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Avery Brooks

Avery Franklin Brooks (born October 2, 1948) is an American actor, television director, jazz musician, opera singer, college lecturer and narrator.

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This is why Avery Brooks is the best:
Those casuals left out Avery Brooks, Ron Glass, and David Letterman. But yes. Rednecks, we haz them.
Finally reached my favourite episode on my DS9 re-watch: In the Pale Moonlight. Avery Brooks really should've won an award for this episode.
so if you take awhile I'll make it worth it
Avery Brooks narrating a Bible based thing for the History Channel is hilarious.
Sometimes you just get screwed by unprojectable things like Aaron Brooks and Avery Bradley combining for 1/12 shooting through 6 Qtrs.
I just can't handle Avery Brooks's "acting" any more.
I want to see Avery Brooks and William Shatner in act off performing Klingon opera.
His approach to playing Adult Jake Sisko is to imitate Avery Brooks' speech patterns and it's FANTASTIC.
We confirmed tonight at dinner that my mom is heterosexual. .
Whenever he is interviewed about Star Trek, Avery Brooks always goes out of his way to project existential gravitas.
Some of those convos are a little odd though. Like, what was up with Avery Brooks?
Braugher was also brilliant as Iago. Production with Avery Brooks as Othello at Princeton.
Fun Dad Fact: Avery Brooks wasn't cool with how Sisko was abandoning his wife and son, so his lines were rewritten in the end.
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I really want to know if you got it like that cause you got a cute face and that booty so fat 💅 featured in NBC s Science of Love
AT THE FAIRMONT! Maybe they can get us on the VIP list for Castle. 😂💅
Snapping Rihanna from Castle. Me you her and Britney going to split a room in Chicago 😂
I wish or somebody would talk to Avery Brooks for like 2 hours.
I love watching Channel shows narrated by Avery Brooks.
So excited to welcome Mr. Brooks Avery Knight to the family in May 2015! 💙🍼
. "Cast & Crew"?!!! How did you like playing a role beside. Avery Brooks?!!!
Happy 22nd birthday, Michelle! So happy to have you in my life to share these wonderful, crazy moments…
cool wesley... but i think avery Brooks is the Best actor...
This woman said, "oh, I love me some Avery Brooks. I would have a one night stand with him. Where is he? Is he dead?" She's like 60.
These old black women are talking about how sexy Avery Brooks is.
Also, why does Sisko sound like he’s perpetually cracking a joke? Avery Brooks has a wonderful voice, but he sounds so jolly.
Im gonna make a movie about the War of Roses & have royalty played by black actors. I think Avery Brooks can pull off Henry VI.
Tonight, I am eschewing everything for a viewing of "In the Pale Moonlight" if just to marvel at the greatness of Avery Brooks.
Avery Brooks takes two Silver medals last week at AGF in Austin.
yeah good old Furious. He did his best. Wow yeh. AHX is an unbelievable piece of work. Now, Avery Brooks, there is a class...
I've got my snack, phone charger, and we're bent over and ready for Joe's.
Nobody. Cole u need to get the stuff at Averys before it freezes.
ok if I'm doing this someone has to hold the driver side door shut
American History X is more relevant today than ever. Thank you and Avery Brooks, Edward Furlong for this film. Tolerance!
I need to finish my letter to Avery Brooks about how he needs to make a real Exodus movie and play Moses.
You know what else we don't have yet? Flying cars. Didn't Avery Brooks bemoan the lack of flying cars way back in 2000?
Of Cmdr/Cpt. Sisko actor Avery Brooks, he later went on to star in the absolutely phenomenal American History X; a masterpiece of cinema.
my favorite captain is Sisko, Avery Brooks is a fantastic Actor.
Don't forget that Jadzia Dax had a love story episode with a woman in DS9. Directed by Avery Brooks, no less!
Raise your hand if this semester has been the hardest and you're so thankful it's over 🙋
Avery Brooks, obviously, is black. What do you think it was about? heh.
Getting through today thinkin' 'bout Avery Brooks gettin' mad at fools.
You need to see it for how amazing Patrick Stewart is and how completely bug nutty bonkers Avery Brooks is.
Finals week. More like real like Trivia Crack am I right
Revival of DS9 today and crossover. In which Samuel L. Jackson plays Benjamin Sisko and Avery Brooks plays Nick Fury.
Watching a documentary William Shatner made about Star Trek Captains. I'm seriously concerned about the mental state of Avery Brooks
Terry Farrell on Avery Brooks - "If he wants you to understand something, he'll make it clear."
I've just found out that I'm going to the Star Trek Convention and will be seeing William Shatner, Karl Urban, SIMON PEGG, Scott Bakula (yes all caps equals huge amount of enthusiasm and all names should be all caps, I know), Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and.drum roll please.HARLAN ELLISON!!! Whoot Whoot!! There are more celebrity guests but my heart is on overload already!!!
We've been notified that Avery Brooks will not be appearing at tomorrow. Nana Visitor will replace him.
Sad about Avery Brooks but Nana Visitor is pretty great
Avery Brooks and speaker on the science behind time travel just cancelled. On top of Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula
hel yes but the guy who started on the left then ended on the right side was delayed a few times. We need someone fierce
We need a third to preform this for our 21st
Starring Avery Brooks as Uncle Tom Publisher's Summary: Uncle Tom is a high-minded, devoutly Christian black slave to a kind family, the Shelbys. But beset b...
