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Austrian Alps

The Central Eastern Alps (Austrian Central Alps) comprise the main chain of the Eastern Alps with its highest peaks, located between the Northern Limestone Alps and the Southern Limestone Alps, from which they differ in geological composition.

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Close quarters in the snowy Austrian Alps .. 🌲🍒🏔 @ Hallstatt, Austria
We're taking to the mountains. Catch and tearing it up in the Austria…
A chilly wind today at Clouds of mist float through the Austrian Alps.
A little piste of Christmas in the Austrian Alps
In the 30s there were no chairlifts in the Austrian Alps. Women stripped to shorts climbing in the spring just like men did.
The Austrian Alps Project (High Detailing) continues today at 12 Noon UK. Come along and join in at:…
Sounds interesting when it's summer, but when it's winter I rather would like to go to Garmisch-Pa…
I’ve given up a morning of skiing in the Austrian Alps to watch…
Between concerts in Bavaria overlooking the Austrian Alps
Multiple stressor effects on fish assemblages in the Austrian Alps. . We report on a new MARS / study led b…
Fresh snow and a steaming Ziller this morning in the Austrian Alps, one day before the lifts open and the season fi…
"The painting was made by on a frozen lake while the song was shot across extreme climes of Austrian Alps. Sin…
Salman has taken his love for painting to a newer height by creating a huge canvas featuring face.Portrait…
Joshimath, Ranikhet, Spiti... Abroad, Austrian Alps, Wales, Valley of death and for some action, Las Vegas
Five climbers have been killed in an accident near Krimml in Austrian Alps
Five die in climbing accident in Austria.
8 mountain climbers die in 3 different accidents in Alps
Five people have died and one is missing following a climbing accident in Austrian Alps
'Roped together' climbers die in Alps 'fall'
Five climbers die in Austrian Alps via
One year ago since I was at Alpbach. Welsh valleys instead of Austrian Alps this year
Mystery as five people killed in Austrian Zillertal Alps climbing tragedy
5 climbers fall to their death on a glacier in the Austrian Alps.
5 mountaineers perished in the Austrian Alps 😔 never have liked that 'died doing what they love' slogan. Gute Nacht.
Five climbers die in Austrian Alps accident
Five people dead and one missing after accident in Austrian Alps
Five mountaineers die, one injured in Austrian Alps accident in
5 climbers fall to their deaths in Austrian Alps
Five climbers have died and another is seriously injured after an apparent accident in the Austrian Alps
5 climbers fall to death on glacier in Austrian Alps
Avalanche kills three in Austrian Alps via
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Skiing for the first time, IN THE AUSTRIAN ALPS. I am so lucky
Fourth person is feared dead in Austrian Alps avalanche
At least three die in avalanche in the Austrian Alps ^STV
Three skiers killed and a fourth person feared dead in Austrian Alps avalanche
No broken bones in the Austrian Alps.last day in Austria and then it is in Dublin
Three dead and one missing after avalanche in Austrian Alps
Three killed in landslide in Austrian Alps
Three people killed in Austrian Alps as ski touring group swept away by avalanche
At least three dead after avalanche at Austrian Alps ski resort
Tyrol avalanche: At least three killed in Austrian Alps snowslide
Three people killed in avalanche at a ski resort in Austrian Alps
At least three killed and another reported missing in avalanche at Austrian Alps ski resort
Avalanche in Austrian Alps kills two travellers in Tyrol
[OC] Camping for 2 weeks in Austrian Alps, September 2016 via /r/camping
British and Dutch skiers killed in Austrian Alps as group triggers massive avalanche via
Brit skier killed after being hit by 800m wall of snow during avalanche in Austrian Alps
British skier killed in massive avalanche in Austrian Alps .
Fantastic Gondolas high up in the Austrian Alps - Projections by 4youreye ProjectionArt
800m wall of snow kills British skier in the Alps.
The highest trench in World War 1: An Austrian advanced emplacement at 3850m in the Alps, 1917.
.creates luxury lodge nestled in Austrian Alps. . https…
.creates luxury lodge nestled in Austrian Alps. .
ANNIVERSARY | I can't think of many places more romantic than a castle in the Austrian Alps to celebrate your 10...
This is the village of Ellmau in the Austrian Alps. It’s a beautiful little town which hosts a great number of...
Btw full disclosure: the header pic is from the Austrian Alps, not Germany, but near the border. I guess that counts, right?
