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Avery Bradley

Avery Antonio Bradley Jr. (born November 26, 1990) is an American basketball guard with the Boston Celtics of the NBA.

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It's soon time to pounce on getting Avery Bradley to Philly. PG Bradley. SG Jackson. SF Covington . PF Simmons. C Embiid. That defense!!!
Tf you gonna do with Markel Fultz when you have Avery Bradley and IT? If pat Riley h…
Let's stop this now. Fox is not clamping any point guard in the NBA up. Pat Bev or Avery Bradley don'…
Wizards need to pay more attention to Horford & Avery Bradley
See you in Boston! John Wall pulls up over Avery Bradley for cold-blooded winning 3-pointer with 3.5 seconds left to force Game 7 -
Time for Avery Bradley and Isaiah Thomas to just put a knife through the Wizards and end this.
Kawhi Leonard, Avery Bradley and Pat Beverly best defenders in the NBA
Avery Bradley goes for a playoff career-high 29 points in the Game 5 win!
Turns out Avery Bradley was taking John Wall's lunch money in high school too
Boston jumps out early behind Avery Bradley exploding for 25 first half points and takes Game 5!. FINAL - 123
Avery Bradley has his game flowing tonight. John Wall & the Do not
Ray Felton fantasizes about having the kind of game Avery Bradley is having
to win an Avery Bradley signed t-shirt and vote for Coach Al for Official rules: http…
Comparing 37 year old Ray Allen that was about to be replaced by Avery Bradley to prime KD leaving a team that wanted him…
Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley are tougher than Markieff Morris, Bradley Beal, and Marcin Gortat combined.
I guess Avery Bradley literally impressed the pants off his teammate Amir Johnson lol 😂
Butler on Avery Bradley:"He made some shots. Guarded well. They played like the 1-seed, man. And when they do, they’re rea…
Brad Stevens' SLOB and "Fist" series, a pet play for Avery Bradley and how to hide Isaiah Thomas on D
"He Said we can't win the NBA Finals" - to & Avery Bradley
Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley combined for 48 points in tonight's 108-97 win. Down 0-2 to now up 3-2! htt…
Avery Bradley (24), Isaiah Thomas (24) and Al Horford (21) each scored more than 20 points in Wednesday's Game 5...
Avery Bradley praised Isaiah Thomas' defense and IT had a hilarious response.
Jimmy Butler is shooting 34.9 percent when Avery Bradley and Isaiah Thomas are on the floor int his series. NEVER gonna w…
BOSTON – If you didn’t already believe that Avery Bradley is one of the best two...
Goaltend for Avery Bradley, iconic play for LeBron James.
The Celtics lead the Bulls 44-41 at halftime in Chicago. Avery Bradley leads the C's with 11 points, while Jae Crowder has 10.…
Avery Bradley on Jimmy Butler's free throw totals: "I don't want to get fined."
How did Avery Bradley shut down Jimmy Butler in Game 3? With pure desperation, as he explains here:
Sport Mountain - Bradley Reacts to Win: Avery Bradley discusses the Celtics Game 3 win…
Real fun to watch Avery Bradley tonight. His defense is outstanding. Has seven assists. Rebounding. And 15 points on e…
Avery Bradley told ESPN that Isaiah Thomas played a KG clip before the game and that pumped up the Celtics.
Only a matter of time before Avery Bradley's shot was going to start falling... He's 2-for-2 from behind the arc
Avery Bradley: Rajon Rondo told teammates Celtics 'gave up' in Game 2 |
Avery Bradley comforts Isaiah Thomas as he gets emotional during pregame shoot around. . He intends to play Game 1.
if you think Avery Bradley deserves to be the 2017 Defensive Player of the Year
Interesting early sub in third for Brad Stevens. Jaylen Brown first off bench for Avery Bradley. Don't think we've seen that before.
The Celtics head into the 4Q with a 90-77 advantage over the Brooklyn Nets. IT and Avery Bradley have 20 points and 18 points,…
Celtics: Avery Bradley (illness) out vs. Knicks on Sunday, Jaylen Brown expected to start; Amir Johnson (ankle) wi…
Brad says Avery Bradley is feeling better; expects him to practice Tuesday. Amir Johnson good to go vs NY after tweaking ankle Friday.