The Star Trek convention starts today and tomorrow at the Hynes Walter Koenig and Avery Brooks appearing
Nature, yes. Nature with wild animals no. You haven't heard about the frog yet that was demonic
I feel like you guys would survive in the wild if you just had some bowls
That's the smallest fish I ever seen. It's also the largest fish has thrown up my shorts using when bowls as oars.
I paddled a fish into pants and then she named it Gilmore
"Isn't this like a river? I like to think of it as Liquid Water." -
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Just got back from boating. Short trip because there was a fish in pants and this is not a joke
Knowledge is going to make you stronger. Knowledge is going to let you control your life. Knowledge is going to give you the wisdom to teach their children. Knowledge is the thing that makes you smile in the face of disaster. - Avery Brooks
After the panel, join me on my quest to sell Avery Brooks on A Man Called Hawk reboot!
yea, same here. Avery Brooks really grated on me at times. his. pattern. of. speaking. Stewart really spoiled us.
Watching "The Captains"; love seeing and Avery Brooks, so inspired by their performances in . Wishing for a new series
lol Avery Brooks (Sisko) was my neighbor growing up. He was SO nice! And his yard wasn't messy at all. :)
Everyone going to be sure to tell Avery Brooks, DS9 on Blu-Ray looks fabulous, and I hope he will be interviewed for S1 BR! :D
Do you think Avery Brooks ever sings the Thong Song?
Stupid thought of the morning: picture makes him look a lot like Avery Brooks.
Just spent the best two hours boating with
Celebrity host Avery Brooks at Harambe Nights, plus list of hosts for the rest of the summer:
“"Shaq was SO disrespectful. can't stop watching this” 😱😂😂
Avery Brooks, Walter Koenig & more beam down to Creation’s Boston Star Trek convention this weekend:...
Celebrity host Avery Brooks at Harambe Nights, plus who else you have an opportunity to see:
Nice! 19 years old Avery Brooks is down for her first BJ!
Only would sing at a deer with a megaphone instead of oh, I don't know, HONKING
Ain't nobody at The Wheeler on a Tuesday night.
Easiest boy/girl to have a conversation in text with? — girl; Sophie, Avery, Emily . boy; brooks, zach, Ethan
When A+ girls are sad over C- guys -- no hunny pick your head up he's a mcrib thats kicked off the menu and you're a big mac w special sauce
Tyler_says...CAPTAINS_AHOY:ng in a diplomatic mission sense because he says he knows James_Spader. Avery_Brooks is angry, and disapprovi...+
A romantic night with my true love by the lake with wine? Don't mind if I do ❤️😘
We should go boating tonight behind my house ⛵️🚣
A Love Initiative - Day 73 “Strong” What’s in a roar? On a good day, the roar of a male lion can be heard at a distance of 5 miles. A male gorilla pounds its chest and bellows a roar that equals that of the lion. Tigers, bears, elephants even alligators roar. In the animal kingdom the roar is used as a form of communication. It establishes authority, domain, courtship and when necessary, aggression. Simply put, its a display of strength and power. Paul Robeson, William Warfield, James Earl Jones, Ossie Davis, Geoffrey Holder, Avery Brooks, Dennis Haysbert, Dave “the Voice” Fennoy, Michael Dorn, Barry White, James Avery, Keith David, Michael Clarke Duncan, Billy D Williams, Isaac Hayes, Melvin Franklin, Teddy Pendergrass, Larry Graham, Lawrence Fishburn, Idris Elba all have in common the unmistakable roar. Their vocal presence, articulation and intellect demand attention and respect and like the lion their voices exude strength, masculinity and power. Here’s where I get in trouble. I often refl ...
Some dreams die hard. When I was kid in the 80's I lived for William Shatner's Captain Kirk. As far as I was concerned he was the Best actor that ever was! By 1987 and the premier of Star Trek the Next Generation I had cultivated a deep desire to be a Star Trek television actor. I didn't want to play a captain, and preferably not a human, I wanted to be a science officer like Leonard Nimoy or Brent Spiner, or maybe something all together different, a Star Trek first like Whoopi Goldberg. But like I said, some dreams die hard. In 2001 Kate Mulgrew brought the Voyager safely back to the Alpha Quadrant earlier than most of us expected and just 2 years after Avery Brooks abandoned Deep Space Nine. That same year Star Trek Enterprise premiered. We didn't give Scott Bakula much of a chance to captain the Enterprise. How could we? That damned song was just too awful to sit through every week. I marathon-ed the series a few years ago, and aside from the rocky start I was sad I didn't give it a proper go while it ...
Avery Brooks would’ve made a better Nick Fury from shield
*** All I did was take one nap and then wake up to new living room furniture.
Ugh that three hour nap was fantastic
Apparently Avery Brooks wanted Sisko to have a goatee from the start, but for some reason it didn't happen till Season 3, lol.
Oh my god this professor just played Face Down *** Up by 2 Live Crew in class. Dirty version. Oh my god oh my god
oh so Avery Brooks is in the ORIGINAL film??