If I had listened to the naysayers, I'd still be in the Austrian Alps, yodeling. - Arnold Schwarzenegger
This advice is ok but I'll be teaching my kids faux Austrian folk songs and escaping over the Alps into Switzerland
So, who's in the studio this weekend?. Picture: Prime Studio located in the Austrian Alps.
A newly built chalet situated in the Austrian Alps has received worldwide recognition: (via
At least one person was killed and another seriously injured on Saturday when an avalanche in the Austrian Alps swept them down a steep, ro…
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Room with a view of the Austrian Alps
Pricegiving ski school race. Great day in the Austrian Alps.
Cooling off in the Austrian Alps in a hijab. Watch now:
Weekend Time : Pee with a great view of the Austrian Alps ! Couldn't resist taking a pic when here in Oct
It's more than skiing on this active holiday in the Austrian Alps. Snowshoeing & yoga too
to a beautiful day in the Austrian Alps, being on top of the world.…
This was clear to me when going to 11000ft in Austrian Alps in 1993, Rockwall at glacier end was too dangerous to scramble up
Just spent my 21st birthday Paragliding through the Austrian Alps✌🏼
We're excited to be going to next week to check out the Austrian Alps. Check here for pics throughout the week.
A hiking guide strands 60 hikers in Austrian Alps
.Amazing! I'm so envious. Since about mid sixties when I first saw Sound of Music I've longed for those Austrian Alps
Drunk guide leaves 60 hikers stranded after abandoning them in Austrian Alps
What about a meditation retreat in the Austrian Alps? Check this
The Tour de Suisse climbed into the Austrian Alps today - and struck gold with the scenery..!
Hohen Tauern: One of My Favourite Places for in the Austrian Alps -
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
This Sat, 1000s of bonfires across Austrian Alps will mark Summer Solstice. Where to see: https…
Time to give something back and support one of our own
Austrian glaciers retreated an average of 72 feet in 2015 (more than twice the rate of 2014) ht…
Austrian Trentino offensive is called to a halt, having made only small gains in the Lessini Alps at the cost of 28,000 ca…
It's a dramatic political season but not Captain Von Trapp climbing the Austrian Alps with his 7 children dramatic
In more Austria-related news, there's a James Turrell Skyspace slated for the Austrian Alps. Yes please!
plans to bring a Skyspace to a mountain peak of Lech am Arlberg, in the Austrian Alps. via
It's also got WAY more action. . The train fight (set-piece of the film), Mexico City, Austrian Alps, Rome chase... loads of it.
Is there anything more beautiful that the Swiss-Austrian Alps?! (PC: Juraj Patekar)
Simply gorgeous! In BIG pictures: summer views of the Austrian Alps via
Looking for a job this winter? All of our job vacancies for the French & Austrian Alps can be found here:
Kleinwalsertal in the Austrian Alps - Going to the mountains...
The best way to do preseason. Double Days in the Austrian Alps
Paragliding in the Austrian Alps. Easily the best way to enjoy the view
Mooserboden Reservoir built buy prisoners of war during WW2 high in the Austrian Alps! A hauntingly pretty place!
"I've never met an austrian who lives in the alps. People think french people always drink wine and eat baguette - and I do that!"
oh yay! I'm going to be in the Austrian Alps tonight aswell! I'll be thinking of you when I'm looking at it ☺️💭💛
home in North Wales now after an awesome week in the Austrian Alps! :-)
I wonder if Kaiserschmarrn is on the menu, then it will remind me of The Austrian Alps 🏂🎿🏂
A great festival in the Austrian Alps. Lots of beer, sausage and pork steaks. No sign of any Greenhalgh's pies! Kaffee und Kuchen for now.
austrian alps from the top of Rofanspitze
Vans from spotted in the Austrian Alps.…
Thanks for the guidance in the snowy Austrian alps A great group on a great tour.
Hahntennjoch is a high mountain pass in the Austrian Alps in the Bundesland of Tyrol. Photo by Katharina
Waking up to the Austrian Alps is bliss.
The new James Bond movie was filmed in the Austrian Alps. This is the second movie to be filmed in Austria since I move.
Find me looking forward to austrian coffee cakes and alps! :)
Went walking in the Austrian Alps about 15 years ago...absolutely beautiful and spotlessly clean.
to last month when I was pargliding though the Austrian alps.…
Because the only thing better than more volleyball is...more volleyball in Austria! Double Days in the Austrian Alps
New post! Vienna in a heatwave, hiking the Alps, Austrian wine + cake...
