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Australian Navy

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) is the naval branch of the Australian Defence Force. Following the Federation of Australia in 1901, the ships and resources of the separate colonial navies were integrated into a national force: the Commonwealth Naval Forces.

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We are now operating Aviation Emergency Response services out of the Australian Navy base at Nowra. Read more:
Hervey Bay war veterans have marked the 50th anniversary of the day the Australian Navy first hoisted our flag.
HMA ships Voyager, Melbourne and Vendetta conducting jackstay transfers during a families day in October 1959. Voyager was c…
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OTD 1957: The Daring class destroyer HMAS VOYAGER was commissioned. She served until 1964 when she sank after a col…
HMAS Parramatta moves into position to berth at Fleet Base West prior to the commencement of Exercise Ocean E…
dailypakistangl: Australian navy ship arrive in Karachi for exercise
Australian Navy ship in Karachi for exercise
I added a video to a playlist Royal Australian Navy 1960's and 70's.
1940: First convoy of second AIF reaches the Middle East. Australia's first land campaign of WWII took place in…
Australian navy, don't miss at the Grammy Awards tomorrow at 12pm AEST on
God bless the brave men and women of the
Some fun; doubt or would agree with 's assessment of officers in 1930; fo…
1971 RADM Harold Farncomb, member of the first entry of RAN College and first graduate to reach CAPT, died in…
OTD 1945: The main body of the British Pacific Fleet arrived at Sydney. At its peak strength the BPF numbered 336 vessels.
. My Uncle Robbie Gillies there ..remember he cried when he came home on leave 💔
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Australian navy ship arrive in Karachi for exercise
LCDR Kelly Walter is profiled in this article about modern veterans ⚓️
What are the dates and locations for Exercise Cassowary please?
Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Arunta arrives at the Port of Karachi to participate in Pakistan's International Naval Exerci…
Did u count all of your fingers after this photo shoot
in 1947, HMAS Whyalla (J-153) was sold to Victorian Public Works Department and renamed Rip. https…
OTD 1945: HMAS NIZAM, (destroyer), lost 10 men overboard when a freak wave caused her to broach to off Cape Leeuwin.
Delighted to welcome with frigate to to participate in…
We wish to welcome the contingent to the exercises hosted by
yes, which I'm working towards through the minutes...
they were 1of the boards responses 2 1st Lords Paper still tracking author
Aus High Commission celebrates Australia Day on HMAS Arunta in Karachi for Aman-17 naval exercises
de Havilland Sea Venom FAW.53 WZ931 (877NW) of 724 SQN, is prepared for engine start at HMAS Albatross, approx mid 60's.…
Australian Navy submarine cruises into Auckland Harbour - TVNZ
SH 14BN WORTH of Heroin in a vessel off the East Africa coast seized by Australian Navy on Monday. Australian High Commission c…
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Operation Manitou. Royal Australian Navy personnel at the Port of Muscat prior to participating in the...
Centenary of Anzac message from Petty Officer Ronnie Tullipan - Defence Video Portal
Women in Navy Technical Trades Camp is underway at HMAS Cairns. 13 young women from around QLD (and one from NSW)... https:…
Opinion: Don't Miss the Boat on Australian and U.S. Policy in the South China Sea
it is the concentration camps and misuse of the Royal Australian Navy as high-seas thugs that they mostly depend on
Indonesian and Australian navy warships train in Top End seas
I agree females should be involved with the navy,army and air force
Indigenous sailor encourages others to 'get involved'
With all of the trillions in the Presidential DAP, all they can afford to buy to modernize the Navy are three...
you want a republic so that sailors can get drunk? Is that really the best you can do?
1941 HMAS STUART fired her last shots in the Battle of Matapan at Italian warship VITTORIO ALFERI
This is the Balikpapan class's 2nd transfer, 1st time was from to the
- HMAS Yarra - launched today in 1935, sunk in 1942 with only 13 survivors rescued.
"China objects to US military activities in its EEZ, even as its Navy does the same thing in the EEZ of Hawaii&Guam"
Well done deploying capable people w for security ops
The Australian Navy pays for boob jobs requested by their female sailors.
An innovation to this country would be defending our coastline and we can't do it without Australian manned merchant navy vessel's
3 Landing Craft Heavy (LCH) vessels worth Php270M for Philippine Navy from the Royal Australian Navy
Here was the garden of Garden Island. Not quite the corn and onion plantings of the Sirius crew!
Thanks for the great photos this weekend! Been enjoying watching them pop up :)
An honour to read the Last Post Ceremony at the for LS John Sault who died in HMAS Swan at Darwin in Feb 1942.
And think of all the $$$ we'd save by dropping the Royal to just Australian Navy !
1963 HM Queen Elizabeth II signalled HMAS ANZAC "Splice main brace". Only HM can give this order to RAN
If is to operate nuclear subs, there is lots to learn. article a good start
now that's a great ship. Good old Australian navy.
Some more images from Operation Fiji Assist. Royal Australian Navy sailor Able Seaman Communications and...
This is a song written for the Australian Navy back during the Gillard government, LYRICS -. You flee your Moslem...
Australian Navy drug seizures top $2.3 billion in two years : Department of Defence
Plans to put F-35 fighter jets on the Australian Navy's two troop transport assault ships has been quietly dropped htt…
Thanks to for giving their time for a great morning of footy w/ local kids in
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The Lyness RN Cemetery contains the graves of 4 sailors from See: https:…
Ray Griggs is a champ.Always has time for his troops.Shame more senior leaders don't share his philosophy.
restores a memorial to a village chief killed after assisting allied soldiers in WWII htt…
joined traditional owners of Adelaide Plains the Kaurna people in celebrating at Edinburgh http…
Women in participants watch live fire at West Head Gunnery Range.
