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Avery Brooks

Avery Franklin Brooks (born October 2, 1948) is an American actor, television director, jazz musician, opera singer, college lecturer and narrator.

Star Trek Benjamin Sisko Far Beyond Kate Mulgrew Patrick Stewart

The Jedi Speaks. talks with about 40 years as Luke Skywalker.
I keep meaning to buy Avery Brooks' album, which I think is only at CDBaby
Watching Startrek DS9 for the umpteenth time,still feel Avery Brooks was badly cast. 😢❤️
'Far Beyond The Stars' is my absolute favourite episode of Star Trek. Avery Brooks' performance is as moving as there ever was.
Yea and I’m closing your pool at the new building this weekend!
Bakula was my guy on Quantum Leap!! Probably saw the least of Enterprise, probably due to w…
Someone needs to ask Avery Brooks about that, but it proves what I think about this entire series, it…
I liked a video Avery Brooks on The Captains
You should get Avery brooks to play the husband of Jerald.
*** that episode’s good, and it remains startling what a relentless powerhouse Avery Brooks is.
What does it say about me that I saw this and thought she meant Avery Brooks?
OnlyTeenBJ 19 years old Avery Brooks is down for her first BJ! -
Also, have you managed to speak to Avery Brooks yet about your belief you're the first black lead in Sta…
Okay but hear me out... AU where Avery Brooks played Walter White
Rewatching ST:DS9 Emissary. Avery Brooks is amazing, the chemistry w Jake is great, & that title will forever bring me to tears.
We can all see through that. Like, what is different about casting Sonequa Martin-Green vs Avery Brooks in the lead?
The one who plays lead character thinks she's the first Star Trek black lead. I suggested to her she…
Again, Avery Brooks is probably the best Trek Actor in a starring role: ...
I'm still thinking about Far Beyond the Stars. Avery Brooks' performance was extraordinary.
She lacked the comedic timing of Avery Brooks.
Get used to it. People complain about bad things. Avery Brooks was a better black commander/captain.
I'm fine as long as Avery Brooks is the captain of the station.
Ps 42 KJV—As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God. My… via
Really interesting. what's your favourite memory of the early internet? Avery Brooks's IBM ads 👌 
It did have some wonderful characters and Sisko was brilliantly acted by Avery Brooks. Also had nic…
I am thinking the gray hair Xindi might possibly be Avery Brooks, in lots of makeup. Can anybody say who that is?
*me talking to AJ about living together since it’s Me: Do you think we will create our own scent living together??”
"Sonequa Martin-Green (is) the first lead actor in the franchise who is as fun to watch as William Shatner.". Two wo…
They're even claiming the black main character is a first in Star Trek. They obviously forgot how good Avery Brooks…
Same I don't want to be a part of this.
A good old game of drown Dani but this time she does the drowning
Avery Brooks and Kate Mulgrew say hi. Just for starters.
I actually really like Avery Brooks, I thought he was better than the show, tbh. I t…
First one's even better when read in Avery Brooks' voice.
She actually said in an interview that she's the first black Star Trek lead. One suggests…
The opening monologue being "Space: The final frontier." They got rid of that for DS9, so Avery Brooks never had the honor, not formally
There was a DS9 episode where the crew were in an early 60s Vegas nightclub. Avery Brooks had a sc…
I love how you can tell through Avery Brooks' hand motions as Sisko that he had prior theater experience
What about Sisko? I didn't realize Avery Brooks was in this.
I am not watching football because...I don't watch football
I think Avery Brooks (Sisko's actor) said it was his favorite too. He also directed it.
On days like today, I find myself constantly reminding myself "I'm not lucky, I'm blessed" thank you
She said, in an interview, that she is the first ST black lead. I asked her to speak to Avery Broo…
Deep Space Nine Kelvin Timeline. Avery Brooks already has some moments that would fit...
That episode happened because Avery Brooks got to do his own pet project. Remember American History X.
I want Avery Brooks to narrate my life
Watched is all because I was a Star Wars fan without anything to watch. Got REALLY…
Also, one thing, Sonequa Martin isn't the first black lead in Star Trek, that's Avery Brooks.
To be fair, it might have been because I was a fan of Avery Brooks from when he did Spenser for Hire...
I need Avery Brooks to narrate something.