Throwback to sipping Champagne in the Austrian Alps' highest altitude jacuzzi! . 📷
close but not quite! We hear the Austrian Alps are quite snowy come wintertime... ;)
Fresh snow has fallen in the French, Austrian and Italian Alps. Checkout our gallery here:...
Winter has come to the Austrian Alps on the first day of Fall.
Hiking in Tirol's Zillertal affords beautiful views of the Austrian Alps. ht…
The Swiss, Bavarian, and Austrian Alps are just beyond gorgeous. one of the best sights Ive ever seen.
ABCi: Office Intern in Austrian Alps including teaching experience: Internship position with all expenses paid...
In 1996 Gitta Yelds traded the Austrian Alps for the palm-fringed beaches of Far N Her story, by Kerstin Pilz:
Spectre 2015 Pictures: (James Bond) Daniel Craig and Bond Girl Léa Seydoux in the Austrian Alps: Daniel Craig,...
Spectre pictures: Daniel Craig and Bond girl Léa Seydoux in the Austrian Alps
The U.S. Ski Team is in shock after an avalanche in the Austrian Alps took the lives of two members of the tea...
Sad news: Two U.S. ski prospects die in avalanche in the Austrian Alps
2 US ski team prospects killed in Austrian Alps avalanche.
Tributes paid to 'outstanding' American ski racers who died in Austrian Alps avalanche
Tragedy strikes on the Austrian Alps. One Utah man, an Olympic hopeful, among…
2 US ski team prospects die in avalanche in Austria
2 USSA skiers dead in Austrian Alps avalanche - RT
USSA skiers dead in Austrian Alps avalanche - RT
USA skiiers went skiing in known avalanche area in Austrian Alps & were buried,either in an act of nature or Nordica Kristie!
awful ... AP: Two prospects from U.S. ski team killed in an avalanche while skiing near their European training base in the Au…
2 members of team killed in avalanche in Austrian Alps
Two US ski team prospects die, four escape unhurt in avalanche near training ... - TSN
. 2 US ski team prospects killed in avalanche while skiing in Austrian Alps prayers to the families
Ronnie Berlack, 20, and Bryce Astle, 19, killed in avalanche in Austrian alps; were prospects for US ski team
your colleague just said skiers died in "Australian" Alps. Might be "Austrian"? lol
Deadly Alps avalanche: An avalanche in the Austrian Alps has killed two members of the United States skiing te...
A leap of imagination in the Austrian Alps .
Pair of U.S. ski team prospects were killed by an avalanche in the Austrian Alps near their training facility.
Two American skiers killed in an avalanche near their training base in the Austrian Alps
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Coverage of the two U.S. skiers that were killed by an in the Austrian Alps continues on htt…
Red Bull Air Force pilot Hannes Arch takes us on a wild ride over the beautiful landscape of the Austrian Alps.
Driving through the Austrian Alps, you spend a lot of time in tunnels. They are long, and it is dark in there. Sometimes life is like that.
Norwegian to begin new service from London Gatwick to Portugal and Spain, French and Austrian Alps
Christmas Greetings from the Alps - Austrian & German Christmas Music: Christmas Greetings from the Alps -...
70 degrees and sunny here in the Austrian alps for Snowbombing
Clayton Patterson decamps for the Austrian Alps (Bad Ischl.). Say you're over NYC, what's next? Where would you go?.
ICYMI: Neighborhood fixture Clayton Patterson is leaving the Lower East Side for Austrian Alps
-oh you're near my place (well my home at least, I'm currently I'm The Austrian alps :)
Sat working from a sunny balcony in the Austrian Alps
Report: Clayton Patterson leaving the Lower East Side for the Austrian Alps: [Photo of Elsa and Clayton from 2011...
What I would give to standing on top of the Austrian alps screaming my head off right now
Privileged white dude is moving to the Austrian Alps because of gentrification: Ugh, the pretentiousness. Spare me.
Neighborhood became safer. Property value went up. Has to retire in the Austrian Alps. Feel terrible for this guy.
Where to hike in the Austrian or Slovenian Alps? [xpost /r/hiking] featured in NBC s Science of Love
8 inches of fresh snow. What an amazing morning in the Austrian Alps! 🗻🏂
Clayton Patterson we need you! Lower East Side Icon Moving To Austrian Alps Due to Gentrification
Well done girls, you've nabbed the in the Austrian alps - partying in an igloo village with
So Clayton Patterson is moving out of the LES n to the Austrian Alps. Go head
Skied down my first black run today down a glacier in The Austrian Alps!