Have a look at this Phot credit Jayson Tufrey of
Able Seaman Marine Technician Jesse Edwards (Right) discusses climbing techniques with Neisha Spilsburry of the...
The 2015 Defence Wreath Laying Ceremony will be held tmrw 8th July 2pm for all in interested http…
.This looks quite different to the procedure for getting out of a sinking helo. Care to comment?
Claude Choules served in the Australian Navy during both World Wars
A beautiful morning in Cape Town to welcome
So my big brother left yesterday for the and it's my birthday in 10 days so he gave me his car 😱 I already miss him! ❤️😢
Extract from in included. See to win a copy.
Issue 29 is out now! Gaol records, courses, and the in ::
The ANZAC has arrived in as part of her Ex Northern Trident 15
Aboriginal flag needs to be more in shot.
Australian Navy hid a culture of alcoholism and drug use that resulted in deaths of six men:
yep, cuz the Australian Navy does nothing & leaves it to Sea Shepherd to take them on
Military tank to become art space: ARTISTS have given a historic Australian Navy tank in North Sydney a new le...
Australian Navy using RMIT artificial intelligence simulations for war games training
Australian Navy using RMIT artificial intelligence for war
Australian Navy allege decisions made in Canberra directly led to deaths of asylum seekers at sea
Russian warships bearing down under. While all Australian Navy ships are deployed in Middle East!
Good News from OZ! Good friend and battlefield guide Dennis Weatherall (Royal Australian Navy) has come out on...
(From Shipping News Clippings No 157) A brand new 27,000 tonne Australian Navy ship was damaged during maiden sea trials. A CIVILIAN contract crew made two serious errors during sea trials for the navy’s biggest ever ship, damaging its hull and melting down electrical systems. The first of two $1.5 billion 27,000-tonne Landing Helicopter Docks (LHDs), to be known as HMAS CANBERRA, suffered excessive vibration in May during her first “shakedown cruise” between Melbourne and Sydney. The fault was traced to the brand-new vessel’s two German-built Siemens propulsion pods — or azimuth thrusters — which were out of alignment. Each thruster, fitted at the stern of the ship, has two propellers mounted on large electric powered pods that can be rotated to any angle, eliminating the need for a rudder. And just like the wheels of a car, poor pod alignment causes vibration. A crew from Teekay Shipping Corporation was hired by prime contractor BAE Systems and was apparently unaware that the pods must be op ...
Well, folks, my victory near Manus Island in January, 1940, was not just a significant victory in a tactical way, but it also had strategic impact. In this time period carriers are considered as capital ships in much the same way that battleships are. Nate’s navy had possession of some 19 aircraft carriers when our little war began, and I had only 15. Nate’s strategic requirements affect the disposition of his ships similarly to mine Like with my navy, eight of Nate’s biggest carriers were in his home fleet. The remaining 11 were divided between two other fleets. Nate’s Southern Fleet guarded against Alan’s Navy, while the Eastern Fleet guarded against mine. Similarly, my fleets were deployed such that I had a home fleet in the Caribbean, an Atlantic Fleet to guard against Alan’s Atlantic and Home fleets, and a Pacific Fleet to guard against Nate. Joel’s Australian Navy and Alan’s Pacific Fleet had been dislodged and was now based out of Ceylon under Alan’s Support. Nate began this war i ...
Australian Navy to add bio-fuel capability to fleet: The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has confirmed plans to tr...
JIM LANGFIELD, younger brother of John, passed away in the palliative care unit at Batemans Bay Hospital on the south coast of NSW on May 23. He had been suffering from cancer. He was 66. Jim raced speedway in the 1960s at the Sydney Showground, Liverpool and Kembla Grange. He was also an accomplished Short Circuit (Dirt Track) rider. John once joked:“His main claim to fame was trail riding with me and Barry Briggs when he fell and Briggo ran over him.” Jim served in the Australian Navy and was a Vietnam war veteran. He managed one of the first KFCstores in Sydney and, later, a Holden dealership on the northern beaches. He is survived by his wife Lyn and sons Trenton and Shannon. Another son, Adam, predeceased him. RIP Jim
Australian Navy, Army and Air Force on a recruitment drive in Emerald, Biloela, Gladstone and Rockhampton next week.
The British Royal Navy has seized 449 kilograms, $100 million worth of heroin from a vessel in the Indian Ocean. In a joint operation between the Royal Navy and the Australian Navy, Australian warship HMAS Darwin ambushed a dhow in the Indian Ocean some 40 miles off the coast of Somalia, the
DS receiving Vice Admiral Ray Griggs, Chief of the Australian Navy with in
Australian Navy Cadets to find out more visit .au for training ship Anzac.
FROM AUSTRALIA NEWS FLASH FROM DARWIN The Australian Navy intercepted a boatload of people off the coast of Darwin today. This placed the Navy in a very awkward position, as the boat was not heading to, but away from Australia towards Indonesia. Another surprise finding was that they were loaded with Aussies who were all seniors of pension age. Their claim was that they were trying to get to Indonesia so as to be able to return to Australia as illegal immigrants and therefore be entitled far more benefits than they are receiving as legitimate Australian pensioners. The Navy, it is believed gave them food, water and fuel and assisted them on their journey. We are booking on the next boat, so let me know if you want to come. RUMOUR HAS IT. That Brits are planning the same from the UK.