*** I didn't know that... If you go back and watch that episode, after Will pulls the gift from his bag, is the moment he went off script.. you can tell by the responses Avery Brooks gave along with his expressions and how Will Smith brushed off his lip before he continued.. making sure not to break character.
there will be a lot of available coaches that are better than Brooks: JVG, George Carl, Avery Johnson, Mike Antoni
“watched this 20 times and I'm still laughing us tomorrow 😂
Coolest part of DragonCon a few years back was seeing Avery Brooks (Sisko from DS9). Such an authentically cool (and intense) guy.
Y'all still think Scott Brooks is a good coach huh.
I'm watching "The Captains Close-up," and having William Shattner interview Avery Brooks is a master stroke. Seriously.
he's our coach and we al count how many times it gets said at practice. It's obnoxious
I've decided I'm going to take a selfie every day and will be in the back in her class
I just realized: Mirror Sisko is just Avery Brooks acting normal.
Avery Brooks...he has a commanding voice that is hard to not pay attention to. Trek
Tonite in DC at the - screening of the original movie version of 12 Years a Slave made by Gordon Parks s…
I think I made the mistake by telling work I was home this summer.
do you have assigned seats? Bc I'm about to get that tomorrow.
oh my god he looks HAPPY to be here
First day of summer school and already hating it
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Determined to go to the Garth Brooks concert because of now.
& Ben singing George Strait & Garth Brooks in the middle of the parking lot wasn't a pleasant sight
number one musical act I want to see: Avery Brooks' one-man Paul Robeson show.
Event! Tuesday, May 20, at 6 p.m. EST William G. McGowan Theater Special screening of Solomon Northup's Odyssey Directed by legendary African American director and cinematographer Gordon Parks, Solomon Northup’s Odyssey was first shown in 1984 as part of PBS's American Playhouse series, predating the Oscar-winning film 12 Years a Slave by three decades. The film features Avery Brooks in the title role. The National Archives will be screening a brand-new 16mm film print preserved by IndieCollect with support from the March on Washington Film Festival and the Ford Foundation. The new print, created by Colorlab of Rockville, MD, has been struck from the original negative, which was recently found in the vault of DuArt Film & Video by IndieCollect's founder Sandra Schulberg. After this one-time-only screening, IndieCollect is donating the print to the Library of Congress for safe-keeping. Following the screening, Warrington Hudlin, founder of the Black Filmmaker Foundation, will lead a discussion including ...
Since I'm too old to tumble I'm now taking up Olympic cup stacking
I hope that enthusiasm is infectious.
Excited to be at the AAU State meet for tumbling today!
First day of summer and I'm up at the balls of dawn with
I HOPE you can get Avery Brooks, but I'm pretty sure you could probably get Armin Shimmerman.
My room looks like an art gallery with all the projects I made this semester. I dig it.
The reason is that Ira Steven Behr intended for Sisko to be dead and in heaven, but Avery Brooks refused to play that
Want to see my babes tomorrow super bad
I finally viewed 12 Years A Slave. I can only say it was an average movie. The sister who won an Oscar did nothing deserve one besides get rapped and whipped. This movie was just another slave movie. Actually, the tv miniseries starring Avery Brooks was better than the movie. So in a nutshell, black actors and actresses will win Oscars for playing the roles of slaves, maids (the Help), bad cops (Training Day) and *** (Monsters Ball). I don't mind watching movies about slavery, but we need something based on stories like Denmark Vessey (spl?), the Stoner Rebellion, Nat turner and we are still waiting on a remake of Harriet Tubman! I hear they are now producing a movie based on the Haitian Rebellion and there is also a movie being made about Queen Nzinga! Mister, Danny Glover is producing a film, but I'm not sure who it is about. We need to spend money on these films domestic and foreign!
Watching TV and come across Roots: The Gift, it's like a convention with LeVar Burton, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks and Tim Russ!
Its very late, or early depending on your point of veiw, but gavin and I end the night with tears streaming down our cheeks after watching the best documentary we have seen in these past few years. As trekkies, William Shatners 2011 film titled, "The Captains" spoke to us on an extreamly.deep level, during many parts of this film, we had tears in our eyes, and I will just say, it was the closing words, that truly, started the tears flowing. I hope, someday, we are able to meet some of these captains, mainly Patrick Stewart, William Shatner and Avery Brooks, before they go to the stars above. It would be a dream come true for me, to finally meet such inspirational actors, and individuals, as well as give our little girls the chance to see some of the people who inspired us to be who we are and more.
So many Star Trek actors do voice overs of documentaries. Got one on now with Avery Brooks. Jonathan Frakes is another familiar voice.
Saw a picture of Wil Wheaton and Patrick Stewart, looking as if they were in a firefight dressed in TNG era uniforms made me think of the following list of characters from DUNE, but cast from any Star Trek franchise... Wil Wheaton as Paul. Patrick Stewart as Gurney Halleck (duh). Gates McFadden as Lady Jessica. Chris Pine as Duncan Idaho. Benedict Cumberbatch as Piter DeVries Avery Brooks (in a fat suit) as Baron Harkonnen George Takei as Thufir Hawat Nana Visitor as Reverend Mother Mohiam. Michael Dorn as The Beast Rabban Cirroc Lofton as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen John de Lancie as Emperor Shaddam IV Zoe Saldana as Chani Robert Beltran as Stilgar Jonathan Frakes as Duke Leto
Military Channel has showing programs about Biblical mysteries, hosted by Avery Brooks. I keep waiting to hear him say "Spen-SER!"
