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Autumn Pasquale

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RIP Autumn Pasquale.. You are missed & I still say that the Criminal Justice system did you justice to a degree...
Autumn Pasquale, white girl butchered by blacks
Won't make the news, we Won't march in the streets, we Won't shoot cops, we Won't Hate..
Don't pretend you'd ever heard of Autumn Pasquale before today. She was murdered during the GZ trial. It was barely reported.
didn't see you post anything when autumn Pasquale was murdered you Lebron are a scumbag
If you're gonna sit there and say white privilege, then please explain the Autumn Pasquale case!!
Autumn Pasquale? I got banned from a few forums for posting this when she was murdered.
Brilliant video essays by Henrike Lindenberger & Pasquale Iannone selected by me & for new NECSUS issue: ht…
I know. Just like delbert belton, ray widstrand, Autumn Pasquale and a mile long list of other white victims
Beautiful Autumn colours yesterday. Wonderful performance of Don Pasquale.
Opera Preview: on tour // Die Entführung as dem Serail, Don Pasquale and Saul on the road this autumn
I learned of what was done to Autumn Pasquale, Antonio Santiago, Megan Boken, Karl Edith Martinez. I only reacted as gentlman.
Update: Autumn Pasquale *Justin Robinson sentenced to 17 years in prison, and Dante Robinson went through…
Want to talk about This girl was murdered for bike parts and thrown in trashcan
Why did MSM forget about you? 12 Year Old Autumn Pasquale Murdered By Two Black Sociopaths For Bike Parts
Learn the details of the autumn Pasquale case and what you can do!
Autumn Pasquale, murdered at age 12- outrage Rev?
you find the murder of Kimberly Kilgore and Autumn Pasquale funny Tim because they were just whites who got what they deserve
Tim I hold you personally responsible for the death of autumn pasquale
What is the major problem in your city? — the lack of justice for autumn pasquale's murder last year...
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU 1000 TIMES THANK YOU DEAR JESUS AND EVERYONE THAT HELPED, THAT LITTLE GIRL IS SAFE AND COMING HOME !!! You know, I have to also thank that little Angel, Autumn Pasquale, because I know that baby is one of Heavens Angels, and I thought of her, and how I didn't want to see another girl as a casualty, and then I smiled, because I felt Autumns smile, we will always remember you babygirl..
Autumn ... one of the most beautiful names there is. Lets make sure no one ever forgets about Autumn Pasquale. A beautiful, young girl who will forever be remembered by many all over the world Autumn Pasquale - Forever In Our Hearts
Read a post about Autumn Pasquale and "Autumn's Law" -- I agree that these boys are horrible and should both have been dealt the full force of the law. I also agree that the mother had to know something that she did not tell. However, making a law such as this is kind of like creating a witch hunt. This is very dangerous and could set up for a lot of separation in communities. Just think, if a minor breaks the law and does something horrible but the majority or powers that be don't agree with the parents style of parenting then more lives are ruined. What if that parent is not a church goer and because someone with say believes this child is a criminal because he did not go the church and blames that on the parent. What if the parent has to work more than one job because of financial struggle and can't always be there and has no one to help. In both these cases the parent teaches the child the best they can and disciplines the child but the child just wants to do wrong. This can not be blamed sole ...
Here's a clip of tonight's Jersey City Show about the Autumn Pasquale Law and Parental Accountability:
you need to do an update on the Autumn Pasquale case. One brother set free the other out before 30. Thanks for all you do.
Autumn's light will shine through our lives now and forever~ Thankyou to all Autumn Pasquale - Forever In Our...
Our focus at Bianca's Kids is to help, make happy and protect children. . 12 yr old Autumn Pasquale was a member...
AUTUMN PASQUALE 12YRS (KB-Dante & Justin Robinson-Aquintanance) New Jersey TEEN ADMITS LURING & STRANGELING 12YR OLD AUTUMN PASQUALE Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 Camden, New Jersey - August 7th, 2013 -- A teenager admitted that he strangled a 12yr old girl who disappeared last fall while out riding her bike, touching off a massive search that ended when her body was found in a recycling bin just blocks from her home. Justin Robinson, 16yrs, pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter in the death of Autumn Pasquale after agreeing earlier in the day to have his case moved to adult court. Camden County Prosecutor Warren Faulk said that in the court hearing, the teen took sole responsibility for killing the girl, even though his older brother Is also facing a murder charge. Faulk said the boy admitted luring the girl to his home to trade bike parts, but he declined to discuss a motive for the killing. Faulk said the state was willing to accept a plea deal for charges less than murder because of the complicated ...