Avery Bradley (sick) will not play. Amir Johnson (ankle) is good to go, according to Brad Stevens.
The real Unicorns are starting to become guys like Avery Bradley and George Hill, among the few…
Collin sexton will be my fav college player next year him and Avery Bradley are going to be problems for ppl
I know this is just opinion, but your isn't even better than his teammate, your How about Avery Bradley? George Hill?
Avery Bradley is the NBA's most underrated player:
Isaiah Thomas (2,053) just passed Eric Williams for 7th on the TD Garden all-time scoring list. . Avery Bradley (2,271)…
get within 20 and Brad Stevens goes right back to Avery Bradley.
The Celtics lead the Bulls 46-26 at half thanks to 10 pts apiece from Avery Bradley and Isaiah Thomas and stellar defense (CHI…
Everyone is healthy in Celticsland; no minutes restriction for Avery Bradley. What the Celtics have endured so far this s…
coach Brad Stevens: Everyone available today. NO minutes restriction for Avery Bradley.
I'll never forget the day Avery Bradley tomahawk dunked on me in Gregory Gym back at - was an honor? What a stud!
Isaiah Thomas on Stephen Curry for the first possession. Avery Bradley chasing around Klay Thompson.
Avery Bradley is about as essential to the Celtics as Isiah Thomas 🍀
Spurs took James Anderson over Avery Bradley and Corey Joseph over Jimmy Butler.
If Kyrie has the best handles in the league, what does that make Avery Bradley defensively?
Smarts definitely on the come up..but Avery Bradley and Kwahi Leonard are the two best perimeter defenders..imo
.Brad Stevens said Avery Bradley's minutes restriction will be lifted early next week.
Avery Bradley + Gerald Green = Kyle Lowry ? No Lowry is like No Thomas for BOS. Doesn't bode well for their playoff chances
TRADE UPDATE: Celtics acquire Seth Powers from James K. Polk for Avery Bradley and a Nets pick. More updates to come. http…
Bobby Marks saying he thinks Avery Bradley will be a 14-15 million guy in FA, if that's true, it's a no-brainer re-sign. That seems very low
If Boston want's Jam Green, is there anyway we could get Avery Bradley for Jam and TA? Would be a sweet deal for us.
As practice opens, no Avery Bradley or Gerald Green on floor for Celtics.
Curtains open at practice. Jaylen Brown on the court, no Avery Bradley.
if the pistons could get Jaylen Brown, Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynk, maybe Terry Rozier, and then next years nets & another 1st
Clippers proposal to Celtics:. Blake Griffin for Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley or Marcus Smart, & a future 1st. (ESPN)
BREAKING NEWS: Celtics have traded Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley, and 17' 1st round draft pick for Demarcus Cousins
It's been close lately, but with Avery Bradley due back, I'd say Harris
franchise talent like, Avery Bradley, Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown and not I. Thomas or Crowder.
CJ Miles is as good as Avery Bradley...
Celtics Notebook: Injured Avery Bradley remains home while team takes off for four-game road trip - Boston Herald
Ahead of game, get Avery Bradley back to Practice.
We are so close yet so far from that game. 10/25 Chris Bosh & Avery Bradley are going down!!!. You heard it from me, Elijah Nelson
Terry Rozier, who did not play on Monday, gets an early call for with Avery Bradley out tonight.
Avery Bradley was ranked higher by Espn as a prospect. Wall was # 5. Xavier Henry was rated higher
hes a celtic y u so salty. U got John Wall and thats about it. Bradley Beal is overrated. Ill take Avery Bradley over him.
John Wall leading the Eastern Conference guards with 23 double-doubles (Avery Bradley second, with 9).
Marcus Smart will start in place of Avery Bradley and Jordan Mickey will start in place of Amir Johnson.
Avery Bradley: Hopeful for Friday. Going to do workout during game tonight to push it. Want to play, but have to…
I just know Derozen aint cookig Avery Bradley like that..!!! we def getting that two seed...! Sup Paul George. 😂😂😂😂
The absence of Avery Bradley is rearing its head. He could at least force DD into taking jumpers. w/o him, he's attacking the rim.
