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Avery Brooks

Avery Franklin Brooks (born October 2, 1948) is an American actor, television director, jazz musician, opera singer, college lecturer and narrator.

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lastly, my favorite tv show of all time is DS9, wherein Avery Brooks is the lead. Please refrain from the race baiting.
Avery Brooks is really just the best. Particularly when put in a buddy comedy situation.
Hold on to your dream. Don't let the people shake you from your drea...
Back in 1993, Avery Brooks foresaw the rise of GIFs and acted accordingly
Brown children must able to participate in contemporary mythology, must use imagination to see themselves whole some eons hence. Avery Brooks
Avery Brooks was also in that. Maybe Levar Burton too?
"You give yourself a chance" - Brooks on when the play with effort, play hard
Like, *** Avery Brooks is one attractive man. Emphasis on MAN.
My DS9 rewatch starts NOW. Avery Brooks just KILLS IT in every scene.
People do not connect with what happened last week, let alone what...
If you want to sing 'Let It Snow' well, do an Avery Brooks impression (yes, Sisko from Deep Space Nine) and sing. You're welcome.
Avery brooks wrote .. i thi9nk.. a ds9 in the 1940? was a good show.
I feel like the biggest argument against anti-DS9ers would be "but Avery Brooks"...
1 question, While interviewing Avery Brooks for your documentary didn't you have a…
The way in which Rick Worthy (Jannar) delivers lines is so much like Avery Brooks as Sisko. It's uncanny.
I have been in traffic for an hour and a half. Don't start with me rn
I hit like three in four years stop that
Quincy drivers ed did not prepare me for this. Come to think of it honestly it didn't really prepare me for anything.
I'm still in traffic. I left work an hour ago. . I JUST WANT MY WINE I HAVE AT HOME PEOPLE. DRIVE DAMNIT DRIVE.
It just occurred to me that Avery Brooks was the first born American to play the lead in a Star Trek series.
What would their reaction have been when Avery Brooks being cast as Benjamin Sisko in DS9? Is there something I'm missing?
I know, I know! In my head I was counting that as Vic but Avery Brooks is such a *** good singer.
just curious, where is the link between Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen and Avery Brooks??
I did it. I just caved and finally turned my heat on for the first time this year. Blest how long I made it.
One of the reasons that I accepted, once asked to do Star Trek, was to...
Current mood: Avery Brooks' face is so beautiful.
sounds great. How does someone end up in lead role as a Lt. Commander and not Captain? Though Avery Brooks role wasn't @ 1st N DS9
Oh, I don't FB or put stock in comments. They're all trolls. Trek has LONG history of diversity. DS9 ('93) led by Avery Brooks.
Huh?. What prompts you to say some Trekkers are racist, Do Avery Brooks, etc. agree?
We need more to speak up like this.Thank you B 💚. Brandon Brooks diagnosed with anxiety condition | ProFootballTalk
Would you know anyway of getting hold of Avery Brooks? I'd like to ask him something as a Trekkie and Evansville native.
I dream was about the treatment of my father. -Avery Brooks
Some of the later seasons were great with the Dominion war. And Avery Brooks was awesome!
Avery Brooks is a generally weird dude. Sisko was a semi-normal iteration of himself.
Why is Avery Brooks so creepy in DS9?.
I'm a big Kirk guy but did you ever see this? Avery Brooks is out there, man
Until the world in some way changes, then my responsibility is to shar...
"But I sort of hear Avery Brooks a lot now, too.". -Barber, when asked if he hears Cullen when he writes Optimus. :D
Don't let form become more important than the substance of your he...
Jesus. Avery Brooks is one *** of an actor. I love when DS9 digs into hard brutal topics like racism. He blows my freaking mind
You should advertise Echo with , Kate Mulgrew and Avery brooks.
Knowledge is going to make you stronger. Knowledge is going to let ...
Avery Brooks has his own metric system.
Avery Brooks is way too OTT as Joran. The guy was supposed to have fooled people enough to get joined, not be Lecter Light.
I love Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko) far too much. Kate Mulgrew's interactions with Shatner are wonderful.