LES fixture Clayton Patterson, disenchanted with the neighborhood, is hightailing it to...the Austrian Alps
A well-known artists plans to finally leave NYC's Lower East Side for Austrian Alps; LES now too trendy. NYT link -
You know it's getting bad when the Austrian Alps look less gentrified than the LES:
"Manhattan’s last bohemian figured he could find a richer existence in the Austrian Alps."
Looks like took an alpine vacation to the Austrian alps. @ Sommerbergalm
Last Bohemian Turns Out the Lights: Clayton Patterson leaves the LES for the Austrian Alps h/t
Austrian Alps saying goodbye to winter
"One of the last men who could credibly claim the title of Manhattan's last bohemian" is moving to the Austrian Alps
If I listened to the neigh sayers I would still be in the austrian alps yodeling - The Governator
check out it's a end of season music festival on the slopes in the Austrian Alps- Mayrhofen
Austrian Alps - sadly, I only got to drive through and didnt have the chance to - Read more…
I uploaded new artwork to - 'Winter Wonderland Austrian Alps' - via
Finishing my final written assignment of my PE QTS 4 year course just before I jet off to the Austrian Alps is the best feeling ever!
Learning a spot of German before jetting off to the Austrian Alps tomorrow!
// cRYING ""Maureen is my home" When Ringo had to leave behind his bride of only eleven days, while he flew with the Beatles to the Bahamas for location shooting on their new film, he found himself deeply missing Maureen: "We had been told to travel light. Leave wives and girlfriends at home. We let ourselves be talked into it, and as a result I spent two of the loneliest weeks of my life in the lush paradise of the Bahamas. Well, when we discussed going on to Austria with a brief stop-over in London, I told Walter Shenson, our producer, I was ready for a fight. ‘I’m not going alone.’ So he said, and it sounded almost too simple to be true, ‘By all means, take Maureen along.’ As a result Cynthia Lennon came along too, and so did George’s Pattie. Jane Asher, Paul’s girlfriend was busy and had to stay behind. But the other three girls took off happily to keep us company. You didn’t have to tell Maureen twice. I remember that when we got to Obertauern in the Austrian Alps, and unpacked in our ...
Join us March 12 in Boca Raton for a screening of the documentary film The Real Inglorious *** which tells the story of three unlikely brothers-in-arms who parachuted into the Austrian Alps, risking their lives to strike back at Nazi Germany. The film will be followed by a discussion with the Museum's Senior Historian. Tickets are $18.
Leaving Israel and the Middle East behind in a few hours as we make our way to the Austrian Alps for 6 days of snowboarding. Then Sweden, Russia, U.K., Bahamas, and then home.
The story behind "Silent Night" Why was "Silent Night" written? Josef Mohr, author / Franz Gruber, composer "And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night" -- Luke 2:8 The reason "Silent Night" was created: How the world's most famous Christmas carol came to be written and set to music While we were serving as missionaries in Europe we visited a small little church in Austria. That church was the birthplace of "Silent Night." Here's the story how this most famous of Christmas carols came to be written: In 1818, a roving band of actors was performing in towns throughout the Austrian Alps. On December 23 they arrived at Oberndorf, a village near Salzburg where they were to re-enact the story of Christ's birth in the small Church of St. Nicholas. Unfortunately, the St. Nicholas' church organ wasn't working and would not be repaired before Christmas. (Note: some versions of the story point to mice as the problem; others say rust was the culprit) Because the ...
A Christmas story, from the Darkside -- The year was 1818, it was Christmas Eve in a snow covered village in the Austrian Alps. The tradition of the people there was to gather at the Church of St. Nicholas to hear Christmas music played on a pump-pedal organ, only that night there was no music because a mouse had eaten a hole in the pedal's material. In the silence the people gathered anyways. Pastor Josef Mohr and guitarist Franz Xaver Gruber walked in, calmed the mumbling crowd and played an unheard song titled, Silent Night, that had been composed a few hours earlier. Since then it has been sang in over 300 languages around the world. everybody! ~ Darkside Johnny
Howdy, Howdy!!! Another fine day was had in the Austrian Alps! Had a fantastic cruzer day in Leogng-Saalbach-Hinterglemm! The groomers (piste) were fantastic prepared!!! In some aspects it was getting close to "spring" skiing!!! "FROZEN POW"!!! Even the *** birds where "chirping"!!! Seeing how its still before the holidays, crowds where definatly down to a minimum! But heads of thursday the crowds will be rollin in! A storm front is moving our way!!! But because of this *** inversion, minus temps in the temps in the mountains, it could go in any direction!!! Either we get some snow...or we get liquid pow!!! Lets all hope for SNOW!!! Out in the backcountry be prepared for everything!!! From bullit spring conditions...even maybe a wee bit of pow!!! Ya know the deal...check local reports...choose lines and hikes wisely...and of course "PLAY IT SAFE"!!!