Clayton, Gloucester Co, NJ, still struggling a yr aftr slayng of Autumn Pasquale over a bicycle. cover story Fri
Why didn't you want to save Autumn Pasquale, seems to be a sham to push
Would have saved Autumn Pasquale?. Could or have prevented her murder for a cheap toy?
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Found an article, don't know if it's the best one:. Autumn Pasquale.
Autumn Pasquale- my we ne'er forget her. RIP Sweet Girl.
Opinion: Milton Hinton: After Autumn Pasquale case, bring race-and-murder issue out...
12 yr old Autumn Pasquale found dead in a trashcan via
NJ: Autumn Pasquale, 12, murdered for her bike by black teens and stuffed in garbage can.
Will you be speaking about Delbert Belton or Chris Lane or Autumn Pasquale or Channon Christan, or Chris Newsom?
Remember this NJ girl?. . "Search for 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale of Clayton, Oct. 22, 2012
Oct 2012. Autumn Pasquale, 12yrs old, tortured and murdered by 2 blacks for her bicycle.
Autumn Pasquale murdered for her bicycle, by 2 African American boys-Did speak out on her behalf??
what were the justifiable circumstances of Autumn Pasquale's
Two *** killed 12 year old Autumn Pasquale in a basement, then shoved her body in a trash can... for a bicycle.
that's awesome!!! What will Autumn Pasquale's dad get to do? Nothing because know one knows about her.
why doesn't anyone talk about Autumn Pasquale? Hmmm.
why don't you mention the story about Autumn Pasquale? Thanks.
Magnolia woman leads effort to remember Autumn Pasquale via
most recent article for Autumn Pasquale.
"autumn Pasquale could have been my daughter"
12-year-old Autumn Pasquale was beat and murdered by two black teenagers. The media and Obama paid no attention.
Clayton Council votes to rename park for Autumn Pasquale |
A home invasion in Cinnaminson was one of several big headlines across South Jersey this week:
A plea deal in Autumn Pasquale's homicide and a shocking Cinnaminson robbery top South Jersey news this week:
One teen takes 'sole responsibility' in Autumn Pasquale killing
Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom, Eve Carson, and Autumn Pasquale for more examples of black on white crimes.
Autumn Pasquale's father 'sat and listened' to guilty plea; killer faces 17 years in prison |
while everyone is busy trending I want to RIP Autumn Pasquale
Those kids who killed Autumn Pasquale should get at least 25 years w/o parole chances, no doubt about that.
Not hearing any outrage over the young boy beaten on the bus by 3 older teens. Seeing a pattern here. Autumn pasquale not in the newd either
If you dont live within 20 miles of her house you don't know who Autumn Pasquale was. No riots. No t-shirts. No outrage…
Did Obama ever weigh in on this case? Autumn Pasquale's murder: another detention hearing for teen brothers charged http:…
Where are all the celebs for Autumn Pasquale? Why isn't riding a bicycle on the court to honor her? Hm?
Guilty plea in Autumn Pasquale's murder came down to a lack of forensic evidence.
Where's the *** outrage over this??? Why didn't this make national news..
Autumn Pasquale murder: Guilty plea came down to evidence - or lack thereof
Teen brothers to get off easy with plea deal in hate crime murder of 12 year old Autumn Pasquale -
Why are no media outlets covering the BS sentencing of the brothers who killed Autumn Pasquale?!
you need to speak about Autumn Pasquale!
Editorial: One chapter closes for Autumn Pasquale's family
“Boy, 16, admits choking 12 Autumn to death & dumping her body in the trash..
We've all heard about Trayvon Martin so WHY haven't we heard about AUTUMN PASQUALE...
