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Australian Senate

The Senate is the upper house of the bicameral Parliament of Australia, the lower house being the House of Representatives.

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Scott Ludlam resigns from Australian Senate after finding out he has ... Scott Ludlam ♥➡️
Labor’s Sue Lines, Deputy President of the Australian Senate has a message for Murdoch University .
You realise she gained seats in the WA Legislative council, which is not part of the Australian Senate
David Leyonhjelm must resign, or be forced out of the Australian Senate...
Missed the Australian Information Commissioner at Senate Estimates? Read his opening statement here:…
how dare the senate question Triggs, who do they think they are!
Cabinet members round on Gillian Triggs over misleading Senate
Just incredible: Australian taxpayers forked out $640,000 for a book written by climate skeptic Bjorn Lomborg
Obvious who is thick as 2 planks..Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts. Both embarrassment to Australian senate & pu…
Doesn't look good -> Australian taxpayers contributed $640k to Bjorn Lomborg book ridiculed as “vanity publishing”
Stating that some Australian politicians are uneducated & ill-informed is simply a statement of fact.
The Australian > Triggs set to be hauled before Senate - Gillian Triggs may be recalled to explain her “mislead...
Triggs set to be hauled before Senate
An Australian Government Employee who lies to the Senate is ok by you?
Surely MPs such as this & the bullies in the Senate have broken their contract with the Australian people to show such contemp…
The Australian Senate passes historic motion supporting the return of all stolen artefacts news ;
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
A shocking story. How the Australian government gave Bjorn Lomborg $640,000 for ... er, well, good question:
And Senator Ian MacDonald. Such a mannerless man and an embarrassment to Australian Senate
We can only hope that the senate passes this so we can get on with business.
Greens walk out of Australian politician's anti-Islam Senate speech
Tell the Senate that Hansen does represent the voice of the Australian people..add your name to the push back...
We're calling on the Australian Senate to stand up for Australian jobs, health and democracy. The Trans-Pacific...
Pauline Hanson, in Australian Senate, telling refugees to go home if they cannot assimilate to the Australian way of life! Good for her!
Is the Australian Senate fulfilling its representational role? Does it need serious reform - and should we now have…
Australian government should excoriate racist senator, not treat her gently to get her vote.
The irony upon irony of a white Australian talking about swamping and belonging... still can't get over this... lol!
It's hard to identify who, in the all-over-the-place Australian Senate,represents who, in the all-over-the-place Aussie electorate
we have Pauline Hanson's Indeed Nation in the Senate. How can we trust the Australian people again?
We have Pauline Hanson's One Nation with seats in the Senate. How can toy trust the Australian people?
Yep. Let's be sure they never get a Senate majority to do it.
This man will go down in history. As the most ignorant fool to ever sit in an Australian Senate. .
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"Presumably she keeps a watching brief on Labor Senate leader Penny Wong for latent signs of automatism" via
Australian involvement in now confirms it is in an illegal war against sovereign Debate that, Australian Senate.
Inquiry into the Australian 2016 Census. Time to speak up, submissions open until Wednesday.
Labor's top senate spots, both sourced from the same fiscally inept state. Representative much.
Don Farrell expected to grab Senate deputy position
: Farrell to grab Senate position South Australian Labor senator Don Farrell is poised to replace Stephe…
Senate inquiry into oil/gas production in the Great Australian Bight has been re-started and is taking submissions
Little known facts: The "unworkable" Australian senate of the 44th parliament had a pass rate of 70%.
Politicians walked out of the Australian Senate after a senator stood up in Parliament to claim the country was...
You haven't seen an Australian senate ballot paper.
Just discovered 👍 maybe it's time I became more interested in the Australian senate
Senate inquiry revived into the drilling for Oil in the Great Australian Bight -
Touche...Insightful perspective on life in the Australian senate this past week.
Q: If doesn't represent an majority of the people, How did she get voted into the
THIS is how you introduce yourself to the Australian Senate & People. Great speech!
Senate reopens Inquiry on BP's plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight
Brilliant. Australian government triggers recession it thinks it is preventing as Senate passes $6.3b budget savings htt…
Senate is actually more respesentative of the Australian public than the House of Reps is.