thanks. The school is sending all of the pupils and some teachers on a skiing trip in the Austrian Alps
Useless facts about People » Canadian researchers have found that Einstein's brain was 15% wider than normal. » While in Alcatraz, Al Capone was inmate The actor who played Wedge in the original Star Wars trilogy has a famous nephew: actor Ewan McGregor, who plays the young Obi-Wan in the new Star Wars film. » Astronaut Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon with his left foot. » Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in the first three Star Wars movies, was a hospital porter in London before starring as the Wookie. » Sheryl Crow's front two teeth are fake - she had them knocked out when she tripped on the stage earlier in her career. » Hitler was claustrophobic. The large elevator leading to his eagles nest in the Austrian Alps was mirrored so it would appear larger and more open. » Jim Morrison, of the 60's rock group The Doors, was the first rock star to be arrested on stage. » Hans Christian Andersen, creator of fairy tales, was word-blind. He never learned to spell correctly, and his publishers ...
Dragovic: Inter is a dream Basel defender Aleksandar Dragovic has admitted that it is 'a dream' to play for Inter, following rumours of a possible move. Reports in the Italian Press recently have claimed that the Austria international is being pursued by the Nerazzurri this summer. And the 22-year-old has conceded that a move to San Siro would be amazing. Speaking to Laola 1 during his summer holiday in the Austrian Alps, Dragovic claimed: “I have not bought a book to learn Italian! “But my agent told me two-three weeks ago that there was interest from Inter. “They are a great team with a great history. “It is the dream of every player to go to Milan, and I'm no different. “But at this moment I am only thinking about being in shape for the upcoming season and resuming my training. “All the other things my club will take care of. “Although, I must admit, I would be happy if a move went through.” Walter Mazzarri's men are said to be close to agreeing a €6.5m deal for the centre-back.
July the 1st and it's hello Summer...breakfast in glorious sunshine, under a deep blue sky and a view of the green pastures of the Austrian Alps... wonderful!
05 Dec - Alpine Christmas Markets -10 day tour from C$2025.00* Based on double occupancy INCLUDED HIGHLIGHTS Munich: See the Town Hall in the Marienplatz, and spend time at the Christkindlmarkt. Salzburg: View the Hohensalzburg fortress. See Mozart’s birthplace. Spend some time in the Old Town with its Cathedral and Residenz Fountain and Christmas Markets. Innsbruck: See the Golden Roof and Imperial Palace in the Old Town. Enjoy free time in the Christmas Markets. Lindau: Free time to walk through the medieval streets of this island-town. Black Forest: See Freiburg’s medieval Münster and spend time in the festive markets of the historic old quarter. Strasbourg: Visit France’s oldest Christmas market in front of the Cathedral and spend time in the atmospheric neighbourhood of La Petite France. Zürich: See the Grossmünster, Fraumünster and elegant Bahnhofstrasse. Attend Europe’s biggest indoor Christmas market with it’s Swarovski crystal Christmas tree. Scenic drives: Austrian Alps, Lake Cons ...
The Beatles Help!, The Beatles' Restored 1965 Feature Film Is Out Today On Blu-ray and from the iTunes Store The Beatles' second feature film, 1965's Help!, makes its worldwide Blu-ray and digital release debut today - the digital release of the movie is available exclusively on the iTunes Store (can pre-order your copy today from: iTunes Store: local retailer: UK Store: Japan Store: follows The Beatles as they become embroiled in a plot involving a sacrificial ring, a religious cult, a mad scientist and the London police. Ringo and his bandmates John, Paul and George are pursued from London to the Austrian Alps and to the Bahamas. In addition to starring The Beatles, Help! boasts a witty script, a great cast of British character actors, and classic Beatles songs "Help!," "You're Going To Lose That Girl," "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away," "Ticket To Ride," "I Need You," "The Night Before," and "Another Girl." Help! Extra Features: - "The Beatles in Help! - a 30-minute documentary about the making of th ...
