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Australian Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia is the highest minister of the Crown, leader of the Cabinet and head of government, holding office on commission from the Governor-General of Australia.

Malcolm Turnbull Tony Abbott Julia Gillard Kevin Rudd Gough Whitlam Bob Hawke

Interesting op-ed from former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on how China is assessing Trump >>>
This is former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott reminding us of the importance of selecting the right background…
The Prime Minister, Governor General and Australian Federal Police have joined forces for a special operation
The implication or conclusion is 'our' Australian Prime Minister, the highest office in the land, under the HC, has an Alias
The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull mentioned you by name in Parliament Question time today.
"Changing the definition of marriage affects every Australian. It affects not just LGBTI Australians, it affect... https:…
The Australian Prime Minister just said "truthiness" in Parliament and attributed it to you.
: I wish the Australian Prime Minister would look after his country and people like you plan to do with yours.
Critical day: Disaster looms for Australia - TODAY is a critical day not only for Prime Minister Turnbull, but ...
Respecting higher education excellence with Prime Minister's award winners at the Australian Awards for University…
So I'm all for the Australian prime minister being leader of the free world 👍👍. Got my vote 🇦🇺
"the correspondence between the British monarch and the governor-general…kept secret even from the Australian prime minister". Jenny Hocking
It's December 01, 2016 at 08:00AM and the current Australian Prime Minister is Malcolm Turnbull.
And this ladies and gentle is a QLD MP. . Another proud moment in Australian politics. Deputy Prime Minister...
The time is December 01, 2016 at 07:30AM and the Australian Prime Minister is Malcolm Turnbull.
They asked Australian cricketers about who they think was the first Australian Prime Minister. Shaun Tait said Winston Churchill 😂😂😂
Golf legend Greg Norman says he provided the Australian Prime Minister with Donald Trump's cell phone number
The time is October 23, 2016 at 05:30PM and the Australian Prime Minister is Malcolm Turnbull.
I liked a video Julia Gillard former Australian Prime Minister on misogyny in politics - BBC
. That is what Julia Gillard had to endure as Australian Prime Minister & we had to endure emotional damage with her
RPlz this womans to our Prime Minister &
ICYMI: PM this week introduced a bill to prompt plebiscite
I sent an e-mail to the Australian prime minister years ago pointing this out & he just increased coal exports so they get reaps?
Another day, another mining company intent on plundering our marine reserves - this time, the Great Australian...
" Australian prime minister proposes national marriage vote: Plebiscite would cost taxpayers more than $100... "
Australian prime minister proposes national marriage vote: “The plebiscite will allow our na...
Our opposition to is gaining support & increasing awareness that rights don't get voted upon
Australian PM proposes public vote on same-sex marriage
ALP Leader B Shorten in Washington USA mouthing off he is the Australian Prime Minister.
The time is September 17, 2016 at 09:35AM and the Australian Prime Minister is Malcolm Turnbull.
Ask the PM to step in to save the Great Australian Bight from destructive oil and gas—send an email today:
Australian Prime Minister does it again!!. Australia says NO -- This will be the second Time Julia Gillard has...
Why didn't God take all the Kardashians and the Australian Prime Minister & leave us Prince?! WHY!😕
The Great Barrier Reef's future is as uncertain as the Australian Prime Minister's - The Ecologist
John Howard, the worst Australian Prime Minister before Abbott & Turnbull, who lied to the nation over war.
Now playing: ""10 past 7 is 10 past 7, isn't it?"" by Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister with shock-jock Alan Jones from ''
In breaking news, former Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott will be parachuted in to become Prime Minister of Brit…
Australian Prime Minister confirms his intention to dissolve parliament
The time is February 16, 2016 at 06:31PM and the Australian Prime Minister is Malcolm Turnbull.
Congratulations to all award finalists and best of luck. Special wishes for Robert Gillies Vict…
The Australian > Abbott has ‘flicker of PM ambition’ - Any guarantee Tony Abbott gives to stay on the backbench...
With the Prime Minister and this morning at the Australian of the Year Finalists Tea
who's the Australian prime minister?
Tony Abbott has 'flicker of ambition' to be Prime Minister.
Malcolm Turnbull calls for a free, open and
.has 'flicker of ambition' to be Prime Minister.