Senate reopens inquiry into plans to drill in Great Australian Bight
you are a big part of the excruciating national embarrassment that is the new Australian Senate.
Man who used bizarre "sovereign citizen" terminology in affidavit to prime minister is elected to Australian Senate
What wonderful news Australian Liberty Alliance has a senate candidate in Tasmania. Tony Robinson, Tony a well...
Women elected in Australia. The (elects more women than the House of Representative (.
The entire Australian political system is dysfunctional and broken beyond repair. The Senate is anti-democratic. Time for Revolution.
Reminds me of when Chair of Australian Senate Committee smuggled a pipe bomb to illustrate lax security
Australia First Party filed its nomination for the Western Australian Senate, find out more here -
The Australian Sex Party and the Marijuana (HEMP) Party have reached an historic agreement to win seats at the...
Calare farmer on Katter's Australian Party senate ticket wants more representation for people in rural areas
...pref's can go to the other candidate and he can also get elected. Used in Australian senate & general elections in N.I
The South Australian Liberal Senate Team will be visiting Whyalla for a community forum tonight. READ MORE:...
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New Australian Senate rules mean that Nick Xenophon may have an easier time securing seats.
Regulation of crowd sourced equity funding now up to next Australian govt after lapsing in the senate
Australian Senate to investigate Sarawak bribery case
More and smaller parties into the - that's what you want And you headline
2015 Australian Senate inquiry finds existing law may be insufficient, requiring a new regime on autonomous weapons
Neil Fainges - Queensland Senate Candidate for the Arts Party at the Australian Federal Election.
Minister Cash is right about the Senate. Read my blog to see why
This is why it's important to vote carefully in Senate. Where do ALA stand on IR changes? We need to start asking.
Will they have the numbers to get it through the Senate???
Lynda Stoner, Australian TV’s glamour girl of the 1970s, is running for senate at the 2016 federal election
List of Australian Liberty Alliance senate and lower house candidates for the federal election
If Pauline Hanson win in the Senate.election that would be the disaster for.Australian Secular politics !
Great profile on Senate candidate Lynda Stoner's commitment to animal protection
Friday Snippets - mainly political. What do you think will happen in the Australian Senate election?
Angry Anderson is running for the Senate as a member of the Australian Liberty Alliance party. But he has come...
South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon, tipped to hold the balance of power in the next Senate, has come out...
I don't believe it. No Australian politician would refuse such a bribe via
Barry Keldoulis - running for the Australian Senate - interviewed by Heaps *** . “a more creative, cultural,...
Q&A with Eric Abetz – Senator Eric Abetz is an Australian politician and a member of the Australian Senate sinc...
PASSING STRANGE that an unelected PM is holding a gun at the heads of the Australian Senate and State Premiers
Australian Senate: research scandal in exposes poor leadership, secrecy and deeply flawed governance
A petition to the Australian Senate re ASADA, AFL, WADA. May be of interest?.
Australian Senate to vote on whether to examine suitability of F-35 – Canadian pullout cited
Australian Senate works to get big banks out of schools & teaching financial ed, fear of data collection on kids.
Hey Dolph, found your stunt-double. He's moonlighting in the Australian Senate. Real dangerous stunts, ok?
Australian teachers say more $ needed to better support students with via
General Mgr Michael Murray in the with on 1500GL cap on Murray-Darling water buybacks:
Libs lost QT today & Nats crossed floor against Libs in Senate - Thanks Turnbull & Bishop and leakers
@ cooktragic First Qld needs a Senate, we're only Australian State that is not a Westminster Democracy. So many dictators!
Three bills passed in the Australian Senate yesterday. Not ONE "journalist" reported that. This is crooked.
Senate proposes that all further Australian ministerial contests to be settled by Thunderdome. Aim for fairer, less farcical process.