Avery Brooks hamming it up..."I've seen better actin' in tough actin Tenactin" GTFOH
Avery Brooks almost makes it worthwhile
Best Star Trek captain what?!? Dude -> Patrick Stewart. And I really liked Benjamin Sisko plated by Avery Brooks from DS9.
I discovered the other day that Avery Brooks was also considered for the role of Picard in '87. Pretty baller.
Still can't get over the completely ignoring Avery Brooks' Sisko so they can generate Just... wow.…
Heard so many problems with this show, think I'll pass. BTW Nichelle Nichols, Avery Brooks... forgotten by some article.
yes exactly. The first black lead. Sorry but they must have forgotten Avery Brooks. And he was great
Characterization is great right off the bat, Avery Brooks is incredible, and the plot distills the…
Brooks Elizabeth Avery Shepp and Erik Murphy in their own version of Army v Navy -- A big part of BREATHE is just...
Garth Brooks still is, and always will be the definition of country music! Wow! 🎶🎤🎸🤠
Garth brooks is so freaking good oh my god
The thing I don't like about DS9 though, is how Avery Brooks only has 2 settings: throaty whisper and shouty grandpa.
Challenge accepted. I'll re watch Deep Space 9. Avery Brooks did a fantastic job as Sisko.
IIRC Avery Brooks was like "make sure there's a line about how I'll be coming back" so as to avoid a tired old stereotype
Mr. President, allow me to make a movie recommendation. It stars Ed Norton & Avery Brooks. And…
"You look drunk and happy and I just look good"
What's Avery Brooks up to these days? Is he available to teach Trump American History X?
I just don't understand how I have friends and no friends... but then I have conversations like this and it makes s…
Avery Brooks has the loveliest voice. He could read a terrifying prescription packet list of possible side effects and it'd be comforting.
Sisko is way worse.. just because Avery Brooks is such a terrible actor. Janeway is why I couldn't g…
"Has anything you've done made your life better?" . Avery Brooks with the hard questions
Literally the perfect house husband
Absolutely. They probably also think that Avery Brooks, who's originally from the same town as me, is President Obama.
Avery Brooks was a bit hammy for the first season & a bit of DS9, but eventually toned it down. It was back with a vengeance in the spy ep.
They left out Avery Brooks and Katie Mulgrew. Actually, they did well on every captain. Having to f…
Avery Brooks screaming at people is my everything right now.
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Well, the first two that come to mind are Avery Brooks and Ira Steven Behr, and I didn't see the actress…
And what I'm saying is that the world isn't American History X. Avery B…
"It was really Avery Brooks who put the idea in my mind... to get the writers back together [to break a mythical season 8]." -
Avery Brooks suggested to Ira to do the writers room breaking the theoretical season 8 section of documentary.
Enjoy your day with Avery Brooks as Ben Sisko yelling (in his unique cadence) at people for 5 minutes!.
Don't like spoilers but hopefully Capitan Brooks Avery - is still part of The team.
My jazz homage to - to Sisko, to Avery Brooks, to the power of storytelling:
Finally finishing The Captains and mate, Avery Brooks is WAY out there
It's 5PM! Tune into now for with special guests Jason Avery, Leo Cannyn and Jason Brook…
I just came to the realization that Avery Brooks would make an amazing Nick Fury. Sisko will always be my favorite ST Captain
Wow. Avery Brooks and Brock Peters are really giving us fine theater disguised as a sci-fi program.
Must ask is Avery brooks really into method acting because that other guy was really scarred or just give him an Emmy
Garth Brooks needs to be on Apple Music
Also. I can't watch Avery Brooks as Sisco without thinking of his role as Hawk in Spenser for Hire.
*** for some of Avery Brooks' line readings alone.
Avery Brooks always does great hugs onscreen!
I'm going to make internet famous one day I swear.
Blimey. Things Past was a rather brilliant episode of Avery Brooks in S6 is wonderful as Sisko!
Everyone (rightly) bangs on about how good Patrick Stewart is as Picard, but I reckon Avery Brooks as Sisko is equally awesome
i was trying to remember avery brooks' name, and the first phrase that came to mind was "captain sisko was played by Crumbley Weathersfield"
Sources: ESPN has not renewed the contract of Pepper Brooks after 14 years with ESPN 8 (The Ocho) https:/…
Sorry, I was quoting Avery Brooks in the pilot episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
I certainly feel Avery Brooks brought a deep nuance to the role that was often unnoticed.
