, Miss Avery Brooks/Michael Dorn interviewer.
Today: Interviewed Michael Dorn, recorded Anthony Simcoe saying my name in the D'Argo voice, got third hug from Avery Brooks.
Yup, it's on our calendar all right. And, Avery Brooks! My favourite Starfleet captain!
I got to meet Avery Brooks and shake his hand and tell him he is cool and Sisko is the best captain and
When you see Avery Brooks, be sure to rave about Locusts! for me.
Avery Brooks is the weirdest actor to ever headline a TV show. Such bizarre (and totally engrossing) acting.
"That is a beneficent fiction, born out of the imagination of how we can be." - Avery Brooks
Avery Brooks, way to deep for William Shatner to interview properly.
"The journey is internal, you know what I'm talking about" -Avery Brooks
I totally had a great talk with Avery Brooks at the bar tonight. What a cool cat.
I would like to say thank you to for the documentary the captains up close and to Avery Brooks for the music.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Just watched William Shatner's: The Captains. Avery Brooks really is out there.
Avery Brooks is a magnificently strange dude.
Awesome DS9 panel! Terry Farrell sounded like much more of a Trek fan than I would have guessed. Avery Brooks continued to be amazing
Avery Brooks just recited a song for us and the whole room chinhanded
Avery Brooks is KILLING IT in this panel
"We do not want the audience to be confused between you and Patrick Stewart." -Avery Brooks on Sisko's hair when DS9 started.
Deep Space Nine guests are next...Avery Brooks, C. Lofton and Terry Farrell.
I have just discovered William Shatner interviewing Avery Brooks for a show called The Captains Close Up and it's so funny I may die.
Walking around and hear two familiar voices having a conversation. Turn to see avery brooks talking to the black power ranger.
Onstage, moderating panel at with Cirroc Lofton, Avery Brooks and Terry Farrell!
FWIW, it wasn't the full cast: Avery Brooks, Cirroc Lofton, & Terry Farrell (she's quite the potty-mouth). Garrett Wang hosted.
At the first panel! Avery Brooks, Citric Lofton, and Terry Farrell
My sly photo taking of avery brooks didn't go well... Think he may of noticed...
Armin Shimmerman went into acting for girls! Thought he would say latinum! And Aron Eisenberg wanted to work with Avery Brooks!
Great day out at Highlight of the day i think was Avery Brooks on the photo shoot. Very funny man lol
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
amazing day guest assisting Avery Brooks. He's a real gent even if I couldn't always work out if he was joking.
Was it Avery Brooks as Hawk on tv's Spenser for Hire who said:. "No need for that; I don't chase people. And I don't run away."?
Hanging out at LFCC green room: Avery Brooks (awww); Kenny Baker (gasp); Dee Wallace (The Howling!); Walking Dead's Norman Reedus (in the loo looking cool) and Sarah Wayne Callies; the Smoking Man himself, William B Davis; and Jason Momoa (he is HUGE!)
Also Captain Sisko - Avery Brooks and the cast reunion of
i REALLY want to see Avery brooks one-man Paul Robeson play
But I got to see the guys I wanted to see :Avery Brooks, Nana Visitor and The Hoff himself!
walked past me :D got anyone else to get?? Got an autograph with Avery Brooks too
I'm Avery brooks and we are at the egg and I. HERE WE ARE!
So far: met Avery Brooks and Danny Glover. Drooled over Jason Momoa. is BEAUTIFUL. So is Amanda Tapping.
We're at Avery Brooks signing table area
Avery Brooks loved my wall hanging and said I was very creative :D
Photo shoot with Alexander siddig, then avery brooks straight after
you know that time we went to London, and we met AT, avery brooks Den and Ken, Nana, Kristanna, Jason, Julia etc wait! That's today!
interestingly enough, I believe Avery Brooks wrote and directed that episode.
Just had a conversation with David Hasselhoff and Avery Brooks
Was a little stressed before but I'm ok now. I have two photos with Amanda tomorrow, one with avery brooks and the mortal instruments talk
Either Jason Momoa's had a funny turn or that's actually (And what's up with Amanda Tapping and Avery Brooks?)
Avery Brooks, nice. DS-9 had best opening music. I can still hear the French horns climbing the scales.
Yeah, it's not great. I'll still be happy with Avery Brooks and Alex Siddig and so on, but Nicole DeBoer would've been ace...
Watched "The Captains"... Wow. Avery Brooks is out there. Shatner is pushy. Sir Stewart is awesome. Mulgrew is hard working. Baccula is rad.
The dude has style! Gotta love the DS9 era uniforms with that turtleneck thing. Different Avery Brooks though ;)
Who did they pick up? HOWARD? You know Avery Brooks is a free agent. As well as Brandon Jennings. Knicks should look into starting pt,guard.
When actor Avery Brooks starts talking I want him to immediately stop talking.
Awww, poor you. Doing research for Shipwreck Trek? I've just watched DS9: Through The Looking Glass. Avery Brooks.