AV plus a complex closed list system for the Senate. I believe Australian Liberal conservatism harks back to the colonial age
The Australian government's treasurer is named Joe Hockey and its Senate has blocked several bills. .
senate is not problem it is Australian style democracy stopping the right wreck Aus
Senator Lenoir speaks with the President of the Australian Senate
Australian prime minister ousted in internal party challenge via the Android app
Australian Senate approves water amendment bill to support cap on Murray-Darling water buybacks
Australian politics is vying with the Roman Senate for most complex...
don't celebrate too soon. Malcolm Turnbull still has to sell the budget measures to the Australian population and senate
Makiing fun of a former Federal Senator, devoting her life to law and the Australian Senate. Are You For Real?
Australian teachers lack resources to help students with a disability, Senate inquiry told
Turnbull: "We need to respect the intelligence of the Australian people". Good-o. So I can vote ALP for Reps & Greens for Senate then?
Q4 election would have to be a double dissolution or only a lower house election & would not resolve Senate obstructionism
it's backwards: Senate redeeming feature of flawed Australian democracy,way forward a multi-party proportional House of Reps
Exclusive live footage from the Australian senate
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Murray-Darling water buybacks capped at 1,500 gigalitres as bill passes Senate
When is something going to be done about tax in
Kids with locked in cages, tied to chairs and shut in storerooms at via
Article from the Australian -Students with disability 'tied to chairs' at school, Senate inquiry told. Autistic...
Australian farmers oppose changes to environmental laws
We have discovered that it is possible for Julian Assange to run for the Australian Senate while detained. Julian has decide…
The Australian > Autistic kids ‘tied to chairs’ - Autistic children are locked in cages, tied to chairs and shut i...
65% of Australian productivity growth has been due to i.e. the application of new ideas
2,000 words into my submission for the Australian Senate, 2/3 points done. Join in too!
The Australian Labor Party – House of Representatives and the Senate -
Cory Bernardi. The kind of heartless psychopath that the LNP preselect for safe senate seats. Disgusting.
An Australian Senate inquiry found Lynton Crosby, Harper's brand new strategist, fabricated a story in order to...
Popcorn Alert - Sold out . Senate bill passed: All remaining Australian supplies must be shared . .
An Intervention About the Issue in the Senate via
A Senate inquiry has heard disturbing claims about military medicine.
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Should parliamentary approval be required for Australian forces to be deployed to Syria?.
Australian Senate committee says Govt's legal aid cuts will expose women to
loving - Antonopoulos Testimony for the Australian Senate Committee on Economics…
Unlike the Canadian PM, the Australian PM has his or her power limited by a powerful and independent-minded elected Senate
Dear Australian Thanks for knocking back the "reforms". Any chance you could sort for us too. Sincerely Us.
How moronic of them. Lambie, Clive Palmer, etc.. would ALL lose their seats in Reps/Senate. Oz has gutfull of political ***
The Australian senate has some interesting micro parties such as the motoring enthusiast party and the Palmer United party which isn't very.
. Me!. He has the worst senate in Australian history .With the dumbest ever cross benchers .
government rules out snap election to break budget legislation impasse in Senate via
Australian universities face uncertain financial future: reform rejected by the senate for the second time.
The Senate has failed Australian citizens - Our privacy is about to be serially infringed via
Calls are being renewed for a conscience vote in the Australian Senate. We'll be watching this closely
Leyonjhelm and Speers salivating for sodomy. While the Senate sends the country down the toilet. Anti-Australian
Senate inquiry to target contentious Indigenous funding strategy
Same-sex marriage debate to begin next week in Senate: The Australian Senate is poised to begin debating same-...
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The Australian Senate is currently considering a bill that will PROTECT ANIMAL ABUSERS and shut down
Bill going to senate that will force Australian ISPs to block torrent sharing sites
One only has to look at the makeup of senate,to see why the words feral and morons are being used consistently
'Ferals' in the Senate urge the federal government to call an early election.
The Australian River Co. Limited Bill 2015 has passed the without amendment
think positive its getting easier to add up the senate IQ
Senate agrees on free *** marriage vote (AAP): The Australian senate has passed a motion agreeing all members of…
The most unwarranted seat in the Senate.
the Australian senate? Why wud Abbott listen to them when they don't listen to him?
The Australian Senate has called on PM Tony Abbott to allow all Coalition members a conscience vote on marriage equality.
BBC News - Australian senate defeats education bill for second time
Australian Senators buying, selling and shifting their property holdings around at a rapid rate.