Avery Brooks and Terry Farrell are just distracted by the work-in-progress Odo makeup
Maybe they should get Avery Brooks out of teaching and make him direct/produce.
He gets better once they let Avery Brooks go full Hawk in the 4th season. :)
Avery Brooks always gave such terrific performances as Sisko
I am not sorry about my snapchats today.
few things are as pure and good in this world as Avery Brooks's smile on a happy Sisko episode (these pics are out…
...reflecting on his own work. And watching Avery Brooks play the piano is such a delight. I love him! 🖖🏼
I tried debating Avery Johnson in my head but he wasnt nearly as well regarded, Del *** too but he took…
o!! Jk your girlfriend has a stretchy nose 😂
I don't know, but I love your expression.
Avery Brooks is so good. How did we as a culture not give him every award for everything.
22:42: Avery Brooks understands the universe better than any man on earth
prom, prom, PROM!!. so excited to wear my dress and look all cute with Brooks❣️
If y'all just revived my most recent snap. Be lucky I love you enough and know the commitment was real
Sometimes I wish I could talk like Avery Brooks. But I think his super power is enunciation and I'm a mere mortal.
What do Avery Brooks and Henry Weycker have in common.both hit absolute bombs at Cunningham Park in Milton. Both 35…
Those are good choices. Tho Avery Brooks would also be awesome, Michael Dorn in Worf voice; Majel Barrett
Any chance Avery Brooks can be treated for insanity and made to participate?
It's gratifying to find out that parental relationships on TV shows carry through to real life, like with Avery Brooks and Cirroc Lofton.
I'm crossing my fingers hoping Avery Brooks finds his way into the documentary.
Out of curiosity (I already donated), but where's Avery Brooks for the doc? Or did I miss that (Could be the case)?
It all changed when Avery Brooks went back to the Hawk look. The first couple seasons sucked...
"weapons grade dolemite" How did Avery Brooks manage to say that with a straight face?
the day u realize Avery Brooks should have played Beast is the first day u are TRULY AWAKE
I'm 174 weeks deep in Instagram and I do not care.
has Avery Brooks talked abt tht episode so much angst w Rick Berman, fans of Spencer for Hire Avery were crushed.
The doc looks great so far... just about everyone is involved... but I was wondering: Why isn't Avery Brooks on board (pun) yet?
Avery Brooks is crazy enough he's probably already out there lol
After a Avery Theus post up and finish, Anthony Brooks attacks again, and gets another and1 play for the Buffaloes!
Avery Brooks on the set of a man called Hawk
Far Beyond the Stars is one of the most amazing eps in Star Trek - Avery Brooks' performance is exceptional
yes! I keep hoping to run into Avery Brooks in NJ. Ha!
Watching the "Past Tense" episode of DS9. As soon as Sisko grabs a guy's shotgun Avery Brooks reverts to pure Hawk mode.
My favorite part is Avery Brooks' over-the-top portrayal of Dr. Hippocrates Noah...
I was wondering if Brooks Avery is ***
I had that same thought a little while ago. Hopefully Avery Brooks can still change things.
Apocalypse Rising - love it - daring mission where Sisko, Odo, O'Brien are in disguise, Avery Brooks…
"brooks says hi & that he loves you." gma's response: "oh, ok. thanks, brooks. i appreciate it." 😂 still LOL'ing.
Join us in wishing a to Avery Brooks, known to fans as Benjamin Sisko! https…
Twelve Monkeys meets Network - Avery Brooks stars as a curious loner. Based on a story by Dr. Seuss.
Avery Brooks made good decisions this ep. He played Benny as quiet and meek so his angry would be more explosive later.
I feel like Avery Brooks would be very good at Shakespeare.
Avery Brooks dropping weight in every scene
Avery Brooks has a particularly kind of gravitas and theatricallity that is just so charming.
Same here. Back when he was on SPENSER: FOR HIRE and his own show A MAN CALLED HAWK. I miss seeing Avery Brooks ons…
When Avery Brooks says "It's alright...everything is going to be alright," you really believe it.
Avery Brooks! I'll say it again: I saw him as Prospero in a performance of "The Tempest" when I was in high school.
Avery Brooks has a beautiful voice, and there's something really magnetic about his performance.
he only wears hats because he's bald but not in a sexy way like Avery Brooks, in a bad way like Rudy Giuliani.