"You're like The Lord of the Rings of oils." - Brenna Joy McCullough to Robert Avery Brooks
I would hit on Avery Brooks so don't even feel ashamed about it.
having met most of the cast before seeing it, I'm glad, I'd be too star struck now. Especially Avery Brooks whose voice is so smooth
My father in law is watching The Bible's Greatest Secrets ... Narrated by Avery brooks!
yeah... She won't even let me touch her...
I went to see Gordon Parks' 1984 treatment of the Solomon Northup story which he called "Solomon Northup's Odyssey." It was part of a film festival on slavery yesterday at The Museum of the Moving Image.Love the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria; easy to get to from Manhattan, will go there again. This PBS docudrama gave a gentler interpretation of the narrative and we saw more of the everyday fears, frustrations, loves, and losses of the slave community as a whole. The women's issues surrounding Northup's saga were illuminated well. Avery Brooks was elegant, determined, and perhaps more three dimensional as Gordon's Solomon takes on a love interest that happens to also be the preferred mistress of Epps. The near-lynching of Northup was too grisly to be dealt with in 1980's tv. This film is equally relevant and should be used to show to younger audiences.
; 12 YEARS A SLAVE ; is a great film but NOT an original. The story of Solomon Northrup was filmed years ago starring AVERY BROOKS. Does anyone remember that movie ?
Re-read was through read by Avery Brooks. Both excellent, but I wish BARD would put up the older version.
I still wanna do a St. Louis photo shoot with you
Yesss for you I will 💛 maybe can come but she will sleep on the floor
I'm sad I didn't see you when you were in town that one whole night:( can you come back like really soon? I want a sleepover
if you ever need a pillow . I have these soft *** thighs . I got you if you need me
domain names
My falsetto sounds like Avery Brooks and Keith David had a white baby together.
I got skunked, sort of! I got 4 of RBP's Spenser novels today including a rare copy of Promised Land, the story that was used for the TV pilot starring Robert Urich, Avery Brooks, & Barbara Stock. But one of the books The Professional is a paperback! GR I only collect hardcovers. Anyone interested in a free pb copy of The Professional and Small Vices? I've had Small Vices for a long time now and both are decent shape. Vices has had only one loving owner. Must go to a good home with mystery fans. Let me know. :)
I love Avery Brooks. Especially when he was in Spencer for Hire. What is he doing now?
Reading discuss Avery Brooks in A MAN CALLED HAWK in his book LOOKING FOR LEROY makes me want to show binge on all 13 episodes
Why does everyone associated w/ 12 Years a Slave keep saying it disappeared for so long? Gordon Parks brought it to screen w/ Avery Brooks
Watching these tumbling videos makes me miss tumbling so much
Actors Avery Brooks and Lynn Whitfield personify Zora Neal Hurston's spirit at her festival, Zora 2014!
ZORA Festival in Eatonville, Fl. this week! 25th Anniversary. Maze, Avery Brooks, Sonya Sanchez & more...
This came in too! Armin S, Colm René A, Alex Siddiq, Cirroc Lofton, Nana,Avery Brooks and Nicole DeBoer
I drove the mini van to White Castle!
Yelling at people that I'm in a mini van
dreams do come true. Next, honda Odyse
I want to be rebellious but I dont want to get in trouble
Giving weird looks in ceramics though
Top 10 hottest guys at your school — Jerry. Macrey. Avery. Diego. Brooks. Joey
Watching "Facets" and I never realized how creepy the music gets in the Sisko as Joran scene. Great combined with Avery Brooks's acting
After watching The Captains documentary by Shatner...Avery Brooks being my favorite out of all the captain actors was only solidified. To be fair I really like Shatner, Stewart, Brooks, Mulgrew, Bakula AND Pine. Sisko remains my favorite though. Fun video.
So, found a new show I like. The BBC's "Luther". I'll start out by saying that I've always liked Idris Alba in whatever I've seen him in. He reminds me of Avery Brooks. But this show definitely beats a lot of American police dramas for sheer twistedness. For a country that wags its finger at the US for all our violent imagery in media, this show breaks the mold. Even Criminal Minds hasn't come up with criminals this twisted.
Not to downplay Avery Brooks, I love him as Sisko, I just ALSO want to see Idris Elba as Sisko
"12 Years A Slave" Was First Produced in 1984 - Starred Avery Brooks and Was First Directed by Gordon Parks?
FYI Avery Brooks in interview with dragoncon
my momma, my brothers, 3 of my cuzins, Big Baw, Dirt, Smoke, Avery, Joc, Brooks, Kee
What do William Shatner, Patrick Stewart and Avery Brooks have in common besides starring on as Star Trek Captains?