Mrs Stevenson's book of 1971 - How good was she? Goes after the system that showed disloyalty to its own. Very sad that she died 5 months before the Government apologised in December 2012. Stevenson announced that his family had received a letter from the Minister for Defence, Stephen Smith, saying that he was "not treated fairly" by the government of the day and the Australian Navy. It also said, "Your father was a distinguished naval officer who served his country with honour in peace and war." "Should your father have continued his naval career, the Chief of Navy advises me that he would undoubtedly have been competitive for flag rank."
little Morrison setting up new boarder protection authority as Australian Navy not up to the job
Australian Border Farce on Foxtel - This week's episode sees the Australian Navy end up in Indonesian waters without knowing.
Battle of the Coral Sea remembered at Darwin ceremony: Australian Navy personnel, US Marines and members of th...
what sounds better?! A focus group on 'what is australian food?' OR 'thoughts from young women (15-25) on the army/navy/DF' ?
20 years ago today I swore allegiance to Queen and Country, boarded Qantas 767 flight to Melbourne and on arrival got onto a Navy bus which transported me to HMAS Cerberus to begin Recruit School Training in the Royal Australian Navy. How time has flown bye and how our lives are all so different.but these 12 weeks were the best of my young adult life and we shared experiences, laughter, tears, pain, loss and well as success :) Happy 20th Anniversary Juliet Class ;) We were bloody awesome!!!
Battle of the Coral Sea sacrificed a CV to save so time for a tiny tax on mineral exports to China to pay to refuel CVN.
This is a rendered version of my model of the Hobart class destroyer for the Royal Australian Navy (a heavily modified Alvaro de Bazan class frigate) If you like it hit the like button.
Battle of the Coral Sea remembered on the Central Coast
Today, I am pleased to announce it's my 20 year anniversary in the Royal Australian Navy! It does only seem like yesterday RCTMED Poulsen arrived from the warmth if North Qld to Melbourne airport and on the bus to CERBERUS! I have loved and continue to love the Navy. I have been able to travel and meet some wonderful people. As I reflect over the 20 years I am proud of what I have achieved and where I am today. It's honestly the fantastic people I have had the pleasure to serve with that have kept me going!
Striking the right chord, the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), under its charismatic chief VAdm R J Griggs, organised a seminar titled “Protecting the Ability to
Navy a natural choice for North Queensland sailor
Australian Border Force will be a small team of people on board Navy ships pointing out where the international borders are. "There's one."
its so much fun making friends with the Australian navy guys! their accent is so cool
Battle of Coral Sea remembered at Australian-American Memorial - via
At the Battle of the Coral Sea Commemoration in Canberra today - vital battle for Australia BZ Navy Fed Guard & band http…
I've noticed a few serving members of the ADF joining recently. I just want to put out a reminder, be careful what you post. Things can be taken out of context, we do get some trolls and snoops here, and I don't want people getting in the s**t for no reason. What you say and do in your personal life should be your business, but that's no longer the case. Also, any serving or ex-pussers, msg me if you want an invite to the ex Royal Australian Navy FB group
New post: Military watches issue 6 and 7 French seamans and Royal Australian Navy watch
So, should I wear my thrift-shop assembled, unmatching tuxedo to the wedding, or the Australian Navy uniform?
An Australian Navy cadet who filmed himself with a mobile phone raping a female colleague as she slept wanted to be accepted by his peers, a court hears.
In the months following World War III, the conflict had devastated the northern hemisphere, polluting the atmosphere with nuclear fallout and killing all life. Air currents were slowly carrying the fallout south. The only areas still habitable was in the far southern hemisphere. In Australia, survivors suddenly detect an incomprehensible Morse code signal from San Diego in the United States. The last American nuclear submarine, USS Sawfish, under Royal Australian Navy command, is ordered to sail north to try to make contact with the signal sender. The sub is commanded by Captain Dwight Towers, who must leave his good friend, the alcoholic Moira Davidson. The Australian Government arranges for its citizens to receive suicide pills and injections, so that they may end things quickly before there is prolonged suffering from the inevitable radiation sickness. An Australian naval officer, Peter Holmes and his wife, Mary, who is in denial about the impending disaster, have a baby daughter. Assigned to travel wi ...
Dear Dorothy Dix, I am a sailor in the Royal Australian Navy. My family lives in Perth. My cousin is a Collingwood supporter, living in Queensland. My parents are in a mental institution, my two sisters, who both are prostitutes, live on the Gold Coast. My older brother is serving life imprisonment for rape and murder, my younger brother is a degraded drug addict. I am in love with an aboriginal girl, who is a prostitute, and solicits around the Navy dockyards, she claims she loves me,but she knows nothing of my family background. We intend to marry as soon as her bigamy case is settled in court, my being white does not worry her at all. When I get out of the Navy, we intend to open a brothel in Brisbane, in which my two sisters will work, thus keeping the business in the family. My major problem is: due to the fact I will marry this girl, without her knowing about my family’s background, should I tell her my cousin is a COLLINGWOOD Supporter?
The rapes and bastardises its own but it would never torture asylum seekers
Hundreds of Child Navy Recruits Raped and Abused in West Australian Base - International Business Times
Australian navy turns back asylum seeker boat to Indonesia after loading three extra people -
The CO and Ships Company of HMAS Choules congratulate LSML-SC Dominic Eyre-Walker on his award.
A photo released by the Indonesian National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) shows an Australian navy boat shadowing an asylum seeker boat. (File: AAP). Prev
Australian Navy adding more passengers to an asylum seeker boat headed for causes strains.
CANBERRA — Reports that the Australian navy added three passengers to an asylum seeker boat that was turned back to Indonesia have threatened to further damage already strained relationships between the countries over Australia’s tough policies to deter boat arrivals. The crew of an asylum seeker bo…
Bangladesh Navy ships in Bay of Bengal!! Need to send down drones!! surface searches called off for
Hi there again from down under, I saw on our TV last night that the population of 'England' is now a staggering one third ethnic? what does this mean. I also see that one of our ministers has been offering advice to your PM about how to restrict illegal entry to the old isle. The Australian navy nick the petrol from people smugglers boats so they can't reach our shores, it seems to work quite well. If you are ever over here Andy, give me a call and we'l have a few cold ones. looks like I will be missing you when I head North.