So can we just stop with the new Star Trek reboot. I want Cirroc Lofton and Avery Brooks back; I need REAL closure to DS9!
what if you cast Avery Brooks instead though
My favorite Star Trek captain is Benjamin Sisko, played by Avery brooks ( ).
i have a student worker actually named avery brooks and yes I say you have the com every time I leave the room
the DS9 doc looks cool and i'm going to get a Worf pin but did Avery Brooks just peace on it
I was watching season 6 of DS9 with all the music episodes and wondered if Avery Brooks ever serenaded the cast and crew.
Imagine if you got Teh Shat, Avery Brooks and Denise Crosby into an episode & told them all to emote passionately? BOOM
Any chance of getting Avery Brooks to do and interview as well?
Probably. I never really looked at Spenser because, erm, there was Hawk. Avery Brooks. Oh, baby..
I only just noticed Brooks got a new cover. I realized Avery was different than Brks 1.0 & I've seen Brks 2.0 many times, lol.
hey Mike can you ask Avery Brooks who his favourite 22nd century ballplayer was? I want to invest early
How about Avery Brooks? If really wouldn't be complete without him... please sort it
Sad to learn Avery Brooks is currently in poor health (hence not being involved in that new documentary). :(
The original plan was to have Sisko join the Prophets permanently. Avery Brooks objected to that.
It was Wonderful!!! Robert Urich & Avery Brooks were SO poetic, tough and the epitome of COOL!
Ok, H&I, just saying again; would love to have in your line up. We could use more Avery Brooks!
Avery Brooks is such a treasure. I feel the same way about him that some people do about Betty White.
I'm about to duet Partition with Michelle for karaoke. What am I doing.
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is over, which means I get to post my favorite Avery Brooks clip one last time.
Avery's Rule of Medicine: Never go to a late software project makes it later. -The Mythical Man-Month Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
Age 11, got death-glared by a Hawk-era Avery Brooks for nearly running over his daughter while playing by the pool.…
aww man, if you get a chance, watch The Captains (documentary). Avery Brooks is such a beautiful soul
Hello! Is Avery Brooks involved in any way? :)
I'm not sure if this has been asked, but what about Avery Brooks?
why would you remind me of this . the final Tony Todd + Avery Brooks scene
My first reaction was: "How'd they get Avery Brooks on the show?"
lastly, my favorite tv show of all time is DS9, wherein Avery Brooks is the lead. Please refrain from the race baiting.
Avery Brooks is really just the best. Particularly when put in a buddy comedy situation.
Hold on to your dream. Don't let the people shake you from your drea...
Back in 1993, Avery Brooks foresaw the rise of GIFs and acted accordingly
Brown children must able to participate in contemporary mythology, must use imagination to see themselves whole some eons hence. Avery Brooks
Avery Brooks was also in that. Maybe Levar Burton too?
"You give yourself a chance" - Brooks on when the play with effort, play hard
Order Miche Bag Online!
Like, *** Avery Brooks is one attractive man. Emphasis on MAN.
My DS9 rewatch starts NOW. Avery Brooks just KILLS IT in every scene.
People do not connect with what happened last week, let alone what...
If you want to sing 'Let It Snow' well, do an Avery Brooks impression (yes, Sisko from Deep Space Nine) and sing. You're welcome.
Avery brooks wrote .. i thi9nk.. a ds9 in the 1940? was a good show.
I feel like the biggest argument against anti-DS9ers would be "but Avery Brooks"...
1 question, While interviewing Avery Brooks for your documentary didn't you have a…
The way in which Rick Worthy (Jannar) delivers lines is so much like Avery Brooks as Sisko. It's uncanny.
I have been in traffic for an hour and a half. Don't start with me rn
I hit like three in four years stop that
Quincy drivers ed did not prepare me for this. Come to think of it honestly it didn't really prepare me for anything.
I'm still in traffic. I left work an hour ago. . I JUST WANT MY WINE I HAVE AT HOME PEOPLE. DRIVE DAMNIT DRIVE.
It just occurred to me that Avery Brooks was the first born American to play the lead in a Star Trek series.
What would their reaction have been when Avery Brooks being cast as Benjamin Sisko in DS9? Is there something I'm missing?
I know, I know! In my head I was counting that as Vic but Avery Brooks is such a *** good singer.
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just curious, where is the link between Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen and Avery Brooks??