Alrighty then. This just in from one of my Research Investigators ARIAA Oh yes, people are going back in their old messages, they are digging through your old posts, your history and past. Everything is coming to As I told you before, whatever is in the shall eventually come to light. A person can only front and pretend for so long before EVERYONE finds out the Researcher: Good morning, Ready for some more interesting info.? See her comment on one of the pics she says is her with George: Ariaa Jaeger My spiritual path was always in tact but my true jolt to carrying higher light came in my 27 minute clinical death in Austrian Alps in 1993. George was not awake here yet either but was about to go on his adventure with the Raji in India. We did have a real connection though. This pic was taken right before we both parasailed for the first time ; *Seriously? George and Olivia had just come back from India before THEY went to Acapulco, and it was not his first trip there, having already been to Indi ...
To my dearest Wieners: It has been a pleasure to call each of you awesome people my friend. Thank you for miraculously surviving the wild party train to Venice, meeting Sergei and walking around the streets of Serbia, eating perogi in Slovakia, soaking in the glory of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, clubbing in Budapest, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, roaming around Fall’s Road in Belfast, witnessing the beauty of Istanbul, completely destroying Greece, skiing the Austrian Alps, magically running a HALF MARATHON in Salzburg, “camping out “ in the Bavarian woods, stumbling around the streets of Rome, taking in the glory of Prague, crossing Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, frequenting Travel Shack far too many times, and, most importantly, rocking the *** out of WIEN with me these past 131 days. I love each and every one of you with all my heart. Please visit, Kruegs.
WARNER AND THEISEN GOTZIS (AUT, May 25): Canadians are overnight leaders at 39th Hypomeeting in Austrian Alps (IAAF CE Challenge). Damian Warner, fifth at the London 2012 Olympic Games, finished the first day with 4340 points and an advantage 96 points over German surprise Kai Kazmirek, who was second with 4244 points. USA’s 2012 IAAF World Junior Championships gold medallist Gunnar Nixon was third after five events with 4239 points. Brianne Theisen’s heptathlon lead is much more slender than her compatriot and she leads by just five points from The Netherlands’ 2010 World junior champion Dafne Schippers on cold and rainy day where the temperature was just 9 degrees Celsius and which was more like one encountered in the late autumn rather than at the end of May (3816 to 3811). Ukraine’s Hanna Melnychenko, third in the European Athletics Indoor Championships Pentathlon, ranks third overnight with 3740 points while Russia’s 2011 World champion Tatyana Chernova ended up the first day down in sevent ...
Red Army T-34 and M4A2 in Austrian Alps, 1945 At that time my great-grandfather served as a mechanic in a tank battalion that had advanced as far as Vienna - and he did the maintenance of Shermans!
I'm in Himachal Pradesh of Europe! Actually i'm passing through Austrian Alps! :-)
The Grand Tirolia, pure luxury in the Austrian Alps | Conscious Business, Lifestyle
"The Kammersee Affair", although a work of fiction, is partially based on reality. Lake Toplitz (German: Toplitzsee) is a lake situated in a dense mountain forest high up in the Austrian Alps, 98 km (61 mi) from Salzburg in western Austria. It is surrounded by cliffs and forests in the Salzkammergut lake district, within the Totes Gebirge (dead mountains). The Toplitzsee water contains no oxygen below a depth of 20m. Fish can survive only in the top 18m, as the water below 20m is salty, although bacteria and worms have been found below 20m that can live without oxygen. During 1943-44, the shore of Lake Toplitz served as a Nazi naval testing station. Using copper diaphragms, scientists experimented with different explosives, detonating up to 4,000 kg charges at various depths. They also fired torpedoes from a launching pad in the lake into the Tote Mountains, producing vast holes in the canyon walls. Millions of counterfeit pound sterling notes (£100+ million) were dumped in the lake after Operation Bernh ...
Very excited - itinerary locked down for our28 day European adventure starting on my birthday on 12 June. 3 days in Frankfurt and Konstanz (Lake Constance) in Germany, then 2 days in Strasburg and a drive through the Austrian Alps, 3 days in Budapest and Vesprem (Hungary), 2 days in Venice, 5 in Florence, 3 in Rome, 2 in Positano on the Amalfi Coast, 3 in La Spezia on the Cinque Terra, then 3 on the French Rivierra. Going to be amazing!