"People-smugglers" or as they are now sometimes known: "The Australian Navy".
The asylum seeker boat that allegedly deterred Tony Abbott from meeting president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono this week has been found in Indonesia after the Australian navy reportedly put three extra people on board and then turned it back.
Link to the Battle of the Coral Sea feature history on the web site.
Australian Defence Force rejects Navy torture claims in response to my request. But did it interview asylum seekers? http:…
A Stirling effort in the fight against breast cancer
The crew of an asylum seeker boat turned back to Indonesia says three extra passengers were added to their boat by the Australian navy.
News bulletin: Australian Navy adds 3 people to asylum seeker boat before sending it into Indonesian waters. claims from Salvation Army staff of systematic dehumanisation of asylum seekers in detention centres.
I am extremely disturbed by your report of behaviour by the Australian navy that must surely violate international maritime law ("Indonesia tells Abbott: b
John King, Margaret Talev and Peter Baker on Rep. Braley's comments about the difference between lawyers & Iowa farmers. Royal Australian Navy Captain Allis
In Jamnagar , The Special Operations Group (SOG) claimed that it had unearthed a Pakistan connection in the seizure of 1032 kg heroin by the Australian Navy fro
Security as a defence, now permeates conduct of Parliamentary Committees of Enquiry . . to the absurd level where the Australian Navy cannot comment on whether
A new report says that 220 child sailors were raped or treated violently at an Australian navy training base during the 1980s. The shocking report, which was pr
Palm Island, Qld. Members of the Australian Navy and Military Expeditionary Force (AN&MEF), many with their trousers rolled up, wading through the water off the shores of Palm Island to reboard HMAT Berrima en route to Rabaul.
I wish the media wouldn't give that idiotic "Operation Sovereign Borders" a run. "Australian Navy or Customs vessels" will do fine.
Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Darwin has seized and destroyed a record tonne of heroin with a street value of more than $289 million after it was discovered on board a vessel in the Indian Ocean.
Lest we forget My dad started his military career in the New Zealnd Navy He fought along side the Australians and afew other men from other countrys too in the Korean war When he came here to live he transferd to Australian Navy to finsih off his Military career So yeah i am sure most people who grew up here in Melbourne if you ever watched the Anzac march in the morning at the shrine of rememberance you would seen that man lead the New Zealand Korean war vets in the march That is my dad Due to fact that his health has gotten worse and he cannot march now days We still honor that traditions in our own way Dad raised me and as an a Aussie and i am south eastern suburbs born and raised myself and i am proud to be an Aussie And i am proud to say Thanks to him and other service men and women till this day that fought to protect thier countrys And to the ones who died and gave thier lives will shall not forget Lest We Forget
Missing Malaysia Airlines flight: Latest conspiracy theory surrounding the disappearance of MH370. Latest conspiracy theory is that the aircraft was Hijacked by two disgruntled Middle-eastern Asylum Seekers who where turned-back to Indonesia by the Australian Navy when attempting to reach Australia by boat. The theory suggests that the hijackers diverted the aircraft and where attempting to fly directly to the Australian mainland. This theory is supported by the Australian Government's unprecedented investment in Search and Rescue of the downed aircraft near Australia's coastline.
This character has slipped into a bit of a rut and I'm in need of some new and interesting stories to bring him to life again. He has a set bio and a solid back ground which will never change so lets get that straight first so no he can't fill a role as a brother, uncle, long lost son etc. Sebastian Stanton is a 36 year old Naval Lieutenant in the Australian Navy. He's spent the last year working under cover as a drug dealer by the name of Vernon 'Venom' Jones and has been infiltrating an international Korean drug and sex slave trafficking gang. During this time he lost his youngest son who was shot dead by the head of the gang when he found out Venom was actually a naval officer undercover. Seb is divorced and has three son's from his marriage. He is also a world class Children's author who has written a series of books called Sailor Sam and is currently working on a series of books based on his Grandfather's journals. An eccentric man who wrote of Dragon's, a magical land, sea serpents and many other be ...
9/4: Australian Navy ship Ocean Shield detected two more accoustic sounds of pulse signals yesterday in the Indian Ocean.
Rabaul, New Britain. Group photograph of some Australian Navy sailors, three natives and one dog. (Purchased from C.N. King)
Chinese and Australian aircraft have spotted more potential objects in the ongoing search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet in the southern Indian Ocean. An Australian plane spotted an 'orange rectangular object' and a 'gray or green circular object' which will be investigated by the Australian Navy which has a ship in the area - NBC News
Objects in Indian Ocean Are 'Best Lead' in Plane Search By ABC NEWSMar 20, 2014, 12:22 AM Search crews were scouring the southern Indian Ocean today after two objects that may be related to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight were spotted by satellite, officials said today.Missing Malaysian Plane: Satellites Spot 2 Objects in Remote WatersAustralian Government Department of Defence Intelligence and Security Officials described the sighting as the "best lead we have right now" and said four aircraft and an Australian Navy ship were sent to the region off the coast of Australia. In addition, a Norwegian car carrier, the Hoegh St. Petersburg, was diverted into the search area. *WATCH: New Satellite Images Reveal Possible Objects in Indian Ocean * A U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidon search plane is involved with the search, occurring about 1,500 miles off of Australia's coast. ABC News was on board the flight today. *EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: David Wright Aboard Navy Search and Rescue Plane* Australia's government released sate ...