Batty work gets $500,000 boost: PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull has paid tribute to outgoing Australian of the...
You'll never believe who we ran in Sydney: the Australian Prime Minister!
Tony Abbott could go down in history as the only Australian Prime Minister who served while constitution…
Abbott to remain in Australian politics: Deposed Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott will attempt to stay…
Tony Abbott has flicker of ambition to be Prime Minister: Kroger
The Chinese medicine secrets that could help Australian Prime Minister live to 130
Australian Prime Minister announces carbon dioxide tax and temperatures in Australia plummet! Wow, Australi…
Australian poetry "Devadatta's Poems" by Judith Beveridge from the Prime Minister's Literary Awards Shortlist (Poetry)
Seems like the Australian Prime Minister has been channeling - story via
ABC presenter Leigh Sales told Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull she was the boss when he attempted to hijack an interview she
Australian PM urges Europe to adopt tough policies on migrant boats via not so different!
Aus political media & human rights establishment think they can get away with ignoring this?
Rob Mills calls on Australian Prime Minister Turnbull to legalise same-sex marriage
If only the Australian prime minister was like this Man
The Year that Was - Australian Vine Psychic predicted Tony Abbott demise as Prime Minister.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Reading Australian newspapers I can guess the date of the related articles by the name of the Prime Minister quoted
Australian beaches already claimed a Prime Minister, now they're almost drowning foreign monarchs
"The Islamic State is nothing less than the foremost evil force of our time. It is, as Australian Prime Minister...
Turnbull's new tech connection in Tokyo
A recent Australian Prime Minister once said, "The science of climate change is crap" not in NZ South Island.
According to The Nikkei Asian Review, Australia aims to become an innovative technological powe..
What about our kids and future generations Former Australian Prime Minister and current Foreign Ministe…
Australian Prime Minister the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull meets Chief of the Defence Force Air Chief Marshal Mark...
Obama says Australia's new prime minister to visit Washington
President Aquino's statement at the presser with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull:
A national embarrassment. The Australian Prime Minister & his attitude to Islam
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang held an annual meeting with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Saturday.
The Queen and Australian Prime Minister are travelling down the Mall in a horse drawn carriage. All (cont)
Australian voters elected a good man to be Prime Minister in Tony Abbott.
Message to the Australian Prime Minister (sent today). Dear Malcolm Turnbull,. Please bring back all Australian...
Australian Prime Minister, the domestic inflation rate has still said not to have achieved the target.
What was the Australian Prime Minister's name on 1/12/2007?. a) Kevin Rudd. b) Malcolm Turnbull
Excellent panel for tonight's CNN 21 Climate Change Debate: Including Kevin Rudd, former Australian Prime Minister; should be good!!
Senator Bill Heffernan: former Australian prime minister among 28 prominent people on a list of alleged paedophiles
Great article written by about ... Both inspiring women which make me proud I'm Australian.
Who is the Australian prime minister ? I swear it changes all the time
Gough Whitlam died, aged 98, last year - here's my recent essay on 20 years of talks with him http…
Australian prime minister runs private e-mail server, uses Confide and Wickr by
Some sort of day today in Australia at least? The previous Australian Prime Minister resigned by fax this year.
When was the last time a US presidential candidate borrowed an Australian prime minister for her campaign ad?
TIL that the world record for drinking a yard of beer was once held by former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke.
has this Australian Prime Minister visited over here? Quite interesting how last PM Abbot got removed eh?
A former Australian prime minister is on a list of "alleged paedophiles" on police list
have any of you guys seen the news about Australian paedophile prime minister on our TV?
so a former aussie PM gets accused of being a pedo,didn't see this on TV1
Australian Prime Minister wants Cabinet to communicate with chat app | GovInsider
Australian prime minister bids shares in group via new fintech app
John Howard, former Australian Prime Minister gives an address titled; "One Religion is Enough" at the G…
Julie Bishop is a traitor to Australia, she is part of a group that helped pull a coup on the REAL Australian Prime Minister.
BREAKING: Tony Abbott has been ousted as Australian Prime Minister
It's September 14, 2015 at 04:03AM and the current Australian Prime Minister is Tony Abbott.