My 4k goes out to bc I love you so much & you changed my life, & your beautiful. & my 4k goes out to Autumn Pasquale bc I miss her
One of the kids that killed Autumn Pasquale only got 17 years.. is that a joke?
New Jersey teen Justin Robinson admits to strangling and dumping 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale in…
ICYMI: our story on 16 y/o Justin Robinson's guilta plea in death of 12 y/o Autumn Pasquale of Clayton code E13H
Today's print story on Justin Robinson, 16, pleading guilty to killing 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale by
Justin Robinson takes sole responsibility in killing of 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale, from PC: E13H
How come we didn't have white power banners when the 2 guys killed autumn Pasquale?? That story dropped that day it's amazing
Can someone post a vid of paying tribute to Autumn Pasquale, a 12yo white girl who was killed by 2 black kids for her bike in 2012?
4 more people were killed in Chicago, maybe we have contempt for black on black crime or ALL crime. Read about Autumn Pasquale.
what a shame so many whites will do that for a non-white, but not for Autumn Pasquale.
it's the end of the world when a black kids killed by someone of another race but everyone forgot about autumn Pasquale. not racist but idgi
Why was there no outrage over the death of autumn pasquale, like there was for trayvon? A little hypocritical I think
Why wasn't there outrage when Autumn Pasquale, a white girl was murdered by two racist nut black guys?
Remember Autumn Pasquale? Little white girl, murdered by 2 black teens for her bike. Where's all the outrage for her just…
Autumn Pasquale, 12 year old girl who was lured by two black teens in NJ, killed. Big story locally. How come no one wanted jus…
Everyone is saying rip trayvon. Anyone remember what happened to Autumn Pasquale..? Nahh i didnt think so. .
How about you look for justice for Autumn Pasquale a 12 yr old girl murdered by 2 black boys for her bike parts. Clayton, NJ
Why aren't you looking for justice for Autumn Pasquale? A 12 yr old killed by 2 black boys for bike parts in Clayton, NJ?
Father of slain N.J. girl threatens lawsuit, case moved
This Little Girl Should Have Been Noticed on the news more.
look up Autumn Pasquale's case. That was a true tragedy and not an accident, report news not what gets ratings.
I am sick of whites talking about race yall made blacks slaves for decades and now its crime on each other but when blacks do it its a problem. If someone is murdered black or who cares you should have sympathy for the grieving family no matter the race.You people should wake up and see what your children are doing because its not just blacks its whites to.
Anyone remember the case of Autumn Pasquale? No? Oh right, well she was white and killed by two black boys & received no attention, so
Praying for the family of Autumn Pasquale and for Justice.
look up autumn pasquale white girl killed by two black kids over a bike.. Why don't media talk about that too?
If people are gonna set up marches for Trayvon Martin and none for Autumn Pasquale that's BS
instead of bringing zimmercase to life read about this case Autumn Pasquale and tell me whats fair florio
and black kids kill white kids all the time and don't get the pub trayvon did see Autumn Pasquale
On October 20th 2012 autumn Pasquale at the age of 12 was murdered by 2 black teenagers because they wanted her bicycle, she was brutally
instead of apologizing maybe use your name to help better causes like this girls case Autumn Pasquale open yours eyes
Whatever happened to the Autumn Pasquale case? Where two black kids brutally murdered her over bike parts? Why wasn't this in the news?
When Autumn Pasquale was murdered by two black men, it wasnt turned into a civil rights issue. Mainstream media is such bs
Google: Autumn Pasquale's death. This didn't make national news & media frenzy. Celebrities didnt speak up or wear shirts. No national trial
But how come nobody put the title of racism on the Autumn Pasquale case? People see things how they choose to see them
Why is it that the Autumn Pasquale case was never recognized??? Until now of course. Truly sad.
for Autumn Pasquale and public outrage when she was brutally murdered by 2 black brothers. Stop making race an issue here.
Everyone remember what happened to Autumn Pasquale? k just asking.
can you please ask the mayor to make a statement about Autumn Pasquale or does that not fit into his political agenda
Not being racist but autumn Pasquale was killed then thrown in a trash can by 2 black teenagers. Why didnt she get national news?
do you think the NAACP would start a petition for Autumn Pasquale? I doubt it. She's a white victim.