I did it. I just caved and finally turned my heat on for the first time this year. Blest how long I made it.
One of the reasons that I accepted, once asked to do Star Trek, was to...
Current mood: Avery Brooks' face is so beautiful.
sounds great. How does someone end up in lead role as a Lt. Commander and not Captain? Though Avery Brooks role wasn't @ 1st N DS9
Oh, I don't FB or put stock in comments. They're all trolls. Trek has LONG history of diversity. DS9 ('93) led by Avery Brooks.
Huh?. What prompts you to say some Trekkers are racist, Do Avery Brooks, etc. agree?
We need more to speak up like this.Thank you B 💚. Brandon Brooks diagnosed with anxiety condition | ProFootballTalk
Would you know anyway of getting hold of Avery Brooks? I'd like to ask him something as a Trekkie and Evansville native.
I dream was about the treatment of my father. -Avery Brooks
Some of the later seasons were great with the Dominion war. And Avery Brooks was awesome!
Avery Brooks is a generally weird dude. Sisko was a semi-normal iteration of himself.
Why is Avery Brooks so creepy in DS9?.
I'm a big Kirk guy but did you ever see this? Avery Brooks is out there, man
Until the world in some way changes, then my responsibility is to shar...
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"But I sort of hear Avery Brooks a lot now, too.". -Barber, when asked if he hears Cullen when he writes Optimus. :D
Don't let form become more important than the substance of your he...
Jesus. Avery Brooks is one *** of an actor. I love when DS9 digs into hard brutal topics like racism. He blows my freaking mind
You should advertise Echo with , Kate Mulgrew and Avery brooks.
Knowledge is going to make you stronger. Knowledge is going to let ...
Avery Brooks has his own metric system.
Avery Brooks is way too OTT as Joran. The guy was supposed to have fooled people enough to get joined, not be Lecter Light.
I love Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko) far too much. Kate Mulgrew's interactions with Shatner are wonderful.
An amazing show. Doesn't let up at all on the way to the end. Probably overall best Trek, and Avery Brooks is incredible
hello Mr Dorn, have you some news about avery brooks? Thanks for all what you do! Qapla
Watching Deep Space 9 The Visitor. I love how Tony Todd's voice as older Jake has echoes of Avery Brooks' delivery.
If you're making old IBM ads real, can you get us some of Avery Brooks' flying cars?
Avery Brooks is a beautiful man, though. And Terry Farrell is beautiful.
The acting is hit or miss (excluding a commanding voice, how did Avery Brooks land this job?!), but Star Trek always has great characters.
I get way personal in my latest newsletter. Also I talk a lot about Captain Sisko, Avery Brooks, & Star Trek
Avery Smith and his friends make a costly decision in, "Child Support" . Created by: E.W. Brooks. Shot by: DL...
Avery Brooks was brilliant as Sisko through the entire run.
A chick flick based around nanotechnology, with Avery Brooks and Peter Dinklage.
Some may disagree but Avery Brooks was dynamite as Ben Sisko from Emissary through What You Leave Behind. He's the freaking man.
In good news, I've made it to the DS9 ep. where Capt. Sisko (Avery Brooks) sings the Holodeck down w/ Vic Fonaine.…
right up there with BSG, also exec produced by RDM, echoes many themes in DS9. big fan of avery brooks since spenser for hire.
What is Avery Brooks doing maybe he wants to be in my not a ds9 spinoff law and order ripoff that just happens to star everyone from ds9
What I am is a thinking, feeling human being compelled by history.
lol Bc liz just put out for the world that I was bumpin babymaking music
I liked a video from Avery Brooks at Rose City Comic Con 2013
The jazz riffing that you and Avery Brooks do in "The Captains" may be the coolest interaction I've seen between Trek vets
really. I have to fix it. I don't know what to do.
Listen this is how December 1st is going for all my friends. Love you all .
Knwldge is going to give u the wisdom to teach their children. Knwldge is the thing tht makes u smile in the face of disaster -Avery Brooks-
You meet one person from Kazakhstan and all the sudden you know how to identify all ethnicities .
"Do you buy wine everything night?". "No... like tonight I bought 2 bottles" -
If You Don't know who Avery Brooks is! you better and you go to!
"I'm a shady person but I don't let people know where I live" 😂
Is it just me or does remind anyone else of Avery Brooks?!?
