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Avenham Park

Avenham Park is a public park in Avenham, close to the centre of Preston in Lancashire in the northwest of England, and managed by Preston City Council.

Egg Rolling New Post Easter Monday Katherine Jenkins

Nice to see Avenham Park in Preston on Angela Rippon's programme now on BBC1
Stunning picture of Preston's Avenham Park from the bridge 📸
i got a time of 28 minutes and 13 seconds at Avenham park but it says unknown on the Preston parkrun website
Bling alert, 10 days to the Avenham Park 5k proudly supporting entries on the day or book online…
Took me 40 mins to go from avenham car park to fulwood. Assuming to do with m6 traffic accident
Yarn-Bombers been doing their subversive work again in Avenham Park
We had a brilliant day yesterday at Preston's Egg Rolling event in Avenham Park. We raised £519.65, which is a record for this event.
Busy down on Avenham/Miller Park in yesterday. All the fun of the fair and Egg Rolling too!
Hundreds turn out at Avenham Park for Egg Rolling tradition - Lancashire Evening Post
Did you miss at Here's what happened. Better than
Preferred it when it was Egg Rolling on Avenham Park rather than 💥🎉 Egg Rolling ON AVENHAM PARK 🎉💥 but still, good…
A touch of mayhem after the first session of on Avenham Park this morning
A great day today!! Egg Rolling 2017 Avenham & Miller Park with Preston City Council
Such good fun at the annual Preston Easter Egg Rolling event! 🐣Avenham is such a gorgeous park 🌸😍
Had fun at Avenham park rolling the eggs now waiting for tea ... stir fry 😋
Great day spent at Avenham park. Matt and Erin make an appearance in the
Boys rolling eggs at avenham park liamjharding
Easter Run to check out festivities on Avenham Park.
You've never painted a hard boiled egg and thrown it down the hill at Avenham park🐣
Avenham Park must be heaving there's hardly anyone here at
14:44 We'll, what a wonderful time chatting to buddy potential young dancers in Avenham Park this morning,...
Forget the event. This is the real deal.
Lovely spread of pictures as hundreds gather for Preston's annual Egg Rolling in Avenham Park -…
We are on avenham park today painting faces and talking to folk about plastics pollution. Come and see us if you're around.
Easter Egg Rolling at Avenham Park done, now for PNE
Egg Rolling in Avenham Park Masses of people here!
Head to Avenham Park today to see a Preston tradition in action! Eggs have been rolled down the hills of this park at Ea…
Gandini Juggling on Avenham Park next show 12.45 2.30 and 3.00
Follow the eggs at Egg Rolling on Avenham and Miller Park
Huge crowds gather in Preston's Avenham Park to eagerly await the annual Easter Egg Rolling in 1901
It's called 'It's a Knockout' based in Avenham park, the charity is Cash for Kids for children who are in need
Great setting here too at the Pavilion, Avenham Park
Ready to screen Avenham Park Look forward to seeing people from 1pm!
23hrs till screens at Avenham Park with h…
23hrs till screens at Avenham Park with
Starts from our own beautiful Avenham Park! Are you up for it?
Thinking of going for a long run tomorrow at avenham park
that's a great walk from Avenham Park to especially on such a gorgeous day!
Unspoilt view of Avenham Park. Photo 10 - after a hard day's work.
Avenham Park, Preston has just put these signs on the majority of the paths through the park!! I…
It was nice playing on Avenham Park yesterday, looked up and had a crowd around me who gave me the clap..but not the VD kind thank
Fancy a break for the day get down the Avenham park 30th April - 2nd May for the Preston FunFest! .
Think hates cycling in Avenham park
What is this load of rubbish in Avenham park?! I cycled down it ;)
Some1 has lit a fire on the bridge between Avenham & Miller park! 4 people are sat round it drinking!
I've just entered the Avenham Park 5K and Fun Run on Mon 02 May 2016! via
Lovely morning for a (not calling it a pre-wedding) shoot in Avenham Park with clients.
Glorious morning at Avenham Park for my 99th
Worth a visit to Avenham Park in Tulips looking good.