Do us all a favor, google Autumn Pasquale.
Then these 2 could have been your son as well.
Zimmerman case what about Autumn Pasquale where is her justice killed by 2 black boys.
Anyone care about the 2 black boys who killed Autumn Pasquale (white) for her bicycle? How many times was that actually …
enough Zimmerman case had nothing to do with race! Autumn Pasquale killed by 2 black boys in NJ. Where is the media
the verdict was right... does anyone remember Autumn Pasquale. Where is her and her families justice.
enough with the racial issues the Zimmerman cast was not a racial issue. what about the NJ Autumn Pasquale.
google: Autumn Pasquale bet you never heard about this story!
Autumn Pasquale. Google her. Read her story. Be outraged. Don't let the media tell you when to be upset like in the Zimmerman case.
I hope everyone that is upset about the Taryvon Martin story is equally upset and outraged over the Autumn Pasquale story.
Remember Autumn Pasquale. Her parents/family are likewise missing their 12 yo daughter who was apparently murdered for her bicycle last year
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but why isn't the media making a big deal about Autumn Pasquale being killed by two black kids? guess that doesn't sell any…
Crime was bad enuf indeed Bro. Reported in 2012: ICYMI. Have nice day, CY'all later.
| Oct. 23, 2012 "bicycle...strangulation, was no sign of sexual assault"
Google "Autumn Pasquale." Why didn't THAT get national news attention?
You know isn't this amazing! I don't get it, we are all equal right? Black, Latino, Muslim, white or what ever. but check this out, Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Look at the press this is getting! I can't make a judgement call and neither can any of the rest of you, all you know is what you have heard in the press. My prayers go out to the Martin family I do know what it is like to lose a son. Let the the truth come out! If Zimmerman is guilty he should be executed in a public square to show zero tolerance for this kind of violence. Now on the other hand why hasn't this case received the same kind of media coverage? And this girl was totally innocent!CLAYTON — The teenage brothers were known around town for their love of BMX bicycles. And one of the boys, the 15-year-old, had developed a reputation for stealing them to break them down for parts, friends said. Twelve-year-old Autumn Pasquale owned a bike like that. White, with maroon handlebars. She lived up the street and around a corner, 17 hous ...
where do you stand regards the murder of Autumn Pasquale, Uncle Al...just wondering
Clayton holds color run to raise funds for Autumn Pasquale scholarship. More: by Joe Warner/SJ Times)
Well we to the AUTUMN Pasquale ceremony tonight for the 6 month anniversary of her being gone from us its was beautiful Rip AUTUMN Pasquale
where Obama ? Where was he when Autumn Pasquale a little white child was murdered by BLACKS 4 bike parts?
why no pictures of the 15 & 17 yr olds who killed this little girl? No mention of color?
Black 17 & 15 yr old blk kids brutally taking the life of an innocent little white girl riding her bike
"She died because they wanted her bike for parts! MSM reported Nothing FOX Did you hear of Autumn Pasquale
Save your lecture for families of Megan Boken, Autumn Pasquale, Antonio Santiago, you verminous Prog Elite swine.
That's like asking Bobby Rush to ride a BMX bike on the House floor or Autumn Pasquale.
Autumn Pasquale ,was she murdered by right wing nuts Obama ? Or was this a white child murdered by blacks?
Andrei Ptashnikov is misinformed. Look up Megan Boken, Autumn Pasquale, Christina-Edkins. Are they not "hate crimes"?
Do people outside of NY/NJ even know about Autumn Pasquale? If she were black, and her killers white, you sure as *** would. Disgusting.
it is no where near high evidence. Jessica ridgeway or autumn pasquale were high evidence. This is a joke. Goodbye
how nice teressa Giudice refuses to care about Murdered NJ child Autumn Pasquale !
how great for house wife Giudice to be their for NJ child Autumn Pasquale ! Oh yeah you weren't
Parents settle suit over memorial fund for slaying victim Autumn Pasquale: Autumn Pasqual...
Parents of Autumn Pasquale settle lawsuit over memorial fund:
Autumn Pasquale's parents reach settlement on memorial fund.