Hate: everyone on the warriors and wes matthews. Overrated: Melo. Underrated: Avery Bradley, Nikola Jokic. Fav: Gordon…
Avery Bradley, Patrick Beverley, Klay, Paul George just seem more deserving than LeBron at this point of his career
I added a video to a playlist Brad Stevens on Avery Bradley's Injured Achilles & Stopping Anthony
begin All-Star campaign for Isaiah Thomas. C's will also push for Avery Bradley, Al Horford.
Tyler Johnson at 24 has nearly identical stats to Avery Bradley at 24.
Avery Bradley out sick for Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat - Celtics Blog
if you like to enjoy a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day . Avery Bradley.
Of all PG/SG, only Jared Dudley, Shaun Livingston, and Avery Bradley have a better FG% than Demar. & only Westbrook + AD have made more FG
Jae Crowder & Avery Bradley decided who'd shoot the technical with a game of Rock, Paper & Scissors...
Can we talk about the quiet, but more importantly, the consistency play Avery Bradley brings night in and night out
Wiggins, Batum, CJ, Avery Bradley, Beal, Hayward off the top of my head..But now that I think about that position is lacking
Asked about the reasoning for Avery Bradley's breakout season, Brad Stevens says, "The usage is up, so he's getting more oppor…
Big 12: DAJ, Blake, KD, Wiggins, Avery Bradley. Myles Turner and LMA were hard to leave off.
Man, this Avery Bradley rebounding jump is insane. Reminiscent of the year Kevin Willis randomly turned into Moses Malone mid career
Durant described the game plan when the Celtics put Avery Bradley on him:. "It's pretty simple, I just shoot over top of him."…
just said "Avery Bradley is a better defender than LeBron James" get ya youngbul
Did Van Gundy just say Durant and Avery Bradley were college teammates??
I'm giving Avery Bradley the benefit of doubt, he's been asked to play a lot of minutes, but he looked like a rookie in the 4th quarter
Avery Bradley & Jay Crowder for Klay 😳😳 I don't don't like I in the Celtics side
Would you trade Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley and a 1st round pick for Klay Thompson?
I highly doubt the warriors would trade Klay Thompson for Avery Bradley, jay crowder & nerlens noel
they'd have to give them Jay Crowder or Avery Bradley, plus Jaylen Brown and hella future picks in my view
Jaylen Brown starting for the Celtics, along with Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Amir Johnson and Tyler Zeller. Normal 5 for Washington.
Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Jaylen Brown, Tyler Zeller and Amir Johnson will start against the Wizards on Wednesday.
Avery Bradley producing great, Al Horford not bringing as much to the table not as great
Wait Avery Bradley isn't on KD's team why r u stanning for him?
*** why all you celtics fans tryna trade off Avery for Klay, klay just a glorified Bradley in a system
I was sad about the straight-up for Avery Bradley report. I wanted for him so bad.
remember when we were sad about losing Noel for the possibility of Avery Bradley and in the draft
I agree. Isaiah can't do what he does. Avery Bradley is closing the gap bc of his improved offensive.
Boston Celtics’ Avery Bradley develops touching bond with...
All-Star Isaiah Thomas: Avery Bradley is the best defender in the world.
same list I had. Except no Wade, I had Avery Bradley. & Kwahi a SF
So the Celtics "All Star" C/PF is getting out rebounded by Avery Bradley who's 8 inches shorter 😂😂
"Avery Bradley is the best on-ball defender in the world," says backcourt mate Isaiah Thomas.
Isaiah Thomas on he & Avery Bradley: We play and feel like we’re the best. You talk about backcourts and you can’t leave us out.
One more time, ICYMI: Jaylen Brown + Avery Bradley were great & a lot more.
A whole lot of Jaylen Brown and Avery Bradley: 10 things to like/dislike as the Celtics fall to the Cavaliers.…
"Avery Bradley is the guy that let me know my career was over, he picked me up full court & I couldn't cross mid court"…
Celtics backcourt of Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley outplaying Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson through the beginning o…
Isaiah on if Avery Bradley is out vs. Bulls. "I’ll score 40 then. It’s that simple. (smiles) No, I think he’ll be all…
Was going to ask about Ray Allen retirement, but w/ Avery Bradley not here there is nobody left who played with him in Boston.
All-Star Isaiah Thomas on what happens if Avery Bradley (shoulder) misses game: Then I'll go score 40.
Al Horford was at practice today, but not feeling great. ... Will get Avery Bradley update soon. First indications are minor issue.