Australian senate defeats education bill for second time
Who made claims that Police at the senate inquiry rejected as incorrect?. .
Australia's senate passes a bill granting intelligence agency the power to monitor a limitless number of...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The Australian Senate is no sandwich shop - you order beef rather than chicken and get spam...
The Australian Senate must now block supply for this totally insane Abbott Government .
“Carol Mills, who ran the catering services in the Australian senate” - BURN.
Former ACT chief minister Katy Gallagher has been endorsed for the Senate...
made the statement following a meeting with Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt...
Senator expressed her support to the Australian Government's efforts to protect and manage...
Every place worldwide that has banned guns has seen firearm murder rates go up. - John Lott To Australian Senate Oct 2014
And this *** is in the Australian Senate! No wonder politics has gone to the Dog's!
Through the eyes of a mother: what the senate agreed to:
Bernardi, Leyonhjelm, Day. Our senate is the sewer trap of Australian politics.
It looks like the Australian Senate has much to learn from your bipartisan support example. They can't even agree on a budget.
Senator today expressed her support to the Australian Government's..
Congratulations to on getting elected to the Victorian Senate.
Australian patients need timely and affordable access to available cancer medicines Have your say! .
As the Australian Senate Committee meets to discuss proposed meta data laws it highlights privacy concerns of how INTRUSIVE is intrusive?
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If you want to learn about impact of Australian gun control laws, u can see here.
. They can't stop it because commie freaks and terror importers have control of the Australian Senate
Student debt to double to over $50bn in four years if higher ed reforms are passed by Senate The Australian
Bid to get higher ed legislation through Senate to cost budget $3.2 billion over four years. The Australian
Rio Tinto gifted precious AZ land by US Senate, accused of collusion in its home country, Australia
Australian Securities and Investments Commission at Senate inquiry: Bitcoin exchanges don't need AFS license
Commodity prices, Senate blocks only part of blowout
"Carrying out a random act of terror on Australian soil would be a propaganda victory for extremists".
‘It’s important that the Senate understands we need to strengthen the Bud...
Democracy: Yes. But we now know that this Senate has cost the Australian electorate 10.6 BILLION DOLLARS.
British Home Secretary Theresa May accused of asking US Senate to cover up ... - The Australian (blog)
. . Great piece on efficiencies in bloated transmission costs at . .
fr p. on budget only speaks of global shocks, ALP profligacy & senate intransigence ALP. Joe victim of circumstances?
Will the Australian media provide generous coverage of the US Senate Committee report into CIA methods of interrogation?
“Muir has become the Jar Jar Binks of the Australian Senate.”
UPDATE: CPRC testimony on gun control before the Australian Senate (Audio of testimony included) via
The Australian Senate: Open jury trials in Australian Family Courts. Join the campaign and make a difference.
Will the real Clive Palmer Please stand up? Those who thought PUP was a breath of fresh air & jumped on board to vote his 3 senators into the Australian Senate should read this article. Here we have a business man buying its way into Australian government for his personal business gains only. This is one step further along from the Corruption we are witnessing in NSW - ICAC Political investigation into donations to slush funds at the moment. Here Palmer has gotten into parliament & is putting up his vote in our Democratic system for favours. For all those who voted PUP, you will now realise you have voted for Abbott & the LNP because outlined in this article is the true agenda of Palmer & Abbott knows it. By Palmer justifying his vote for Abbott/Hockey’s Budget he will receive in return a payback that he has been manipulating for all along. Again the public has been conned by a con man in Palmer. Apologies for the quality, however click on the page link to see a larger view
Senate deals big fear. Everybody has a price. 1 of them bound to sell out Australian public
..will never get approval through the Senate..Greens are anti dam, Pup are anti LNP & Labor are anti everything..
Every Australian Federal Government has had to deal with the senate. Not every Government whinges non stop about it. Get over it
Australian Senate rejects bill that would ban clauses from Australian FTAs.
and someone who is currently under investigation by the Australian Senate, and appointed by a Committee rigged by
End the Shark Cull! Revoke Australian shark culling programs.