International Criminal Court asked to investigate Australian Prime Minister for crimes against asylum seekers
Opinion: Tony Abbott must hastily win back his backbenchers.
Australian Prime Minister shows he knows how to crack a joke:
Australian Prime minister tries to ban vegemite because the aboriginals are making it into moonshine: submi...
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott unveiled a permanent memorial to the Australian victims of MH17.
Discovery of debris is "a very significant development" in the MH370 search, Australian Deputy Prime Minister says.
Australia's prime minister has cautioned against "Vegemite watch" amid concerns the spread is ... via
Poll: Australian opposition leader Bill Shorten leads as preferred prime minister over Tony Abbott by 17% - 9NewsA… https…
...Tony is met with a resounding snicker. "Is this it? Is this all the Prime Minister has to offer the Australian people?"
Former senior Indian bureaucrat lashes out at Abbott's claim that the Carmichael project will help Indian poverty
LISTEN: What on earth is going on about in this interview?.
Damning assessment of Australian Prime Minister.Going, going, almost gone!
"Australian Speaker - handled not just the Opposition front bench but the Prime Minister herself." High Standards Set.
This sounds like our current Australian Prime Minister...
Here's your big chance to have your say!
The Australian Prime Minister: Distinct Labelling of HALAL Products - Sign the Petition! via
But there can't be climate change because then my friends won't get rich off coal mining!. - Australian Prime Minister
A leading United States think tank has published a piece posing the question, "Is Australian Prime Minister Tony...
Aust bonds up, tracking global markets: Australian bond prices are higher after the Greek prime minister faile...
Warwick Hughes:ABC hits historic new low in bad taste reporting on Australian Prime Minister
ABC hits historic new lows reporting on Australian Prime Minister
This man cannot be our prime minister!!
The Australian Prime Minister was asked about Greek and Chinese economic problems, says grocery code of conduct is…
Disappointing Sometimes old white Australian's can be so backwards, inc our prime minister   10% Off
.is calling 2015 "A Year of Decision for Global Education" via
Australian senator threatens to grab prime minister's ***
Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard received a warm welcome when she returned to her homeland of Wales earlier this week.
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has told his ministers not to appear on the popular ABC talk show Q&A.
Right time for cyber summit - The Australian: Right time for cyber summitThe AustralianThe Prime Minister will...
Understatement of the year goes to. "Mr Abbott.."one of the worst senses of public relations any prime minister in recent Australian history"
A successful development agenda relies on education. Looking forward to
. Left leaning MP said on live TV he wants to "sexually assault Australian Prime Minister"
Australian Prime Minister's Wind turbine complaint a first for Rottnest Island... ever. via
Climate Change is a Ruse for a New World Order Says Adviser to Australian Prime Minister
Climate change behind UN's 'new world order': Australian Prime Minister's adviser via
Julia Gillard was the worst Australian Prime Minister, she made Australia go downhill. Was she involved in the Steve Irwin murder?
I would like to see our Australian Prime Minister have the courage to take the same positions that David Cameron...
Wrong : this is in fact a rare photo of Ronald Reagan babysitting Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
Australian politics have gone Presidential, too. But a Prime Minister is not a President and shouldn't try to be.
Is it just me wondering why an Australian is running for prime minister?
can an Australian become prime minister?
Pope excommunicates Australian Prime Minister for unchristian treatment of foreigners dreams ? Not yet
we're playing celebrity heads and i am a male Australian politician who hasn't been prime minister but someone i should know pls help me
Good helps girls grow into strong women | via
Why is the Green Party candidate for prime minister Australian? Logic
surely this is not true;Australian Prime Minister, awards an OAM to a Japanese General.
The Indonesian cleaner in my danish hotel is mocking the Australian prime minister.
Given the entire Australian population, would it even be possible to find a worse person than Tony Abbott to be Prime Minis…
This women’s day, I stand with the 31 million girls who are not in primary school. Empower women, empower humanity. ht…
I am Australian, look at our prime minister, how do you think Iiii feel???
is he refering to the constant state of embarrassment of have the *** Australian Prime Minister?
I hope everyone complaining about being Australian knows that Australia had a Welsh Prime Minister.