Avery Bradley (shoulder) sat out practice today. Seeing Doc now.
rumor is Klay Thompson might go to celtics, Jimmy Butler to warriors and Bulls get Avery Bradley and Jaylen Brown
Wizards trades . Beal,gortat, our current 1st round pick for boogie . Wall for Jaylen Brown, Avery Bradley, celtics(nets) first round pick . 🤔
Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Avery Bradley and Al Horford all getting ready for cold weather in Bosto…
After the first week of the Celtics season. . Hot: Avery Bradley . Cold: Jonas Jerebko . surprise: Jaylen Brown. Disappointment: Al Horford
Isaiah Thomas fired up after Avery Bradley hit's the dagger to put up 11.
If the NBA had a Selke Trophy like in hockey, Avery Bradley would be a finalist every year.
Isaiah Thomas scores 25 against the Bulls, but the Celtics fall 105-99 in Chicago. Avery Bradley: 16 points, 6 rebounds, 5 ***
how I feel watching Tristan Thompson, Avery Bradley, Myles Turner, etc and how little they did at Texas
Avery Bradley on lofty Eastern Conference expectations: "I think we can get to the championship. If I didn't, I'm in the wrong sport."
Timberwolves selecting Wesley Johnson over Demarcus cousins, Gordon Hayward, Paul George, Eric Bledsoe and Avery Bradley still kills me
plus okafor lost mad weigh so I know he tryna get right, we need a good deal though for him. Eric Bledsoe, Avery Bradley
Avery Bradley talks about his excitement for the upcoming season, his new teammates and work during the offseason:
Kevin Garnett once cussed out a young Avery Bradley for missing a layup in practice.
we're into round 9 now and Robin Lopez, Avery Bradley, Robert Covington, & Devin Booker have all been picked.
Rudy *** playing small ball 4, Olynk quality big man, Avery Bradley and Chris Paul back court, AND a Brooklyn unprotected pick
Paul Pierce deserves to retire as a Celtic and you get Avery Bradley and Rudy *** fair trade..
I would do Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder for Paul Pierce. Seems like fair value for the Clippers
Man people really believe a 34 year old Tony Allen is a better defender than Avery Bradley? Y'all crazy lol
The Celtics have offered Avery Bradley, Johnson and a 2018 pick for Blake Griffin.
According to Blake Griffin to the Celtics for Amir Johnson, Avery Bradley & Nets 2018 Pick! 🤔☘
Fun fact: The combined salaries of Avery Bradley, Isaiah Thomas, and Jae Crowder will be less than Dwayne Wade's this year.
Westbrook for Avery Bradley, Smart, and Olynyk a fair trade?
toss this out there.. Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, James Young, John Holland, Brooklyn's '17 pick, and LAC own future 1st back for B. Griffin
Breaking: Danny Ainge has agreed to trade Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, and Al Horford to the Cavaliers for Jones, McRae, Frye🍀
And a lot of people actually thought Avery Bradley was overpaid ...
Batum, Middleton, McCollum, Oladipo, Dragic. Last yr, Avery Bradley and Danny Green were "about the same". Green much better past.
Klay Thompson led all qualified postseason players in points per touch (.492). Next up were Avery Bradley (.474) and Ke…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Avery Bradley is the last remaining player on the Celtics to have played with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, & Ray Allen.
Avery Bradley. Dude you have 2 first names. No I actually have 3 my middle name is Scott.
My boys need to make moves.latest I've heard is Greg Monroe/Khris Middleton for Avery Bradley and Jaylen Brown. Thoughts?
Chris Paul, dame is actually better than Curry...Avery Bradley, pat Beverley, and some more.. Nah curry is OK on d
Celtics guard Avery Bradley named to All-Defensive first team congrats Avery...well deserved!
Avery Bradley is the first player to be named to the NBA All-Defensive 1st team since Kevin Garnett & Rajon R…
Congrats to Avery Bradley well deserved first team all defence selection
Congrats to Avery Bradley on his NBA All-Defensive first team selection!
Have you seen Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, and Marcus Smart? I would hide my records if I was Kris Dunn too lol
underrated is the Kemba Walker, Avery Bradley, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope type of dudes
Watch this compilation of Avery Bradley's best plays of the 2015-16 season.