An amazing show. Doesn't let up at all on the way to the end. Probably overall best Trek, and Avery Brooks is incredible
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hello Mr Dorn, have you some news about avery brooks? Thanks for all what you do! Qapla
Watching Deep Space 9 The Visitor. I love how Tony Todd's voice as older Jake has echoes of Avery Brooks' delivery.
If you're making old IBM ads real, can you get us some of Avery Brooks' flying cars?
Avery Brooks is a beautiful man, though. And Terry Farrell is beautiful.
The acting is hit or miss (excluding a commanding voice, how did Avery Brooks land this job?!), but Star Trek always has great characters.
I get way personal in my latest newsletter. Also I talk a lot about Captain Sisko, Avery Brooks, & Star Trek
Avery Smith and his friends make a costly decision in, "Child Support" . Created by: E.W. Brooks. Shot by: DL...
Avery Brooks was brilliant as Sisko through the entire run.
A chick flick based around nanotechnology, with Avery Brooks and Peter Dinklage.
Some may disagree but Avery Brooks was dynamite as Ben Sisko from Emissary through What You Leave Behind. He's the freaking man.
In good news, I've made it to the DS9 ep. where Capt. Sisko (Avery Brooks) sings the Holodeck down w/ Vic Fonaine.…
right up there with BSG, also exec produced by RDM, echoes many themes in DS9. big fan of avery brooks since spenser for hire.
What is Avery Brooks doing maybe he wants to be in my not a ds9 spinoff law and order ripoff that just happens to star everyone from ds9
What I am is a thinking, feeling human being compelled by history.
lol Bc liz just put out for the world that I was bumpin babymaking music
I liked a video from Avery Brooks at Rose City Comic Con 2013
The jazz riffing that you and Avery Brooks do in "The Captains" may be the coolest interaction I've seen between Trek vets
really. I have to fix it. I don't know what to do.
Listen this is how December 1st is going for all my friends. Love you all .
Knwldge is going to give u the wisdom to teach their children. Knwldge is the thing tht makes u smile in the face of disaster -Avery Brooks-
You meet one person from Kazakhstan and all the sudden you know how to identify all ethnicities .
"Do you buy wine everything night?". "No... like tonight I bought 2 bottles" -
If You Don't know who Avery Brooks is! you better and you go to!
"I'm a shady person but I don't let people know where I live" 😂
Is it just me or does remind anyone else of Avery Brooks?!?
Brooks found guilty in murder of Domanic Thrasher
I saw Avery Brooks play Tamburlaine in DC. The world always needs more of that.
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. We ALL walk a fine line when it comes to mental health. Please show som…
So your podcasts are basically a list of "Dream pod... — Four words: Avery Brooks on dadfeelings.
wasn't that with Robert Ulrich and Avery Brooks?
Ron Glass was a big supporter of the Evansville African American Museum. Avery Brooks is also from EVV. Who knew!
Avery Brooks in Star Trek Deep Space Nine was a captain.
Captain Sisko doesn't get enough respect. Avery Brooks is an incredible actor that exudes confidence.
Yo, can I just want to write an essay about Avery Brooks' extraordinary acting and directing on Star Trek: DEEP SPACE…
re-runs of Star Trek Deep Space 9 on Netflix. Also probably some food... But mostly just Avery Brooks' meaty acting
African-American captain? Avery Brooks' Captain Sisko kicked all kinds of *** for 7 seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (Best Trek ever!)
RIP Barry Jenner (Admiral Ross in A fine actor who provided an excellent foil to Avery Brooks' Captain Sisko. 😦
Wow, Avery Brooks chews the scenery in "Far Beyond the Stars"! It's the Bill Shatner school of acting!
I kinda got to go with Benjamin Sisko because sometimes they let Avery Brooks be "A Man Called Hawk" - in space.