Autumn Pasquale's parents have settled a lawsuit over control of the slain 12-year-old's memorial fund:
New details on Autumn Pasquale murder case - CBS News Video
Autumn Pasquale murder: Girl's parents Jennifer Cornwell and Anthony Pasquale squabble over... via
fat RINO christie could care less about a little white girl that died in his state! Autumn Pasquale .
Christie sends photo to Obama for valentines day. & forgets about dead little girl Autumn Pasquale .
Manzo does nothing for Autumn Pasquale or sandy victims! Mob wives helping go think!
Clayton, N.J. still in mourning over Autumn Pasquale
You mean when Autumn Pasquale is brutally murdered by 2 NJ brothers for her BMX bike?
Kevin Riordan: Autumn Pasquale is still very much in hearts of Clayton
Yes, in fact, we did. "thnx for reporting on Little Murdered Girl (Autumn Pasquale) oh yea You didn't !
Autumn Pasquale murder: Judge prohibits hair sampling for brothers accused of murder
why are you saying Nothing about a little Girl Murdered in your State ? Autumn Pasquale
Autumn Pasquale case transferred to Camden County prosecutor amid possible lawsuit --The Feed
Slain NJ girl Autumn Pasquale's divorced parents are fighting over money:
The Autumn Pasquale case is a modern day American Tragedy
Trial of Autumn Pasquale's suspected killers to be tried by Camden County because of potential civil suit.
Autumn Pasquale's murder: Gloucester County prosecutor hands off murder case to Camden County
New family litigation in Autumn Pasquale murder case
New family litigation in Autumn Pasquale murder case - Philadelphia Inquirer
You do not care more than I do, Feminist. Ever heard of Megan Boken or Autumn Pasquale?
Autumn Pasquale’s divorced parents fighting in court of $100K donations via
He won't because his daughters don't look like Autumn Pasquale. But if he had a son he'd look like her murderers.
Autumn Pasquale's mother: I've been shut out from decisions
Autumn Pasquale's murder case transferred to Camden County due to conflict
Parents of Autumn Pasquale, a slain Gloucester County girl, feuding over memorial fund: Three months after a...
Autumn Pasquale case to be handled by Camden County prosecutors: AS THE TWO teens accused of killi...
Parents of slain NJ girl, Autumn Pasquale, battle over fund
A sad follow-up on a South Jersey murder I covered last year: Autumn Pasquale's mom sues dad over memorial fund
Autumn Pasquale's mom is suing her dad over her memorial fund.
Mother of Autumn Pasquale files court action against Autumn's father over memorial fund, headstone:
Teenage brothers charged in Autumn Pasquale's death - from :
it was in Clayton, New Jersey 12 year old White Girl is Autumn Pasquale .
"Is there a charity foundation for Autumn Pasquale?"
Would Stephen King like to be the one to find the late Autumn Pasquale left in the garbage, or prepare her for burial? I dare not speculate.
'They treated Autmn like a piece of trash': Mother's despair and fury as 12-year-old daughter found.
The two teenage brothers charged in October with luring and killing Autumn Pasquale, a 12-year-old girl from Clayton, are set to appear before a judge today.
Hearing set to determine whether brothers accused in Autumn Pasquale's slaying will remain in custody
“2 charged in Autumn Pasquale’s death face custody hearing Philly people
Yet another detention hearing for 2 teens charged with Autumn Pasquale murder in October. Details
Autumn Pasquale's godfather blames cops for death: … work on disability because of post-traumatic stress ...
SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE:COLLEEN A.MAIER Try Defendants as ADULTS in the murder of 12 year old Autumn Pasquale. via
Where's the POTUS outrage over this ?? Autumn Pasquale murder
Make a video about Autumn Pasquale, it will help my community a lot.
FIRST I have heard, forgotten girl. Racism is a one way street and being used exclusively against whites. RIP Autumn Pasquale
What has the world came to kids dieing under age of 18 with in the past three months Amanda Todd, Autumn Pasquale , and children in Conn ...
Please sign and share with everyone. This little girl was a friend of mines cousin.
“We've all heard abt Trayvon Martin so WHY haven't we heard abt AUTUMN PASQUALE...