I will. I am doing the Preston Avenham Park
Do I go for a walk to avenham park 🤔🤔🤔
tomorrow at Avenham Park in Preston. Hope i get a decent time.
eh, I think Avenham Park's the field with the massive hill and Moor Park's the one next to it with the fountain
Avenham Park was so beautiful tonight @ Avenham Park
the Japanese garden in Avenham Park is so stunning @ Avenham Park
What a gorgeous day in the sun! . Thanks Kelly for the pics from # Avenham Park in the heart of Preston!
Park a great place to relax in the Sun .
Any one would think it's a warm day on Avenham and Miller Park
Hi guys, we'd love to warm all Pretty Mudders up again this year? Avenham Park is our home Venue :) Water pistols ready! ;)
Someone do the 'Pretty Muddy' with me! 10:00 Sat 18th June on Avenham Park. .
gettin FB posts about police activity around Avenham Park.   10% Off
Walkers making the best of a break in the weather, reflected in flooding at Avenham Park in
Avenham Park riverside walk looks more like a causeway at the moment.
Just been on a short fast run round Avenham Park Preston. A beautiful public space. Beating off those late night gigs and staying positive.
There she is Avenham Park back to her best just a bit soggy
perfect... Fri it is. Fab start to 2016, let's hope we keep going all year! Cow shed, Avenham Park, Scorton or Great Hill???
Avenham Park after the flooding. The water was 5 feet over the path and well over the top of the bridge
it's a shame, cleaned up well nr Avenham park but still a lot of work to be done.
Hi Joanne, I'm sorry for the confusion regarding the Preston event, it is at Avenham Park. If you have any issues please (1/2)
Miller park is back and Avenham Park is receding
I've just been online to sign up for your Preston 5k race. Venue states Avenham park Preston but map shows Moor Park Preston?
New Post: Cheeky Santa Dash returns to Avenham Park as Ben Ashworth prepares to do TWO laps…
Garry Cook gazcook :. Look at this! "blogpreston: Stunning drone photos show off Avenham Park and Preston: …
Tomorrow at 10am Preston On Wheels Group once again ride on Guild Wheel from Frenchwood Rec Avenham park.
Bike ride at avenham park, wouldn't think it's Preston!
Avenham Park looking very Gothic in the rain
Come along to our 8k Baby race on Avenham park 12th September. Entry is free!
Beautiful Avenham park in Preston Lancashire in the rain with the Chinese…
Great day in Avenham park the atmosphere and people are brilliant @ Avenham Park
Get yourselves down to Avenham park glorious weather for disco soup ... Then why not stop by for a coffee or cocktail
FOUR ELEMENTS OF SUMMER taking place Avenham Park until 9pm today with Live Music
Come on down to Avenham park and enjoy fab event learn how to be sustainable
The Four Elements of Summer Festival in Avenham Park today until 9pm
Wonederful and sharing the park here in Preston witll be there supporting Mystery Tea House :) . AT Avenham Park...
Disco Soup taking place in Avenham Park today, find out what it is:
Off to Avenham Park for event highlighting food waste and food poverty organised by
Today Avenham Park Preston join for a delicious meal made of food that'd be otherwise wasted! Fab idea
Avenham Park in the sun, support this event & local venues including Mystery Tea House & Duk, with
Off now to cook at disco soup for lets see what we can conjure up for this amazing event see you at Avenham Park
Everybody likes food & music. Put the two together at Disco Soup at Avenham Park today 12pm-6pm
Hi Hope you'e coming to see us at Avenham Park tomorrow, would be great to see you
come and meet Matilda the cow Avenham Park Sunday 12-00 @ Avenham Park
Matlida fans come and see us Avenham Park Preston from 12.00 Milkshakes and more.
I filmed these lot in Avenham Park in Preston last month and I can share the footy with you all now. Enjoy. xx
We'll be down in Avenham Park tomorrow with these funky folks, so be sure not to miss out!
The 4 Elements of Summer Festival tomorrow in Avenham Park looks great!
Darter Dragonfly in Japanese Gardens. Avenham Park in Preston -photo by…
Peel, chop and stir to the beat at the Disco Soup on Avenham Park tomorrow from 12noon.
We see you're in Preston come along to our event at Avenham Park for some free food if you're here on Sunday
Live music all day, this Sunday at Avenham Park
Preston is proud 2 b supporting soup park on Sunday will b a fab day
Kids classic Pinocchio is coming to Avenham Park tomorrow, I am not lying come & see what happens when Pinocchio does
Looking forward disco soup this Sunday at Avenham park cooking up a storm to save waste get yourself there .