And I got to see Avery Brooks at RCCC last year, which had me like this *_ * Benjamin Sisko, you are my captain!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   25th annual ZORA! Festival to bring well-known actors to Central Florida Lynn Whitfield and Avery Brooks to star in dramatic readings By Adrienne Noel   EATONVILLE, Fla. – The ZORA!TM Festival celebrates its Silver Anniversary with a production featuring actors Lynn Whitfield and Avery Brooks.  They will star in dramatic readings entitled “An Evening with Zora”.  Artistic Director Elizabeth Van *** who received an AUDELCO award for her portrayal of Zora Neale Hurston, has developed the evening’s format. Elizabeth Van *** will provide artistic direction. This will take place at the Auditorium at the UCF Rosen Center of Hospitality Management on Friday January 31 at 8PM.   Lynn Whitfield boasts a varied acting background.  Whitfield appeared on television in Hill Street Blues, PBS’Actress Lynn Whitfield  American Playhouse Anthology Series and Cagney and Lacey, before working in film.  She is known for her roles in the motion pictures “A Thin Line Between Love .. ...
People can say what they want about Shatner, but he was a dfox in his day. Though, we can all agree Avery Brooks wins. Right?
If you will cultivate a lifestyle of obedience, every prophecy upon your life is already as good as done - Avery Brooks
"The fear of The Lord leads to life. God doesn't want you to be afraid, He wants you to be alive." -Avery Brooks
Spencer for hire. Rip Robert Ulrich.helleuva actor! My man Avery Brooks as Hawk.coolest black man on t.v.
Tough choice tomorrow, do I go back to the pirate beard or keep the Ben Sisko [played by the amazing Avery Brooks] inspired goatee?
If the Five Avery Brooks roundtable doesn't happen...I'm gonna be so disappointed!
I hate walking into class for the first time. Everyone just looks at you like ***
3/4ths of my current life consist of me waiting for the wifi at my school to actually work. Or at least it feels that w…
Love getting to see my kids this weekend! They are my world world! ♥♥♥♥
I just watched "12 Years a Slave" a couple of days ago. It is a great film that didn't disappoint. While researching interviews about the film on You Tube primarily to satisfy my "Lupita fetish" I was shocked to find out that this is the second film based on Solomon Northrop's book. The late great Gordon Parks directed a film in 1984 starring Avery Brooks entitled "Solomon Northrop's Odyssey".
Mama Tate w/ the last word on Amiri Baraka's Ritual Ascension in Newark and the attendant festivities and ceremonies for same. ''i've missed you face book friends and sorry events overtook me and i wasn't able to share my thoughts on brother baraka's homegoing celebration. and a celebration it was. i'm sure you've read the pertinent details so i'll just share a few thoughts and feelings about the gathering of some 3,000 people-newarkers plus others-who loved, admired, and respected him. first of all, you know ''dressing up'' is a sign of self-respect as well as respect for others in your orbit, amongst black folks. and the folks paid SERIOUS respect for baraka in their golds, silvers, geles, bubus, dashikis, armanis, fedoras, mink jackets( teen degree weather waiting outside for symphony hall to open), stiletto boots, uggs, mary janes, feathered hats, preachers frocks, tuxedos, sequins, designer dresses and suits, and all measure of ''sunday-go-to-meetings''. the evening before the funeral HIMSELF and i h ...
not really. Babies nap in public all the time.
As the Star Trek podcast saga continues the guys sit down and wait for the arrival of Mr. Avery Brooks, Deep Space Nine’s Captain Benjamin Sisko. As they wait for the first African American Star Trek captain to arrive Vince … Continue…
I forgot how much of a ham Avery Brooks can be.
Your my inspiration no matter what u will always be idol I love u 💙
What would be ur perfect girlfriend ?
I just took a nap in public unintentionally. This is a sign of old age. Who am I
Directed by Gordon Parks. With Avery Brooks, Rhetta Greene, Mason Adams, Lee Bryant. This is based on a true story. Solomon Northrop is a black man in the mid 19th century before slavery was abolished. He's a born freeman who works as a carpenter and is also a part time musician. One day he is appro...
The Festival starts today through February 2nd. I signed my son up for the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) conference on the 31st. I my self will be attending, "An Evening with Zora" featuring Lynn Whitfield and Avery Brooks also on the 31st. Saturday Feb 1st Family day the whole family will be at the festival in Eatonville for all the fun activities. :-)
Avery Brooks & Barry Jenner (Adm. Ross) reunite. Is it me, or does Jenner look like he hasn't aged a day since DS9!?
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I liked a video from The Captains' Favorite Episodes - Avery Brooks
Why am I always in Chesterfield though
Avery Brooks has such a distinctive cadence and lilt to his voice when he plays Sisko. It's really interesting.
Remind me to remind you of the Avery Brooks cycle re: DS9.
Thing I didn't know before last night: Gordon Parks directed the TV version of 12 Years a Slave & Avery Brooks played Solomon Northup in '84
I just bought a Godsmack Jumper. Right onnn
Just found and bought my Miley shirt. Done and done.
yep Seven was hot. I actually named my son after Avery Brooks aka Commander Sisko.
I hate online shopping. Like, I don't really know how big 24x18 is until I see it in person.
Watching the original 12 years a slave (Avery Brooks)...can't take much more...
One of my favorite authors has a new book out this week. Review over at my blog! .
Mmm... Avery Brooks as Sisko. *intermission music, stock footage of dandelions*
I love to meet Avery Brooks, I love to hear something different! :D
Avery Brooks as Solomon Northup in 1984. Don't act like it's some unknown book that laid undiscovered for centuries. You weren't the first.
Rewarding myself with McDonalds in honor of the A I got for my final grade for JTerm
Buy Miche Bag Online!