Autumn Pasquale 12 yr old murdered for her BMX bike by 2 teen brothers !
The heartbreak of the murder of this child and the heartbreak of the mother having to turn in her sons...very tragic
Closed hearing held for youths in Autumn Pasquale killing
Autumn Pasqaule Today the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office announced that two juveniles—a 15-year-old and his 17-year-old brother—were charged with murdering 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale. Autumn was reported missing on Saturday in Clayton, NJ, when she didn't come home at her 8 p.m. curfew. Her...
Disgusting...monsters bred by our entitlement society
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Gloucester County prosecutor Sean Dalton announced the arrest of two teenage brothers Tuesday in connection with the death of 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale.
why am I reading about Autumn Pasquale at 3 am? RIP love.
It's been 3 months since the murder of 12 year old Autumn Pasquale & where is the MSM coverage
The community of Clayton, NJ, has been rocked after two teen brothers are arrested for the murder of the 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale, who was killed in an effort to steal her bicycle. So tragic. On...
A judge will not allow DNA samples to be collected from two juveniles charged with the October murder of Autumn Pasquale, the Times has learned.
Autumn Pasquale murder: Slain Clayton girl's father 'still in disbelief' Where's the OutCry
that people can all join together to remember someone special and restore their community.(Autumn Pasquale, Hurricane, etc)
Black on white violence is so unthinkable. Tell that to the families of Megan Boken, Autumn Pasquale, Bob & Nancy Straight.
Autumn Pasquale justice rally seeks no reappointment of Gloucester prosecutor
Protesters want GloCo Prosecutor fired, claiming mishandling of Autumn Pasquale murder case. Details
2012 Year in Review Murder of Autumn Pasquale: see news story ), the story took a tragic turn to a...
im waking up my bf at 630 nd im gettin up at 7 to get rdy nd leave by 730 for the Justice for Autumn Pasquale Rally in Trenton, i need sleep
im rallying at 10aNJStateHouse to bring awareness of Autumn Pasquale try murderers as ADULTS pls RT
a storm is coming! im rallying at NJ StateHouse awareness for Autumn Pasquale story
im rallying at trenton in am for Autumn Pasquale's story amber alert reqs to SAVE kids quicker!
we are rallying at the nj state house tomorrow morning 10a to bring awareness to Autumn Pasquale story
Trenton rally justice for Autumn Pasquale this Friday Dec 28 2012 10am Statehouse steps
The murder of Autumn Pasquale did more to undermine society than a natural disaster such as Hurricane Sandy.
Truffle Trivia "Trifulaus" are country-living Italians who search for autumn's white truffles with the help of a traine
Running a 5k for Autumn Pasquale April 7th in Clayton, NJ! in my heart!
If the photos of Megan Boken or Autumn Pasquale were seen, that would be more comparable to Emmett Till.
Rocking Out with Mach22 at the TLA! These dudes kill it. Benefit concert for Autumn Pasquale.
I'm at Theatre of the Living Arts for Memorial for Autumn Pasquale and Memorial for Autum Pasquale (Philadelphia, PA)
Also in Philly tonight: The Electric Boa hosts "Forever Autumn" at the TLA to benefit the Autumn Pasquale Memorial Fund w/ The Keefs, MACH22 and more; Beru Revue has their annual Christmas benefit at Blockley Pourhouse; The Kalob Griffin Band & Toy Soldiers team up at World Cafe Live; The Future Unwritten headlines a Joe Strummer tribute at the North Star Bar; The Way Home winds up their year at MilkBoy Philly; Easy Three & The Funky T play Connie's Ric Rac
.and philly school of rock houseband tearing up TLA at concert for Autumn Pasquale.
TONIGHT -- Forever Autumn - Memorial for Autumn Pasquale at More info at
TODAY: TLA. ALL AGES SHOW. Forever Autumn Memorial Concert. Doors open 2pm. We go on around 8:40pm. Come all day for kickass music, raffles, and a silent auction benefiting the Autumn Pasquale Memorial Fund.
If you can't make it out to the Pasquale Benefit show and you want to show your support, Please give to.