Last week's edition of The Sound Barrier began, in a rather obscure kind of way, in the Austrian Alps. Well, they were sort of vaguely referred to, at least.
4 countries in 36hours drove the Swiss Alps and Austrian Alps seen Alexandros Tsikrikas in Zurich
scored some nice Austrian Alps raw-milk gruyere for the french onion soup lunch. Westside Market Chelsea
You certainly can't blame Julie Andrews for being taken in by the sound of music as she frolicked through the Austrian Alps. But of course, what she was listening to there was not the sound of violins and cellos and flutes and horns. It was the sound of wind raging, of animals vying for food and sex...
French Alps or Austrian Alps for ski vacation ? What do you think ?
Sure, you can ski nearby. But the “capital” of the Austrian Alps pulses to everything après, from eating to shopping.
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Here are these, 5 likes for 20 more? ~Winky/Lightwood/Thresh~ 1 Are there any causes you strongly believe in? I strongly believe in a lot of controversial things, but actually, I don’t remember how strongly I believe in them until they’re put to question. 2 Are you a member of any societies or associations? Well, I was in NJHS, and I’m in German Honors Society, erm do clubs count? Because if so I’m in so many clubs it’s ridiculous. 3 Are you a people's person or do you prefer your own company? It really depends on the person. 4 Are you a virgin? If not, how old were you when you lost your virginity? Oh *** yes! 5 Are you addicted to anything? Chocolate….please don’t turn me in D’: 6 Are you afraid of ghosts? Nope, not at all. 7 Are you afraid of heights? Nope, not at all. I’ve jumped off the Austrian Alps strapped to a parachute and a stranger. 8 Are you short tempered? Depends on whether you’re trying to *** me off, or you’re just stupid. 9 Can you dance? Do you like dancing? Well . ...
Book your unique mountain holidays through Chalet Experiences. We offer action-packed, bargain stays in superb accommdation in the best locations of the Austrian Alps.
Thiells United Methodist Church Pastor Reverend Jessica Campbell, in her pastoral letter this week, told a special story about a church in the Austrian Alps.
THE AMAZING ORIGINS OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS SONG: from RETURN TO ORDER (12/21/12) Far beyond the ocean, in a valley in the Austrian Alps, lies the age-old village of Oberndorf, looking now much as it did one, two, or three hundred years ago. In the center of the village, near a swift-flowing stream, stands a whitewashed church with a tall red-topped steeple. The low houses, their slanting roofs weighted down with stones, are scattered about the church like so many baby chicks around a red-combed white hen; and the church bell calls to them from the steeple in a quick, excited hen-like tone. In the days of our story only peasants and a few artisans lived in Oberndorf, with an occasional trader coming in “from outside.” There were but two educated people in the village: Father Joseph Mohr, the twenty-six-year-old parish priest, and Franz Xaver Gruber, the organist and schoolteacher. Both being young and “from outside,” they soon became fast friends, and every Sunday they met to make music. A ...
Go to forum member big red one, Austrian Alps road trip thread. That was in his daily hacker. ;-)
A quick chat with 2008 Olympic bronze medallist Deontay Wilder at Wladimir Klitschko's training camp in the Austrian Alps. Deontay had just finished a workou...
Hands up any ladies who think the bangle is a stupid design ? If you don't want the bangle to keep sliding over your hand and falling off, you have to buy them in a size smaller than your hand, which means contorting your poor fingers into all sorts of awkward positions just to get the *** things on. Whenever you rest your wrist on the desk to type/write etc. the bottom of it keeps pushing or pinching into the soft skin. Raise your hand and there's an annoying clacking or jingling sound of bangles colliding, making you sound like some hapless cow lost in the Austrian Alps in spite of the giant bell around her neck. Drop your hand to hang at your side and that heavy wooden bangle races downwards to collide painfully with your wrist bone. In hot weather it wedges itself around your swollen lower arm where it gets sticky and itchy. In winter you keep getting this unpleasant cold shock from that metal cuff that looked so stunning on display, or you receive involuntary arm scarification of the burnt variety ...
playing soccer in the Austrian Alps?! On a perfect pitch?! With NO back issues?!?! Life is just too darn good
Today we crossed the German border and into the Austrian Alps to several tunes from the Sound of Music thanks to a few fans of the musical who not only could carry the tune, but remember the words too.
There's a guy up here in the Austrian Alps who looks like Totally made me think of Band of Brothers.
