Avengers Alliance & Invisible Woman

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I was playing Avengers Alliance and looking at the costumes for Invisible Woman. I thought the costume was that she was invisible. until it finally loaded and I felt like an ***
So I've been playing Avengers Alliance on here a lot lately and a funny thought popped into my head. Some set-up required, so bear with me. Playing PvP a lot of people (read: nearly everyone) use the combo of the Human Torch and the Invisible Woman. To counter this I use Hawkeye and Iron Fist respectively because their "classes" are directly opposite (and Fist can heal). So this gets me wondering. If this were happening in canon continuity, Danny Rand (Iron Fist) being a pacifist would probably start feeling REALLY bad about constantly beating the crap out of Sue Storm-Richards... lol
Actually, Avengers Alliance has taught me that THE BEST SUPERHERO EVER is Invisible Woman. Seriously. My MVP.
Anyone who uses Invisible Woman on Avengers Alliance PvP is a ***
Todays marvel hero of the day happens to be yet another member of that Fantastic 4. The only female on the team. Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman is todays heroine. The meteor exposure was the cause of her power. Wife of Reed Richards and sister to Johnny Storm, She tends to be one of the smart ones. She not only can go invisible, she can also generate force fields. She was going to marry Victor but Reed ended up getting her. For any agent who plays Avengers Alliance, she only costs 15 command points.
Ok Folks...need the opinions of those Marvel fans out there. I am playing Avengers Alliance and its time to recruit a new team member, so out of the following, which would you choose: Black Cat, Colossus, Cyclops, Invisible Woman, Luke Cage (Brawler), Dr. Strange, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, or Sif?
I uploaded a video Marvel Avengers Alliance - Dr. Strange and Invisible Woman
I love playing Marvel Avengers Alliance. My usual team is Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Cyclops, Invisible Woman, and Spider Woman
I uploaded a video Marvel Avengers Alliance - Iron Man and Invisible Woman get
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