Tomorrow Night -- Forever Autumn - Memorial for Autumn Pasquale at TLA! Tickets and info at
I think that in this time of sorrow we also need to remember Autumn Pasquale...remember her?
Murderers such as the black guys who murdered Megan Boken and Autumn Pasquale were hoping to evade justice.
They started the trial for Autumn Pasquale yesterday ... Hope her family gets justice
Autumn Pasquale's family still in disbelief over her murder. A compelling read:
You may want to get the tissues to read this story about Autumn Pasquale's family coping with her death 2 months later
Coming up next Saturday 12/22 at The TLA in Philly is "Forever Autumn" a concert to benefit Autumn Pasquale's memorial fund. The show is headlined by our friends The Electric Boa. 12 bands in all, including The Keefs, Mach 22, Cyanide Saints, Hammer Down and more--plus some surprise guests. All ages event that will include a silent auction. Click on the link for more details, including the full lineup and to purchase tickets.
cent I think the trayvon case is bad n so is jordan davis but sobis the autumn pasquale the girl who got killed for a bicycle their sad!
Autumn Pasquale case update: Media access hearing on Friday via
no one talks about autumn Pasquale a white teenager who two black kids murderd for her bike no outcry of support 50 is raci
Wish more people would also support autumn Pasquale which could also be looked at as racism
Please copy and send this letter to all politicians especially to and to gcprosecutorus spread this to all your friends. Thanks Paul .JUSTICE FOR AUTUMN PASQUALE I am asking you to contact the County Prosecutor Office and implore them to classify the heinous murder of my niece Autumn asquale as a FEDERAL HATE CRIME. I believe that her murder meets all the standards for this federal offense. Autumn's life was taken away from us and I am asking for justice for Autumn. She is never coming back, because of what happened to her. I will not stand by and watch her life be diminished in any way. Autumn was a beautiful person who deserved to live. No one should have to endure the pain and suffering that Autumn endured at the end of her life. We will always remember Autumn; she will live on in our hearts forever. Please do the right thing and give your support in seeking the classification as a federal hate crime. I am seeking justice for Autumn Pasquale who was brutally murdered. I am relentl ...
what about Autumn Pasquale? 12yrs girl killed by 15&17yr old black mans over a BIKE!! No ones pulling the race card here!!
funny don't see u talk about how autumn Pasquale has no media attention got killed by 2 black kids for her bike that's ok tho huh?
On Friday the South Jersey Times' attorney hopes that Superior Court Judge Colleen Maier agrees to allow the media to attend open court hearings in the Autumn P
The house where autumn Pasquale was killed and found dead in Clayton New Jersey :'(
The attorney for the family of Jordan Davis, the unarmed black 17-year-old shot and killed last Friday by a white gun collector in Florida, said the case isn’t about race as many have asserted. The lawyer said he hopes to protect the family from entering a similar media spectacle as the Trayvon Mart...
An 11 year old Hispanic girl in Texas, gang-raped by blacks. Megan Boken and Autumn Pasquale were murdered.
Michael Dunn was Vice-President of a Florida computer company. A rich gun lover who just couldn't take black kids playing loud music right after a black man getting reelected President. Now were going to see if a man rich enough to get away with murdering a young kid.
I have removed the option to send the page a private message and to post on the wall due to others being racist and posting usual hate. If you have anything to discuss, do it below.
Black on White Hate Crimes, Channon and Christopher from Tennessee, Eve Carson from North Carolina, and Autumn Pasquale from New Jersey. RIP
It's like how social media helped them to so quickly find the kids who killed Autumn Pasquale.
Amanda Todd=takes her own life-trends worldwide Autumn Pasquale=goes out riding her bike&is found murdered in a recycling bin-doesn't trend
Classic Cake of Washington Township held its annual Halloween costume party, sweet treat fest and fundraising drive to benefit Vince Papale’s Invincible Kidz non-profit, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Family of 12-year old murder victim Autumn Pasquale of Clayton. Former Eagle ...