A rare and chance meeting of Nephew and Uncle. On the left, Corporal Laurie J O'Dwyer of the the Australian Army meets his favourite Uncle CPO John W O'Dwyer of the Australian Navy on there way to Vietnam aboard the HMAS Sydney in 1966, of the 1000s of Army Personal and Navy Personal, they just so happened to be aboard the HMAS Sydney on that Particular Tour, this one off occassion made the Papers of the day with the Headline..."The Changing of the Gaurd" all the family members are very proud and they are dearly loved and missed always.
Smallest vessel draws the largest crowd at Milan 2014
More detailed account about Asylum seekers who accused Australian Navy of abuse and Torture by Reuters: DISGRACE that these asylum seekers have no legal representation to assist them with outlining their grievances. UNHCR does not have a mandate to investigate torture/human rights abuses. A complaint should be submitted by the asylum seekers to the UN-CAT or OCHA and lawyers should help them to do this. Where are all the well funded western human rights bodies like Amnesty International and Human rights watch in this?
Australian journalist faces up to 7 years' jail in Thailand if found guilty of defamation against the Royal Thai Navy
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.Facts point to smear on our Royal Australian Navy and
.Where is Where is seekers in allegations by Navy.
Forcible seizure of boats, detention of boat the Australian Navy engaging in piracy?
Contrast Italy's treatment of seekers to Australian - abuse as boat towed to
Any update on the investigations in to Navy members being ADL sympathisers? Or r we sweeping under the rug?
I think that's the defence the Australian PM tried out when our navy 'accidentally' strayed into Indonesian waters
Reuters reports Australian Navy refused to search for refugees lost overboard off Darwin
Today's News Jakarta Globe 12022014_Stuck in the Middle, Asylum Seekers Hold On to Their Dreams No one expects to be killed because of their ethnically distinguishable features, but for one young man, he wakes up each day in Jakarta wondering if his family in Quetta, Pakistan, has been murdered because they belong to the Hazara ethnic group. Hamzad, not his real name, fled Pakistan searching for a life in a country where he could find peace and safety from those trying to destroy his people. He survived a bomb attack in Quetta, was nearly killed while trying to return to his father's homeland in Afghanistan, and fled to Indonesia to try to reach Australia when the boat he was on capsized. He clung to life for over 40 hours until he was pulled from the water with harrowing memories of others who perished around him. And he has not yet reached 20. He is an asylum seeker. A young man fleeing persecution looking for place of peace and safety which is within his legal rights under international law. He is one ...
[lx] Friends, if you care about the rule of law and have the slightest compassion for your fellow man, can you please help us by sending this message to your Federal MP? [Insert your details here] [Insert MP name] Federal MP for [Insert electorate name] [Insert date] 2014 Subject: Allegations of torture by the Australian Navy Dear [Insert MP name] I am deeply concerned about the recent allegations of torture of asylum seekers by the Australian Navy. The Prime Minister, the Immigration Minister and the Defence Minister have all dismissed these allegations out of hand, feigning outrage at the very thought that Navy personnel could behave unethically. By insisting it can do no wrong, they are risking the Navy's reputation. No person, regardless of their vocation or social standing is beyond reproach. Just as asylum seekers are not all liars, neither are members of the Navy all saints. Our Defence Force personnel deserve to be held in high esteem for the dangerous work they do, and they should feel supported ...
Nursing Officer brings home lessons from Kandahar Airfield
very slowly... But we are almost there!
With Mr. Stewart Banks, launching lady father in law.
.Starting the unloading of the Nuship Adelaide.
The Australian Navy has brought shame on our armed forces on the eve of 100 years ANZAC.
Tanzania; A Royal Australian Navy frigate has intercepted and seized half a ton of Heroin of the Tanzanian coast close to Zanzibar.
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The Australian Navy intercepts a boat carrying what is believed to be more than $700 million worth of heroin.
sarah hansen young, of Sea patrol fame, now desperate for round 2 seeks a rematch with the Australian navy, in another Labor-green inquistion, desperately trying to gain traction and oxygen to supply the people smugglers with business model data they so desperately need.139 days of oxygen left for the senate greens, expect more desperation.
Thanks for the addition to the group. Been building kits from a young age and used to only make 1/72 RAAF aircraft but now enjoy doing all types of kits. In the past I've made sci fi/horror movie kits, spaceships and other types of aircraft kits. I'm now into ships of the Australian Navy.
Senators seek round 2 with border chiefs: Federal senators want to examine how Australian navy vessels breache...
because the Australian Navy have told them in no uncertain terms that operational discretion is critical to success
Just ordered my flag to hang proudly at my house!
Asylum Seekers Detail Abuse by Australian Navy as Boat Towed To Indonesia via The world is now aware
Reith “You may want to question the veracity of reports of the ..Australian Navy. I don’t.”
ship HMAS Melville has just passed our window here at the
New post: Hunter surf crews bow out of top spots in Navy Australian Surf Rowers League ...
New post: Australian Navy &Punched and Racially Abused Asylum Seekers before ...
Many thanks and HMAS Choules for having us on board for such an important day.
Great news! The organising committee have secured the Royal Australian Navy Band for the Carine Community Fair on 16 March 2014
Bizarre reports in media justifying Navy (armed) allowing asylum seekers (unarmed) only to go to toilet once a…
ABC admits mistakes were made in its reporting of claims that asylum semistreated by Australian Navy personnel
to Indonesia and allegedly tortured by the Australian Navy were left exposed to the media & Indonesian officials & Indonesian police - cont
The Indonesian Police revealed on Friday that the Australian Navy had turned back 34 undocumented migrants when...