The Fabulous Fibonacci Numbers In today's excerpt - in Europe, cumbersome Roman numerals were used until about 1202 AD, when a mathematician trained in north Africa named Leonardo Pisano, a man known as Fibonacci, introduced the Hindu-Arabic numerals (he called them "Indian figures") we still use today. He also brought other dramatic changes in western Europe's use and understanding of mathematics including the amazing sequence of numbers we now know as Fibonacci numbers: "In a remote section of the Austrian Alps, there is a long-abandoned salt mine entrance with a cornerstone bearing the in­scription 'anno 1180.' It refers to the year that the mine was estab­lished. Clearly there is something wrong with this designation. Scholars have determined that the first published use of the Hindu numerals (our common numerals) in the Western world was in 1202. It was in this year that Leonardo of Pisa (Leonardo Pisano), more commonly known as Fibonacci (pronounced: fee-boh-NACH-ee), published his seminal work Li ...
Had a lovely day out in the Austrian Alps been to A famous gingerbread shop as shown on hairy bikers
Swiss and Austrian Alps by Photographer Jakub Potomski, See the rest at
The last two days have been spectacular. We drove through the Austrian Alps into the Swiss Alps. The most beautiful scenery I've ever seen. We went on a 2 1/2 hr horse and carrage ride through the Alps countryside to close to a glacier. We took a scenic train for 6 hrs. Today across the Alps to Zermatt. You can se the Matterhorn from here, but the clouds covered about half. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have a better view. Beautiful Alpine village and great views.
Mike Bucc and I both agree.Salzburg Austria is Europe's most charming town. Barque architecture and Mozart are everywhere. Sunny weather allways helps in the Austrian Alps. WE have a minor alpine dilemma; Should we do the Sound of Music Tour (a la Julie Andrews) or visit Hitler's Eagle's Nest at 8,000 ft? Old Adolf might win.this time.
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Arno & Claire found a way to convert their passion into a profession by heading to the Austrian Alps to set up their very own extreme sports & holiday movie production company. But long term rentals in Solden, Austria, one of the hottest ski destinations in Europe, are few & far between. Will this couple's extensive wishlist & limited budget put an end to their fantasy of waking in a winter wonderland? Tonight on HHI
UNESCO Heritage village Hallstatt in the Austrian Alps recreated in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong
Getting ready to travelling to Germany for 3 months. Haven't been in over 30 years so am very excited. Will be seeing John of God in Switzerland, doing a mediumship training course in Dublin with James Van Praagh, going to Poland to visit my mother's birthplace, to Bingen on the Rhine to be with my soul sister in Spirit Hildegard of Bingen, having Mother Meera's darshan in Schaumberg and hopefull travelling through Bavaria and the Austrian Alps with hubby for a while. And I thought I would be chilling out for most of the time in the Spa resort Bad Krozingen near Freiburg taking in the healing waters and baths with my sister...well we will be some of the time. What exciting things life has in store for me right now. I just have to get it all together for the long haul plane journey. The Angels will carry me there. Love to you all Pati )0(
Exploring Mars in the Austrian Alps: In addition to potential human explorers of space, researchers also tested ...
Win flights to Cyprus or a holiday in the Austrian Alps in tomorrow's Sunday Times of Malta supplement
On April 28, as an unseasonably hot sun melted 8-foot-high chunks of winter snow in the Austrian Alps, a man in a space suit waited near the entrance of a cave.
After spending yesterday visiting the embassies of four countries in DC (Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia) at EU day, we are dreaming of a hiking adventure in the Austrian Alps. Very inexpensive once you get there. Now to find a cheap flight.
One of the most famous hits from original soundtrack movie "Help!"in 1965.This original video was made in the Austrian Alps with Beatles"at their best"!
Last week Sound of Music was on t.v. The Von Trapp family, the Captain, and Julie Andrews as Maria. A true story. Not sure about the songs- " Doe's a deer, a female deer, ray's a drop of golden sun.". Beautiful family, beautiful house on a beautiful lake in the beautiful Austrian Alps.they had an idyllic life that most could only dream of. Until the bad guys came along. Then Captain had to make an incredibly difficult decision: Stay in his beloved homeland, and work for the evil Nazis who were marching thru Europe taking over countries, and enslaving the people, or leave everything and take his family elsewhere. So after their last concert (remember Edelveiss?), they slipped out of the country and eventually found refuge in the U.S.A., in Vermont. In a way, I think some Americans may feel like the Von Trapp family. We feel like the bad guys are coming. But this time - there's no where to go.
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