Like music? Like food? You're in for a treat on Sunday at Disco Soup, Avenham Park, 12noon http:/…
Foodies: Disco Soup is coming to on Sunday August 23 at Avenham Park between 12pm and 6pm.
Beautiful elegant woodland walk at Avenham Park,
is there any small funds pot for small, low cost events in Preston? I'd like to organise an open air no-mic in Avenham park
. Pleasure. . We are privileged to overlook the lovely Avenham Park. Particularly on a day like today.
The sun was shining, What a truly wonderful day, so happy I attended Peace in the Park at Avenham…
This afternoon’s multicultural communal gathering on Avenham Park was a joy to behold! : )
What the *** is going on at Avenham Park. Weird ***
Excited for 'Peace in the Park' in Avenham today. Hope to see many beautiful souls coming together. Bring a blanket!
Great night followed by a sunny day at avenham park👌☀️ now to a gig to see kill it! Not a bad weekend at all
2nd week at the Cuerden Valley Park Run and another PB!👊🏻. Cruising into form, ahead of the Avenham 5k on May 4th!👍🏻
lol preston has avenham park we win automatically. Have u been Toronto?
great picture of the Easter Egg Rolling on Avenham Park, didn't realise it had dated back so far!
Tough first day back after the Easter Break as we visited Avenham Park for a Fitness Session.
Avenham Park cafe or Winkley Sqaure on a nice day.
Put up four more Sweeney photos on googleplus! Taken by Matt Ainsworth in Avenham Park, Preston, north of England.
Posted a new photo: "Photoshoot with Sweeney Astray in Avenham Park by Matt Ainsworth."
Lord Derby in Avenham Park in Preston seems to have found a good way to stay cool in the heat this morning!
Great to run into in Avenham Park today. His show Elements on to end Aug- Wall Street International http:/…
I had a meeting today at Rock FM, with a lady whose daughter is very ill, ( I won't name them yet until later next week when I'm going to chat with them again) They wanted Windrush Initiatives to get involved in an event on Avenham Park on August 10th " it's a knockout ". Now I only spent an hour with them but I'm determine to help, with your help. This girl is 6 ( or round that age ) she has an illness that is going to blind her, and her movement is very limited. They're going to have to inject her in her brain. She's one of a very few in the world who has this illness. As you can imagine she needs constant attention. The mum wants Windrush to enter a team in competition and ask a gospel choir, steel band and some singers to perform at this event. She wants the place to be happy and to make it memorable for her daughter. Her daughter has a favourite singer who they contacted and asked her if she'd sing to her. The management team said they couldn't do it. So they've contacted " Make a wish foundation " w ...
I could have sworn that Michael Appleton is on Avenham Park near us, but haven't a clue if he's working these days or lives round here.
Final preparations for the Sport Relief Mile in Avenham Park - Blog Preston (blog)
� Join Russ Hedley, local Natural History expert, on a fascinating walk round Avenham Park and the River Ribble as we search for nature that shares our city.
Prestival 2014: Avenham Park could host all-day music festival in September. Rick Moore is aiming to recall...
Thankfully going through Avenham park is far better than cycling alongside cars on main roads
Having a pleasant walk seeing avenham park before heading on to
don't be so stupid! Just imagine walking through avenham park shouting fred, peeps will think ur a retard! Keith here boy. 🐶
Good tonight girls down at Avenham Park. Join us next Weds 6.30pm to get your
Great bike ride with the kids around Avenham Park but come back like drowned rats :-)
you're at avenham park, I'm at moor park!
And I thought I had seen it all.. People are having sex under a tree on Avenham park and I had to walk right past the dirty devils
are you free Sunday? Wanna go running in avenham park if weathers okay?
Continental down by river/Avenham Park is a nice spot & puts bands on. Don't know beer situation there though.
kassam I'll slap you so hard you'll end up in Avenham Park with the ducks
Loving it ! After this were off to avenham park
Why didn't I know about Imraan Vohra? Never going Avenham Park again
Welcome to ESFitness Outdoor Fitness VarietyOutdoor Group fitness classes every weekend. Email to book your first class today!Outdoor One-to-one and Mobile one-to-one classes available. Please email to book.Coming at a later date: Reiki sessions (perfect addition to compliment your fitness program) ...