AUSTRALIAN NAVY FIGHTS BACK Defence Minister David Johnston says he is extremely angry about the ABC's coverage of stories about the navy's treatment of asylum seekers, saying he has not commented before now because he needed time to cool off. "The good men and women of the Royal Australian Navy have been maliciously maligned by the ABC and I am very dissatisfied with the weasel words of apology that have been floated around by senior management of the ABC," he said. The Defence Minister said Customs and the Navy had saved "thousands of lives" between Christmas Island and Java over the last four years. "My people have been spat on, abused, treated like servants, and have endured all of that to save more than a thousand lives, and yet they've also had to endure the horror of fishing out hundreds of people floating dead in the water," he said. "I am absolutely sick to the stomach that this Australian iconic news agency would attack the Navy in the way that it has." He described the Navy as "heroes", and cal ...
The Australian navy has destroyed nearly 353 kilograms ( 630million) of heroin after intercepting the drugs on a smuggling vessel off the coast of Tanzania...CNN.
ABC news reporting that Schapelle Corby was tortured by the Australian Navy.
Sydney - The Australian navy said Saturday it seized and destroyed 353 kilogrammes of heroin with an estimated street value of more than Aus$700 million (US$627 million) in a mission off the coast ...
Confirmation is just coming through that the Australian Navy have in fact intercepted a boat carrying illegal migrants of middle eastern origin and turned them back to Indonesia where they came from. These people use their wealth to travel from these countries by plane to Indonesia, then pay for trips in unsafe boats thinking they will be given residency and jobs in Australia. It is not true, Illegal migrants steal the refugee places of genuine refugees and many Australians are sick of it, our newly elected conservative government has a 0% tolerance policy for it, they are sent back or sent to internment camps until its identified who they are and where they are from and they are then sent back. Long may it continue.
the ABC (Aust. Broadcasting Commission) ... the more I look at and think about it, the more I think it's current days are numbered, and should be. (Don't get me wrong, I still like the re-runs of *** and Specks ... ) The problem with the ABC is that the ABC doesn't see the problem. The ABC's managers control what gets seen and heard on more than $1BN worth of prime media space each year - funded by captive taxpayers. So the ABC's choices in what makes a story are choices of immense public importance. The ABC's MD Mark Scott, news director Kate Torney and editorial policy chief Alan Sunderland have published statements explaining why the ABC was right to report claims Australian Navy personnel recently tortured asylum seekers. Scott, Torney and Sunderland agree on one point - the "story" is an important one and is worthy of the ABC's (taxpayer) resources. So important was the "story" that the fact of allegations having been made (regardless of their truth) justified the ABC turning the allegations i ...
The Australian Navy is investigating revelations some of its personnel are allegedly members of an online racist group that calls for members to "fight (the) Muslim infiltration of our country".
The Royal Australian Navy has accepted the first two MH-60R Seahawk Romeo maritime combat helicopters to be introduced into service in 2014, at a ceremony held at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida. 
Asylum seekers: UN trying to corroborate accounts after claims of abuse by Australian Navy - ABC subversives.
TWO of the asylum-seekers who claim to have been deliberately burned by Australian navy personnel during a turn-back operation had burns to their hands before the navy arrived.
UN trying to corroborate accounts of abuse towards asylum seekers by Australian Navy -
The UN will examine allegations that asylum seekers were abused by members of the Australian Navy.
New vision appears to back asylum seekers' claims of mistreatment by the Australian Navy.   10% Off
THE ABC has defended its editorial processes against a rising tide of criticism of its reports that Australian navy personnel beat and burned asylum-seekers during a tow-back operation earlier this month.
Operation Sovereign Borders is doing much damage to the integrity & image of Australian Navy
Australian Navy intrudes into Indonesian territorial waters while turning back a refugee boat - "Given it's called "Operation Sovereign Borders", you'd think knowing where the border is might have been a priority..." ~
One of the many highlights in the Memorial's film collection is its Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Public Relations films. This particular showreel pays tribute to the service of the RAN during the conflict in Vietnam by highlighting different aspects of the RAN's activities from 1965 until 1972.
For our international members, the news filtering through is true, a group of illegal migrants from various islamic countries gathered in Indonesia and paid plenty for passages on a boat to Australia. This boat was intercepted by the Australian Navy, all the passengers were given a life jacket each and put back on their boat and turned around and towed back to Indonesian waters. The Greens, the ALP and other Leftists in Australia are screaming blue murder over it at present whilst the Conservatives are simply pointing out that this it the policy the nation voted for when they recently elected Tony Abbott as Prime Minister. Stay Tuned!
Two men who say they were on board boats towed back to Indonesia by the Australian Navy say they were mistreated.
About 70 asylum seekers, including children, are taken to Christmas Island on board an Australian Navy ship.
My time on board HMAS Darwin. What a bunch. Check it out.
Utterly stunning images from the Royal Australian Navy’s International Fleet Review (via Aviationist)
Congratulations to th Royal Australian Navy, 100 years of service._
New photo of the day: Royal Australian Navy IFR Fireworks
Spanish Navy Flagship 'Juan Carlos I' & the future of the by :
100 yrs since RAN enter Sydney Harbour in fireworks | |
Oh look, the Royal Australian Navy actually DO take in Cardiothoracic surgeons.
All the women employed by Australian navy are offered free boob jobs by the government.
Amazing fireworks in for the 100 Anniversary of Australian
Congratlations @ to the Royal Australian Navy, 100 years of service.
Yeah I don't see the Australian Navy mourning dead asylum seekers, sadly.
To be fair, its sort of the Australian Navy's job to anticipate unpredictable situations at sea.
Royal Australian Navy Fleet Review - Ships in Sydney - Photo set on Flickr
Congratulations to our friends as they celebrate 100 yrs at
Remember to visit the BMT stand if you're attending Pacific 2013 (stand 4P22)
Minister to cut Defence bureaucrats: A MAMMOTH celebration of the Australian Navy is still under way, but the ...