.the Australian Senate is not your personal plaything to exact revenge on Mr Palmer
powerful Open Letter to USYD VC on proposed changes to Australian higher education by Senate Fellow see
Letter to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee of the Australian Senate - Human Rights Watch
This morning the World Heritage Committee emphatically rejected Prime Minister Tony Abbott's submission to have Tasmania's ancient forests stripped of their protection status and opened to logging! It took the 21 delegate World Heritage Committee less than 7 minutes to unanimously reject the Abbott Government proposal, stating that: "The justification presented to the reduction are, to say the least, feeble. Accepting this delisting today would be setting an unacceptable precedent...we cannot also disregard the positions voiced in this issue by the Australian Senate, by nature conservation associations and I would dare say, most of all, by Indigenous communities." Thank God for some sanity here in Australia.
Those of you who have read the 13 Nov 2013 WikiLeaks released secretly negotiated draft texts from the very secretive TTPA will appreciate the urgent need for transparency by our democratically elected officials. More to the point, if team America will have its way, you will be aware that U.S.A's deeply flawed intellectual property law will be applied in our local economies/jurisdictions via Trojan horse TTPA without the necessary protections by our govt and/or courts. Here are the draft texts of the TTPA; Australia, NZ-born Australian politician, Scott Ludlam who has been a Greens member of the Australian Senate since July 2008, representing the state of Western Australia posed a key question to the Australian Attorney General in the recent Senate Estimates.
Politician, typical but at least she seemed to want to help with education. "Dame Dorothy Margaret Tangney DBE (13 March 1911 – 1 June 1985) was an Australian politician and the first woman member of the Australian Senate.[1][2][3] Dorothy Tangney started her career as a school teacher in Western Australia. In 1940 she stood as a federal Senate candidate for the Australian Labor Party in Western Australia, and again in 1943, when she was the first woman elected to the Senate. She served in the Senate from 21 August 1943 to 30 June 1968. Her 25 years of service made her the longest-serving woman parliamentarian. Her record has since been surpassed by Kathy Sullivan.[4] Senator Tangney was committed to an agenda of social reform, which included extending federal powers over social services and instituting Commonwealth assistance in education. Senate committees on which Senator Tangney served included the Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances and the Select Committee on the Development of Canber ...
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Aboriginal visual arts in remote Australia: Challenges and interventions post GFC UC Centre for Creative & Cultural Research Seminar Series Professor Jon Altman (ANU) Monday 28 April, 1pm-2pm Teaching Commons Lounge (upstairs above the refectory) Building 1, University of Canberra 2007 the Australian Senate released its report "Indigenous Art – Securing the Future". Since then despite enhanced investments and new regulations the Indigenous visual arts sector has seen an unprecedented decline in sales and concomitant loss of income to artists; some of the most successful now live in abject poverty. The future for ‘doing arts business’ in remote Australia has not looked so insecure for forty years. In this seminar I ask could this crisis have been averted or ameliorated? What set of circumstances, including policy reforms, might now be required to see the sector’s fortunes resurrected? Jon Altman is an economist/anthropologist at the Australian National University with an abiding interest in the Ind ...
Send all Palmer United Party WA Senate Candidates to the Australian Senate in Canberra. Vote 1 for Palmer United.
Chloe's Law - Official Petition- Anti-bullying Petition to Australian Senate - Sign the Petition
"Anyone who dares let you know how much we're spying on you is a traitor and anyone who questions our spying is supporting treason" - George Brandis, QC and LNP Senator for QLD in response to Senator Scott Ludlam's (WA Greens Senator) show of support for NSA whistleblower/defector Edward Snowden in the Australian Senate today. Such is the establishment of thoughtcrime by the forces of MiniLuv espousing the doublespeak of alleged freedom, applauded by the duped proles, distracted by their access and encouragement to partake in trashy entertainment. The LNP might as well just call themselves IngSoc and drop the pretense.
Illegal Maritime Arrivals Home Illegal maritime arrivals More information and relevant links will be added to this webpage as it becomes available. Temporary protection visas On Monday 2 December 2013 the Australian Senate disallowed the Regulations which reintroduced temporary protection visas. This means the immigration department has stopped granting temporary protection visas. The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection also announced on Wednesday 4 December 2013 that he has used his power, under the Migration Act, to place a cap on the number of protection visas to be granted this financial year. This means no more permanent protection visas can be granted in 2013–14. As a result no temporary or permanent protection visas will be granted to anyone until further notice.