Don't forget guys picnic in park this Saturday at Avenham park Preston 11am at pavilion cafe ALL welcome .it'll be fun fun fun
Running up avenham park inclines has officially ruined me.
Newshy & Titch will be starting interval training at Avenham park next week, feel free to join.
New gigs are up, starting this Friday at the Paragliders Festival Chipping: Manchester, Colne, Avenham Park and Cloudspotting! More coming.
The sun is shining so get your buggys ready and head to avenham park! Meet at car park or cafe 10.15am see you soon mums x
No class this week due to the fifth weekend. See you 1st Sun of the month (7th July) for a hike to Brockholes (see previous post). We shall stop for a break at the floating cafe. 2nd Sun: Meditation class, 1pm at Avenham park pavilion. Classes are £3 (free for first timers). Please message if you intend to attend any of the classes or for more information. Information available at
Looking for hard working individual, reliable, trustworthy, bar work experience is prefered. Staff member needed to work 18 hours over 2 days, 9am-6pm, 13th and 14th July. Pay meets national minimum wage, although more may be available dependant on experience. If you or anyone you know maybe interested please contact me on here or on email: festivalebarsto express your interest. Please note that the role will include heavy lifting and occasional drinking!! Thanks , Richard Fisher Godwin
Just 16 days to go to the first of 5 talks in the Avenham Park Pavilion. INVINCIBLES TO INN-VINCIBLES. Story of PNE'S greats. 10 July 7.30
At Glastonferret we learned that children don't like our music. They say it is *** . Our humour is too sophisticated for them. We have also entered into a "beef" with the funk band Brassic, after we openly dissed their inferior (to ours) brass section live on stage.
Avenham park beautiful nature at its best. Plus cockers jumping in mud fun times. Hope everyone has a lovely day.
Pre-strike get-together on Tues, 25th June, Continental pub, Riverside, Preston, 7 pm. Join Preston NUT and South Ribble NUT for a leisurely stroll in Avenham Park, then it's back to the pub where Kevin Courtney will address the meeting before we enjoy a pre-strike buffet together. Looking forward to listening to Kevin and gearing up for strike action on Thursday!
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currently at avenham park!! Bike man was great, thanks for recommending him x
Morning all! Looks like PB weather to me! See you in Avenham Park soon, 9am start and
Pre gig nerves starting to kick in.
The future is now lol sat chillin listening to music smack bang in the middle of avenham park with my tablet connected over WiFi to my phone while it in turn is being charged by my solar powered camera bag if you had said that was going to be possible 5 years ago I wouldn't have believed you lol
Very strange to be stumbling round avenham park at half 10!! Work in the morning... I will not be in any kind of state.
Must of swallowed half the wildlife in Avenham Park on that run 🏃
has had a lovely walk with Catherine Pilkington and Laura Pilkington around Avenham Park... love this weather :-)
Better ways of spending my night than sprinting up hills and steps of Avenham Park! But gota do what I gota do!
1 hour's paid work 8.50am - 9.50am. This Saturday or next. Handing out leaflets at end of Preston Park Run ( supported by their organisers). Avenham Park. Let Cath Hodgson know if you want to do it. Paid.
Well n truly knackered after a jog around avenham park n a Zumba class, think a hot bath, big brother n bed, n if I get a good nights sleep, might go for another jog in the morning !
Anyone in Walton le Dale know where the concert noise is coming from?
First sunny Bank Holiday of the year in Preston. The perfect day to grab your guitar and play a song in Avenham Park. For my first video I played 'Never Tear...
Egg Rolling on Avenham Park is a traditional Easter Monday activity for Prestonians. Local paper says 'eggciting!'