Kate Mulgrew and William Shatner last year, Patrick Stewart this year. Need an Avery Brooks and Scott Bakula show.
Right? Avery. Brooks'. singing. voice. (Incidentally, have you seen The Captains, wherein he terrorizes Shatner with a piano?)
Avery Brooks would make an amazing King of the King. But yeah the days to play T'Challa for him have passed.
Wish Avery Brooks were younger to maybe play Black Panther (re: Love Vin D, but he's not it.
Holy crap. All my friends are getting skinnier and I'm getting fatter. I'm the Anti-Avery Brooks.
I had no clue there was a followup to the first Captains documentary. What songs does Avery Brooks hum along to in this one?
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I think Llanview needs a little "order in the court" & Judge Avery Brooks should pay a visit,played by :)
Holy crap. Avery Brooks is a freaking AMAZING actor.
I would give a lot to see Avery Brooks acting with Ian MacShane and Powers Boothe.
It would be tough to pick my favorite captain. I love William Shatner's Kirk, Avery Brooks' Sisko, Patrick Stewart's Picard - even Kate Mulgrew's Janeway grew on me. I never got into Star Trek: Enterprise so can't comment much on Scott Bakula's Archer.
I was inspired by Avery Brooks, Tony Todd, and Eddie Kendricks.
Avery Brooks, Richard D Anderson and Jim Buther are all going to be at Dragon Con...Man I would love to add those three to my autograhics. Then you also have the green ranger, William Shanter, Adrian Paul and on top of that get another chance to see Cruxshadows play. If only it was not so much
My friend Samuel Brooks post: Music Belongs.funny how time flies and that Sam should post such important knowledge that must again be taught if we can Appropriate FUNDING FOR THE ARTS IN PUBLIC see Sam Brooks has a younger brother who leveled to "sing and act" in Gary Roosevelt High School plays and talent shows. I often had the pleasure rip his enjoyment shreds on talent shows. It is ironic that the year 1966 that left Roosevelt HS to seek my fortune in all places the U S Army.Sam Brooks' brother Avery Brooks, the hometown star of both television & film... Startrax Deep Space Nine & Hawk. Hosted on the 1966 Mask & gavel Talent Show a group of 5 Brother...who stole the talent competition and the hearts of Diana Ross and All America. from a stone’s throw from my home at 2300 Jefferson Street and 2304 Monroe Street where they secretly practiced in the famed basement where the DREAM ACTUALLY BEGAN. the boys from 2300 Jackson fronted by my songwriting partner Reynaud D. Jones founding member o ...
We'll be exhibiting at London Film and Comic Con next month, along with a whole host of great UK artists. The event itself also features a massive list of celebrity guests such as; Linda Hamilton, Avery Brooks, Peter Dinklage, Jason Momoa, Amanda Tapping, and Nicole DeBoer. So whether you're into art, comics, cosplay, picking up some geeky toys, or meeting the actors/creators of your favourite tv shows and films - why don't you come along too? And you know, stop by our table for comics and stuff.
Following the recommendation of Eric Samuelsen, Melissa and I ended up watching The Captains tonight. What can you say? William Shatner manages--both through obvious staging, as well as just through his own odd mannerisms and words--to make the entire world a stage, for and of himself. Some of the actors he speaks with knowingly play along (Patrick Stewart), some play their own game (Avery Brooks), some resist his script (Kate Mulgrew), and some just seem genuinely pleased to be in the Shat's orbit (Scott Bakula). Anyway you slice it, the result is a charming, sweet-smelling slice of pop culture ham.
I watched the William Shatner directed documentary "The Captains" last night and while it started out pretty slow it ended up very fascinating. Avery Brooks came off as a total nutcase and that was weird to see but what was most interesting was the very real warmth and developed friendship between Patrick Stewart and Shatner. It was fascinating watching them talk as candidly to each other as they did. The back and forth between Shatner and Chris Pine was also pretty amusing.
:: I was unable to post at the Star Trek convention on Sunday, so, here's a quick recap of the day. On Sunday, most of the events we attended were Q&A sessions hosted by various notable Trek personalities. We sat in and listened to: LeVar Burton (TNG: Geordi LaForge), Brent Spiner (TNG: Data), Jonathan Frakes (TNG: Commander Will Riker), Cirroc Lofton (DS9: Jake Sisko), Avery Brooks (DS9: Captain Benjamin Sisko), and part of the session by Richard Arnold (former official archivist for Star Trek productions). All of the sessions were fascinating, humorous and, at times, wonderfully philosophical. Kelli and I also had our personal photo with LeVar Burton (Geordi LaForge) personally autographed by LeVar himself. Good guy. I really like him. After exploring the Star Trek vendors a bit (and buying a print of some Star Trek artwork), and spending a little time with some wonderful fellow Star Trek fans, Kelli and I left Chicago, and returned home. Both of us were exhausted. So exhausted, in fact, that I ended up ...
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