Avery Brooks in a commercial touting IBM's commitment to Linux
that is such a lie I am always nice
is actually really mean and I don't know why we're still friends
I have to block you both on every form of social media
I thought we were betting on how old Liz would be when she gets married
I love battling with my friends about who gets married first cause I low key still think it's me love U
Emotions don't pick a time that's convenient for us.
my mom: did the Pope really call Donald Trump the antichrist? Because that's funny and probably true
Graduation is two months from today 🙃 but I'm not counting down or anything
Eh what about when Brooks broke Desiree's heart?! Shocking Moments via
"Avery this girl sent me a pic with her cleavage is she into me or just a *** -Brooks
Avery Brooks in a film together would be out of this world AMAZING
When Dr. MLK says, 'You can't quit', you don't! YOU led to Avery Brooks as Captain Sisco, and Kathryn Mulroy as...
Avery Brooks: If you're looking for evidence of "Star Trek" lore in Northwest Indiana, try the South Shore Wall of…
"I have swamp *** " - Michelle . "The way I feel right now, western medicine can't save me." - me .
Friends, I ask you: is Avery Brooks' 💯 melodrama in The Big Hit not among things that elevate it (despite Problems) to cult-classic status?
Today, Michelle's mom told me I needed Jesus.
Just watched The Captains, really enjoyed it. Have to ask is Avery Brooks messing with us in this or is he really like that?
I'm dead thank you so much for this 😂😂😂
idk I'm eating a frozen pizza and it's pretty *** good
Also that movie? Worth it just to see Avery Brooks doing god only knows what on that piano.
Brandon Brooks and Nigel Bradham will meet with the media at approx. 3 PM. We'll stream live on site and team app.
I hope does an profile on Avery Brooks.
Avery Johnson on what he told scoreless Retin Obasohan at the half: "It wasn't church language. We had to take it back to th…
I wonder if my blood and sweat will be seen at my thesis show?
Ron Brooks: I'm going to come out to compete to be the starting corner. I expect everyone to have the same mentality.
What if I just encouraged you to become friends with Avery Brooks? :-)
More reasons to - and I've decided that Peggy needs to visit Wakanda & Avery Brooks should play T'Chaka.
NBA Head Coach firings I'm still upset about . Avery Johnson & the Mavs. Mark Jackson & the Warriors. Scott Brooks & the Thunder
Avery Hurt, Boyd Hot but Brooks beat initial starter at Grapple on Gridiron. ASU Weak Pac
"Avery why does Duke give himself head" -Brooks
and G Brandon Brooks agree to terms on a five-year contract. Welcome to Philadelphia!.
Who else loves Avery Brooks like I do. Love his voice.
I love Byron Scott but we should really let go of Byron Scott and hire either Avery Johnson or Scott Brooks in my opinion.
Ahh today's turning out to be much better than I thought
Avery Brooks shared those very words as well man to man!! Agreed
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I can't agree more. There's a reason he ends up as a Bajorian messiah. Avery Brooks is a crazy good actor.
Congrats to Jackson Cates for receiving the Herb Brooks Award!
Avery Brooks allegedly not keen about on-screen inter-racial romance. Allegedly.
between Avery Brooks, Rene Auberjonois, Alexander Siddig, and Colm Meaney, DS9 definitely had the best overall cast…
it certainly is. My admiration for it has grown over the years. Avery Brooks' direction is amazing.
Right, Andy's Dinosaur Adventures, it's Walking With Dinosaurs with a berk instead of Kenneth Branagh or the awesome Avery Brooks.
Find it funny that seem full of love for Cumberpatch, not Tim Russ; Padalecki, but not Terrace Howard, Avery Brooks.
Born on this day in 1948 was Avery Brooks, Evansville Ind, actor (Spenser for Hire, Deep Space 9).
have you spoke with Avery Brooks in the past few years? He seems to be getting really reclusive. Hope the old man is alright.
the irony, I'm watching Avery Brooks in a very different role atm
was served earlier today was in the lab working out Aaron Brooks (NBA) Tre Simmons (Overseas) Avery Scharer (Overseas)
Brock Dean saw first team reps at OLB with Ashiru out with a minor bug today. Jalen Brooks and Avery Thompson competing at the SAM spot.
Avery brooks. My g - ma gave him piano lessons as a boy
Avery Brooks is a fantastic narrator. This is a book everyone should hear.
And they're 20 year old vintage Brooks Brothers!
Minutes of silence, march mark anniversary in
hey aka Harry Kim..don't forget we left Avery Brooks aka captain sisko hanging in season 7 of Deep Space Nine.