You know what - Avery Brooks Was a much more convincing Black Leader than Obama
We will never forget Tourist Tuesday... Well maybe Liz did since she slept all day.
I didn't know who Avery Brooks was and then I thought about it for a second and then I did.
"I'd rather be stabbed in my front than my back." . ".Kinky."
I may go visit your cat for support
Sending my love out to during this hard time. Get better girl
"Pray for Justin Bieber" is trending but I'd rather pray for the families of the over 10,000 Americans that die in DUI ac…
One of my favorite passages of dialogue in all of Star Trek: "On Earth, there is no poverty, no crime, no war. You look out the window of Starfleet Headquarters and you see Paradise. Well, it's easy to be a saint in Paradise..." Ben Sisko (Avery Brooks), Deep Space Nine: "The Maquis Part II."
"i’m an expert at having a really funny story to tell and then wording it badly enough that it’s not funny anymore." You,
I hadn't realised 12 Years A Slave is a remake. It was first a film for US TV in 1984 starring Avery Brooks.
Avery Brooks was first actor to play Solomon Northup in film based on
Yes good article. When do we get to meet Gates hubby? Suggest Ernie Hudson or Avery Brooks.
Calm your *** Just one *** Leave the other one crazy and out of control. Thats your party ***
Avery Brooks is one of the most uncharismatic actors ever to grace Star Trek franchise. Not saying he's bad.
I do the same thing for the same reason. Avery Brooks is the actor doing the IBM commercial.
When I watch Brooklyn Nine Nine why is my mind turning it into an updated Spenser for Hire? Terry Crews would make a great Avery Brooks
I want a Spenser reboot with Avery Brooks reprising his role as Hawk
Avery Brooks did the movie 12years a slave in the 80s.
So, my friends and I have been having a great time recasting Star Wars with Star Trek characters. It's been fun! The idea occurred to me as I imagined Avery Brooks performing Mace Windu's part. Who would you choose to fill certain roles? I've been basing my choices on matching personalities and/or what character would feel right. So far my list is... Guinan as Yoda (hundreds of years old, wise, hidden Q-thwarting powers) Wesley Crusher as Luke Skywalkwer (don't hate, it works!) Sisko as Mace Windu Kira as Leia Organa (feisty rebel princess who would rather fight than be diplomatic) I feel pretty good about those so far. What are your thoughts and ideas? Spill!
Avery better like all her new stuff
Hold on to your dream. Don't let the people shake you from your dream. ~ Avery Brooks Join to connect with veggie friends from all over the world!
There's No Place for Racism in the Final Frontier: Star Trek's Brilliant Episode on Discrimination Posted by Ross Pomeroy January 17, 2014   Star Trek has ever been a beacon for equality. In the sci-fi show's bold vision for a space-faring future, mankind is united. All of Earth's genders and races step out into the vastness of space together.   When the original series first aired back in 1966, such a future was difficult to grasp. Though the Civil Rights Movement opened a portal to equality through which our country walked, not everyone was transported. Individual minds are not as easily changed as laws. No doubt many were uncomfortable when an African American actress, the stunning and intelligent Nichelle Nichols, appeared on screen, not as a futuristic maid, but as Lieutenant Nyota* Uhura. No doubt even more people were irked when she and William Shatner, better known as Captain James T. Kirk, shared what's popularly considered as the first interracial kiss on television.   Over Star Trek's  ...
Spent MLK watching both 12 years a slave directed by Steve Mcqueen and the original directed by Gordon Parks featuring the brilliant Avery Brooks. Each version displays the horror of slavery and what this country produced. As we celebrate MLK let's hope we dont have amnesia and remember those that paved the way for justice. As MLK said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". There are brothers and sisters in our country that need our solidarity.
Who remembers that "Twelve Years a Slave" was orginally shot in Savannah. The book written by Soloman Northup and titled "The Oddosey Of Soloman Northup" was filmed in 1984 staring Avery Brooks, John Saxon had a minor role. Several locations were used including Oatland Island, the dock at the old Wilmington Island Hotel, a home on Isle of Hope and a local cemetery.The director was Gordon Parks, always wearing his red beret and always a pure gentleman. The medical services were provided by a staff of one, yours truly
Asha, Jessica, Saul, Tony Medina. All yall set that stage verbally on fire today for Baraka. Bluiett and Avery Brooks flipping Round Midnight like it was a page out the Kama Sutra up in Craig Harris slow drag arrangement--baaad. But what Savion Glover did with his feet was like our marching orders for Armageddon. Then came Ras. Like a brother said to me on the way out the Hall,''All those people thought they had finally got rid of Amiri, he didn't even give em time to catch a breath before he came back through his son.''
An audio book I'm about to listen to is narrated by Avery Brooks! Ee!!
Midnight. Angel wakes up and asks me a question. "In Deep Space 9, Avery Brooks' character, Captain Sisko...what was his first name?" The transformation is nearly complete.
I have deep respect and regard for this most gifted actress and as a person. I have admired her work as far back as I can recall ( as the love interest on "Hawk" with Avery Brooks). Yet while I hold performances in high esteem, and will always be her and Mr. Vance's fan, I find it very difficult to celebrate anyone of color who accepts this particular honor while the great Ethel Waters has none. If I had the money I'd put it up myself. Of course, Miss Waters will be remembered by somebody "next month. . ."