Brooks found guilty in murder of Domanic Thrasher
I saw Avery Brooks play Tamburlaine in DC. The world always needs more of that.
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. We ALL walk a fine line when it comes to mental health. Please show som…
So your podcasts are basically a list of "Dream pod... — Four words: Avery Brooks on dadfeelings.
wasn't that with Robert Ulrich and Avery Brooks?
Ron Glass was a big supporter of the Evansville African American Museum. Avery Brooks is also from EVV. Who knew!
Avery Brooks in Star Trek Deep Space Nine was a captain.
Captain Sisko doesn't get enough respect. Avery Brooks is an incredible actor that exudes confidence.
Yo, can I just want to write an essay about Avery Brooks' extraordinary acting and directing on Star Trek: DEEP SPACE…
re-runs of Star Trek Deep Space 9 on Netflix. Also probably some food... But mostly just Avery Brooks' meaty acting
African-American captain? Avery Brooks' Captain Sisko kicked all kinds of *** for 7 seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (Best Trek ever!)
RIP Barry Jenner (Admiral Ross in A fine actor who provided an excellent foil to Avery Brooks' Captain Sisko. 😦
Wow, Avery Brooks chews the scenery in "Far Beyond the Stars"! It's the Bill Shatner school of acting!
I kinda got to go with Benjamin Sisko because sometimes they let Avery Brooks be "A Man Called Hawk" - in space.
Avery Brooks in a commercial touting IBM's commitment to Linux
that is such a lie I am always nice
is actually really mean and I don't know why we're still friends
I have to block you both on every form of social media
I thought we were betting on how old Liz would be when she gets married
I love battling with my friends about who gets married first cause I low key still think it's me love U
Emotions don't pick a time that's convenient for us.
my mom: did the Pope really call Donald Trump the antichrist? Because that's funny and probably true
Graduation is two months from today 🙃 but I'm not counting down or anything
Eh what about when Brooks broke Desiree's heart?! Shocking Moments via
"Avery this girl sent me a pic with her cleavage is she into me or just a *** -Brooks
Avery Brooks in a film together would be out of this world AMAZING
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
When Dr. MLK says, 'You can't quit', you don't! YOU led to Avery Brooks as Captain Sisco, and Kathryn Mulroy as...
Avery Brooks: If you're looking for evidence of "Star Trek" lore in Northwest Indiana, try the South Shore Wall of…
"I have swamp *** " - Michelle . "The way I feel right now, western medicine can't save me." - me .
Friends, I ask you: is Avery Brooks' 💯 melodrama in The Big Hit not among things that elevate it (despite Problems) to cult-classic status?
Today, Michelle's mom told me I needed Jesus.
Just watched The Captains, really enjoyed it. Have to ask is Avery Brooks messing with us in this or is he really like that?
I'm dead thank you so much for this 😂😂😂
idk I'm eating a frozen pizza and it's pretty *** good
Also that movie? Worth it just to see Avery Brooks doing god only knows what on that piano.
Brandon Brooks and Nigel Bradham will meet with the media at approx. 3 PM. We'll stream live on site and team app.
I hope does an profile on Avery Brooks.
Avery Johnson on what he told scoreless Retin Obasohan at the half: "It wasn't church language. We had to take it back to th…
I wonder if my blood and sweat will be seen at my thesis show?
Ron Brooks: I'm going to come out to compete to be the starting corner. I expect everyone to have the same mentality.
What if I just encouraged you to become friends with Avery Brooks? :-)
More reasons to - and I've decided that Peggy needs to visit Wakanda & Avery Brooks should play T'Chaka.
NBA Head Coach firings I'm still upset about . Avery Johnson & the Mavs. Mark Jackson & the Warriors. Scott Brooks & the Thunder
Avery Hurt, Boyd Hot but Brooks beat initial starter at Grapple on Gridiron. ASU Weak Pac
"Avery why does Duke give himself head" -Brooks
and G Brandon Brooks agree to terms on a five-year contract. Welcome to Philadelphia!.
Who else loves Avery Brooks like I do. Love his voice.
I love Byron Scott but we should really let go of Byron Scott and hire either Avery Johnson or Scott Brooks in my opinion.
Ahh today's turning out to be much better than I thought
Avery Brooks shared those very words as well man to man!! Agreed
I can't agree more. There's a reason he ends up as a Bajorian messiah. Avery Brooks is a crazy good actor.
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