Billy had to choose 5 memorable moments in his life for a project for school. Yes he had Disney and the time he got his first air soft rifle, but his most memorable moment was one I didn’t even know he had. Most adults don't know what he discovered. that even the most meaningless moment in time can become a precious memory once someone you love is gone. He never would have learned this valuable life lesson if it weren't for knowing Autumn Pasquale. He is a little more sensitive and loving because of her. Billy's Language Arts story: Once you have memories, you have that person back. “A few special moments that I had with Autumn.” I still remember when we sat in “the circle”. It seemed like a normal day then but now it’s one of my biggest memories. On a single piece of paper Autumn wrote to me, “I never talk to you but you seem nice”. Just those few words made such an important wonderful memory. I still have the piece of paper she wrote it on and will cherish if forever. This sh ...
Bike trail to be named after Autumn Pasquale --The Feed
And then came the murders of Bob and Nancy Straight, Megan Boken, Autumn Pasquale. This is a serious problem.
All finished shopping? No plans tonight? Come on over to the Landmark Americana of Glassboro, NJ. As we are hosting a Beef & Beer for Autumn Pasquale from 8p-midnight. Tickets are limited & going fast, come show your support!!! $25 per tix...
Friday Afternoon: Public skating to benefit AUTUMN PASQUALE'S FAMILY from 1 to 330. Friday Evening: GLOW SKATE for kids from 530 to 7. Friday Night: Kids Night from 730 to 10. DROP THE KIDS AND GO SHOP!
On the other hand, even some youth who have fathers turn out to be completely rotten, like the ones who killed Autumn Pasquale.
Family confirm body found in recycling unit is 12-year-old girl who went missing on Saturday Read more: in Peace.
Thanks Bryan for your contribution to auction items for The Autumn Pasquale Memorial Fund B&B event 11/23
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Oct. 29 should have been a day celebrated by the Pasquales, with streamers and a balloons marking their daughter’s big jump from a kid to a teenager.
The guys who killed Megan Boken, and the guys who killed Autumn Pasquale: They all deserve to be killed, painfully.
Such innocence, life so bright like the sky. But that's what causes the tears to fill up my eyes. You were a jewel to the world shining bright. So beautiful that when I saw your face I sighed, because you were a stranger yet I cried. I cried because you died in such a dark place...
The killers of Megan Boken and Autumn Pasquale should get the death penalty.
MURDERED and TRASHED!! Help for Autumn Pasquale's family on
They still making a big deal out of Autumn Pasquale. What about all those missing ppl signs I see at the El every morning?
Find Autumn Pasquale and find our children, too [Updated]
FB has been clue to a murder suspect too in Boston! : Clayton bike trail to be named for Autumn Pasquale
Feather clips for the Autumn Pasquale Beef n Beer
Most popular stories, photos on include access hearing for Autumn Pasquale case, Stow Creek...
Bike Trail to be Named After Autumn Pasquale: Gloucester County’s bike trail will be named after Autumn Pasquale,...
Gloucester County bike trail to be renamed after Autumn Pasquale
A Gloucester County judge has ordered two Clayton teens to remain in custody charged as juveniles in last month’s murder of 12-year-old neighbor Autumn Pasquale.
[Autumn Pasquale murder: Brothers remanded to juvenile detention; prosecutor...
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Decision delayed on media access to NJ murder case via Autumn Pasquale
Attorneys for several area newspapers are arguing today that media should be permitted access to juvenile court proceedings for Clayton brothers Donte and Justin Robertson who are charged with the murder of 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale.
We'll have tix with us tonight for the benefit concert in memory of Autumn Pasquale - a beautiful little girl...
murderers of Autumn Pasquale should be tried as adults, if you think otherwise then go drain your bleeding heart elsewhere
This is so crazy. Justice is not right
You're living in another decade. I would like to shoot the ones who killed Megan Boken and Autumn Pasquale.
WOODBURY, N.J. (CBS) — A Family Court judge in Gloucester County, NJ is considering a motion to open to the news media the proceedings related to the murder of a Gloucester County girl last month.
Bianca's Kids received a donation from an anonymous donor who wishes for BK to provide a great xmas for a family in need in memory of Autumn Pasquale. If u know of a needy family that u would like considered for this amazing gift, pls message me.
Help make it happen for Help for Autumn Pasquale's family on : Autumn Pasquale murder case: Attorneys argue juvenile court proceeding should be open
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