If your Egg Rolling Easter Monday Avenham Park ... Pop In and see us for a tasty treat open all day :)
we soon got warmed up this morning at Avenham Park welcome to new mum Sarah and little violet hope you both enjoyed your first session :) Classes will be on tomorrow at Moor park and Yarrow Valley see you tomorrow mums x
*** the Preston Guild sign at avenham park has gone. Wanted a snap.
Breeze in the Park is coming. Celebrate women’s cycling 23/09 in Avenham Park
top pics from Preston Avenham park race received. Report by going up live on site later
Pics from Avenham Park CX races now online at
When someone on avenham park asks you what year it is. "2012" I answer and they scream "IT WORKED IT WORKED"... weiirrddd
Then The City ... - I enjoy it in Avenham park because . I love seeing people with different cultural back…
Dave's doing alright, the conditions ain't, it one of those rainy grassy mud bath affairs @ Avenham Park
Preferably can you also come to avenham park and shout said motivational talk at me as I'm "racing"
Plucking tom's eyebrows on Avenham park had to be the highlight of my day.
Arrived at Avenham Park this morning, enjoying what was left of the grass. It was worth it!
Final day shooting with Jane for Grim's Tales at Avenham Park in Preston...hopefully!
You should! I'll take you to Avenham Park and the nice places of Preston. You'll be able to tell me how much it's changed lol
Missed it yesterday? Here's your last chance to catch the wonderful photo shoot of two soul mates. Love, love, love.
Yeah I know what you're thinking. Who to this week? Can I please put my candidacy forward with this blog post:
Silhouettes, spinning camera effects, pesky lens flares put to good use & just me, camera & a hand held flash gun.
I wonder how many rear mechs will be claimed by Avenham park this year
I remember being at Avenham Park last week and my mum said "I'll just go and get a KFC so she left us for three hours and came with no cood!
A loose recreation of the scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid feature in this week's rather enjoyable blog.
Avenham Park's still looking a *tad* muddy if you're doing the 'cross race there at the weekend...
Tired baby after a walk to avenham park
Fountains, tree lined paths, train bridges and some serious fun with the sun in this week's blog post.
Ahh watching over avenham park through the train makes me smile
A very nervous couple taken through the process of being photographed. Do the nerves show? Judge for yourself.
A great example of love and friendship. And that is at the heart of what I like to photograph.
A few weeks back I had a wonderful photo shoot with two wonderful (and slightly nervous) people. Today's post...
Watching the foxes run about Avenham Park :)
Katherine Jenkins has got a great set of lungs on her, so has Jose. Avenham Park's a superb setting.
Is trying to work while Katherine Jenkins and Jose Carreras practice for tonight's Preston Guild Proms in the Park in Avenham Park 200 metres behind the office - full blast full orchestra - I think I'll just give up and listen and enjoy :)
Breeze in the Park, Avenham Park, gets a mention here in the Sign up here ...
We're giving bloggers/photographers a free press pass to a location theatre show set in Avenham Park this Fri - interested?
New Post: G-Fest: Maverick Sabre to headline Avenham Park music festival for the Guild
The Human League performing in Avenham Park on the 2nd September? I'M ALREADY THERE.
On Saturday evening July 7, more than 1,000 members, friends and local dignitaries from across the United Kingdom gathered in Lancashire, England, at Preston's Avenham Park to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the arrival of the Church in Britain.
Love the enthusiastic take-up of sporting events this year. 700 runners on Avenham Park this morning. Guilders busy marshalling.
takes in urban parks inc Avenham Park, as well as Flag market & civic quarter in the city centre
Working at Confucius Institute's Kite Festival today in Avenham Park. Wish the weather perks up a lot..!
Surely the Chinese kite festival on Avenham Park today has been postponed due to the bad weather?
Chinese Kite festival on Avenham Park today! anyone taking their cameras along?
is back! This time in Preston's Avenham Park, Art Picnic on 28 Apr promises a day of Art, Cake & Conversation
Chinese Kite Festival this Sunday in Avenham Park, 1pm-5pm. Come along! See for more details
Come to "Chinese Kite and Culture Festival" Sunday, April 29 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Come along to Avenham Park,...
Photos from the and bonnet parade at Avenham Park today now up:
Easter Egg Rolling on Avenham Park, Preston: via
You can watch videos of the Easter Egg Rolling in Avenham Park and bonnet parade here:
It's Egg Rolling. It's chasing chocolate. It's bonnets. It's Easter. And it's all happening at Avenham Park today for
Our volunteers will be taking the tombola to Avenham Park, Preston on Easter Monday for the Egg Rolling. Please support them.
New Post: Egg Rolling to take over Avenham Park on Easter Monday
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