Live Fearless Affirmation Day 18 of 365 Today I go to the next level! "Amiri Baraka was my best friend. He has gone to the next level." Today I go to the next level! "Thank you Amiri for being a revolutionary'" Marvin X, of Oakland, Califiornia speaking live at the home going for Amiri Baraka, Avery Brooks warmed our hearts and souls with a musical tribute...
Videos you can watch now while waiting for major films come to rent. Amazon Prime Video offers a 30 year old PBS production of "12 Years A Slave" starring a very young (and fit) Avery Brooks for $2.99 for 7 days. They also offer a 2012 documentary called "The Rape Of Europa", based on the Nazi's methodical plundering of Europe's art treasures. There's a film, "Monuments Men", due to be released next month starring John Goodman and George Clooney specifically about the Allies efforts to find and retrieve Europe's stolen treasures.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Celebrating the life of the Architect of the Black Arts Movement w/ Danny Glover, Woodie King, Jr, Sonia Sanchez, Savion Glover, Cornell West, Rome Neal, Avery Brooks, Haki Madubuti, Glen Turman, Sister Soldier, and so many more! RIP
Amiri Baraka funeral was officiated by Danny Glover, tap by Savion Glover, oral bombs by Cornell West and Michael Eric Dyson, poems by Sonia Sanchez, Saul Williams, Jessica Care Moore, and a special delivery poem by Maya Angelou read by Sanchez. Glynn Turman Avery Brooks and
Danny Glover, Avery Brooks, Oliver Lake, Craig Harris all on stage at the same time...historic ...oh...and Amiri. Sonia Sanchez turned it out... Woody King , Jr. Co-hosting. Every where I turn I see Amiri. Weird!
Listening to my classmate trombonist Craig Harris leading an all-star big band featuring Hameit Bluette and Avery Brooks performing "Round Midnight at the homegoing service for Amiri Baraka live at Symphony Hall, Newark, New Jersey. Listen streaming live.
Avery Brooks performing with band playing Hamiett
I don't think anyone can play a better Captain Sisko than Avery Brooks. He is just too good.
jesus what the *** is wrong with Avery Brooks. it seems like he is high as a kite.
Thank You to everyone that was concerned and left messages. I didn't get the flu or Virus as bad as my friend Bobby did. But I have certainly had it just a little longer. MAN !!! Sinus Headaches and then you can't breathe. Take meds and it drops to your chest, where you can't breathe, but you don't have the headaches… I lost my voice for few days - ( You should have called me then, I was as squeaky as a doggie toy ) Then when my voice started to come back, I sound like the Actor Avery Brooks, from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine… Deep Gravely Voice. I am starting to feel better. Hopefully it's going away now.
Just read of creation website that avery brooks is coming to the boston convention in june
Aghhh! Lynn Whitfield and Avery Brooks and Frankie Beverly and maze at Zora!
Congratulations to the boys basketball team who won on the road last night at St. Edmunds, 56-45. This is a win to celebrate considering multiple team members are out sick with the flu! Thank you to Alex Fontenot, Zach Standiford, Orlando Richard and Nick Babineaux for stepping up BIG TIME! Not to mention, Avery Brooks had 27 points and 16 boards!
King: A Countdown to the Holiday, a 1-minute program series airing this week, is an intimate portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through a combination of actualities, music and host comments. Each of the fifteen 60 second vignettes, hosted by the late Avery Brooks, reveals a facet of Dr. King’s character and beliefs as we listen to excerpts from his speeches and comments from those who knew and loved him best. This award-winning series is a perfect prelude to the celebration of one of our nation’s finest leaders.
That show is why I am a "Private Investor" now...My man Avery Brooks...played the *** out of that part!
William Shatner puts together a miniseries called "The Captains" in which he interviews all the actors who played Star Trek Captains. Episode one is him and Avery Brooks, who is incomprehensible to the point of sounding absolutely out of his mind.
So I just found out that the actor of one of my favorite TV shows as a kid - A Man called Hawk (starring Avery Brooks) [spin-off of Spenser for Hire] was none other than Commander Benjamin Sisko of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. (yes. yes, Aaron McComb - I know you already knew, you're bad *** But How often do you learn somethin cool like this?~!?
The top 5 awesome things I did this year: 5. Planned, executed, and did not spoil a surprise party. 4. Actually managed to start a campfire with no lighter fluid and make s'mores. 3. Met William Shatner, Michael Dorn, Avery Brooks, Gates McFadden, Bruce Boxleitner, and J. Michael Straczynski at sci-fi conventions. 2. Began construction on a 5 foot long model of Babylon 5, and a 3 square foot castle for Tara. 1. Actually went on vacation for the first time in 5 years. Tara Hill and I had our 5-year anniversary trip to Washington. Farewell, 2013! Greetings, 2014!