Saw a manatee about 10 feet away from me in the ocean this morning. For all you who know I don't run, I've never moved so fast in my life.
One of my favorite life moments was Avery Brooks spitting on me during a theater performance. Accidental of course. Loved it!
glad I am not alone. Avery Brooks is the man. Could be better than Picard.
Crawford, it,nate,stucky,spencer,Aaron brooks,t wroten,cj giles,trey,just in dentmon, Avery bradley, real hoopers the jet
I haven't seen Brooks in 3 months so dibs on sleeping in the middle when we all hangout. 💗
"I'm going to be honest with you... A kid sucking on your *** is really weird," - Jennifer
Had the honor of meeting Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, and Kevin Sorbo at cons. Met all three of them in Philly...East Coast baby!
Watching Deep Space 9 with the girlfriend. Makes me want enunciate everything like Avery Brooks
Starting of this hour on with a Langston Hughes poem, Avery R. Young and JC Brooks. Join me at
my next paycheck i'm going to buy a picture of avery brooks that I can look at to get pumped for my many workouts
avery brooks is a national treasure. if I met a genie my wish would be to do a perfect avery brooks impression. my other wish: super speed
Gettin ready to visit the Dallas Cowboys Training camp!! 🔵⚪️🔵
That was pretty cool. Avery Brooks can really yell.
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Why do I live in Missouri when I could have chose to live here...
I went so far into the wormhole last night I'm surprised I didn't see Avery Brooks
Flashback Friday...partying back in the day with Avery Brooks, Quincy Jones, and CEO of Time Warner, Steve and...
Photoset: warnerarchive: Spenser for Hire (1985-88) Robert Urich and Avery Brooks star as Spenser, and...
Co-Produced by Wesley Snipes and John Woo! Screenplay by Ben Ramsey (Dragonball Evolution). Starring Mark Wahlberg, Avery Brooks, and
LIke Patrick Stewart is rad, William Shatner is rad, I hope Avery Brooks and Kate Mulgrew are cool too. What's Scott Bakula up to?
(Cont'd) Avery Brooks even held my hands for the 2nd time! It's still my fave celebrity encounter. The Sisko *is* my Captain.
I've managed to guess which favourite Star Trek episode Patrick Stewart and Avery Brooks would pick on Syfy. No ideas for Kate Mulgrew.
oh wow Dennis Hopper is great. Uh. Avery Brooks in full-on Ham Sisko mode?
Another great one. Avery Brooks was especially awesome in that one.
He didn’t know what a good thing he had, well it’s too late, and that’s too bad. -Brooks & Dunn
Asked Avery Johnson about putting students in sideline seats. He smiled and said they have a plan but didn't say what it …
(its the most awesome Star Trek of them all b/c Avery Brooks is a badass)
Wine tasting at Rocketts Landing tonight with our Sommelier Michael Avery and wine assistant Rebecka Brooks. The...
BUT perfect opportunity to try everyone's food! Did you?
Our Finish Line Women took the Vivid Pack out for a spin. Read up:
I think I might be happy Gregg Marshall turned us down, Avery Johnson already has me excited about Bama basketball for the 1st time in years
Avery Johnson explains why he's not concerned with lack of recruiting experience.
Avery Brooks to Edward Norton "Have you ever done anything that made your life matter?" LOVE that. http:…
Avery Johnson won an NBA coach of the year and now he's at Alabama. I wonder what SEC school Scott Brooks will end up at.
Watching DS9 episodes again. Up to "Tribunal" which has always made me feel uncomfortable. Directed by Avery Brooks... that explains it.
“Avery Johnson is a good coach tho. His players just dont respect him”only cuz he look like on of the monstars from Space jam
The coach of the year list from the 2000s has some pretty grim names. Byron, Avery, Brooks, Sam Mitchell, Mike Brown...
My hot date from sophomore year homecoming only got hotter. 😘 So good to see you! This drink is on…
- Always in our hearts for the legendary Diva - April Jeanette Mendez - Brooks. .
Why the *** haven't I seen more of Avery Brooks lately?
“Alabama meeting with former NBA coach Avery Johnson tonight, sources told ESPN.” So confused right now.