CAN ANYONE SEE WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER SPEECH Dana Wortley, Senator for South Australia First Speech - 18/08/2005 Senator WORTLEY (South Australia) (5.25 pm)—Growing up in Adelaide’s northern suburbs in the 1960s and 1970s, I could not have imagined that one day I would stand in this chamber as a representative of the Australian Labor Party, elected by the people of South Australia to the Australian Senate. It is an honour, and one that I will treat with the greatest respect. South Australia was the first state to give women the right to vote in state parliament, in 1895, and, along with Western Australia in 1901, the right to vote in a federal election. Today I stand with my Labor colleagues South Australian senators Annette Hurley, Penny Wong, Linda Kirk and Anne McEwen as, together with Democrat Senator Natasha Stott Despoja and Liberal senators Jeannie Ferris and Amanda Vanstone, South Australia becomes the first state to have a majority of women in one parliament in the Senate. In this, the 41st P ...
Video of the speech prepared by newly elected ACT Liberal Senator Zed Seselja for his maiden speech in Australia's Federal Parliament. He was elected to the Australian Senate in the Australian federal elections held on 7 September 2013.
This eejit just got a seat in the Australian Senate!. Yep, the guy throwing kangaroo crap!.
The real problem with STV, and how to reform the Australian Senate
He has been elected to the Australian Senate RT
How Proportional Representation in Australian Senate Elections Works: There are many forms of proportional rep...
Indeed it appears a Gridiron loving Western Australian is heading for the Australian Senate.
Too bad Weiner's not running for a seat in Australian Senate, he'd be in with a chance on those numbers.
Here's an idea for Australian Senate reform: switch to a voting system that is actually proportional. Oh, too radical?
Of cars, sports and the Australian Senate:
Coalition, Labor and Greens all back a inquiry into mass election of micro-parties to the Australian Senate
this is exactly whats wrong with AUS Aboriginal woman's historic bid for Australian Senate b
David Leyonhjelm elected to senate. movement on the rise?
Imagine a national decided by head of the NRA, and a guy who filmed himself flinging poo. Welcome to
“Jordanian politician fires automatic rifle at fellow lawmaker in parliament Australian Senate 2014
Australian Senate ballots could look a lot more like FIFA's.
The Australian senate: donkey votes, kidding around and the "preference whisperer"
Sistar Peris in Australia is already receiving racial violence similar to Sistar Kyenge in Italy. We need to...
Fiasco in the Australian senate. Seriously how can minor parties harvest votes. Smart but ten steps back for democracy ;(
Really, really interesting and very informative piece on voting and the Australian senate:
The New Faces Of Democracy: The Australian Senate is one of the most powerful upper houses in the world. Now t...
Somewhere along the line, Australian Senate voting went awry
Let in more refugees. The Australian Senate would be better as a democratic polyglot rather than the motleylot it seems to be.
Thank your god you guys can look after these big issues in the Australian senate.
/r/politics [spam filtered] Six people you won't believe could be elected [to the Australian Senate]
Cars, guns and sport: small parties drive Australian Senate to distraction via
Due to our bizarre preferences system, this man is the new Australian Senate President:
The Australian Senate is starting to look very wrong. Many of the Senator-elects don't care about politics & won on trivial issues.
I see former aide was elected to Australian Senate this weekend via
Australian Senate voting goes awry Yes, we now out-do Monty Python!
Congratulations elected to the Australian Senate. Best of luck ya great galaa
Back on the beeb... trying hard to explain how the Australian Senate works!
Nova Peris now the first Indigenous woman elected to the Australian Senate.
With 2/3 of vote allegedly in, WikiLeaks Party of Australia seems not to have won a seat in the Australian Senate
The Australian senate could look decidedly more colourful in July 2014 - we look at the candidates:
From Cars, guns and sport: Small parties drive Australian Senate to distraction
Julian Assange fails in bid for election to Australian Senate - News - Politics - The Voice of Russia
ICYMI: Julian Assange wears mullet wig, sings karaoke, still running for Australian Senate seat
Entertaining short video explaining the Australian Senate. Your vote is your voice - get informed
90% of the Australian Senate are dead. Not hot though. Some on drugs.