We could of snagged Eric Bledsoe/Avery Bradley and Paul George in the same draft smh
Isaiah Thomas . Avery Bradley . Jimmy Butler. Kevin Durant . Al Horford. That's it Celtics are winning it all next year we're elite
respect to Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley, and Isaiah Thomas. Now let's go get Boogie
without Avery Bradley and KO in and out and Jae and Isaiah playing well less than 100%? please
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Danny Ainge told Isaiah Thomas WILL be ready to play Game 6 tomorrow & Avery Bradley's still a long-shot to play in series.
Steph Curry, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley...what the *** is happening to get everyone hurt in these playoffs?
Isaiah Thomas is hurt as well as Avery Bradley .. Basically the Celtics already lost this series.
Isaiah is pretty *** good. Shoots too much for my liking though. Speaking of injuries Avery Bradley's may cost Boston.
same with Avery Bradley and Kelly Olynyk 👎 Isaiah Thomas can't carry us forever ☘
Boston is one of my favorite teams cause Ima Isaiah fan Evan Turner fan and Avery Bradley fan
Between coach Stevens, Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart & Jae Crowder & all the draft picks they hold, they're in a great position
Isaiah Thomas has been on fire the past two games. Unbelieveable. Boston swinging the series back in their favor even without Avery Bradley.
As much as Boston misses Avery Bradley, starting a bigger backcourt makes it hard for the Hawks to put a bigger defender on Isaiah Thomas.
Stevens says Avery Bradley underwent his MRI today, but is out this weekend and still is unlikely to return this series.
Avery Bradley out. Celtics really don't have any offense outside of Thomas.
Avery Bradley and Kelly Olynk are out for the Celtics? Welp looks like we're going to Boston with the series tied at 1-1.
Just in: For the Marcus Smart will start in place for Avery Bradley (hamstring) and Kelly Olynk will not play (shoulder)
Who will step up for with Avery Bradley out tonight?. PREVIEW: via
B/R projects Buddy Hield & Denzel Valentine going to a Celtics team with Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier, RJ Hunter
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PODCAST: and Brian on Avery Bradley's injury, defending the more
Uuugh - Celtics losing a leader in Avery Bradley
.The Boston Celtics are losing a leader in Avery Bradley
Tough loss(s) for Celtics last night...the game, & Avery Bradley...
Chris Forsberg: Seems as if coaches & players assuming Avery Bradley will be out |
Brad Stevens says Avery Bradley is "very unlikely" for the remainder of series against the Hawks with significant right…
Celtics' Avery Bradley has a "pretty significant" strain. Doubtful for rest of Hawks series
Avery Bradley done huge lost for the Celtics wake up bro I'm thinking of a master plan to the jigsaw puzzle you too
Brad Stevens says Avery Bradley told the staff he “heard a pop.”
Avery Bradley with his entire right hamstring taped. Needs assistance from Jared Sullinger just getting dressed.
can we trade ibaka and Billy D for Avery Bradley or Jae Crowder and Brad Stevens?!? BS makes OKC a 65 win team, easy.
They need Avery Bradley. Not good at all. He pulled that hammy. After this Grizzlies season I'm practically a do…
Avery Bradley is and should be 1st team all defense
Avery Bradley hits the floor to warm up for Game 1 The NBA on ESPN.
Good luck to Avery Bradley, Marv Williams, Rod Stuckey, & any other WA player in the playoffs!
Celtics had only four rotation players with playoff experience last year -- Brandon Bass, Avery Bradley, Evan Turner, Jae Crowder.
Avery Bradley buzzer beater on the Cavs, Cleveland's announcers weren't too happy 😂
I think you should put Avery Bradley somewhere on the all defensive teams but overall solid
Avery Bradley vs Cavs only as an honorable mention? List is trash
Avery Bradley, the best perimeter defender in this league young sir
Mannix: Avery Bradley's defense a key to win over Warriors
Regardless to call for NBA pioneer, Paul Pierce & Avery Bradley say he deserves Celtics jersey retirement.
Biggest reason Celtics play well vs. Warriors: Defense of their guards. Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart make Curry/Thompson work for points.
Avery Bradley might be the best perimeter defender out there. I’ll have to do a Kawhi comparison, but he’s a bulldog ou…
but Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley have both spoke in support of bringing the Sonics back. (They're Washington boys)
I would probably trade Paul George for Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley, and the Celtics top 5 pick. Yes.