I want to see Avery Brooks and/or Patrick Stewart in Star Trek one more time.
Avery Brooks was awesome, but Robert Urich was the bomb. . Heartbroken when he died. Cancer I think.
she said my face looked dumb. Someone just farted
High school friends are the friends you'll have forever 😘 This has been such an awesome night
Go to dinner with everyone and they leave me alone to talk to old people I don't even know. Feeling awkward.
I had a lot of issues with Deep Sleep Nine, but Avery Brooks wasn't one of them. He owned his role from day one.
So happy with how my master reproduction turned out! Three down. Two to go! 🎨
BB: Lazers take a 3-0 lead in the third after an RBI double by Avery Brooks. Ithaca coming to bat.
I want to see Avery Brooks or Kate Mulgrew. Backup picks would be Andrew Robinson, Rene Auberjonois, and Robert Beltran. :3
This is why Avery Brooks is the best:
Those casuals left out Avery Brooks, Ron Glass, and David Letterman. But yes. Rednecks, we haz them.
Finally reached my favourite episode on my DS9 re-watch: In the Pale Moonlight. Avery Brooks really should've won an award for this episode.
so if you take awhile I'll make it worth it
Avery Brooks narrating a Bible based thing for the History Channel is hilarious.
Sometimes you just get screwed by unprojectable things like Aaron Brooks and Avery Bradley combining for 1/12 shooting through 6 Qtrs.
I just can't handle Avery Brooks's "acting" any more.
I want to see Avery Brooks and William Shatner in act off performing Klingon opera.
His approach to playing Adult Jake Sisko is to imitate Avery Brooks' speech patterns and it's FANTASTIC.
We confirmed tonight at dinner that my mom is heterosexual. .
Whenever he is interviewed about Star Trek, Avery Brooks always goes out of his way to project existential gravitas.
Some of those convos are a little odd though. Like, what was up with Avery Brooks?
Braugher was also brilliant as Iago. Production with Avery Brooks as Othello at Princeton.
Fun Dad Fact: Avery Brooks wasn't cool with how Sisko was abandoning his wife and son, so his lines were rewritten in the end.
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I really want to know if you got it like that cause you got a cute face and that booty so fat 💅
AT THE FAIRMONT! Maybe they can get us on the VIP list for Castle. 😂💅
Snapping Rihanna from Castle. Me you her and Britney going to split a room in Chicago 😂
I wish or somebody would talk to Avery Brooks for like 2 hours.
I love watching Channel shows narrated by Avery Brooks.
So excited to welcome Mr. Brooks Avery Knight to the family in May 2015! 💙🍼
. "Cast & Crew"?!!! How did you like playing a role beside. Avery Brooks?!!!
Happy 22nd birthday, Michelle! So happy to have you in my life to share these wonderful, crazy moments…
cool wesley... but i think avery Brooks is the Best actor...
This woman said, "oh, I love me some Avery Brooks. I would have a one night stand with him. Where is he? Is he dead?" She's like 60.
These old black women are talking about how sexy Avery Brooks is.
Also, why does Sisko sound like he’s perpetually cracking a joke? Avery Brooks has a wonderful voice, but he sounds so jolly.
Im gonna make a movie about the War of Roses & have royalty played by black actors. I think Avery Brooks can pull off Henry VI.
Tonight, I am eschewing everything for a viewing of "In the Pale Moonlight" if just to marvel at the greatness of Avery Brooks.
Avery Brooks takes two Silver medals last week at AGF in Austin.
yeah good old Furious. He did his best. Wow yeh. AHX is an unbelievable piece of work. Now, Avery Brooks, there is a class...
I've got my snack, phone charger, and we're bent over and ready for Joe's.
Nobody. Cole u need to get the stuff at Averys before it freezes.
ok if I'm doing this someone has to hold the driver side door shut
American History X is more relevant today than ever. Thank you and Avery Brooks, Edward Furlong for this film. Tolerance!
I need to finish my letter to Avery Brooks about how he needs to make a real Exodus movie and play Moses.
You know what else we don't have yet? Flying cars. Didn't Avery Brooks bemoan the lack of flying cars way back in 2000?