Loved the pen days at Barangaroo & Garden Island Loved the Aboriginal fellas Want a DVD made of it all
To all who have served in the Royal Australian Navy, you can be justifiably proud of your contribution. Bravo Zulu!
New image of the day: Royal Australian Navy IFR Fireworks
Had to work on Saturday, but wasn't too much of a hardship post - happy 100th birthday
The Australian Navy will pay for boob jobs requested by their female sailors. :-)
Sydney celebrates 100 years of the Royal Australian Navy
So the whole Australian Navy are in Sydney at the moment 😍
Australian Navy holds centenary open day:
100 years of Royal Australian Navy, celebrated with massive fireworks on warship fleets
Fireworks from Saturday, really impressive effort to incorporate the history of the RAN
Celebrations continue for the International Fleet Review in Sydney. It is the 100th anniversary of Royal Australian Navy ships entering...
Top weekend in Sydney celebrating 100 Years of the Royal Australian Navy
Special weekend in Sydney Fleet Review 100 years of Australian Navy View from our house Ships & planes everywhere
Prince Harry meets head of Royal Australian Navy at International Fleet Review.
Fireworks Display at the Royal Australian Navy International Fleet Review 2013 with Prince Harry in…
A magnificent start to the Australian Navy's International Fleet Review in Sydney Harbour
Prince Harry and the Governor General Quentin Bryce have boarded the Australian Navy ship Leeuwin as the International Fleet Review gets underway.
It's about the Australian Navy. Not the actual "First Fleet"
Waiting for the once in a life time experience.! The CENTINIAL Celebrations of AUSTRALIAN NAVY.! :)
On this day in Royal Australian Navy History. 5 October 1789 The first boat built in the colony of NSW, the ROSEHILL PACKET, was launched in Sydney Cove. The boat builder was R. R. Read, the ship's carpenter of HMS SIRIUS. 1887 The anthem 'Advance Australia Fair' was first performed. Bands of the RAN played the anthem in 1919. 1911 The existence of the new Australian Navy was formally advised when the Naval Board issued an historic order promulgating the designation 'Royal Australian Navy'. The order also directed that the permanent naval forces of the Commonwealth and for the ships of the Navy to be designated 'His Majesty's Australian Ships', and that all ships and vessels of the Royal Australian Navy were to fly at the stern the White Ensign as the symbol of authority of the Crown, and at the jack staff, the flag of Australia. 1917 HMAS SWAN, (torpedo boat destroyer), attacked a submarine disguised as a fishing schooner off Corfu. SWAN dropped depth charges, but the submarine dived and escaped, leaving ...
In 1788, my 5th Great Grandfather, James Ruse was made to carry Governor Phillip to shore at Sydney Cove so he wouldn't get his feet wet. I 225 years have passed. The Motherland has used Australian troops in China in the Boxer Rebellion ,in New Zealand in the Maori Wars,in South Africa during the Boer War, as cannon fodder on Gallipoli and in the European front during WW1 , in the Libya in World War Two where Australians were deemed expendable but against expectations, belted Rommel and held back his advance into Tobruk for 6 months without Air or tank support. It was the first time the Germans had been beaten and when the Australian Government requested their relief so as they could be deployed against what they considered the imminent threat to Australia by the Japanese, Winston Churchill refused until the Australian Navy arrived to take them home. They were replaced by the British 77th Infantry who were rather promptly overrun. The Australians were next assisted by the British in Singapore when after t ...
The Australian Navy has handed a group of asylum seekers rescued from a stricken boat off Java back to Indonesian authorities.
My dear friend Carmel Soames (Presented by Cam Events) is running some major events on Sydney Harbour for the Royal Australian Navy as it Celebrates 100 Years of Service The events will be from October 3rd - 11th 2013 If you thought 1988 on the harbour was HUGE , well you have not seen what Carmel Soames has managed to arrange for the centenary of the Australian Navy.
Australian Navy! You can win tickets to see Rihanna on the Diamonds World Tour October 4 in Sydney! River Island is giving away tickets to celebrate the launch of the fall collection! Enter for your chance to win today:
Love this, from Amazon- 'A Brief History of the Austrian Navy. Warning by the Author: This is Not a Book on the Australian Navy!'
Z.ADL TEAM I have recently been contacted on my personal profile, by a woman who has a Husband in the Australian Navy, she has said that her Husband was patrolling our coastal waters and detected a "Refugee Boat", upon boarding this craft, her Husband was one of the first one's on-board. Upon observing these refugee's this Woman's Husband reportedly noticed something bulky underneath one of the Male Islamic men (Apparently wearing traditional robes) was being "concealed" beneath his robes, he was searched and was found to be carrying approximately 15 kilograms of explosives strapped onto him, this was not put onto the News, the government covered it up, later reports suggests this man could actually be a distant cousin of Osama Bin Laden, we all know that guy right?! This is unacceptable! Not only are Immigrants camouflaging or harbouring know associates of a world wide Terrorist within their ranks in the hope of successfully pulling off a Terrorist attack, i.e. a 15KG bomb on an Australian Navy ship...No ...
Our Dad (83 next week!) might be going to South Korea in July to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the armistice in Korea, after serving in the Australian Navy...crossing fingers for him!!