List of all parties on the South Australian Senate ballot (SA 2013)
If Julian Assange had a chance of getting elected to the Australian Senate, it's gone now:
If you care about internet freedom, privacy, and IP, you would really want a champion like in the Australian Senate.
Australian senate inquiry recommends new process to *** cumulative impact of mining on health
If LNP + ALP vote to expell Assange from the Australian Senate after his election, we will have a real *** in Australian politics.
.Also neatly forgetting that Julian Assange is a candidate 4 the upcoming Australian Senate elections. …
Because has earned his spot in Australian Senate a *** of a lot more than No?
[VIDEO] Election is coming: How the Australian Senate works set to the backdrop of Game of Thrones
Yep, on Fri Assange came v close to welcoming anti-abortion politics
it is his vehicle to run for Australian senate... and a lot would suggest he is
Leftist sympathisers with Wikileaks now outraged cuz Julian Assange thinks killing unborn babies is violent.
A wake-up call for any of you imagining that is either left wing or rational: …
If you're considering voting Wikileaks, consider how Assange may vote on abortion rights with an Abbott govt.
So, - care to explain how my right to an abortion is problematic for you?
Julian Assange announces a party called WikiLeaks & his own candidacy for Australian Senate
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Assange Seeks Seat in the Australian Senate: Questions remain about whether Julian Assange can take office if ...
Julian Assange to run for Australian Senate. Demands immediate release of whatever kangaroos have hidden…
AUDIO: Julian interview on Talking about the & His Bid for the Australian Senate
Julian Assange's running for the Australian Senate, via
Julian is running for the Australian Senate, & other news from "The Agents of Info Daily News"
Julian Assange's dream of Australian Senate seat a step closer after Wikileaks Party registration is approved
Fawad Ahmed is expected to be eligible for the full Ashes series after the Australian Senate passed a bill that would allow his citizenship to be fast-tracked - Cricket news from from cricket in Australia
Jan McLucas was elected to the Australian Senate in 1998 and began her term as a Queensland Senator in July 1999.
Honesty. That’s what Julian Assange’s campaign manager claims is driving the WikiLeaks founder’s bid for the Australian Senate in September’s election.
Minister for Defence – Address at the Anzac Day Dawn Service: President of the Australian Senate, Senator the ...
Julian Assange will struggle to win Australian Senate seat according to a new poll. via
Entry of Assange Wikileaks 2 Australian Senate race easier 2 win? will b test of use of technology & philanthropic intervention in elections
Senate Enquiry into 457 visas: What does it mean for Australian business?:
MT The anti-tv gambling petition now getting close to 5,000! Sign and spread the word.
agree. I encourage people to sign this
Correction: re the petition against sports betting on tv, spread this word instead!
Julian Assange launches WikiLeaks Party to prepare campaign for Australian Senate. Shaking up politics in more than one country.
Julian Assange runs for Australian Senate - YouTube -Would you vote for Julian Assange?
This is a very detailed outline of how Julian could win a Vic senate seat
When asked Australian Senate to support Julian only 9 Senators voted in favour (all Greens).
Sign the petition to the Australian senate to ban betting ads during live sports broadcasts
Petition to ban sports betting during live broadcast -
Forget gambling addicts & their families, Tom Waterhouse is a now a victim: victim of the Senate & Australian people
Australian Senate condemns organ trafficking in China: The motion, introduced by an independent s...
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange believes winning a seat in the Australian Senate would force the US and others pursuing him to back down, securing his safe passage out of the UK following his 8-month confinement at the Ecuadoran Embassy in London.