Of Cmdr/Cpt. Sisko actor Avery Brooks, he later went on to star in the absolutely phenomenal American History X; a masterpiece of cinema.
my favorite captain is Sisko, Avery Brooks is a fantastic Actor.
Don't forget that Jadzia Dax had a love story episode with a woman in DS9. Directed by Avery Brooks, no less!
Raise your hand if this semester has been the hardest and you're so thankful it's over 🙋
Avery Brooks, obviously, is black. What do you think it was about? heh.
Getting through today thinkin' 'bout Avery Brooks gettin' mad at fools.
You need to see it for how amazing Patrick Stewart is and how completely bug nutty bonkers Avery Brooks is.
Finals week. More like real like Trivia Crack am I right
Revival of DS9 today and crossover. In which Samuel L. Jackson plays Benjamin Sisko and Avery Brooks plays Nick Fury.
Watching a documentary William Shatner made about Star Trek Captains. I'm seriously concerned about the mental state of Avery Brooks
Terry Farrell on Avery Brooks - "If he wants you to understand something, he'll make it clear."
I've just found out that I'm going to the Star Trek Convention and will be seeing William Shatner, Karl Urban, SIMON PEGG, Scott Bakula (yes all caps equals huge amount of enthusiasm and all names should be all caps, I know), Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and.drum roll please.HARLAN ELLISON!!! Whoot Whoot!! There are more celebrity guests but my heart is on overload already!!!
We've been notified that Avery Brooks will not be appearing at tomorrow. Nana Visitor will replace him.
Sad about Avery Brooks but Nana Visitor is pretty great
Avery Brooks and speaker on the science behind time travel just cancelled. On top of Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula
hel yes but the guy who started on the left then ended on the right side was delayed a few times. We need someone fierce
We need a third to preform this for our 21st
Starring Avery Brooks as Uncle Tom Publisher's Summary: Uncle Tom is a high-minded, devoutly Christian black slave to a kind family, the Shelbys. But beset b...
The Star Trek convention starts today and tomorrow at the Hynes Walter Koenig and Avery Brooks appearing
Nature, yes. Nature with wild animals no. You haven't heard about the frog yet that was demonic
I feel like you guys would survive in the wild if you just had some bowls
That's the smallest fish I ever seen. It's also the largest fish has thrown up my shorts using when bowls as oars.
I paddled a fish into pants and then she named it Gilmore
"Isn't this like a river? I like to think of it as Liquid Water." -
Just got back from boating. Short trip because there was a fish in pants and this is not a joke
After the panel, join me on my quest to sell Avery Brooks on A Man Called Hawk reboot!
yea, same here. Avery Brooks really grated on me at times. his. pattern. of. speaking. Stewart really spoiled us.
Watching "The Captains"; love seeing and Avery Brooks, so inspired by their performances in . Wishing for a new series
lol Avery Brooks (Sisko) was my neighbor growing up. He was SO nice! And his yard wasn't messy at all. :)
Everyone going to be sure to tell Avery Brooks, DS9 on Blu-Ray looks fabulous, and I hope he will be interviewed for S1 BR! :D
Do you think Avery Brooks ever sings the Thong Song?
Stupid thought of the morning: picture makes him look a lot like Avery Brooks.
Just spent the best two hours boating with
Celebrity host Avery Brooks at Harambe Nights, plus list of hosts for the rest of the summer:
“"Shaq was SO disrespectful. can't stop watching this” 😱😂😂
Avery Brooks, Walter Koenig & more beam down to Creation’s Boston Star Trek convention this weekend:...
Celebrity host Avery Brooks at Harambe Nights, plus who else you have an opportunity to see:
Nice! 19 years old Avery Brooks is down for her first BJ!
Only would sing at a deer with a megaphone instead of oh, I don't know, HONKING
Ain't nobody at The Wheeler on a Tuesday night.