Randomly, I came about the inspiration to discuss some of my favorite movie characters that I’ve encountered in my journey into film. This list is subjective and only contained, so far, to the movies that I own. As I ponder more on it, it might change. Feel free to comment on my choices for favorite movie characters or talk about your own. (I will provide clips in the comment section if applicable.) They are, in my opinion, performances/characters for which the film would not be the same without… • Pinky (Clifton Powell, ‘Next Friday’) - Actually, David Bowie’s “Fame” came across my song-list and I remembered the scene where we were first introduced to Pinky which provided the inspiration for this post. Makes me laugh every time, great character! • Cisco (Lou Diamond Philips, ‘The Big Hit)- I’ve seen this movie a dozen times and still can’t tell if it’s more comedy or more drama. Mark Wahlberg is definitely comedy, Avery Brooks is definitely drama. It’s LDP’s performan ...
Asking $15. Has voice acting of William Shattner, Patric Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrow, and Scott Bakula! Works great!
It feels a little trivial given the sheer volume of interesting material and stories in Spike Lee's book about making Malcolm X, but I perked up a bit when he revealed that the short list for West Indian Archie, before Delroy Lindo was cast, included Sam Jackson, the original choice, and AVERY BROOKS, who I did not realize was a professor at Rutgers at least at that time. Avery Brooks! I've always wondered why he never worked with Spike, and now I want his West Indian Archie damnit!
I can't even stay awake now, how am I supposed to work 10-6?
"The unknown is a part of living after all.. what may be orthodox for one may not be orthodox for all," -- Avery Brooks.
So in Shatner's doc on Cptn. Sisko (Avery Brooks) there's a 10 minute section on choosing a music producer... Avery Brooks
Holy criminy, anyone seen The Captains? Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko) is like, giving interview answers like he's a philosophizing master
Love my kids! They decorated the house while I was at work! ♥♥
Nothing better than catching up with my best friend ❤️
Missouri is just as boring at night as it is during the day
ive been in this chair since three. I feel ya gurl
I'd argue Avery Brooks was just as capable, as evidenced in later seasons
Ugh. So many little kids at Scheidegger yelling at me. MOVE.
I watched the original, which starred Avery Brooks, in 1977. The beatings seemed more for effect than of how it may have been.
Just rewatched DS9. Yes, Avery Brooks really took off later on.
Just estimated that I'm on the 5 year plan of college. Yay lucky me. Happy graduation in 2017
Two more hours. I can do this. I will not leave early today.
and I are planning our trip around the world this summer.
I don't think I need stiches, but I may have a little rug burn. Still, so serious. And my pride is totes hurt.
I think my favorite part of this is that I texted you "hit me baby one more time" at 1 am
just tell me you actually need stitches and I'll take you. Unlike Aubrey who just "fell"
Thank god I wore sweats and a hat today.
Always be gentle with someone else's feelings. It *** letting someone down in any way but be gentle. They're still human, …
Oh, I hear ya. I looked like (possibly) a scary lunatic just this fall, when I met Avery Brooks at Dragon Con.
he keeps calling me a swan too. Like what is this?
my face when I read that. IDK WHERE YOU GOT THIS SWAN THING FROM
Texting is what makes the world go round.
I can't wait to be home in 2 days to see all of my friends and family. So thankful 💜
Avery Brooks was catching his sea legs in season 1. He is actually one of the best captains, for real.
Saturday night with Avery prepping for the AM hunt
Has anyone seen Solomon Northup's Odyssey with Avery Brooks? I'm curious to watch it since I just finished Deep Space Nine and 12 Years
Can somebody explain to me why Avery Bradley's 5/22 shootin *** is averaging 30+ minutes a game n Marshon Brooks is rotting on the bench???
Addie and I cuddling on the top bunk and and are cuddling on the bottom bunk. Cuddle party!
5 year old niece asked me to braid her hair. Then I got her to say "swerve" so I'm winning
Russia is like way bigger than Jessica Alba
Shatner? Leonard Nimot? Avery Brooks? WOW!! No wonder you see them not they are at Paramount Pictures answering phone calls from fans!!!how
Been on a kick the past week. Drain The Ocean was on in the background just now. Can't escape Avery Brooks...
I swear if doesn't answer her phone one more time though.
Man, Avery Brooks had some fecking chops. Dude is spine tingling.
I like the *** because when I do something athletic, they yell "SWERVE!"
Me, Avery Brooks, Michael Jackson, Tommy Harmon and Joe Stiglitz are all homeys from Gary
Alright celtics it's trade time. A nice little package of Jeff Green, Avery Bradley Marshon Brooks for 1st rd picks and expiring contracts.
Imma just join my baby Avery off in PSLH
You really appreciate how great an actor Avery Brooks is in this episode
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I forgot that people drive the speed limit here and don't run yellow lights.
"If the Royal Ballet can do it, so can you."
Just drove past Lindenwood. Too bad isn't there so I can stop by and say hi
My snaps today have been on point today.
UGH I miss you and our car dance already
Since I'm driving straight to dance, I just hope I don't get judged for how my hair looks this morning
Why is it so windy. I just want to drive home with my windows down.
If you’d like a friendly reminder to apply it, we’ve got you covered!
I just went to text because I had something hilarious and exciting to tell him but I don't have his number :(
hump, j craw, crash , Avery , fav. Olynkyk brooks, bass, c Lrer, press (eventually a spar) , and maybe green if he stays inconsistent
Well I can't blame Avery for not putting Marshon Brooks in the game now smh. We really coulda used Brooks tho smfh
All I have is the Mederma + SPF 30 scar cream. But I'm so bad about remembering to put it on!
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