.has taken the opportunity to promote its campaign against imported produce following the PM's taste test
Australian PM Tony Abbott refuses to accept solar panel gift from nuns.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
i am sure we as an Australian we can have a better Prime Minister. then there is now
"We cross now live to the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbot".
don't forget the Israeli prime minister
Good thing you're not Prime Minister of Australia
"I am just Margie Abbott, who happens to be married to the Prime Minister of Australia."
"Does the Prime Minister still think that Australian families are leaners?" Jenny Macklin MP
And is still the Prime Minister of Australia. The new Lazarus of Australian politics!!
Prime Minister: please bring home the 25 Australian soldiers killed in Vietnam but remain in a...
Meet the West Australian who's quietly emerging as our next PM
Onions Australia delivers PM cooked onions and an important message
Australian PM Tony Abbott releases stereotypical video and offends people of
that sounds like Australian Prime Minister, some of my friends are *** I just can't give then equal rights.
Thon Australian Prime Minister seems to be a massive dickead. Like Dubya, but less comical.
St Patrick's Day speech-giving 101: Try not to offend the Prime Minister of Ireland.
Australian prime minister Tony Abbot message to about importance of investment in growth. I'm next :)
Onions Australia will deliver Prime Minister Tony Abbott a basket of onions, a cooked meal featuring onions and a...
2003: Prime Minister John Howard committed Australian troops to the international coalition fighting in Iraq.
Tony Abbott just demolished one of his latest reasons for proposing deregulation of universit fees
Onions Australia to present Tony Abbott with a 'cooked' onion meal and an important message
PM Abbott demolishes one of his latest arguments for the now demolished uni fees deregulation proposal
If the Australian Prime Minister wants to ignore the “electronic graffiti” of social media, there’s plenty more IRL.
Exclusive interview with former Australian Prime Minister and President of Asia Society Policy Institute, Kevin Rudd
this is why the Green Party should win the next election- if we have an Australian Prime Minister, they might give us more points
Harold Holt, as Australian Prime Minister, did what Tony Abbott should do.
Australian Prime Minister to thank New Zealand fire crews: The contribution of more than 400 N...
And then the Australian people apologize with their Prime minister's action.
Put it this way. How many times has John Lyon lied to the Australian public in the last year compared to the Prime minister?
Prime Minister Tony Abbott refuses to take questions on report yesterday; instead opts to read statement and walk out.
Australian prime minister to address, says he is willing to hold summit in Brisbane - local media
Dear , our Prime Minister is accusing you of printing fiction. You stand accused. How do you respond?
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Wake up people!. The Prime Minister is not accusing The Australian of 'bias', he is accusing it of printing FICTION.
And in Indonesia: "Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott humiliated himself on Wednesday"
'The Australian' stands accused of printing fiction by the Prime Minister. How will it respond?. . Is your news fiction?.
Abbott is accusing The Australian of printing fiction. If that is a fact, the newspaper should fold. If not, the Prime Minister is lying.
There's nothing in the Australian constitution that says the Prime Minister can't open carry
And his popularity is even lower now. He's most unpopular Australian Prime Minister ever
Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Childcare was never a Government role. via
Australian prime minister says he never proposed to unilaterally send 3500 troops to fight the ISIS in Iraq.
It's February 22, 2015 at 06:01AM and the current Australian Prime Minister is TonyAbbottMHR
The day the Australian delegation to Harvard met former Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.
The Australian's response to the Prime Minister's press conference asserting report of Iraq invasion "fanciful"
Our Prime Minister is a buffoon. A dangerous buffoon.
Australian PM furious muslim jihadis were on benefits-you can bet the UK ones were as well
Photoset: Here is current Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. I have been saying for a year now that ..
Tony Abott has hurt the people of Aceh by mentioning Australian donation during tsunami years ago. Not a wise speech by …
you say your ashamed of being Australian because our prime minister disbelieves in the death penalty?
Have a look at this article from The Australian. PM sought advice on Iraq invasion.Is this the Aust Prime Minister?
Singapore's first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew hospitalised with pneumonia
Coin for Abbott: Indonesians collect coins to pay back Australian Financial Aid in angry social media campaign…
~ "The things which are most important don't always scream the loudest." Bob Hawke (Former Australian Prime Minister)
Trying to remove as Australian Prime Minister is pointless and reckless
Australian prime minister faces internal challenge to leadership next week :Auto pickup by wikyou
Will a Passion for Royalty Ruin the Australian Prime Minister’s Career?