Easiest boy/girl to have a conversation in text with? — girl; Sophie, Avery, Emily . boy; brooks, zach, Ethan
When A+ girls are sad over C- guys -- no hunny pick your head up he's a mcrib thats kicked off the menu and you're a big mac w special sauce
Tyler_says...CAPTAINS_AHOY:ng in a diplomatic mission sense because he says he knows James_Spader. Avery_Brooks is angry, and disapprovi...+
A romantic night with my true love by the lake with wine? Don't mind if I do ❤️😘
We should go boating tonight behind my house ⛵️🚣
A Love Initiative - Day 73 “Strong” What’s in a roar? On a good day, the roar of a male lion can be heard at a distance of 5 miles. A male gorilla pounds its chest and bellows a roar that equals that of the lion. Tigers, bears, elephants even alligators roar. In the animal kingdom the roar is used as a form of communication. It establishes authority, domain, courtship and when necessary, aggression. Simply put, its a display of strength and power. Paul Robeson, William Warfield, James Earl Jones, Ossie Davis, Geoffrey Holder, Avery Brooks, Dennis Haysbert, Dave “the Voice” Fennoy, Michael Dorn, Barry White, James Avery, Keith David, Michael Clarke Duncan, Billy D Williams, Isaac Hayes, Melvin Franklin, Teddy Pendergrass, Larry Graham, Lawrence Fishburn, Idris Elba all have in common the unmistakable roar. Their vocal presence, articulation and intellect demand attention and respect and like the lion their voices exude strength, masculinity and power. Here’s where I get in trouble. I often refl ...
Some dreams die hard. When I was kid in the 80's I lived for William Shatner's Captain Kirk. As far as I was concerned he was the Best actor that ever was! By 1987 and the premier of Star Trek the Next Generation I had cultivated a deep desire to be a Star Trek television actor. I didn't want to play a captain, and preferably not a human, I wanted to be a science officer like Leonard Nimoy or Brent Spiner, or maybe something all together different, a Star Trek first like Whoopi Goldberg. But like I said, some dreams die hard. In 2001 Kate Mulgrew brought the Voyager safely back to the Alpha Quadrant earlier than most of us expected and just 2 years after Avery Brooks abandoned Deep Space Nine. That same year Star Trek Enterprise premiered. We didn't give Scott Bakula much of a chance to captain the Enterprise. How could we? That damned song was just too awful to sit through every week. I marathon-ed the series a few years ago, and aside from the rocky start I was sad I didn't give it a proper go while it ...
Avery Brooks would’ve made a better Nick Fury from shield
*** All I did was take one nap and then wake up to new living room furniture.
Ugh that three hour nap was fantastic
Apparently Avery Brooks wanted Sisko to have a goatee from the start, but for some reason it didn't happen till Season 3, lol.
Oh my god this professor just played Face Down *** Up by 2 Live Crew in class. Dirty version. Oh my god oh my god
oh so Avery Brooks is in the ORIGINAL film??
*** I didn't know that... If you go back and watch that episode, after Will pulls the gift from his bag, is the moment he went off script.. you can tell by the responses Avery Brooks gave along with his expressions and how Will Smith brushed off his lip before he continued.. making sure not to break character.
there will be a lot of available coaches that are better than Brooks: JVG, George Carl, Avery Johnson, Mike Antoni
“watched this 20 times and I'm still laughing us tomorrow 😂
Coolest part of DragonCon a few years back was seeing Avery Brooks (Sisko from DS9). Such an authentically cool (and intense) guy.
Y'all still think Scott Brooks is a good coach huh.
I'm watching "The Captains Close-up," and having William Shattner interview Avery Brooks is a master stroke. Seriously.
he's our coach and we al count how many times it gets said at practice. It's obnoxious
I've decided I'm going to take a selfie every day and will be in the back in her class
I just realized: Mirror Sisko is just Avery Brooks acting normal.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Avery Brooks...he has a commanding voice that is hard to not pay attention to. Trek
Tonite in DC at the - screening of the original movie version of 12 Years a Slave made by Gordon Parks s…
I think I made the mistake by telling work I was home this summer.
do you have assigned seats? Bc I'm about to get that tomorrow.
oh my god he looks HAPPY to be here
First day of summer school and already hating it
Determined to go to the Garth Brooks concert because of now.
& Ben singing George Strait & Garth Brooks in the middle of the parking lot wasn't a pleasant sight
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