>> Steve Kerr agrees with Damian Lillard: Boston Celtics' Avery Bradley 'as good of an
Steve Kerr said he agrees with Damian Lillard: "Avery Bradley's as good an on-ball defender as there is in the league."
Avery Bradley on playing Paul Pierce potentially for the last time: "He really means a lot me. I'm going to appreciate the gam…
starting five will be Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Evan Turner, Amir Johnson and Jared Sullinger
guards Avery Bradley and Isaiah Thomas are incredible fun to watch. playing well tonight
Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley met with students at the Atkinson Elementary School in North Andover
guard Avery Bradley on Monday: "We owe those guys." Looks like it meant it from that mean flush from Evan Turner.
Avery Bradley, have a score to settle with division-leading Raptors via
guard Avery Bradley on I'm going to get in the gym tomorrow and get ready for Toronto, because we owe those guys.
guard Avery Bradley: The next game against the will not be like the last three.
coach Brad Stevens on Avery Bradley: it's hard to play 37 minutes on a back to back. But we needed him tonight.
Norman Powell can look to Avery Bradley if he wants someone to emulate...striking similarities
I really like Norman Powell’s game. Reminds me of Avery Bradley.
Avery Bradley you are not Klay Thompson stop shooting fool!
Avery Bradley with the crossover on LeBron!! 👀
Oh my God did Avery Bradley just break LeBron's ankles!
Celtics 105, Knicks 104: Avery Bradley the go-ahead bucket and Carmelo Anthony misses final gasp. Boston sweeps...
hey and ur boy Avery Bradley hosting a for Jazz
Gordon Hayward got a nice little introduction to Avery Bradley tonight, and I detail it here:
domain names
It all came down to a 1-on-1 between Avery Bradley and Gordon Hayward.
Avery Bradley blocks Gordon Hayward to preserve the 100-95 Celtics win over the ...
Avery Bradley blocked Gordon Hayward in the final moments of the game and the Celtics held on to a thrilling,...
Although he was giving up six inches, Avery Bradley didn't back down from Gordon Hayward in the closing seconds...
Avery Bradley with the clutch block on Gordon Hayward! .
Brad Stevens on Avery Bradley's block of Gordon Hayward down the stretch: "I just felt like he would be our best bet on Gordon…
Gordon Hayward thought he had Avery Bradley just where he wanted him. He thought the game was in hand. He was wrong:
My favorite replay angle of that Avery Bradley block on Gordon Hayward:
Avery Bradley's defense shines with big block on Gordon Hayward -
That was such an incredible block by Avery Bradley, who's 6 inches shorter than Gordon Hayward.
Avery Bradley on game-saving block: 'I love to take that challenge'
Even Oscar Robertson would have to appreciate Avery Bradley's defense.
IT just got all fancy w/ a driving, no-look, behind-the-back pass to Johnson for a deuce. Avery Bradley's laughing bc that was so ridiculous
Nuggets to honor Avery Bradley and Jermaine Oneal at their home opener. Heard numbers could go up on the rafters
Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley, Jaylen Brown, Jae Crowder, and Al Horford will be a fantastic 5 next season.
Avery Bradley has a nice matchup against the tonight - can he take advantage?
You can guard him but you don't have Evan Turner and Avery Bradley on your team
Funny thing about Wall not being offered by Duke/UNC: In the '09 class, Wall wasn't the top PG in the class. Avery Bradley was (per ESPN).
13. Avery Bradley might be the best defensive "point guard" in the league, although he's an offensive shooting guard, he can guard both
You think he'd rather play with IT and Avery Bradley than Wall and Beal??
Kawhi and Tony Allen would be a challenge. He'd absolutely crucify Avery Bradley and Corey Joseph
trade me Avery Bradley as a joke for your birthday
Avery Bradley, Boston Celtics aim to right struggling defense...
Keep one, trade one, release one. Marcus Smart. Jae Crowder. Avery Bradley
Honored to have this Celtics player, Avery Bradley in for baby in 2013 and now baby What a beautiful family.
Avery Bradley says of playing 7 of next 8 at TD Garden, "It's gonna be good getting home. We just need to get some wins."
It also makes me think people undervalue the usefulness of players lake Patrick Beverly, Avery Bradley and even Mario Chalmers
so Avery bradley isn't a good player?