According to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott it already is, re. the that threatens his leadership.
It's February 08, 2015 at 12:03AM and the current Australian Prime Minister is
(Spoilers none) AGOT is mentioned twice by the Australian Prime Minister
RE: Australian Prime Minister Abbott could lose his position in leadershi... -
Good explainer by Safi. The spill: why Australia's prime minister could face dismissal – and what happens next
The majority of the Australian people want their Prime Minister to resign.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott ready to knock out all-comers in title fight with liberal amounts of repetition
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Tony Abbott is throwing his steely gaze at Foreign Minister Julie Bishop not just in the…
This ‘Game of Thrones’ circus will not be reproduced, says Tony Abbott Sydney: Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbo…
Australian prime minister may lose his job for being too sycophantic towards royalty. What a difference from Thailand
Great summary of what's forced Australian Prime Minister to beg for more time by for
And here we go again: rumblings about the future of (another) Australian Prime Minister:
Ian Bell posted England's highest one-day score, a majestic knock against an Australian Prime Minister's XI.
Ian Bell posts record one-day score as England batsmen put Australian Prime Minister's XI to the sword
Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Abbott poses for pictures with the teams, at the Kirribilli house, Sydney!
Australian Prime Minister in unannounced visit to to discuss Islamic State fight
at Kirribilli house in Sydney, at the tea hosted by Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Abbott!
.Meet with Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott during team visit at Kirribilli House
Team India were honoured to be hosted by Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Abbott, for afternoon tea at the Kirribilli House in Sydney.
'It's hard to think of a worse Australian Prime Minister' than Billy Hughes writes
Australian Prime Minister to visit Baghdad to discuss the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga training file
Mathew also nominates Gough Whitlam, former Australian Prime Minister who died this year.
FYI Kirribilli House is the official residence of the Australian Prime Minister in Sydney, New South Wales
Vale Gough Whitlam - A man of vision - the first Australian Prime Minister to propose an Australian disability Insuran…
In case you have not seen this yet; Same speech on Iraq by Canadian and Australian Prime Minister.
Is Tony Abbott the most consistently 'disapproved of' Australian Prime Minister since opinion polling began? It would seem so...
May you rest in peace, The Honourable Gough Whitlam, former Australian Prime Minister & fellow alumnus of University of Sydney's Law School
A tribute to former Australian Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam - that features many stage and television personalities.
"Even though he failed to deliver on his February 1972 promise of Land Rights for Aboriginal peoples, the late Gough Whitlam was still the only decent Australian Prime Minister in my lifetime". - Gary Foley
Julie Bishop met Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the Asia-Europe Meeting, just days after Australian Prime Minister ...
In them Prof Spurr refers to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott an "Abo-lover" - an offensive term for Aborigines
"Flanagan is the thoughtful, far-visioned, compassionate intellect that our Prime Minister isn't" - Bob Brown.
I'd rather have and as Australian Prime Minister instead of Abbott.
Australian PM to chair new science council, funded mainly for primary and secondary education(!) via
HI5 Mr Flanagan..I too am ashamed to say I'm Australian because...Tony Abbott is our Prime Minister. Enough said.
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle. -John Watson (1867-1941) Australian Prime Minister
Poetry professor who made 'racist' slurs against Nelson Mandela, Adam Goodes and Tony Abbott dumped from his job
Bill Shorten - and when the first Australian dies you will blame the Prime Minister.
PRIME Minister Tony Abbott says there is “no way” of getting boots on the ground to SAVE lives! via
Any Australian ambitious to become Prime Minister should automatically be disqualified from ever doing so.
PM says ASADA should resolve saga: Prime Minister Tony Abbott thinks its time the Australian Sports Anti-Dopin...
I can think of few things more shameful than the Australian Prime Minister insulting President Putin to suck up to President Obama.
The Shovel nails it again. "Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has set an ambitious target to reduce the...
how do we convince a scientifically illiterate prime minister that global warming is a problem?? Concerned Australian
Watch LIVE: Prime Minister is speaking at a business in Sydney
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