Re Piers Akerman's suggestion ... Funny, I just had a chat with my brother who is a Navy Officer and he assured me that the Australian Navy has a policy of dealing with living people rather than people who have been dead in the water for three days!! Apparently the living men, women and kids .. especially the kids .. are prioritised. And the fact that in a lot of these cases the RAN is only a few kilometres outside the Indonesian boundaries, there are two boats and only one Navy ship, both boats are trying to escape so they won't be sent to Nauru or Manus Islands, and there may be anything up to 100 decaying bodies in the water!! Plus our Navy is made up of young men and women who will have to live with this trauma for the rest of their lives!!! So maybe Piers should get his mate Rupert to send a luxury yacht or motor launch out there loaded with journalists including Piers Akerman to see what THEY can do!!! Maybe they will find it hard too and maybe he will then SHUT UP!
The US-based "Church of Satan" was the public face of "an ancient body whose very existence had never before been imagined." He lists as "influential members" J.P. Morgan, Drs. James McDonald and Rene Hardy, the Kennedy's (including Jackie), Irving Berlin, Groucho Marx, Elvis Presley, Garner Ted Armstrong, Sammy Davis Jr., Ronald Reagan, Edward Heath, Thomas Plantard de St Claire and the Bushes. He later mentions Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas and Gerald Ford as members. US MILITARY AND INTELLIGENCE INFILTRATED BY SATANISTS Intelligence agencies are instruments of the Illuminati central bankers. Frater says, "American Intelligence Services" funded the occult. "Many of America's high ranking military men were members of various Satanic Lodges or kindred organizations." They overlapped with organized crime and drug trafficking. US and Australian Navy ships were used, as well as oil tankers. - See more at:
LEE-ENFIELD SMLE 111-303 RIFLE. The Lee-Enfield SMLE Mk III, .303, bolt-action, magazine-fed, repeating rifle was the Australian Navy's assault rifle until replaced by the L1A1 SLR in the late 1960s. The Lithgow [Blue Mountains] Small Arms Factory finally ceased production of the SMLE Mk III in 1953. The Class of 64, myself all of 15 years old, became painfully familiar with this rifle during Squad Drill [with winter temps below freezing and no gloves - Ouch!], Guard Duty and Rifle Shooting at West Head. L1A1 SLR - 7.62mm [308] RIFLE The Australian Navy and Inter Service Rifle Shooting Squad adopted the L1A1 [.308], also known as the 'Self-Loading Rifle' [SLR], and in select-fire form, the 'Automatic Rifle' [AR], which saw service until superseded by the F88 Austeyr in 1988. As Colour Guard 'Kellick' I marched the squad the mile from the Armoury on to the Quarterdeck where they were 'right dressed', shouldered arms, inspected by the OOD and, at 8 bells, I ordered 'General Salute - Present Arms' as the Ens ...
BURNING OF DAD’S BUSINESS. During the same period when I had Maria Micic as my girlfriend at Marsden, I suddenly wanted to join the Australian Navy after I saw an advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald. I phoned the Sydney office but the person doing the recruiting was in Melbourne, they gave me a run around and eventually sent me the sample of a course to become a midshipman without any application form. Something that I didn’t know of, I discovered long time afterwards that they will not recruit patients from Psychiatric hospitals, whether they are under treatment or not by law, so it eventually fell through and although I contacted them over several months, they refused to call me up. Somebody ended up telling me the above information over the phone. It is a fact that people with epilepsy are protected by the Australian Government and they told me that I should be receiving the invalid pension instead. Fights were common between me and the other patients who always picked them on silly alibi’ ...
Today’s Prayer Heavenly Father, as we come boldly before Your throne of Grace, we pray today for all ADF Personnel, their families and loved ones. We thank You for blessing them all today, in the name of Jesus, we also thank You for their salvation. Lord, Your word says, “when He marked out the horizon on the face of the deep, when He established the clouds above and fixed securely the fountains of the deep, when He gave the sea its boundary so the waters would not overstep His command,” Proverbs 8:27-29 Lord we pray for all who sail the seas this day, for all in the Australian Navy from the newest recruits to those who command tens, anhod hundreds and thousands, we pray blessing on them all. Lord, we continue to pray for the safety of all ADF Personnel, those deployed and those stationed around Australia, and we pray Your word from Psalm 121:1 will be for ADF Personnel, that - “The Lord is your keeper; the Lord is your shade at your right hand. The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon .. ...
Photojournalism work for a major news outlet next week. Ms Eva coming aboard one of the Australian Navy's Collins Class Subs. Dive, dive!
Ships to honour Australian Navy in harbour armada
Australian Navy 10 - Royal Navy 36! Well done lads the Commonwealth Cup is coming home again!
Fair Question. A short time ago, sadly, two Tasmanians were lost at sea. These boys were Tasmanian taxpayers but more importantly they were Tasmanian sons, brothers, partners of Tasmanians. The authorities searched the best they could with the resources they had at hand and then stopped searching, their families and friends held a fund raiser at the Snug Tavern to raise money to get a helicopter to continue searching for the boys. My question to anyone who might be interested is why the families and friends had to raise money to get a helicopter when half the Australian Navy are still out looking for the two hundred boat people who have never paid taxes and who aren’t Australian citizens. I am not against helping anyone who needs a hand but you have to ask where the governments priorities lie - shouldn’t we be helping our own with at least the same enthusiasm if nothing else??? If you agree with this point please resend it and get it out there. We might get an answer if enough people ask the question! ...
Gillard government must be held accountable for poor management of boat people. Send in the Australian Navy!!
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Najeeba Wazefadost was 12 when her family was smuggled out of Afghanistan and flown into Indonesia on fake passports. Her younger brother was born in Indonesia and was just days old when they set sail for Australia. The boat was intercepted by the Australian Navy in 2000.
Australian Navy joined China for maritime exercise Fkrs are lucky. I would have SUNK the PRC ***
Nah,it's Devon. I'm from Oz but spent two X two years in England while I was in the Australian Navy
Qld News: The Australian Navy says its divers are using special shark repelling equipment to protect th...
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