Back again for this celtic player, Avery Bradley and family, congratulations on the pregnancy and choosing Goldenvi…
I have a lot of respect for Avery Bradley.
Isaiah Thomas Avery Bradley Kevin Durant Taj Gibson Boogie Cousins bout to be the starting 5 for da Celtics
For different reasons, Boston's Avery Bradley and Isaiah Thomas will never forget Jamal Crawford's generosity
Avery Bradley has a new treasure: a signed Kevin Garnett jersey
All Kawhi is is a bigger Avery Bradley with cornrows but he plays on the Spurs so the media thinks he's a superstar
Avery Bradley needs to be on this list. Might have the quickest hands in the league.
trading Avery Bradley or Marcus Smart would be Chauncey billups or joe Johnson all over again
Am I nuts for thinking this deal is fair? Boston sends DAL 1st, BOS 1st, Avery Bradley and David Lee to Brooklyn for Brook Lopez
true would you take Lowry and brook open for ant Davis and Avery Bradley
Celtics should trade Avery Bradley, David Lee, and a draft pick for Gordon Heyward.
I want Avery Bradley sent to the Red Claws
If we've learned anything from the last five days, it's that Avery Bradley giveth and Avery Bradley taketh away.
Avery Bradley just gave up a critical offensive rebound to Michael Carter-Williams. Gonna be tough to pull this one off after that play.
the Celtics shooting 62.5 percent in leading the Bucks 11-6 early. Avery Bradley with 6 on 3-4. Jabari Parker with 4 to pace Milwaukee
On the rise of Tyler Zeller, Avery Bradley's hot streak, and valuing the Nets pick. For
Avery Bradley knocks down the trey for the W to lead the TOP 10 PLAYS of the Week!
Avery Bradley beats the buzzer for the to lead the TOP 10 BUZZER-BEATERS of the Week!.
let's get Avery Bradley...we have to go through Curry or Parker...need someone like Bradley
Avery Bradley's game winner last night
The Celtics are on top of the Kings 95-87 after three. Jared Sullinger leads all scorers with 21 points. Avery Bradley has 17.
It's a shootout at the Garden, where the Celtics lead the Kings 46-37 after 1Q. Avery Bradley leads all scorers w/ 12 pts. C's…
Avery Bradley - a not insane version of Vernon Maxwell? I think it's a decent comparison.
The took the Cavs down with a game-winning buzzer beater from Avery Bradley. RECAP:
With his buzzer-beating 3, Avery Bradley was last night's Clutch Player of the Game. Watch it again!.
Avery Bradley's trey wins it for the in Cleveland!
Avery Bradley: "I knew it was in right when it left. Yeah."
Avery Bradley: "Credit to Marcus for even getting us a chance to shoot a game-winner or tie the game. All the credit is hone…
"If you play this game, you should believe you're going to win until the horn goes off," says Avery Bradley.
Said Isaiah Thomas at 10. meant Avery Bradley at the buzzer... sorry. Celtics did win 104 to 103 at the horn at Cleveland.
Avery Bradley, for the win in Cleveland!
Avery Bradley, ladies and gentlemen! He cans a 3 from the left corner to give the Celtics the win at the buzzer in Cleveland!!…
Avery Bradley with the game winning 3!!!
Celtics beat the Cavs, 104-103! Thanks to an Avery Bradley game winning Buzzer beater 3! 🔥🔥🔥
Dagger!. Avery Bradley hits a three at the buzzer to hold off Cavs, 104-103.
Avery Bradley with his best Jay Christopher impression!
Cleveland leads the Celtics 32-20 after the first quarter. Avery Bradley leads the C's with five points.
Imagine how much we would have to give up for Boogie Cousins though.. Draft Picks, Avery Bradley, Sullinger and more. Worth it?
trade kevin love take a couple draft picks and jay crowder and Avery Bradley trade mozgov/mo get Morris and chandler
Avery Bradley makes sure to leave one last mark before the break. Here's a look at his step-back buzzer-beater
Avery Bradley would be a good fit next to James Harden on the Rockets.
Doc & Avery Bradley might disagree with that characterization.
Avery Bradley reaches out to family of young fan
“You’re just blown away somebody would go that far,” a man said of G Avery Bradley
Notes: Avery Bradley's touching gesture toward a grieving family. Assists on this from &
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