News headlines - World - 1. Oscar Pistorius: from 2012 stardom to murder trial 2. Iran Upgrades Devices at Nuclear Plant as Talks Resume 3. Assange to run for Australian Senate from UK Ecuadorian Embassy 4. Unhappy with VIP security culture, Supreme Court asks 'what is the need for this' 5. Nato Afghanistan Kunar air strike 'kills 10' 6. Bangladesh: Thousands protest over war crimes tribunal 7. Australia reviewing ‘Prisoner X’ case 8. Dhaka, New Delhi to consolidate ties 9. Zimbabwe referendum in March 10. No arms cut till new START: Russia 11. Cameron heads for India India - 1. Pak wants to have normal relations with India: Foreign Office 2. Over 90% turnout in Tripura assembly polls 3. France ok with civil nuclear liability, Hollande says 4. Food Security Bill will be revised to address States' concerns, says Thomas 5. Karnataka gets new Lokayukta finally 6. Tejas to be subjected to field conditions soon 7. NHRC notice on starvation death 8. Hollande hopes big ticket deals will fructify 9. India hop ...
Assange officially files to run for Australian Senate: Julian Assange, the most famous whistleblower and fighter...
Julian Assange files formal application to run for Australian Senate
The 41 year old WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, will contest September poll for the Australian Senate as the lead candidate of his newly formed WikiLeaks Party. currently holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.
Inside The Games: 1996 Hockeyroos Olympic Gold medalist to run for Australian Senate..
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CNN News Did u know that while our brothers and comrades are against e idea of having Eric Knight or Ezra Tshisa Sibanda or Peter Ndlovu being our Mp candidates Julian Assange who is holed up in an embasy in e UK is running for an Australian Senate seat
Recognition Bill forced on First Nations people against their will: On February 7 the Australian Senate will vo...
Julia Gillard, Penny Wong,Nicola Roxon, Christine Milne, Lee Rhiannon, Sarah Hanson-Young, Rachel Siewert, Larissa Waters, Penny Wright, and now Nova Peris, all members of the Australian Senate, will nobody deliver us from this monstrous regime of female politicians,.how can these imbeciles defend our country against the threat of Islam, the threat from China and the expansionist regime of India. Get rid of them in September, it is the only way to save our country from these lily livered traitors.
DCM Australia is serious about Democratic Reform! ✓ Having the PM selected by the Parliament, Elected by the People. ✓ Electing the entire Parliament at the same time. ✓ Reducing the Voting Age to 16. ✓ Introducing Voluntary Voting. ✓ Having an Aussie-Born rule for our Highest Ranking Offices. ✓ Having a Simple Election Style for the Australian Senate. ✓ Writing a Constitutional Bill of Rights for Australia. ✓ Writing Constitutional Amendment for Political Integrity. ✓ Changing definition of Majority to "Exceeding 50% of all Australians." ✓ Devolving certain Executive Powers amongst the Parliament. ✓ Eliminating Preferences for the House of Representitives. ✓ Moratorium on the enforcement of Archaic/Prejudice Laws. ✓ Reintroduction of the Upper House in Queensland. ✓ Referendum across Australia for an Aboriginal+TSI Free State. ✓ Referendum in Northern Territory on Statehood.
A message sent to us from Andrew Gunnyon ... Please email Australian Greens deputy leader- Adam Bandt: adam.bandt.mpand ask him to commit to introducing a bill to label palm oil in Australian Parliament during the new year. The palm oil labeling bill was passed by the Australian Senate in 2011, but to become law it was required to be voted on in the house of representatives, however the bill was sent to a committee by the Australian Government And was later taken off the notice paper. Please be polite, as Adam Bandt has been supportive of palm oil labeling, I just think we need to remind him that this issue is important to many people! Thanks.
mpawlo writes "Mr Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame, has, according to The Age, confirmed his intention to run for the Australian Senate in 2013. He will also form a Wikileaks political party. From the article: 'Mr Assange said plans to register an Australian WikiLeaks party were ''significantly adva...
Julian Assange speaks of his health and the financial blockade of WikiLeaks. in other news, Assange plans to run in the Australian Senate with a WikiLeaks Party. Read more:
Bond villain WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange — who\'s been locked up in Ecuador\'s London embassy since June, a situation that doesn\'t look to change anytime soon — plans to run for an Australian Senate seat.Assange has confirmed that plans to set up an Australian WikiLeaks party are \"significa...
Senator Glenn Sterle's adjournment debate last night in the Australian Senate. He is takling about Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, Julie Bishop's role in...
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